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  1. Jobe

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Whoa- back right up there big boy!! I was not saying that I agreed with Flyn_Smith's assessment of you , rather I was just simply correcting his Americanism to a much more palatable ( for me anyway) Australian colloquialism. I never said whether I agreed or even found the assessment acceptable. Dont put words in my mouth thanks- that was not the intention. Cheers.
  2. Coaster Studios has just released a quick video of the soft opening of F.L.Y, the brand new Vekoma Launched flying coaster, the first of its type in the world. There is also a quick preview of the new land Rookburgh as well. Check it out. From first impressions, the launch looks very forceless which the reviewer acknowledges , but he then goes on to state that the ride is excellent- very different from B & M flyers insofar there are no on your back moments. The new area and general theming of F.L.Y looks absolutely awesome and the Steampunk theme is very well exceuted indeed! Looking forward to a POV and closer look as this progresses to an offical opening.
  3. Jobe

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Thats true. Thats the biggest parallel that can be drawn onto this. When they closed Hanna Barbera Land ( or Little Wonders as it was then know) it didnt make any sense or logic or reason. You had The Beastie sitting there tantalisingly close and all that land that should have been filled with families having fun. It was the beginning of the end for Wonderland. I am not suggetsing that this is what is going to occur to Dreamworld but i strongly oppose the idea of the park reducing in size for any reason. Its a big step back in my opinion and the memories of the history that occured at Wonderland are still very fresh and perplexing in my mind. Fixed that for you..."arse" is much more Aussie friendly and preferred for mine!!
  4. Jobe

    Magic Mountain Glenelg

    Yes this was basically my conclusion as well. Having never visited either attraction, I can only go on what i can see in the pictures and info I have resarched. For mine The Beachouse is nearly exactly the same as the former Magic Mountain with updated equipment and a slightly larger attraction offering. In terms of size, are they roughly equal to each other though? Or is The Beachhouse slightly bigger?
  5. Jobe

