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  2. That's good news, drove past this afternoon and was shocked at how empty the carpark was for such a nice day. Glad there was a reason for it.
  3. I like Scooby being themed for the movie that was filmed at the park, but changing the theme for the new Scooby Doo movie also makes sense. 3 years is too long to wait for a fix though, hope it goes back to being roughly how it was, with a few enhancements here and there to make it worth advertising. As for the rest; Jetsons would be an interesting franchise for a ride. A trip through a cartoon future could be kind of fun. Can picture a screen heavy darkride working rather well. You'd have to do it in the style of the movie though because the original Jetsons is pretty hokey by today's standards, and given how bad Warner Brothers are at making movies at the moment you'd have to be brave to back them to handle a reboot of something made for a different era. The Matrix is about the most perfect movie concept for a big outdoor coaster ever, it's one of the only themes where you literally only have to theme the queue and station and still have a ride which tells it's story perfectly (The queue is 'real world' the coaster chair plugs you into the matrix and the coaster is an advanced training program. That easy!). Providing they don't stuff up the reboot then you'd theme it to that, if they do screw it up just theme it to original, reckon it's a proven classic at this point. Short Circut I'd love to see but not as a ride, but by having a Number 5 robot roaming main street interacting with guests. It's been done before with PUSH at Disneyland, and Universal did a similar sort of thing with that fountain at IoA.
  4. I think the stage is actually being removed. They will be using the area for something else.
  5. That's the worst headline ever but that's a nice spin on what is a pretty grim situation for theme park fans.
  6. So similar to last year, WWF at MW has been scheduled for a lengthy 2 months of annual maintenance as well: Although I do recall last year the date was pushed back by another month in the end due to delays with getting the major refurb work done. I wonder if this means they will be fixing a lot of the smaller, non-working theming elements as well as maintenance on the ride itself? We can only hope 😁
  7. A 'not natural swing feel' I dunno what that means... The Claws' swing seems fairly natural to me
  8. Ardent Leisure mulling Gold Coast’s Dreamworld site boost to turn it into Disneyland Ryan Keen, Gold Coast Bulletin an hour ago OWNERS of icon Gold Coast theme park Dreamworld want to super-size the site with accommodation and entertainment to turn it into Australia’s Disneyland. Dreamworld parent company Ardent Leisure sent shockwaves through the city yesterday with a statement to the stock exchange appearing to suggest Dreamworld’s footprint was under threat. But Ardent CEO Deborah Thomas later clarified to the Gold Coast Bulletin any redevelopment would be on unused land and enhance Dreamworld, not detract from it. “We aren’t selling or closing Dreamworld,” she said, adding Ardent would invest to create a “more attractive and entertaining theme park”. “We are considering opportunities external but complementary to the park that could include retail, hospitality, accommodation and entertainment precincts, similar to Universal Studios and Disneyland in the US. “There is 25 hectares of land at Dreamworld that is not being used. “We are exploring options to develop that unused land, while continuing to invest in a world-class theme park.” The Ardent site is 60ha with Dreamworld and WhiteWater World across 35ha. Ms Thomas said some areas would not be suitable for development and remain as open green space. The site review would take anywhere from a few months to a year and was about understanding council’s and the Government’s strategic plan for the area and working with them, she said. The revelation of Dreamworld site’s potential expansion was warmly welcomed by Gold Coast leaders and comes seven months after a river ride malfunction killed four people in the darkest day for Australian theme parks in 30 years. Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the potential expansion was exciting news for the city. “I’m sure this will result in the theme park evolving to the next level,’ Cr Tate said. Northern Coast councillor Cameron Caldwell said Ardent Leisure controlled a significant site in the city’s north. “A lot of it is undeveloped and the council would consider any development opportunities proposed.” Ardent’s earlier statement to the Australian Stock Exchange said a review of its Master Plan for Dreamworld’s site would consider the impact of “recent events” in reference to the tragedy and feasibility of rezoning parts for alternate use. It prompted Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson to clarify Ardent’s priority was the “recovery of Dreamworld” and Tourism Minister Kate Jones to make a statement in Parliament saying she could confirm the park was “here to stay” and committed to the “long term”.
  9. Could it be closed as a cost cutting measure throughout the water parks ' quietest time of the year? Assuming here that rollercoasters use a heck of a lot more power than slide and pool pumps. That said, if it is the case, I don't understand either why it doesn't state that (ie. 'seasonal attraction') either in a similar manner to what Calypso Beach does.
