Netting covers many pathways to protect from falling objects. If it has snowed, the accumulated material melts slowly, making it "rain" all day on the pathways below.
The park will open rain hail or shine it seems, but don't count on everything being open!
This entrance leads to a department store, which opens up into the Gaspard & Lisa area, which then leads to the top entrance to the park.
Several opportunities to interact with your smartphone.
Interesting artwork inside the toilets.
Outside the 2nd entrance to the park.
Fuji Q Christmas decorations.
Some of the food available at Fuji Q.
The park follows a gentle slope, with a pocket of woodlands at the bottom.
The midway when you first enter the park from the top entrance.
These power ranger type characters appear to be park mascots.
The park abounds with funny photo ops.
It essentially tells guests that bears may sometimes roam in the park grounds, so please do not approach or fight them.
VR versions of a couple of the major coasters are available for those who cannot stomach the real thing.
A cluster of food stands.
Res-Q / rescue truck.
Park midway.
The park has a couple of indoor food courts.