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    Alex, this particular ad is getting phenomenal traction and yes people will always have their point of view and preference. We felt putting Clark in front of the camera was appropriate and in the current environment hits the right tone. There is a lot of speculation in your post, to be clear Marketing for VRTP and communication is my responsibility and I take tremendous pride in everything we put out, not always one gets it right but our intent is good, your comment about "Clark fronting the media and not Bikash" is a decision that we make internally on which topic is more appropriate and for either myself or Clark to front the cameras as we see fit, it is not that it will only be me or it will only be Clark, all depends on who is available. The voice over is Clark, i can confirm this. I also take note of the comment "Faceless Rake". The only thing i can tell you is that we all are working as hard as possible to get the parks back online responsibly and with appropriate level of consultation and to get people back in the workforce. Some comments here talk about people not liking me personally and that's perfectly fine, when you are in the public eye this is bound to happen, I also give it back as i get it, no excuses for it, if someone makes a derogatory comment about myself or my business and specially if it is unfounded, I will come strong and hard because i can and it is the right thing to do. There was also come commentary here about some backlash we got for handling some situation, this is not true, there was no backlash. Yes i am vocal on social media when i see the need to be, no different to when i stood up to the animal activists and did not back down, I was also prepared for the backlash, threats to my family and anonymous deliveries to my family with more threats, that is the price one has to pay sometimes being in the public eye. I would love to get on here and very transparent but it has been hectic and difficult to do so and i will try to answer or clear up things as much as possible. You all are a bunch of passionate people and i like that a lot and you should say it how it is like i do but also be prepared to receive it as i do. All the best and have a great weekend..... P.S. I am quite a nice person and not as bad as some people make me out to be but I accept whats out there totally. Thanks for the welcome, and yeah happy to sit down for a drink...I am Human i promise you. That's funny, I will give you that
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    I'm not a massive fan of the ride, but I must admit I like really like how the area around it has grown and how it feels like it belongs now. It's neat that the area has filled in, and there's some nice creative elements that make the coaster feel at home in a way it really didn't when it was built. The water slide tower in the middle of the helix being the obvious pinnacle. I agree it should nowt have been the signature coaster for 20 years, but I like how the area has grown to make it fit in. Seriously when it was built you could really tell that the ride wasn't meant for where it was built. 100% a terrain coaster, and as much as it was a good pickup at the time, in the early days it really stuck out in a bad way and didn't fit at all. These days with the way they've built around it it fits in like it's meant to be there. I love when different rides interact, I think it makes things so much cooler. I mean there's nothing exciting about the placement of GL or Arkham, but Corkscrew dove under the monorail track, and it really added something, particularly when you were on it and there was a train going through. The same would be true if they'd stuck with the original plan of putting a ride in Superman's helix. If I had to put it in marketing terms that our parks could understand I'd say 'The proximity of different attractions in any one precinct provides for world class, dynamic interaction, enhancing the experience and providing for organic iconic promotional hero images, and instagramable moments for guests to share, assisting in the creation of sharable viral content. World class. *orgasm noises*'.
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    Speaking of the early days of Sidewinder/Cyclone/Big Dipper/Whateverthehellitsgonnabecallednow, I finally managed to find footage of the coaster in action at Luna Park. I have to say, having that view while riding is pretty freakin' cool!
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    Mr Magician, as your name says, we have plans for WNW, yes it needs love and we will bring that back, again let’s deal with sea world first and then WNW, what we have planned is out if this world and I hope we can deliver this soon. It will be a Southern Hemisphere first that’s for sure. After a lot of sessions with manufacturers overseas and here we believe we are on the right track to make this Park where it deserves to be. Will not happen overnight but yes it’s on our radar 100%
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    Dreamworld has released a new POV of the new coaster.
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    GL next to Rivals does look fantastic but until Rivals was built, it looked like they had just left a coaster out on the curb for council collection.
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    Hence why I raised it in my post. Allowing a private communication to stay published publicly on this forum doesn’t lend itself to parks being open and engaging.
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    Never say never as I say we are planning to only make things bigger and better, it’s all about timing and investment. I strongly believe that Atlantis is the start to something special moving forward. Yes we are working together and we believe that together we can make this industry strong. This pandemic certainly interrupted and affected everyone. I did not for one second initially think much of it along with a ton of people that I know. I strongly believe that collaborating with competitors appropriately is beneficial, technology, safety, sharing of knowledge is a good thing. @Jpw25111 not yet...
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    So I read an interesting commentary from the US parks yesterday and I think it make a a lot of sense. COVID-19 can’t really survive in the sunlight/warmth for more than a few minutes. So rather than any silly cleaning regime it wood make more sense for our parks to simply cycle and empty train after each ride to speed up operations. The problem will be if they are prepared to accept that increased wear and tear. Similarly the virus is not transmitted by skin contact. So if you make a mask compulsory for riders, you really don’t need any distancing on trains, just provide sanitizer at the exit and make people use it when leaving the ride in case they picked up anything off a surface during the ride (and could therefore pass it into their mouth, etc through touch). This is a problem for something like Scooby which is indoor entirely though. If I was the park I’d actually have been looking at a medical grade UV light the cars could pass through between unload and load to sterilize them contact free. The same could be done on Justice League. Thoughts?
