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  2. https://apple.news/AUPeCHVQgTWy7ccFC0rBWLg just came across this article not sure if it’s Ben shared yet
  3. For anyone who really wanted to know, the led light strips are still at the top of the tower
  4. Looks as though they've installed all the LSM track for the launch as well as the switch track. photo credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNeMiE_hGgs/
  5. found this video on a night time show that happend at movie world possibly for their one year anniversary.
  6. Last week
  7. At least they don’t post about rides that are closed for maintenance... unlike VRTP
  8. Shhh the social media team don’t understand ride composition. Triple launch = 3 separate launches to them.
  9. I had a couple more pics of track pieces that were picked up by the crane, Also does anyone else think that they will eventually lay a new layer of concrete over this area?
  10. "Starting with first of three launches" Doesn't it swing launch over the same track?
  11. They must be waiting on parts from overseas for such lengthy delays in reopening
  12. This is the ride that never opens, it goes on and on my friend.
  13. Ground view of new Boomerang track this afternoon: How the park looks now from McMahon’s Point:
  14. well it's good to see construction finally progressing. should see construction on the queue sooner or later.
  15. Come on, you've spoken like that to other members way more often than I have, there's a reason we have to follow with a pooper scoop. Don't have a glass jaw. It's different because once the attraction closes it changes the nature of it. Offer all or nothing basically. There might have been a window for this as a part of a "farewell tour" type thing if the thing was still operating and was due to close in the near future, basically in the weeks or days around the closure, and even potentially a broader back of house tour for passholders for a few days. But it's been SBNO fo
  16. I think it looks great, though my expectations were pretty low as I'm not a fan of the film. Weird seeing a modern Universal ride with more animatronics then screens! The queue reminds me of a scare maze in its design. Might be one of the best queues out there in terms of theming, at least in recent years. Wouldn't be fun if you're claustrophobic though!
  17. Open it up to a full ride tour. See Arkham before it's gone like you've never seen it before. Check out the control booth, the ride envelope, hell take the fences away from the queue theming and allow people to take photos up close with them. Seems like an appropriate up charge experience considering in the past we've had the opportunity to do essentially the same with Superman Escape and Justice League.
  18. But this isn't a case of "we closed it, now we can charge people" its a case of "we did it all the time when it was open - whats the difference with doing it now that it's closed? its still an experience that people were willing to pay for before". I find your use of alternating caps insulting, implying mockery of my own words thrown back as an insult by using that format. I don't mind the spirited debate but when i'm chipped on this forum for not exercising a certain level of decorum and respect, openly mocking my opinion is extraordinarily disrespectful.
  19. Come on you're being disingenuous. There's a difference between upcharging if something is available to normal guests (Eg upcharging for fast track if you can still ride for free, or charging for the tour of scooby if you can still ride the coaster, or UTT if you can still do haloween mazes and sit in the normal non vip seating or buy your own food) This is very different to suddenly closing a coaster to the public, then having the nerve to charge people to climb it "BeCauSE iTs a UniQuE ExpERiencE".....I think a lot of guests would find that especially galling. Yes people were
  20. You're certainly entitled to disagree with me. Doesn't prove either of us is wrong. The climb was part of a unique experience you couldn't do anywhere else. Nothing has changed about that except that the ride has been decommissioned. I personally don't see why they can't still offer the climb on Rivals instead, but since that apparently has higher safety requirements that Arkham didn't it was obviously too hard to do. As for being asked the awkward questions, Village has never shied away from upcharging things and deflecting the questions with the usual copypasta PR speak answers. Wh
  21. Non enthusiasts enjoy bridge climb because it's in the middle of the iconic Sydney Harbour. Q1 Climb, Brisbane Bridge climb etc, all picturesque. It would just be awkward I'm sorry to say....."aww why did you close down this ride I liked it?" "uhhhh is it safe for us to be on here if you've had to shut it down?"....."Awww why are you charging us passholders to climb it instead of spending money to fix it or build a new ride". How do you address these questions when they inevitably pop up on social media? I thought Parkz was against half arsed attractions? But it turns out a cl
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