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  1. He absolutely didn't. Dismissing my thoughts as a 'bad faith argument' and 'semantics' is in itself a bad faith argument. If you really want to delve into it, You said something matters "a lot", someone else referred to that same thing being given "top priority" and you then argued "i didn't say that" because they paraphrased different words that meant very similar things (and to be clear "this matters alot" and "this gets top priority" aren't that far from each other) And if you're going to argue that they aren't similar enough that everybody else reading this didn't underst
  2. There seems to be some sort of expectation from the public that the rides are sanitised after every run. this simply isn't true (and would blow queues out massively). in line with government guidelines, i believe they now do it hourly. This doesn't include things like queue rails and chains which guests have to touch EN MASSE though, and everyone out in public needs to take a little personal responsibility and sanitise their hands \ not touch common surfaces etc - it cannot be up to the park - or any other facility used by the public - to constantly sanitise every possible surface. S
  3. Ronald McDonald called and said you'll be hearing from his lawyers. Great to finally have the tongue in cheek updates back. Proves there's still a sense of humor out there...
  4. No, but you did say that it mattered 'a lot'. Yeah sure, people are gonna experience disappointment when they realise the ride they could see from the highway is closed - but its no more or less disappointment than what guests experience when ride is unexpectedly closed for unscheduled maintenance on their once in a lifetime trip. According to RCDB there is 191 coasters across the world classed as SBNO. I'm sure there's plenty of flat rides out there too, and i'm sure some of those are visible outside the gates and lead to disappointment. Let's not pretend though that that was the o
  5. is this just a case of everyone's pent up holiday time all being spent on the coast at one time? why on earth has it been this stupidly busy? (other than the park's deathly slow ops)
  6. Queue times right at opening can't possibly be reliable - you're going from an effective zero minute wait for the first person on to potentially hours in just a few minutes depending on the number of people through the gates. You can't possibly have a reasonable estimate of queue time for at least the first 30-60 minutes.
  7. You mean the 'unofficial name' that's attached in giant red letters to the marquee of the tower? The issue is the TOT lettering on the tower are (from what i've heard) physical pieces of steel letters, rather than just letters painted directly onto the tower. the drop tower rails run straight over the top and it would be a nightmare to try and change it. Like Kodak Skylink, Captain Sturt, and Rocky Hollow - the tower lettering is likely to remain until they have reason to remove the entire tower.
  8. We, of course, won't say anything about the horrendously poor guest experience in this situation - because at least it's open, right?
  9. taken in the way it is intended. Sod off is the correct phrase - and i've used it here many times. Have a great weekend.
  10. Just in general, 5 minute dispatches are pretty average for MW. I've timed dispatches for DCR and SE and its pretty consistent. I will say that sometimes guests don't help this by not having loose items organised, or not being seated correctly, but it is pretty much a case of apathetic operations. I know there are some ride ops at MW that are passionate about a good guest experience - unfortunately I find they tend to be the minority, and they can't run an entire ride on their own.
  11. *removes crown* And thats the post that does it folks - all hail and bow down to @themagician as your new leader!
  12. That is so fucking hypocritical. You want to lift the standards on the forum, but its ok to treat people like dog-shit if they've gotten things wrong. You guys foster an environment where its ok to do that but then slam anyone else who follows your example. The difference is if I cross the line, I wear the penalty - whereas if you do.... its perfectly fine. The issue is they fucked around trying to fix it for so long that this 'window' never occurred. They've only started confirming it in the past few months. As I've already said - i'm quite happy to agree that you and I h
  13. But this isn't a case of "we closed it, now we can charge people" its a case of "we did it all the time when it was open - whats the difference with doing it now that it's closed? its still an experience that people were willing to pay for before". I find your use of alternating caps insulting, implying mockery of my own words thrown back as an insult by using that format. I don't mind the spirited debate but when i'm chipped on this forum for not exercising a certain level of decorum and respect, openly mocking my opinion is extraordinarily disrespectful.
  14. You're certainly entitled to disagree with me. Doesn't prove either of us is wrong. The climb was part of a unique experience you couldn't do anywhere else. Nothing has changed about that except that the ride has been decommissioned. I personally don't see why they can't still offer the climb on Rivals instead, but since that apparently has higher safety requirements that Arkham didn't it was obviously too hard to do. As for being asked the awkward questions, Village has never shied away from upcharging things and deflecting the questions with the usual copypasta PR speak answers. Wh
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