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    Hey @Bikash Randhawa. For the last few years there has been plenty of discussion on here about Wet n Wild and how it comes across as the forgotten park for VRTP. I'm sure this isn't necessarily the case, but since 2011/12 there hasn't been that great of investment in the park. Bringing back Dive n Movies was a fantastic decision and seemed to be very popular. But having visited the park a few times over the summer, there are some areas that seemed to be overlooked/lacking. For example, the Zipline tower was installed and has remained unused since 2012 and for such a prime location for the park, I would have thought this would have been a priority to remove (particularly during the time when the shelters were installed around the wave pool). Obviously getting new attractions takes time, but it's been a few years since Mach 5 closed and to my knowledge has remained untouched. Some of the attractions also need some attention, as their colouration has weathered well (Eg. Constrictor, Aqualoop and Tornado). And the waterfall at Calypso Beach was also removed a few years ago, but hasn't yet been replaced, despite the structural elements remaining. It was great to see the entire Aqua Racer replaced a couple years ago and that definitely brought a new life to the attraction. With such major investments in Movie World and Sea World over recent years, new attractions every year aren't expected, but it seems like it has been 8 years since any major investments into the park. Basically, I would just like to hear your thoughts on the park, some of the items I've touched on and the comments about it being the 'forgotten' park. Cheers.
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    Hi There, we are working on getting our approvals and then it would take time to open everything potentially 4 weeks yes, which would be training, compliance etc, could be earlier but a lot has to be done before hand.
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    Yep, should reopen the same time as Arkham Asylum.
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    During Fabrication in Herbolzheim
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    The existence of this thread means we've failed as a society.
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    7NEWS Gold Coast on FB has a report talking about the reopening of the parks (tried to upload video/link on here but says video is private?) CWS - June 26th Sea World set to open early July Movie World shortly afterwards then Wet n Wild (sounds like they forgot AOS and PC) Parks supposedly running in full capacity in time for September school holidays Dreamworld is still finalising dates
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    Hi There, happy to answer questions but I guess you will have to wait and see what happens. Yes at this point it is closed for construction and yes the attraction is very old and we are weighing up options as we do with everything and when the time is right and appropriate we will announce as a buisness not on a place like so as it would not be appropriate to do so. All the best.
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    From The Illawarra Mercury: The Eddy Group Of Companies now include, apart from Jamberoo Action Park: Belmore All-Suites Hotel (Jamberoo's own Sea World Resort though it's located 20km away in Wollongong like the rest of their companies). To the best of my knowledge, they have owned this hotel since before the mid-2000's. City Beach Function Centre - wasn't original owner but did buy it in recent years. I think he wanted to add a light show to the building. Located immediately next to Wollongong's Flagstaff Hill to the south on the northern end of Wollongong's South Beach. Steamers Bar & Grill - located in the same building as City Beach Function Centre. Longboard Cafe - located in the same building as City Beach Function Centre.
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    The problem is people aren’t even hating on Village. They are hating on one person (god knows why) who’s in leadership there, and then projecting that onto an entire company. What I find more baffling on this is the current COO of VRTP has more passion for the company and the industry than anyone who’s been in that roll for at least 12 years or more. Someone who’s the exact type of person who people say should be in that roll, someone who’s risen through the ranks of the company from entry level, rather than some outside non industry person out of touch with either the country or the industry or both. Ive just no idea why a group of people have taken so much reach to turn a Facebook comment they disagreed with into an entire hatred of an entire company. Yet the rose coloured glasses seem to be out in full force in regards to Ardent who just constantly fail and disappoint. Everyone is entitled to their own misguided opinion. But I take great issue when someone throws an allegation of unsafe practices around which is totally unfounded. As for talk of engineering personnel. Village were smart enough to have one of the most professional and respected people at the top of their maintenance department. He had enough oversight not to let the kind of unchecked ego driven people making decisions that affect guest safety. And that’s the difference between the management of the two companies.
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    I mean if you think it's smart to have all that pent up demand for entertainment and theme parks to be spent at the competition because you couldn't get your 2 parks open before they opened their 4 then more power to you I guess. If you think it's smart to be left clutching at nothing and having to do a 'We're excited to announce nothing' announcement then that's up to you. If you want to then make up a mitigating factor like them maybe doing maintenance, I'm not going to stop you. But the words of the Iraqi information minister; you are now too far from reality.
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    @alexb I think my answer above should suffice your fascination into this comment. I take appropriate steps when I see fit but it would have to be something serious and substantial, and if I have said so then it probably was something that was concerning. No go and have a happy and great weekend.
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