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  1. I’m assuming since there’s 2 giant drops they would just alternate maintenance by having one in operation.
  2. If you look at the dates in between (13th, 14th) in March fall on the weekend. March is usually quiet during the week and weekend get a higher attendance in the parks. So looks like what they need to do can be done around the weekend, which is better than having it closed.
  3. I don’t know if this has be discussed previously, but I noticed on the main theme park website there’s a blog section and is quite interesting to read. The latest one is definitely a great help for a first time visitor. Also the Fright Nights behind the scenes blog is another good read. https://themeparks.com.au/blog
  4. Yes White Christmas, may not be catered for yourself but it’s popular for families and passholes who just go for extra ride time. Still counts as an offering.
  5. Umm did you not see what they offered last holidays.. - Aquaman Exhibition (World Exclusive) -New Batmobile (also World Exclusive) - New character, Cyborg - Some what of a Scooby Doo refurbishment. Not to forget the annual White Christmas event. Dreamworld.... - so I think Movie World doesn’t need to do something til June/July Holidays.
  6. Good News about the light effects, but first has anyone here actually bothered to ask the operators what’s going on? I did and when you do you find out a lot (May depend on the staff there at the time). Anyway, they have add more lighting to the dark ride to highlight the props/walls/lamps and Scooby at the first corner. More lights to come to section after the “disco” room. They are in the process of getting the ride completed (smoke and lasers) but are having delays with an external company. Also the ride operator finds it funny that people on here complain about things, bu
  7. Maybe it’s just temporary(trial), and plus it adds an extra refill station in the park which is a great for the upcoming busy season.
  8. Down by Wild West Roadhouse Source Parkchat Live!
  9. Fast Track at Movie World has dropped in price to $99 in park and online
  10. I don’t know what’s funnier, advertising the location or the misprint spelling...
  11. This isn’t the propeller, the ship one is way larger and newer looking
  12. How about wait til it’s finished before assuming this 🤦🏻‍♂️
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