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  2. Added a stage to the base of the tree… Duhh! Love the idea, but are Flintstones going to be much of a draw card? WB also have DC Kids which could include Teen Titans Go! Or DC Superhero Girls. I also see WB are bringing out Wonka which I feel like is a massively missed opportunity for MW. Imagine a sound stage turned into an immersive Wonka factory
  3. Entry host didn't do their job then lol. Only thing that's meant to go through the unload station is mobility aids etc. Anything too big to sit in the car shouldn't be let past the entry host at all.
  4. The hard edge buildings are storm clouds surrounding a puffing white cloud in the middle. Didn't you get the memo? //s
  5. Hopefully the primer dries soon so they can finish painting it.
  6. @BaconjackHow do you know DW didn't go after Bluey and a deal couldn't be struck?
  7. I still remember seeing someone try to bring a full size rollaboard suitcase onto SDSC one time. Staff politely wheeled it through to the unload station.
  8. That’s correct but you’d figure given it’s a local brand and very in at the moment you’d be more than keen to get them on board. Dreamworld has spent plenty of money for licenses before look at Dreamworks and Nickelodeon before that. Plus with bluey you could have integrated that with the existing ABC kids land or developed something totally new. Instead dreamworld renewed its deal with the wiggles rather than going after bluey. Not a bad choice at all and better than nothing but it doesnt take a genius to figure out that bluey would have been a far better ip to drive gate numbers. Though they could certainly add it in the future given there’s the tower station sitting behind that area which can be cleared for an expansion down the track
  9. Got the joke, but wouldn’t put it past them to make & advertise a ‘themed walk’ as an attraction, so had to make sure it wasn’t that for my own sake
  10. I think the problem with that is that licensing rights go through the BBC, not the ABC IIRC, so it wouldn't be the same bundle that Dreamworld got for things like Bananas/Play School etc.
  11. Reason for closure. "After surveying our customers, we have found the customer prefer rides to be under maintenance then operating" //s
  12. Yesterday
  13. I was thinking about it recently and this is what I would to to KWB: Split the area into three minilands similar to the previous Dreamworks: the lands would be Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Flintstones. The Looney Tunes area would consist of the carousel and Road Runner with some updated facades The Tom and Jerry area would consist of a rethemed Marvin/Cages, with two new rides replacing Speedys and Railroad The Flintstones area would consist of a rethemed JDS with a play structure
  14. (just for completeness, don't forget the installation and removal of sylvester's pounce and bounce)
  15. Giving road runner “love” is putting it very lightly they bought new trains, ripped out a third of the rockwork and replaced the cool old sign with a boring 2d one straight from their sign printing machine. Apart from doing that (which nerfs the ride and doesn’t improve it) adding Marvin & driving school and getting rid of the hut what else have they done to that land? It’s been 15 years (and even longer for most of it given how much of the land was built in the 90s) I would flatten that section bar road runner & Marvin and start again from scratch. Bring back the looney tunes village name, get rid of junior driving school and put an air conditioned dark ride back in that building, put speedy Gonzales out of his misery & the other rides in that left section that are quickly approaching 30 years old, then start over again
  16. And if we classify Castaway Bay as a kids area, that opened on 18/09/2010, so it's at 13.3 years. And while they added The Reef in 2017 (which was a great addition), the Sky Fortress hasn't been open since pre-covid (not sure on when it exactly stopped operating) and the rest of the land has seen better days, so they should invest in bringing the Battle Boats and Sky Fortress back to their opening day standard. When you break it down like this, that is a very good point. I was mostly looking at it from the attractions themselves, but thinking about the land overall, you are very much correct. Which is now just empty land thats 'hidden' by construction fencing and has weeds growing widly because management can't make their minds up for what they want to do with it. There was the rumour it was going to be an arcade, but that seems to be cancelled and now they're building a carnivale duck game on the former Pounce 'n' Bounce land.
