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  1. These were posts on another forum about the LPS expansion in March 2020. Do you think these markings were for the 9 new rides?
  2. Well, I mean it's not like no one knew that MW was planning a on site hotel. Plans for a hotel were announced alongside the new coaster which turned out to be DCR. MW really needs this hotel since it's developing into the place to go for Australian coaster fans. You think there be noise complaints from hotel guests ( looks at LPS ).
  3. Also, I know I’m probably pointing out the obvious, but Loopy Lighthouse is a family drop tower.
  4. I love how this started as a DW VS MW forum and now we’re dissecting top spins.
  5. It's a miracle none of the residents complained about the new area when they got on their high horse about Volare.
  6. When do you think Big Dipper and Sledgehammer will be installed?
  7. Vortex has a higher minimum age than DCR? What?
  8. Checked on DW website and claw indeed has a minimum age of ten. I swear I rode it before 10. Also, how can they enforce it when some 9 year olds look like teens. Also at the Royal Easter Show, some ops have let me on rides even if I'm too short. It's also the same with the Giant Drop.
  9. I've always been interested in heights restrictions on rides. I got a few questions: 1. What's the highest height requirement for a ride? 2. Do you think they'll ever make a adjustable restraint? 3. Why does DCR have a age requirement?
  10. On SW'S website, it says ' it's the greatest family coaster '. I would assume it would be 120cms.
  11. Wowza’s quick reply Just to clarify, will the trapdoor slide be straight down with some hills or will it have twists?
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