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    Shade sails are all completely installed, and looking really good. They cover the queue area pretty well, and don’t hide the theming. Well done to MW
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    Bit rainy at Dreamworld today, but since its been over a week since any updates, thought I would go see for myself if there has been a little more progress, and there was
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    I thought I would take the time to do a nice little photo update with some high quality images. So Along with Goliath, Rampage has received a complete re paint, and the queue has been painted, the trailer mounted food store next to Kahuna Falls has been renovated to look permeant. Another food outlet has been placed on the new lawn space and the Dominos to Go has been removed and the old cafe extended. Below Zero has also been renamed and now offers some goliath themed foods. Abyss giving rides a fun ride! Goliath and its new seating area. Rampage has returned to a wood grain queue line. Goliath! The scratch marks on Rampage. Abyss and Goliath meet. Nice new intamin lap bars. The power/electronic room for Goliath. The Bermuda triangle of thrills.
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    Yeah two things... I'm pretty sure the company I work for doesn't have any amusement rides, in the dark or otherwise so... burn fail! second this emerging trend of people trying to out other members personal lives on these forums is not cool and won't be tolerated so it can stop now. Cause otherwise I'm just going to start banning people.
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    I think that whole Wonderland video discussion is just total insanity. It's a DEAD AND BURRIED closed park. Sure some people have some lovely memories, but I can't see why there is infighting over some pics and videos of something that is well and truely in the past. I don't get the whole 'Wonderland circle' it's a bit nuts. Think people should just be happy others are talking about/interested in it.
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    Alright, I've had another look at this today, so lets have a look at this in more detail. The Map: Let's enter the park as a first time visitor and turn left, working our way around the park from there. First off, I'm happy with Green Lantern. The colour, the position, it's all pretty straight forward and works. However. When did the creek become either a bike path or a river of slime passing by the park? This isn't Dreamworld's river, this is a creek that should be the same colour as the body of water on the left that it should run to. Moving over to Rivals. The placement of the tag is so very close, but just a little off where it needs to be. I don't remember the Rivals station being the Justice League ride. The queue path to it itself isn't that bad. I'm ok with it. IMO it doesn't need to show the full ride. Although I do distinctly remember a large joker head on top of the ride. Sure, it's there. But it's hardly pronounced or even close to visible on the map. Justice League - they've done alright. They've even managed to get the off centre building facade in there and the trees and statue out the front. Not bad. Ok, so that corner of the park is fairly easy to navigate, going to head back towards main street. Not sure what this giant tower thing on my left is. Seems to be Batman themed but there's nothing there on the map. Better keep moving. Strangely I've now come to this rather large path that the map seems to say should be a tiny footpath. I assume I'm allowed to walk up here, however with it being next on the map, I want to experience this Batwing ride before I move on. Alright, now that I've walked through the gardens and hedges that seem to be where this path is supposed to be, and now this building I'm standing in front of is apparently the Batwing Spaceshot. There's no theming or any sign of a queue. If it was me, I'd probably use that random tower ride looking thing I passed before as the spaceshot ride instead of this closed off building, but you know, the park knows best. I wait for 5 minutes and leave disappointingly that no one seemed to come and let me into this building. Time for Superman Escape now. This one's pretty easy to find and I ride it without issue. Next on the map is what I assume is an army themed coaster, despite the "Arkham Asylum" name. I expect to see a bunch of tanks to match the track and roof colour. Maybe this is an army asylum? Imagine my surprise when I arrive at the ride to find a grey tracked ride themed to DC Villains. Why is this ride green on the map? Where's all the army theming? Was the ride originally army themed? Is the ride about to be painted green to match the map? Is it such a terrible ride that they're trying to hide it from the public so no one remembers that it's there? Maybe it's part of the asylum theme, I'm not sure. But I've now exited the asylum and wanting to get over to main street. It looks like there's a path I could take, but checking the map, all I can see is these two buildings merged into each other. Maybe I'm better off being locked in the asylum. Confused and clearly delusional, I walk back through the gardens on the non existent path and arrive back beside the roundabout. Taking a left, it's time to arrive at guest services. I wont dock them points for not showing the room on the map, makes sense to see