  17. It still looks pretty good, if you ignore the shuttered food outlet that was turned into a photo redemption kiosk, the 'rollercoaster viewing area' that used to be the entrance to a ride that is now half just turned into storage space and an employee break room, the former ride space that is now a parent's room, the old marvin facade, just opposite the new marvin facade, the stencilled concrete that is in bad need of a pressure wash, the rotting timber garden beds, the opening day attraction still limping by with some absolutely ridiculous capacity, age, and minimum and maximum height restrictions, the ride queue that also doubles as an arcade (since they shuttered their actual arcade) - oh and don't forget until recently the first aid hut that was simply walled up with a vinyl wrap for several years. Sure, Dreamworks looked shit towards the end but I feel that's because they knew the licence was ending and since they knew they weren't renewing, they just let it go a bit (which isn't acceptable, but why spend money on something you're about to tear down \ renovate?). WB Kids has no such excuse. The IP is here to stay (unless they drop the entire WB name) and there's no excuse for the state of it as it stands today.
  18. I regularly think and wonder how the progress is going… if there is any 😂
  19. Now imagine if dreamworld decided to sign a nice little exclusivity deal to put bluey in that new freshly relocated ABC kids section they have instead of the wiggles
  20. And considering how long it was there, it definitley lasted well for most of it's life. And if they had extended the licensing contract, it definitley could have returned back to its opening day standard. Love a good chart, you're greatly appreciated for this. Consdidering it's age, it's definitley holding up well though and is just as popular as ever. Age why, absoltley and it would be great for the whole land to get some love. But honestly, for the most part, it still looks pretty good. Maybe outdated and needs more going for it, but in comparison to how Dreamworks was looking, it's doing alright. If it was up to me, I would complete a staged refurbishment of the whole land (except for Marvin as it's new and they gave RoadRunner some love a couple years ago). I would keep at least one of the driving attractions and despite being the oldest, I'd probably keep Speedy because the Drive School is such good real estate. They could create a whole new Looney Tunes indoor land and be inspired by what was done at Warner Bros World, Abu Dhabi.
  21. If the standard is just based on opening day, then Dreamworld wins hands down. Back to reality though - I was curious about the longevity of the kids lands so I checked out the wiki for the three parks to get dates of rethemes. (disclaimer, i've just used 1-Jan where specific dates weren't given, so I realise there are going to be discrepancies). If you discount the non-IP based lands like Kennyland and Beach Break Bay, the average timespan for these themed lands is 8.9 (though WB skews that number hard, and the other two only average 7.8) and what this tells me is that Sea World's Nickelodeon land is about due for a refresh of some sort. The MW land on face value looks like it's long overdue for a complete overhaul (and honestly, it probably does need it) but on the numbers alone this is a bit harsh as they haven't really had a changed IP or theme since the park opened, but the land has had changes without a retheme over the years including the loss of LTRR, install and later the renovation of RRRR, install of JDS, Marvin and several other changes over the years (Speedy is the only original ride in it's original spot left, if i'm not mistaken) TL:DR - Kid's lands seem to average about 8 years with an IP before they should be rethemed, DW is right on target, and SW needs to start thinking about it now. MW's theme doesn't change, but the space sure needs to.
  22. Seems like it’s an actual ‘attraction’, the website mentions sets & soundscapes being built on a 4000m2 site at Northshore Pavillion.
  23. I'm happy with WoO getting it's own land with 3 coasters and hopefully a flat down the line. A dark ride would have been great, but I think having 3 coasters that bridge the gap between kids rides and adult rides is the right way to go. A Dune themed dark ride at some point in the future would be great. I have zero expectation that it will happen, but it has a lot of potential, particularly given that ride technology has come a long way since Gremlins and Justice League. Great story, Great visuals. In my opinion MW need to return to being Movie world and have more rides/attractions/shows themed to movies, rather than 'lands' themed to a single IP. I think even some temporary attractions to tie into current movies like Beetlejuice will really help the park revive that 'movie magic' vibe that it opened with.
  24. Is this an actual new attraction or are we just rebranding Brisbane? After all, Brisbane features life size versions of many of the locations in Bluey.
  25. It’s been announced that a new highly immersive Bluey themed attraction will open in Brisbane in August next year. Said to be “twice as big as any other immersive experience that's ever been in Australia”, it will feature highly detailed, life-size, walk-through recreations of locations from the show and include attractions said to incorporate interactive technology, soundscapes and play features to “make it feel like you’re in a Bluey episode”. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-12-03/bluey-childrens-program-tourist-attraction/103182824 https://www.bluey.tv/blueys-world/ Image from Bluey’s website.
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