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  2. both trains are new trains and the ride is able to go faster then it use to go as the trains are lighter compared to the older ones, and the actual seating of the ride is different hence why some people that use to be able to fit into the restraint no longer can not fit
  3. At least for now they can go a little faster than the family coaster nearby
  4. When I was there I asked one of the ride operators and they said they were ‘new trains’, but when you’ve questioned it, I looked closely at photos of these ‘new’ trains in comparison to the ‘old’ trains and I’m not so sure. The shape of them is the exact same, but maybe they just got repainted and new stickers because the colour order is definitely different. And when the operator said it was faster, I think that might just be because the trains had a full refurb and they now reach the speed they originally did
  5. Sorry dumb question but how do we know they are new trains?
  6. Yesterday
  7. And people are suggesting that’s a poor idea that he wouldn’t want or be comfortable with
  8. it's a suggestion of a statue....not a defining moment in world history! You blokes would ban Santa in December! 👎
  9. Why is this the case? Seems odd it’s closed for the first two hours. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. I’m sorry but I find it strange that these people expect Luna Park to do all the heavy lifting during a pandemic. I mean… going outside your back door during these times means you’re taking a risk of catching the virus. Why blame the park? If you’re concerned about the virus… simply don’t go. I understand that there’s an obvious level of expectation placed on businesses regarding the covid-safe management, but there’s only so much LP can enforce.
  11. Is an understatement. It's been very tough on the staff with the endless complaints from customers. I know I'm gonna sound like Amy's Baking Company. But, just look at their social media and review sites! They're acting like pieces of s**t in there, which is what the staff are having to deal with every day! Come on guys, people don't need to be this rude! Look at these examples! There was even one person who had the audacity to spam his review over and over again on Trip Advisor! Well I never! Leave our staff alone! Everyone from HTM, to MD have put their heart and soul into making the park run! And this is what we get in return? If people are gonna act like this to our staff and other customers, then nobody will be at the park at all!
  12. As is I crap my pants on the chairlift and I took my phone cover off since it blurs all the photos so I was nervous about dropping my phone while taking those photos. If they do open the slides this season I’ll try make it out there and take some better pics.
  13. Can vouch for this - the Abu Dhabi airport facade was something Weiss wanted.
  14. No, that was definitely a Craig Davidson and Gary Weiss idea. Thomas left very quickly after the TRRR incident
  15. This notice has been put on Luna Park's website. I hope this is temporary. BD's only closed for two hours after the rest of the park opens but I imagine some guests might be annoyed by the delayed opening.
  16. Thanks for the update, but man you were so close to getting better shots of the whole attraction if you just turned the phone/camera fully sideways, you were almost there.
  17. I was able to get down to Jamberoo on Saturday so I got some photos of the area while going up the chairlift. Speaking to staff they said the slides will all be installed by next week and they still have intention of opening them this season. As sceptical as I am about that there where people actively working onsite the whole day.
  18. Posted earlier this month. Stinger's runoff has been completed and Octo is making good progress.
  19. Wasn't the SV project originally a Thomas thing? I think it's slightly unfair to blame current management on that building - though they aren't completely absolved of it either, given that board coup happened during early construction
  20. Last week
  21. I’d say there is a delivery delay and because of all the rain we’ve had causing delays too, we will see it open for the Easter holidays. But surely you’d want to get the works done now, so when the train/carriages arrive they can just get it open. For all we know, maybe the contractors who are doing the work had another job to complete first, hence the lack of work.
  22. In @themagician's image you can see people sitting on the path in the direct sun even though the seat is right there. Sometimes people just don't do the logical thing. I haven't been here yet but if I'm gauging my bearings correctly then isn't this bench facing the East? That wall would start providing shade just after midday and you can see it just peaking over making me think it's 1 PM when the image was taken. I can imagine a lot of people sitting around waiting for their friends to do GD, etc. so the bench does make sense there in my eyes.
  23. Carriages might still be getting built ( if built-in Aus) or they could be stuck on a boat somewhere. It's a shame the works have stopped. However, it won't be a massive amount of work (like building ST) so in my thoughts nothing to worry about yet. The site will become a hive of activity soon.
  24. There was also a seat half way between this one and the stairs to the GD and that was in complete direct sun. Most people who were waiting for those riding GD were standing at the top of the stairs and around the entry area
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