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  1. Aw hype

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    I can't see anyone doing much school work if I am completely honest
  2. Aw hype

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Will be at the park on 27 September, two days before the season starts, as part of the physics day ( If anybody wants a report on on anything in the park or has any information about the physics day (I'm curious) just reply to this comment and I will do my best to investigate anything people want to be investigated. Excited to ride Abyss with what will be presumably newer wheels and not have to wait in line for the Kraken for half my afternoon
  3. Aw hype

    The Off Topic Topic

    Just out of curiosity, what anti-valleying procedures are present on aqua loops? What happens if you do valley?
  4. Aw hype

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    It almost seems like they chose that location to make the park seem smaller and less open. I figure they are keeping the gold rush theme as yellow sorta does indicate so. To the GP it will be like a 2020 HWSW minus the concussions. I guess BIG 9 is a thing again too
  5. Aw hype

    Dreamworld Update - 3rd of August

    what even is that
  6. Aw hype

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Since when did Disney's Hollywood Studios have a Blue Fire Coaster?
  7. Aw hype

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Unverified sources say segments of track have been spotted on the back of a truck on Pacific Highway
  8. Aw hype

    Tower of Terror 2 possible closing

    IF TOT were to be removed, how would you go about the continued operation of (what I'm assuming) is a perfectly operating giant drop? Is it as simple as removing the station and track (including that on the side of the tower) or are they a two for one package and can't operate without each other?
  9. Aw hype

    Northam Aquatic Centre

    Is that bad CGI or did they go with whole 'unrendered tube' design. Those things look ugly
  10. Aw hype

    Adventure World 2018- improvements

    Would that mean the '12 million dollar' price tag associated with the abyss is a rough representation of total project cost (implying a cost of around 6 million for ride infrastructure) or would that figure reference just the price of the ride itself and not the total project.
  11. Aw hype

    Great Escape closure

    The old ropes course and rock wall have been set up and are in use at camp Kerem (rock wall and ropes course shown on page) This clipping from a news article ( about the sale of the Dunsborough Xscape park (predating the closure of Great Escape) also triggered my curiosity; "Owner and operator, Douglas Campbell, is selling the property to further invest in his growing theme park business – also being the operator of Mirrabooka’s Action Park and Hillary Boat Harbour’s The Great Escape." Were the great escape slides 2nd hand from Mirrabooka action park? If not where did the action park slides go?
  12. Aw hype

    Adventure World MI4 - 2019

    I'm highly likely to be wrong here but didn't they try to do a refurb of BR but couldn't source the parts? Feel like I'm getting a bit confused with inferno...... And with the likely location of mi4 being discovered, what do you guys think will happen to the castle area? Is it really worth AW keeping a decrepit island with a swamp and a castle in the middle of the park if it's only going to be used on two weekends in a season?
  13. For some reason this looks like a sick GTA 5 edit/montage
  14. So from my observation these people were on a raft that wasn't involved in the incident but was possibly doing a ride cycle at the time? I thought there were two younger kids (around 12) on the flipped raft that managed to escape the harness because they were smaller than the others. I'd say those poor children are likely to have some sort of PTSD related illness, but not random people on another ride cycle