what's under there. I find guest services easy enough and now it's time for a 4D movie. As I make my way over to the Roxy 4D Theatre I pass an empty street that should be filled with statues according to the map. I'm disappointed to not have these statues out all the time. Movie's done. Now where to go? I think the Kids WB! Fun Zone is best. Not sure what's going on in this area. It's a fairly small area filled with kids rides, but I can't see where I'm going on the map. And why did they put one ride within the stunt arena? That hardly seems safe. Looking at the map, are there any paths here? Apparently not. Confused, I leave the area and head over towards the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. This was pretty easy to find. I do find it strange however that there's a show and eating area in the park, but not on the map. Guess it's off limits. Some people haven't realised it's closed but don't seem to have trouble getting food. Did I maybe pick up the wrong map at the entrance?? All I've got is this conjoined buildings. Time to experience the Super Villains Unleashed.... show? .....ride? .....movie? Not really sure what that is as there's no signs in the park to point me in the right direction. Must have been removed I guess. I'll check out this Doomsday Destroyer. Seems fairly accurate on the map location wise. Well, from what I can make out of it though. It really blends in. Also interesting to note that the arms are not this camo brown on the map, but more of an off-white lighter colour. With that ride done, I planed on checking out this "Wild West Falls Adventure Ride" however with no path to it on the map, I turn and leave, yet again disappointed. I check these Fair games, Intencity and dodgems area out, not bad, easy to find. The last thing left for me to do now is watch this "Hollywood Stunt Driver 2" show. Easy enough to find I guess. Wouldn't hurt to label the entrance on the map though. Home time now. I seem to have missed a lot of the rides and been very confused by the paths and colours, but here we are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too long; Didn't read? (I wouldn't have read it either, but if you did, virtual high five!) Despite what I said earlier, this is really nothing more than a guide. It kind of works on the website, but not as a printed map. The colours are wrong on some rides. Labels are not aligned where they belong. Parade floats are pointlessly in the street. Not only that, but the image is available on the website, but only in one resolution. The more you zoom, the less you can read. It needs to be redone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now as has been pointed out before, I'm an entitled asshole who demands everything from the park, so I'll say, what, a 3 month time-frame for them to fix this before complaining again? Deal.
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    A little bit of shameless self-promotion, as I visited again Phantasialand last week as part of the GhosterForce meeting. In addition to the fab Brühl, discovered Movie Park Germany, Heide Park and Hansa. Definitely expect Trip Reports coming up! @Gazza Will definitely upload the most valuable pics to the site if you want
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    Hey mate, just uploaded the video. Feel free to give it a watch:
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    I've had a nice and cheerful experience with the guys at CoasterForce at Parc Astérix, so I decided to join them for another, bigger trip! This time I would also discover 3 new parks in Germany, in addition to a return to Phantasialand... Summary Part 0: Phantasialand - Return of Taron Part 1: Movie Park Germany - Star Trek is actually underrated! Part 2: Heide Park - My first Wing Coaster Part 3: Hansa Park - Lovely management and stunning Kärnan Part 0: Phantasialand Although not an official part of GhosterForce, many people from CF added a stop to Phanta before the main event. The temptation to return there and get more night Taron craze was too much! One of my car-mates was Rachel, who was visiting the park for her first time, and her excitement was infectious! It's always a special feeling for me to return there and enjoy unique creative theming and rides, but to share the experience with someone who's never visited before added to my joy and certainly made me proud of my favourite park We also met CSLKennyNI, which was a real pleasure. Really cool guy with great insights on the park and the German coasters in general Starting with Maus au Chocolat allowed us to avoid long lines there, and therefore the high-pitch mice noises didn't get too annoying. I find this shooter dark-ride to be a lot of fun, despite the shoulder pain it indulges and despite my actually terrible aiming skills! The walk to Wuze Town includes a stopover near the much-discussed F.L.Y. sign. Winjas was good family fun as usual. It has a lot of gimmicks, but it truly adds to the experience instead of being a marketing overhype. Only complaint is that the cars are really narrow, even for a skinny dude like me :eek: We cleared off this side of the park with two of its more dated rides: Temple of the Night Hawk and Hollywood Tour. I suppose that, along the Berlin entrance, Phantasialand will work on refurbishing this zone to bring it to the standards of the park. Temple is actually fairly smooth and has some decent pace, but its family-ish layout calls for much more theming