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Australian theme parks are under assault! Read on to find out more...

What's going on?

Our theme park industry is under attack by the media and fringe groups.

The media is misrepresenting normal procedures, generating alarmist content for the sake of clickbait. Fringe activist groups are spreading misinformation and pseudoscience in an irrational vendetta against world-class animal exhibits and facilities.

The constant, dishonest media coverage and social campaigns are hurting our theme parks.

Our theme parks are safe. They are responsible. Help us spread the truth!

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Parkz is Australia's biggest advocate for theme parks. For 15 years we've been a stalward in the support, promotion and betterment of Australia's theme parks.

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Parkz is not directly affiliated with any theme park owner or operator. We believe in unbiased and truthful representation of theme parks. We never shy away from showcasing and reporting on both the good and the ugly.

Debunk Fake News

Increasingly we're seeing the media push stories without any regard for the truth or accuracy. Minor ride stoppages are the focus of unwarranted major coverage.

Discredit Fringe Activists

We're seeing fringe activist groups target our theme parks' animal exhibits. They extol pseudoscience and spread widely debunked theories about animals in captivity.

We debunk myths, expose lies and counter one-sided reporting.

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