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  2. Sea World Jelly Fish 2017 Attractiion

    Indoor exhibition is now closing on the 20th of August
  3. Today
  4. Look forward to walking through the path under the coaster leading to TG. Perfect area for some great photos
  5. Ekka 2017

    Everyone loves Doggo's, right?
  6. Ekka 2017

    You forgot your watermark. I got you tho
  7. Ekka 2017

    Darkness, lights, rides...
  8. cool they added the steel vengeance into planet coaster.
  9. Fright Nights 2017

  10. Fright Nights 2017

    How old do you have to be for a scare acting job?
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Fright Nights website has also been updated. All menus have gone and all that remains is the FN home page with 'COMING SOON' on it. .
  12. And.... That 1.5m drop 😱
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    Dodgems are finally closed down Credit to Sam Cash who sent these to PCL
  14. Ekka 2017

    Or have a wheel bogey fall off.
  15. Where is the chain? Thought they had installed it. Never mind I can see it now.
  16. Woah the anticipation to that 1st drop - great find thanks😃
  17. Ekka 2017

    There's a few other options too.
  18. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    HAhaha whoops wrong thread. My bad.
  19. 150 foot infinity coaster would be massive for a vertical lift and beyond vertical drop.
  20. Brb planning a trip to SoCal to ride HangTime If DW ever want a new coaster, something similar would be perfect for them.
  21. The worst RMC would be Goliath would be Goliath surely? Again, that's harsh because a bad RMC still beats the rest..... it's big, but a tad too short and too "simple". I don't mind Twisted Timbers....If people like mega lites then that will go off too.
  22. Fright Nights 2017

    it was a joke that is why i put evil bong on it because it is stupid
  23. I suspect that's the reason for the rakes out the front.
  24. a lot more than a Reject Shop rake...
  25. Ekka 2017

    see, that one fails for me, because my eye reads 'CAPERTURE'
  26. Songcheng Legendary Kingdom in Nerang

    Cedar Fair at Nerang! Sweet!
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