than a ride in the complete dark with no effects whatsoever. Chiapas is for me what a flume ride should be. Gorgeous, immersive theming and music that keeps you entertaining throughout. The disco part never ceases to keep me excited! After that, I split a while from the group to take more pictures and off-ride videos, we rejoined for Mystery Castle. The launch took me by surprise as I was expecting some more wait before the boost kicks off. I know it's part of the theming, but I wish it weren't so dark during the actual ride experience, so you could see the others as you drop and launch up again during the short program. Still a creative and exciting take on the usual drop tower/space shot type of attraction! We walked through the Klugheim zone but did not ride the gem Intamin yet. Not exactly sure how we resisted the temptation with so many breathtaking interactions with the ride, but I also remember Rachel really really wanted to make Taron her #300! Colorado Adventure was I believe her final stepping stone before reaching 300. I still like this Mine Train very much, the long layout provides a enjoyable ride. However, Big Thunder Mountain in Paris did have more of a wild out-of-control feel since its rehab. The banking on Colorado is funky at times. You have some wonky laterals which gets really fun during the dark section. Not having hard OTSR on an old Vekoma (and no inversions either) really helps I suppose! Can we ride Taron now then? Yessss!!! After that exhilarating Night ERT last April, I was curious to ride again the much-praised Intamin Blitz. Predictably, it wasn't as intense at noon, but Taron still surprises me, notably with the wicked change of direction right after the first airtime hill! Really snappy twist coming after a dive under some building so you can't really see it coming if you're not familiar with the layout. I split again from the group for the launch break. I was planning to shoot more videos of Taron, but a 5 minutes wait for single riders decided otherwise... Not gonna refuse such a treat! Did 3 more solo rides then, and also grabbed a front row ride on Raik, which does have a twisty bit of its own. It's a cool extra really Black Mamba at the front was still remarkably forceful. The layout is kinda generic, but very enjoyable nonetheless. The drum beat playing as the train exits the station always makes me more excited! Did a couple more re-rides later in the day which confirmed my positive thoughts about the Invert. I somehow forgot to take a picture of Talocan on fire. Such a spectacular thrill ride and once again, the scenery and atmosphere really enhance the experience there! Onto the final "new" attraction of the day: I never did Hotel Tartuff in 7 previous visits to Phantasialand. :eek: It's very easy to miss it and mistake it for yet another merch store in the Main Street. The CF lively atmosphere made the Fun House quite fun actually! The rest of the day was re-rides so let's skip to the most exciting part... Exclusive rides on Taron for the hotel guests, yay! I have to say, while the coaster does feel less borderline insane than before, I still get the adrenaline rush that makes me run in excitement from the station exit to the ride's gates all across the empty line again and again. The epic fanfare, the magnetic roars, and a twisty fast-paced layout really kept me excited during the whole hour. I ended up riding Taron 10 times during that session, and 15 times the day overall. Phantasialand really had a superb idea to make this hotel ERT, that's a brilliant piece of marketing there!
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    ^We'll pass that onto management
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    The whole thing kept me up last night. I realize that now I was in the wrong for not grabbing permission first, but being threatened with a formal DMCA take-down just shook me up. I should have thicker skin at this point because I've been harassed by every music label under the sun but the fact that it was coming from a community I heavily respected just hit hard. I had plans to make some other videos on Wonderland and it's history including it's licensing with Marvel, the ride's current statuses, etc but I'm scrapping those topics to talk about Old Sydney Town and Luna Park. I think I'm done with Wonderland for now.
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    Are you all talking about the castle que being dark? Reason for that is simple. Combination of being cheap and no one consulting on design. The que originally had 300w tungsten halogen lamps pointed at each window panel. The bounce of these produced ample ambient light for the space. These constantly required replacement so the minute the worlds cheapest LED replacement was available they 'started' to get changed out. Unfortunately the LEDs chosen were/are cheap and nasty, and set to an 'amber' they provide little bounce and thus you have the resulting dark que area. There are still a couple of the old lamps left because not ALL were replaced #budget. There's even a couple of EXTREMELY AWFUL home made modified lights up there that light a couple panels in a cool white, just gross. The whole space is one of my most hated places in the park lighting wise and it drives me nuts every time I see it. Badly needs a refit by a theatrical lighting designer... again something only Disney and Universal do, which is why their stuff looks 100x better than spaces lit by electricians.
