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  1. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    AMEN! The only ride that I think was worse was either Taz Cars or Sam Train (those damn ropes gave you rope burn... and it was a cow to park when it was fully loaded and the extra carriage on it)
  2. Spotty

    Planning for a solo visit to WBMW

    Green Lantern can have backpacks and other items left on the platform, and Superman is free for 1 hour. If you exceed the hour they -may- charge you $9 to open the locker, however I have never actually seen this happen.
  3. And removed the Arkham lift climb as well...
  4. Spotty

    Should White Water World close during winter?

    The majority of the staff could be redeployed to Dreamworld in the cooler months (food and bev, retail etc) so it wouldn't be as big of an issue. As far as the rides and slides staff, they could be multi-trained to know how to operate the rides at Dreamworld. Most of the procedures would be pretty similar across the board, with obviously some different procedures depending on the individual ride.
  5. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Every 10 or so years though, they are required to do a full track inspection just to make sure. Can't remember exactly how many years, but it is certainly a thing.
  6. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I didn't notice any broken load doors when I was there on Sunday? Scooby however just a joke... but that's a whole different story.
  7. Spotty

    Movie World April Update

    I really hope they were running 2 trains on all rides. It looked like in the video that Rivals was running 1 train, and same with Road Runner. Was also interesting to see the Wild West Roadhouse food outlet actually open as well.
  8. Spotty

    New and very different attractions

    Scooby Doo when it first opened IMO was very unique given all the theming and elements that it had. Wipeout was also very unique at the time of opening. One that also stood out to me was Supersonic Oddessy in Malaysia, a full size Intamin looper inside a shopping mall. Was a great ride too.
  9. Spotty

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    The lockers were enforced for the first 2-3 months of Green Lanterns operations, it used to confuse guests as they could see the loose items boxes on the platform but were made to put them in the lockers. I think it was around Feb / March when they changed it. This was also when they were trialing running 6 cars on the track (and lets just say, the ride did NOT like that one bit) and it didn't make the capacity of the ride any better, just resulted in people sitting on the brake run for ages.
  10. Spotty

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Hell, a lot of Australian carnival rides are over 30 years old and still run great.
  11. Spotty

    The Off Topic Topic

    Correction: Blue = Wardrobe Green = Kitchen (Above that is the staff canteen) Red = Admin Pink = Staff Toilets / Locker Room + other misc park operations Purple = Show's Rehearsal room Orange = Maintenence Brown = Parade storage Teal = Training room (Although most training is in the old gremlins theatres these days)
  12. VRTP's training is very thorough for their ride operators, speaking from experience. Mind you this was nearly 7 years ago now but even then it was a very full on day (or 2 - 3 depending on the ride). And if you didn't feel comfortable after your training, they would give you more until you did. I'm not sure what their training is like now, but i'd only assume it's been improved even further than what it was back then. I can't comment on Dreamworld's training as I never worked in attractions there so I can't compare. But I have no issue trusting VRTP's training procedures at all.
  13. Spotty

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Possibly the storm troopers coming back?
  14. Spotty

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Looking at a video of the Wave Swinger at Pleasurewood, it looks suspiciously like the one OCS owned. Not sure if they have sold it or not.
  15. Summer 2019* *American Summer, so June - technically still summer so they aren't "wrong" with advertising.