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  1. For the record, i've taken the below posts to imply that Dreamworld employees either were operating in these functions, or should be used to do so. I acknowledge however that nobody specifically said 'untrained' but nobody said 'professional traffic control' either.
  2. I know a bunch of guys who work (or at least used to work) the BEC carparking. Among them are many qualified traffic controllers and retired police officers. Perhaps its just the attitude that comes with the training. Maybe it rubs off. I don't know. The thing about BEC is it doesn't really matter the type of event, they pretty much have the same plan. And they HAVE. A. PLAN. They also have a LOT of land to work with too. I don't know - Maybe concert goers who spent hundreds of dollars on 3 hours of entertainment are less likely to do stupid shit that would get them booted from the
  3. I did, but I didn't mention them favourably. I only mentioned them as an option because if you were remarking the entire carpark you'd have the freedom to choose. My personal opinion was angled was better - as shown by the part that was left out of the quote: This sounds wonderful in a utopian world. I have a lot of experience with traffic control and carparking in surfaced and grassed carparks for events from school carnivals to V8 Supercars and even Sirromet's Day On The Green. (in various roles as a volunteer and a member of the SES. Having done these events both with
  4. I honestly didn't know that second exit existed and now i'm even more convinced that what I wrote above should be put into action. The only thing I don't like is that the old paint lines have to be covered up to remark the parking lot, and whichever way you do it looks like shit unless you repave the entire surface - which is an expensive exercise.
  5. depends on if you read it as "has it been covered by every photographer" or "has it been covered by every photographer that was invited"
  6. ETA: I think its pretty clear that MW's carpark design is much better for flow and pedestrians. Dreamworld's current arrangements are poor for handling peak ingress (and due to the one-way arrangements, if you pick a lane, and it's full, its a long way to come back and try the next one without going against one-way rules). The ideal would be for Dreamworld to completely re-design the carpark to improve traffic flow and reduce pedestrian interactions. The ideas expressed above have merit, but my thinking is to put the 'red arrows' (the inbound lanes) right next to the current outboun
  7. Sounds like people wedging themselves is a common enough problem that they decided to re-engineer a million dollar train to solve it. Why didn't they just watch how the people in front of them did it? ...probably because those guys wedged themselves too.
  8. Nice update. One thing that always irritated me is how haphazard the space between Mach5 and Black Hole was. https://www.parkz.com.au/cache/photo/individual_photo/construction/2021/10/2a59d23319a7a67ba83151bda66d88db.jpg I do hope that once finished, the new install isn't 'finished off' without regard to what sits outside the boundary - I hope that perhaps some slight re-working is done to better connect the two areas and make them naturally group together instead of the isolation each tower had previously
  9. When you're done - how many does Dreamworld have? Here's a vertical view. Perhaps taking a known painted area and pasting it over the grassed area might give you an approximate?
  10. No - just noting your logic is flawed in responding to GoGoBoy's supposed correlation. They could have offered a special pass that didn't include halloween for the discounted price if there were any capacity concerns...
  11. If I recall, Dreamworld has opened the animal area, and vintage cars, two traditionally off limits areas in previous night events. Perhaps this increased the previous capacity of the event to levels the carpark couldn't accommodate? That still requires Dreamworld to participate in the scheme. They didn't have to accept subsidised purchases from the government if they didn't want to. They knew what cheaper passes would do here, lets be honest. On your marks - get set - go! Do a deal with westfield to utilise overflow parking areas and operate a dedicated shuttle
  12. To be fair, the Motorway looks like this at the Movie World exit at 5pm on Fright Night event dates. I suppose Dreamworld's added difficulty is all the day guests leaving and all the night guests arriving are all trying to use the same roundabout (along with other usual traffic), whereas Movie World exits guests through two different lanes depending on departure direction. I think to a degree there is a certain element of responsibility to be taken by guests to get there early enough to allow for processing. I recently commented here about the security checks and Magic Mountain taki
  13. <sorry ignore that. i was looking at your picture not the picture above.> Those aren't lilly pillys from what i can tell (i've got about 15 at home) - the leaves are a bit too wide. I'm not sure what those plants are. As for Lilly Pillys - they don't necessarily grow that fast. I have a 6 metre tall one out my window and it has taken about 7-8 years to get to that height from about a 1m shrub, but most of the density and the height occurred in the past 3 years - the first 4 years they didn't grow much at all.
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