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  1. That photo was also from May... all the track and the lettering is gone now. I think it's going to be hard to have it done by September but who knows
  2. Ah yes... I used to love the days of operating Lethal before it became Arkham and things got complicated. As soon as the harnesses released, we would wait until everyone is off the train but still messing around with loose items and then the gates would be opened. It honestly made such a difference, it was around 2011 that they started putting in all sorts of strange procedures like not being allowed to do this. I can't remember the exact reasoning they told us but it was pretty BS. Operations were honestly at it's peak around 2009 - 2012 TBH and by the time that 2013-2014 came around things were starting to really go downhill... and then we ended up with what we got now. Even during those periods they had some trials (and many errors) that didn't last long that really destroyed operations and thank god they stopped those quickly. Superman running with no unloader for example was a total disaster, being able to send 4-5 trains every 30 mins instead of the usual 6-7 was not fun, that and the paid lockers... ugh.
  3. The time it takes for the cars to move into the station, have guests disembark and then have them load and mess around with loose items and the seatbelts as well would make it pretty damn impossible. They would have to reinstate the lockers and have an entry host at pretty much all times to make this happen. Honestly, if the ride is running with 2 loaders and a sorter the capacity of the ride is good with 4 cars. It's just if they want to pay to have the sorter or if they have the staff available.
  4. Yes... and that was a total disaster. Trains stacking, faults galore. Was nicknamed the "Green Lemon" by the opening crew of the ride. It was quickly determined that 4 was a good number of cars to run with. It gave it a decent capacity, but didn't overload the ride. 2 trains loading, 2 trains cycling. By the time the 2nd train hit the final brakes time to dispatch the 2 in the station (provided everything went well) Honestly, the ride doesn't need to run 6 cars at a time. The capacity increase is so minimal due to the stacking that it's just not worth it.
  5. I'm sorry, but if he's meaning 1 minute dispatches from when the train is fully parked in the load station to being sent onto the course. It is very possible with a good entry host and if you have a sorter. Staff can easily do a full train harness check and dispatch within about 30-40 seconds if on the ball and no one has any loose items. General dispatch time from the load platform tends to be between 60-90 seconds with 2 trains and full staffing. Haven't seen it in a while, but when I was there a few weeks ago the staff were dispatching about every 75 seconds from when the train parked.
  6. Just wish they would have a ramp down to the ground level path instead of the mess of paths it currently is. Especially now the train line is gone... have it snake around the queue building similar to Hot wheels and down to the ground level. Much neater IMO
  7. Was at Movie World on Sunday, the Superman Crew were honestly doing a great job. 2 trains running and they were running without a sorter too. Managing to get trains dispatched very quickly. Wish I could say the same for DC Rivals... 90 min waits with 1 train operations. Also, I think they have adjusted the seatbelts or the tolerances quite significantly recently. I have absolutely no issues at all on Steel Taipan and the seatbelt even has some give, on Rivals... not so lucky and I'm not exactly huge (Just tall mostly) which was a bit of a bummer. Was great to see the park so busy, I just really hope that it wasn't cost cutting for not putting the 2nd train on and it was an unexpected mechanical issue as they did have 2 loaders and a sorter rostered on. Staff were honestly doing the best they could do though.
  8. #Triggered haha As an ex ride op of this ride, And Taz Cars the PTSD is real haha
  9. I'd say Oz is still very much relevant to this day and age. You have had countless movies etc based off it and even stage shows like Wicked. If it ends up being this, I'm cautiously optimistic.
  10. Sartori is a reputable manufacturer, mostly for Flat Rides though compared to coasters. They are well known for the Techno Jump model. They are also a major manufacturer of Kamikaze style rides (Along with Fabbri and ARM) so they aren't exactly a "dodgy" company like some others out there.
  11. Sadly it is very unlikely that part of BOH will be removed any time soon. Has way too much valuable infrastructure there. For example behind Stars Cafe that's actually the main kitchen for the whole park (Well one of 2, the other is at Ricks), and there's a heap of offices for different departments and staff services all in that zone as well as the glasses wash room for Roxy and JL.
  12. So... the Giant Drop / Dreamworlds new theme for the next 10 years has been announced. The 2000's were the decade of Turbines. 2020's are now the decade of Turnstyles! You heard it here first!
  13. The idea is great IMO but that red color is just an eyesore TBH. A maroon color if they wanted to stick to the red would have been nicer or something that looks a bit more natural
  14. I did also mention that this was when I worked there 10 years ago, back when arguably management at the parks was honestly some of the best it had been in a long time. Lots can change in that time. As the ride has clearly aged since then, its entirely possible they now do have to wait.
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