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    Your update for the 10th of June 2017. (and probably my largest so far) Comparison Photo 1 (Stengel/Inclined-Dive Loop): Non-Inverted Loop is becoming more and more visible with each passing week. Comparison Photo 2 (Non-Inverted Loop/Pretzel Helix): They positioned the construction vehicles in the worst possible places. So here's an alternate angle on the loop. Lift Hill: Green Lantern = Current Lift Hill Height Storage Lot: In-Park: In park shots will be so much easier once Lantern has reopened. Footbridge: Other Shots:
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    Lift hill construction has begun. Tonnes of supports in the area, and workmen preparing footers around the area. All cranes are now in carpark, with no more pieces installed for the loop. EDIT: And here's a few more pictures
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    There is going to be a new kid on the block, opening around Mid November. Great to be involved.
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    Okay, so you guys really don't leave much to cover; but here are my two weekly comparison shots. (Photo's taken around 11am this morning) Now that the final segment of the Inclined Dive Loop has been completed, only the higher peaks of the ride will make this shot different. (I mean, obviously, though, right.)
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    Some shots from today guys. Lots of activity around the site, many parts prepped and ready to go.
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    Your on-the-ground update for the week, Saturday the 3rd of June, 2017. Lit-up fence toppers! Preparatory work is underway on the pillars for the rest of the fence (section shown below is underneath Stengel Dive) - Not a great photo, but it was the most obvious of all of the pillars; and it's proof of progress on the fence Anyway, onto construction updates; work on the loop entry is progressing. and now for the two comparison shots; back to the dusk shots, next two weeks will be day-time (assuming I can still get to the park)
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    At the park right now. Here ya go guys. Bit more progress on the loop. And more parts have arrived on site πŸ‘
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    Slowly and carefully connecting the supports for the inverted loop.
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    From the Movie World web page just now. DC RIVALS HYPERCOASTER CONFIRMED
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    Just adding a quick recap: Richard's closer look article is up on Parkz My in-depth article is now live on OurWorlds For those who don't like clicking or tapping, here's a quick photo dump from my end ( @Richard was ever so lucky to go on-site, meanwhile I snooped off-site with my telephoto lens.)
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    Well here's another update on your update, @Skeeta πŸ˜πŸ˜› As of 1.30pm this arvo.... Locking another support into place 😁 Might pop down tomorrow morning to see what progress has been made with our loopy loop, given they are working hard on it atm 😁
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    Here are a few belated pics from Thurs afternoon. Took heaps, but trying not to upload any that have been covered in the prior couple of photo posts by others..
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    I'm sorry but this sun going down early in winter is killing my photos. This was @ 5:30pm last night. Poor IPhone, I asked a lot from it here. N-I_Loop construction continues. Update to my update. (Lucky for everybody, I had a site meeting at Pac Pines today)
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    More pictures of the hypercoaster construction where more work is being done on the inverted loop and with more tracks added it's beginning to take shape. Also, a little bit of work around the lift hill.
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    Just a quick update, Rivals is already as tall as Green Lantern. This will be an absolute monster. Can't wait to see the lift hill topped off. I've thrown in the best photos below, if you want some silly captions and less amazing shots you can go here.
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    *pretends to be shocked by your predictable smart ass responses*
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    DC Rivals Update for the 17th of June 2017. Comparison Photo 1 Comparison Photo 2 Non-Inverted Loop and Pretzel Helix In-Park (and Lift Hill) As seen from Batwing Spaceshot The concrete laid in the area was for the Maintenance Bay. There is a stack of track (or something that looks oddly super similar to track) towards the back of the site As well as some catwalks - most likely for the brake run whereas the other catwalks (in the car park) will be for the lift hill
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    Here's some piccies from my visit today. Lots of working happening on the lift hill ☺️
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    These containers have Mack crates in them, crane is moving more supports onto site. Couple smaller supports behind fence installed for lift hill
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    Pics from late morning: Still waiting for that middle support piece. Despite appearances, there isn't an alignment issue with the airtime support. Not sure where that support on the right went later in the arvo. From Green Lantern queue. Note line-of-sight across swamp to the dive into the n-i loop. Arvo pics: Maybe that pole from the morning pics is the side pole on the big support here? Showing the progress of the track coming out of the helix. Best I could do of the new supports. If the main support pole is taking the weight, we're sure these supports are for the airtime hill leading into the non-inverting loop? Looks like a rocky area at the bottom of the non-inverting loop?
