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  1. [DIPPIN DOTS WARNING] Asked the person operating the train about if there’ll be a third station near Jungle Rush once it returns to it’s full circuit (not mentioning Billabong station), they said there’s one there already &, as far as they know, the plan is to reuse that.
  2. In its last maintenance period, Dreamworld’s added stickers of their new logo to the backs of some seats. Apparently they’re in certain locations as to aid ride operators in balancing out the ride when loading.
  3. To that point, 9News was there earlier interviewing people leaving about wanting Taylor to attend Movie World again before she leaves Australia. Why? I don’t have a clue. Seems Movie World’s trying to campaign for her to come back for some reason, though, even though she’s not even in the state.
  4. With Superman and Batwing closed, the best way to view the construction site is now to turn around on DCR’s lift (or, if you’re not able to, ride it backwards). Doing so, I can (obviously without photos) confirm the SFC has it’s dark grey supports for the turnaround closest to Arkham’s facade installed, and 1 section of track is onsite.
  5. not liking the obviously ai-generated coaster in the ad, but an interesting thing for them to advertise nonetheless.
  6. Even Sydney Zoo, the place she’s actually attended while in Aus this time around, hasn’t shoehorned her into a post yet (not saying they won’t, it’d be unlikely for them not to at some point in the future, just that they’re not jumping on it immediately like MW has). They’re desperate to get the positive PR that Dreamworld’s got with their giveaways/discounts, and used her as a reason to do so/to promote it.
  7. True, it’s more than likely that it is official concept art, just a very early iteration of it. Like, for example, the art they did for Rivertown is the first art that was released, the one with a nonsensical ride layout that went over the water (in the version they posted, it wasn’t even called Rivertown, the entrance sign was different & read ‘Riverside’ instead). In that case, Dreamworld seems to have commissioned them to do the art, but not for it to be an exact replica of what’s to be constructed, just to get the vibe down & have references for what it could look like.
  8. More concept art has been posted. Unsure how legit it is, but the poster seems to have done stuff for Village (Float mockups), DW (the Rivertown art, and maybe some DWF stuff), Taronga (Reptile & Amphibian Conservation Centre concept art), & others. (Source) Edit: Definitely recommend checking out the page above, upon closer look they seem to have a lot of concept art for old AUS park/zoo plans. If they’re legit, there’s some good stuff there.
  9. If the ride building is as prominent in the area’s design in the concept art has it seeming, I’d hope that it’s at least partially indoors. And, based on the outline contained in the overhead view that was on related signs for a while, that does seem like it’ll be the case.
  10. Yeah, I somehow thought it was known that was it’s colour scheme (ig from the testing & concept art), hence: There’s so many coincidental/unintentional parallels going on with the parks recently (or at least, ones that I’m making up). Don’t hate if it does end up having that colour scheme, same reason I don’t hate the SFC having its’ colour scheme. Both could definitely have chosen colours that fit their themes a bit better, but ig “If it ain’t broke, copy it down to the family coaster”.
  11. Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking of. Couldn’t find it, but it was being pushed a lot ‘round DF’s open
  12. I’ll see if I can find it, but I believe they’ve already used it in ads I’ve seen on YouTube.
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