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  1. Aw hype

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Also gives reopening date of Halloween
  2. Aw hype

    Log Ride Demolition

  3. Aw hype

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    You beauty! Don't want to share screenshots because i don't know how landgate are about copyright, but the roller coaster is removed in aerial imagery from 1989, and the Bumper boats are on the roller coaster site in imagery from 1985. There are no images between that time, so it only operated ≥1986 to ≤1989. Lines up with Metropolis at LPM opening in 1990.
  4. Aw hype

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Yes i did mean LPM, sorry again Thats the slide with the enforced head first rule
  5. Aw hype

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Yeah my bad @Gazza, they aren't mirrored. And look what i found... These were taken 1987, and there are no bumper boats but there is the coaster. Perhaps they were down on funds later on and sold the coaster to LPS to try stay afloat and replaced it with the boats?
  6. Aw hype

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Have found some interesting stuff on old waterparks etc. in Perth recently, and felt like sharing/asking questions so if anyone knows they can share. Left out Great Escape Hillarys because it has its own thread. First up: Armadale Aquatic centre waterslides. Opened December 1981, closed circa 2015? 3 waterslides, built by someone knows that isn't me. 'Dipper Tube and 'Corkscrew Tube' slides (see second picture) opened somewhere around 5 years before the far right and locally dubbed 'fast tube'. Note the layout of the furthest right waterslide (bottom photo) and how a 'head first only' rule was in order (see second photo). Mirrabooka Action Park Opened sometime in the 80s in and closed <1994 Consisted of two open air, identical, mirrored slides and a green tube slide in the middle. Yet another small park to be accused of having 'kids stick rasors on the inside of the slides'. Also appears to have had a Pinfari coaster of some kind for a period of time (No rcdb listings or anything) Now, my questions to the community: What is the story surrounding the coaster at Mirrabooka? Who manufactured the slides at both parks? Who manufactured the Great Escape slides? (Rumour has it Action park sold the middle slide to Great Escape. However, looking at the Mirrabooka aerial and Hillarys on Google Earth, none of the slide layouts match up, and the tube support structures on the Great Escape slides are different to those at Mirrabooka) And, if Action Park didn't sell to Great Escape, were the slides just sccrpped?
  7. Aw hype

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    When i went there back in 2016 the onboard audio worked. I can assure you now, with complete sincerity, that having Freestyler blast either side of my already concussed head certainly enhanced my experience.
  8. Aw hype

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    Loving the Praiseland @Jdude95 On a side note, does anyone know if Polin build knockoff aqualoops? And oh my, those original plans looked sexy....
  9. Aw hype

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    How has someone managed to consciously buy land for an amusement park on top of a high pressure gas line? Nevertheless, will be pretty funny to see how they build the park around that going forward.
  10. Aw hype

    Outback Splash 2020/21 expansion

    Gotta love the originality behind names such as twister and tornado. Starting to look like somewhat of a decent waterpark with random attractions dotted around. I wonder why they're spreading everything out so much though, it's gonna make the park seem somewhat empty, unless they're doing that to be able to increase 'capacity' and/or they are planning to put in filler attractions. + I had no clue outback splash owned that much land, and also quite interesting that a different submission request has to be made for the open and closed parts of slides individually
  11. So looks like we are getting a racer and a bootleg Tornado. Also a mention of a pool (very ambiguous, no mention of waves or anything) and other associated facilities. Noice.
  12. Aw hype

    Obesity and theme park rides....

    As someone who is 6'4 at 16, i can vouch for the fact that restraints are a pain in the ass. Or not so much the restraints, from my limited experience, rather the seat "shells" that you are put in (where you park your ass essentially) aren't designed for larger blokes at all, irrespective of what a sign says at the gate (I'm 6'4, 80 kg if you need a size perspective). Yes, the increase in average generational height should be taken into account by manufacturers going forward, but at the same time, people my size are outliers in society and you can't fault manufacturers for catering to the majority. And holy crap your son is huge for 13 if he hasn't had a growth spurt yet, i was only about 5'4 back then.
  13. looking at this now, the fact that they managed to spend $1 billion (in 1991 money) to produce that complex is astounding. They must've gold plated railings or something. I remember going there a couple of years ago, and whilst it looked pretty flash and clean on the inside, it was bare empty on all floors, and there were lots of vacant plots dotted arounnd the place (i was unaware of the history of the centre at the time). As the article says though, the developers had their target demographic right: teens. The only problem teens aren't really into adrenaline reducing zamperla powered coasters and bumper boats. Nevertheless, still a shame to lose another Australian park, however stupid its conception and construction was, but i do wonder what that bloke did with the coaster and the other stuff he bought? The Rcdb listing implies death by junkyard...
  14. Aw hype

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19