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  1. Not a bad idea. I think I am over these puns anyway.... I am feeling very insulated to their effects........ Carry on!!!
  2. Whoa 😮!! This is story certainly has legs!! It really needs a new arc.......😊
  3. Jobe

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    On a more serious note, if Dreamworld were to look to purchase one of these, it wouldnt be the worst decision in the world. They look visually appealing and by all accounts, the Thunderbolt at Luna Park New York is popular and has garnered positive reviews.
  4. Watt happened here was terrible!!!! It looks like everyone had to go ohm........ I really hoped they were juiced before they left... I guess this post will spark a few replies......... 😁
  5. Jobe

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Yeah its definitely strange. It could just be a coincidence that both rides have been stalled from opening when both are practically ready to launch but I think they may be somehow linked. It will be interesting indeed MickeyD to see how SeaWorld's new rides progress. The timelines for the new rides do not leave a lot of room for delay of any sort so it will be one to watch very closely. I guess its going to be a bit of a race to see which attraction opens first- SX360 or Sky Voyager? My bet is on the former.......
  6. Jobe

    What's gone wrong with SkyVoyager?

    Whilst nothing to do with Sky Voyager, this is a loosely related question. Given that Dreamworld are having issues getting the certification rights to opening Sky Voyager and the new tighter safety laws in the wake of the TRR tragedy, I wonder if this issue is also affecting the opening of Aussie World's new 360 degree swinging pendulum ride, the SX360? This was supposed to open before Easter but the website still advertises it as coming soon. There have been social media reports of some people having got to ride it in some sort of soft opening , but since then, the park and news of the ride has gone very quiet. Has anyone else heard anything to the contrary or have updated news?
  7. Apologies- my bad. Just looking at the official RMC website, there is no mention of T-rex track or product anywhere on the website- not in products offered or even as an addendum under the Raptor track section. Whilst that may not mean that much in the overall scheme of things, it could mean that they have gone cold on the concept for now . Of course ,it could also mean that they simply will not add it to their product range until there IS actually an installation. Also RMC have been extremely busy over the last 2 years, with significant projects being completed and upcoming. This could impact their marketing of the new concept and their willingness or ability to deliver one in the next 18 months or 2 years. Given that the Raptor track and concept is still relatively new with only 2 coasters built, this could be a matter if waiting until the right concept and park comes a knocking. As has been stated, it would be great if that park was Dreamworld.
  8. Thanks for the reply and review @DJKostya. Sorry I missed your original trip report- I will hunt it down for a complete look. Yeah I cannot disagree with you here Skeeta- the RMC Hybrid would definitely be the more visually stunning vista for Dreamworld. Its funny that you mention that there appear to be no plans to build further Raptors. Both rides are legitimately qualified successes in their own right- not including DJKostya's excellent review- but I have seen many others extolling the fantastic ride that this coaster brings. Perhaps parks are a little reticent due to its low throughput compared to other coaster models? It could also come down to price and perceived bang for buck? Maybe Dreamworld would be better off signing an exclusive deal with RMC to build both coaster types- with the Raptor coming first and then the larger Hybrid being the cream on the cake......
  9. Yeah not exactly what I stated and I did say that it was in my opinion and then gave reasons for that opinion. I have read a lot of reviews on the RMC Raptor and this has helped formulate said opinion ( hence the "by all accounts , a great ride" statement) As I havent seen anyone on these boards stating that they have ridden the two Raptor's in existence, Wonder Woman and Railblazer, I did think it a pertinent question to ask. Not 100% sure if Slick has ridden one either ( although I bet it may be likely- for context have you @Slick?) , but you certainly didn't question his choice of ride at being in his list. Just saying Mind you, if Dreamworld WERE to build an RMC Hybrid, then I , and most likely everyone on this board, would be suitably impressed. Either way , to reiterate my earlier point, it is a great and logical list.
