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  1. Yeah this was mentioned and noticed in the other post on launch day. Given that the train only holds 7 riders and the fact that this will probably be the most popular ride in the park, its a given that Luna Park would have and need 2 train operations. Not too sure about having 3 trains though- not 100% sure given the shortness of the ride if this is possible and it would probably be overkill , to be honest.
  2. Definitely possible but in my estimation not likely. We may see track arrive by the time Stage One is ready to open but since there is nothing underneath the non inverting loop or sidewinder I am thinking all attention and effort will be on working on Luna Land. Sure footers may be done by then and there maybe preliminary work , but I am betting that track will not appear until after the June reopening.
  3. Hahaha I am betting Sledgehammer to win that contest. SX360 will open , eventually. Actventure- now thats a big open ended question. I HOPE it does- it has the potential to be awesome for the Sunshine Coast. Its still very much a wait and see at this point.
  4. Yeah saw this last night - it was a good video. Pretty well researched and could not discern any notable discrepencies or inaccuracies. I like his channel- he has some good stuff. Love his intro theme tune though- that always puts a smile on my dial!! 😄
  5. Yeah thought so. Best to say where pics come from really though. We are all connected in some ways as enthusiasts over various platforms and it’s not cool to rip someone else’s work off and pass it as our own. Just a small acknowledgment is all that’s needed . It’s the fairest way. 👍
  6. Yeah agree. The Grand Gorge Falls was a bit of a mouthful and Velocity Falls gives greater connotations of speed! Looking forward to it!! Bring it on!!
  7. You wont though. As reported in the other thread, Big Dipper is part of Stage 2. It will not be opened until December this year. All other rides will be opened by June and that is when the park will be reopened. We just have to be patient and wait a little longer for the new Big Dipper. Hehehe...or you got it from a Facebook group where it was just posted? Its ok man, it doesnt really matter but just be honest on where they came from- unless of course you are friends with the guy who posted this?
  8. WTF???? Those comments are entirely innapropriate and disrespectful to the poor victims that lost their lives on that ill fated night. Ha!! Awesome!! Well at least we know the final fate of the poor old Tumblebug!! Great find mate!!
  9. Thats interesting. I had thought that the Tower of Terror would have proved to be a bigger investment but I stand corrected. I am guessing this is also taking into account land clearing and theming costs?
  10. For any that might be interested there is an upcoming investigative documentary on the ABC regarding the 1979 Luna Park Ghost Train fire. Award winning journalist Caro Meldrum - Hanna is investigating a 42 year old mystery - the ghost train fire at Sydney Luna Park in 1979 #ExposedABC starts 16 March 8.30pm (NSW time) This is not to be missed as the full extent and investigation of the rumours surrounding the Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train fire are laid bare!! This is a must view if you love Amusement park history- especially the tragic circumstances surrounding this terrible event in our
  11. Yeah get what you are saying. However, its still a major missed opportunity for mine for the major rides. Boomerang for the shuttle coaster is so generically bland and bad that its laughable that so little effort went itnto it. This ride could easily have been called the Wild Cat, hearkening back to the earlier Schwarzkopf travelling unit that replaced the Wild Mouse. Calling it the Wild Cat would link it to the Wild Mouse and provide a synergy between the 2 coasters, whilst at the same time reviving a Luna Park name from the past to good effect. Naming the family shuttle as the Wild Cat is en
  12. Really?? 😳😳 Thats a bit of a sad situation.
  13. Yeah nice find but nothing really new here. Its been confirmed that the Zamperla Discovery is the 360 Model virtually since it was announced. The other ride names I posted from the Lipman website earlier in the other Luna Park thread. The only new thing is the confirmation of the family coaster name as Boomerang. Have to say, aside from the Little Nipper, the other names are fairly ho hum. I would have thought that they would have gone with some names from classic LPS attractions of the past, just as @19Michael96 suggested earlier. Definitely support the naming of the family coaster
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