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  1. Scooby at a minimum requires the following staff: 1x Entry Host 1x Load 1x Unload 1x High Zone 1x Lift 1x Supervisor 1 or 2 to cover breaks. West used to require 5 staff before they got rid of the lift attendant at the top of lift 1. Not sure about now 1x Supervisor 1x Load 1x Unload 1x Lift attendant at turntable 1 (recently removed) There was never an attendant for both lifts during the time that I worked there, but I know before the refurb they had an attendant at the bottom of lift 2 (not sure how long that was a thing for). There was only ever a "monitor" for when a guest with a disability was on the ride. That way in the event of a ride evac that staff member could attend to that boat straight away to not delay an evac (same as Scooby). Also Scooby traditionally was one of the last rides a staff member would learn, due to the complex nature of the ride evacuations. Operations wise though it was honestly one of the easier rides. So I can see how staffing issues could very quickly cause issues if not everyone is trained on it. It was fairly common place for a roster to be 4 days scooby, and 1 day on another ride just to shake things up.
  2. This... I got some serious Moulin Rouge vibes of that show. While I don't think the current one is perfect (it is a bit depressing if you ask me) it's technologically much better than all the others. If they can get the story that little bit better but keep the upgrades we could be onto a big winner with the next show.
  3. I have recently had the fried chicken and chips, comparable to the new fried chicken that Red Rooster offers. You get 2x big bits of chicken and chips + sauce. Honestly, good on the parks for finally selling some halfway decent food.
  4. A lot of the work could be done off site, and could be as simple as basically uploading a new video / sequence to the control system. I'm not sure how SV works exactly, but a company with as many rides built as Brogent would probably want to make it somewhat easy to do. I don't think it was down for very long at all when it was converted to Sky Voyager USA.
  5. Thats what happens when you take most of the good high up operations supervisors from Village and put them at Dreamworld. Glad that the park has a competent team running the operations department finally. And it's really starting to show with their operations and staff morale as well.
  6. At least if I ever work there again I don't have to worry about a huntsman falling on my head and accidentally bashing the e-stop when trying to get the spider off my head haha
  7. Finally got to ride Steel Taipan today, walk on all day with 1 train operations (spinner). The ride really packs a punch, although I did notice a jolt when going into the backwards spike over the swtich track. I didn't try the spinning seat, but I rode in row 1, 8 and 3. Personally I found the back of the train to be more intense than the front and it's my prefered seat. I can't decide if I prefer DC Rivals or Steel Taipan more, as they are both very different in what they offer. I think I would -just- give the edge to Taipan due to the variety of elements the ride offers. I will admit, getting airtime in an inversion was certainly a strange feeling though. That barrel roll at the end is certainly a holy crap moment when your legs are slammed into the harness with quite a bit of force. It's truly a ride that Dreamworld needed, and I can't wait to ride again.
  8. #Triggered I still have PTSD from the abuse from my days of being a Superman entry host (Not really PTSD... but some of the crap you copped... honestly, one of the easiest and hardest roles in the park for a ride operator was that. It's probably a lot better now the lockers are free though...)
  9. I also put down the 15th Looking forward to riding, sadly I'll be at work that day
  10. One of my sources (who has always been very reliable for the last 15 years) has confirmed to me that the Ride will be going to Gumbaya world, and will be undergoing an extensive refurb before a xmas 2022 debut. An official announcement will likely be made soon by the park though.
  11. I'm going with the 15th as well, to tie in with the 40th Birthday
  12. I have heard from a few sources that have stated that the ride was actually built by Meshio (same as the Thunderbolt) but this is not 100% confirmed
  13. Because our parks have learnt to not buy rides that are mechanical nightmares. The capacity was garbage too, and the ride experience was incredibly uncomfortable. I'm glad that it's going TBH
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