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    The ride was signed off by WorkSafe Victoria and was cleared to run, there was no issues with the restraints. What that girl was saying in her post and on the news was a complete joke. I worked on the Sky Walker for 6 years and there was never any issues with restraints. There are also secondary locks in place so that if the main restraint locking system failed, the secondary would keep it in place. The harnesses do not actually click, the knife passes through the lock and is locked with the pneumatic system behind the seats, a secondary lock also passes through the knife so that if the pneumatic system failed, the secondary keeps the knife in place). The dissapointing outcome of this situation was that some idiot on social media (yes, she made up some ridiculous story, saying that her shoulders came completely out of the restraint - this is impossible, if anyone has ridden a KMG TANGO, you would know that those restraints are very restricted and don't give the rider much freedom to move) made a ridiculous claim, and instead of the RASV getting behind the showmen and their safety measures, they made the situation worse by listening to these claims and keeping the ride closed. The fact that WorkSafe cleared the ride with no faults, just shows that this story was ridiculous. Are we in a society today that anyone can make a comment on social media and an attraction could be closed? This could happen on any of our theme park rides also. It's frustrating to say the least. Other than this incident, the show was a success and we had a great year on The Beast. Wonderful to see people really enjoying the ride.
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    So after hearing from senior management that there had been some less than wonderful reviews sent through from some of the enthusiast community I came on here to have a look, and what I've found I find frankly quite disgraceful. If the stuff that was sent to management (as mentioned here, I haven't actually seen the letter ) is anything like what has been posted in this thread I'm so very embarrassed and ashamed for our community. I think its very sad to see that a few vocal self entitled enthusiasts are effectively representing an entire community as they are the in your face vocal ones. It seems every time a red carpet isn't rolled out and something tailored to their exact tastes personally that there is this tendency to get butt hurt and demand improvement.
I've made my stance clear before, enthusiasts ARE members of the General Public, NOTHING more. If you buy a ticket to get in, or enter through the front gate, you're not an insider, you're not special, and you deserve no special treatment. The fact that the park does cater to your HOBBY INTEREST is to their credit, and we should be appreciative of anything they do for us. And please not this is from the perspective of someone who DOESNT work for the parks and is in no different position to any of the rest of you. 
The fact that any member of management has made themselves available to any of us and listens to our input is also to their credit, and we should also feel privileged about that. What I read above is a big unrealistic whine about things that are barely an issue. I will take the one point I've heard that Rivals FT should have been at night, which I agree with, so it's a bit special. But anyone having a complain that they weren't made to feel special by it not being just makes them sound like an entitled asshat. As for the UTT itself and the Hyped components. This is an offering being sold as a small group fully guided evening tour. One would be foolish to thing it's anything but and that there would be free time to relax in the night. I've done similar with the RIP tour at Universal and it's really packed.
As self proclaimed experts on the park and Fright Nights, it would be clear to someone just how much that is to pack in, within the allocated time and what to expect. 
If people want time to experience everything at their own pace they should perhaps step down from their ivory tower for a second and god forbid experience the event a a mere commoner. The UTT offerings are not intended to give you EVERYTHING AND MORE, they are a different way to experience the night. It seems a lot of the complaining is that there is TOO much to do, well geeze shame on Movie World. Remember, this is not something created for enthusiast, it's a product to sell to everyone. That means they have to fill the expectation of someone who has forked out A LOT of cash for there night, and they will expect a full night.
The fact that people are saying that there was too much to do, and that Movie World didn't meet their expectations in the one sentence is just laughable. So please everyone, take a step back, a breath, think about what we're hear for... If it's to have fun at an amusement park with our friends (or solo if that's you're thing too) and enjoy ourselves then let's do just that and leave the bullshit at the door. If it's to feel like some kind of elitist superstar that has gold plated doors open for them at every turn and expects the park to cater to every whim, then I suggest may it's time to find another HOBBY! I think it's great how much the new wave of management at the Village Parks is doing for the enthusiast community and I hope they keep it up, despite the vocal criticism of a small minority.
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    Control panel for The Beast (KMG XXL) The red box next to the panel is the remote control that helps set the ride up, it controls the walking system, hydraulic cylinders, winch system etc. The three white buttons at the bottom of the control panel control the swing of the ride (15%, 40%, 100%) the switch is for the restraint locks, blue button is reset, red light is failure, and the dial on the right controls the spinning of the gondolas.
