The station is themed to typical Efteling standards. The trains are floorless. To allow boarding, an automatic retracting floor pops up when the train is parked.
Another look at the Immelmann.
Straight from the tunnel you emerge into an Immelmann inversion.
The key feature of dive machines being the vertical drop. This one even dives underground.
Baron 1898 is an elaborately themed "Dive Machine" coaster.
The ride was built by Vekoma, but runs Arrow Dynamics trains.
...And there's the corkscrew.
There's the loop...
Comet is a 'loopscrew' coaster.
Looking back at the transfer track.
The attempt to repaint it from pink and white was somewhat half hearted, and only went as far as the station and brake run.
The rest of the ride features a cobra roll, figure 8 turn and two corkscrews.
The layout is impressive, starting off with a loop and a zero g roll.
Monster is a relocated inverted coaster from the now defunct Expoland in Japan.
Of course a super hero incarnation of Bugs and Lola make an appearance during the parade.
The Riddler makes his return for DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains.
Villains have overrun the Gotham Police Department. Great new details and themed photo opportunities like this fill Movie World.
Superman's Fortress of Solitude float.
Inmates from Arkham Asylum.