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  1. I kinda like how the reopening now lines up with my birthday.
  2. That superman thing looks like an actions comic cover similar to something like this
  3. He got the name dreamworld right the first time so how did he mess up the name after he already said the correct name.
  4. Can't wait to see this never get off the ground like so many big sydney projects do.
  5. I have been playing Call of duty: black ops cold war since i did get it on sunday but i hate the fucking downloads for the game like my god it takes forever.
  6. oh okay i just noticed the billboard first didn't notice the stage till you mentioned it.
  7. It's not exactly new it is just the kevil hill billboard painted over. you can see in this photo its in the exact same spot.
  8. because dreamworld is copying the other companies this month but instead of a tweet they painted the entire track pink in less then a day without anyone realising.
  9. Good on ya mate. i also want to be a ride attendant. it's a fun job if you love theme parks and it pays alright at around 20$ an hour.
  10. Here are some photos from the puppet show that was based on the show adventures of sonic the hedgehog. it would be interesting to have a show like this in the new sega world if it happened.
  11. here’s the horses form shreks ogre-go-round. Probably going to a factory to get repainted since the ride doesn’t reopen till August.
  12. Have you considered that maybe they were prizes in one of the carnival games they had like the ones they used to have at the entrance of the eureka mine ride and they just had leftover stock.
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