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  1. Nice to know they have relocated the dingo enclosure to inside the Dreamworld Tower 😉
  2. I would love to see what they have done inside besides the tower as the ride operator outside the attraction told me yesterday it was a step up than what it used to be
  3. I really expect just testing to be occurring the whole day now Might pop in still nonetheless to try and get some shots of the ride in action but if not, full proper near day tomorrow on my end at the park
  4. Just rang up Dreamworld’s GS line to try and get some confirmation if it was reopening today or tomorrow I had gotten from them was, “The attraction has been doing test runs this morning and is set to reopen today” then only for them to backtrack a minute later and for them to say tomorrow Let’s hope we can have an Arrow looper back open soon 🤞🏻
  5. Sorry to let you know as of 11:25pm here in Queensland, Dreamworld will not be open for the remainder of today Please come again tomorrow 😛
  6. Reported by myGC.com.au Vortex is set to open any day now Exciting times ahead
  7. Probably ‘Car park B’ that was right near by the Big Brother house she is referring to
  8. Among Us Among Us and.. Among Us? 😜 In all seriousness though, Spider Man Miles Morales/Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on my PlayStation 5 has kept me occupied recently
  9. That was the footprint they used for Sky Flyer, probably be using that same footprint for Trident
  10. Aerial shot of New Atlantis as from Thursday - 19th November 2020
  11. Drove past Dreamworld today and it’s a negative, they still got quite a few days still to start to claim that ‘next week’ statement
  12. Important information in that article • Construction to begin next week • Ready in Christmas 2021 - project will take twelve months to complete • Project will generate $15 million in contractor works and will employ more than 200 jobs -
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