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  1. Wow brilliant news!!! So many good things to look forward to in the theme park industry in Australia at the moment- and the majority of the parks are stepping up their game!! This is the cream on the cake and has really flown under the radar!! Given the developments on the Gold Coast, the new plans and attractions for Aussie World, the $20 million dollar investment in LPS, the continuing expansion of Jamberoo, the new attractions at Funfields and Adventure Park, MI3 at Adventure World, plus now this its a great time to be an amusement park lover! Looking forward to hearing more news and info as it comes to light!
  2. Yeah just saw that myself thanks Gazza. Ah well. Still think the Disk O would be a better fit but either option still shows exciting times for Funfields!!
  3. So did I @Patrick Dove. And for a park this size and given their target audience of mainly family attractions and not strictly thrillseekers, this makes much more sense!! If this does turnout to be the ride in question, it will make a fine addition to the line up and provide just that extra bit of motivation to visit the park!
  4. Days?? Weeks Richard!! This thread is like the Young and the Restless- you can stop watching it for years but as soon as you sit down to give it another go, its exactly the same as you remember , the exact same characters and the same tired old plots. Still,some people call that entertainment!
  5. To be honest I am extremely surprised that Kraken was in the list over Abyss. Kraken maybe a great themed ride but in the end it is just a Tornado- a ride that has numerous examples in Australia. Abyss is a well themed , and from all accounts- well recieved Eurofighter- which is currently unique in the Australian market.
  6. Surely its not going to rival the "world class" example coming to Movieworld??
  7. That's NOT what she said!!!
  8. You are 100% correct here Spotty- both were manufactured by Danfab Engineering in Australia under license from Reverchon. The G Force at LPM was removed in early 2015 and replaced with the Power Surge. As for Wonderland's Tasmanian Devil: "The Tasmanian Devil was Built for Australia’s Wonderland in 1985 and was slightly smaller in diameter than the other explorers they built and had the capability to go backwards, for whatever reason Australia’s Wonderland chose to operate it in one direction only. The Tazzie Devil was half trailerized but not completed for travelling on the show circuit." Here is a bit more info on the Explorer ride ( Thanks to Dave Burton's Amusement Ride Extravaganza site) " The explorer was first manufactured by Reverchon Industries of France in 1980. Reverchon, a pioneer in the electric bumper car. Several units were made under license in USA and Australia in the early 1980’s with approximately 30 built worldwide before production ceased by Reverchon around 2001. The ride consists of a fast undulating rotational movement with 3 ups and downs per revolution ranging from 0.5 to 5 metres (1.6 to 16 ft), with a swinging sensation, both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Unlike similar rides the hydraullically driven Explorer does not use a tram guide to lift and lower the cars but instead an ingenious reverse eccentric centre hub. The large 40-person ride is mounted on one 46ft trailer and can be set up in as little as 4 hours with 3 people. There are approximately 5 Reverchon units operating in Europe, at least 5 in USA and 3 Explorers in Australia - one at Melbourne’s Luna Park, one immaculate road model renamed Flashdance owned by Chant’s, and an ex-park model under refurbishment. These 3 were built in Australia under license from Reverchon in the 1980’s. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 20 two seats cars Two axis Maximum speed : 16 rpm Power supply : 80 kW Hourly capacity : 900 to 1,000 people Set-up time : 6 hours for 3 people Hydraulic unit with 4 functions Control rack for all functions Mounted on a 14 m (46 ft) trailer Road weight 24 tons"
  9. Great post @GoGoBoy. Absolutely agree- LPS has so much potential. Its major advantage is its location- honestly what amusement park in the world can boast such a magnificent backdrop? Its unique! I too also have a lot of hope that this $20 million investment will be just the thing that LPS needs to make it a real player in the industry again. 6 new rides plus the improvements announced is just what the Doctor ordered. A refresh of the ride and attraction line up will see people and families continue to pass through its famous face. This is the refresh that it needed to have. I certainly hope that the reality will match the expectations. LPS is important to the fabric of Sydney. It NEEDS to be in existence. Not only for its historical heritage but its intrinsic value to the people of Sydney as an icon to the rest of the nation and indeed the world!! Who doesnt love getting a selfie under that smiling face with all lights on? Looking forward to getting more info as we get closer to announcements and work progression. Fingers crossed that a 2nd coaster, the ONE thing that LPS really needs, comes to fruition with this investment. There is still hope people!!
