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  1. Spotty

    Disability and theme parks

    That would explain it in Road Runner's case. They always try to have the blue train (the one with the disability door) cycling wherever possible and the red train as the second train. Honestly, I don't know why they didn't get the second train the same with the access for events like this happening.
  2. Spotty

    Disability and theme parks

    Being an ex theme park ride operator for Village, I can confirm the training that we received is second to none when it comes to handling these situations. A good amount of training for each ride is actually spent going through the various disabilities and rider requirements to ensure things are done safely. This is on-top of regular training and refresher courses that they have provided. Please never be afraid or embarrassed to speak to Guest Services when arriving to discuss your needs and work out a game plan for how to enjoy your day the most. If your a regular as well they will often have your information on file so that when visiting you can just quickly pop in and grab a wristband that advises the ride operators what rides are suitable or not for your individual needs. The supervisors will do all the work so that the ride operators just have to have a quick look at the wristband to confirm things and just run through a few specific questions related to the individual ride instead of asking the many questions GS will ask. They are actually not meant to allow admission onto a ride without the wristband from Guest Services giving the all clear. And yes we are given the heads up most of the time so that we can make sure your day is as seamless as possible.
  3. Spotty

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    Superman with 1 train operations is lucky to dispatch 6 times every 30 mins, so fully loaded that's 240 a hour... totally within Village's capacity! If you have operators really on the ball and guests that actually listen you can maybe do 7 every half hour (very hard with 1 train and the crazy procedures village have)
  4. Spotty

    Woman falls 30m from ride in Cairns

    Having operated a similar ride before (A Kamikaze) Looking at the video the E-Stop was hit within 1 swing and the ride immediately started to slow down so in this case the operator has done the right thing. From a full swing height an e-stop would take approx 3 swings to slow down to an almost stop in the home position. The brakes would be applied much harder during an e-stop than a simple ride stop or cycle abort. Also I heard someone allegedly saying they heard a ride operator state that they couldn't stop the ride as it was on a timer. Total BS as the ride is ran manually. I am curious to see what happened whether it was a mechanical failure, rider error or what has caused it. Here's hoping everyone involved ends up okay though.
  5. Spotty

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    They also brought POS trains that destroyed the track... Yes it required a bit more maintenance due to the sea air and the age of the ride, but I think if they hadn't replaced the trains with the Kumbak ones it would have lasted a while longer. I know the Python at Efteling got the same Kumbak trains in 2005 and then in 2011 were replaced with the Venom trains again like we currently see on Sidewinder. Interestingly most of the track was replaced and rebuilt by a different builder in 2018 as well. Wonder how much damage the Kumbak trains caused lol
  6. Spotty

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Is it bad I can see them re-using some of the surfboard theming from the Wipeout if they still have them? Maybe have them on the roof of the station or something. I don't hate the name either, it's not my first choice but it's not bad. Heres hoping its presented well.
  7. Spotty

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    That coaster is a S.D.C Galaxy Coaster, and the color scheme looks oddly familiar to the Thrillseeker that was at Sea World, but that opened in 1982 at Sea World. It may actually have been the Metropolis that went to Luna Park Melbourne as that opened in 1990 and an early photo of the ride at Luna Park Sydney shows the same track color scheme
  8. Spotty

    What are these rides like?

    Having operated a Break Dance before... I have seen many people get sick on it... One of the more nauseating flat rides out there TBH. That and the Mondial Top Scans, they tend to be a bit more common for motion sickness
  9. Honestly... I agree with this. I much prefer the sidecar lol
  10. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2020

    The ultimate question still the video on Lift 2 back in sync or is that still out of whack. It was out of whack in 2012 when I worked there... and it was still out of whack when I rode it in 2019 lol. Looking forward to maybe checking it out in a few weeks though, glad to hear its mostly running properly.
  11. Spotty

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Ah... back in the Ozcoaster days. I remember that very well!
  12. I still find it fitting that it ended up in Canberra! One of the most boring waterslides I had ever been on. I do miss the Twister though...
  13. For me it would be for the gold coast parks the following: Bermuda, Tunes, Corkscrew (not sea viper... those trains were nasty!) and Batride. I do miss the original incarnation of Scooby, but honestly what we have is not THAT bad. A few minor tweaks to it would make a world of difference, admittedly I have not been on it since they have updated the main show room but I rode in the early days of the "Next Generation". My only real gripe was the quality of the animation and how out of sync things were, and well the main show room but from all accounts that's basically been fixed now anyway. Overall it's not too bad though honestly. Outside of the GC parks, honestly I loved the Zodiac at Wonderland and the Space Probe. I would honestly love for Intamin to maybe revisit the old Sky Whirl concept again as they were unique and great for capacity as the line would basically always be moving as people were loaded in.
  14. Spotty

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Funny thing about that is, the majority of VRTP staff are actually PPT especially for attractions. But yes, the retraining does take time. Not sure on WnW But I know that at Movie World it was at least 1 day of training (8am - 5pm) for each ride and training is only groups of 2 - 3 people at a time. Some rides did take 2 days of training (Superman, WBK / RoadRunner, Scooby off the top of my head) + 2x extra 4 hour evacuation training sessions for Scooby. So it would take a fair bit of time to re-train multiple groups of people, so you will likely see the same staff on the same rides for a little while until they can all be retrained on multiple rides.
  15. Make sure your 1.5m away, or hug with your elbows!