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  1. Jobe

    Splash mountain retheme

    Cheers mate. The only way forward is to have civil discussion like this. We can all have differing views as long as we are all respectful of each other. Its called being human and using innate intelligence to move forward. At the end of the day we are all themepark enthusiasts here and thats why we all come together. The fact that we can include sensitive discussions such as this in a civil and respectful way I think speaks volumes about every member in this community and the way that Richard and the mods have carefully crafted and maintained these boards. Kudos to all I think.
  2. Jobe

    Splash mountain retheme

    Yeah I reckon you are right here it just comes down to the timing of the announcement I guess.
  3. Jobe

    Splash mountain retheme

    Ah that makes much more sense. Just to be clear I am not calling the Black Lives Matter movement a trend- i fully support that 100%. I was referring to the trends that have come as a result of that worthy movement which has been linked to cancel culture. Some I agree with and some i definitely do not. I am just saying that I do not believe that in this instance, this ride represents racism and which is why I have namechecked Cancel Culture. The retheme is interesting- the Princess and the Frog hit 267 million worldwide and Tangled a year later hit 592 million.....not sure they have gone with the right IP to retheme to be honest. All good thanks for the discussion mate.
  4. Jobe

    Splash mountain retheme

    Was Tower of Terror rethemed though? It was changed to Tower of Terror II and the car reversed but that is not on the same level as a total retheme on this scale. Potentially you are right and this re-theme has been on the cards for quite a while. But the point of my post is HOW does this ride propagate racsim , other than its links to the film?. If you didnt know the movie , you would not find this ride racist ( and as we have both already agreed-that is a very tenous link indeed). Once you realise that, then you have to turn to the view that a) if this ride was on the cards to be re-themed, then Disney are now using current events and cancel culture views as a reason for expediting this retheme or b) they are REALLY reacting to the current trends and have acknowledged accordingly with announcing the retheme. So either way its a reaction to the current sensitive view on cancel culture. Thats not extreme to say that.
  5. Just to be clear here and for clarity's sake- is this your opinion?
  6. Jobe

    Splash mountain retheme

    Probably true but to use this as the reason for the re-theme is exactly that- making a political statement and pandering to opinions of the day. The link to racism and this ride is tenuous at best despite what the propaganda will have you think. This is a knee jerk reaction from a company that doesnt want to be seen to be tarnished with anything negative at all - especially if its not wholesome and family orientated. The problem is, the target audience for this ride would not have a clue what "alleged" racial issues are with the theming on this ride. Hell, the majority of adults would see any linking this ride to racism as a massive stretch. Yes the original film had racial stereotypes and it was always a tender point for Disney in their history ( to the point where this movie is largely ignored in Disneys film canon) but the only link to anything racist is that this ride is themed to the characters of the film? Where is the racist undertones other that the linkage? Its sadly for mine another example of the extreme cancel culture that is inhabiting the world right now. That view may not be popular and others may disagree but it certainly bears further discussion.
  7. They need to install the Alpine Coaster that they have had plans for and filed a DA for. This would be an Australian first and would be a very welcome addtion to Jamberoo's lineup!! The park's future is well assured - we have been visiting every year for the past 7 years and have never had a bad experience. Great park!!
  8. Jobe

    WhiteWater World New Slide Ideas

    Yeah it looks good. Its very similar to the one at Volcano Bay. I would say that the the Fearless River at Volcano Bay seems to flow a bit faster? Not sure but thats how it looked to me. The lift hill at the end is interesting- and it a bit of a let down in some ways. I thought it was going to lead to a downward slide of some decsription that would splash back down into the river but it seemed a bit anti-climatic. Nice example though.
  9. Jobe

    WhiteWater World New Slide Ideas

    Thanks Tim- I did not realise that!! Thats excellent- it appears that this type of slide just is not popular with water parks any more! It could be capacity- they do not look like they have a huge hour throughput but they certainly do look like lots of fun and they are very different from you bog standard tube slide or standard body slide. Any regional park like Jamberoo , Adventure Park , Gumbuya World or Funfields would do well in adding a well themed example like this to their attraction line up!! Just another reason to get to Perth to visit Adventure World!
  10. Jobe

    Six Flags Australia

    So hilariously cheap? I think that is a bit of a misnomer. They certainly do not skimp on attractions- I dont think anyone would look at the ride line up at Six Flags Magic Mountain and call it "cheap". What they do miss out on is general theming and immersiveness that chains such as Disney and Universal prize so highly. Even SeaWorld Parks and Cedar Fair , overall , has general attention to detail and theming greater than most Six Flags. Its never been their strongpoint or even their purview. Thats not to say that they CANNOT produce highly themed attractions however, the quality of their rides is clearly undisputed. They certainly cannot be described as "hilariously cheap" IMHO.
  11. Jobe

    WhiteWater World New Slide Ideas

    Better yet an Action River would be the superior option. TeAwa the Fearless River at Volcano Bay in Orlando is a fantastic attraction. This thing MOVES. We stayed on for about an hour , just going around and around- it is so much more than a lazy river. Would love to see this option at WWW. I would just love a water park in Australia to bring back one of these Mountain Cascade style water slides- this would be a unique and i think very popular slide. There used to be several examples of this type of slide in Australia, most notably at the Waterworks in Mt Druit and at Dreamworlds Blue Lagoon. If not WWW, then Jamberoo , Gubuaya World or Funfields would be an excellent option for this slide in mind. Here is a great example from Quebec in Canada.
  12. Get a high quality , immersive ride from a reputable manufacturer like Intamin and the public would soon lose its fear of rapids rides. However, it needs to be another park that actually installs it. Too many memories and the inevitable comparison to TRR would not be the publicity that Dreamworld would want. Plus it would not be a good look on behalf of the four families that lost loved ones on the TRR tragedy. If not Dreamworld then what park? It certainly doesn't leave a lot of candidates. Seaworld would be the obvious choice but does it have the land to support one? Movieworld would also be a good option but would need a major shift in footprint in order to fit one in. Other than that the list draws very short indeed. Adventure World in Perth would appear to be an excellent choice for an installation. Similarly Funfields could also be an option in the future. Beyond that , its highly unlikely. Dreamworld, as has been stated before on the boards, should concentrate on either a new immersive family Log Flume or a Shoot the Chutes style ride. However, if ANY park was to install a similar attraction as Infinity Falls at Seaworld Orlando then I am so there. This thing looks unbelievable!!
  13. No roasting but they have had their day. There are far better , newer options out there that would make far more sense than a Vekoma Boomerang. However, one of their newer family shuttles would be just the thing. Something like this duelling family shuttle would be a viable option for a great family ride.
  14. Jobe

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

  15. Jobe

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    In other breaking and related news- Dreamworld have announced a new swing ride to finally replace Wipeout. It should be installed by Boxing Day...Check out the video of it below!!! 😋