Cresting the outward banked hill.
If you hadn't already guessed, this ride pushes coaster engineering to the limits.
The 2nd hill is outward banked.
Cresting the first big hill and around to the next one.
From the first drop there is a small speed hill at ground level followed by a large airtime hill.
The vertical first drop.
Steel Vengeance & Maverick. The zero g roll of Steel Vengeance spans across, and is the first inversion on that ride.
There's an Australian character in this thing! (For our international readers, Bendigo is a large historic gold mining town 130km from Melbourne)
Bendigo!? Emu Eggs!?
The story is communicated via a series of panels in the queue.
The ride has a backstory about three outlaws coming to Frontier Town, but it's a bit of a case of "TL:DR".
The ride is so wild that flying loose items became a problem, leading to mandatory use of ride lockers and metal detectors to enforce this.
The ride is a transformation of the old Mean Streak wooden coaster, with a bigger drop, steel track, and a dramatic new layout.
Steel Vengeance is gargantuan, hypercoaster sized hybrid coaster from RMC.
An overview of the museum collection.
Preserved carousel horses.
Steam Fire Engine.
You can sit in one of the cars from Gemini.