Guests are assigned a position (Engineer, Pilot or Gunner) in colour coded groups.
Finally, you are led into the Millennium Falcon itself.
The Millennium Falcon, previously seen out front flies in remotely to the indoor hangar, and with that you are sent down the jetways.
Hondo Ohnaka appears (A hyper realistic animatronic) and tells you of your mission. You help pilot the Millennium Falcon to help steal a shipment of a rare mineral, and in return get a cut of the profits.
The queue splits into two for the preshow. In reality it makes zero difference what side you pick.
A single rider queue is available, though very plain in comparison to the main standby queue.
The theming does seem pretty heavy on gunked up surfaces.
Radio chatter between unseen technicians provides some comic relief.
The workshop looks a treat, but it seems odd they didn't have a few basic droids working away doing repetitive tasks to bring a bit of energy to the area.
A bit of thematic crossover, with a shipment of kettle corn, which is sold over in the marketplace.
Parts of the queue have just been carved through the rockwork.
The ride is set in Ohnaka Transport Solutions, who are looking for volunteer flight crews.