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  1. I don't like how the paintjob looks on the tower but it might look better when its done other than that I really like how it looks especially the new lighting and how much they are doing to the ride. the queue updates aren't something I was expecting but defiantly welcomed as long as they keep it dark and don't try to make the theme more light hearted.
  2. I can't think of any reason why they wouldn't remove the track it would be a while before they could get people out to work that high on tower after this maintenance and if they are going to go up to the very top of the tower to work on it they might as well remove the last few pieces while they are painting.
  3. Will the remaining TOT2 track be removed during this refurb as they repaint the tower?
  4. What are they doing to the tower during the refurbishment
  5. These types of station are just sheds without most the walls
  6. Its good to see village actually theming this station instead of just buying a shed from Best sheds
  7. Yeah demolition I was in a bit of rush and it would seem like they are making a new structure because of them demolishing the old waiting area or whatever it was.
  8. So the demolishment of that hut near pad 1 was for the relaunch of the pad. if anyone knows what was that hut there for because when i had been to sea world I have seen it empty?
  9. I find interesting that WWW was the only park closed today would of though at least W'N'W would of closed too?
  10. Well we have the first park closure due to todays rain
  11. Why haven't they fixed that sign in years to the point where there are visible cracks all over it
  12. Sega is diminishing but it is in the incline with games like persona 5 becoming big hits and Sega's quality of games (besides the recent sonic games) have been really good and when sonic frontiers release's I hope it makes Sega as a company more powerful in the video game industry
  13. looks like it might not be happening anymore https://www.gamespot.com/articles/sega-exits-the-japanese-arcade-business-after-50-years/1100-6500070/
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