The Parkz Update: A sneak peak at Gumbuya World's 2 new coasters.

Gumbuya World, located 66km southeast of Melbourne set itself the ambitious goal of opening two new roller coasters in 2022. With the grand opening planned just prior to Christmas, we give you a sneak peak of the rides as they undergo their finishing touches.

Whilst several ride openings around Australia were delayed due to the pandemic, Gumbuya World has bucked the trend, going from a vacant site to having two operating coasters in around 9 months.

Until now, Victoria had been somewhat of a coaster wasteland. Of course, the historic Scenic Railway at Luna Park has always been Melbourne's claim to fame in the theme park world, but otherwise the most the state had to offer was smaller carnival type roller coasters. These two new rides represent somewhat of a breath of fresh air.

TNT, A Suspended Family Coaster from Vekoma is known within the industry for being one of the best family coaster designs out there, and this alone would have been a worthwile addition to the park.

But the park doubled the deal, swooping in to purchase Buzzsaw from Dreamworld when the park opted to decomisison it in 2019, christening the Maurer Skyloop XT150 as Project Zero. Immediatley, this created an added depth to the Gumbuya lineup and has arguably cemented the parks future.

TNT at Gumbuya World races towards its December 23rd opening.
Thematic touches continue to appear around the site.
On Monday 19th of December the park hosted a sneak preview.
As the name suggests, the theme involves plenty of explosives.
A bold TNT logo is blasted into the front of the factory themed station.
The ride has been one of the fastest constructed coasters in Australia in recent years.. Track first appeared at the park in June, and 7 months later it is ready to take passengers.
TNT sticks are hidden throughout the ride area.
Guests head into the "Head Office" of Thunder Demolition Bros.
The company ute is parked out front.
Complete with custom number plates.
Also in the queue is the company forklift.
The main entrance path passes underneath a section of track that punches through the station building.
The ride logo adorns the ground in front.
The queue passes through an "island" in the middle of the helix, allowing guests to watch trains thunder around them as they wait.
Inside the station works still aren't quite complete, but juding by the pace the park has been keeping it should be ready by the end of the week.
The ride offers a smooth comfortable experience for kids as short as 105cm.
The first drop dives into an underground tunnel complete with damaged concrete thrown about.
On the other side the track emerges into an overbanked turn.
Pathways wrap all the way around the tunnel exit, giving bystanders a variety of vantage points.
An elongated floater hill has guests hurtling towards a giant target before steering away at the last moment.
Looking up at the track passing through the station. Roaring through it's sure to build anticipation for waiting riders.
The second helix spirals around an old rainwater tank.
The exit to the ride is through a blown out section of wall.
Still more to come theming wise. Let's see what the park has up its sleeve. 
TNT opens on the 23rd of December.
Over at Project Zero, testing continues with dummies.
So for now, we can watch the ride test under the supervision of park maintenance staff.
The entrance to the right has some eye catching signage.
There's also a full sized rocket booster strapped to the side of the building.
The ride is the first permanent roller coaster in Victoria to feature inversions.
Running gear. Anyone else think of a Blue Footed Booby?
A checker plate gangway leads into the station.
The interiors of the ride still have a bit of work to do, but judging by the power and data points there should be several monitors in here. And look, there's a satellite dish on the ground too.
The queue features a window overlooking the initial climb out of the station.
Outside, the ride building is taking the form of some sort of space research facility.
A.S.T.R.O.....The Australian Space Technology Research Organization.
The landscaping gives a slightly desolate feel to the area. On the ground we can spy some radio masts ready to be assembled.
Project Zero also opens on the 23rd of December.