The recently face-lifted Boardwalk area.
Golden Bear Theatre.
The Johns. Good pun.
Arriving back after a successful mission.
The track disappearing off into the ride. You'll duck and weave through the streets of Metropolis in order to stop the bad guys and free captured members of the Justice League.
The "tactical assault hovercrafts" hold 6 people, and are mounted on a motion base that can tilt and rotate.
Here you grab your 3D glasses for the mission.
Riders then move from the preshow towards the loading area, with single riders given an option to bypass the last bit of the line.
Your blaster is equipped to emit electromagnetic waves that can disable LexBots and other equipment, and stun human targets.
An animatronic Cyborg briefs you on the mission.
LexBots drones have been deployed by the villains around the city.
An incoming transmission warns guests that the city has been taken over by the Joker and Lex Luthor.
The first room is the foyer of the Hall of Justice, a design first seen on Justice League Alien Invasion 3D at Movie World.
It of course initially takes place in the hall of Justice.
The area was previously themed as Cyclone Bay, so it does look a bit seaside village rather than Metropolis City.
The area surrounding the ride has been re-themed to Metropolis City.