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  1. Great Escape closure

    Damn there goes some goooooodddd memories
  2. With all due respect, I believe dw needs a very big overhaul. Whether it's ardent selling off, or just having a big review of how they're operating the park, something needs to be done. Very much lately, and even before the tragic accident, dreamworld seemed to always be putting band aids on a gunshot wound. Rides like the wipeout needed to be gone ages ago, before they had massive bad for business ride closures, that probably have cost them more than it would to demolish and retheme with store/restaurant etc. And once trr and eureka mountain are demolished,a nod if the log ride is, I believe the whole gold rush area should be retheme Perhaps a space theme? Would go good with buzzsaw and giant drop. Dreamworld could just theme everything up and wouldn't have to build a new ride. Advertise it like a massive new thing and the gp will roll in
  3. Great Escape closure

    What is there to do with 25 year old slides though? Other than take th m to places like ern halliday
  4. Great Escape closure

    Mate from school whose dad does army cadets etc. says that the high ropes course and Rock wall have been sold to camp keram
  5. Great Escape closure

    The raft slide looks a hell of a lot faster in the ad than it is. Before it closed, and for as long as I remember, the slide shown had singular black donut tubes. Perhaps with the management changes and health and safety stuff the water pressure was lowered and tandem riding no longer existed. One thing I find interesting is I believe the owner of the land owned all the equipment on it and hired companies to 'lease' the property
  6. Great Escape closure

    Pretty sure they're the slides are the old ones from mirrabooka action park (now defunct)
  7. Great Escape closure

  8. I'm no expert, but aren't the prices of the passes really based upon demographics? I think most of the attendees of gc parks are tourists, who won't be buying a season pass. Most of their focus would be on tourism, whereas it wouldn't be at AW. People go to gc for the soul purpose of doing the parks, but don't come to Perth to souly do AW. What I'm trying to say is gc parks target locals for the passes, and so do AW, therefore there's more profit to be made off of season passes over here. I'm pretty sure none of that made sense.
  9. Six Flags Announcement Day

    Is this ur first post without negative rep? just kidding but it'd be great to see one of those flat rides. Maybe something like 'the vomitron'
  10. 35 degrees. Feet being cooked like bacon. 100 sweaty guests in a shed. No need for a/c
  11. Six Flags Announcement Day

    It's pretty safe to say cedar fair outdid Six Flags with the announcements
  12. Gumbaya coaster?

    This: anyine seen any reports?
  13. When Jim Reid Anderson decided to come down under Goliath was clearly the best option
  14. I only reckon it would be post the over banked turn. The ejector hill chucks u up even with the over the shoulder restraints. Plus you pull big g's in the dive loop