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  1. Spotty

    Six Flags Australia

    Nah... thinking of the Ghetto theme park of my childhood haha. Gosh that place was seriously a dump...Should have been smart and had my birthday at Questacon that year haha.
  2. Spotty

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    I did have a stint back in 2006 working at Stars Cafe (before Ben and Jerrys, and the roof) and it was similar. I remember them actually doing 5x Police Academy shows in a day back then. I then went back from 2011 - 2013 and it certainly felt very different for many reasons (some good, some bad). I'd hate to be a visitor at the park with more than 12,000 people... I think that was around when Green Lemon* I mean Lantern first opened and they were trying so hard to run that thing with 6 cars on the track at a time... needless to say, there's a reason it only runs with 4 Same capacity basically, and runs much more reliable now. The amount of times I heard the ride stop spiel playing from that ride from the Batwing booth in those days... good times. Until everyone left the queue and bee-lined to batwing!
  3. Spotty

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    From past experience working there, a "normal" weekday attendance for Movie World was about 2,000 - 2,500. On a weekend was about 3,000 - 4,000. Any more than about 5,000 predicted they would be making sure to have 2 trains on rides where possible. Any more than 7,000 you'd be adding a third HSD show. This is back in 2012 days though before Rivals, Doomsday etc. I think the busiest day capacity wise that they had whilst I was there was something insane like 12,000. I was working Batwing and that was an incredibly long shift (8:45am start... 7:15pm finish, and we closed the queue at 6pm). Was certainly a strange day having Batwing run with 2 loaders and the supervisor. Not something that happens often except maybe on a very busy Fright Nights (which capacity I think was 8,000 a night - if i'm not mistaken). So really, a reduced capacity of 1,500 - 2,000 is not going to break the park as many days of the week that's pretty much normal operations.
  4. Spotty

    Six Flags Australia

    I thought it was Downunderland!
  5. I'd love to see Dreamworld get a Hopkins / WhiteWater West style "Super Flume" to replace it. The same builder as Wild West Falls at Movie World. Obviously with a different layout though. Has very good capacity, can have different elements and I think it would be a great fit for the park if done right. It doesn't need to be the tallest or highest or full of gimmicks, but it needs to be a quality family attraction but still thrilling enough to appeal to many people and looking at the various manufacturers it stands out to me personally. Operations wise it's fairly simple as well
  6. Spotty

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    May as well just keep Vortex closed until December now (if they are still building Leviathan) and open the pair of rides up for Xmas holidays together. Double whammy if you ask me. With the park fully closed to guests, it would be easier if you ask me to get a heap of construction done I guess. Here's hoping
  7. Spotty

    How Long Do Certain Rides Have Left?

    Funny thing is, I don't actually think Superman has ever had a cable snap. Back to Scooby though, i've never seen a ride fault so many times (often over the tiniest little things) in a day compared to any other ride when I worked there. It was very hit and miss, and was often a running joke that if Scooby didn't fault at least once a day, it was a good day. However 9 out of 10 times the fault could often be reset or fixed without having to do a full shutdown or evacuation. There was always certain block zones that liked to detect "ghost cars" more than others... but I know shortly after I left there apparently they did some pretty extensive work on the control systems so it's probably a bit more reliable now than it used to be. I still believe it was having a mid-life crisis As far as rides go that NEED to leave, those bloody Speedy Gonzales taxi's! I got so many bruises from that and Taz Cars! In fact... just get rid of the whole kids area basically apart from Road Runner, Pounce and Bounce, Carousel and Driving School and start again would be great I'm sure many ride operators will be thankful.
  8. Spotty

    How Long Do Certain Rides Have Left?

    Funny you should say that about Superman, from having operating it and many of the MW rides it honestly is one of the more reliable rides in the park. It wasn't very common to have ride shutdowns, Scooby and Green Lantern I would say are the 2 least reliable rides in the park (well they were when I worked there) I can't speak too much for Arkham, but when it was Lethal it was a very reliable ride and was very rare to ever see that ride go down. I really hope that whatever is wrong with Arkham is able to be fixed and it has another few years (5) until they can work on what's going to replace it. I'd say the Giant Drop maybe has another few years at the most in it's current incarnation as it's had it's fair share of downtime over the last few years. I would say an upgrade would be more likely though. The Claw would probably have another 10 years in it's lifetime before it would need to look at being replaced. Hot Wheels Sidewinder (or whatever it's going to be called) honestly will likely have a fair amount of time left in it. It's a fairly simple ride as far as mechanics go, and it's not insanely forceful so it wouldn't have too much stress put on it. And for many of it's early years it didn't really operate. I'd say it's got another 10 or so years left in it, and honestly I think it might even outlast the MotoCoaster and not for reliability but because it's a better ride IMO. I even think it MAY outlast BuzzSaw as that thing is a problem child from what I hear. So for Dreamworld, I think the next major rides to go will be: Giant Drop (3-5 years - For a new ride experience) Motocoaster (5-10 years) BuzzSaw (5-10 years) Hot Wheels Sidewinder (10 years or so) Movie World: Arkham Asylum (2-3 years at most, unless they fix all the issues) Scooby Doo (5-10 Years) Superman (10 years - Maybe longer) These are just my predictions, but could be wrong. But I don't think the Sidewinder will be the next Dreamworld ride to go personally, especially if it's getting an overhaul and the way it weaves in with WhiteWater World.
  9. Spotty

