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  1. All this deliberation and conjecture about where the tops coaster went...only for it to turn up scrapped in someones backyard. But where did it come from? The image above was taken at the (very much defunct) Atlantis marine park circa 1985. Did this coaster go on to be the dragon at Tops? And if not, does anyone know where it did go?
  2. Able to provide any details about this? First I've heard of it and there isn't any media coverage of it.
  3. Going to need cochlear implants after listening to that
  4. You'd just think an amusement ride would designed so that it is capable of carrying a load of average adults. Thats top tier shithousery from a engineering point of view if you cant even create an amusement device capable of cycling adults. Maybe it's going more to shit then the delayed concussions suggest and the park is trying to reduce wear and tear where they can? Does throw up a lot of questions indeed. Sidenote - is the chairlift dead?
  5. This is the same park that left a dead wild mouse in a rock for 15 years, you'd think if they're in there quick it's because they got a buyer. Also if it were demo i'd assume there'd be more bulldozers etc than cranes
  6. Even if its averaged out at 75kg, on a per seat basis for a 'modern' coaster it just seems ridiculous. It makes no sense to have 8 seat cars that can't cater for 8 average people. How are they gonna run Fright Nights? Sorry you healthily weighted average Sized group of friends, please wait while we find 4 kids to join half of you guys? What @Brad2912said about the business ethos thing. Perth is a pretty small town and in the Covid world they need all the local attendance they can get. Word of mouth spreads pretty quick, I've had multiple mates who wanted to go this weekend scrap it in favour of the royal show because they don't want to risk paying for rides they can't, well, ride. You'd hope so. Expect a few refunds, or requests for compensatory food vouchers
  7. It is very random for these restrictions to just be spontaneously imposed, especially when a few of the water rides have been operating for the best part of 40 years. You could be right, either the insurance situation has changed (possibly as a result of perceptions surrounding the fully six incident at WWW) or they're about to get sued and want to cover their asses going forward. I hate to sound cliche but the parks gone downhill since mark left. Minimal reinvestment, nothing to really entice teens or even children to return if they attended recently, poorly implemented park policies. Not good.
  8. An indubitably shit way of going about enforcing weight restrictions. Given Rocky Rapids is no more than a glorified lazy river with a small drop, I have no clue how or why there is a weight limit on it let alone at 90kg (which is only 3kg clear of average male weight). Even more confusing is how a 12 million AUD roller coaster can't 'safely' cycle trains with a combined weight of 600KG (not enough to account for 8 average Australian adults), yet a gyro swing can cycle 100kg per seat. Unless the coaster is already somehow on its last legs (certainly runs like it is) and they're trying to increase its lifespan, i'm at a complete loss with it. Rules out the average Australian male by 12 Kg
  9. I think there's a distinct difference between intense and rough. You pull 4.2g on Superman Escape but don't come off with tier 10 whiplash and cauliflower ear. As for the ride type, I think most eurofighters are quite rough and unpleasant. Mystery Mine at Dollywood recently had a section of track redesigned to try smoothen the ride https://rcdb.com/3609.htm, and i believe they are very similar if not identical trains and restraints.
  10. Yeah mate it's like being a rock in a vacuum cleaner. A lot closer to unpleasant than it is enjoyable. It wasn't super smooth when it first opened and has got much worse as times gone on.
  11. I doubt it.The Abyss has become an incredibly rough not so enjoyable ride. Line's never longer than 20 minutes, even in Summer. Lap bars may help with the headbanging, but its' realistically still going to ride like shit, i don't think the trains are designed for lap bars (nor would it be fun going through that 4.5 g dive loop wouldn't be fun with your legs tied down) and it doesn't make sense to reinvest in a coaster with such low ridership.
  12. Adventure world called, they want you to stop talking shit about their vertebrate-annihilating eurofighter.
  13. Who would've thought the 25 year old concussion-inducing arrow looper would outlive the (sounds a bit odd but is true) last coaster dreamworld actually added. Look i'm no expert but parks typically don't remove an attraction due to it's proximity to a new development, seems a bit odd. If that were the case, you'd think they'd just move it somewhere else in the park. Wouldn't surprise me if they were looking to get rid of it in the next 5ish years only for a buyer to pop up now, in which case it would make sense to uproot it and move it on, especially given its removal will then be overshadowed by the positivity of ST opening.
  14. One brake run doesn't necessarily mean one block zone. Some modern coasters are able to use the lift hill as a block zone (the lift chain adjusts it's speed depending on whether or not the block zone ahead is occupied, so that it does not send a car into that zone when occupied). They can also stack multiple trains on the final brake run, that being a block zone in itself, along with the load/unload (some rides have seperate 'load' and 'unload' platforms which are their own individual blocks) station being a block. The problem with raptors vs el locos is that whilst the trains are similar capacity, by nature of raptor trains being a lot longer, the ability to stack and effectively run multiple block zones in close proximity is inhibited, baring in mind no two trains can occupy the singular block zone at a given time.
  15. If people are dying on free floating rides and not(?) tracked ones, however irregular those deaths may be happening, it's probably not a bad move imo
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