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  1. Why do you insist on gatekeeping this shit. If you have it, just post it.
  2. Nope. The concept very clearly shows a new wave pool, complete with waves originating at the 'deep end' in an orientation that cannot be mistaken for the current pool.
  3. Not unless it's Taylor Swift related. (I think I was right about their social team going to sydney though - spotted one of the guys that's in a lot of their videos posting attendance at Accor stadium over multiple days last week - though i'm sure they've got other people working on their content, it made me laugh a bit) Honestly a missed opportunity though. P!nk just completed a bunch of concerts in QLD. Would have made more sense to try and attract them to visit - especially with their two kids on tour - than to try and get TS to travel interstate.
  4. The website continues to list it as being a 2025 debut, but they've never had a specific date or even season (at least, not since they initially said it would return in 2024). What is interesting is that this comment makes clear the actual track is end of life, whereas previously, only 'upgrades' were mentioned to include new magnetic brakes, "partial" track replacement, and car and lift components replaced. This sounds less like upgrades and refurbs, and more like an entire outright replacement.
  5. This concept art isn't new, though i've no idea how long ago i've seen it or where (probably Parkz though). Good to see they're pressing on with it. If I remember, I think the new wave pool was meant to be a surfable wave? Good news about the train, and the fact it can make it up the hill - that ought to alleviate the pressure on the chairlift somewhat.
  6. I don't disagree with you, however the metrics I was working on was in terms of 'choice'. It's clear just looking at the carparks where people are choosing to spend their time (and money). The tide is definitely turning though, for the reasons you mention. Can confirm - Current review scores on trip advisor and google (note the scale is compressed, total review score out of 5) Trip Advisor Google Average WWW 4 4.4 4.2 Dreamworld 4 4.3 4.15 Sea World 4 4.2 4.1 WnW 3.5 4.2 3.85 Movie World 3.5 4.1 3.8 Paradise Country 3.5 3.9 3.7
  7. A quiet monday morning in the gold coast bureau, or somebody is mates with Clark or another senior person. Their socials have been a bit 'phoned in' over the weekend, so I reckon their team probably all went to sydney.
  8. temporary closure typically implies it wasn't a planned maintenance period. Something impacting that many kids attractions isn't a good thing though.
  9. Police Academy was fun but a bit cringe towards the end. You had people playing characters from a show they clearly hadn't seen. Like having Lethal Weapon on the sound effects stage, updates for relevance are important. I got to be in the PASS show when I was younger, so it was special to me, but by the end, I tended to play "spot the Rodney" and I was done.
  10. It's ok - if you love the gokarts, I heard they're headed west, so you'll still be able to ride them if you travel back in time 2 hours and 20 years by visiting Perth.
  11. Just a point to note here - they don't own the land at Oxenford. (And last I heard they were trying to sell the studios.) I've been saying it for a few years now - Village have been coasting on their reputation. For at least two years, they've been slammed by crowds and bad press with lots of things not working, long queues, and almost no care for the guest experience. Dreamworld isn't there yet, but they're showing signs of overtaking Village, and they're doing all the right things to get there, while Village is in a race to the bottom. Unfortunately, while people continue to buy passes and fork out for village centric holidays visiting all 4 properties plus AOS and TopGolf - while the money pours in, they won't change what they're doing because it's still profitable. If you're truly fed up with the experience at Village - don't renew your pass. don't plan your family gold coast holiday around the VR properties. Go to Dreamworld. Currumbin. The beach. Heck - go to Singapore or Hong Kong if you're interstate as it will likely cost you similar amounts for a far superior holiday. STOP GIVING THE BASTARDS MONEY IF YOU WANT THEM TO CHANGE. MONEY IS ALL THEY UNDERSTAND.
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