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  1. Logo has been like that for about month or so on the website. Wouldn't be surprised to see a more drastic rebrand (i.e. Ads, Logo at the ticket booths ect.) with the retro styled logo for when the Jungle Rush marketing ramps up later in the year.
  2. https://www.wsj.com/business/deals/six-flags-cedar-fair-strike-big-theme-park-merger-abbab03f Article is paywalled but the TLDR from Maddox121 on r/rollercoasters is • Richard Zimmerman is now CEO of both six flags and cedar fair with Selim Bassoul now in the role of Executive Chairman • No details about the future of the DC ip at Six Flags or Snoopy at Cedar Fair •Both companies will trade under $FUN but the corporate six flags name will remain
  3. Don’t know where else to post it but, on Monday I saw groundworks happening around the splashdown for VR with some pegs and workers in the area. I forgot to get photos of the area but there should be more progress on whatever they are doing there during the next few weeks.
  4. I’m already going to buy a crossbody bag before I go, so I should be alright.
  5. Are you able to put bags on the ride platform of Wild West Falls as I don’t feel comfortable taking my bag on the ride if it gets wet with my phone in it
  6. I’m heading to Movie World in a few days for the first time in a few years and I want to know what rides you can place your belongings in the ride vehicle or on the ride platform and if any rides require lockers other than Superman Escape.
  7. Candy flyer is being rethemed to Play School: Humpty-Go-Round (Parkchat Podcast )
  8. All of the drop is gone and most of the lift is also gone. (Credit, Theme Park Ogre)
  9. Fair enough but even than I’d want something small to compliment the shaded seating whether it’s small play features or one of those food trucks they had a few months ago
  10. I’d like to see a food stand of some kind in the sizable chunk of land they have to work with lots of shade for outdoor seating, they could also serve exclusive looney tunes themed snacks.
  11. I think it will go diagonally towards the old KFP training area.
  12. I can also see ABC kids world close when play school wheel goes into maintenance if not a few weeks later
  13. R and M have been installed on the tower leaving only W to be put up
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