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    Just when I thought I couldn't be more excited for the event this year.. from the Sculpt Studios FB
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    I don't get why repainting these coasters is OK but repainting Whitewater World was considered as waste of money?
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    Were the deceased persons same-sex lovers?
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    I did the platinum tour and overall it was a great experience. Being the first night there were issues but at least the tickets were a bit cheaper. - SPOILERS AHEAD - Our group got to enter first and we had photos taken at the entry of the VIP room. We were greeted with drinks and canapés and given our tour gift - pen in a coffin shaped box. We were supposed to be going to do the panic rooms at 4:45 but we weren’t taken over til just after 5:00. I did the Dark Room and we were the first ones to escape - and in 18 minutes. We were escorted back to the VIP room and lead straight into the Roxy theatre where we realised we missed basically all of the cast and crew meet and greet. Chilled for a bit then got taken to the viewing area for the opening - where they realised they didn’t have a spot for the platinum people so we had to squish in front of the UTT people. The opening was some of the ‘baby-faced’ killers dancing and a live singer. We were taken to the IT maze first and were basically the first ones to enter. Unfortunately they took all 20 of us in and I was lucky - or not so lucky - last in the line. I missed all the scare actors. But the set was really detailed and I especially liked the sewer. Then the group behind us caught up to us and started pushing us and I was nearly trampled (hey, I’m a petite, short chick). Then we were taken off to do the terror tour. Our group was split in to two and we had to wait near Wild West Falls for a bit. We were joined by a ‘late-comer’ which I thought was strange. I won’t go into detail about the tour but the ‘late-comer’ ended up pissing off one of the drug bosses and they tied him to a tree. I have an inkling that this was all staged as I didn’t see him again after that. Very enjoyable but I agree with the previous poster in that it could’ve been a bit longer. After that we went to experience A Grave Death. We got our make-up done to look like The Joker (seriously.....) I don’t want to spoil the experience as it was one of my favourite things of the night but I will tell you that you are given a panic button should you not be able to take being ‘buried alive’. After that was free time - 2 hours to do whatever we pleased. We did the mazes - thank god for fast track! - backwards on DC rivals, forwards on DC Rivals and a ride on Superman Escape. Grabbed some food - which was amazing as always. Our tour guide - Lucy - was awesome. Took our feedback and I even got an email from her the day after. In case you were wondering, the spiel about ‘experiencing the mazes in a different way’ means to be able to go through by yourself or with just your friends. Had I know that earlier in the night I definitely would’ve gone through IT by myself.
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    My opinion after having a few years off... Mazes seemed very haphazardly strung together. In HoK we encountered one scare actor the whole time. 60 minute + wait for rides but rides were not on our to do list... at least maZes moved quickly. HC queue closed by 8.15? Saw two stages set up. One playing music briefly, the other had nothing on it the few times we wandered past. Precincts were not themed. Having a grouping of characters roaming around specific areas does not a precinct make. FN is in desperate need of a quality show to soak up the crowds. Before the fanboys scream - I repeat, just my opinion. Won't be back. For those that enjoyed it - im glad for you. But for me the price tag just didnt meet expectations.
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    Seriously? Thanks AlexB - not sure why that particular post was offensive to ole Push - he wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t even directed at him!! He is officially a cockwomble.
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    I did too. Which is crazy because everything I say is pretty much spot on. Sure, might not always be in English but still spot on.
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    The ride? or the weather system forming over the broadwater?
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    @Tim Dasco and I paid a visit to Adventure World, today. There are no new rides. Quite a few things have had a fresh coat of paint, but lots of things haven’t. Tim was impressed with how the grass looked. There is large fencing around the haunt/maze area. Inferno is still testing. The animal part was closed, despite Aimee, the keeper, being inside and the place looking okay. Yarli’s Safaris has new paint/decals. Buccaneer Battle seems to be cracking down on any loose items(including hats and glasses). The crowds slowly built up over the day. The queue for the Grand Prix looked to be about 30 minutes.
