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  1. Smol bean

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Ya guess it makes sense but it’s dreamworld that’s common movie world not so much
  2. Smol bean

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I don’t know why people were thinking this ride would close A. These types of rides are common so there wouldn’t be a shortage of parts B. The ride opened in 2011 so it’s only been around for 9 years so it would be too soon for the ride to close I expect to close in the next 10 years or so if the area isn’t revamped in that timeframe
  3. Smol bean

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    I remember seeing something where at wet n wild they were showing the first live action scooby doo movie and then the actors for Fred,Velma,Daphnie and Fred walked out to say hi to everyone
  4. Smol bean

    Xbox game pass

    To anyone who has it should I buy Xbox game pass
  5. Smol bean

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    No I think there just gearing up for a announcement of the ride (name,trains,etc) and removing all sidewinder references so it doesn’t look odd when sidewinder and the gold coaster are on the website if that makes sense
  6. Can confirm there was a website unfortunately this is all it shows if anyone can get further share here
  7. Smol bean

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    So you’re willing to pay 1000$ dollars over a arrow coaster well they are back shattering so understandable
  8. Smol bean

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I don’t think it’s a Arkham replacement I think it might just be a error on vrtp part
  9. Smol bean

    Sea World Spooky Nights

    Here’s a video showing what the first night of spooky nights was like
  10. Smol bean

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    If it is at least this thread will be quite active
  11. Smol bean

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Trust me new Atlantis will be one of those areas where it will have to be blocked off and let a certain amount of people in at a time when leviathan opens because of how small the land is
  12. Smol bean

    USF velocicoaster

    I love how universal always puts such love and care into there attractions (we don’t talk about supercharged)
  13. Smol bean

    USF velocicoaster

    Well at least it’s better then a name like the velociraptor coaster
  14. The wave pool will definitely drive a lot of media coverage so that’s good for people outside of Queensland to come down