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  1. Due to the current covid outbreak, Sadly the reopening until July 3rd
  2. Dreamworld’s story has a video of the last piece being installed FullSizeRender.mov
  3. From today’s final visit before the Friday night opening, The lavender green white construction fence was removed and can now see cloud 9 from a better perspective, I got a close up on Boomerangs ride photo cam and more progress on Big Dipper, They have extended the Glenn street stairs closure to the 31st of August, nothing much to really see now since we are less than a week till reopening, I’ll get some pics on the annual pass holder event
  4. Here's a couple pics from today, Asphalt has been laid around all of Big Dippers concrete footings, Sledgehammer does have a lighting package only on the 4 supports and the Hair Raiser also received a new lighting package that is really cool like the Ferris wheel but i don't have pics of that just yet, Hopefully Sunday or Friday i can get something, What i think is Boomerangs ride photo camera was being installed today and the bug canopy is almost complete and displays the sledgehammer sign on it, And of course as posted earlier we now have more BD track installed
  5. All 8 logos for the rides opening next week
  6. Yeah they are from the media kit, I should have said that earlier, It features lots of stuff from the park https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14liXMHFjsgZsEdXlLcR2DpQzFEB5kkA9
  7. Credit to dw_goldenyears on instagram for these images but TOTII is finally commencing with removing the tunnel
  8. Ohhh it was you haha, Yeah Sledgehammer is really massive! So many people are coming up to me, 3 on Friday and 5 today it's just absolutely insane at the moment! This is probably really confusing @19Michael96 i thought it was you but never mind haha
  9. I was down at the boardwalk and went back up to hear from the other two guys that someone came up to them and asked if they were Coasterlife, But man this is the 8th time this week for it to happen! 😂
  10. Haha I can see myself on the balcony! I’m the one on the very left, I have a couple new photos of Big Dipper from today, The track after the corkscrew and before the brake run has been installed
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