With only one slide and one bridge, it has the beginnings of being a cool aerial play structure, but probably should be a bit more fleshed out.
The area around the base of the tree is home to small animal exhibits.
For kids is a spiralling transparent slide.
The central feature is a giant tree you can climb via a spiral staircase.
The Blinky Bill Home tree is themed around the characters from the Australian book/tv/film series of the same name.
Nutsy the koala is Blinky Bill's sister.
Tony and Richard, the kookaburras.
Sir Claude, the British shorthair cat.
Fairytale houses.
Aztec food hall.
Are those guests trying to race the train or something?
To allow the train to pass safely through the station at speed a section of floor drops away out of the rider reach envelope.
At the end of the track is a steep incline that pokes up through another tower structure.