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  1. Spotty

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    It was the same Octopus ride that had the accident at Aussie World. The unit was built by Sorani and Moser, I remember someone years ago asking on AAF about it and having a close up photo of the logo on the rides carriages.
  2. With the hypercoaster the harness may lock and the seatbelt can be done up, but it doesn't always mean the train will dispatch. I have ridden before and it's all locked but they have to push down on the harness a bit to get it to detect it's locked. With Scooby I would always recommend if your on the larger side to sit in the back seat as there is more leg room so it's easier to manoeuvre in a way to have the harness lock safely (little tip I learnt when working there). Ever since they changed the seatbelts on The Claw and the Giant Drop I have been unable to ride as they are significantly shorter than what they used to be for whatever reason.
  3. Spotty

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Doomsday and great operations should not be used in the same sentence...Just saying
  4. Spotty

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Yeah... I actually liked the look of the Cyclone's trains too (when they were new) and the old Corkscrew, much better than what we have now.
  5. Spotty

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    I think the last time it was used was for a meet and greet for the Janoskian's back in 2012... I had never seen so many teenage girls in my life. They filled up the whole old LW queue, went through the alley and overflowed out in front of scooby just to get an autograph... was all good until around mid-day when all the people were too scared to go on the big rides and ALL flocked to Scooby... Had to set up the outdoor queue very quickly lol.
  6. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    I can also confirm that ToT II launches anywhere between 135 - 140kph. If the car isn't full it will generally launch faster or make it further up the tower. I have ridden it recently when it was only 6 others on the ride in the back row and well... it made it pretty damn far up. I really wish that when they did the conversion they spent the extra money upgrading the computers like SFMM did. I also haven't heard much about Superman in the US having any major reliability issues like ToT has either...
  7. It's probably been maintained better? Seriously, some of the noises that thing was making on Tuesday... scary haha
  8. As far as the queue goes the way it's been set up would actually make it very easy to do while the ride is operational. Close off one side of the queue (which they currently have) and finish the theming works on it. Once that's done, close the other side and open the finished side and then when that's done reopen the queue up fully. Everyone was freaking out about the outside queue being full all the time during peak period but realistically that queue was only as long as if the whole inside queue was used. I have high hopes for what Village can pull off with Scooby with a bit more tweaking, but expectations are a different kettle of fish sadly. Hope they prove me wrong and actually finish the job instead of leaving it the sub standard it is now.
  9. I rode last Friday, no fog no lasers at all. Took a friend on it for the first time since the refurb... and well, he just laughed at the piss poor attempt in the warehouse and the animation...
  10. Spotty

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Would have much preferred a Zierer unit, not going to lie. They look so much nicer IMO
  11. Spotty

    Snake In Jamberoo's 'The Rock'

    Can confirm what @Brad2912 has said, for venomous snakes they outsource and for non venomous snakes they just get Corroboree staff to assist. Movie World is much the same, but for all snakes. I still remember evacuating the whole front of the park one day due to a rather large King Brown that decided it would be great to come visit Batwing SpaceShot on my training day haha. I've never seen staff move so quickly in my life!
  12. Spotty

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    ^ Same, I personally think having different tiers is a great idea and i'd be supportive of it. Base level has NO perks and block out dates (Have it for $99 to keep the whingers happy) then say have a $149 with no block outs and one ticket to Carnivale or WC and throw in 10% off in park spending. $199 with no block outs and both WC and Carnivale and 15% off. For the people that really want to spend more money have say a $299 pass or even higher with all 3 nights, 25% off and maybe a few extra special perks. One that I think would be good, and increase in park spending could be say offer ONE free fast track in the month of your birthday, and for friends and family offer it at a discounted price to encourage them to all buy it. Multiple ways they could make different pass tiers work just sayin
  13. From personally seeing Greg operate DC Rivals and Doomsday, I would be fairly sure he would be. Or at the very least he would have someone supervising him while he operated it (who was trained). At least he had a somewhat hands on approach to operations in the park and it was something I always noticed at Village when working there. Even the park supervisors occasionally did shifts operating the rides to keep their knowledge up on them. Wish I could say the same here...
  14. Spotty

    Arkham Asylum Braking system

    Rode it today, the ride was running really smooth. I did notice though coming around the corner after the first brake run it did go quite fast compared to normal so maybe the brakes stopping it there were causing it? I did also notice in the heartline loop a lot of what appeared to be rust coloured track. However that's probably from the recent work so maybe that could even be contributing to it. The smell was certainly coming from the back end of the train though (around row 7 onwards)
  15. Spotty

    Arkham Asylum Braking system

    Not since the Arkham upgrade. It uses eddy brakes (magnets) on the main brake run, and the old clamp style on the transfer brake and the station.