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  1. For me it was Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2004 opening weekend in March. When the park still had huge historic value. At this time they still had the Tumblebug, the Whip, the amazing Log Flume ( now taken over by the SLC Infusion) and of course the brilliant and unique layout that was the wooden Wild Mouse. Awesome day/night, lots of cool historic coasters and other great one off rides. Followed BPB on this trip a few weeks later with a tripe to Disneyland Paris- first Disney experience for me. Loved it- the Space Mountain there is brilliant. Love the Big Thunder Mountain - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is possibly one of the most UN-Disney rides I have ever been on- pretty underwhelming for this attraction!
  2. Jobe

    Big Banana new attraction

    Small update for the park that doesnt seem to have been mentioned yet is that the Big Banana funpark has added a 4D Simulator theatre experience to their attraction roster. The pricing seems to be quite good with 4 rides costing $22. There are 4 different simulations to experience. This looks like another winner for the Big Banana funpark and they have hinted at another new attraction coming soon. Their water park would do well to add another tower or perhaps a a larger water play structure. All in all, the future is looking quite good for the park- lets hope they continue to grow and add attractions. Here is the link:
  3. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Not sure if anyone has seen this new concept coaster from S&S Sansei called Axis but it looks like an incredible and unique ride for mine!! Check out the video below for the prototype in action. Here is a POV video And here is an interview with Amusement today on the new Axis coaster. This Axis coaster concept looks quite good- what are everyone's thoughts on this? Is this something you would like to see in one of our parks? How long do you think it will be before a park somewhere in the world will install one? Does this concept excite you as an enthusiast? Its great to see that companies are still willing to push the boundaries of coaster design and still being able to come up with something new and unique.
  4. Yeah the really seem to have "grown" on you eh??
  5. Vale Tower Of Terror!! I remember riding this in 1997 not long after it had opened and it set the thrill benchmark for Australia and made the world sit up and take notice. I am a little bit bittersweet at this announcement-especially the timing- as I am due to take the family to the Coast and visit in January. Both my kids are fairly devastated at this news, having not had the opportunity to ride this before now. Its very true that this is better managed closure than Wipeout- but not by much. A far better scenario would have been announcing the rides closure now but giving it a decent length of time to farewell it- lets say the end of Xmas school holidays. This then would have allowed Dreamworld to really ramp up the rides closure, provide people with a must do , last time attraction/ ride experience over the January/Xmas school holidays and really give it the send off that a ride of this iconic status deserves. Would also have liked a ride replacement announcement to go with this - this then would have indicated that at least management have really learnt from the Wipeout fiasco, but perhaps given the small lead in time for the closure of the ride, this says more bout the reliability and viability of the TOT remaining open than the general public have been led to believe. Fingers crossed that a new , dynamic and substantial replacement will be announced very soon!!
  6. Here is an article from Australian Leisure Management regarding Merimbula's Magic Mountain, a small park on the Sapphire Coast in southern NSW. This park is rarely mentioned on these pages but its great to see that the park is doing extremely well. With its new owners investing in new attractions, it proves that small parks like this can not only survive, but thrive when they are well run, offer good value and see modest investment year on year. I have myself have never ventured to Merimbula , but the area looks absolutely beautiful and looks fantastic for a family getaway. The park was visited most famously by Theme Park Review a few years ago, on their first trip to Australia. I think they described it as being one of farthest they had ever traveled to reach a credit!! Here is the link to the article: October&utm_content=17th October+CID_4171bef0a70458325492470ae1ba7f5a&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Merimbula Magic Mountain prepares for peak season MERIMBULA MAGIC MOUNTAIN PREPARES FOR PEAK SEASON OCTOBER 17, 2019 ATTRACTIONS / RECREATION / RETAIL / TOURISM Opened after its winter closure on 21st September, the Magic Mountain amusement park in the NSW community of Merimbula is gearing up to seven-day operations during the peak summer period. The much-loved NSW South Coast attraction has been a staple summer holiday destination since the 1980s, attracting around 50,000 guests a year. Opened in 1983 with a waterslide and old Melbourne tram - fitted out as a cafe - the attraction's centrepiece for many years has been its toboggan ride and Diamond Python rollercoaster (recently renamed as the Sapphire Speedster). With other features including the 18-car grand prix dodgem cars, jumping castle and magic carpet slide, significant investments in the last five years have seen the addition of a Tree Climb Challenge in 2014, the Tube Rider in 2016 and a new maze with viewing tower in 2018. Imported from Italy, the Tube Rider is a secure and fun dry tube ride from artificial ski slope experts Neveplast. The winter season has seen the park's rollercoaster given a face lift and rebranded as the Sapphire Speedster, while Magic Mountain's eating facilities have been renovated and a new gift shop created. 2019 has seen Magic Mountain listed on TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice awards as being one of the top 10 amusement and waterparks in the South Pacific region - achieving this recognition for the sixth year in the past seven. Acquired by the Blyton Group in February 2018, the new owners have invested in the off-season improvement and, in the coming weeks, will be announcing the installation of a new ride for the 2019 summer season. Open every day during the recent school holidays, the attraction is now open most days of the week other than some Mondays and Tuesdays and will be operational every day over the peak summer period. During January it will offer extended trading hours with live entertainment, face painting and other activities. For the current season Magic Mountain is offering an $88 season pass, unlimited entry all season and offers a $6 per person discount for online purchases. Images: Magic Mountain's rebranded Sapphire Speedster (top) and Tube Rider (below) Below is a video highlighting the recent improvements to Magic Mountain and the attractions listed in the above article. It will be interesting to see what the new attraction for 2019 will be.
  7. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Maloney's Corner is definitely a zone in the park that they are approved to install new permanent or temporary rides under the new conditions signed off by the state government. If they want to put attractions there, and they comply with the current restrictions, then they have every right. I never heard that Flying Carousel was meant for Maloney's Corner- as far as I know it was always destined for the Flying Saucer site- this is where it made the most sense. Source? I am more than confident that a Maurer SC 2000 ( the model that Pitt and Sherry did preliminary work on ) would comfortably fit in behind Coney Island and running adjacent to the building itself. The Mystery Manor could be removed to free up space in this area for this very reason. Please note I have no idea if this is what is going to occur or actually coming to LPS- its supposition on my part based on the information we have been able to glean. I know for a fact that Brad Loxley, former Operations Manager, hinted strongly to me that LPS would be receiving another coaster- I am confident that a new coaster will be arriving in some shape or form. The question is the when and the how. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it is in the near future. It looks like you are correct here. The U Drive was replaced a couple of years ago with a new version, but all that is showing on the website now is the U Drive, the Whirly Wheel with the Crazy Car in this space as a holiday ride. This could also be further indication of imminent change. Interesting. Good find. Time will tell what will happen with this space. I cannot see them not expanding their kids rides- they do need a small precinct of 4 rides- that has served them well in the past.
  8. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Just a quick update and some interesting info- Mystery Manor will close permanently at Luna Park 3rd of November. The appeal and popularity of this attraction surprised even Luna Park- this was meant to be a temporary Halloween walkthrough attraction , however, it proved so popular that it has stayed open for close to 4 years now. The quality of the theming, the excellent actors all made this in house attraction a winner. Now that its closing for good, it certainly augers well for a new attraction to take its place. Given its location at the back of Maloney's Corner, it occupies a fair bit of real estate that could be used for a substantial attraction. ( hint hint Maurer Sohne Spinning Coaster) Given the success of Volare, its time for LPS to once again move forward with their $25 million ride reinvestment plans. Here's hoping that this is the first signs of that coming to fruition. Fingers crossed!
  9. Great trip report Gazza, as always!! Kennywood is on my bucket list of parks to visit, due to its mix of heritage and old time feel and new world thrills!! I am happy to see a trip report from someone that I trust stack up to my expectations!! Had to laugh at your description of the Turtle ( old time Tumblebug- made by Traver engineering) I rode the example at Blackpool years ago- it has since been removed. I do believe that there are no more than 2 surviving Tumblebug rides left- the Kennywood example and one at Conneaut Lake Park. There are none left outside of mainland US with the demise of the Pleasure beach example- a tragedy as it was destined to be gifted to Margate park for its reopening but it never occured. Its whereabouts is unknown, most probably scrapped. Similarly,the Whip is also from the same timeframe and also a rare ride as well. Once again, the only example I have ridden was at Blackpool but it has also since been removed to whereabouts unknown. Examples of both of these rides were found at Sydney's Luna Park until the early 70's. I would be keen to ride a Bayern Kurve again. I was surprised to see that you hadnt ridden one before- you must have missed the Wizards Fury at Wonderland before they removed it. Again another example of a rare ride being looked after. Really want to ride one of those Kangaroo rides- there seem to to be quite a few examples of these in the US and from your description, they sound well worth the effort The coasters look excellent- something for everybody. I am most interested in riding the vintage woodies but also Phantoms Revenge. Its got an interesting backstory and its great to see that from its troubled beginnings, a decent coaster emerged. What was the atmosphere like at the park? Was it busy the day that you went?
  10. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Just when you thought that there was a Museum for everything, life comes and slaps you in the face. The World's First Vagina Museum will open in London on November the 16th. Please see the below link for the full story. I must admit, when I first read this I cracked up. I mean seriously, a Museum for Vaginas!! But the more I thought the more I could see that there is a hole in the market for something like this. Someone has worked years to get this off the ground, beavering away tirelessly to make it happen. Now it is here and they are ready to pull apart the beef curtain and let visitors enter. Oh i am sure this will have its detractors- there is always someone caught up in a flap but I reckon this will be a massive success. What do you guys reckon?? 😉
  11. Jobe

