The sun sets on DC Rivals HyperCoaster.
The large cone on the poles capture rainwater and make climbing the poles impossible.
Parts for the forthcoming shade structure sit in the car park.
While the roller coaster is now up and running, the main road into the park is still a work in progress.
The face looks just as menacing from behind.
And with that DC Rivals HyperCoaster is now operating.
These rotating loose item boxes help greatly with efficiency. There are four small compartments for keys, wallets, mobile phones... and fidget spinners (#2017), a larger bin for bags. The whole unit rotates to secure your belongings while on the ride, and then rotates again to make them available for you again on the rear side. This encourages riders to move quickly out of the way when they unload, and allows incoming passengers to store their belongings in separate boxes simultaneously. It's a surprisingly simple concept that is sure to keep things running smoothly.
These giant seatbelt buckles are also very intuitive.
The back carriage with its rear facing seats. It is the same as all other carriages but with its front row turned around and the back row removed.
Wheels with a pinkish hue as paint wears off on the track.
The train is a very snug fit against the station, meaning the load and unload procedure is quite fast as riders don't need to step, bend or figure out any complicated procedures.
The seats are awesomely exposed. Most riders' feet dangle free and the restraints feel very secure while leaving the upper body quite free. Tiered rows helps with the view for the back seats.
There's a great view from the queue of the lift hill. The best part is getting to see the expression on the backwards riders.
These footings appear throughout the garden beds and will support shade support poles throughout.
The queue is particularly sunny -- though it looks like there will be shade installed.
The only real downside to these billboards is that they do block many good vantage points of the ride. It's always fun to watch a roller coaster do its thing to pass the time in the queue.
Theming throughout the queue consists of DC Comics artwork in a "2.5D" style where the principal characters pop out from the imagery.
The arched billboard at the entrance sets the scene for the theming.
The ride signage is fairly low-key, as if to say: "this ride speaks for itself."
The ride's main signage in the newly opened area.