Iconic Hollywood buildings from past and present line the streets, such as the Brown Derby. This one has been rethemed to cater to local tastes.
The far end is open air however.
The area is mostly undercover.
The "main street", and first area you encounter at Universal Studios Japan is Hollywood.
The transition from the studio area to the Hollywood main street, showing that it's all just a set
Mel's Hollywood Streamliner, which seems inspired by both trains and star trailers.
Producers Annex.
The Art Deco style administration and guest services building.
Behind the main street of Hollywood is the closest thing to actual studios at the park.
Boats in Amity Village.
Fisherman's Wharf.
Neptune's Tavern.
Looking from San Francisco towards New York.
San Francisco Crowds.
The Dragon's Pearl.
Lombards Landing
Most of the themed areas are American themed. Here is San Francisco.
The streets of New York.
New York Facades.
Super Nintendo world is due to open later in 2020.