  10. Great video and a great list of rides!! There is so much sense and logic here that we can all hope that someone with any pull at Ardent or Dreamworld watches this video and takes note. Unfortunately the Manager's at Dreamworld lately have only been having a very big pull- at the public's expense. The replacement ride for the Wipeout is the one that's the most puzzling for mine. As Slick effortlessly showed, the Zamperla off the shelf option would have been the easiest fix for the park and would have replaced the Wipeout with an improved , newer like for like ride that the public WOULD have appreciated. If a small park like Luna Park Sydney can replace an aging , popular ride like the Tango Train with another almost identical attraction , keep public sentiment and goodwill, then why the hell cant a large themepark with far more resources like Dreamworld do the same thing?? Its positively inane and really highlights the lack of foresight and experience in running a theme park that the current level of Dreamworld management obviously lack. Having ridden Manta at Seaworld Orlando I can positively say that a B & M flyer would be a brilliant addition to Dreamworld but as Slick pointed out ,highly unlikely due to the cost. Would be awesome to see one winding around Dreamworld though! I think one of the Intamin coasters mentioned would be too similar to MovieWorld's offering , as good as they are. The Vekoma options look excellent but an RMC Raptor would be the best choice for Dreamworld , IMHO. They would be an Australian first, would be clearly definable as being unique and by all accounts, a great ride. Most importantly, however, they would not be horrendously expensive and should be well in the realms of possibility for Dreamworld to afford. Does anyone know the difference in prices for an RMC Hybrid versus an RMC Raptor? Also has anyone on the pages actually ridden a Raptor? I would like to hear first hand of the ride experience!
  11. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Great video thanks for sharing!!! 👍
  12. Interesting theme park news that could affect Wet "N Wild Sydney. Parques Reunidos have received a $703 million dollar takeover bid from a Swedish Private Equity firm. As well as recently taking over Wet'N Wild Sydney, they own over 60 theme parks, water parks and Zoos/Aquariums across the globe. These include; Amusement parks Dragon Park Ha Long - Quảng Ninh, Việt Nam Bobbejaanland - Lichtaart, Belgium Dubai Parks and Resorts - Dubai, United Arab Emirates BonBon-Land - Næstved, Denmark Mirabilandia - Ravenna, Italy Movie Park Germany - Bottrop-Kirchhellen, Germany Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - Madrid, Spain Parque Warner Madrid - Madrid, Spain Attractiepark Slagharen - Hardenberg, Netherlands Tusenfryd - Vinterbro, Norway Kennywood Amusement Park - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Idlewild and Soak Zone - Ligonier, Pennsylvania, United States Miami Seaquarium - Key Biscayne, Florida, United States Castle Park - Riverside, California, United States Dutch Wonderland - Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Lake Compounce - Bristol, Connecticut, United States Sea Life Park - Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii, United States Story Land - Glen, New Hampshire, United States Mountasia -- Marietta, Georgia, United States Zoo and nature parks Zoo Aquarium - Madrid, Spain Selwo Aventura and Selwo Marina - Estepona, Spain Delfinario Costa Daurada - Costa Daurada Mar del Plata Aquarium - Mar del Plata, Argentina Marineland - Antibes, France Lakes Aquarium - Lakeside, England Blackpool Zoo - Lancashire, England Bournemouth Oceanarium - Bournemouth, England Sea Life Park - Waimanalo, Hawaii, United States Miami Seaquarium - Miami, United States[citation needed] Water parks Aquopolis Costa Daurada Cullera San Fernando de Henares Sevilla Cartaya Torrevieja Villanueva de la Cañada Bø Sommarland - Bø i Telemark, Norway Aquasplash Marineland - Antibes, France Mirabilandia Beach - Ravenna, Italy Aqualud - Le Touquet, France Noah's Ark Water Park - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States Raging Waters (3 Locations) - Sacramento, San Dimas and San Jose, California, United States Splish Splash - Riverhead, New York, United States Water Country - Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe - Greensboro, North Carolina, United States Sandcastle Waterpark - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Wet'n'Wild Sydney - Prospect, New South Wales, Australia The board of Parques Reunidos are meeting to discuss the offer. The article on the sale can be found here:
  13. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Yeah well I was referring more to the Melbourne one as that is the one I have experienced and can safely say wasn't shit. But each to their own. As I stated earlier, i think the fact this this experience appears to have been not well advertised or well known , even amidst some of the posters on this board, would have to be a major reason why this appears to have failed. A number of other factors could have contributed- high rent, poor cashflow, parent company had other financial issues. Who knows?
  14. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Ahh!! What a shame it closed. There are similar venues across Australia - there is one in Docklands at Melbourne of which I had the pleasure of visiting with the family. This is called ArtVo and is thoroughly recommended. They are basically an immersive art gallery where you stand in front of these huge art and wall murals and insert yourself into the frame for amazing 3 D effects. Depending on how you shoot the picture, the effects can be awesome. They are huge amounts of fun and are great for the entire family. I would have thought that an example on the Gold Coast would have been a well attended attraction, but perhaps this comes down to the cosmopolitan crowd that live in Melbourne. It doesnt sound like this one was well advertised though? I was a little wary of the concept at first but i found the experience to be awesome- the whole family loved it. Its definitely not shit
  15. Jobe

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    Bit like Park Chat Live? 😂😎