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  2. After coming across this article 2 days ago I thought I should share it with you guys on here. Maybe you've read it already or maybe you already know the relevant information but anyways... https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/dreamworld-announced-topping-off-of-steel-taipan-rollercoaster/ Key takeaways from the article: - Late 2021 opening once electrical works, load station building, landscaping and commissioning have been completed. - Rollercoaster train set to see Australian shores in early July, with installation on the ride's track planned for early August. -
  3. Parkz... the only place you can go from rollercoasters to bagging comments about other theme park accounts.
  4. I kinda like how the reopening now lines up with my birthday.
  5. Would Arkham's plot be large enough to house a ride of this size though? Gotta agree with @DaptoFunlandGuy and I've said as much before. The enthusiast in me would love to see another big, world-class thrill coaster to replace Arkham and if they ended up announcing, say, a Vekoma flyer or an RMC single-rail, I'd be pumped. What the park really needs, and what I'd be just as (if not more) excited for, is a really high-quality, themed family attraction. That's the big hole in MW's lineup. @MARK28's suggestion would clearly be a great fit for the park. There's just the question of si
  6. You know, I was sad when the news hit but in hindsight, the park doesn't look ready to open. It still looks like they got some work to do. Also, some people might sadly lose their jobs lockdown during so Luna Park might be able to do a employment campaign. All in all, it is sad news but it's been shutdown for 6 months so I really don't think waiting a week or two is that big of a deal. The only kind of negative news for the park won't be opened during some of the school holidays which is when most people go to the park. So yeah, it is a bit annoying but it's not a big deal.
  7. Visited site this afternoon. Some finishing touches on maloneys corner with boomerang station painted yellow and a tent surrounding Boomerang's helix, walls are down for what was meant to be Friday. BD hill section before 1st launch is up as well. Looks like they might be leaving the second section till later
  8. Damn! At least they don’t need to rush to finish for this weekend. Also means a bonus update from you??
  9. Due to the current covid outbreak, Sadly the reopening until July 3rd
  10. I’m obviously no expert but the reason I shared it is because I think it would be feasible for MW. Movie Park is also a small movie themed park, and you can tell it doesn’t have the budget for massive projects. This looks like it has taken out the cost of a big coaster and then funnelled that into theming. The theming also isn’t mind blowing in terms of effects, but they’ve done it cleverly so that the effects they do have makes the static scenes come to life.
  11. Exactly my thoughts here as well. What type of coasters are not present at Movieworld? Things that have never been seen before in an Australian park. Think an immersive spinner- either Mack or Maurer would fit the bill here and would still be an excellent attraction that would be unqiue in the Australian theme park landscape. A flying coaster? We know the huge costs of B&M's which would make one of their models unlikely but the new Vekoma flying model has shown huge promise with the opening of FLY at Phantasialand and could well come into consideration on a cost to cost basis. In
  12. @DaptoFunlandGuy I don't want Arkhams replacement to top Rivals as such, but I think keeping some form of 'gimmick' coaster would be a good idea. Be it a suspended, wing, dive, standing, 4D or something along those lines.
  13. It doesn’t have to be bigger though, it just needs to cover new ground. Eg Cedar Point followed Top Thrill Dragster with Maverick Carowinds followed up Fury 325 with Copperhead Strike
  14. Why is that though? Arkham was originally the parks signature 'large' coaster - big thrill. Then superman took the crown from the then Lethal Weapon. Then Rivals took the crown from Superman. So what is Arkham's place? third best coaster in the park? it isn't even - I'd argue that Scoob comes in before Arkham, but that is all a matter of opinion anyway. The park has for some time addressed big thrillriders needs, while ignoring, removing, or providing a half-baked effort for those with lesser needs. High capacity family attractions were lost with little or nothing t
  15. Yesterday
  16. One only has to take a look at his contributions on Parkz to see his bias to media and Parkz members - and essentially anyone that has a single bad word to say about Dreamworld. While that might seem like something a Dreamworld exec might do, you don't get to that level in an organisation bagging out media and fans of your product with a thinly veiled account that uses your own name. Even without his own admission, its very clear it isn't Mr Yong. It's been so long since we had an anticipated coaster build i'd forgotten the construction threads devolved into mindless cra
  17. As much as I love this ride, I don't think its a good Arkham replacement
  18. Usually, when someone suggests cloning something from overseas, its either been cloned 1000 times before or its mega expensive. This thing is supposed to open today, looks fantastic - and the only thing I can't find is the cost. Is this feasible for MW to build? It would have been a great 30th anniversary launch, especially with all the nods to the parks history - gremlins, PASS, etc. Someone needs to tag every VRTP exec in this video daily until they build it.
  19. What a brilliant attraction and absolutely perfect for a movie park! There are so many details and they are all spot on. This was built in the old Looney Tunes River / Ice Age show building. Waaay better use of the space than a kids driving school and storage shed!
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