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  2. I did notice the crew they had over the weekend were absolutely on top of their game. Superman can run very efficiently but as Spotty has mentioned it takes a crack team working the attraction, fully staffed with both trains running and everyone busting their ass to ensure efficiency while staying safe. Your observation proves the park can run it efficiently with the right crew... So what is the problem? Do management just not roster the right staff numbers to maintain efficiency? Are management fostering a culture that inspires crews to work hard, but safe? Are some cast just disengaged, and why are they still employed? (and is that caused by the answer to the second question?) Kudos to the weekend crew for obviously doing such a standout noticeable job during school holidays.
  3. Items lost within the ride envelope should be noted on the ops log and located overnight to be returned to lost property. The guest should be told to come back tomorrow to claim it. The issue with a phone is it's a bit more important to get back than a hat or sunglasses, and if it isn't located immediately while the person who lost it is there, what's to say it'll be found after hours \ in the dark?. It's lose\lose for the park no matter what they do. And yes, the guest should get what they deserve, but it's not in the interests of the park's guest relations to give them the finger. ETA: After posting, I was reminded of the landing pad below the station on the SFMM Green lantern (I think it was a Zacspin \ 4D?). Anyhow the final hairpin before the station was so forceful, violent, and with such a sudden stop, it was clear loose items didn't stand a chance - there were at least a dozen devices in various states of disintegration (all of them fresh though), a couple wallets and some glasses. Ops didn't stop for them... and such is life.
  4. I genuinely thought this was a typo or you didn't see a "2 for" in front of the price
  5. which would actually make sense as the backwards option is no longer as popular as it once was when it first opened / was offered at a cheaper price.
  6. To an extent I was expecting backwards to go down in price over time as the novelty wore off.
  7. Yeah you're looking at this wrong. You're comparing something that requires constant skill, training, effort and ongoing commitment to excellence, to something that cost the same as it did when it was new, and costs no more to maintain than the rest of the available product, which is free. And yes, because there are less lettuces, and the demand hasn't changed. When Supply is lower than normal, its reasonable for the price to go up to manage demand. But in this case, supply is stable. Demand is reducing because of the increased price, and by all accounts it isn't selling. Disney put their AP pricing up, and up, and up again, and people kept paying it. no matter what the price, people paid it, so the increased price didn't reduce the demand, and the park stayed full, but the increased price let them invest in things like technology to improve the guest experience while they waited. If MW were offering an improvement to the experience for the increased cost, it would be understandable, but since the seats are empty half the time - do you want $30 a seat half the time, or $20 a seat all the time? I know which one makes me more money...
  8. So the ride has been closed temporarily this morning while they search for someone’s lost phone. Am I wrong in thinking the park should just tell them “sorry, it’s gone, we told you no loose items.”
  9. Hey... aren't you the guy that wants to install turnstiles to speed up loading operations? /s
  10. I get it mate, but, what if... Parkz added Turnstiles? that way we wouldn't need moderators and the system can let a specific number of people post every day. If you disagree with me you're just wrong. Overseas does it the best way. I've been overseas to overseas parks to use turnstiles.
  11. I was back at the park yesterday and they’d sped things up considerably, trains dispatching every 2.5-3 minutes which seems to have kept the queues much more manageable.
  12. Dude, we get it. We've heard your turnstile suggestions among other things and we've all discussed our thoughts on whether it would work or not. Every ride you're pointing at is in a foreign jurisdiction with different cultures, laws and safety requirements for OH&S. Any one of these things will kill most of your suggestions, and what's left is written off by the fact that the ride is built, approaching 20 years old, and can't accommodate your suggestions (or requires a large labour cost to implement). If you're gonna keep re-agitating the same thing every couple weeks, it's gonna get real tiresome real quick. You've made your suggestion. If the parks see it and want to do it... great. If they don't, oh well.
  13. We're all discussing faster cycling of the rides, but do the parks really want that, especially considering all three aren't really full day parks by themselves if things are moving quickly. Slower operations reduce the cycles per day (extends maintenance and reduces power consumption) and keeps people in the park longer. When your parks are full and people are used to the slow throughput, there's no desire from the parks perspective for these faster loading options. And Superman sounds like they won't run it faster anyway due to heat issues.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Ok so today I went on the exact same ride model. It was running one train today (the wait was around 20 mins). Here's how it works. The turnstile lets through the exact number of people that fit on the train. Once you're through you put your bags on this thing (load is on the right, unload on the left) That thing cycles with the ride. You then self group. Same ride model. 3 workers (Op, 2 on the platform). Sub 3 minute dispatches (timed when the train reached the unload platform). My point is there's so many ways to make superman better - one free way would be just to have a little basket that the op walks down the train with once its secure for phones and small items.. then just puts the tray in the unload station. At least then people can have their phones... but they refuse to. These guys also double launched it later on in the day when there wasn't a full train load waiting on the platform. Somewhat related - here's a flat ride with self loading.
  16. It’s still to early for that as they are still constructing the rides, but once testing begins we will hopefully see planting go in. I don’t mind if there isn’t much theming, as long as if there is a lot of planting of all scales
  17. At any time a train is moving in or out of the load station, Load 2 (the person on the door side) must be at their control panel in case they need to e-stop. Once a train rounds the first corner they are free to leave their position. If a train is coming in from unload they need to also be at their control panel for the same reason. There is no real way superman can run efficiently with 2 trains unless you have the sorter. When I was there it was also mandatory to have a sorter with 2 trains for evacuation purposes either. The 2 loaders were responsible for evacuating a train from the load platform through to the launch and the unloader and sorter were responsible for the 2nd train and entry host for the queue line. Curious as to how they would do that with no sorter now. But yeah, peak operations would be having the sorter. As soon as the doors close and the harnesses go down on the train in the load platform the next group is sorted. Having a good entry host is also vital, because nothing slows down the dispatches more than when the train is ready to go and the loaders spot loose items...
  18. I've seen them all too. I'm just reciting what he said in his comments.
  19. What's being done on the landscaping front around the NA area? Does it look like it's gearing up for more generic planting or could we see the rainforest idea from the concept art attempted?
  20. Last week
  21. Fountain/pool/garden beds have been built either side of the entrance to the ride
  22. Not sure if Rivals was running two trains yesterday, but it had 3-4 minute dispatch times
  23. Make it half price for AP holders... it will look like a bargain and a great offering.. when in reality the same would be available for everyone a few years ago.
  24. oh so that's why kfc and maccas are using cabbage now
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