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  1. Spotty

    DCR bad efficiency

    They never listened to me in the not sure if that will change lol
  2. Spotty

    DCR bad efficiency

    Ride operators (not supervisors) start 15 mins before park opening to do the pre-opening checks. Maintenance does the majority of everything and the ride supervisor starts 45 mins early to make sure everything is okay (For Scooby, one staff member also starts at this time to do a track walk). Obviously things can happen to cause delays, example a fault occurs during these opening checks or whatever. So they won't have cut back the start time on staff. If we really want to talk about village efficiency... all I'm going to say is Superman with no unloader... Running that thing with 3 staff (4 if you include the supervisor) was just a nightmare... Even with crew on their A Game you were lucky to get 10 trains launched in a hour. In the end it didn't save much money cause even on a quiet day we were often there till nearly 5:45pm! Glad they scrapped that horrible procedure, but based on what your saying it could be coming back with a vengeance! May as well cut one of the loaders as well and have the staff member cross the train to check the second half of the harnesses! (In all seriousness, that would never happen thank god...)
  3. Which manager was previously a Supervisor at Movie World? I know in the past few years quite a few very senior staff have left VRTP and moved over to Dreamworld (Greg Yong and several other high up people).
  4. Spotty

    New Attraction for Dreamworld Suggestions

    Not going to lie, I think where the TOT station is would be a great spot for a Ferris Wheel, right between the two family areas. One of the wheels like the one in Brisbane as AlexB suggested, or even a smaller 50m version would be a great fit. You could landscape the area nicely around it, and would open up the area between Dreamworks, Tiger Island and ABC Kids World. I think placing it there, and doing up the front area as others have suggested with a DECENT fountain display. One that springs to mind honestly is the main fountains that Kings Island has. This behind the Dreamworld Globe and maybe a few nice shady Palm Trees in Main Street would work really nice. I also agree move the fairy shop to the Dreamworks / ABC Kids area. I mean honestly, you could even retheme it to trolls (which I know has been done, but is still relevant and could tie in well with Dreamworks) and then you would open that spot up for BuzzSaw access and the new coaster. Repaint the Candy Shop to make it not quite as bright like what they did with the ice cream parlour and I think Main Street would be a very nice area to relax in. Once this is done, then look at fixing up the Giant Drop's theming / queue area and open up the moto coaster area. I think the biggest issue I have with the motocoasters appearance is the huge bulky shop that is at the entrance. If you moved the shop to where the old food outlet was (which lets face it, is unlikely to ever reopen again as a food outlet) and knocked down that area you could really open the space up and even redo the entry (or retheme the ride) and it would make a huge difference to that whole area I feel. Especially once the Tower of Terror's launch track is gone. Give the ride a repaint and you honestly have the whole front of the park looking spick and span again. I can wish haha!
  5. *Cared I think given a bit of time, with some of the current changes and the management they have things will work out better long term. I will 110% agree that at the time of the incident and a few years after this was still much the same IMO but I really do hope that the current management keep going on the path they are going on and turn the place around.
  6. I've thought that for a while honestly. Quite a few of WnW's rides are getting on in the years, and it's very spread out with lots of empty spaces. I feel WWW overall just flows better, and the overall guest experience is better, down to locker placement and having the conveyors for the cloverleaf tubes (those are NOT fun to carry when a huge gust of wind hits!) I also feel that almost every ride they have is a one up on WnW (Tornado, Body Slides, Racer etc) except for the AquaLoop which is superior. I just think honestly WWW needs a Lazy River and maybe a Mammoth Falls style ride and it would crap over WnW even more than it does now. Biggest is not always the best.
  7. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    The one at the bottom of lift 2 is new. Has always been an attendant at the top of lift 1 at the turntable.
  8. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    The left half of the ride is used for Maintenance on the ride, a small portion of the upper left side is the old Cinema which is occasionally used for small functions and the rest is the queue. Basically up until the gate where the Superman building ends is being used by the queue and the small bit of the building that isn't flush with the old outside switch backs are required (Where the tower mural matches up) the rest could be knocked down and not impact on Arkham in the slightest.
  9. Spotty

    Merimbula's Magic Mountain

    I used to go there often when I was younger living in Canberra. A very nice little place and i'm glad to see it improving.
  10. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    AMEN! The only ride that I think was worse was either Taz Cars or Sam Train (those damn ropes gave you rope burn... and it was a cow to park when it was fully loaded and the extra carriage on it)
  11. Spotty

    Planning for a solo visit to WBMW

    Green Lantern can have backpacks and other items left on the platform, and Superman is free for 1 hour. If you exceed the hour they -may- charge you $9 to open the locker, however I have never actually seen this happen.
  12. And removed the Arkham lift climb as well...
  13. Spotty

    Should White Water World close during winter?

    The majority of the staff could be redeployed to Dreamworld in the cooler months (food and bev, retail etc) so it wouldn't be as big of an issue. As far as the rides and slides staff, they could be multi-trained to know how to operate the rides at Dreamworld. Most of the procedures would be pretty similar across the board, with obviously some different procedures depending on the individual ride.
  14. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Every 10 or so years though, they are required to do a full track inspection just to make sure. Can't remember exactly how many years, but it is certainly a thing.
  15. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I didn't notice any broken load doors when I was there on Sunday? Scooby however just a joke... but that's a whole different story.