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  1. Aw hype

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Would that mean the '12 million dollar' price tag associated with the abyss is a rough representation of total project cost (implying a cost of around 6 million for ride infrastructure) or would that figure reference just the price of the ride itself and not the total project.
  2. Aw hype

    Great Escape closure

    The old ropes course and rock wall have been set up and are in use at camp Kerem (rock wall and ropes course shown on page) This clipping from a news article ( about the sale of the Dunsborough Xscape park (predating the closure of Great Escape) also triggered my curiosity; "Owner and operator, Douglas Campbell, is selling the property to further invest in his growing theme park business – also being the operator of Mirrabooka’s Action Park and Hillary Boat Harbour’s The Great Escape." Were the great escape slides 2nd hand from Mirrabooka action park? If not where did the action park slides go?
  3. Aw hype

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    I'm highly likely to be wrong here but didn't they try to do a refurb of BR but couldn't source the parts? Feel like I'm getting a bit confused with inferno...... And with the likely location of mi4 being discovered, what do you guys think will happen to the castle area? Is it really worth AW keeping a decrepit island with a swamp and a castle in the middle of the park if it's only going to be used on two weekends in a season?
  4. For some reason this looks like a sick GTA 5 edit/montage
  5. So from my observation these people were on a raft that wasn't involved in the incident but was possibly doing a ride cycle at the time? I thought there were two younger kids (around 12) on the flipped raft that managed to escape the harness because they were smaller than the others. I'd say those poor children are likely to have some sort of PTSD related illness, but not random people on another ride cycle
  6. Aw hype

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Is the castle island being used as a scare maze
  7. Aw hype

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    Definitely the Pandora ride at Animal Kingdom. Heard that gets pretty packed. Expedition Everest wouldn't be a bad idea either
  8. Seemed to have every bit of valuable research done other than the fact that another tilting coaster exists.
  9. Aw hype

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Bit hypocritical?
  10. Aw hype

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    I see your point. If this was a movie world thread or something yes, maybe then split it up into individual trip reports. Just a bit unnecessary on a thread about a small park like AW from which we have had 54 topic posts over the whole summer. Anyway, Tim made a new one, LOL
  11. Aw hype

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Mark did say keep your eye on that area 😉
  12. Aw hype

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    Even if the name was changed to something along the lines of 'Adventure world - Mi4 and general discussion' the clarification would be there. It's unrealistic that this will become a mega thread as mi3 and general park talk is nothing like combining a Gold Coast park update thread with a construction thread.
  13. Aw hype

    Water Park for Perth

    Seeing as people consider Adventure World an action park, or at least by definition of park members, and the fact that this thread was started before the construction of the water fortress, is the title not fitting? Its literally about a water park that was at the time coming to Perth and is now here.
  14. Aw hype

    Defunctland: The Demise of Wonderland Sydney

    Probably posted elsewhere but seems relevant