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  3. Dreamworks Trolls Village

    All very good points I think. Seems those making the big development decisions at Dreamworld don't really understand what a theme park is all about!
  4. Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Looks the same as it did 4 weeks ago. They should seriously just axe the idea. They are closer to having nothing than a finished product. the whole point of it opening at Christmas was to build off the success & marketing of the film & the direct-to-dvd Trolls Holiday which had a December release. The whole marketing tie in has been missed and the brand itself is irrelevant now until the sequel comes out which is due to 2020 I believe. Shelve the plans and do something different
  5. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    But see Tim... THAT is relevant to the discussion, so its the perfect time to mention it!
  6. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Yeah... But who wants to sit in a travel agents office for a week? Doesn't sound like fun to me... certainly not worth $99!!!
  7. Whoa there, hold on - for almost ten years we've decried them giving away the gate. Everyone has said they needed to increase prices - and at the first sign of bad news, youre going to point the finger at the pass changes as if they shouldn't have occurred? The games were a shit time. Weather hasnt helped, and sure, Ma and Pa Bogan couldn't get the kids their $99 annual babysitter this year... so decided a good ol aussie boycott *(with associated badmouthing all over social media) was just the ticket. Unfortunately, with both major properties increasing their prices (well - sort of) there isn't much of an option, and those regular visitors will probably take a year off, before they start drifting back for their fix. Young teen thrill seekers of today have never known a world without the $99 annual pass. Give it a little while and ma and pa will realise its worth the extra cash to get junior out of their hair again. The price will normalise, the people will return. Dont panic and give away the gate like you so often have before - hold firm to your pricing model and they will come.
  8. Dreamworks Trolls Village

    That corner of the park sure is one massive cluster fuck. Pick a theme and stick with it FFS!
  9. Dreamworks Trolls Village

    Update time because why not?
  10. Pretty much this. They've spent the last 3 years blaming the weather, then Dreamworld, then the weather and Dreamworld, now the Games for ongoing lacklustre results. Share price has taken a massive dive ($4 in January, now $2.40) because investors have lost confidence in the current management to deliver a decent profit (let alone start paying dividends again). IMO the 9 months of downtime for WWF and current state of SDSC speak volumes about VRTP's ability to properly manage their assets. Too early to tell what the demand for Topgolf is going to look like but if that flops the company will be in an extremely sorry state.
  11. Sea World Jelly Fish 2017 Attractiion

    Quick update it still looks the same from the outside and this is what you can see from the glass.
  12. Last week
  13. Well that is because management are trying to avoid blaming themselves and making up rubbish. If things went well, it would be their wonderful management (not the wonderful weather or the record number of tourists visiting the Gold Coast). And because things haven't been great, blame the weather and blame the games which weren't even in the period.
  14. Water Park for Perth

    Was at The Maze: Home of Outback Splash, this afternoon. It appears there is good news and bad news re: their expansion. It appears to be confirmed for the 2019/20 season. They might even put in a viewing tower before that, just to give an idea about the height(which seems odd). The staff member who confidently told me this also said they would be taller than the ones at Hillary’s. I reminded her that they no longer existed. It seems they are doing some work on the aviaries at the moment. Some birds, like Henry, were off display. It was 25 degrees here in Perth, so there were some people enjoying the water playground. The inflatable slide is looking a little worse for wear - that will probably just make it through next season. The park also has a new resident Wombat.
  15. Article: VRTP lowers profit forecast

    Thanks. For some reason, I kept thinking the 3rd quarter was January to April and couldn't figure out how @RossL was claiming the Commonwealth Games didn't impact the 3rd quarter. Either way, the trading update wasn't just about the 3rd quarter. According to the trading update, it was about the entire July 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018 period, which still excludes the Commonwealth Games: Taking the rest of the trading update out of that context though makes it sound like it was really a trading update for the same period but up to the 17th of April 2018, which includes the Commonwealth Games.
  16. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    If they close for retheming, we've all pretty much agreed its going to take months. You could pick out any date between now and maybe July or august as a start date at the latest. That's if it's even going to be done this year. Mid year is looking pretty full, superman and Arkham would take you through until July. Bit of a break until Doomsday at the end of august, then hypercoaster will turn 1 year old in September. So you could guess that somewhere right around the end of June is a good time to close, not to be done by.
  17. VTP Annual Pass Changes

    $99 for a 7 day pass at Flight Centre.
  18. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Just got off Scooby-Doo and asked 2 staff members about when it would get it’s theming back the first one was really nice and sounded like she new what she was talking about she told me the last time she heard about it it was going to be done by about June then I asked another staff member at the end of the ride and she had a bad attitude she tried to pretend she did not hear me then I asked her again and she said with an attitude probably in December or something like that. So hopefully the first one is right. ^Just asked someone else and he said November.
  19. Traveling fairs!

    Video is up if anyone is interested! Sorry about the quality (GoPro's don't like bright lights).
  20. Aussie World's new announcement

    Paultons is a fabulous park indeed, I know the team there pretty well. If AW can emulate what Paultons have done they will be in a great place. Biscuit +Shaw Thing had a very enjoyable visit/meeting with the team at AW this week.
  21. The Off Topic Topic

    Nothing like riding Storm in a storm.
  22. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Not that many care but Abyss has always had a restriction on being over 8 years old to rides Abyss.
  23. Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I say good on them for things being fixed so quickly after they break. I've seen other parks leave temp fixes and dirt around for months if not years. And I think to say they fixed it because it was mentioned here is probably giving ourselves too much credit.
  24. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    That's going to cause so many arguments and upset guests from kids that could ride last visit and then not now.
  25. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    Bonus round: The parks instagram story has partial walkthroughs of the areas.
  26. 1998 apparently was when it opened. That sounds about right honestly.
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