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  1. Does anyone know what this fossil stuff is from and was it possibly part of the TRRR because it's just below that mess of elevated pathways, I know this might not be the right place to post it but i don't think i need to make a forum for whatever this thing is
  2. Im guessing that steel taipans tracks will start being installed most likely early/late feb?
  3. I got a new Macbook with apple silicon today and i haven't encountered any problems so i think im good 😀
  4. The only problem i have with vortex is that the restraints don't have handlebars compared to most other top spins i have been on
  5. I can try my Iphone but i am on Mac Os Big sur 11.0.1 if that is possibly a problem but i keep on getting this thing after i put my correct info in yep same problem with my iphone
  6. Chrome, I have tried safari and they both have the same problem
  7. i haven't had any submit problems but the only way for me to get on the forums is resetting my PW and getting on that way because Autofill doesn't work anymore and i put the correct PW and username and still get locked out of my account for 15 minutes It is really annoying but is it possible to fix that bug too
  8. You can't get over a fear of rides if you don't try, You only live once Also is anyone else disappointed with the fountains below vortex VORTEX.mp4
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