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  1. AUSTRALIAN MOTOR RACING FINDS A NEW HOME AT DREAMWORLDNEW MOTORSPORTS THRILL-SEEKERS ATTRACTION OPENING AT DREAMWORLD THIS SUMMER Including the World's largest collection of Peter Brock racing cars, Supercar racing simulators and new food & merchandise outlets A special part of Australian motor racing history will soon have a new home at Dreamworld with the park unveiling plans for a new interactive motorsports precinct to open after Christmas featuring a re-vamped rollercoaster and the world's largest collection Peter Brock racing cars. Covering 6,000 square metres within the park footprint, the multi-million dollar immersive motorsport experience includes a new train and re-themeing of the existing Cyclone rollercoaster; a walk-through high-tech display of around 30 original and replica Peter Brock cars; six state-of-the-art supercar racing simulators; plus themed dining and retail options.
  2. lessofkess

    Sea World update news??

    Hi all! I'm just wondering if there has been any new news resurfacing of an attraction Seaworld advertised when they first opened the Storm Coaster? The poster (Right) was of jungle animals, like Gorillas, and hippopotamus, i thought that the attraction would be that of a Jungle Adventure type of thing. Like the jungle Cruise at Disney perhaps? Seaworld is working on a massive refurbishment at the moment, with the addition of Creatures Of The Deep and the Nickelodeon Land refurbishment, however I still haven't heard any news of this attraction that was set for 2014. What do you guys think?