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  1. Jobe

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Hey @Jamberoo Fan are there any whispers from the park or other sources that this year will be a further expansion to the park? Its over 2 years now since we have had the Perfect Storm? I would love to see the Action Rapid River be the next attraction. If this turns out anything like the one at Volcano Bay in Orlando then it will be a brilliant move. TeAwa the Fearless River is hands down the best River attraction at any water park I have been on and nearly the best thing at Volcano Bay.
  2. Jobe

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    I do not for one minute think that Mickey D was nitpicking at all in regards to the behaviour and mannerisms of Movieworld's staff that he observed. Theme parks are a service industry. We expect and should get excellent customer service ACROSS all facets of the park. This includes all team members whether they are ride operators or ticket attendants. Imagine if we went to a Disney park and experienced this type of attitude and poor service. It would be a major talking point. We hold Disney as being the best that theme parks can offer ( and whilst I am certainly not holding Movieworld to a Disney standard) it is reasonable to expect a certain level of attentiveness , enthusiasm and professionalism from our own indigenous parks. Simple customer service should be the minimum to expect. I am sure that Mark Shaw, given his own unique perspectives on the industry, would agree on the importance of customer service and professionalism in your job at all times. Seriously a no brainer for mine.
  3. Its a shame about Old Sydney Town. This land would be ripe for a theme park of some description, given all the positives that is position has been described. Close access to the M1 and nestled in between the major population centres of Newcastle and Sydney with a proven and successful wildlife park next door. One can only dream.
  4. Its better than no family water ride at all.................
  5. Really? You have never been nostalgic for something that not everyone understands the reason for? People have nostalgic feelings for different reasons- something touched them, it meant something when they were young , it reminds them of a special time or person in their life etc etc. Whether or not it was in reality was crap doesn’t matter. Nostalgia still brings about those warm fuzzy memories. I am sure that some of the things I remember fondly would be looked at with surprise but that’s what makes us all different I guess. 😊
  6. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney Cinema Complex