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    Why don't they just hire a couple of vapers to sit up there and blow smoke? Pay them in fidget spinners and you've got endless smoke effects
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    Testing has started!!!!! Well on the lighting anyways. On way home today they had crews playing with coloured purple spot lights on the Stengel dive supports. Looked awesome!
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    Here's some piccies from my visit this morning ☺️
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    Dreamworld was profitable. It was making Tens-of-Millions of dollars a year in profit. Those profits were not being re-invested back into the park. They were being used to build Main Event Bowling Alleys in the United States. It is exactly that lack of re-investment into maintenance, park safety, and staff training that Dreamworld now finds itself in a position with 3 major rides closed, another undergoing extensive maintenance and a damaged brand - at a time when their competitor is building the largest and most expensive single attraction at an Australian Theme Park. I'm not buying the 'poor Ardent - just trying to feed hungry mouths' nonsense for a second. If they had been re-investing in the park, instead of bowling alleys they wouldn't be having these problems at all. This is a self-made problem for Ardent and I suspect a lot of people on this forum believe Ardent haven't learned a thing from it.
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    Hello again! This topic will comprise of my Trip Reports to parks in Europe. I really like to describe my experience on coasters and I hope you'll enjoy the reads (The Phantasialand and Liseberg TRs are a copy paste of my reports originally posted at CoasterForce) Part 1: Phantasialand (April 2017) After missing out on Taron the previous year because I visited the park too early, I was determined to make it this time! The coaster has received rave reviews, almost unanimous, and my anticipation was sky high for a coaster that has a very unique and confusion layout...A 3-hour drive from my friend Erdekraft's home meant we had to wake up at 5 am to ensure we would get to Phantasialand around opening times. We arrived at the Ling Bao (no pictures, whoops) hotel right before 10:00 am for check-in. We took our hotel ERT bracelets and headed straight to Winjas': The sight of Wuze Town's main hall and the double helix still amaze me. Even though it is my 3rd visit to the park, I was surprised by how fast the elevator lift was. It lasts for like, 10 seconds until you reach the main drop? The coasters themselves were fun as always. They didn't really duel during my visit but I did not mind given how immersive the theming is. Both layouts are varied, complete and have some little tricks that set them apart from other spinning coasters. I can't conclusively decide which one I prefer, even though both my friends heavily leaned towards Fear because of the bigger drop and overbanked turn. Our second ride of the day was Temple of the Night Hawk. Erdekraft nicknames it 'le coaster nul' ('the sucky coaster' in French). It isn't that bad to be honest. Just meandering a very long time in the dark. Would be more interesting lights on and with theming in my opinion. I guess even Phantasialand has room for improvement I was looking forward to riding Black Mamba which left me a positive impression last year. And my first ride was... fairly disappointing sadly I sat at the front right seat, and definitely felt some headbanging during a couple of transitions. The intensity was there though as I remembered, but those jolts meant I couln't fully enjoy that first ride. Funnily enough, Erdekraft sat in the middle front and had no trouble whatsoever, but heard me and my other friend (sitting at the left) say 'ouch' at the very same time! Thankfully, there was no such headbanging on my following laps later in the day or the next day, and as such I still rank this B&M Inverted highly for its extensive theming and narrow, forceful layout.Our impatience then was too much, we couldn't resist the urge to go and see Klugheim... Taron was about an 1:30 hour wait. I was extremely intrigued by the hype and applause around the latest Intamin blitz that I feared ending underwhelmed. Therefore I was very excited when it was time to ride aboard the new trains complete with their Mack-inspired lap-bars. They felt a little bit bulky at first, but caused me no problem overall. Good job Intamin! My first impression was that the ride was worth its reputation, a Top 5 coaster full of intensity and snappy turns. The couple of airtime hills are good ejector but definitely not the most insane/powerful Intamin ever did (EGF and El Toro still fare better imo). But more on Taron later that day with the hotel ERT... Mystery Castle was a 5 minute wait. Aside from the great theming, this Space Shot-thingy dazzled me with its light effects which made me lost sense of height. At some points during the program I couldn't tell if I was towards the top or the bottom of the ride. I suppose the effects worked wonders on me! Chiapas and its earworm soundtrack... Still the best flume log I've ridden, great Mexican scenery all along and fast, efficient switch track tricks. The log reaches a fairly nice speed at the bottom of the main drop. Templo