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  2. Whilst that would be a reasonable explanation, there is zero social distancing happening or even being requested to happen in the queue lines both on the tower or when lining up to enter the tower. I’m not even sure why they haven’t bothered to remove the downstairs sorter and releaser, it’s a total waste of a staff member
  3. The train without the spinning carriage remains present on the track. The train with the spinning carriage is still nowhere to be seen. I assume once Dreamworld start testing the ride themselves, we'll see the train with the spinning carriage. And given that from sometime this week or next week testing will rapidly increase and be more frequent, perhaps we may even see the spinner slither on track for some high-capacity two-train operations soon after.
  4. It might be because the other queue would be used for Slide Express.
  5. The rip operating procedure doesn’t make sense? Have they had an issue where two rafts have accidentally been in the bowl at once? And GR/Wedgie situation, I’d imagine because both attractions queues are alongside each other, they can’t do social distancing. And I don’t remember the wedgie being that popular anyways.
  6. I also noticed yesterday on The Rip they weren’t even allowed the next group to even load into the raft/tube until the prior raft had already been cleared. Last season (and all years prior) you would load whilst the previous cycle was underway, so as soon as they had existed the Op would release you. Also The Wedgie only operates from 4-5pm (with the green room operating 10am-4pm)
  7. The train without the spinning rear carriage will be 'worn in' long before the other. It's not been sighted yet, has it?
  8. If that’s the case over completely reducing the depth altogether then that’s fair enough. I guess a thoosie needs to jump in the water at some point and find out. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. The sudden drop has been reshaped to a gradual drop. The drop off was dangerous to the point WWW had a lifeguard in the water who would walk the line that could quickly pull people back. I've seen many kids over the years step over the edge that didn't know the drop was there and someone had to pul them back to the shallow water.
  10. Probably still programmed as one. Don't see the point of changing the brake type especially when it means if something happens between mid and final brake the other train has somewhere to stop safely.
  11. I understand the thought behind this but I'll still refer to it as one because it is literally a mid-course brake run, and from what I saw yesterday, acted as one too.
  12. Agreed. I understand the parks have become quite risk averse, but I personally believe that we’ve well and truly arrived at safety for safety’s sake. Another example would be the tiny half sized pool fence that covers a tiny chunk of the Main Street fountain or the removal of all of the flower beds at Movie World because a woman tripped on one.
  13. >put out sign >not our fault if your day is slow, we have a sign
  14. It’s sorta trending that way. “Sorry kids, pools are too deep and dangerous - here’s a water pistol” 😂
  15. Agreed. In my head, it’s all about that “full package”. Something with charm, and not just amusement park rides. Maybe something like a Busch Gardens here, Australian animals and such. I know… we have zoos lmao, but It would be so awesome to have a Cheetah hunt-style ride going through Australian greenery. Dreamworld has this sort of thing going with it’s Tiger Island and such, have no idea if that’s still a thing. I just feel like something that embraces the unique natural beauty of Australian land is a must. A good dark ride or two, awesome shows, this is something I believe Sydney needs, se
  16. I don't think it depends on the number of coasters, but more about 'is it a full day?' SW and DW when they had 1 or 2 coasters were still full days out with all the other things they had. MW was kind of an all day thing if you went on everything twice. I mean neck WnW does quite well for itself with one coaster.
  17. I'd agree if the park was being built around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. But I think 1 coaster, a few flats and other non-ride attractions would be sustainable for a short period of time. The target audience wouldn't be people who have easy access to the parks on the coast. The people who the park attracts at first would be people who's only real experience in a park would be their Queensland holiday they took five years ago. I'm always wrong though, so I'm interested to hear others thoughts. It's hard for me to judge specifics about what location in NSW would suit a theme pa
  18. I think what's going to make it difficult for a new comer to the Aus theme park market is that there are now well established parks to compare it to. If you were to open a theme park with only 1 coaster (and nothing else to complement it, like a wildlife park or a garden etc) then you're going to have a hard time staying afloat when everyone will be continuously comparing you to the gold coast parks in terms of value. Seaworld/Movieworld existing with only 1 coaster was fine at the time, because every other park was only small and newly established. My mind is open and hopeful t
  19. As much as I enjoy the dramatic arts, this thread has gone personal very quickly. If I can move the attention back to the topic at hand. I disagree with pazzap when he states "...one good coaster isn't enough." I think it is to an extent, obviously one good coaster needs supporting attractions. But if my Wikipedia article reading habits are anything, Movie World's only coaster from 1995 - 2002 was a Vekoma SLC. Obviously not a world class attraction, and maybe played more of a supporting role, but it was a good enough ride to stand-out. Sea World did have a shabby looking smaller coaster
  20. Yesterday
  21. “Pathetic keyboard warriors”? Bro look at what you’ve written… If you are so much more mature and smart than all of us, why even bloody respond? I’m sure you have better things to do with that massive brain of yours. It seems like you have a confidence issue, because you just reflect whatever we say back on us, and make no meaningful judgement (talking psychology, I actually study it haha). And I can already hear the “you’re not a psychologist” coming my way so don’t bother, more meaningful than not having any experience. I never called you names, only described your attitude, and if you
  22. Well. I just want to re-emphasise this very cogent point. I don’t really have much to add. I just wanted to quote you here because I want your extreme levels of imbalance, immaturity and plain whack job nastiness to be preserved for all prosperity You sir have won the internet for me today. Thank you for actually making me laugh out loud after reading your reply. Classic. Now can we get back on topic? Cheers!!
  23. I actually apologised, a real apology at the end of the previous post, and all I got was fuck you and more insults. Only one? Your first line to me deserved a right headbutt you condescending little turd. I'm, the immature one? My goodness man, take a look in the mirror. Sheesh. as far as my story goes, I was being a smart ass you idiot, cause you were saying how sorry you felt for me about my life, so I turned it and gave you actual sad stuff that happened, where as you were actually just being an asshole and saying "I would be sorry to be you, you are so pathetic". I tried to flip it an
  24. Wonderland Eurasia ( as Anka Park opened as) failed not because of the ride choices. It failed due to a number of reasons- political unrest over the massive cost blowouts of the park ( reputed to have cost $750 million at conservative estimates), due to the unrest over this there was a change in political leadership which tried to reign in the costs before the park had even opened, poor construction values which left many attractions simply not available to be ready for opening day and lack of support from the local population against the cost of the project, when all most of them wanted was f
  25. You can. Become a Parkz member and contribute to this place that brings you so much joy and fulfilment… and they’ll throw in reaction breakdowns! Join now & they’ll also throw in fancy stars next to your name that make people think you’re a moderator!
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