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    Pretty sure there was a lot of work going on in and around SeaCorkViperScrew just before they announced it wouldn't reopen....
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    100% agree @AlexB. I'd like to see something like a point system based on Member spend introduced. Earn say 1 point for every dollar spent on memberships plus bonus points for Premium memberships, special services and events booked online. Introduce a system in-Park allowing Guests to scan their memberships and receipts for purchasing a Product or Service across the brand to earn say 1 point per 2 dollar spent. Redeem anything from locker hire, photopass, Rivals backwards to meals - all the way up to the more high end experiences like AOS, a stay at SW or a backstage MW tour. Such an incentive for Members would not only encorage greater visitation it would significantly increase visitor spend across the brand/properties. Thoughts?
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    I mentioned that I was going to a video on Old Sydney Town so I thought I'd drop it for ya'll here. And it's okay, I approached everyone first before using their footage. I don't need that headache again! Should I make a theme park history video thread or something? I feel like this doesn't really belong here but I'm not sure where else to put it.
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    Went to funfields today to try out the new rides. Went on Voodoo first.. now that is an awesome ride. Considering it doesn’t look like much at first glance I found it a heap better than the Claw and also better than doomsday destroyer at movieworld. It can feel like a different ride each time you go on it. Due to the different angles you can get by the spinning motion and also depending on the amount of people on it and weight distribution the pauses you get at the top can differ. Awesome ride and I can see it having massive queues over summer. Definitely the best dry ride in the park. Gravity Wave was next and weather today wasn’t great for water slides. However I went on it with my son and his friend. I was a little underwhelmed. It didn’t feel as extreme/fast as kamikaze and tornado at wet n wild or Boomerang at waterbom in Bali. However I need to try it again with 4 adults and full weight as that can make a huge difference. Anyway great to see our little local park continue to expand and my kids have loved it so far this season especially with the bargain scoopon passes we got.
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    Honestly this is an utterly absurd debate. No question that you ticked every box by way of fair dealings and copyright law. You took a whole lot of amateur content and and re-purposed it into something new that stepped on no one's toes in any meaningful way. Chalk this up as yet another display of thuggery and short-sightedness from those still clinging to Wonderland.
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    I'm meeting Movie Worlds owner for breakfast in a few weeks time, shall I mention this??
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    Thank you Alex. I'm all about transparency. It was never my intention to cause any drama, I just want to create videos about theme parks and for people to enjoy them. It was an inexperienced move on my behalf not to seek permission first, but I'm trying to make things right. Thankfully I've learnt a valuable lesson early into the series.
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    These attractions are planned a good 18 months in advance so no one knows what the other is doing. Gumbuya will be the ones who get hit most I think, (for a number of reasons). Can't wait to see the team at FF and the new attractions on the 21st. You guys all know how much of a fan I am of FF! By the way, the Marketing is being done by Biscuit. I never used them simply because they are Melbourne based but I think you would all agree, they come up with some cool stuff!
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    Look one way to ruin your multi million dollar investment is to go and install some crappy shade sails every pub and day care center around town has... So good on the park for doing something different and a bit out there to present the area well.
