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  1. I agree with this. What, however, is wrong with asking those who have chosen differently to you “why”? What is wrong with well reasoned, supported by evidence discussions to ensure those choices are being made based off of the best possible Information? if Joe Rogan can give his views, why can’t I? I’m just as qualified..
  2. I’m not trying to change it, I’m trying to reconcile it in my own mind. I’m a ‘why’ personality - I need to understand the why if things. I’m happy to go off and do my own reading - I’m not asking for it to be explained to me, but to read “there’s a cure the government won’t tell you about” - I want to know what it is so I can explore the veracity of the claim and test it (theoretically, not literally) for myself. if I came in here and said “dreamworld is building a b&m in 2022!” Countless people would respond with “source?” And a few @New display name would respond with “bullsh
  3. This for me is the crux of the issue many (including myself) are taking with your unfounded statements - and they are “unfounded” - because you continue to avoid any suggestion of supporting your statements with verifiable fact. you claim that the government have shunned and gagged critics, and refused to invest in alternative treatments and cures because of some deep conspiracy with big pharma, yet you won’t even name what this cure is, or who these doctors are, so people have a starting point for their own research. if MSM is obfuscating the facts - tell us what we’re missin
  4. What do you consider a long time? The concept of mRNA was first published in 1989. The first human trials were conducted targeting cancer patients in 2001. The results of those trials published in 2008. BioNTech (behind the Pfizer jab) was founded in 2008 off the back of those trials. Moderna in 2010. mRNA based (viral) vaccines for the Rabies virus began clinical trials in 2013, and development for several other viruses including the flu, and zika virus. Sure, the covid vaccines have been accelerated, but for mine, I think a worldwide pandemic is a pretty good reason to work fa
  5. Clothing doesn't spoil in a week though. Many retailers had online shopping options available, and the shopfronts that were open were either dead, being used to despatch online orders, or people were browsing and window shopping instead of buying 'only essentials', which is why they made that change. We defined 'essential' way too broadly early on, because the impacts of shutting down everything seemed too horrendous at the beginning. Also, I doubt you'd get naked protests in melbourne - you'd be hard pressed scheduling it into the 20 minute window when the weather is warm enough to
  6. Honestly the toboggan is a bit underwhelming as it is - probably the most boring Toboggan\Luge style attraction i've ever done... Hopefully the alpine will allow them to have some elevated sections, but overall, the hill isn't that big to start with. Hopefully it inspires some other operators in the country to buy into it though.
  7. Risk management sometimes involves accepting certain levels of necessary risks, while eliminating unnecessary risks. This is why unvaxxed will be able to go to the doctor or the supermarket. Unlike the definition we've given the word 'Essential' over the past two years, those ones actually are.
  8. I've always disliked the back of these. It always looks like shopping centre hoarding around a closed shop.
  9. But the legal precedent is not. The events of Hair Raiser and the subsequent legal challenges were the final nail in the coffin. The government and the relevant bodies are firmly on the Park's side and the residents have no further legal recourse, provided the park is staying within the guidelines set forth by the regulations. The park is being a little antagonistic about it (and after 17 years in their current form, I can't blame them), but so long as they stay on the right side of the law, the resident's issues amount to not much more than hot air.
  10. Is THAT where the horse is? I mean "scream leader" and encouraging people to scream is probably rubbing the resident's faces in it - not exactly good sportsmanship in the scheme of things - but if they're in the limits of the noise rules, there's not really anything they need to fix. I remember the scream shields on Mali-Boomer and I REALLY hope this isn't a path they need to go down. Free ERT is included with every DAS pass.
  11. They've gutted the entire building, but left the lego-brick shaped light fixtures in place. My money is just a refurb. It's been 5 years - some shopping centres require retail stores to revamp their look at the end of every lease to keep the stores fresh so it could be similar motivation from Lego to freshen things up, or to implement new elements they didn't previously have. There's been no announcement by the park of an ending to the partnership also...
  12. I was going to say 'nah, he only pulls the cannon out on weekends' - but that is clearly an inferior 'Nikon' ...shots fired....
  13. i swear every time I see a picture of this guy - he always looks like that. While we're on the topic though - congrats on finishing high school dan!
  14. You said it. I think this is a bit disengenuous as an argument. What does a pro-vax 'crazy' or 'radical' at the 'extreme end' do - take every vax? :s
  15. Hopefully they get the same guy to do the park map.
  16. *eyes doubtfully* Which of your sources gave you this information? *questions suspiciously*
  17. He didn't suggest killing anyone. The sovereignty of our states is a funny thing. If you've ever studied constitutional law, its amazing what the states have the power to do. If the states were overreaching or overexerting, wouldn't you think the commonwealth government would have done something about it? (Hint: ADF personnel have deployed to several states with higher restriction levels to assist the states in managing the situation. Force Majeure and other rules would come into play. Many tourism operators have changed their cancellation policies to give guests more confiden
  18. Let's be clear. The parks haven't changed their terms and conditions. These entry requirements are government orders, and they don't get a choice whether they follow it or not. The existing terms and conditions cover this, and don't require the park to compensate you for circumstances beyond their control They can, and have made good faith gestures, both en-masse when the parks were closed, and case-by-case for NSW passholders when the borders locked them out They are not required to do diddly squat.
  19. As has been pointed out, the rule did exist. However, If the parks are going to allow passholders to pause the clock on their expiration dates because they made an informed decision not to meet the government mandated entry requirements for whatever reason, how is that any different from me pausing my pass because I don't wish to visit the parks during the winter flu season? If you're thinking "but that's ridiculous!" then i've made my point.
  20. if you scan that QR code, you get a link to the manufacturer's product sheet for the boats showing the new restraint designs. https://www.whitewaterwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/SuperFlumeVehicles_SalesSheet.pdf
  21. I'm choosing not to visit theme parks for 6 months between April and September. I'd like a pause on my pass during that time also.
  22. ...because we're lead to believe only the green dates in the above calendar are an option?
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