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  2. I understand why parks limit fast passes on their most popular attractions, but I intensely despise when they provide x rides on x attraction. SFMM is the perfect example of this. I don't like freefall drop rides (Giant Drop, Lex Luther etc.) so I'd much rather use the fast pass on something else. What @AlexB has said above makes sense, give people x number of rides on the popular rides, say 1 fast pass per popular ride, then unlimited on the less popular rides. That way it covers downtime, not wanting to ride a particular ride etc.
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  4. Regarding the single-use fast track - when i last visited SFMM, I bought an upper tier flash pass. It included the usual unlimited rides on xx attractions, plus one ride on X2, Luthor's Drop and I think maybe one or two others. One of those others were down, and the flash pass automatically allowed us to substitute one of the 'one only' rides as an alternate. Luthor's drop went down due to high winds just as we arrived to use our flash pass on it, and the staff grabbed the flash pass ID, made a phone call, and we suddenly had a second 'X2' we could book. If Movie World sells a product tha
  5. Can confirm it was theming for the Giant Drop. There used to be non-skeletal Mammoth head in that area too!
  6. thanks, Yeah i was a little confused to what this was meant to be for 😂
  7. That's just some themeing that used to sit in a garden until it was forgotten about because it was mostly out of sight and under spaghetti junction.
  8. Does anyone know what this fossil stuff is from and was it possibly part of the TRRR because it's just below that mess of elevated pathways, I know this might not be the right place to post it but i don't think i need to make a forum for whatever this thing is
  9. Platform definitely temp scaffold addition it seems. And year no dark ride section on Scooby or turntable lights. Rest of disco room is all fully functional though.
  10. I visited the park this week and used the app. Some bits are clunky but the UX doesnt SUCK. I touch the park, I select rides or shows and I instantly see the info I desire... What is awful is the Covid checkin which you still need to do at any dining facility. It doesnt remember you, isnt setup to autofill from your contact details and is just slow and clunky as.
  11. @Whombex they’ve just screenshot that photo from Snapchat. But a great public service announcement
  12. At first I thought they’d changed the actual ride vehicle, then realised they just haven’t attached any of the theming to it
  13. Fair call. i was a bit fired up. Guess I get my back up a little when it appears someone just joins the forum to bag the parks. Everyone has a right to be critical, but I think the general gist of this place is it’s a collective of enthusiasts that love theme parks, so some balance or perspective is generally given when pointing out failures or inadequacies
  14. So GL was most recently closed to install this extra platform for evacuations.
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  16. Most woodies have floater airtime like those made by GCI, however this is made by gravity group and they do make more intense woodies with ejector air so yea this is most likely ejector. (but that means it most likely will need much more maintenance on the tracks over time)
  17. @Brad2912 chill bro. 🍻 Welcome to the forums @cthulhus_lawyer - I think @webslave perfectly encapsulated what I wanted to say - so many UX choices at every level aren’t made with the guest in mind - both company’s maps are a perfect example of it. Village would benefit from two things - a culture change and more money. The fact that Adventure World, a single Perth theme park sells season passes that are more expensive then Village’s passes to four parks says a lot. In regards to culture, where Disney has the “you can never say no” rule for cast members, it feels as though
  18. The problem with adding all of these fancy new effects is that it would inevitably end the same it always does at Village. Effects work for a while, it's exciting. Then only some of the effects work. Then none of the effects for a while. Finally they repair a few effects and the ride is in a constant state of only half the effects working.
  19. Brad, I'm venting, critiquing and sharing an experience. What's the problem with that? It's a theme park forum. And I'm also alerting you and others to issues with the app which may affect your experiences in the park - you seem to agree with me that the app should be improved. In fact that is the whole point of my post, that this app is taking value away from paying guests. You seem to be getting really riled up
  20. No one put a gun to your head and told you to buy an annual pass to what you call “low quality” attractions. There is literally zero point whinging that our ride count or quality isn’t at the same level as that of some US/European parks. We have only a small % of their population, and an even smaller % of their tourism dollars. if you have an issue with the app - sweet - no one is gonna debate that it could be much better - but to throw your toys out of the cot bagging every element of the park operation and quality is just juvenile. I love when people make this type of com
  21. Thanks Webslave, you are right, the UX on the app is terrible and the lack of competition/innovation is what is holding them back.. To you Brad I would say that even if I agreed with you that these 4 parks are worth visiting on an unlimited or even one-off basis (debatable -they are low/average quality by international standards - few rides and poor theming), the major irritation is the lack of communication re: these peak/off-peak price fluctuations. Again, these things can be built into the app and communicated to users which would improve the experience. As to not letting users kno
  22. Scooby was similar on Thurs night when I was there last too - most effects not working. The bright lights on the turntable haven’t been working for a couple of weeks either.
  23. You're quite right in most respects here. The UX does indeed suck. The pricing on it is indeed inflexible. The sad fact is Village is hardly what any of us would call a 'digital-first' (or second, or third) organisation, and this is ably reflected in things like their web presence over the last two decades. These guys will always be chasing the train, but talking like they are driving it. Their mates up the road are no better either, and that's a large part of why it doesn't get any better.
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