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  1. It does have a weight limit though 😂😂 😎👍
  2. Great pics!! Its certainly a photogenic coaster!!. Other than the shortcomings that have been discussed, the park looks bright and vibrant. Certainly an improvement over previous years.
  3. The queue section has remained the same since the 95 reopening. I was referring to the actual facade which has seen extensive new signage and reimagining since the reopening of 2004. This of course is all done in-house by resident artist Ashley Taylor and the end result is quite effective. Hopefully he can have the opportunity to do similar upgrades witht he new rides as time goes on.
  4. It’s a bit more than a theory though. The General Manager of Luna Park Sydney himself , Warwick Doughty stated that there were certainly budgetary constraints that reflected on the theming. This is where this reason came from. I guess we will just have to take him at his word and at face value. He has been very generous with his comments and quite honest as well, in my dealings with him. We also have to remember that the park has not had the ideal start to Big Dipper’s launch with Omnicron rearing it’s ugly head right at the worst time. Time will tell if improvements are made , however from what we have seen of the park over the last few years has shown a willingness to improve on overall theming, with the new lighthouse structure , Helter Skelter cafe and the Wild Mouse building all receiving fantastic looking upgrades. I am sure that given time this will improve for the new area and Big Dipper as well.
  5. To be fair this looks like the ride MDMC SHOULD have been!! This looks like Jetski coaster on steroids!! I reckon this will be a hit and a great coaster- just looking at the video it shits all over MDMC. This ride looks like it has serious potential for fun!
  6. Yeah so was I. It makes sense since underneath it is a main thoroughfare and exit to the nearby stairs.
  7. Said it before and I will say it again....bloody move it to Seaworld already!! Its time to call fail on this experiment of putting in a coaster like this at a water park!! It would be far better suited at Seaworld. Just do it!!
  8. For good? That’s a shame if so!! That’s a Gold Coast institution!!
  9. 100% spot on. Did just build Rivals and Green Lantern? Rivals opened in late 2017- nearly 4 years ago and Green Lantern in 2011-approx 11 years ago. They have hardly just been built........ 100% spot on again. This is really disappointing.... Sorry but completely dumb decision...... Sorry I disagree entirely here- that is a load of poppycock. Just because AA has been SBNO for an extended period of time is ANYONE going to be thinking that. People still remember AA and what ride it was- an intense inverted and thrilling coaster. Its still in plain view for all to see. Once it is torn down and replaced with 3 "family" coasters then there will be angst , mark my words. It will be a general feeling of being underwhelmed thats for sure. However if Movieworld's plans included the STC Vekoma model then the GP would see a direct replacement for AA and 2 NEW family coasters- much better than what was there before. As it stands, the plans are extremely underwhelming and are a completely missed opportunity..... Absolutely hit the nail on the head here spot on yet again. Great comment and I 100% agree with everything you have stated here mate. Sums it up very well.... Yeah you got it. Like Gazza I thought it was the Vekoma STC model and this would very much be able to compete with ST as a response. Now....well Dreamworld can breathe a little easier as these plans do nothing to reach the same level of impact that Steel Taipan has had. Dreamworld would be smiling at this news i reckon- it gives them time to follow up ST with another attraction of the same impact.
  10. Sorry but how is it pretty clear from your first response that you were talking about the Gold Coast being disrupted by staff shortages? You would need an Allan key Brad to unlock that sentiment from that post or you might as well be in another timezone trying to communicate. Sarcastic replies like your first one , whilst sometimes funny do not convey anything other than that- sarcasm. Longer term members like me and @DaptoFunlandGuy realise you support extended Summer hours and we wholeheartedly agree but most of the time the sarcasm is lost on newer members. Sometimes its just not needed as well.
  11. Hang on. Is this 100% legit? Why would you put in 2 family (albeit dueling) Boomerang coasters and then surround it with….another family coaster?? That seriously makes no sense. Of course the new Vekoma STC coaster is what is needed here. Surely Movieworld can’t be THAT stupid? Look at the success of the install at Tripsdrill. That looks amazing and by all accounts rides fantastic. As a direct replacement for AA then it makes complete sense. To have a non inverting coaster as well as the other 2 family coasters is quite frankly an astonishingly unbalanced decision. I sincerely hope that this is not true.
  12. Not when the ride experience is so much better than what the SLC’s offered. However the SLC’s layout , despite the track and original trains shortcomings, is quite a good layout. Checkout the Great Nor Easter at Morey’s Pier which has had new trains and retracting to fully realise the potential of the SLC layout. The STC is just the next evolutionary step.
  13. If Movieworld can theme along these lines , add in another Boomerang coaster then how can we not be excited by these plans?
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