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  1. Aw hype

    New Coaster for Dreamworld | Colour bets

    Gary Glitter grey
  2. Aw hype

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    and the $ required to finish....👀
  3. I never realised Movie World was so small. Even the parcel of land Adventure World sits on (excluding the bungee area, carpark and area near the ice rink) is circa 15-16 hectares.I guess having a decent lineup and more attractions makes the MW feel bigger?
  4. Delete thread if already somewhere else; Thoughts?
  5. What is the actual size of the park (area)
  6. Aw hype

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    As a member who contributed multiple shitty comments to the DCR thread, who were these people who had to sit on information?
  7. Aw hype

    Dreamworld VS Movieworld

    Well Me personally I'm actually a bowling alley enthusiast so I'm going to have to go with Top golf
  8. Aw hype

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    There would be an obvious gravitational pull towards the side of the tower with the track, but as you have said there is no way that removing said track would effect the stability of the tower. The tower would have had to have been constructed in such a way as to survive cyclone seasons, like how steel Dragon at Nagashima was, and look i'm no expert but I'd say if it managed to endure Larry and Yasi that removing the track wouldn't have much of an on effect the structural integrity of the tower. Needless to say that the tower should go through a scrutinous structural and engineering review process before and after removal.
  9. Aw hype

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    would it not happen during Giant Drops next maintenance period, which is currently unspecified? I don't see GD being open whilst deconstruction on the same structure occurs
  10. Aw hype

    Log Ride Closing for Good?

    All we want to know is what this 'incident' is, please elaborate.
  11. Aw hype

    2019 Construction at Outback Splash

    So apparently they tried to add more attractions straight after the opening season of the water fortress and residents piped up... Note: Proposed attractions top of page 3, Reasons against and council recommendation page 11 Item-3.10-Additions-to-Recreation-Private-Water-Park-Expansion-Lots-1-and-4-Neaves-Road-Bullsbrook-DA286-15.pdf
  12. Aw hype

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    F for 'BIG 9'
  13. Aw hype

    Tower of Terror 2 closing

    Is the tower hollow?
  14. Aw hype

    The Off Topic Topic

    Could someone please explain the 'InspireWA' theme park concept to me?
  15. Aw hype

    The Off Topic Topic

    Yeh on a real note AW have got a shit ton of negative publicity about the post both locally and nationally. Karen has well and truly started a revolution with the power of her complaint