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  1. Yeah - more likely they'll just wait until their local clone refurbs a-la TOTII and retrofits a spinner to it. Isn't Rivals a 'near' clone though - wasn't it just a modified 'flash' ? Granted not as many out there as blue fire, but still not that different, yet different enough.
  2. Worth mentioning - especially on the quiet weekday trade, Wonderland saw more international visitors than locals. Granted, they were mostly asian tourbus groups wanting to hug a Koala, but depending on the timing of their tour, many buses allowed more than enough time to see the wildlife park and jump on over to the theme park for a few hours. (Asian gentlemen wearing dress trousers and business shirts riding waveswingers and looping starships was quite the interesting sight) I can't speak for Dreamworld's international visitation (they do have a similar tourist trap set up, but its waaaa
  3. I think Ardent will continue to own the park for the forseeable future primarily because they over-value the park and are asking too much. Right now the park isn't worth much more than the land value. If Ardent cuts its losses and sells for a reasonable price, a reasonable buyer can come in with money to burn. If they don't offload it, it will be death by a thousand cuts. taipan will be the last major investment, and the park will bleed to death. that's my optimistic view on things.
  4. The whole thing looks very 'low to ground' for most of the layout - i just thought having it over water would be a cool little plus. Neither of the GC theme parks have shown any interest so far in furthering explorations into flume rides, and in today's climate, the safety risks associated with such devices and the lack of restraints puts it too high on the risk matrix for anything meaningful to occur. I'd love to see both parks bring back their log flumes, I just don't think its practical right now.
  5. The load station is in a bit of a weird spot to drop it onto the Arkham space though. Need a bit of shuffling i think. Where would you put it at Dreamworld? Over the logride lake\creek?
  6. Having worked in Burwood (albeit over 15 years ago) I would consider it on par with the Chermside of today - the differences you may observe though are because Burwood is located on a major arterial transport corridor - both rail and road. People can travel to Burwood from anywhere on the rail network and simply change at Strathfield (as I did). You can't build high rise office towers without either: 1 - massive amounts of parking and great arterial roads, or 2 - a great transport service. I've worked in both Chermside and Upper Mount Gravatt, and the parking situation in both is abysmal,
  7. Yeah I think they need to encourage people to come and join the party, rather than warn them away. Sydney is the perfect example of how to host the games - venues spread all over Sydney's greater metropolitan - right to the blue mountains, as far south as campbelltown and everywhere in between. Every 'event host' city council had their own little expos to encourage tourism and visitation. I personally worked on the expo put on by Penrith City, with the rowing and whitewater venues, and the equestrian events just down the highway. Homebush was a non-stop party, and Sydney did an excellent
  8. I mean, so long as wikipedia is reliable, why change it, right? The channel does some great videos, well put together - my issue is his sources are almost entirely Wikipedia (and pretty much word for word) - I'd just prefer if he did it in his own words. On the flip side - he's still better than defunctland - who made a whole video about the closure of Wonderland and based it on the story that staff were locked out and the animals in the wildlife park were abandoned. According to him, staff had to break in just to feed the animals. Just plain wrong.
  9. Still, its a world first, larger coaster than the others, and it does interact with the rest of 'luna land' even just a bit. It isn't possible we'd see some dipper works 9 months before it's scheduled to open?
  10. Glad my understanding was correct. Can I query though - what do you see as 'direct affiliation' ?
  11. You're telling me that a former chief operating officer of VRTP, who was also a board member of AALARA, had nothing to do with Leviathan - an element of a far more elaborate precinct project that was fully fleshed out in May 2019, before his departure from the company? I mean, sure - Kirby obviously had his little 'final approval' stamp to go on, but that doesn't mean he determined the type, sourced the supplier, nutted out the design, right? I mean, we've long bemoaned Ardent's habit of CEOs choosing rides... you don't honestly think Kirby was the instrumental success for this, gi
  12. ...and you call yourself an enthusiast. The reason you should direct your thumbs up to Dreamworld is because the person who 'signed off and got this going' now works for Dreamworld. As for the structure - I never said 'pretty' nor did I say 'architectural beauty' I just said picturesque. And it is. Heck, the wooden coaster aesthetic was so desirable for the theme Disney even made a Steel Coaster that looks like a woodie to suit. As for the issues on the spit, while I CBF finding it for you, i'm sure if you look hard enough you'll find that the spit height restrictions previously
  13. You should direct your thumb towards Dreamworld then... That little corner used to be under water. As an enthusiast, there's nothing more picturesque for me than the angles, shadows and shapes that make up a woody structure.
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