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  2. I'll get around to Fox Studios eventually
  3. Totally avoids Fox Studios Backlot! 😝 Yeah, I actually visited Old Sydney Town in its first year of operation. Love watching those old promo videos.
  4. Also took some video while I was at Dreamworld checking out EMMR. Not exactly on topic but I'm one of those people who love the 'miserable' weather Dreamrain.mp4 EDIT: YouTube Link
  5. Not sure which thread was best, but here's a video from today as part of the lead up to the Supercars Gold Coast weekend. Some of the drivers got to ride a few laps, in various seats. @Jakev8 you might enjoy this as much as I did.
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    I moused over, saw the url, had a guess it was that....and clicked it anyway.
  7. Futuroscope in France to build €22M coaster for 2019

    I wonder if that could be the new multi-launch spinner that Intamin advertised at EAS 2017. That's a bit of a stretch, but not impossible either!
  8. A little bit of shameless self-promotion, as I visited again Phantasialand last week as part of the GhosterForce meeting. In addition to the fab Brühl, discovered Movie Park Germany, Heide Park and Hansa. Definitely expect Trip Reports coming up! @Gazza Will definitely upload the most valuable pics to the site if you want
  9. The Off Topic Topic

    I've answered the swearing question. Move on.
  10. The ultimate evening at Movie World's Fright Nights Warner Bros. Movie World's Fright Nights have become the highlight of the theme park calendar, and the Ultimate Terror Tour is a great way to experience everything on offer. Click here to continue reading
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    I couldn't agree more!
  12. The Off Topic Topic

    Ahh ok. I was there on the 9th. I do find that interesting that it was closed at that time though as it closed once more on April the 7th. Anyway thanks for outlining that.
  13. The Off Topic Topic

    27th March. I probably even still have photos of it blocked off.
  14. The Off Topic Topic
  15. The Off Topic Topic

    Actually they play hit music in the queue now, depending on what staff members you get as often they blast their own music through their phone, haha. You never should have turned down a job close to Rainbows End!!! I am also against the word moist. You need to ban this word.
  16. The Off Topic Topic

    The word moist offends me. Please ban moist.
  17. The Off Topic Topic

    RE swearing; generally speaking, the world at large is OK with swearing, and if you find a collection of letters and their associated sound offensive, then really that's a matter for you. We do make a distinction between general swearing and swearing at someone. If someone swears at you then report it and we'll moderate it, and if we notice it we delete it. Have a nice day!
  18. My bad!! I went back to the park today and it is definitely $19 for single use. I guess I fixated on the word ‘unlimited’ and didn’t notice ‘excludes’
  19. The Off Topic Topic

    I had the option to go to a site like 10 minutes away from Rainbow's End for work but had to decline it at the last minute. Work sends us near there all time so I'll try and take a sneaky day on the weekend to visit the park! Do they still have the mine ride with the guy repeating the same line every 2.6 seconds in the queue?
  20. The Off Topic Topic

    It wasn’t directed at someone... it’s not like users regularly swear here... if the worst thing a kid manages to see/do online is stumble on this forum and see a swear word, then I’d be pretty happy.
  21. The Off Topic Topic

    Why is Parkz so accepting of people who use offensive language on these forums. Not only is it an unprofessional look for the website (it is Australia's most reputable website for discussing theme parks after all) but it is also offensive to some individuals. On top of that, children probably use this site too. Sometimes you just need to think about what you plan to say before you say it.
  22. The Off Topic Topic

    You have to love the way back machine. April 6th this year, their website stated: The Corkscrew Roller Coaster will be closed due to scheduled maintenance 3-7 April So coupled with the current closure 16-20 October, thats already 10 days. So i'm calling bullshit on: I honestly couldn't be fucked checking any other dates for maintenance, but it seems like perhaps they do smaller, more regular maintenance periods, rather than a single, large maintenance period. Sometimes the larger ones are needed, to completely pull apart particular components, and TBH i'd prefer a ride have one major maintenance period a year rather than several minor ones, as then you have confidence the ride is unlikely to be down again, if you're planning a trip around it, unless it is for unforeseen reasons.
  23. Honestly this is an utterly absurd debate. No question that you ticked every box by way of fair dealings and copyright law. You took a whole lot of amateur content and and re-purposed it into something new that stepped on no one's toes in any meaningful way. Chalk this up as yet another display of thuggery and short-sightedness from those still clinging to Wonderland.
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