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  1. I don't believe that it should be online only: what happens if the app glitches out and nobody is able to get Fast Track/Backwards? Village and Coast wouldn't want that as no fast track purchases = no money. And what if there is a Optus outage for example and Optus costumers can't use internet, and therefore cannot buy fast track? I think there should always be a physical option incase something goes wrong.
  2. Just spoke to one of my family members about it, they want to spend 2 days at Universal as it has Mario, Harry Potter, Jurrasic Park etc. but only wants to spend 1 day combined at Disney. Not sure if that will be enough so I am thinking we might have to cut that out. Also we might go in June/July if it is too busy. The problem is there would be 11 rides with Express that I would want to use (FOTH, Forbidden Journey, Jurrasic Park, Hollywood Dream, Flying Dinosaur, Space Fantasy, Jaws, Minion Mayhem, Mario Kart, Yoshi and DK) but only 7 slots for the highest express pass. What four would you recommend I cut, or should I buy two express passes.
  3. Hello everyone: Me and my family are looking at maybe doing a trip to Japan, most likely in April or May 2026 but that is not confirmed yet. Any places we should go? We will most likely be going to Osaka and maybe Japan via the Bullet Train, so we are looking at things to do there. We want to go to Universal in Osaka and maybe Tokyo Disney, but we wont just be doing a park trip so we want some suggestions on what else there is to do in Japan. If any previous visitors to Japan could leave some tips here that would be great.
  4. Yes, quite confusing. Why do they have to spend money switching it around and extending buildings out when they can just use the space like it was before and save costs?
  5. It was the last shop before you entered Kids WB (across from the kids store) and the one that connected to the hut. I am guessing this happened: MW expected to build the arcade and demolished the Looney Gardens, but they must of did measurements and there was not enough space to fit it in, so they needed to relocate the First Aid for it to fit. But DCeased was likely already being built, so they had to wait for Fright Nights to finish before starting work. They waited until after Christmas and Dirty Harrys refurb was done, then started work on the Intencity building. First Aid would need to be open while construction is done: so they had to wait to close it until the new first aid area opened, and now that it is, they can begin construction on the arcade.
  6. Looks like the DCeased maze (if it returns) will be moved into the Showstage as First Aid is now using the Intencity building
  7. The First Aid Centre has been moved to Intencity at the back of the park, and apparently the former First Aid building will be extended for the Arcade
  8. What a stupid name. Surely they could've thought of a more original name than "Disney Adventure World"
  9. They should just take the ride off the maintenance page instead of extending it over and over when it isn't going to reopen.
  10. It would look better if they coloured it like in the concept art, but unfortunately it is grey instead. I also didn't think that the coaster would be so visible from outside the land compared to FOTWW.
  11. I would love for this to happen. I would prefer Village to do this, going down the classic movies route instead of DC. Extend the showstage out to Doomsday and put in a indoor boat ride. I might draw up a concept if enough people want me to. Not to be a like beggar but I will make one if enough like this post.
  12. I thought this was real until I saw the date. We can dream...
  13. Maybe JL's maintenance period is so it can be changed over to that 😉 But the joke was it would be full time and not just Fright Nights. Maybe for Doomsday/Showcase replacement they should make their own Fantasyland based on that and the other films in the universe (there is going to be a cinematic universe for some reason). If Disney wont let Movie World use their characters then MW could license the horror versions. Fun for the whole family! I'm sure the kids wont notice the difference. /s
  14. No do a 3D Dark Ride, the plot is you have to try and escape Winnie and Piglet who want to kill you like in the movie. Blood and body parts being thrown at you? Fun for the whole family! The kids love Winnie the Pooh, I'm sure they'll love that. //s
  15. I went there last year and it was pretty, lets say mid. The operations were horrible, with 10 minute dispatches for multiple ride even know the park was booked out. Another thing relating to the operations is the weight balancing thing, even on a booked out day if there were single riders they would make them go by themselves, lets say on the Pharohs Curse if there were 10 single riders who could fit in a carriage of 20, then there would be 10 on the other carriage and the others would have to wait. Also the park seemed tired, it feels like they are using the "classic theme park" thing as an excuse to not add anything or clean up the park. Some of the queues especially the Ghost Train felt cramped in measurement, if you needed to get past people for whatever reason it was very hard to get through.
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