    DCR bad efficiency

    They never listened to me in the not sure if that will change lol
  10. Spotty

    DCR bad efficiency

    Ride operators (not supervisors) start 15 mins before park opening to do the pre-opening checks. Maintenance does the majority of everything and the ride supervisor starts 45 mins early to make sure everything is okay (For Scooby, one staff member also starts at this time to do a track walk). Obviously things can happen to cause delays, example a fault occurs during these opening checks or whatever. So they won't have cut back the start time on staff. If we really want to talk about village efficiency... all I'm going to say is Superman with no unloader... Running that thing with 3 staff (4 if you include the supervisor) was just a nightmare... Even with crew on their A Game you were lucky to get 10 trains launched in a hour. In the end it didn't save much money cause even on a quiet day we were often there till nearly 5:45pm! Glad they scrapped that horrible procedure, but based on what your saying it could be coming back with a vengeance! May as well cut one of the loaders as well and have the staff member cross the train to check the second half of the harnesses! (In all seriousness, that would never happen thank god...)
  11. Which manager was previously a Supervisor at Movie World? I know in the past few years quite a few very senior staff have left VRTP and moved over to Dreamworld (Greg Yong and several other high up people).
  12. Spotty

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    Not going to lie, I think where the TOT station is would be a great spot for a Ferris Wheel, right between the two family areas. One of the wheels like the one in Brisbane as AlexB suggested, or even a smaller 50m version would be a great fit. You could landscape the area nicely around it, and would open up the area between Dreamworks, Tiger Island and ABC Kids World. I think placing it there, and doing up the front area as others have suggested with a DECENT fountain display. One that springs to mind honestly is the main fountains that Kings Island has. This behind the Dreamworld Globe and maybe a few nice shady Palm Trees in Main Street would work really nice. I also agree move the fairy shop to the Dreamworks / ABC Kids area. I mean honestly, you could even retheme it to trolls (which I know has been done, but is still relevant and could tie in well with Dreamworks) and then you would open that spot up for BuzzSaw access and the new coaster. Repaint the Candy Shop to make it not quite as bright like what they did with the ice cream parlour and I think Main Street would be a very nice area to relax in. Once this is done, then look at fixing up the Giant Drop's theming / queue area and open up the moto coaster area. I think the biggest issue I have with the motocoasters appearance is the huge bulky shop that is at the entrance. If you moved the shop to where the old food outlet was (which lets face it, is unlikely to ever reopen again as a food outlet) and knocked down that area you could really open the space up and even redo the entry (or retheme the ride) and it would make a huge difference to that whole area I feel. Especially once the Tower of Terror's launch track is gone. Give the ride a repaint and you honestly have the whole front of the park looking spick and span again. I can wish haha!
  13. *Cared I think given a bit of time, with some of the current changes and the management they have things will work out better long term. I will 110% agree that at the time of the incident and a few years after this was still much the same IMO but I really do hope that the current management keep going on the path they are going on and turn the place around.
  14. I've thought that for a while honestly. Quite a few of WnW's rides are getting on in the years, and it's very spread out with lots of empty spaces. I feel WWW overall just flows better, and the overall guest experience is better, down to locker placement and having the conveyors for the cloverleaf tubes (those are NOT fun to carry when a huge gust of wind hits!) I also feel that almost every ride they have is a one up on WnW (Tornado, Body Slides, Racer etc) except for the AquaLoop which is superior. I just think honestly WWW needs a Lazy River and maybe a Mammoth Falls style ride and it would crap over WnW even more than it does now. Biggest is not always the best.
  15. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    The one at the bottom of lift 2 is new. Has always been an attendant at the top of lift 1 at the turntable.