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  1. One of my sources (who has always been very reliable for the last 15 years) has confirmed to me that the Ride will be going to Gumbaya world, and will be undergoing an extensive refurb before a xmas 2022 debut. An official announcement will likely be made soon by the park though.
  2. I'm going with the 15th as well, to tie in with the 40th Birthday
  3. I have heard from a few sources that have stated that the ride was actually built by Meshio (same as the Thunderbolt) but this is not 100% confirmed
  4. Least it's not Comic Sans or Papyrus
  5. Because our parks have learnt to not buy rides that are mechanical nightmares. The capacity was garbage too, and the ride experience was incredibly uncomfortable. I'm glad that it's going TBH
  6. Reminds me of the one that used to sit in the Superman top hat. Every time the brake fins lowered on the launch it would fly away... and once the train finished the ride it would fly back. Was there for at least 2 years... used to be entertaining when working batwing to watch it (Something had to entertain you... Batwing was honestly one of the most boring rides to operate. I actually preferred to work the kids area as it was variety!)
  7. I wonder if Steel Taipan is going to have the awesome control panel chair like Blue Fire and Helix or not? I want one!
  8. You were saying Scooby got a new control system, I have on very high regard that Scooby didn't get a new ride control system. It did receive an upgrade to the show control though. I am aware that West got a new control system in 2017 and is rumoured to be getting new boats as well. I never said that Road Runner didn't get a new system either. As far as I am aware the brakes on Road Runner have been replaced with magnetic brakes (not confirmed) which would have required an update to the control system. In regards to the 10 year overhaul, I've had a look into it on QLD Worksafe it doesn't r
  9. Scooby didn't get a whole new control system added to the ride, it was a cosmetic overhaul and some theming changes to ensure that it met the new fire standards. Road runner got new trains because the ride was 20 years old, and a common complaint was that adults didn't feel that their children were secure due to the 1 lap bar. Hence the seatbelts were added as a temp measure until the new trains were ordered. At this point in time, they decided they may as well update the entire ride. I know many rides that have fallen victim to this new 10 year thing that has been implemented across the
  10. As someone who worked on the ride fairly often, I can tell you that the new seats were actually heavier than the original LW rolling stock. The ratcheting system of the old harnesses is actually very lightweight compared to a hydraulic system that the new harnesses used. The 10 year requirement also does not apply to the control system as it was fully working and didn't need work. The ride has been closed due to cost cutting mostly, it does need some quite heavy work (as most rides approaching 25-30 years do) especially as it's very forceful compared to say the Gold Coaster who's track would b
  11. The new Vekoma trains were available from at least 2008 onwards (Possibly earlier) The Great Nor' Easter at Moreys Piers got them installed that year. So before the Sea Viper trains were even installed onto the Corkscrew, however the plans may have already been in the works. @DaptoFunlandGuy As far as I am aware the new Vekoma trains are a whole new unit, designed to be much lighter. https://www.thecoasterkings.com/the-secret-of-freedom-seats/ Has a bit more of an in depth read on the seats. One of the plusses with these new seats is they don't require the floor to be raised / lowe
  12. Arkham / LW was basically ruined the moment that Kumbak came in and did the overhaul on the ride. I would have thought they would have learnt with Sea Viper's horrible transformation and the amount of issues they had with the ride. Basically, Kumbak came in and patched over the original control system that Vekoma installed with the ride. This enabled individual seat unlocking instead of the whole train at once. This alone caused so many issues in the first 6 months or so of operation where it wouldn't be uncommon to see half the train out of action due to faults in the computer system. Af
  13. I hope we don't get another launched coaster for a while... and I think it would be kind of silly. The next coaster that Dreamworld needs in the next few years is something unique to Australia. As expensive as it is, something like a flying coaster or a 4D (FreeSpin or Axis) would really stand out. Best bang for your buck would be a FreeSpin by far, anything like a Skyrocket I think would be too similar to Buzzsaw.
  14. 16 weeks is a very long time for testing... maybe because it's a prototype. Normally most new rides only take 4-5 weeks of constant testing. If I'm not mistaken DC Rivals started testing late July, early August and opened mid September? I'd say if they are ahead of schedule, and providing COVID doesn't cause any issues we would be aiming for a late November, early December soft opening with maybe an official opening for Boxing Day.
  15. Unless your pass comes with a fright nights entry (some of the early memberships do) you will have to buy the terror tour ticket and the fright nights ticket separately.
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