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  1. There is no gate or anything stopping you from walking to there but i've spoken to some staff that work upstairs and they don't mind, It's not like were parking there.
  2. Sorry that image was from the 9th of August. All the rest was from today. The all the track has all been installed but they are now installing the launch tires, Electrical ect.
  3. I'm not sure? I don't think we really talked about it. Did we? At first i was expecting it to open in time for the start of the summer school holidays but it was only until i was told by the park that it's going to take 16 weeks of testing before it's open is when i changed my mind on that but yeah it might have. Not too sure?
  4. It definitely will be done by then, They are already way ahead of schedule, Once Intamin arrive in the country (Apparently have) they will carry out 16 weeks of testing and then open the ride to the public, Expecting the potential opening date of December 26th.
  5. Some of the latest progress from Big Dipper, Not really that much left but testing is starting really soon! Credit: (Madejector_air)
  6. Do we actually know it they will light up or not? I have not really had any word on it but i would hope that they did even though you would only likely see them lit up at night events.
  7. It's possible but i really don't see the neighbours prevailing, They chose to live there so if they have a problem they can move. Luna Park needs this coaster to boost visitation and give people something to look forward too, Something the park has been lacking for years.
  8. Maybe!! It would be really cool if they did!
  9. I’ll post more later but the biggest elements are going up!
  10. Let's hope not! 😂 I think they hope to get all of big dipper fully assembled just before the 31st of August as that is when they hope to get Glenn St stairs back open, I feel that even if BD is ready to open earlier than predicted they might still wait till December until they open it to the public and give possible previews to Annual pass holders which would be a great offer for pass holders as stated in their website "Members will receive special offers that are not available to any one else like our Behind the Fun VIP Tour and the Luna Perks Fast Pass" I think if previews were to happen it would be really cool but only time can tell at this stage
  11. Luna park will not open on the 2nd of July due to Greater Sydney now going into lockdown from 6pm tonight until the 9th of July but should be able to open on the 10th of July if they are allowed to, Stay safe guys!
  12. Yes, The annual pass holders night is going to be next Friday instead, For those that are interested here is sledgehammers lighting package that flashed for the slightest second
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