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  1. If you speak to the entry host at the attractions they are normally happy to take you through the exit to test the seat before queuing up to make sure that you fit. Alternatively if you speak to Guest Services they will be able to assist you fairly easily
  2. Seems that Roadrunner is getting new trains...would explain the extra downtime. Taken from Vekoma’s Facebook page.
  3. Probably some manufacturer from the Czech Republic most likely... pity it's not a Funtime one, but keen to see the travelling one when it arrives
  4. Let's just say there was a reason it was nicknamed the "Green Lemon" by the opening crew of the ride... for the first several months of operation it spent more time closed than open. When it first opened they even tried (unsuccessfully) to run 6 cars on the track at any given time. Let's just say this caused lots of stacking due to loading procedures and the ride being way too short to need more than 4 cars on the track. This would often cause the ride to have a heart attack and shut down (much like Scooby does if it backs up too much) After about 6 months of them tweaking things they got
  5. Honestly right now, I'd just be glad we even got anything with COVID happening. They probably didn't have much time to really plan a whole new event and are using things from previous events. And of course they would be running on a smaller budget... having several months of no income would certainly not be helping the income. Given the current state of things, I'm glad they decided to keep the park open longer and at least offer something different than what their everyday offerings are and that it was a bit better than what I am hearing Dreamworld up the road offered.
  6. Is it bad that I kinda hope they make even more of a mess of it... Just to see if it's actually possible!
  7. Funny thing is, Arkham was always one of the more popular rides in the park which is why they gave it a new lease on life when the refresh was done from Lethal to Arkham. It was tossed around at that point in time of actually decommissioning the coaster at that stage. They knew that upgrading the control system and the braking system to magnetic brakes would only give the ride another 10 or so years so. I think they were expecting it to last a few more years than it did, but we saw what Kumbak trains did to Sea Viper... so this was to be expected TBH. Even though they used the same Vekom
  8. I'm 6ft 1 and my shoulders say a big fat NOPE to Escape from Madagascar, same for the Giant Drop and The Claw... I can't do the seatbelt up due to my shoulders, the harness doesn't even end up touching my stomach! The old seatbelts they had a few years ago (Before the rapids incident) would do up just fine but now... not happening. Would love to see the Giant Drop get a refit down the track with the new gondola's and seats like Doomsday as the seatbelts on them are plenty long enough. The Claw would be a nice refit as well, but I don't ever see that one happening.
  9. As an ex operator on Scooby I beg to differ, we always told larger guests and taller guests to sit in the back row as it actually does have more leg room than the front as your legs can slide under the seat in front of you. AFAIK they have actually lowered the tolerance on Scooby in the last few years as I know some people who are exactly the same size / build who could easily ride back around 2014 and now they suddenly can't ride at all. I also have a sneaking suspicion Rivals has also had their tolerances tweaked a little bit as well but not sure.
  10. I mean... they could have used the Skyway cable like they used at Wonderland too
  11. Just to clarify a bit further on this, the side panel where the hinge is actually can slide right off to allow a wider opening for a guest to slide in and out of the seat. Very handy.
  12. That would explain it in Road Runner's case. They always try to have the blue train (the one with the disability door) cycling wherever possible and the red train as the second train. Honestly, I don't know why they didn't get the second train the same with the access for events like this happening.
  13. Being an ex theme park ride operator for Village, I can confirm the training that we received is second to none when it comes to handling these situations. A good amount of training for each ride is actually spent going through the various disabilities and rider requirements to ensure things are done safely. This is on-top of regular training and refresher courses that they have provided. Please never be afraid or embarrassed to speak to Guest Services when arriving to discuss your needs and work out a game plan for how to enjoy your day the most. If your a regular as well they will ofte
  14. Superman with 1 train operations is lucky to dispatch 6 times every 30 mins, so fully loaded that's 240 a hour... totally within Village's capacity! If you have operators really on the ball and guests that actually listen you can maybe do 7 every half hour (very hard with 1 train and the crazy procedures village have)
  15. Having operated a similar ride before (A Kamikaze) Looking at the video the E-Stop was hit within 1 swing and the ride immediately started to slow down so in this case the operator has done the right thing. From a full swing height an e-stop would take approx 3 swings to slow down to an almost stop in the home position. The brakes would be applied much harder during an e-stop than a simple ride stop or cycle abort. Also I heard someone allegedly saying they heard a ride operator state that they couldn't stop the ride as it was on a timer. Total BS as the ride is ran manually. I am curious to s
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