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  1. Ranger

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    So, that forum died. I'm guessing they will announce the re - theme in December to get park attendance up. Honestly, I like the new theme of the ride. Yeah it's tacky but someone was going to name a coaster The Gold Coaster.
  2. I'm writing this post because I am disabled. I have Cerebral Palsy, a movement disability which affects all my limbs. I have been on all the rides on the Gold Coast and I am looking forward to going on Leviathan when it opens. The staff at the parks have been great in accomodating my needs and I thank them. However, there are some issues. For example, once I wanted to go in RR at Movie World, a relatively tame coaster compared to the other attractions in the park. I was expecting to get on the ride with my brother and without my mum since I've been on Superman and DC Rivals without a carer. I was wrong. The attendant said I had to ride with a adult. I was confused. I had just been on the biggest coaster in Australia without a adult and now I had to ride a coaster which is barely considered a thrill ride with a adult. Another issue is water parks. We are now coming into the summer season and I will be going to JAP and possibly RR. Waterslides are hard to get onto because the tubes are floating. I really want to be able to walk up to the ride myself and just hop on with my mates but the loading is awkward so my Mum and Dad have to help me. It really annoys me how the industry sometimes assumes the disabled guests aren't wanting to go on thrill rides.
  3. Ranger

    5 year plans

    People on Parkz love to speculate / dream about what is coming to parks next. In the style of Coaster Studios old 5 year plan videos, feel free to speculate about what may be coming to parks in the future. P.S there might already be a five year plan forum on Parkz but that hardly gets used.
  4. Ranger

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

  5. Ranger

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    Just announce it already
  6. Hi guys, I know it's annoying that I keep posting these questions on here that I should know but: 1. Where is the Parkz construction thread for Wet 'N' Wild Sydney? 2. Was the announcement of the park expected by the Parkz community / in general? 3. How long had Village been in talks with the NSW government for about building the park?
  7. Ranger

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    At least there finally onsite
  8. Ranger

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Why does everyone somehow assume Trident is cancelled. They just put a sign up saying that Trident is coming. Vortex didn't start the physical arm and gondola construction till way into late 2019. They are focusing on building Lethvian at the moment. Until the park says Trident is cancelled ( if they do ), I consider it to be getting built.
  9. Jeez, I was just saying things from my point of view. Look, I may of been nieve for saying things like that and probably should not of bragged about my knowledge so let's just move one. No bad blood at all @Jamberoo Fan. Anyway if we look at the original Kangaroo Island plan here: As you can see, this plan has been deviated from a lot. If you look at the ride that became the Perfect Storm originally had a bowl in it. Also there's no Grand Gorge Falls.
  10. If we look at the current state of LPS, they are certainly trying to get the 1900's asthetic in the park. Volare shows that. There unfortunately not going to put a compact steel coaster in because that's not going to fit in with the theme. LPS never has and never will be a Wonderland Sydney ( RIP you old mate ). No matter how hard they tried in the 80'S to be a competitor to the titian that was Wonderland, they simply aren't and that's OK. When a new park opens in Sydney ( not if ), LPS will still be popular. I love the park. No need to prove your the next Movie World or Wonderland, it is a heritage park and that's OK. That's why they removed Ranger and Tumble Bug.
  11. Look, I frequent JAP and the council are really supportive of the park. The council is not going to turn around and say " since you have added a few twists and turns, we won't give you approval ". I liked the original vertical design better but a new ride is a new ride and I will be happy any way. Also, the mayor said if Eddy wants funding, come down and have a chat to me.
  12. Won't lie, even with the painful restraints on Ranger, it and Tumble Bug will be missed. I consider Ranger to be the only " major thrill ride " there and it will be a missing a major part of it's history. LPS back in the 80's introduced Ranger as a part of their attempt to be like Wonderland and is one of the only rides left from that time. Honestly, if they had of fixed the restraints on the thing, I would of considered it one of my favourite rides in Sydney ( not that there's a lot of competition ).
  13. Great news!!! Jamberoo is the closet park to me. However, the design the of the trapdoor slide WIN describes is different to the one on the DA. Should be smooth sailing tough because the DA has already been approved. The community also loves the park. Great to see a regional park ( TBH not very reigonal but not as big as LPS and Raging ) expand at such a rapid rate. Also, I think the masterplan map you can see in the park has been deviated from but I really am loving to see Jamberoo being unafraid to deviate. I would argue that in the next decade, Jamberoo could overtake Raging Waters Sydney.