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  2. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Yeah I've seen a few videos of drunk dudes falling off the edge and into the netting after a bad swing. I am far too excited as an adult this project to be completed!!
  3. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Sounds like you have your hand on something. Don't forget to mention it can be used to brush Brachiosaurus teeth.
  4. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    ^Just as a random aside - this isn't to try and nitpick, i'm not having a go - but i guess just to educate those unfamiliar with them that it looks as though they are using a telehandler, rather than a forklift. Both usually have 'forks', and both can lift (which is why many will just call them a fork lift) one is just capable of basic vertical movement, whereas the other has an extendable (*tele*scopic) boom, so it is a little more versatile in it's capability. Cue flames from those who dislike my pedantry.
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  6. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    Saw them doing the netting as I was pulling into work, you can barely see the netting with this one (this was best picture I could get when I was coming in, don’t have my camera on me) Theres a forklift on site with them installing one of the nets rn
  7. Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    The netting has begun its installation
  8. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    I know what the problem is@Rollercoaster_Lover when you go in to the category thrill rides or family rides WWF is not in there. The only place you can find it is in the all attractions list.
  9. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Try harder “see more” means you... see more.
  10. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    I just tried that and it didnt work
  11. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    *cough* It is considered a moderate thrill ride...
  12. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    But it hasn’t....
  13. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Hey guys, wild west falls has been taken off the website
  14. Nothing really new about that. This inane written-by-committee "opinion piece" fails to capture anything resembling actual commitment, let alone excitement or passion about the future of the park.
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2018

    Adventure World Inferno update: Driving to school this morning- Crane erected next to tower. Driving home from school- Tower complete with missing topper piece on top.
  16. Funfields new attractions 2017/18

    Had a great half day at FF on Saturday with my kids. Spent an hour and a half discussing bits and bobs with the Parks directors and Sam, the Operations Manager. The Park is looking better every year and I loved the Voodoo ride experience. I did have some constructive feedback but generally FF is going from strength to strength and long may it continue. I will be back this weekend without kids for a more detailed exploration and ride on the other Kraken! Proper Victorian Adventures!
  17. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    if they cannot bring the surfboards back, they should take the one that is a single piece, and mount it on the wave. I know the wave isn't structural, so it'd need some work to mount it - and i don't want them to do it if it means shutting down and dismantling the ride again for any length of time - it'd be cool to see it like that. Even if they can't attach it to the ride structure, it'd be awesome to have them find SOME way of putting them back within the ride area.
  18. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Also wanted to add these few images from around the Anyss and Goliath area. Can't find dates or anything, however it shows some attractions the park had like bumper cars, spider, sky diver and a Tornado.
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  20. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Sheesh the only source of shade were trees! 😂
  21. Adventure World - History (80s & 90s)

    Yup - it was entry by token before that. They also had the shooting gallery too.
  22. So I was looking through the state records and found these photos on Archives of Adventure World at the State Library of Western Australia and thought I would share them all. It amazing how much the park has changed over the last 35 years. I have found different albums from different years including construction in decent quality pictures, so I thought I would share: (Pictures sourced from World__Orightresult__U__X0?lang=eng&suite=def) 30 JUL 1982 (Construction images of the park) 1983: Opening year, not the lack of shade in the opening years. 1984: 1987: This is now the animal section of the park. This is currently were Black Widow currently is. The main castle Before they painted the boat purple. Alpine Mountain, looking way different then it does today. The main Water Mountain slides Currently where Abyss, Rampage and Goliath sit. The main pool with small trees. The old train which now sits as theming in the Gold Rush section. Paddle Boats Along with this video I found show casing some old rides they had including a Cha Cha and a spider.
  23. Why do I keep reading trolls as a verb?
  24. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I also witnessed the fountain on sat and was glad to see it return. Whilst I don’t mind too much if the surf boards come back, I do agree with ben, they are iconic and a part of the parks DNA just like Main Street is, and just like the Steam train was, and shouldn’t be destined for the trash heap. If they can’t make use of them in their traditional position, hopefully they can find a new home for them somewhere.
  25. Me and the family were at the park on Saturday, and we noticed this new t shirt for sale in the park. Note the smiley face isn’t just on the log ride but also on the train. Perhaps part of the new ‘experience’? Lol
  26. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    It's like Tower of Terror without the skull or the "Tower of Terror" down the side - it's part of the ride's DNA (although in saying that the spot where the skull is located these days is pretty awful compared to where it was when it opened.)
  27. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    I’m still 50/50 whether they will bring the surfboards back, maybe in the next maintenance period? Time will tell! But I do hope that they bring them back as well.
  28. Strange new noises on Wipeout

    While that's awesome, i'll be a happy camper when the longboards are back.
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