Warner Bros. Movie World have delivered the goods yet again with another superb edition of Fright Nights.
The closing performance ends with a bang.
A closing live performance on Main Street draws the night to a conclusion.
The Panic Rooms are one of a handful of extra activities with a surcharge. Like most "escape room" activities, groups are locked in and race against a clock to find clues and solve a mystery.
Long stretches of pathways are drenched in menacing lights and fog.
The old Lethal Weapon alleyway has become a fog-drenched, thoroughly claustrophobic scare precinct.
The mazes are the highlight of any Fright Nights experience, and Movie World have become masters at delivering this experience with new themes and adjustments every year.
It's not ideal conditions for a night at a theme park, but the rain really did kick things up a notch in terms of atmosphere.
There's something really freaky about being surrounded by fog and unable to see more than a few feet ahead.
And the park's iconic fountain is unrecognisable.
Movie World is drenched in fog for the night.
The bar on Main Street is a great place to sit back and just watch the madness with a beer or an alcoholic blood bag.
The performance is a ritual of Fright Nights and perfectly sets the mood for what's on offer for the next few hours. Like everything about Fright Nights, it changes and evolves each year.
Guests line Main Street for the opening show that kickstarts each night at Fright Nights.
This is how you'll feel once you're done with the Terror Tour buffet.
Now this is just downright horrific.
The desserts include this graveyard cheesecake. There's no shortage of sugar on offer.
Ultimate Terror Tour participants can help themselves to the buffet and unlimited soft drinks throughout the night.