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  1. Just from my previous experience as a ride operator (for theme parks and travelling rides), you were required to sign a log book first thing in the morning (and at the end of the night), and if it wasn't signed off by maintenance you couldn't operate the ride until it was. Travelling rides were much the same, checklists needed to be completed each day before operating. Training at Village Roadshow was very thorough, and you would not be signed off until you (and your trainer) felt competent that you could work by yourself. And when working on travelling rides, I was never left alone until I felt that I was comfortable with what I was doing. So a lot of these things, operators and theme parks were already doing anyway.
  2. Sweet Treats doesn't, Deli is often closed by 3pm and Ben and Jerry's always has a massive queue which would turn people away. There's no point having drink stations if they are never open. In fact i'm really surprised they haven't done what a lot of the cruise ships do with the bottles and have a NFC chip that has to be pushed down to activate the soda pumps. I mean they have the tags already at the counter outlets, so why not roll it out to the drink machines as well to stop people refilling without paying.
  3. Well, that just confirms a rumour that I'd been itching to find the answer to for years. Appears that Dreamworld used to have a Paratrooper ride, just looking at those photos I can confirm that the ride is still in QLD operated by Trindall's Amusements.
  4. Spotty

    Gold Coast show 2018

    Showmen's Guild supplied the rides most of the time, there was a few years (2 or 3 I think) when an external company (KayDee promotions) supplied the rides to the show. Fairly sure that all changed when the show was moved to the turf club instead of the parklands.
  5. No post mix machines behind the counter, they were removed when the self service machines were put in at Gotham. What is even crazier is the one at the newsstand they keep closed until around 4pm and then open it up for only a hour... I honestly have no idea what they are thinking that achieves at all but whatever.
  6. Spotty

    Gold Coast show 2018

    It's on at the same time as the Adelaide show, so rides like Space Roller and XXXL will not be there as they will be in Adelaide. I don't have a full ride lineup, but this year the Showmens Guild is providing the rides so it will be a much better lineup than the last few years with independent operators providing the rides. Will also be free entry, so certainly worth heading down and showing your support and having a good ride (or 5)
  7. One thing that I thought was downright pathetic was the Gotham City drinks station being closed in the middle of the day. Want to buy a burger meal with a soft drink, that's all well and good to buy it. But oh wait, you need to go across the road to the bar to fill up your drink cup...Unless it's after 2pm, then you have to go to one of 2 food outlets still open (bakery and newsstand, and wait 20 minutes to be served). Good job guys...
  8. Spotty

    Traveling fairs!

    Never stated where this Super Show will be held...
  9. Spotty

    Traveling fairs!

    From what I have heard, Space Roller won't be in QLD for a "Super Show". Last i've heard it is heading to Adelaide before the show there.
  10. Spotty

    Traveling fairs!

    Heard the same thing from multiple operators, appears the Woodchop arena is taking up a significant area of sideshow alley (near bowen bridge road / RBH). Talk about a lacklustre show...
  11. Spotty

    Traveling fairs!

    Yep, looks like about 1/2 of sideshow alley has now been taken up by the woodchop pavilion. Great move RNA, one step closer to killing off the EKKA. It's sad when a regional show like Cairns has a better sideshow lineup than what is meant to be the major show for the whole state. No wonder so many ride operators over the years have bailed, including one of Australia's major operators (Bells) who haven't been back to the RNA since I think 2009. May as well knock the whole RNA showgrounds down and put more apartments in and have the show elsewhere if they are going to keep going the way they do.
  12. Spotty

    VTP Annual Pass Changes

    Very clearly stated in the terms and conditions that it includes the sipper with free refills... You got ripped off sadly. It's okay, they tried to tell me that when I renewed my pass to a one pass that by choosing the monthly payment option I wasn't entitled to the renewal perks... Ended up speaking to guest services at Movie World, the lady was incredibly polite and checked up on it and promptly fixed it up for me too.
  13. Spotty

    Traveling fairs!

    I really hope that's not the full ride list, It's missing major rides like Space Roller, XXXL and a few others... I'll be very disappointed if that is the finalised lineup. By far the worst ride list for a capital show.
  14. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    See, I was under the impression that they only had one full set as the second one was used alongside the first one to make one complete train. However I could be wrong, I think it was aptly called the "purple" train back in the Lethal Weapon days.
  15. Spotty

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    I will admit, I did enjoy some of the perks (15% off instead of the 10% was nice, especially having a few sneaky drinks up at Skypoint, as well as the unlimited soft drink deals) but I guess their time has come now for these passes to be discontinued. Not sure if i'm going to bother switching over to a season pass or not...