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  1. Great to see any investment in the parks at this stage, nice the new owners of VRTP are spending to build the parks appeal back up.
  2. I'm sure the DreamWorld marketing team will put a survey out to pass holders asking for their feedback on what they want to see next, a great way to see what the guests want / asking for πŸ™‚
  3. Hope they have Batman themed music inside to add to the atmosphere !
  4. I actually like the WB hotel so my comments were taken out of context. Best Disney resort I have seen is at Disneysea in Tokyo a great example of a hotel that blends into its theme park making it part of the experience ! Two pools at hotel 1st on roof for adults overlooking city & water, 2nd family pool above entrance with a pool bar & movie screen. Yars Waterworld is 5 mins away with 20+ water slides ( last pic )
  5. Village Roadshow corporate V logo yea ha - don't forget the fence toppers branded logos as well super important lol πŸ™‚ Last but by no means the least pillows to remind you of where you are staying πŸ™‚
  6. The 9 story 257 room WB hotel has now opened in Abu Dhabi opposite Warner Bros World theme park. Great article showing off the rooms, bars and restaurants inside hope Warner Bros Movie World hotel on Gold Coast is built to the similar standards https://www.thenationalnews.com/travel/hotels/2021/11/12/worlds-first-warner-bros-hotel-opens-in-abu-dhabi/
  7. Theme parks are always refreshing thrill rides these aren't Disney parks with permanent rides likes "Space Mountain" & "Pirates of the Caribbean", so there life span is always limited. Movie World, Sea World have opened and closed plenty of rides. DreamWorld has shut & removed a lot of rides recently but with their CEO the former no 2 at Village Theme Parks one would hope they have a plan to build more attractions.
  8. I worked in EPCOT in 2000, every day there seemed to be a rumor about new countries been planned for the World Showcase. The one i really wanted to see is Africa with the popularity of Black Panther the movie i could see this been the next one to get built but it seems unlikely after 4 decades of no new countries. When I arrived from New Zealand they placed me in little Africa as they thought I would be a good fit..... I am european so was kinda out of place but learnt to play the bongo drums real well πŸ™‚ There is space for 8-10 more countries in the World Showcase I was told but that the countries need to assist in sponsorship to fund them not sure if that true ? Australia would be a great country to add in but I would also suggest Ayers Rock & Great Barrier Reef would also be unique to see. The original proposed location was by Norway attached pics of model & the way NZ and OZ are currently represented in the Epcot food & wine festival.
  9. Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi It's been open for 3 years now great reviews and the World's largest indoor theme park. https://www.wbworldabudhabi.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warner_Bros._World_Abu_Dhabi 11/11/21 they open the 9 story Warner hotel as well
  10. Great article, fantastic pictures, really dominates the skyline ! How noisy will it be ? Any ideas from similar coaster overseas ?
  11. Kiwi's keen to get out of New Zealand and we love the Gold Coast so when we can travel we will be visiting the parks for sure, looking like Jan / Feb 2022. Good to see the Village Roadshow Theme Parks still investing in the parks and the Atlantis project I recall is around around $50 million. Delays are frustrating but that's the covid world we live in.
  12. Plaque from Warner Bros Movie World - Gold Coast, you won't find any like this at Disneyland they have all but removed his name and acknowledgement from its creation.
  13. Once Kiwis can travel most likely Jan / Feb 2022 they ensure the Gold Coast has some international visitors again and will be just keen to go on holiday. It's a shame these rides have all been delayed but at least they will all open soon just how soon ???
  14. Never going to keep everyone happy, rides need regular maintenance I'm sure WBMW does the majority of them prior to a school holiday to keep most rides open during peak times. Worst I have seen is five major rides closed for repairs and yes that was bad but at least I knew in advance.....
  15. https://deadline.com/2021/10/disneyland-movie-origins-david-gordon-green-halloween-kills-directing-1234854028/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._V._Wood CV Wood designed Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast
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