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    I wasn't sure which thread to post this in, so forgive me if I'm out of place here. And I know it's been open a couple of weeks, and I'm late on this, but anyone who has ridden this beast will understand my overwhelming desire to vent on how damn good this coaster is. I live 6 hours from the Gold Coast, but as soon as I had a break in work and other commitments, I left in the early hours of yesterday morning (taking advantage of daylight savings) to get to Movie World at opening. And the minute I took the Pacific Highway exit, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. This thing towers over the park, it's intimidating, and incredibly photogenic. But if I thought I was wetting my pants driving past it, I had another thing coming when the train exited the station for the first time, and I was staring at the massive stairway to heaven that is the chain lift. In a mixture of nerves and excitement for my first hypercoaster, I couldn't sit still in my seat, much to the amusement of the young lady next to me. The chain lift is so fast and steep, you barely have time to gather your thoughts and pull yourself together before that awesome Joker face is looming right over you. And boy, is it a long way to look down from the front rows. But immediately after the chain let go of the train, all fears and regrets were immediately washed away. That first drop is the single greatest element I have ever experienced on a roller coaster (no exaggeration, although I'm fairly inexperienced to be fair). The air-time is on a level that we have not so much as gotten close to in Australia. And it's not just the first drop. The air-time hill blasts you out of your seat, before that incredible non-inverted loop, which is so fast and chaotic that you barely have time to think about it. Your backside bounces like a ping-pong ball on and off the seat as you're ejected with such force and intensity, over and over. I agree with people that the Stengel dive is pretty forceless, but by that time I was having the time of my life, so who cares? The turn-around is another amazing pop of speedy air-time, and you pick up an awesome amount of speed diving around the bend. The twists and turns that follow, as well as the helix, were so much more forceful and fast than I expected - not to mention those bunny hills, which really pull the whole thing together with a few more incredible blasts of ejector air-time before the brake run. By the end, I was so high on what had just occurred - it was like all my Christmases had come at once... And then I rode it backwards. MY GOD. The first drop backwards is perhaps the most intense thing I have ever done - and I've been skydiving. Being dragged over the rise suddenly, and ejecting into the harness, before plummeting straight down as you stare back up at that looming Joker face... Incredible. I was speechless at the end, which gave the ride operators a laugh. The entire coaster is made so much better by going backwards. The elements catch you by surprise, which seems to at least double their force. Not to mention being at the rear of the train, meaning you're pulled with such force and intensity through the air-time moments, especially the non-inverted loop. The seats are comfortable enough that, even though you get thrown around because you can't prepare yourself, it's still a smooth ride that isn't uncomfortable in the slightest. I ended up spending $30 on backwards seats throughout the day. And the staff? The staff do an incredible job. They were running through cycles at express pace, even when the line was backed up almost to the test seat. And the interactions with the operating staff when sitting in the backwards seats were enough to bring a big grin to my face every time. They know they have a world-class attraction on their hands, and they seem to enjoy that fact. Movie World, you've knocked it out of the park. Heck, we could build another park around the park and you'd knock it out of that one. DC Rivals is the greatest thing ever to happen to Australian theme parks, and if you haven't treated yourself to a ride yet, you're in for a treat. Get in line, do it forwards, and then have a blue note ready to do the only thing that could possibly be better than that - BACKWARDS. I wish there was a sixth star so I could give this more than just five, because by God it deserves it.
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    Having used Fast Track on Rivals at least three or four times over the weekend I can safely say paying for Fast Track just to get that smug feeling you get walking past an hour long queue on one of the busiest days is worth it by itself.
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    All Just to clarify my role with GW was very brief given my new role commitments. I had no (zero) input into ride procurement as most of this had been done prior to my arrival (which is a shame, let's leave it at that) The water slides etc are all top notch product from WWW but I would have purchased the theming packages that can go with some products. I had no input into theming either (except possibly the water park element). I guided them on the name change and some operational stuff/POS systems etc. No doubt some of you will comment accordingly when you visit in December (?). Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised. P.S. Sydneys Wet n Wild was over $125m and well, um? last time I checked SWWW had the 2nd lowest Trip A reviews tally of any significant Park in Oz. Guess who was bottom? There may be a new challenger for the bottom spot soon! Mark
