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  1. found this video on a night time show that happend at movie world possibly for their one year anniversary.
  2. This is the ride that never opens, it goes on and on my friend.
  3. well it's good to see construction finally progressing. should see construction on the queue sooner or later.
  4. So will they go with a specific movie again or another set of moves
  5. So they’re already starting marketing for a ride that track hasn’t even been installed yet just doesn’t make sense to me like track work has to start in the next few weeks
  6. And trident is opening on the same day. so two big attractions in one day is good for sea world.
  7. Looks like more footers are being built judging by the steel on the site
  8. Good to see their getting back to work now that vaccines are rolling out
  9. Mate I’m nearly 13 and I can’t insert videos of Facebook so don’t feel alone
  10. This is how the news will say it “the new ride built on the site of the thunder river rapids ride where 4 people died 6 years ago” it kinda predictable
  11. They said that it was decommissioned through private dm’s
  12. Remains of the train shed I presume credit to dreamworld times on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2817564521854077/permalink/2849026562041206/
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