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  4. Some interesting photos from the former president of the park showing the special effect track "Sideway Drop Track" and the conditions inside the building.
  5. Looking closer, it seems like the welding was their way to get around Big Dipper's roughness, meaning they must have thought, either from their own rides or from the feedback of others', that the cause of Big Dipper's roughness is gaps in the track. Which, looking at it's construction, may very well be at least partially the case, as even in the POV's there are pretty noticeable gaps in the track. And, from their handy construction timelapse, I can potentially see why. Unlike RMC Raptors, which have track connectors that work similarly to most coasters, where track pieces are bolted to each other independently of a third factor like a support, Hot Racer's by design seem to only be able to be pieced together via a support. Here are three instances of this from said construction timelapse, as to show different angles: Instance 1 (Before & After) Instance 2 (Before & After) Instance 3 (Before & After) Hopefully that explains what I mean, that track pieces are only able to be connected to one another through the use of support connectors, and in all of those albeit low-quality photos, gaps are still recognisable. So, if I had to guess, welding track pieces together was their 'fix' for this, as there doesn't seem to be any other aside from completely redesigning the track (and/or trains) to allow for separate connections that could negate the gaps seen above, but it seems either it hasn't worked or there are other factors for the models' roughness. And, for comparison, here's the best image I could get to explain how Raptors can do it, but Hot Racers' can't: At the bottom is a connected track piece, with a plate bolting the 2 sides together independently. There is also a similar plate on top of the track, as seen in the middle, and a small square for another bolt to connect them without any plates that's viewable on the bottom half of the track piece that's being lowered into place. And, though the connector is much easier to view than that of the Hot Racer's, there's no noticeable gap, because of the precision that method allows for. But, because of Hot Racer's tubular track, and possibly them being a launched model, flat connectors above or below the track are impossible without redesigning the track entirely, and possibly the underside of the trains. What they could have done, and what they hopefully do in the future, is do a more minimal redesign that still keeps with the same basic track type, but allows for semi/circular connections as seen on most other predominantly tubular coaster types (their own included, like Pantheon below) Again, no welding needed, and no gap viewable despite an even closer photo.
  6. This does not look like a well engineered ride. From the video, there are a number of spots where the 'single rail' track is mis-aligned, and you can see a lot of welding and grinding has happened to get the actual rails aligned and smooth. There's nothing really wrong with welding track pieces together, but most modern coasters are so well machined that they just bolt together. There is also a lot of rattle happening in this video. It's always hard to notice initially since both cameras and editing software can add stabilization/smoothing, but look at the track as it moves past the bottom of the screen, probably not enough to be painful or even uncomfortable (for now), but definitely enough that you'll notice it. It will be interesting to see how well these rides age.
  7. I don't think any of those details have yet been confirmed by the park and there aren't any satellite images recent enough to be able to accurately measure the coasters length. I can't remember the source, but I believe the source is around 600-700 metres long (comparable to Motocoaster and Jet Rescue, but not those kind of speeds) and I'd suspect the ride time could be a couple of minutes because of the show scenes and the train using the inclined turntable a couple times.
  8. I'm assuming some of the indoor sections will be slower moving + the time spent on the turntable will add up to a decent ride length
  9. Back on topic. Does anyone know how long this coaster will go for? It seems smaller than expected to me
  10. HWR definitely has a few rough spots in it, and I can hear the rattling on this one too. I'm a tall guy; I didn't find it too uncomforable, it was no better/worse than I remember SE's rattling being. Newer intamin restraints are comfortable which helps, they're a little more restrictive than DCR/ST but much better than SE. The layout looks a bit longer than HWR to me. Triple down, stalling inversion and camel back look like new additions for this ride. They've put the launches side-by-side and used the same support structure for the first loop/camel top (ala Full Throttle SFMM on a smaller scale). Makhuka has two sustained launches too; HWR just has a little one to start, really just to get you over to the bigger launch.
  11. Haven't ridden (either), but from what I've heard from people that have ridden Big Dipper, it tends to run a bit rough. Don't know if that was an issue with the 'prototype' LPS got, or if it's due to it's location or another external factor, but the main thing I'm interested to hear about Mahuka is if that issue has persisted.
  12. @New display name"Don't make issues out of nothing" challenge (IMPOSSIBLE) Like, context clues are a thing, and we've been posting Pico Play stuff in this thread for at least the past couple of months already. If a user doesn't understand that, they could simply ask & it would be answered the same way I originally answered you. But, instead, you seem to be hardwired to make a fuss out of any miniscule thing, so you've got to snarkily make it about some key point that only matters to you and you alone.
  13. Intamin’s second ever Hot Racer (single rail coaster) has just opened at Walibi Rhone-Alpes in France. As we know, Intamin’s first attempt at this coaster model was the Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney. For comparison, I don’t believe the Big Dippers height or length have ever been revealed, but Mahuka reaches a height of 18m, track length of 600m, has 3 inversions and reaches a speed of 67km/h. While Big Dipper has 2 inversions and reaches a speed of 72km/h. For those who have ridden Big Dipper, watching this POV of Mahuka, how does it compare in terms of its layout and what it has to offer?
  14. Counter point, it could have also been Rodney Rude, who operated in the same time period, causing a decline in the popularity of the Rodney name.
  15. Only pico I know is pico de gallo on my Guzman burritos…
  16. No, If you do a google search for PICO. Results: 1. PICO GLOBAL 2. PICO (financial company) 3. PICO (a leading VR company (so they say))ny 4. PICO Australia 5. PICO TECHNOLOGY I have to go down to result 16 before I see Pico Play. Parkz forums reaches further then just enthusiast, who know these things and the non-enthusiast would have trouble if they wanted to know who PICO are but would have no problems finding out what you were talking about if you just said Vekoma with google. Case closed. //s
  17. Who are Vekoma? Oh it's the same thing as Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V.
  18. My plan was to make you cry @Ashley Jeffery and it worked.
  19. He's just being a smartarse for the sake of it.
  20. I didn't ask who Pico Play was, I asked who Pico was. Turns out, they are they same thing.
  21. Then why did you ask who they were lmao
  22. Looking over Nearmap, I've spotted what appears to be the attraction's name. "Renegade Racers" (??) can just be made out on the roof of the control room. Images: Nearmap April 10, 2024
  23. @themagicianThere are many places you could install the thing, but just to mention a few- 1. close to the future broadwater boardwalk. 2.On top of the back of house buildings. 3. Current management parking spot. Where the current monorail station is at the front of the park.
  24. Pico Play, the company in charge of making the theming for Jungle Rush (& WoO)
  25. How the showcase interior currently looks! From Gold Coast Theme Parks' New Update:
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