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  1. Really? Don't you remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz when they are walking on the brick road and a train carriage flies by with Superman pushing it? /s
  2. Looking back at it it seems interesting, what would've happened if it was built? I found some concept art while researching: Reportedly it would feature a CityWalk/Downtown Disney style area with restaurants and a 16-screen cinema as well as 6 working soundstages operated by Crawfords, which even had partners such as Channel 7 and Global Television signed on. The park would have attractions such as a Studio Tour as well as restaurants/attractions based on Star Trek, Happy Days, Top Gun and Nickelodeon. So more like Universal than the former Paramount Parks. I think it was funding that killed it, Viacom had a majority interest but some was to be funded by other partners such as WIN Television (who owned Crawfords), however the apart from Viacom/WIN the rest was private equity/banks. IIRC some of the plans got blocked causing some of the equity partners to drop out, cancelling it. Though I do wonder what our landscape would look like if it was built. We could be seeing a Cedar Fair park down here if it got sold like the ones in the US.
  3. I think that is because they are in early testing, they most likely haven't worked out the vehicles fully, same reason that the boats keep stopping and the video cuts instead of it being one long scene
  4. The POV has been released for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and it is not looking good: First off, there is a lack of story. Where is the villain? Where is the danger that you commonly see on rides like these? Splash Mountain had a clear and cohesive story, this only mentions the story a few times, it is mostly just listening to animals singing and suddenly you are about to get to the party. Also there is much less animatronics and characters overall, in some areas there is only one animatronic and lots of greenery. Also a lot of it is just listening to music, with a large section lacking any story or dialogue. And where did the suspense go, as I mentioned earlier? Splash Mountain had Brer Rabbit about to be skinned by Brer Frox and trying to trick him into throwing him down the mountain. The lift hill up the mountain is supposed to be suspenseful, instead this is just "Let's get you to the party" with happy music playing throughout. Compared to Jurassic Park - Jurassic World at USH this is a huge downgrade compared to the original. While USH properly updated the ride to a modern standard while keeping a coherent story, this just feels off with the lack of story. Not to mention this seems targeted only toward young girls, and a problem with that is are young girls the right target for a ride like this? A lot wouldn't want to ride it as it may look "Too Scary", and young boys wouldn't want to ride "The Princess Ride". Splash however wasn't targeted to a specific age group, the whole family could enjoy it. They have wasted a lot of money on this, they should've kept this the same like Japan.
  5. Yeah that is one of the bad things about our timing, both Space Mountain and Spider-Man is closed (but hopefully the Spider-Man replacement is up and running by mid-2026 (rumours currently it will be the same layout as Spider-Man but Pokemon)) I will probably try to get in Super Nintendo World quickly before the big crowds come in, as I heard it is even more busy there. If I get the right express pass however I can get SNW, Harry Potter, Flying Dinosaur and Hollywood Dream (although that is one of the bad parts, you cant pick the rides you want to skip) One of the reasons we are picking Universal is because it is a mix of both. Disney has lots of theming but not enough thrill rides, and Nagashima has lots of thrill rides but not much theming. Universal has a mix of both. As said before we only have a limited time and the people who I am going with are GP and want to do things other than just parks. Maybe I can come back when Space Mountain is back open at a later date, but that would be one of the highlights of my trip and as that is closed I will probably wait.
  6. The reason we are picking USJ over TDL/TDS is because my family doesn't think waiting that long is worth it "to take pictures of Mickey and Minnie". Also Space Mountain will be closed for refurb, and I don't want to miss out on that. My family also looked at the Fantasyland dark rides and thought "they all look the same" And we only have a limited time there so can only pick one or the other, so we decided to pick USJ as there is Mario, Jurrasic Park, Harry Potter etc. and for me there are Flying Dinosaur and Hollywood Dream, which would likely be my first B&Ms. And as Nagashima is closer we could make our way out there, as a thrill junkie I would like that as I would get my first RMC, first (and likely only) Giga/longest coaster in the world, as well as the rare Looping Star (only 4 operating). Also there is only 3 Togo Ultratwisters worldwide which Nagashima has one.
  7. Yes, that is what we are planning to do, get the 7 Ride Pass with SNW, Harry Potter, Flying Dinosaur and Hollywood Dream. We have also talked about staying at The Park Hotel the night before and queueing up at 5/5:30 as the queues get very busy based on videos we have watched, then quickly speedwalk to SNW before the crowds come. P.S Any tips for anyone who has been to Nagashima about the queues etc?
  8. As you heard a bit ago, me and my family are planning to go to Japan in late 2025/2026. Some updates on that: we have planned to go to Universal but have cut out Disney as one saw the long lengths in the queue to get in. Instead, we are looking at another park to go closer to Osaka. After doing some research via RCDB, we have found two options to be the other park alongside Universal: Nagashima Spaland or Hirakata Park: HIRAKATA PARK Pros: Multiple thrill coasters Actually in Osaka/Only 48 minutes Likely less busy than the other options Intamin Woody Explore more of Osaka Cons: Less coasters No RMC or Giga Also Wild Mouse at Nagashima NAGASHIMA SPA LAND Pros: Most amount of coasters in Japan Second tallest coaster outside of US RMC One of only 4 Schwarzkopf Looping Stars and one of only 10 Shuttle Loops Explore the area around the park Cons: Longer to get to and most likely busier (1h 56m) Also a flying coaster at USJ May be too tall for Steel Dragon 2000 Which one would you recommend?
  9. One of the reasons for that I think is Village has to build projects for both Sea World and Movie World, while Coast just has Dreamworld. So the capex has to go to a SW Project, then a MW Project, then a SW Project, then a MW project etc. while Dreamworld can spend that time on 4 Dreamworld projects. Not being a Village fanboy but I think you have to look at Village as a whole compared to Dreamworld.
  10. I think some people have suggested Merlin buy Dreamworld and do an Elitch Gardens style conversion into "Legoland Australia"? Only problem is Legoland parks aren't very thrill-heavy unlike Dreamworld, but I'm sure they could somehow do it.
  11. Ground-up, no. The only way we could see one is if Village lost the WB license and signed a deal with Universal to use their properties, and that would be unlikely because Universal would demand certain quality standards that Village wouldn't be able to afford to meet.
  12. I'm not sure that would work without changing the dark section significantly, also I don't think a spike would fit inside the building. It would also damage the story, it wouldn't make sense for Superman to go backwards into the subway and up then back through the Subway,
  13. Everytime a company buys a big plot of land in Victoria for development or Disney announces anything money related: "DiSnEyLaNd CoUlD bE cOmInG tO aUsTrAlIa SoOn"
  14. Watching a few videos from @Ogre shows nobody is past main street, anything above is a ghosttown. Hopefully something comes to replace it, the hypothetical replacement also utilising the showstage is a plus.
  15. It said that it is both, while they are repairing it they are also fixing up the queue
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