Looking down over the Bricktopia attractions.
Bricktopia after dark.
A junction between themed zones.
The stage show arena.
Bricktopia has a generic theme of creativity.
Light activated interactive musical fountain.
The portal to Bricktopia.
Overtaken by parrots and ducks.
The portal from Lego City to Knight's Kingdom.
Minifigure photo ops are everywhere.
Custom sewer caps.
The Police station contains another indoor Lego construction area for kids to build models in.
Studio Store.
The main street of Lego City.
Lego Friends Clubhouse.
The city fountain.
Lego City is the largest area in the park.
Adventure portal from the Lego City area.
Kind of feels like being in a mini version of Universal Singapore when you stand here.
Artefact shop.