re-attachment of the car to the “drive plate”.
In Europe it is common to put raptor silhouettes on glass to discourage smaller birds from striking the glass.
Returning to the station.
In October 2018 it was announced that 2019 will be the final season for Bob, with a pair of family coasters replacing it in 2020.
The sleds rumble around a series of back to back turns, feeling slightly out of control at times.
The first drop of Bob next to Spookslot.
The lift reaches a height of 20m.
Rolling out of the station.
Guests ride in wheeled sleds that seat 6.
The station.
Bob is an Intamin bobsled coaster.
One change for the rain was bringing the finale show into Main Street instead of the originally planned performance at the fountain stage built for Fright Nights.
Moving the show into Main Street at least capitalised on the setting and the available lighting and lasers.
It's been a rather wet few weekends, but it doesn't stop the sell-out crowds and it certainly adds to the mood for the night.
Not sure if this is life-affirming or creepy. It's Fright Nights so maybe both?!
It's always embarrassing when someone else at the party has the same outfit as you.
Sci-Fear really sets a mood... it'll mess with your head rather than scare you, which is an interesting change from the many other precincts.
At least we know the hot dogs at Fright Nights are fresh.
The main show in the Sci-Fear is just your average dance routine that starts with gruesome surgery.
The new Sci-Fear precinct is more conceptual than scary. But the lasers and thoroughly bizarre street performances make great use of the space.