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  1. Well. I just want to re-emphasise this very cogent point. I don’t really have much to add. I just wanted to quote you here because I want your extreme levels of imbalance, immaturity and plain whack job nastiness to be preserved for all prosperity You sir have won the internet for me today. Thank you for actually making me laugh out loud after reading your reply. Classic. Now can we get back on topic? Cheers!!
  2. Wonderland Eurasia ( as Anka Park opened as) failed not because of the ride choices. It failed due to a number of reasons- political unrest over the massive cost blowouts of the park ( reputed to have cost $750 million at conservative estimates), due to the unrest over this there was a change in political leadership which tried to reign in the costs before the park had even opened, poor construction values which left many attractions simply not available to be ready for opening day and lack of support from the local population against the cost of the project, when all most of them wanted was f
  3. Mate if you are going to post rubbish or opinions that contradict other posts you have made expect to be called out on it. If this is your reaction then its a really immature one, given your years. As for calling me a troll, well that couldnt be further from the truth. I have been on these boards for a long time, longer than you in fact and my reputation speaks for itself. I am happy to listen to anyones opinion and always treat it with respect unless it is just plain incorrect. Most posters get my respect straight away and there are others who have been here for some time and who I know
  4. I am going to throw my 2 bits in here. 100% agree that the Flyer would make probably the biggest impact. These are fairly rare credits overseas in any case and to have one here in Australia would be an absolute game changer. I think we are all thinking B&M here but what would people think if we had the new Vekoma Flyer? Not sure of the cost difference but this might be an easier way for our parks to gain a flyer? FLY at Phantasialand looks fantastic but part of that is the incredible theming which an installation here is not going to have. If it proves economically cheaper then p
  5. Yeah you are correct here- the Xmas Lights Spectactular always sees huge crowds and is what gave me the impetus for the idea in the first place. Its probably never going to be a fully fledged theme park in reality, however, the region itself is diversifying and offering attractions and events that are quite popular. The winerys are looking for other attractions and events to keep the tourism dollar pumping into the region and concerts and events have been steadily growing in patronage and scope over the last 10- 15 years. Last August, a new $107 million dollar new out door concert ampithe
  6. Ah!! Excellent!! That’s pretty much the way I surmised it would go. Bet they now will build an exit staircase from the unload platform to the Midway below. The Big Dipper entrance will ne for just that- the entrance to the queue line. That bridge will be an awesome photo opportunity!!
  7. For a bit of fun, while we are experiencing lockdown blues, I thought I would pose the question to the group of where do you think a new Amusement park could be establised in NSW and there are certainly a number of places where this could work. I have given this some consideration and I feel that one place it could work is at the Hunter Valley Gardens. The Hunter Valley Gardens, for those who do not know, opened in 2003 and are in the Hunter Valley about 15 minutes from the town of Cessnock. The gardens span across 14 hectares of land, containing 10 differently themed gardens, accommodation, a
  8. From what I have heard these trains have done amazing things for this SLC. The reveiws I have read have all pointed to how smooth the ride experience is and also zero headbanging or any issues that plague other SLC's. I guess it proves that the SLC layout is actually excellent- it never lets up for pacing- and that quality trains can make a huge difference. If Arkham had received these trains its likely Movieworld would be facing a different scenario to the situation it is now in with this ride.
  9. Yeah I cannot agree with you here. Respect your opinion , but the Gold Coaster is nowhere near the worst Arrow layout ever made. Yes it was designed for and specifically built for LPS and whilst I do kind of agree that it was best in that location, as it stands now at Dreamworld, its actually a good fit. When it was first placed up there in the early 2000's it was a carpark coaster and quite bereft of anything that made it special at LPS- namely the closeness of the cliff and the out and back feel of the helix floating behind Coney Island. All this was pre Whitewater World. Now that WWW has gr
  10. In the midst of the exciting things and construction happening at Dreamworld, Seaworld and Luna Park Sydney, its easy to forget there is also major construction happening at Jamberoo as we speak! Things are coming along nicely and it appears that the new attraction and precint is on track for opening later this Summer! More updates to follow as they come to hand!
  11. Excellent!!It looks great!! They aree obviously gearing up to open as soon as they can!! Great stuff!!
  12. Here is an interesting post that Warwick Doughty, Director of Luna Park Sydney , posted in response to a question about the Big Dipper trains and their generic look. As most of us suspected, the choice of trains was limited to financial constraints by the park to design custom trains. Since this is a first install of this ride type, I get that this must have been part of the deal with Intamin and overall I can live with it. Its good to see that there will be theming and decals to be added to the trains in the coming months that will at least give some local park flavour and
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