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    Hello everybody! Today I headed down to Adventure World and I’m deciding to do a little more so summary of my day rather than a review. (I’ll be doing my summary split into rides and my experience with them today). (DON’T READ IF YOU WANT PHOTOS, THERE ARE NONE) Started the day off, entering through the front gates at 10am. Went to go rent a locker, put all my shit in it and started to get ready for an AWesome day. Headed to the Abyss first, me and my mate went back seat in order to warm up as we didn’t want to hurt our necks on front seat. (All rides that I didn’t go on were due to my mate not wanting to, those being Rampage, Freefall and some water slides. Abyss. Wow. After a year and a half of not riding Abyss let alone coming to the part, I can unfortunately say that my baby has ages, and certainly not for the better. This might be due to just pure expectation of it being smoother and since I ridden more smoother rides now. Nonetheless enjoyed riding it so much today. In total being at AW from 10-5, I managed to have about 30 rides today on Abyss. Did I mention the queues? No? Oh probably because there were none. Every single ride today was a walk-on besides the Grand Prix. I’m guessing I had around 25 or so rides in backseats and the rest in the front. Front was very, very turbulent like always but I’m not stupid and understand how to brace myself. Same workers were on shift all day and we’re very interactive and seems to be very sarcastic (in a good way). Unfortunately there was only one train operating today throughout all day, but it didn’t really matter considering queues were not considered a thing today. The workers continued to say to me and my mate, “Not you two again!” and at the end of rides “Is everyone still alive?” and the ride op would answer “Good!” to anyone who replied with “Yes”. Once the riders have gotten off of the train she continued to scream “Don’t come back!”. I continued to joke around with her all day. Kraken. Couldn’t be fucked running up the hill today so only went on three time. Operators were efficient and rides were always a walk-on. Was much fun but was very cold for us all today! Water mountain (I think that’s what it’s called I forgot). All these slides were walk on the fastest I’ve ever seen them operate. First time seeing all the new theming and I love it and think it looks great. I like the water effects on Rocky Ralis and like how it adds to the ride being such a small thing. Goliath. What you’ve been waiting for correct? Wow. Amazing. Gorgeous. Airtime. Vomit. Now, very funny ride. Made me laugh pretty much every time I went in, not only because once there was a five year old next to me swearing and saying every “naughty word” he could think of. Now theming. Looks great just as the photos of course. When I walked into the park and saw it swinging I was like holy fuck it actually looks like it swings pretty high. Much like how I reacted when I saw Abyss for the first time in person. Wait times were essentially just waiting for the current swing to finish as @Tim Dasco mentioned the other day. The ride starts off, the story themed voice comes on “Brace yourselves for the battle ahead and answer the call of the drums!” the floor lower and you swing forward or backward (depending on where you sit). Intensely speeds up quickly. Holy shit, this is so much closer to a Zamperla Discovery Revolution I thought. I was surprised with how much force was being layed onto my body. Speed, height and feeling as though I’m going to flip once reaching the top. LAP BARS, HONNNNEYYYYYY. I’m in love. Lap bars really do enhance the ride experiences. I’ve never felt so much like I’m going to fall out. You would think you would feel confident putting your hands in the air the whole time after riding once or twice. No. Not for me atleast. I think it’s going to take me a little longer, I’m sure next time I go I will feel confident, but I just like the insecurity that it implies. The hangtime is beatifull. However, I do feel a little wonky about this ride. Every time I went on it until about ride seven, my stomach always felt weird, but not in a good way and it wasn’t like butterflies. I almost felt weak in the stomach like I was going to vomit later. However I’m pretty sure that it was just that I wasn’t used to the thrill as I hadn’t really been on any rides for about a year and a half. HAHA moment of the day was when a male teenager through up in the garden after riding on the same ride Asmara me. I looked at them vimit after it happened a ride later (I’m so weird) and it wasn all pink and was a whole bunch of pink coated lollies. The ride operator said let it all go buddy no shame don’t hold back. I definitely think the ride operators for Goliath today could have been a lot faster. They dragged on and I understand that they were trying to be funny and entertain the kids, but let’s be real here, all of us just wanted to get on. Other than that the staff around the whole park were very enthusiastic and kind throughout the whole time. Kudos to the team. Goliath is a great addition and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it who don’t suffer from motion sickness. I just warn you that it may attack your stomach a little at first. Overall I had an AWesome day and am really happy that I can say that I love AW’s new addition for the season. Sorry for making this summary so long, I guess it really isn’t a summary lol. Whoops. Anyway if you did read this all good job, I don’t know if I would. P.S. If there are spelling mistakes or anything don’t complain I can’t be bothered fixing it all. I’ll tired lol.
