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  1. Jobe

    10 Year Plans

    Um.....take my 5 year plan and times it by 2?
  2. Jobe

    Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation

    Bugger!! I was hoping for news of another new ride this year.....fingers crossed that it may still emerge, although unlikely. at this stage. If so they would be teasing the hell out of it! Very effective- it certainly fueled speculation! Will be looking forward to visiting once again in February to check out any changes or new enhancements for this season!! Keep up the good work @Jamberoo Fan!!
  3. Aw diddums. Come on mate- tis only a little joke!! Its no less than what you or anyone else has dished out on occasion!! Just a bit of harmless repartee!! !☺️
  4. ☺️ We certainly wouldnt want that!!!! 😆😜
  5. Jobe

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    This is such bureaucratic nonsense. Once again forces outside continue to hamper the long term viability and success of Luna Park Sydney. Surely sanity and common sense must prevail!!!
  6. Aussie World have announced their new ride the Typhoon SC 360 will be installed later this year. Here is a screen shot from their Facebook announcement: The Sunshine Coast daily has more info on the below link: No mention of the new Spinning Mouse Coaster as yet.....fingers crossed it arrives next year sometime.
  7. In a word- shit. Poorly designed, the capacity issues were what really set the tone in its first year of operation. The original plans for the park never came to fruition and we were left with a park that was a shadow of what if COULD have been, Dont get me wrong- there are some excellent slides at the park and with proper management and some investment in the right areas , the park could be excellent.
  8. I believe that the park can be a success. Let's face it, the park has faced many challenges since opening and a new operator with a wealth of experience and new ideas will only be beneficial to the long term viability of the park. Sydney needs this park to survive if it is ever going to have another theme park on the scale of Wonderland again one day. Hopefully, this can be the impetus for Parques Reunidos to build on any success they can have with the park and look at investing in a sister theme park nearby to really own the Sydney market. I hear there is a them park on the Gold Coast that would be ripe for sale to such an operator!!! Perhaps this could be the first of even bigger ventures into the Aussie market!! Time will tell!
  9. Jobe

    Gumbuya World’s New Slides

    Didnt they purchase some of the slides from the ex Seaworld water park? I seem to recall seeing somewhere that the Mammoth Plunge slide going there? Can any one confirm this?
  10. Jobe

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    Hi all, Here are a couple of pics and short videos showing how good Luna Park is looking during the Vivid festival. Please note the new look Arabian inspired Helter Skelter light house. Looks awesome and the parks lighting suite is really coming to the fore!! Well done to LPS and the Vivid organisers for a great spectacle. Luna park Vivid Vid 2.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4
  11. That has already been alluded to by the park and is well within their plans for their major investment over the next 5 years. The HUSS rides going are a near certainty. Moon Ranger has already been listed for sale and is struggling to find a buyer. Flying Saucer is already ( unfortunately as it was the best HUSS ride there) gone to make way for a new attraction. Each of the 4 Huss rides at LPS came from Expo Park in Brisbane from 1988 but they themselves were secondhand in their placement there, with them dating earlier from around 1982. Its time for them to be renewed and the park has recognised this. Nothing new in this info and has already been confirmed.
  12. Jobe

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Hey @Jamberoo Fan are there any whispers from the park or other sources that this year will be a further expansion to the park? Its over 2 years now since we have had the Perfect Storm? I would love to see the Action Rapid River be the next attraction. If this turns out anything like the one at Volcano Bay in Orlando then it will be a brilliant move. TeAwa the Fearless River is hands down the best River attraction at any water park I have been on and nearly the best thing at Volcano Bay.
  13. Jobe

    Falling Standards at Our Parks

    I do not for one minute think that Mickey D was nitpicking at all in regards to the behaviour and mannerisms of Movieworld's staff that he observed. Theme parks are a service industry. We expect and should get excellent customer service ACROSS all facets of the park. This includes all team members whether they are ride operators or ticket attendants. Imagine if we went to a Disney park and experienced this type of attitude and poor service. It would be a major talking point. We hold Disney as being the best that theme parks can offer ( and whilst I am certainly not holding Movieworld to a Disney standard) it is reasonable to expect a certain level of attentiveness , enthusiasm and professionalism from our own indigenous parks. Simple customer service should be the minimum to expect. I am sure that Mark Shaw, given his own unique perspectives on the industry, would agree on the importance of customer service and professionalism in your job at all times. Seriously a no brainer for mine.
  14. Its a shame about Old Sydney Town. This land would be ripe for a theme park of some description, given all the positives that is position has been described. Close access to the M1 and nestled in between the major population centres of Newcastle and Sydney with a proven and successful wildlife park next door. One can only dream.
  15. Its better than no family water ride at all.................