    Great find!! This appears to relate to a DA that was approved in 2005 for construction of a 5 cinema complex that would replace the existing Admin Building. This proposal is dated 12th January 2018, is for an amendment of this idea for- wait for it- a "Flying Theatre" attraction The DA acknowledges that : Pretty sure that if this goes ahead, then the space where the Flying Saucer was and where the Flying Carousel is slated to be installed, will be consumed by this project. I will definitely be seeking clarification on this point!! Once again great find and very positive signs for Luna Park!
  7. I am pretty sure that the Silly Serpent and the coaster from Tops Myer Brisbane are 2 distinct , different coasters. RCDB lists the Silly Serpent as a Zamperla powered coaster that arrived at the park in 2001. The layout for both coasters are far different to each other. RCDB lists the Jazz Junction model from Adelaide as being a Zamperla powered coaster with a custom layout, and the one from Tops Brisbane was essentially the same coaster. Its possible that they did utilise the train from the Tops model and purchase a new track but i feel that this is unlikely. The timeframes listed on RCDB do match up however, being that it is stated that the Tops coaster ran until 2001 and the LPM Silly Serpent arrived in the park in 2001 but this could be a happy co-incidence. I have nothing to offer as concrete evidence to this however , other than my own speculation and I am happy for other information to come to light to say otherwise.
  8. Well the plot thickens in regard to this. I discussed this finding with Brad from Luna Park along with some other Luna discussions and his reaction was certainly interesting. Whilst I knew that he would not and could not confirm the park installing this coaster, his reply was very open ended. Here it is: There is no official confirmation and we know that there will be none until the park is ready to release a press statement to what is essentially a very sensitive ( to the surrounding residents) issue. The addition of a new roller coaster to LPS is likely to stir up memories of the 2nd Big Dipper coaster and the acrimonious lawsuits against the park that followed. Now though, the park will be better armed to combat any such resistance and the installation of a new coaster of the the type the park may be looking at will be far less controversial than a 100 foot tall Arrow multilooper. So we can definitely glean from this that LPS are actively looking at options for a 2nd coaster. This is fantastic news and one that should be celebrated! If they are going for a Maurer, then this will be a Australian first and will give LPS a unique coaster experience for this country. I love that they are also looking at plans for custom layouts- a unique riding experience found nowhere else is a big drawcard for all enthusiasts. The next 2 years are looking extremely bright for LPS and I will certainly be at the forefront on reporting and documenting the changes as they come to hand. Happy days!!
  9. What he said!! Spot on Richard, as usual.
  10. Great find!!! This is all very interesting!! For what its worth, I did put forward a Maurer 2000 SC as a possible coaster for LPS to Brad Loxley Operations Manager at LPS with a number of other alternatives and he did say that he has ridden 2 examples of this type of coaster in the US and that they provided an excellent ride. Although it may be unconnected and just wishful thinking on my part, his enthusiasm for this coaster does give one hope.......Interesting and it certainly bears further investigation. Excellent work but could the coaster possibly fit on the Tumblebug site by sliding the footprint back towards Coney Island with supports sitting off the slab in the area between Coney and the Tumblebug site. Would mean that the supports would need to be longer to accommodate the height difference and also track would be suspended over the area. Just a thought..... Oh indeed!!!!
  11. Looks good!! I think you are right here Skeeta!!! However, didnt the Wasp replace the Octopus ride? They must have got the Typhoon approved on a technicality somewhere!!
  12. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    At one time there were over 55 wooden Wild Mice worldwide produced. Now we are down to just 3 left......... The Wild Mouse at LPS will probably be the last one standing. It is the only one that is protected by a binding heritage order and LPS have reaffirmed their ongoing commitment to keeping this ride functioning. LPS has confirmed that there has been quite a bit of work on the ride over 2017 and it is in very nice condition currently. It is a icon of the Park and will not be going anywhere in a hurry. They will also be carrying out further improvements to the building facade over 2018. I am a little surprised that LPM didnt grab one of the Wild Mouse in Australia when they had the chance. It would have been the perfect ride to place in the still vacant ex- Metropolis site and would have enabled another Wild Mouse to stay in the country. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. In further titbits of news for LPS, the new Flying Carousel ride has been pushed back to a July 1st opening due to logistical challenges. The Lighthouse cafe food outlet has been upgraded and work has commenced on the brand new Light House structure , with a completion date set for mid- March. There are other structural and building enhancements happening over 2018 with a number of new rides and attractions due to be installed throughout 2019. All in all LPS future is looking bright. I will be visiting the park on Saturday and will provide a trip report on any improvements and on how the park is faring. Your completely right Push but I am pretty sure there were never more than 3 operating at any one time.
  13. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    As has been stated , LPS Wild Mouse is a heritage listed ride along with Coney Island, The Crystal Palace, and the Towers at LPS' face. It is absolutely amazing that Australia had at one time 3 operating Wild Mouse rides- now we are down to the one unit at LPS. The travelling unit went to Indonesia as been reported and this originally stood for many years at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The Aussie World unit came from the Perth Showgrounds and was sourced from the USA . It had a different seating configuration and different cars to LPS' unit. It was an absolute travesty that this unit was demolished in the manner it was. Brad Loxley, the Operations Manager at LPS, has categorically stated that the Wild Mouse and other heritage attractions such as Coney Island and Rotor are not going anywhere. Wild Mouse is a fairly simple ride and should be easy to maintain to a good riding standard and should be around for many years to come. LPS have ruled out newer compact coasters with their revitalisation at this stage due to lack of room around their current and proposed attractions. The new 64 seat Wave Swinger will be installed by the end of March and their new theming around the park has begun, with the first example at the Light house cafe. What is exciting is that each new ride will receive new thematic bridges to really give back its old time charm and feel. There will be a new take on the Tumble Bug sculpture that will be incorporated into a new ride. The revitalisation of the park has a tabulated time line of 5 years so should be completed by 2021 at the latest. The Wild Mouse Unit at BPB was a unique unit and its layout was very different to our Mouse. It was found nowhere else in the world. When i rode this back in 2004, i would actually say that it was a superior layout to our unit. This unit and the former King Solomons Mine Ride from Southport were the last operating wooden Wild Mice left in the UK. King Solomon's Mines was originally going to be installed at Dreamland Margate as part of their heritage ride roster but it has rotted to the point that it can no longer be installed. The removal of BPB Wiuld Mouse unit could have left it open to being relocated to this park but it has since been dismantled and destroyed, ending any hopes for a resurrection in this fashion. LPS's unit was built by Ted Hopkins after he bought the designs from Germany and they built locally 3 versions of the ride One each went Melbourne and Adelaide showgrounds and the other is the existing unit at LPS. Given that for all intents and purposes, LPS's Wild Mouse is the last man standing, its historical significance is even more exemplified now given this status. It is good to know that this ride is protected by legislation and will be there for future generations to enjoy. It will certainly make LPS a must stop on any coaster enthusiast's itinerary who is travelling through Sydney to get the credit.
  14. This is a huge step in the right direction. This looks exciting and the laser light show provides the motivation for guests to stick around. Excellent- I hope this does extremely well Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot more rides to appreciate.......
  15. Excellent Skeeta!! If little old Aussie World can host a summer of night time events like this, then surely this is a wake up call to the larger Gold Coast theme parks. I predict this initiative by Aussie World will be very popular and successful