  10. I've ridden Goliath & it didn't make me grey out, was pretty intense in that helix & you could definitely feel the G's. On another note, most of what I've been hearing lately is "it's gonna do this to me", "it's gonna do that to me"... Can we get some more positivity into this ride?!? Come on people
  11. How odd, I was there on Monday too, and yet the audio wasn't working for me... I believe it is a problem with a few of the carts, I asked one of the op's one time about why it wasn't working.. and she said that they were having issues with the quality and were concerned that it could damage the speakers. Interesting to hear that your experience was good.
  12. As @Richard said Greying/Blacking out is due to sustained positive G-Forces such as what you get in a long, fast helix like on Goliath at SFMM. I've ridden Goliath and did grey out a bit on my first ride but if you hold your core and legs tight it helps prevent that. The coaster going in at Movie World has a lot of wild transitions but these are more likely to create nausea (if you're prone to that) rather than make you grey out. Looks like it's going to be forceful but not in a way with sustained forces, I guess we will be able to make a call when we see more of the coaster come together.
  13. Thanks Richard. What about the Helixes on this one that some people have compared to Goliath? And on that note, do you know why the forces are so strong in that particular element of Goliath, especially when it comes straight after major trim brakes?
  14. You seem to be focusing on the banking transitions in and out of elements, which really have nothing to do with the greying/blacking out that people here are speaking of. Jet Rescue is a (surprisingly) wild ride that throws you around smoothly from side to side, but these are not sustained positive g-forces. The concept of so-called heartline design you refer to is about smoothing the ride experience rather than reducing the forces. I believe the point @Gazza was making with Jet Rescue is that these rapid-fire turns and direction changes don't typically result in heavy sustained positive g-forces for the pure fact that they're manageable forces in short bursts. Those momentary let-ups in positive g-forces would help hugely with blood flow for those prone to greying out. Jet Rescue -- and even Motocoaster -- are nothing but banked turns and they're fine. I see no reason for anyone to be scared about the forces on this one based on photos of a few twists and turns.
  15. @AllegroCrab hahaha i feel im the opposite to you in a way, because i only ever tense my abs when i go down a massive drop or experience sudden acceleration to make sure my stomach stays inside of me. 😂
  16. Signage for The Parkway (Photo TPSN)
  17. So, why isn't this an issue at all the other parks which have Hypers?
  18. I don't understand all the fuss about greying out. It does not mean going unconscious. You just lose some vision for a bit, akin to when you stand up too quickly after lying down for a while. I also don't understand why everyone's so concerned when we have another ride in the same park that is known to induce grey outs in Superman Escape. It's different for different people, I'm sure some will laugh at me when I say people grey out on Superman but if I relax my muscles when riding I usually grey out a bit on the first turn after the top hat, I'd say at worst I lose 1/2 to 3/4 of my vision, at best I just get a few black spots. If I take steps to avoid it, it doesn't happen (ie. squeezing my legs, tensing up my neck/face a bit etc.)
  19. Short circuit..... I absolutely love those movies I hope they do something with it like a little model robot of johny 5..... I would buy 1 for sure 👍👍
  20. @pushbutton You will be sad to know Lot 102 & Lot 16 (Lot 102 which was DW land) is part of the new Coomera Town Plan now and I haven't been over it with a fine tooth comb but I believe these two lot "Precinct" has a height limit of what is proposed to be built next to WWW. @GazzaThank you for the information. I'm not convinced the idea to recreate a Robina at Coomera will work. When I picture it I get flashes of a high rise ghetto.
  21. Honestly, I'm just hoping that the projectors audio and video are in time after it comes back from maintenance.
  22. It surely can't be true about th Matrix. Why would they ruin a classic.
  23. A new Scooby Doo animated film was scheduled for release in 2018. Variety is reporting that is now being pushed back to 2020. I don't think this has anything to do with the theming changes to SDSC, but a new Scooby theatrical release makes it worthwhile holding onto the license a bit longer. Also, just so people know and can speculate about future attractions, In addition to Scooby Doo, Warner Bros. are rebooting the following franchises for theatrical release: - The Jetsons (animated) - Short Circuit - The Matrix
  24. Translinks statement was a roundabout way of saying the 709 is undeeded now (The route that solely exists to shuttle between Helensvale and GCHU) I think the changes are a net positive, just because the wait times between services would be less, and it's better for tourists since they don't really have to check a timetable whilst in holiday mode. If a full time gate was built where Blue Lagoon is that's a 1.3km walk from the station, which is probably fine for most people, (You do a similar walk from the station to Chessington work of Adventures) but possibily unpalatable for families with small kids, or staff members leaving after dark. In any case, a route via DWs front door would probably always exist in some form, because the Old Pacific Highway corridor needs a bus anyway, and such a route is logically always going to run from Coomera to Helensvale. PS, that coomera highrise is laughable...There are only two reasons to live in a be near to the heart of the action, and if there is a nice view. That site has neither.
  25. OzScrapers on skyscrapercity might?
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