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  1. With 1 train running it's normally 2 staff + the supervisor in the control room. Load 1 on the far side of the platform and load 2 does the sorting as well whilst the ride is in operation. Sometimes they will have a entry host as well depending on the day. Rivals only seemed to run 2 trains for a few weeks before going down to single train operations (with lines of a hour mind you...) When it's running 2 trains I would say they would need to only bump up to 3 operators, two loaders and a sorter and I guess an entry host as well if they want.
  2. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Tail spin had 2 planes out of action yesterday (Wednesday) so that might explain why it was closed on Thursday for maintenance. Hope they get it fixed soon, buzzsaw was also operating on Wednesday too so no idea what is going on.
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    And I still have nightmares of that damn alarm!
  4. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Yeah no...1 booth in West at the top of lift 2. And 2 in Scooby. One just after the turntable on the first hairpin and one to the right of the lift. Not actually 100% if both booths in Scooby are manned anymore either. Some changes have been made, not going into too much more about who I am but people on these forums can very much vouch that I have been employed by both VRL and Ardent
  5. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Yeah... I am still traumatised by that lift!!! The amount of times I had nearly fallen asleep up there haha... until one day I got a VERY rude awakening to a big huntsman falling on my head! Considering I have a huge fear of spiders I didn't work west for several weeks after that haha
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Yeah this is what was causing most of the faults when I was there... delays in the station causing stacking in the dark ride or the lift / turntable faulting out. 99% of the time that was what it was... or idiots misbehaving I will admit in the last few years from what I have heard it's become a lot less touchy than when I was working there. Either that or it didn't like me
  7. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Never heard of any downtime myself... Seems Mack has got a lot more reliable since the Scooby Doo days haha. I still have nightmares of that bloody Fault light
  8. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    Yeah, I was very happy and excited to have one of my supervisors when I was working there telling me that he was going to Dubai to work at Waterworld with his wife. Have recently been in contact again and just keep hearing great things about the place. It did surprise me how many VRTP people over the years have gone over there haha.
  9. WhiteWater World/Dreamworld Merger

    Wet Dreams? I remember that was a name that was thrown around for laughs back when the park was first announced...
  10. Yeah... you would think with two major rides closed they would want to be increasing the capacity a little bit especially on a weekend. Also seems to be a rather new (if not bizarre procedure) that you can't request to wait for the front row after 4:30pm anymore. I can understand once the park is closed and your down to the last few trains saying no because last thing you want is people asking to wait for the front row and having to run multiple otherwise empty trains. I thought that it was a very strange procedure and IMO one that is just stupid. But hey, VRL are known for their operations...
  11. Let's be honest about Top Golf

    I feel similar TBH. I've never been that interested in golf personally, but I have friends that are so hey I'd likely give it a shot. Considering it's owned by VRTP and they are likely (hopefully) to offer some incentives to pass holders I see it as a chance to try it after a day at the parks with friends. And who knows I may end up liking golfing in the end and go back.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    I personally really liked the Walking Dead, Film Vault and Wyrmwood mazes the most out of all the years. They had IMO a combination of the best sets, and scares that Fright Night's have produced.
  13. The Off Topic Topic

    They have been there for over a year... Just saying
  14. Wheel of Brisbane

    The one that was on the Gold Coast travel centre was a R50 model (50m tall) and not the R60 model like the Wheel of Brisbane and Sea World Eye. The one that used to be on the Gold Coast was actually the unit that was sent to Perth and was owned by World Tourist Attractions and only had 36 gondola's vs the 42 on the Brisbane / Sea World one. The Sea World Eye was actually originally from London as the "Wheel of Birmingham" and was relocated to Sea World in 2006 after being brought by World Tourist Attractions and leased to Sea World. After all the issues with Sea World that particular wheel didn't operate in Australia again. We have had 3 Bussnik wheel's in Australia in total. 2 of the R60's (Brisbane and Sea World) and a R50 model which was the Gold Coast one later transported to Perth. The only model left is now the one in Brisbane. There was also another wheel that operated in Perth for a while which was a Mondial unit (SkyView) hope this answers your questions