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  1. Yeah there isnt much Hollywood left. More like DC WOOD.............
  2. The next part of the expansion to the Big Banana waterpark has been lodged for a DA with the Coffs Coast council. The addition of a new Kids area and new tower complex with dueling raft slides will be a welcome addition to the small waterpark. The full article can be read HERE Below shows an overview of the new tower and duelling slides. This forms part of the expansion plans that were announced in December last year. The addition of the Plantation Alpine Coaster should be lodged as a DA by early next year.
  3. We finnaly have a date for the opening of the SX360. The ride will be launching June 18th 2021. The Ballroom Blitz is also expected to reopen at around the same time. According to the park, the Blitz undertook a major reconstruction overhaul which took longer than expected. Make of that what you will. The new spinning coaster, The Rat, whilst completed, is expected to open in the last quarter of the year. Given Aussie World's issues and longevity with opening the SX360, I won't be holding my breath. Still its good to finally see some progress happening on this attr
  4. You're going to be Frank? Why can't you just be Michael?? 😆 Seriously though, this topic has come up many times before and still keeps coming up because it is still a very relevant topic of conversation. I keep bringing up the same sites as they are literally the only sites left in the park that POSSIBLY could be utilised. I have never said they would be used. There is a massive difference. Lets dig a little closer to my suggestions. The amphitheatre in between the Ferris Wheel and the Crystal Palace- This is likely the only realistic spot for space utilsation for another
  5. Here is a video rendering of the new attractions at the park! Looks like a pretty good addition for mine!!
  6. Yeah 100%. This is exactly the type of ride that would be a great addition to Luna Park. It has good capacity, small footprint and would be unique in Australia. My only concern here would be the unload/load times, which by all accounts can be quite slow. However, this shouldnt prove to be too much of a problem for Luna Park. It might be , however, one of the reasons why one of our bigger parks has not installed one yet. If we could find room within the park, and removing the Rock 'N' Tug from the line up altogether, here are some mildy thrilling / family attractions that I think would wor
  7. Yeah thats exactly my point. 100%. You are looking at rides that are for the entire family that are thrilling enough for both adults and children. I still think the space above the carpark could be utilised somehow and incoporated into the Midway somehow. Ah well lets enjoy what we are getting , which is extremely good!!
  8. Yeah agree 100%. It looks tacky for mine where it is and it looks well out of place with all the new work going on around it. It could certainly do with a revamp and a permanent looking installation. Whilst I am loving the new rides and the investment, on a closer , judicial inspection, I would offer the opinion that the park is now a little too heavy in kid rides. I think that one more family or thrill attraction would better balance out the park. Something else that all the family can ride such as a Zamperla Disko or a Sartori Techno Jump would be just the ticket for mine. I would rather see
  9. Now we know what we know, absolutely 100%. Interesting to see that I posted that in March 2020 and the announcement came 8 months later. Goes to show this expansion has been years in the planning.
  10. Ooooh look at that!! Coaster train goodness!! This doesn’t look to far off testing!! Great pics mate thanks for sharing!!
  11. I dont think that the RES is devoid of atmosphere.I visited today and had an awesome time- there was plenty of atmosphere from my perspective.
  12. Hi guys, I thought that this document deserved its own topic- it has huge historical and current information contained in its weighty pages. Have a look at the list of contents that are contained within: There are some excellent historical maps of the site- dating back to the 1800's and showing the original shoreline before it was taken over by the Dorman Long Workshops. There is for the first time that I have ever seen a map of the famed Cliff face Tunnel that was used as an air raid shelter during WW II There are condition reports on items
  13. That last article is excellent- agreed. Will be looking forward to this tonight - the historical aspect of this is excellent. From the layout of the Ghost train, to the features inside the 45 year old ride to the eventual tragedy unfolding this promises to be one of the programs of the year.
  14. The show season has kicked off this year and the first major show was in Newcastle last weekend. Due to decent weather, and a public thirsty for public events after 12 months of COVID related cancellations, the Newcastle show saw large crowds over its 3 day operations. The event has been touted as one of the most succesful shows in the region in many years. Please see this video of the side show alley- its excellent quality and showcases the major rides brilliantly. There were some old school classics appearing this year including the Hurricane and a Trabant Enjoy!!
  15. Here is a little bit of vision from the Big Banana expansion from earlier in the year. Its a great interview with the operator of the Big Banana and includes some excellent historic photos of the Big Banana from years gone by. https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2020/12/23/50-million-plan-revealed-for-big-banan https://www.facebook.com/Prime7NewsNorthCoast/videos/434928240877888/
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