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Whatever you do...........
  6. Hey guys, Just stunbled across this little video on Youtube of Glenelg's former attraction Magic Mountain. I am pretty sure this has not been shared before so i thought i would proffer it here for anyone that is interested. Having not been to Adelaide before, this offers a fascinating insight into an obviously much loved former attraction. Interestingly, this was built on the same site that Luna Park Glenelg was situated on in 1930 before it was packed up and shipped to Milson's Point to become Luna Park Sydney. Nowadays it is home to a small attraction called The Beachouse. Here are some pics of when Luna Park was situated at Glenelg. For comparison, here is some images of the Beachouse, the attraction that currently resides in this spot. There were plans at some stage to expand The Beachouse with a larger water park facility but I am not sure what happened with that proposal. Seems like a great little attraction for the family by the sea. It would be great if it could be expanded in some way to increase its patronage and importance as an attraction for the town. Hopefully , one day I get to visit and have a look in person.
  7. If we are naming Australian icons associated with amusement parks, is there anything more iconic that Luna Park’s Sydney and Melbourne’s unique face entrances? I don’t think anything else is more recognised nationally or internationally than these 2 landmarks from each city. They certainly would be up there , in my estimation.
  8. Yeah they havent happened yet..they are SBNO........
  9. Yeah Rodney was great. He is in great demand actually- after he finished up at Movieworld he shacked up with these lasses. If you can help out they are looking for him.......
  10. Yeah this is true!!! Also not withstanding the small fact that the park is not currently operating either tends to dent ones plans for this......ah well one day!!
  11. Just as an aside its interesting to note that LPS request for a DA for the placement of temporary amusements on the Lavender Green behind Coney Island has now been withdrawn. This application drew quite a lot of criticism and protest from surrounding residents so its no surprise that LPS has decided to voluntarily withdraw this request and alter their plans. What impact this has on their future plans is anyones guess but I always thought that this proposal was not a brilliant idea.
  12. Yeah GoGoBoy that is the real tragedy of LPM. We know Lindsay Fox bought LPM for a good price in the early 2000's and at the time he made LOTS of promises about its future- promises that included bringing back the old favourites including the River Caves, The Giggle Palace and the Rotor. None of these have ever eventuated nor were they ever spoken of again. Interestingly, at the time , the Metropolis was due to be replaced with a new coaster and this was planned for and even spoken of in media releases. It was due to be imported from overseas but for reasons not overtly known, it never occurred. Metropolis at the time was refurbed and installed as the parks 2nd coaster ( albeit with a new name and even though it had existed there since the early 1990"s) Lindsay Fox 's fortune is collectively and conservatively valued at close to a billion dollars - he certainly has the funds and the clout to really give LPM the makeover it deserves. Really?? It was a generic and very bland "carnie" coaster. The model is common even in Australia- there are so many better options to be considered. I find that interesting and perplexing at the same time mate. LPM, like LPS, is one of our historical gems. It should be visited just for the Scenic Railway and the magnificent PTC carousel alone. Yeah as it is, it is certainly underwhelming but its historical value and its charm does make it worth a visit to check out. Not denying that it certainly needs decent investment and a decent 2nd coaster would be a boon. Would love to see a Review Tyme video on LPM discussing the good the bad and the future sometime soon......
  13. Spot on here mate. The Big Dipper was a hugely enjoyable experience at Luna Park. The way it swooped over the Midway and then flew beside the cliff face before seemingly ejecting itself behind Coney Island for the helix and sidewinder maneuver made for an exciting and thrilling ride which ( at the time ) was one of the best coaster experiences in the state. I can attest also to its smoothness here as well- the transitions didnt seem harsh and the ride ran nicely through all its course. I was disappointed when I rode it as Cyclone when it made its way to Dreamworld in the early 2000's- it didnt seem to really fit in to where it was positioned ( over an old carpark) - it just seemed to be plonked there without much thought. It DID look visually impressive at the time from the highway especially with the twin mega loops of the Thunderbolt just behind it ( with which it operated simultaneously for a short period). Nowadays I feel with the integration with White Water World it works that much better- it feels far more organic as it blends in with the waterpark and the slide tower. I rode it last in January and yeah it was rough. This was the first time I have ridden it for a number of years and the first time I rode it with the newer trains. I found them to be an improvement over the old Arrow trains and the harnesses were certainly more comfortable than the previous clunky OTS Arrow restraints. The transitions were a bit bone jarring in a couple of places but overall I still enjoyed the ride and the experience. My son rode it with me for the first time ( it was his first Arrow looper and coaster) and he enjoyed it as well but of course it didnt stack up to the B&M's that we rode recently together in the States. I still have a lot of nostalgia for this ride though and I am grateful that it is still in existence to be ridden and enjoyed. As a coaster its far and away nowhere near the best on the Gold Coast but it is still an impressive and unique ride and I feel that it gets criticism that is extremely harsh without taking into account its positives as well. Looking forward to seeing the new name and refurb outcomes that are currently being enacted on the ride. I originally saw this article in another newspaper , presumably an affiliate Sydney paper, so i am guessing it was widely reported at the time. I do recall ( and It was a long time ago) that the article I saw had a different graphic and artist impression- I thought that I had saved this but if I did its looong gone. I am not to sure on this. I think that any resemblance from this ride the eventual Bid Dipper 2.0 became is just a function of the space they had to work with more than any real link to this coaster. Firstly at the time, Arrow was joined with Huss and the German manufacturer would have left their own stamp on the project. Secondly, given the considerable 11 year gap between this proposal and the steel Big Dipper I feel that they would have started from the ground up for the space that was provided. Any similarity I feel would be coincidence here.
  14. I remember seeing this article in the paper when i was just 10 years old and reading it with fascination and wonder. Of course the plans did not eventuate but I do remember that the coaster plans were by Arrow Huss. I just wanted to share this with all of you as this article has been in my brain for 30 + years and to finally see a digital copy is great. Given that there was fierce resident opposition even then this did not progress beyond pre planning stages but it certainly does present a huge "Oh what might have been" moment. The link to the article is HERE
  15. Jobe

    Ardent Leisure FY 20 results

    Interesting- I have never heard this. What was the nature of the poor support from Maurer? Whilst I do not disagree that Buzzsaw was an odd decision for Dreamworld to install ( it was totally opposite to their need at the time) for mine, I think its fairly inaccurate to label Maurer as a "second tier manufacturer" or "terrible manufacturer" on the basis of just ONE coaster. To date Maurer have installed 63 coasters in various locations in virtually every market in the world. Their spinning coasters are well regarded, and with 21 installations across the world, are their most succesful design to date. They have been installed in major theme park players such as Alton Towers, Phantasialand, Disneyland Studios Paris, Six Flags and Hersheypark, to name a few. They also have installations of other custom coasters at Universal Orlando in the form of Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket ( which I have ridden and really enjoyed ) and Fiorano GT Challenge at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Even the Skyloop model (XT 150) of which Buzzsaw belongs to, has met with success around the world with 9 installations. I certainly agree that they are limited in their scope, however, and there were certainly other options that would have been far superior that Dreamworld could have explored ( Premier Rides Skyrocket II comes to mind). In fact Dreamworld would have been far better off going with the Skyloop XT 450 extended model- of which there is currently only one installation at Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, called Abismo. By all accounts , this gives a much more satisfactory ride experience and is far from the one trick pony that the normal Skyloop model is. They still remain as players in the world market and with several installations across the market as late as last year and they are concentrating on their latest product the Spike Coaster, of which 2 units have alerady been installed and several are being planned for Cruise Ship installation in the future. Combined with their Wild Mouse models ( over 15 installations) they have certainly made an impact on the world wide market. I get that they are not on the same level as Intamin or B & M but to completely debase their whole attractions listing as inferior is a bit of a stretch. I have not heard anything majorly wrong with the company in regards to their operations or after sales service so to label them thusly as a terrible manufacturer is also a tad erroneous for mine. Just my 2 cents worth