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  1. So if they did build a second gate, what would you want from it?
  2. What's with this second gate talk??? Did I miss something?
  3. Wet N Wild Sydney was hyped up to be a major theme park for NSW. It promised a buffet of rides, attractions and experiences. Posed as Sydney's answer to the big Gold Coast Theme Parks, everyone though it was going to be the new hit. Then it opened. For the most part, the park was a hit with locals. Look at it now and it's debatable if it can even hold up to Jamberoo. Heck, it was sold and rebranded. So I pose two question: 1. Was Wet N Wild a financal failure, 2. Was it and is it still a good park in your eyes.
  4. So just like that, Sydney has no theme parks ( until June ). I honestly think LPS shutting is a good thing because by June, hopefully the vaccine will be widespread. I can't wait to finally have a major coaster in Sydney. Hopefully it being shut will make it easier for crews to construct the rides.
  5. 1:21:00. ( from what I've seen it doesn't show Wonderland )
  6. The London Resort is a proposed mega resort that is going to be in Kent, UK. This is a massive resort, spanning 465 hectares. Before I get into the details, you need to know some history. It was first announced in 2012 under the name Paramount London Entertainment Resort. As the name suggests, it was going have Paramount IP's in then resort, a bit like the old Kings Island. The first gate had a original opening date of 2019. The park then split with Paramount in June 2017, renaming themselves The London Resort. In 2019 however, the park obtained the rights to put Paramount IP's in the park. Th
  7. In case you missed it, the company behind the London Resort has just submitted plans to the UK government to get approval to start construction on the new mega park in Kent. This park looks amazing, a mix between Six Flags style rides and Disney level theming.
  8. There's no doubt in my mind that theme parks all over the world have been hit hard by COVID - 19. However, if you take a step back and look at Australian theme parks, some major announcements have been made for our parks. Big Dipper, Actventure and the Big Banana expansion have all been announced.
  9. My thoughts: Arkham was going to go sooner or later. It opened over 20 years ago and was unreliable. I think when DCR was built, that severely lessened it's appeal. For the GP, they would rather go on something that is big, tall and fast then a 20 something year old coaster. People are going to be drawn to a landmark that stands out like DCR or SE as oppose to AA which was tucked away in a corner. In hindsight, when they added VR, it seems that it was a desperate attempt to keep the ride going for a bit longer. As for the replacement, I would really like them to build a Mad Max coaster.
  10. Wow, so after saying a couple of weeks back that AA was staying, MW just says on a DM it getting retired.
  11. This is news from a while back but I thought I would make a forum on it. Carnival Cruises is debuting Bolt, a single rail launch coaster on Carnival Mardi Gras. It is manufactured by Maurer rides. It is set to debut next year if Covid gets under control.
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