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  1. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    All good mate..I was skimming quickly and it looked like not unreasonably that your comment was referring your below quote. Cheers for clearing it up.👍
  2. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Yeah ok. Not sure why he stated that above the quote for LPS shutting down though. That seems a bit misleading. Possibly should have been clearer in the intent if he was drawing comparison. All good.
  3. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Think you will find that will be for functions that have already been booked- weddings etc as long as they fall under the current guidelines. All shows have been cancelled at the Big Top.
  4. Go easy eh?? This level of moronism is seldom acheived. I bet he is real fun at parties though!!!! 😂
  5. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Depends on how you look at it doesn’t it? They are our biggest parks for sure, but if you add up all the smaller parks in the other states (including Aussie World) then they are very much in the minority. Whilst the GC is the hub for amusement parks in Australia- our Orlando if you will- it’s important to note that the amusement park industry is not just GC centric. Our smaller parks are an important part of the amusement park landscape in Australia, let’s not forget the important part they play as well as the bigger players.
  6. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Yeah I was taking the family for the first time in years- was also going on the first weekend!! Have already booked accommodation but hadn’t bought any RES tickets which is a good thing. Looks like we will be looking for something else to do in Sydney that weekend!! Huss it’s a shame for you guys- the RES is your biggest show!! I was looking forward to seeing all the ride companies best offerings come together this year!! LPS hasn’t said if they are closing yet ( however LPM have voluntarily closed for 2 weeks) do you know if they had any traveling rides scheduled for the school holiday period? I think it’s only a matter of time before we see a similar announcement from LPS, however.
  7. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    This!!! This is a key point that needs greater awareness and wider spread dissemination amongst the public.
  8. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Cheers mate..yep it certainly does help!! Great info thanks for sharing. Good to see you are still on the boards too....I have missed your contributions mate!!
  9. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Interestingly enough, just recieved an email update from Parksavers on the effects of the Coronavirus on the 6 Disney theme park properties around the world. There is some sound advice here but there is also opportunity for those who wish to take the risk and visit the US Disney parks at the same time. Visiting the Orlando resort may see the lowest attendance for some time due to the virus outbreak. I know when we visited in 2017, we went in the middle of Hurricane Irma. Virtually every ride was a walkon ( including Seven Dwarves Mine Train !!) - it was such a great experience. It is all going to come down to your personal thoughts on the risk of travelling at this time.
  10. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah that was my line of thinking when examing the pics. The lines run directly to service access points as seen in the photos we provided. I was not naive enough to think they were footer markings or even ride positioning but its very curious to see that they are locating these services in this location. Something is definitely happening , and we will have to wait and see if it actually is attraction related.
  11. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Yeah thats what I was going to say as well. This area has not had any work done to it since the park reopened in 2004 so the markings are definitely indicative of SOMETHING being done. I am not an expert on what work they are meant to indicate, but it is certainly very interesting and this area should become a hotspot for activity and to keep a close eye on. Couple with this turn of events is the fact that the park recently closed their Mystery Manor attraction and indicated that their next attraction will be in this space. As i said before, this is a decent sized space and this COULD be a very decent sized attraction, if it is indeed one at all. Yeah mate we stayed at the North Sydney Harbourview on Saturday night and we walked down and through the park to catch a ferry to Circular Quay. I saw these immediately and wondered what they meant!! Interesting and we will have to look at developments very closel over the next couple of months!!
  12. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Visited Luna Park today and saw some interesting markings on the area in Maloney’s Corner behind Coney Island. It would appear that work could be about to commence on a new attraction for the park. From viewing the markings, it appears that the attraction is of a decent size. I am not going to say definitively “coaster” but I would not like to rule it out!! Let the speculation begin!!
  13. Jobe

    Log Ride Demolition

    Pretty sure that THIS is a sign of demolition........... Seen any of these yet?? No? 😄
  14. Jobe

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Well one thing is for sure is that it is going to worse before it gets better. The effects could be quite severe in the short to mid term and there are some projections that show that August is going to be the peak for Coronavirus in Australia, the ripple effects could quite conceivably carry on until well into 2021. Lets hope that this is not borne out because we need our amusement industry to thrive with the lingering after effects of the TRR tragedy still being felt.
  15. Jobe

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    I know what you mean...I joined in January 2003......17 years ago!!! Time does sure fly when your having fun!!