  10. Hi @StingRay, the ride you are referring to was the Flying Saucer- a HUSS UFO. They were a natural progression from the Enterprise ride and were both from the same manufacturer- HUSS. The UFO is a much rarer ride and there are less that 10 surviving examples in the world today. LPS had an Enterprise as part of their 1982 overhaul and it was removed in the early '90's. The coasters we have cited as examples are comparable in size to the Wild Mouse- albeit some may be a BIT bigger. The Tumblebug space is roughly the same size as the Wild Mouse space and there is space behind it next to the cliff wall for overhang etc if required. Alternatively, the space directly parallel to Coney Island would also be ideal. This would then leave the space where Spider currently resides for a possible family area. I have always thought that the space on top of the carpark roof which is currently a green area would be perfect for a family area. It could accommodate several family rides easily and would just require access from below in the form of a ramp etc. You are 100% right in trusting in Brad. He has done an excellent job so far in his years at LPS and he perfectly understands the charm and heritage that LPS has to offer. I am sure that what is added will only enhance and build on this strength. Exciting times for LPS!
  11. Thanks for the info mate!! These little parks in Victoria are expanding quite rapidly and look like a lot of fun!! Time to plan a visit!
  12. I can definitely see a second compact coaster being added to LPS- there are numerous examples that would work. Think Zamperla, Maurer ,Gerslauter, S & S,- they all have coasters that would be a good fit for LPS. Ride noise is still monitored true but as long as a ride complies with the standard, then LPS is protected by legislation aganst such harassment and legal challenges. If the Wild Mouse can operate to the required level , then there is no reason that a new compact could not do the same. The only 2 spots that could really accommodate a new coaster is on the Tumblebug space or in Maloney's Corner. LPS has successfully run Pirate's Revenge Flume ride there a number of times and I see no impediment to them placing a new compact coaster in this area. A Gerslauter compact similar to Iron Shark/Krater or a spinner of some type would be the best that we could hope for in LPS, IMHO. One of these would be ideal!! ( Brad Loxley I hope you reading this!!!) As for their new rides- I think we are in for some surprises. There have been definite hints as to a dark ride based on something similar to Justice League, which would be an excellent addition to the park. Given that the first ride announced is a Flying Carousel , most probably from Zamperla,it could be that several more examples of Zamperla's catalogue could make an appearance. What flat rides do you see would make the best choice for LPS? Especially given we know the approximate budget? Personally I would love to see some sort of pendulum swing ride, and a Disko or Disko Coaster. I would also love for LPS ( or any Australian park for that matter) to get a Larson Flying Scooters ride- they have such an old world feel and charm, would fit in perfectly with LPS's aesthetic, plus its a unique ride for the Australian market Thoughts and discussion?
  13. Your logic serves you pretty well here Yoshi- if we look at the current attractions at LPS we can conclude that: Rides that will be preserved: Wild Mouse Coney Island Ferris Wheel Rotor Carousel Tango Train Hair Raiser Rides that could be removed over the next 4 years: Ranger Spider Tumblebug Assorted Kids attractions- these could be in the mix for disposal Dodgems- I think these will stay but stranger things have happened Mystery Manor- This was only ever meant to be a temporary attraction but its popularity has seen it extended. I think it will make way for newer purpose built attractions, however. The question begs to be asked is where will these attractions be placed? It obviously points to a much needed rationalisation of Maloney's Corner, whilst also utilising the Tumblebug and Flying Saucer spaces. Have not had confirmed whether the expansion is for 6 rides or 11 as has been reported by some media outlets. Thinking that this is an erroneous error and that it is more likely to be 6 than 11 new rides. Hoping for 11 but 6 seems more realistic to me. Can we start thinking that a new coaster is on the way? It is definitely possible but I somehow think it is unlikely. I certainly still hold out hope for a new signature coaster but the price tag of $20 million for 6 new rides has me thinking otherwise. It does not leave a lot for a new coaster, once all other theming and ancillary redevelopment is taken into account.
  14. I can confirm that Coney Island, Wild Mouse and Rotor are not going anywhere with the announced facelift. Although this news is not surprising, it should breathe a huge sigh of relief for lovers of the iconic fun palace. Also, in regards to the new rides, it appears that there will be a heavy emphasis on theming! This should give some clues as to how they are going to progress: Really, Really excited for all these plans to come to fruition- this is the most exciting thing to happen to LPS since the 1995 reopening. Unfortunately, still no word OR denial about the much needed second coaster.......fingers crossed!
  15. The news has also been reported in several other media outlets, with varying degrees of accuracy.