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  1. SeaWorld has posted another update. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CI7YykhnzEJ/?igshid It looks absolutely stunning.
  2. I totally agree with @GoGoBoy. It literal gave me goosebumps I think it accomplishes everything it needs too. It’s exciting and shows all the info it needs. I forwarded to my friend who’s aren’t into SeaWorld and it hyped them up so much. They are now excited to visit once it’s all open. I do get what your saying @rappa but I think it’s great.
  3. I have mixed feelings about these designs specifically the Ultra Splash and Hot Racers. They have changed them slightly but for the most part are the exact same thing. I feel like Intamin is known for being a super innovative company and these are kinda pathetic/lazy coming from them. Either way I’d be interested in seeing these built and how they compare to there counter parts. Also I think the Giga splash would be a great fit for dreamworld.
  4. Wow this is giving me a lot of hope of what else is to come.
  5. WDW plans to begin reopening the rest of the resort on July 11 including the parks, resort's and transportation.
  6. It has been confirmed that WDW is submitting their opening plans tomorrow.
  7. I know that I mainly suggested Funtime since they would probably be way cheaper. No not that one. I may be wrong but I read that the one at gröna lund was built by Funtime.
  8. I think a BnM flyer would be way out of budget but I could definetly see a Vekoma flyer if F.L.Y is successful.
  9. The last major park that doesn’t have a drop tower style ride is SW. I think in the future it would be a great fit to add a falcons fury style drop tower. It would round out the Gold Coast lineup of towers great with a launched one being batwing a regular drop being GD and a tilted one being this one. I think Funtime makes a version of it as will. It would be a lot cheaper then intamin and make a lot of sense since it seems like they are working together for trident.
  10. This has been approved and confirmed by Universal so they will be opening during those dates. It has also been confirmed by the Orange County mayor that WDW will submit their opening plans sometimes next week.
  11. The rip isn’t going anywhere anytime soon it just got a full repaint and if there was a problem with a pump or something it’s not that big of a deal to change out. I think the next attraction WWW will and should definitely be some sort of river attraction. I definitely think an action river would be the better option as to differentiate it from WNW’s river and it is definitely more fun but I could see them go for a relaxed lazy river to be more suitable for the little ones. As for slides I definitely think a family mammoth would be a pretty good idea or even a hydromagnetic mammoth from pro-sl
  12. Definitely create a new topic for it. I think that’s a very interesting question that deserves its own thread.
  13. As for a replacement this idea wouldn’t just be the log ride but for that whole corner of the park. Yes I do know this is way out of budget and will probably never happen but how cool would it be if dreamworld built an indoor land back there. Since it’s a fully controlled environment you could do any theme you want. I would do a jungle theme they could put in an indoor boat ride to replace RHLR the story could be your on some kind of expedition and you are travelling down a river with the climax being going over a waterfall. This idea would also work outdoors but with the Queensland weather an
  14. I don’t know how hard this would be but I think it would be really cool if they could relocate some of those amazing looking large palm trees around the park maybe in ocean parade or find space for them around Main Street. It would look really nice and provide some decent shade.
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