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  1. You've got a lot of teeth for such a smartass Gaz. love your work!
  2. For an insight into 'as close as we ever got to a consensus' - see the following for a great in depth conversation about what a theme park might be...
  3. <insert quote about Disney executives in shock about how much it cost to build Bermuda> I see Sea World have sneakily rolled back the elaborate artworks they paraded about a few years ago into something more accurately resembling the expected finished product. (you know, if they hadn't put a cloud behind Trident, it would have made it easier to photoshop the fork out when they inevitably cut that themeing from the budget).
  4. So long as that mob in perth keep suggesting there's an actual theme park over there, Dreamworld will remain a 'theme park' even if only in the loosest sense of the word.
  5. They still need to provide wheelchair access to giant drop, so at least one ramp is required. Stairs also needed. They can certainly remove some of the elevated walkway, but not all of it, so there would still easily be something you could connect to if you were to flyover from the ST footprint.
  6. For sure. I'd completely ignored CalScreamin and was just imagining the arkham voice - you are of course correct - if it is done correctly, of course. If they chuck on Freestyler and call it a day i'll be livid.
  7. Given the proximity to observers though - doesn't that kind of ruin the effect? I guess i'm imagining the Arkham audio for the lift hill and wondering whether it would have the same impact if the observation area could hear it too?
  8. In my opinion, it's relevant, and its appropriately credited. This would meet any required fair use definition. News media routinely takes random people's social images and use them in stories where they're relevant and in context with appropriate credit given and this should be no different. Especially considering Parkz' position on commercial self promotion - He should be quite pleased his content is being shared to a potentially new audience. I don't follow this account, but i'll make sure I do now so I can include any relevant images in future parkz forum posts! Space Mounta
  9. You mean the extra (3rd) dimension? It doesn't. Its the 10,000 little things that make your day. This is just one of those things.
  10. ^absolutely this. The long term success for Dreamworld, at this point, ultimately hinges on convincing people to come back, enjoy themselves, and want to return. Right now, the perception will be nothing more than sore feet. Supermarkets get away with putting the milk at the back of the store, making you walk a long distance and hoping you'll spend some extra money on the way. But Dreamworld can't do that. Down the road is another park full of rides and experiences and they are (mostly) gathered around the entrance hub. If you count Arkham, you effectively had 6 major attractions wit
  11. yeah I heard a few whispers from some of the Ekka crew yesterday something was up so this morning's announcement is no surprise - its too close right now - and it's a smarter decision than pressing on with it. It is a shame for the showies, but their travel plans usually lead them to Brisbane around this time without major long distance travel, and many of them have local home bases too. At least they're stuck in Brisbane and not isolated in the middle of nowhere. Agree it totally sucks.
  12. Yeah ok fair point. Honestly though, the bridge would only have been to avoid crossing the train maintenance track, which shouldn't be in use during the day, and could easily be a level crossing with an earth ramp (disability access) or stairs. (they had a ramp up near hollywood house before construction) Much cheaper, much easier to put in.
  13. No, they won't - but they will just as likely be travelling, as a group, with others who will. And once they get all the way to an observation area to watch their friends ride, they then get to trek the long way to the next experience. A path. A bridge. A drop in the ocean compared to the multimillion dollar coaster. It's a no brainer.
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