Wild Thing and North Star.
Minnesota River Valley Railroad looping under Corkscrew.
Snoopy fishing.
Peanuts Playhouse is located in the bulging building behind Snoopy Boutique, next to high roller.
Character photo area.
Planet Snoopy Main Sign.
Dancing Snoopy.
The coaster is located towards the back of Planet Snoopy.
Snoopy Boutique
Snoopys Rocket Express at Planet Snoopy in Valleyfair.
The vehicles are quite spacious.
It offers nice views of Planet Snoopy and the buzz of the park beyond.
Snoopys Rocket Express is a powered elevated car ride.
Snoopys Deep Sea Divers with Wild Thing rising behind it.
Woodstock Whirlybirds
Wild Thing at Valleyfair.
Wild Thing makes a strong impact over the entry plaza.