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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    I thought it was "chain links, fog machines and strobes - the experience" this year. Oh wait, that was 2006 at Dreamworld
  2. Looking forward to trying out the beast when I go to the EKKA this year. And of course Skywalker. Might have to pop in and say hi
  3. Marathon on Coasters?

    I think I did like 100+ rides on Superman: Escape on opening weekend. Back when they had 4 loaders, 2 unloaders, 2x entry hosts and a sorter... Most of the opening crew staff knew me by name... ah how it was to be 15
  4. Traveling fairs!

    AusFun is TPA shows. Same unit as well, several years ago there was a trucking accident involving the Crazy Coaster. As far as i'm aware a few parts needed to be replaced but not 100% certain. After this the whole unit was repainted, but we only have the one unit in Australia
  5. I will admit, I was very glad to see the operations side of things running very smoothly. Arkham had 2 loaders and a dedicated VR staff member. Superman was running 2 trains (which normally from after xmas holidays until Fright Nights it used to be 1 train operation only), Green lantern running with 2 loaders, sorter and an entry host. Same with Scooby as well. Staff were on the ball and despite a few technical difficulties (Scooby and Superman both went down on the Saturday) they were all doing a great job. Was happy that the rides were kept open till 6pm as well which made for some great night riding on Superman with no wait for the front row. Overall I thought the parade was alright, it was good to see so many roving characters around as well and for a first attempt it was good but if it becomes a yearly thing I would hope that the standard would improve over time. But for a first run, credit where credit is due
  6. The Off Topic Topic

    Would keep going i'm fairly sure. Lately i've been having the audio working approx 3/4 of the time on GL. Still wish they would get the audio going on Hot Wheels again though.
  7. Effect or Audio Errors on Rides

    With Bermuda if i'm not mistaken during the construction of Jet Rescue they damaged the gas pipe that powered the fire effects. Considering i'd say they likely knew that Bermuda was going to be replaced soon (even a few years is "soon" in theme parks where they likely have plans years in advance) and the sheer cost of replacing it for a relatively short period of time didn't seem worthwhile to them. I guess it sort of makes sense given how much money Sea Viper / Corkscrew was costing to maintain in it's later years and they likely decided to keep that attraction running at whatever cost for as long as possible and sadly Bermuda suffered. Does anyone know if El Loco at Adventuredome has the audio working consistently as it would be a very similar system to what GL uses. Just wondering if it's isolated to just the lantern or possibly a crappy design by S+S
  8. So... how long until the Richlands one closes next? As that centre is quite run down as well.
  9. Dreamworld Night Events Return

    Wonder if this is one of the events that "Platinum Membership" holders get for free as with it you got 4x free night events per year. Might have to pop on down and speak to them as I haven't used any of mine lol
  10. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Yeah... no. Maintenance and possibly a computer upgrade similar to what SFMM did with Superman at the absolute most. There would be no point upgrading the LSM's / Track at all.. it wouldn't be a financially wise decision in the slightest.
  11. Effect or Audio Errors on Rides

    Had audio today on Green Lantern, car number 3. First time in ages though that it was actually fully in sync (music stopping as you hit the brake run) and wasn't distorted / cutting out... From speaking to a few people I know, they are hoping to get it back up and running on all cars reliably after maintenance. I really hope so as I do feel it adds to the experience of the ride.
  12. Effect or Audio Errors on Rides

    Not sure how Batwing could have been an operator messing with it... because the whole launch system is automatic from when the two operators hit the dispatch button. I know it can be ran manually by tech services to do each part of the launch sequence individually (rise, weigh, launch) but not under general operation. Also the audio can't be delayed from when it launches on purpose so would have been a glitch* *However operating Batwing and having that control would be damn entertaining... false countdowns are always good for scaring the living daylights out of people
  13. I have done a bit of digging and I can confirm that there was indeed a Paratrooper ride that was at the park for opening. The unit in question is owned by Trindall's amusements (Brisbane based) and travels around SEQ. A close friend of mine was talking to him about it a few days ago and he informed me that it was there. Direct from the owner of the ride too. Surprised me as well, but there you have it.
  14. Arkham Asylum - VR coaster at Movie World

    I have not personally had experience operating Arkham Asylum myself, but from what I understand the only mechanical difference to the ride when it was refurbed was removing the initial brake run and replacing it with the magnetic brakes as currently seen. So I can neither confirm nor deny if this has been removed, but as it currently stands the ride is fully automatic from dispatch to unloading. As far as crossing the platform whilst the floor is dropped, if you did that you may as well be walking out the door instead of crossing the platform. As DjRappa has stated with Scooby Doo if an operator needs to cross the track if they are on the load platform they can hit a button which turns on a little green light above the main control panel. When this is illuminated no further cars will dispatch until it's manually turned off on the MOCC. A light also turns on under the track to make sure the staff member doesn't fall flat on their face.
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Sadly the green room is not operational on weekends. I was there yesterday.