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  1. oh yeah i only thought about the tango train, hair raiser and power surge at the time, My bad
  2. Well this sucks, there is only a couple of rides now left at luna park. they will seriously need to invest in a few rides that appeal to teens and adults and not just children
  3. Coasterlife

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    That's not good but the ride does need quite a lot of maintenance from looking at pictures
  4. Coasterlife

    New Dreamworld annual pass design

    yeah, I have noticed that there have started putting a lot of nostalgia into some commercials and now their passes But I like what dreamworld is slowly becoming
  5. Coasterlife

    Australian Season Passes

    Since some of you guys don't understand here is the link to prove to you it is true about the new pass design that they are bringing it back for nostalgic purposes
  6. Here is the new Dreamworld Annual pass design that is coming out at the end of this year
  7. Well i really hope this ride will remain because it is one of the best rides there unless they are to replace the ride with a newer model which I really doubt
  8. Coasterlife

    Leviathan Construction Updates

  9. I would want to see some sort of roller coaster around the back or a flume ride like the ones they have had recently
  10. Coasterlife

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    did you get any close up's near the entrance of the queuing for the coaster?
  11. Coasterlife

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Oh ok thanks man
  12. Coasterlife

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Nope Sadly , Guys if anyone goes to dreamworld during happy Halloween can someone try and get a good photo of the gold coaster sign unless it is covered up
  13. Coasterlife

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Stole this from a youtube vid but I do think the change of grid burgers to B A R R E L S Burger bar looks so much better than an out of place Car theme in ocean parade
  14. tumble bug probably takes about 5 mins to unload and reload but the lines are always short for the ride because it can fit up to 42 rider's per operation
  15. You sir are a legend, Well there it goes it's been there all my life farewell Moon Ranger you will be missed