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    At DW today and first visit post-queue changes for SV. Basically turn left for ride-express, right for everyone else and then winding queue around the big screen. Trolls Village is now surrounded by a fancy fence - at least it’s not a metal one with wrapping. The Monster is a cool concept and great to have indoors on a hot day. For any let’s say “fitness limited” adults such as myself - it’s a challenge! Haha, 2 trips was enough whilst my son got through 4 in the 30min allotted time. No changes at all behind the blue wall around the WipeOut site, and nothing of note on the proposed site for the coaster. TOT2 operating normally which is the first I’ve seen of it in a long time. Buzzsaw, Gingys Gliders the only rides not operating from what I saw. SV about a 30mins wait. Oh, and the new Photo Passes that come free with the annual passes are just laminated paper, no longer plastic cards like the annual passes..
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    Is there a park anywhere in Oz that looks as good as this?? Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    UTT Review: Early Entry: Great as always Canapes and Meet and greet: Went for about 45 minutes until 5:30pm. Members walking around with food and cast members such as doll haus. Talk to Maze Designer: Moved into the roxy theatre. Video didn't work (think this was intentional) and some microphone issues to make it a bit more of a light hearted part of the day. Just talked about what mazes they had this year really. Buffet: Very nice, dishes such as fish, carved meats, assorted salads and desserts, chocolate fountain, fried chicken and spinach, mushroom and baby tomato pasta (loved the pasta haha) The Tour (SPOILER HEAVY AVOID UNLESS WANTED): This tour is based on a musical festival which was a bust and was on the lands of a drug cartel. You jump in a car and get taken over near the studios somewhere near topgolf?? A man kills a dude and holds his head. Tour guide runs away and the drug cartel owner yells at you to come to a shipping containers. Bunch of cocaine and you get told to run to a plane to take off to become her workers. Plane gets shot up by police and you get taken to another tour vechile. A girl in our tour was directly at the window and the tour guide popped up (she freaked out and fell over) so dont do that! You get taken back and that was the end of it. I honestly wish there was something more to this (I was thinking paradise country) to make it more interesting and longer? It was done in 10 to 15 minutes. 6.5/10 Theming was great! Fast Track: Very useful to get everything done, did the mazes 6 times and rides 4 times. Panic Rooms: We didn't attempt these as we were not interested. The souvenir is a fright nights pen in a coffin box.
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    @Tim Dasco and myself spent the afternoon at the Perth Royal Show sideshow alley preview day. How we got the invite was a story in itself. Tim went on lots of the rides(tons were open) and we got some great on and off ride footage. The weather wasn’t perfect and the new coaster wasn’t running(we did see some people walking the lift hill). Saw lots of the media and other influencers there. Tim got to talking with lots of the ride operators too.
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    Remember to wear clean pants boys!
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    Just when you thought that there was a Museum for everything, life comes and slaps you in the face. The World's First Vagina Museum will open in London on November the 16th. Please see the below link for the full story. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/uk-vagina-museum-london-scli-gbr-intl/index.html I must admit, when I first read this I cracked up. I mean seriously, a Museum for Vaginas!! But the more I thought the more I could see that there is a hole in the market for something like this. Someone has worked years to get this off the ground, beavering away tirelessly to make it happen. Now it is here and they are ready to pull apart the beef curtain and let visitors enter. Oh i am sure this will have its detractors- there is always someone caught up in a flap but I reckon this will be a massive success. What do you guys reckon?? 😉
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    Lunchtime visit for @Tim Dascoand myself, today. The new slides are progressing. Two appear to be finished, with water going down the Gold Rush slide. The wave looks pretty good, although not vertical. Splash Island has new signage and Octopus Bay looks freshened up. Much of the path to the new area has been poured. There’s even a track out to the inflatable slide.
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    New slide parts have arrived:
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    Here's our POV of Australia's latest coaster, West Coaster (formerly X-coaster and still with that sign). https://www.facebook.com/perththemeparks/videos/404866673558033/
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    Hey @pushbutton I’d private message you but you’ve got messages disabled. whats ya problem? Moved on from putting vomit emojis on Alex, now you’ve decided to do it to my posts, weeks old ones at that. grow up!
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    Awesome job DW. This park will seem like its brand new by the end of the year
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    @pushbutton you should really see someone about your nausea issues...
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