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  1. As is I crap my pants on the chairlift and I took my phone cover off since it blurs all the photos so I was nervous about dropping my phone while taking those photos. If they do open the slides this season I’ll try make it out there and take some better pics.
  2. I was able to get down to Jamberoo on Saturday so I got some photos of the area while going up the chairlift. Speaking to staff they said the slides will all be installed by next week and they still have intention of opening them this season. As sceptical as I am about that there where people actively working onsite the whole day.
  3. That’s strange this morning they where running both trains on Superman and Rivals considering how busy it is I’m surprised they pulled them off.
  4. It’s offical opening day will the 26th of December.
  5. Was just watching theme park worldwide’s IAAPA video and to my surprise WWF new boats made an appearance at the White Water West booth here a few screenshots I took. Also if you wanted to see the whole thing here it is.
  6. If you want to see it testing check out coasterlifeau’s story on Instagram.
  7. Seems like the slides are finally going in. Considering the park is opening this weekend and there is still tones of work to do I wonder when they will get it open. Hopefully it doesn't get delayed till next year.
  8. Whilst I do agree that the Big Dipper area could be done a bit better as @Dom has said I do believe it will improve over time as luna park does tend to continually plus and upgrade its aesthetic. I think it may be a bit more jarring for the guys on the Gold Coast as normally what you get at opening is it and they don't update their rides (for the better) or add extra bits of theming after the ride is open. To be honest I think at this point in time I'm more bothered with the New Atlantis project as it touted itself to be an immersive experience with huge rock work and waterfalls which have seemingly been cut whereas here all that was promised was a selection of rides. In saying that though I think they have done a decent job with boomerangs station and I think BD's will look nice when it is completed.
  9. It could just be something general but I just saw on Instagram that there is a joint federal/state funding announcement today currently taking place at Movieworld. It could just be for something for general tourism but maybe it’ll include an announcement of new project.
  10. Wasn’t sure if I should create a new thread or not so I’ll just put it here. But trident is on site. It’s great to finally see some progress. Seeing as though they haven’t started the foundation yet it might be a bit till it goes vertical. Thanks to themeparkqueen_au on Instagram.
  11. A bridge has been constructed over the launch track for the queue line. Pics from madejector_air on Instagram. Looks like it’ll be a great head hopper moment. Can’t wait to get on this in December.
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