    European theme parks to visit

    Seriously? Thanks AlexB - not sure why that particular post was offensive to ole Push - he wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t even directed at him!! He is officially a cockwomble.
  12. Looking good!!! Thanks for the report guys!!!
  13. Jobe

    European theme parks to visit

    Wow. Not sure why my post would attract a nauseating emote. It was a fairly inoffensive post I thought. Seems a bit petty to me.
  14. Jobe

    European theme parks to visit

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a good collection of coasters, some that are historic and some quite good recent additions. The Big One is a bit of a snore fest after the first drop, but Big Dipper and The Grand National are both excellent historic woodies. Although I haven't ridden it, Icon by all accounts is an extremely good coaster and worth the trip alone. The park also has some other great attractions such as Valhalla ( one of the best dark ride /water rides in the world) and also historic attractions such Sir Hiram Maxim's Flying machines, The Ghost Train, and the River Caves . Unfortunately, when I went ( admittedly a few years ago now) they also had great historic attractions such as The Whip, The Tumblebug, Noahs Ark ( still there just a static attraction) and the much lamented Wild Mouse ( with its unique layout - quite different from LPS) Well worth a visit and I would definitely put it on the list if you are visiting the UK.
  15. Jobe

    The Off Topic Topic

    Well I was going to post who really gives a flying fuck on who gives what rep and for who but clearly I do since I have just commented on it....... I will see myself out. Thanks. Carry on.