We rode at easter, and the park had decided to add random Easter themed projections along the way.
It momentarily goes a bit Pirates of the Carribean at this point....
There is a water projection at one point, retelling the moment Brady and his gang escape by boat.
At a couple of points you emerge from the darkness into semi outdoor sections.
Animatronics, with projected subtitles in Chinese tell the story.
Boarded and ready to go. The layout of the ride is really just a giant oval.
Matthew Brady was so evasive, the Governor significantly increased rewards for his capture.
The loading area and 6 seater boats.
Panels at the entrance telling the backstory. Matthew Brady was a convict who was sent to Australia for petty theft, and was able to escape authorities.
The Matthew Brady Dark Ride is the main attraction at Penny Royal, completing a lap around the whole park, beneath several buildings.
The park once had a short 350m long tram ride, though this has fallen out of use.
Though in 2017 the owners stated the reinstatement of the tram would be at least 3 years away, and contingent on an adjacent hotel development going ahead,
At the end you can rinse off any accumulated detritus and utilise the low mounted hot air dryers.
And of course there is a suspension bridge.
It bills itself as recreating what a convict on the run would have gone through, though we're not sure where you'd encounter fields of corks.
You literally take off your shoes and ouch your way across various uneven surfaces.
The strangest attraction is the Convict Barefoot Sensation.