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  1. At least for now they can go a little faster than the family coaster nearby
  2. Judging by what @jjuttp said, the company that owned that location left that deal leaving the Carrara markets location owned by the markets. now the main company that owns the surfers king tut's will be moving to other ventures or going out of business guess we'll wait and see.
  3. Probably just haven't been in years so I don't remember any of it
  4. Well from what I remember there is one other King Tut's at Carrara markets so go there if you need your King Tut's fix
  5. If they are able to they should do something with the other half of the LTRR space. They should put a few small flats in LTRR space and a bigger flat on the speedy plot.
  6. Can the Gold Coast have one theme park hotel that doesn’t get cancelled not counting sea world resort
  7. Do you mean the dreamworld one day holiday song
  8. This is interesting, I didn't expect them to renovate a store only after a few years. I expect this open during the holidays so they can include it with the 40th anniversary celebrations.
  9. I already like wants been announced and I'm excited for what's announced next
  10. I will be first in line to take a pic with the bat nipples suit
  11. I find the face in the ad fucking funny. it looks like one of those YouTube clickbait reaction faces
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