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    Short vid with sound IMG_2945.mp4
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    Some pics from the street side looking at the lift hill and some fly overs.
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    This appears to be full cycle with 1/3 full load test weight 1.30min ride time, Vid quality maybe be bit shit had to compress the shit out of it IMG_2987.mp4
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    Hopefully the Batman ends up in the theming for Batwing.
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    Extended trade till 8, yet people still have a piss and a moan. Far out. It's summer holidays, you know what this event needs to be? Park is open till 8. Perfect! Parade at the end is just a themed bonus. I mean 7 is too early for lasers to work in summer, but who cares? This is exactly what has been needed for a long time, and bloody good on them for doing it rather than kicking thousands of people out at the stroke of 5pm
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    Mack have begun testing the new pair of spinning seats.
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    I gotta say, if most of the track is gone off-site for work, just keep going and install it next to jet rescue.
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    Important information in that article • Construction to begin next week • Ready in Christmas 2021 - project will take twelve months to complete • Project will generate $15 million in contractor works and will employ more than 200 jobs -
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    Was in the park briefly this morning and saw this.
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    You’re all confused, this is the Trident attraction.
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    I realise it's fun and amazing to have a "cool coaster" at "the country's biggest waterpark" and for a time it was a real cool novelty to one-up WhiteWater World with... but I think those days are over. Wet 'n' Wild and WhiteWater World's story plays out in the opposite direction to Dreamworld & Movie World in that one was known for quantity and one was known for quality and now one does both while the other does neither. Inside of that equation, Surfrider does nothing to drive gate for Wet 'n' Wild but at Sea World it sure as hell would. For the money they'd pay to move it, it seems like a no brainer. If you do that, combine it the other three new rides coming AND maybe even revived the log-ride somehow - that's a bloody great day out for anyone at any age. Combined with the animal offerings and the kids area, Sea World's offering line-up for families in particular would best Dreamworld. Also could you imagine seeing that from the broadwater?
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    Yikes I hope that's made up; that'd be horrible
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    We're definitely still a few years out on any replacement for Arkham. There were a lot of internal talks (it reached pretty much every department's management levels so I'm going to hazard a guess they were pretty solid or final) of Arkhams replacement early-mid last year, so 2022 or beyond sounds reasonable. During the announcement of Rivals, management made clear to staff that they had the mindset of moving the next few major additions away from DC branding, so hopefully that desire has remained. Sea World expansion will be completed first, alongside a new slide for Wet 'n' Wild (assuming that's still going ahead) before anything substantial happens at Movie World again though. I seriously hope they agree with Gazza and there's plans to move the Batman statue to Batwing. Have it positioned on top of the JL show stage overlooking Batwing or something. Add this to the dream category though; what about a Wooden or Hybrid coaster that acts as a barrier between MW and the Studios. Would then also act as a border for that non-DC themed area that bridges the gaps between West, Scooby and Superman.
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    5pm this arvo 2 more containers arrived.
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    THE Gold Coast’s newest roller coaster will open in time for the winter school holidays in 2021. Sea World’s $20 million Leviathan will be the first new wooden rollercoaster built in Australia since the 1980s and has already made its presence felt in the city’s skyline. The first major peak of the attraction can already been seen soaring above the theme park, with construction only just passing the 25 per cent mark. Village Roadshow theme parks chief operating officer Bikash Randhawa said the new ride would be a “game changer” for the city. “We did our research and spoke to a lot of people and what we found was that every park which had a wooden roller coaster saw their attendance go up and this it is great point of difference for us because nobody has done a ride like this in decades,” he said. “It is an impressive structure and we believe it will feature in almost every future marketing campaign for the city, because it will be the first wooden coaster in the world to also have backwards-facing seats. “A lot of engineering has gone into this and let me say, you don’t buy a $20 million ride just because you like it, it has to hit the mark (for bringing in new patrons)”. The Leviathan is the centrepiece of Sea World’s $50 million, 1.5ha New Atlantis precinct which is expected to be completed in mid-late 2021. It will stand at 32m tall and its carriages will hit speeds of up to 80 km/h along its 1km track. Village Roadshow had initially planned to open it for Christmas 2020 but construction was delayed because of the COVID-19 shutdown of theme parks. https://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/gold-coast/future-gold-coast/gold-coast-theme-parks-first-look-at-sea-worlds-new-wooden-roller-coaster/news-story/886299411d58db1e2fdc5d508c669b05
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    In this youtube video you see quite a lot of vortex operating and some closeups of leviathan
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    Update from today. Also saw a staff member taking some pictures of Arkam's entrance on their mobile - take that for what you will.
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