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The course is 1.5km long.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy features over 50 obstacles.
The attraction utilises specially designed army spec buggy.
The purpose-built track covers a land area of 30,000 square metres.
Adult guests drive the buggies navigating the course, whilst kids also enjoy a true driving experience with the dual-control buggies assisted by a Wet'n'Wild Buggy instructor.
Wet'n'Wild provides all safety equipment and outfits for the riders to wear for the dirt, mud and water filled course.
The course is scattered with jumps to get airborne, water obstacles, crazy hills, tunnels and more.
Buggies get airborn on the 1.5km track.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy is an off-road driving experience at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast.
Wet'n'Wild Buggy is an additional-cost activity at the Gold Coast water park.
Both the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror utilise failsafe magnetic brakes to bring riders to a safe, smooth stop.
Want to know which rides are closed before purchasing tickets? It's right there... in the fine print on the screen in the middle.
That's some fine looking dirt.
And over at Top Golf, piles of dirt as groundwork commences for the first-in-Australia driving range concept.
Arkham Asylum, the target a lot of media scrutiny as of late.
That awkward moment when Main St Deli's standard menu is more unique and interesting than Sea World's Carnivale.
Movie World is also in full swing for Chinese New Year 2017.
Some of those details that you've probably seen many times but never really looked.
It spreads out onto Main Street.

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