The Ice Cream Parlour is getting some love.
Grid Burgers is now Barrels Burger Bar.
A 3rd party vendor is operating here, selling kebabs. It's unintentionally the best value food offer at the park; $10 kebabs and $15 HSPs.
A retail stand has been simply named "Food Market".
In one of the worst kept secrets, Hot Wheels Sidewinder is being rethemed as "Gold Coaster", with a retro Gold Coast theme, harking back to the glory days of the "glitter strip" .
With the retro Gold Coast theme being given to this corner of the park, the breezeblocks of the old Thunderbolt station have come into their own.
Flowrider is closed for good and boarded off (Excuse the pun)
Perhaps the most constantly changing corner of Dreamworld.
The Claw is back up and running for its 2020 maintenance period, ready for the Christmas holidays.
The V8 Supercars store has been renamed Shaka Shack.
The queue ramp has been stripped back to an open air structure, with a lifeguard chair in the middle.
The dramatic lift hill structure of Leviathan
The ride is significantly less impactful than the 1995 incarnation of Big Dipper, shown here in black and white. This version of the roller coaster was shuttered as a result of noise complaints and eventually found itself at Dreamworld.
The new Intamin roller coaster will snake its way around the back of the park in the area known as Maloney's Corner.
The new roller coaster has been designed with a low profile in an effort to keep nearby residents happy.
Artist rendering of Big Dipper and the other new attractions coming to Luna Park in 2021.
The new roller coaster currently under construction at Aussie World.
Old attractions such as the Spider are being removed to make way for Luna Park Sydney's $30 million redevelopment.
A trainload of riders navigates the twisted layout.