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  1. Just wondering is this article from the official media release? Firstly isn’t the tagline incorrect? It’s hardly the Sunshine Coast’s first roller coaster- the now defunct Wild Mouse surely would have that claim. This headline is very misleading. I guess it must have some elements of a media release as from previous experience this is the gateway to getting an article on Parkz for a new opening coaster (Cough Big Cough Dipper) This will be an exiting new attraction for Aussie World and is the continuation of an excellent expansion plan by the park. Looking forward to what else this park has in store over the next couple of years given that their master plan was released several years ago. This is the right attraction for this time and should prove very popular. Good job Aussie World!!
  2. Yeah. It definitely looks in house but its a toboggan and thats why it was included in my post above with every other toboggan listed in Australia still operating. Not sure when it changed from a more traditional toboggan to its current format though- I suspect it may have been sometime in the last decade. Happy for anyone to post more accurate info on this! Thanks for the links and yeah there was no forgetting- just to clarify the email stated that the Alpine Coaster was not part of any current or future development applications. This does not mean that it was not part of a DA previous to Velocity Falls and then withdrawn- this happens all the time. The fact that the park had detailed planning and obvious advanced stages for the attraction makes me believe that a DA must have been applied for at some stage. The park has obviously decided to prioritise on their slide attractions but did not rule out looking at this later down the line- if at all.
  3. Could be! Aussie World, like Seaworld, certainly know how to stretch out a ride opening these days…….
  4. A Bermuda Blitz would be an awesome option!! The most obvious and logical would be to put in a version of what was opened last year at Tripsdrills- a new Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster to directly replace AA and then couple that underneath with a Vekoma Family Boomerang. This would be an actual winner and would please the public and enthusiasts alike. Its just a no brainer for mine.
  5. Yeah its exciting news but I do not think we should raise expectations. The most likely outcome here is that it is a Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster , most likely this model. Still exciting and it makes the most logical sense at this time. The current Mine Coaster fits the bill perfectly for a kiddie/family coaster This new coaster would be a great family attraction with mild thrills. The former Buzzsaw coaster is their headline act for their thrill market. Not bad for a small regional park in Victoria!! The other parks will definitely need to sit up and take notice and perhaps plan for a response. Good times and shows the growth and reach of the Australian amusement park industry.
  6. Yeah ok fair enough!! It is highly improbable and the way I posted it was meant to convey that!! Will follow the story with interest though to see what develops!!
  7. 2 people on this forum have no sense of humour!! 😂😂
  8. Yeah thats if we believe the veracity of the claim. Its not out of the question but from my understanding is that the track and train are in decent condition its the operating system that cannot be upgraded and is shot. The final point is that if it was economical for the park to get operating again, then MW would have already have done so. I would be interested to see if there is a way for the ride to be made operable again. Also it just says that the ride has been sold to another park. It could be that potentially the ride has been sold for spares for a park with another SLC?
  9. Confirmed- AA to Gumbuya!! Gumbuya World is set to become the biggest buyer of ex GC coasters!! 🤣
  10. So from my estimation there is only the Funfields slide in Victoria and the Alpine slides all located in NSW that are left operating in Australia? Interesting to see this. The 7 Alpine slides in NSW are : Jamberoo Action Park- 2 slides with access via a chairlift, both 900 metres in length Corrin Forest in the ACT- 1 slide, uphill tow, 1.2km long ( longest Alpine Slide in the Southern Hemisphere) Tobaggan Hill Park- Nelson Bay 1 slide , up hill tow, 1 km in length The Big Banana Fun Park, Coffs Harbour, 1 slide ,up hill tow, 500m long Thredbo Alpine Slide, 1 slide, up hill tow, 700m in length. Magic Mountain Merimbula, 1 slide , up hill tow, 900m in length. Big Buzz Fun Park 1 slide concrete, up hill tow, 480 metres in length. The Alpine Slide in Victoria is: Funfields , Whittlesea- 1 Slide uphill tow, 700 metres in length. The Big Buzz Fun park toboggan is the one that is the most unique in this group.
  11. Interesting!! Are any of these still in operation?
  12. Well no groundwork has been started at this stage and I am not surprised by this , given the wet weather that the Eastern states have been experiencing these last couple of months. The Big Banana have said in their announcement that their Alpine Coaster would be opened within 12 months so at this stage I expect it to be at least next year. The DA and approvals have been given so its just a matter of getting to construction phase. I visit Coffs regularly for work and are due up there soon so I will check out anything next time I am up there and get some pics and report back.👍 "A number of other major development applications have been submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. These will see substantial investment over the coming years to develop and enhance some of the most popular areas of the resort, including the: development of a new Merritts Mountain House; development of a new Alpine Coaster to replace the Thredbo Bobsled – an exciting year-round attraction;" Given that Thredbo are just at the DA submission stage, I would not expect this new Alpine coaster attraction to come to fruition for at least 2-3 years yet. Its a shame that they are removing the Alpine Tobaggan though- it would have been great to have had both attractions operating at the same time. I actually haven't ridden this one but at 700 metres in length , its one of the longer units in NSW. Interesting that whilst NSW has 7 Alpine slides, Queensland has none. I know of the one at Funfields in Victoria ( its a great track and quite long as well) but does any one know of any other examples in the other states? Here is a POV of the Thredbo slide:
  13. Yeah The Big Banana has posted plans and a submitted DA for one. Its in advanced planning and is expected to open within the next 12-18 months. Jamberoo did indeed have plans for an Alpine Coaster and had submitted a DA for one but this has been withdrawn at this stage. Given The Big Banana's advanced stages for their unit, I would expect that this will be the first to open and therefore will be considered Australia's first Alpine coaster. This is great news though- too long has Australia not had one of these excellent and relatively inexpensive attractions! One of these would not look out of place at Funfields or Gumbuya World either........
  14. Yeah that timeline was very ambitious and there have been too many high impact weather events and sustained rains that have contributed to the timeline blowout. Its not Leviathan blowout proportions but it is significant.
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