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  2. Theme parks all in one posted some photos and they have the oscars statue down Main Street, and they have had Marilyn, Charlie Chaplin, Dorothy from wizard of oz, great Gatsby characters.
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  4. It's probably been said a million times before, but I would love some similar sort of transportation between MW and WnW (and potentially TopGolf when it opens).
  5. Anyone heading down to MW this weekend for their Oscars 2017 event? Was wanting to go but with work and then study it has become a busy weekend... Would love to see pics of the event and any of the characters they bring out
  6. The theming they did have I thought was pretty good and did suit well, it was just way to cramped and no air flow at all making it very hot when in the queue. If that theming was spread out and allowed for air flow it would've been heaps better
  7. Didn't want to start a new post on this given it isn't about one of our parks per se but thought I would post this here given it is relevant to our discussion about improving transit to the Spit/SW given the possible development of a 2nd casino to the south of SW and the possible development of a cruise terminal at the Council car park to the east of SW. Anyway it is looking increasingly likely (albeit neither confirmed nor denied by Disney) that Disney is going to build a high capacity cable car / gondola system to link 5 areas in Disneyworld: System will supposedly look like this based on building permits showing what look suspiciously like turning stations: If true I think this is quite powerful validation of the technology given Disney will be paying for all of this out of their own resources and thus would have looked extremely closely how it stacks up vs alternatives with regards to capital and operating costs, capacity, reliability and needless to say safety.
  8. Agreed, the removal of the theming was for the better... it wasn't being used, and it allowed them to increase the queue size - which was important due to the ride's awful capacity. Pity they couldn't have designed that part of the queue better, widened it up a bit and given it some better air ventilation.
  9. No question that the last few years have seen a turnaround of sorts, but we're setting the bar pretty low when things like a standard 5 or 10 year paint job are top of the list. Credit where credit is due though: this newfound conscious effort at maintaining and repairing what they've got is a welcome change. That's probably more a case of needing a new train for operation/maintenance purposes so tying it in with a quick rebranding to justify the expense from an ROI perspective. One thing that the Eureka Mountain ordeal demonstrated quite clearly is that they're very keen to mine old gold so to speak. Cost of keeping an old ride going -- even if it's an old clunker -- is cheaper than investing in something new.
  10. Well they have removed all the BuzzSaw theming from the queue, so don't think we can say it's not being looked after because it doesn't exist. It could have been done really well, and what is there isn't bad.
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  12. Can you explain more on this? I don't think Buzzsaw is anywhere near what the Cyclone was looking like in its later days. It's still in reasonable condition IMO, at least they turn the screens off these days. GD is one of the rides in poor condition (but I can see it getting a refurb in the coming years), ToT needs a bit of a clean, same goes with Shockwave.
  13. Yeah, forgot to mention that one. It's turning into Cyclone by the minute.
  14. What about the theming on Buzzsaw 😎
  15. I don't agree with this "Dreamworld doesn't look after its theming" stuff - perhaps 5 years ago I might have - but not today. Cyclone was a case of rotting theming because Dreamworld didn't look after it yes - but that was the result of lack of maintenance many years back now, and if they didn't want to look after it, HWSW wouldn't be a thing. None of Dreamworld's "new-gen themed rides/areas" (Wipeout/Tail Spin/Tiger Island) have been around long enough for us to know if they've turned around their theming maintenance with this new effort in theming. Are the surfboards back on wipeout, and have they been repainted? If so, then that might be a sign that Dreamworld are trying to turn their past reputation around. Even Claw's repaint a few years back was a sign that Dreamworld are trying to improve things. When Tail Spin or Wipeout become to look like some of DW's older rides, then I will believe that Dreamworld doesn't look after its theming, but I currently believe that's a statement that really only applies 5 or 10 years ago. Wipeout's refurb and HWSW are both perfect examples that Dreamworld are fixing some of their theming, just slowly. Plus you have the little improvements at the park - general repaints, the themed wall next to ToT, etc. Whether they could deal with a Dark Ride, that's something I don't think I could say since DW haven't done something on that level before.
  16. Like said before, any sort of theming that DW puts on its rides are simply left to rot with age. This has been a flaw with DW's maintenance procedures for years and years. Cyclone's old theming in 2014/15 is an example of how poorly DW treats its on-ride scenery. There were cobwebs all over the station, the theming inside the old queue was intensely sun faded, blue paint was splattered across the floor, bird shit was on the turbine and the onride photo was non-functional. The place was a mess. This is why DW shouldn't do elaborate theming or any dark ride for that matter. It looks fantastic for a couple years, before it becomes dilapidated like what happened to GD, Cyclone and TOT2 to some extent.
  17. It closes when HotWheels re-opens. I'd say they just don't want more than 1 of their thrill rides closed at a time.
  18. I see Dreamworld have changed the maintenance closure dates for the Wipeout -
  19. I'd be happy with theming that falls somewhere between the basic Shockwave theming and the elaborate (for Dreamworld) theming that was the cyclone in its heyday.
  20. I'm pretty much convinced there is no way Dreamworld should do any sort of intensive theme, especially to an IP. They just don't do it well in terms of maintaining theming, just do a nicely presented area with an overall generic them. Before anyone mentions Dreamworks, that's basically just a bunch of nicely presented flats. They should stick to this, just great presentation. Put in a dark ride and in 3 years nothing will work.
  21. Please can we not post the same things over and over (especially when you last posted it a page ago) or we'll have another 100-page MW Coaster thread.
  22. Anyway what about Syfy's Channel Zero & The Magicians if that counts as horror, and Netflix's Stranger Things as mazes?
  23. @reanimated35 Confucius say, man who get kicked in testicles, left holding the bag. @Richard Are you going to have the new shirts sorted by next month?
  24. fair enough. only spitballing on my behalf.
  25. Yep, from memory both VRL and Ardent half yearly's mentioned that downturn was local market predominantly.
  26. Ok, you pay for 13 (or 14!) new attractions at the park, and I'll support this. But seriously - I thought this convo ended last week.
  27. I wanted to be closer to you. To smell you. To feel you. To be part of you. .......Call me 😘
  28. Ditto. And anyone who knows me personally also knows how much of a massive Doctor Who fan I am. Just no....
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