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  1. I still find it funny looking at nearly every photo / video clip of the Gen 1 Enterprise as it seemed to be missing 2 cars. Wonder why this was the case lol.
  2. I honestly call BS on that, I very much doubt they actually would have a law for that. Especially considering from a statistic standpoint the launch on Superman is much more powerful as far as G-Force on the body goes. I'd say you'll find, the faster the launch the more power it uses and considering how power hungry it is already... well yeah.
  3. I personally didn't mind the speed that the newer unit ran, it was honestly nice and relaxing in the breeze. In saying that I have not ridden the original one and the only other Enterprise I have ridden was the one at Luna Park Melbourne (and the UFO at LPS)
  4. The sensors monitor the positioning of the Escape Pod constantly and all it takes is a slight variable in the speed of the car etc for the ride to freak out and shut down. I know when it was the original tower it used to play up and was frequently doing this but as far as I am aware when it was upgraded to ToT 2 it had a major overhaul and it's no where near as common these days. To this day though, I don't know why they don't run it full speed unlike it's twin at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I've heard rumours of it being because Dreamworld didn't want to upgrade the system to enable it to launch at full speed more reliably (take that with a grain of salt). Because basically the faster it goes, the more room for error and hence making it unreliable. As far as the centre rail goes though, that's the first I have heard of it being used as part of the tracking system. I'm not saying it's not true, but i've just never heard of that myself. If anyone can confirm or deny that would be great.
  5. Nice to see the old Power Surge signs on it
  6. They had two enterprises, one was replaced in the early 90's I think as it was a maintenance nightmare. If you look at early TVC's for Dreamworld you can see the older model in the videos that is very different to the Meshio version that was with the park in the 90's - 00's
  7. In Europe the "Explorer" is a fairly common ride. Flash Dance is a Reverchon model, and if i'm not mistaken the Tasmanian Devil and the old "G Force" from Luna Park Melbourne were manufactured in Australia under license. As far as what happened to the Avalanche i'm fairly sure it was scrapped when it was sold. As far as rides of the same type we have in Australia we have the following still travelling. Alpine Express (Sobema Gen 2) Midnight Express (Sobema Gen 2) Thunderbolt (Sobema Gen 2) - Ex Grundy's Cripton Matterhorn (Sobema Gen 1) Rock n Roll (Reverchon) Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the Dreamworld unit is still in the boneyard along with the Reef Diver and Vortex. Dreamworld's matterhorn was run like garbage anyway, most travelling units can hit 14RPM going forwards and 12RPM backwards (or approx 100kph) whereas I'd say Dreamworld's unit once it was neutered for Nick Central would do half that speed, however it was more than capable. From what I have heard though Dreamworlds model was built by SDC.
  8. You rang?
  9. Ah... good old drive trips. The last time I had one of them was back when it was the original ToT. Basically computer loses track of where the car is in the launch sequence, computer shuts the launch sequence down and you just chill there. Last time it happened to me we launched, got maybe to the end of the old launch tunnel before slowing down and just causing down the launch track at a nice leisurely place. An e-brake is the opposite. The system loses track of the car during the braking sequence (or another fault is detected) so it shuts down the automatic braking system and you end up in the "Bog Zone" as it has been commonly known as in the past. The brakes are fail safe and very similar to the Giant Drop's system. It makes for a bit more of an abrupt stop... and the reactions of some people when you go whizzing past the station nearly full speed is quite entertaining
  10. On an unrelated note, Sidewinder was running smoother than i've ever experienced in my life today. However the audio was missing from the ride, bit of a shame but still a massive improvement over the Cyclone even without it
  11. You can see the platform briefly in the video that they use for the evacuations. Under general operations they will do anything they can to prevent the ride from stopping on the lift (provided it's safe of course) as it requires emergency services to assist with the evacuation. Same with Green Lantern. Out of the major rides only Scooby, West and Superman can be fully evacuated by general operations cast without the assistance of maintenance, supervisors or emergency services.
  12. As far as I am aware the Tilt a Whirl from Grundy's was relocated to Aussie World. The Matterhorn ride (Cripton I think it was called) was trailerised by a company in Mildura and sold to Bell's Amusements and is now known as the Thunderbolt.
  13. Did anyone actually think that maybe the crates could contain parts for Scooby as its due for a rehab soon? Just a thought
  14. This particular model was actually a Sorani and Moser model. I remember reading it on the little badges on the cars several years ago.
  15. The Ranger has been sold to Bell's Amusements, and if Turbo is up and running I think I know where i'm going over the xmas holidays