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    Not my photo The power of new DLC and custom images
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    Forgot to post these from yesterday I know you can’t really see what’s going on in the third picture but there was a mine cart sitting in there with the lift hill exposed TPG managed to get a good shot via the help with James from PCL of the lift hill and the mine cart in sight
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    Ok well here goes, (long review warning) With the horrible weather Perth is having and the Show being on, the park was very quiet. So I managed to do everything with basically no waits. Abyss was walk on, Kraken looked empty as most other slides, The Go Kart's would have had a 10 minute wait and Goliath was only a wait for the cycle to finish. Goliath was defiantly the most popular ride today with everyone either watching it or ridding it. (you get pretty great views of Goliath and the park from inferno. (which is working ) Staff were very efficient at running the rides today with 2 trains running on Abyss (despite being walk on) and the staff are like always very friendly and making jokes. Goliath is an amazing flat ride! The Intamin Gyro Swing is my new favourite flat ride. (currently) It's good to have another dry ride because on a day like today it was to cold to do any water slides. Yet I spent most of the day there doing the dry ride product. To me its very re ridable (hence doing it 12 times) but if you get motion sickness like my good friend (@iwerks) its not very re ridable. I found Black Widow unbalanced (one person on the gondola) an unpleasant experience and made me feel sick. Just kept spinning over and over again. But with Goliath just the amount of airtime and high G force is incredible. Its a very intense and AWesome ride and the lap bars just add so much freedom. Goliath is like Abyss and AW's other rides with loads of shelves in each corner of the ride to store you loss items, shoes or bags.Go Pro's are allowed on the ride if in a chest mount. However it is a great addition to the park. Personally from the beginning I hated the location of the ride. But it really suits that spot nicely and is in the Bermuda Triangle of thrills. Having Black Widow, Rampage and Abyss surrounding this new ride. Which is why I am glad they put a nice area in with benches in the middle so you can sit and watch all these rides running at the same time. You can also tell how they learnt from the mistakes with Abyss and Kraken and tried to avoid making the same mistakes again. Instead of using the red hot flooring they have put nice anti slip poured limestone floors, fans in the queue race along with drinking fountains in the queue. Which will be great in a 40 degree summers day with an hour wait. (They have also added A/C to abyss queue also) The theming on this ride is just amazing! There are so many little details which just shows the extra thought that went into the ride design. Like the writing on the queue line roof to scratch marks on Rampage. (which got repainted in the off-season) I honestly have no idea what the sign says. The table area to view the Giant. @ABYSS to answer and earlier question that building has the mechanics to Goliath along with Power supply. Goliath's safety sign/cloth. Have no idea what these say either. But the fans will be great in the heat of summer. and the claw marks on Rampage. Overall its an amazing ride and does blend in very well at Adventure World and I look forward to seeing what MI-4 (hopefully still going ahead in 2019) and how well Goliath does in summer.
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    B&M Wooden Inverted Hybrid Twister Hyper-Hydrocoaster confirmed.
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    Tim Tracker has been to the all new Top Golf Orlando, and explains how the system works. https://youtu.be/LgAvBLV1Weg
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    Shouldn’t matter if they’re bored or not, there’s no excuse for defacing property.
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    Today’s update: And I don’t ever remember seeing this element within the Sky Fortress in Castaway Bay, but thought it was pretty cool and shows how good the theming of the area is
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    I've been lurking on this forum for years and finally made an account to post haha In a dream world I would absolutely love to see HWSD replaced with a Mad Max themed stunt show, it's a WB franchise, filmed in Australia with one of the main attractions to the series being the physical stunts and outrageous cars. It's something I've had in mind since the short promotional stunt show that was held outside the Sydney opera house! i think it would be a really unique and cool addition to the theme park as I find the current stunt show stale and just a tad predictable, adding something more close to home and relevant would be exciting! ^ pic of stunt show
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    So my friends at French website CoastersWorld just made a documentary about Alpina Blitz, the Mack Megalite at Nigloland. They've been granted some cool perks by the park, such as some backstage tour, permission to film from the coaster's lift hill catwalks, and an interview of the manager itself, Rodolphe Gélis! The video blends some nerdy technical footage (ever wanted to see a transfer track being used?) with insightful backstories about why and how Nigloland chose this coaster type. Mr Gélis notably explains why the park picked Mack over Intamin, and gives his own experiences and opinions about coasters! Of course, the video has English subtitles for you Feel free to give your thoughts on this documentary. My mates at CoastersWorld plan to make it a series with more insights on other coasters...!
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    As a graphic it's quite nice... as a usable map, it's quite not
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    oh it'll return alright... they won't go to the trouble of demolishing it so even if it is retired, it'll still sit there and slowly rot. perhaps they'll build a red fence around it too?
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    A bit off topic but I just saw this and thought it was an amazing idea. Busch Gardens Tampa have put in a park map for their Halloween event, however they use a sliding board so a scare actor can scare people while they’re looking at the map. What a great idea!
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