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  1. Now that the railway doesn't go around it, that sounds smart - vendors could access the studio driveway during the day without causing pedestrian issues in-park. Assuming that that area has direct access from the theme park it sounds like a good idea. Perhaps do it on main street to ensure viability, and wait for it to grow enough that it's worth maintaining the additional facilities?
  2. get your arse down there then. Seriously though - chicken and egg - you have to build it first.
  3. I don't think they're trying to entice the Eat Street crowd to come to Coomera - rather they're targeting those already in the area, and those visiting the theme park to encourage them to hang around. We've actually had threads on here suggesting MW do a similar thing - offer something that encourages day-guests to stick around at Oxenford post-5pm, potentially have dinner on-site before heading back to the hotel a little later, once the traffic is gone. This targets that market, and I think it will do it quite well...
  4. It's almost zero cost - the food trucks should be fairly self sufficient (or just requiring a little 'shore power') and would have the opportunity to make a buck. No doubt the park would receive a share of sales, so charging $2 at the gate is just to discourage 'having a look-ers' who don't spend any money. Provided they can keep up the numbers required to attract the good food trucks this should do well. I'd like to see them do more than just food in a market environment, but how much they can do when it literally switches from theme park to market at 5pm, i'm not sure.
  5. Are you that unfit that you're out of breath? Clearly I was referring to the older slab which has been around longer than the current weather.
  6. This is why plain white concrete has no place in a park. Stencil it. colour it. Paint it. Do exposed aggregate wash. Or use bitumen. I'm not talking about the new slab they've poured (that will degrade in time, but if needed for construction they may have plans to do something with it later), rather i'm talking about the older slab which wasn't poured specifically for construction and was just left like that. ugh.
  7. Because that's the name of the game (I don't have a 4 yet... but I still remember...)
  8. I still don't understand how your children survived to learn to walk.
  9. I've seen several pictures of the carriages posted around the place and there doesn't appear to be any other place for strollers. It would be more efficient (and preferable for families who have them) to load the stroller into the same compartment (and flip up a chair to accommodate it) as well as not disturbing the child in the pram should they be asleep. If a wheelchair can fit, there's no reason a stroller should be made to go elsewhere - and its far more efficient loading and unloading if the parents can be ready to disembark with the stroller rather than moving to another storage area and waiting for the conductor to unload \ open gates etc. (The small flip up section likely wouldn't fit a wheelchair, but would fit a simple day-stroller for sure.)
  10. You can tell just how much Green Lantern has been closed - that chain faces that sign squarely into the north sun, and it has faded so badly it isn't funny.
  11. They definitely appear narrower - but they also have those large footplates on the side too. I feel like these are more likely going to be used for Strollers and Prams than wheelchairs, but both functions look like they work well either way. The pool latch doors will be easy for adults to self-release but the secondary interlock\sensor ensures a better level of safety for riders (although this might mean a conductor isn't required either).
  12. Are they rendering the plants too? You see.... the trick is..... You gotta wash it off before it has a chance to dry.
  13. End of September 2016. So they had VR for the best part of 3 years before it closed for good - and there was a lot of downtime in those years too.
  14. Rumor - monorail is dead. People - WTF? PITCHFORK! Bossman - The rumors are false. If we were doing that, you'd hear it from us first. People - *Puts pitchforks away* Demo Company - KABOOM! Bossman - *Crickets* People - He said they aren't getting rid of it. The Demo Company said 'out with the old in with the new' - they must be new trains! Rumor - Nah fam, it's dead. I work there so I know. People - I don't believe that, but if its true, PITCHFORK! I aint buying his pitchforks, but mainly because I already own several.
  15. In the first instance, yes. I would expect that the park should have appropriate presentation stipulations in their work contracts. I would also expect that relevant park staff would check and confirm this was done according to those presentation standards each day before opening. its a minor attention to detail, and its a couple minutes to fix if its fresh. And before anyone jumps in that this isn't disney or they don't have the time to spend running around after tradespeople, etc - Wonderland, supervisors would walk the park prior to gates open. On at least two occasions I can recall gates being held because a contractor vehicle was still on stage. Particular attention was paid to any areas that had specifically had work done overnight to make sure doors were shut\locked, no hazards were present and everything was looking as it should.
  16. That seems.... expensive for some, reasonable for others. Next year they're rebranding as the Ekka.
  17. I had that thought, but regardless of the work going on, if they're not going to hoard the building while they do it, they should ensure it's "show ready" before they open. A few minutes with a hose is all this needed when it was fresh. Jinx!
  18. Remember this site wasn't designed specifically for the carousel. I think the queue borrowed from LTRR a little, and the ride sits on the site of the old merch shop, so space would have been a consideration. This control panel is similar to what was opposite for Pounce and Bounce - rather than the more elaborate panels for Tweety, for example. I guess this position would have permitted them visibility of the gates, the ride and the queue, but given the space around the carousel, putting it 'facing' the ride would have required it to be placed further back, and then standing room behind it is also required, so it looks like space compromises, while perhaps also reducing how much ground is dug up to run cable. *Everything said above is speculation based on my own observations and knowledge. I do not claim to be an expert and i'm certainly not a MW insider. Take this info at face value and note that I could be entirely wrong. Side note - I heard Tweety's floor is being dug up and changes are being made to the control panel over there too.
  19. I don't know how much of a difference it would make, but the current control panel faces outwards towards main street. Looking at the design this one looks like it will be similar to Tweety's where the ride operator's default view will be centred on the carousel. Keeping the panel in the same direct line of sight as the actual ride can reduce reaction time if an e-stop is required. *shrug*
  20. "From the park that bought you Shockwave Bondage: The Ride, and Logride Whiplash Bar" I'm not sure i'd be holding up, as a standard to aspire to, a park that has made some terrible risk assessment decisions in the past. Happy to be proven wrong on this, but didn't Superman only get repainted a few years ago after we discussed how horrible it looked for several years? And wasn't that the first repaint since it opened in 04?
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