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  1. Ratanga Junction in Cape Town was a seasonal park similar to Adventure world, and the SLC in said park was only in operation for 20 years. Arkham was 25 years old, operated for at least 300 days in each of those 25 years, the first 12 of which would've been as the parks major thrill ride (so i'm assuming with extremely high patronage during that period). Arkham was the the 4th SLC built and Cobra was the 21st (https://rcdb.com/r.htm?order=-8&ot=2&ml=8106) so I'd assume there would've been some technological and/or structural optimisation within that time to the SLC model that would con
  2. It's about 5 years past it's used by date, and from what i seem to gather the maintenance and upkeep required have rendered it financially impracticable. Was nothing special to begin with, bar theming, and there wouldn't be that many parks around interested in a vekoma SLC let alone a 25 year old dead one.
  3. As Gazza said, Perth is an exception to this. Given we've been relatively un-effected, and because it's not like we actually (AW and OS) relied on interstate or international tourism that heavily pre-covid anyways. People have also got more disposable income over here courtesy of the stimulus package, being able to continue working and the inability to blow all this in a bender up in Bali or On the Gold Coast (shit examples but you get my jist). We were also lucky enough that our lockdown occurred in the park off seasons, so loss of income due to closure was close to nil. For the most par
  4. Look man, i'm usually the last person to complain or even care about this sort of thing, but please proof read or something before you submit a reply. It is very hard to understand what you are saying or even trying to say sometimes due to a lack of punctuation and what not, and it makes it very hard to therefore have any sort of a constructive conversation with you and to an extent take what you have to say seriously. Your (and i think i speak on behalf of most people on here) opinions and comments are valid, interesting and appreciated by us as a community, just please for the sake of other
  5. ''Immerse yourself in an All new, all year round attraction like no other in the southern hemisphere! Take a photo, tag ur friends (if you dare) as you traverse the twsited tracks of the abandoned Arkham Asylum. For a small upcharge ($100), guest will be able to harness up and walk the tracks of what was formerly the tallest, fastest and longest Roller Coaster of it's type in southern Queensland. Coming Summer 2021"
  6. It is Wikipedia, so take with a grain of salt, but still...
  7. Yeah they have gone as far as removing it from the park map too. Curious as to why management said otherwise and why they wouldn't have made an announcement yet though?
  8. Gonna sound a bit insensitive here but if it is openly advertised and expressed by WWW that people under/over a weight limit (which is set by manufacturers i believe) cannot go on slides, a bit of the onus has to be placed on the guest for paying full price. If you want to go for a swim but cant ride slides, go to the local rec centre.
  9. You beauty! Don't want to share screenshots because i don't know how landgate are about copyright, but the roller coaster is removed in aerial imagery from 1989, and the Bumper boats are on the roller coaster site in imagery from 1985. There are no images between that time, so it only operated ≥1986 to ≤1989. Lines up with Metropolis at LPM opening in 1990.
  10. Yes i did mean LPM, sorry again Thats the slide with the enforced head first rule
  11. Yeah my bad @Gazza, they aren't mirrored. And look what i found... These were taken 1987, and there are no bumper boats but there is the coaster. Perhaps they were down on funds later on and sold the coaster to LPS to try stay afloat and replaced it with the boats?
  12. Have found some interesting stuff on old waterparks etc. in Perth recently, and felt like sharing/asking questions so if anyone knows they can share. Left out Great Escape Hillarys because it has its own thread. First up: Armadale Aquatic centre waterslides. Opened December 1981, closed circa 2015? 3 waterslides, built by someone knows that isn't me. 'Dipper Tube and 'Corkscrew Tube' slides (see second picture) opened somewhere around 5 years before the far right and locally dubbed 'fast tube'. Note the layout of the furthest right waterslide (bottom photo) and how a
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