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  1. Why the hell do those kids faces look like that on the art for the fast food stand at the carnival
  2. Just say it’s a mouse wild and say that it’s a new ride and the gp won’t bat an eye
  3. Or tom and jerry when the In my opinion bad looking movie comes out This February more kids will know who tom and jerry are. then movie world could bank off the new found knowledge of the ip by younger children Then make some kind of ride like a wild mouse.
  4. I know virtually everyone has said this but a new mad max is coming in 2023 so a mad max ride where Arkham was in 2023 could be good marketing for the new film
  5. It’s on coaster nation just Look up New York New York and you’ll find what I’m taking about
  6. In a article it states that the ride was closed for weeks by the time the ride malfunctioned due to them adding new trains like skyrocket 2 trains. the lift hill next to the kinda detached car was bent also and the article goes on to say that if the ride suffers significant damage the ride will close and that’s all the main talking points of the article.
  7. Wouldn’t been cool if it couldn’t given some kind of story to the ride on the TVs Admittedly vrtp would probably not do that but it be cool to see nonetheless
  8. If there is anything playing on those TVs in the queue then what are they playing
  9. And wow look at that clipping of the LEGO store in the globe did cd project red make this
  10. Mate I’m dog shit at grammar @AlexBso don’t expect good punctuation
  11. A) I want to ride but I haven’t to get over my fear from riding rides of this type b) I like talking about theme parks even as @AlexBsays that I’m an idiot
  12. I won’t ride because I’m too scared to ride it but I hope everyone has a good time riding it today
  13. give me a fucking break from calling me an idiot please
  14. Am I’m an idiot because I only just noticed the play on words in gold coaster
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