de Fiesta is still good funky Onto another best of its kind, this time Colorado Adventure. This Mine Train is only pure fun, no dead spots, a good speed throughout and fairly smooth even though a few oddly banked turns caught me off-guard when I raised my hands ^^ The final helix makes for a great picture location. The next ride was something much more agressive with Talocan. A good soundwork and fire effects really add to the atmosphere, especially during the queue. The ride itself was on the edge of too much intense spinning for me buy fortunately I still enjoyed it.We then decided to eat a quick dinner with some Chinese noodles (no pics, yep again). For some reason our noodles contained a substantial amount of sweetpepper. Well, doesn't matter if you have bad breath when you still get an ERT on Taron later! Taron evening ERT. I will go straight to the point: this hour of exclusive ride time of Taron was the most fun I ever had in an amusement park. I really enjoyed my first lap on this coaster, but the 6+ rides with little to no wait after park closure took matters to an entirely new level. The second half was literally breathtaking, I couldn't even scream of joy even though I wanted so, because the twists were so snappy, and the turns so intense. The official POV doesn't do it justice really. While the first half might be some fast strolling around the rocks after the airtime hill, the second part is so relentless the overall experience feels overwhelmingly exhilarating. The Taron fanfare and the sweet Intamin LSM sound build my excitement even higher for a complete experience, ride and theming joining hands to deliver a fantastic moment! I think EGF still ranks ahead on pure airtime joy, but Taron comes very, very close behind because of that magic ERT. As opposed to most coasters I've ridden before, Taron has an 'organic' feel that is hard to describe. I can't tell each element from another, as the elements are so intertwined. A truly wonderful engineering achievement to my eyes. (Picture courtesy of my friend Maxime) We went back to our room still bewildered by the outstanding time we had. The experience was so fulfilling we couldn't help laughing for the next hour! -Day 2- After the insanity of evening ERT on Taron, this custom Vekoma family Boomerang might seem like a footnote, but there's still plenty to say about the other 2016 addition at Phanta. Raik, for that matter, is actually my very first Family Boomerang. I have to say I was pretty impressed by the speed the train goes through the station after the first backwards crest. For a family-oriented coaster this is still fairly scary The scenery is very detailed and easy on the eyes. I didn't get the fog effects but I loved how the lights changed from red to green as the train switches from going backwards/forwards. The only downside of this charming coaster is its limited capacity because of its shuttle nature. I waited around 45 minutes in the morning (in the single rider line!) for my one ride. Thankfully the atmosphere is more than nice enough to cushion my impatience and I got rewarded with a nice interaction with Taron on my way through the backwards lift! Maus au Chocolat was our last major attraction to experience again. This 3D shooting dark-ride was a pleasant and fun one. I love the theme, it is refreshing and new for a ride of this type and still very fitting! The theming is well executed and the whole 3D-thingy well integrated. The rest of the day, which precise schedule I can't exactly remember mostly consisted of rerides on Black Mamba, Winjas Fear and Colorado, with the B&M getting the most laps overall despite (or because ?) of the unconfortable experience of my ride at the front the previous day. We also went around the lake for a welcome break from all the intensity and dense (but wonderful!) theming of Phantasialand. Overall, Phanta stands out as my favourite park. It simply has the most balanced mix between intricate theming, excellent operations and of course, fantastic coasters. Taron and, to a lesser extent, Black Mamba might get most of the attention, but Winjas and Colorado Adventure are really quality rides for their type. I would only avoid going to the park during very busy days, because the dense scenery with many narrow pathways might become uneasy, but otherwise I have not a single minor complaint about the park. It truly is fab! I hope that you'll like reading coasters reports in Europe. If so, I'll be posting my story of visiting Liseberg last month next
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    Yes, because you can still see them in your imagination Was I the only one who first thought "why are Dreamworld building a shark enclosure?" when I first saw the title?
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    Yes as it's working so well at Volcano Bay so far
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    This reminds of when VR got added to Arkham Asylum. Folks went into an over-analytical nose-dive about how this would be the end of Arkham Asylum's capacity. Here's a shocker though (pun intended), it really didn't change, the world kept spinning, everyone here loves VR and now six months later we're finding a new thing to whinge about. Honestly, how this is a thing is beyond me. For those who just can't shake the thought of backwards seats, here's a two step guide on how to deal with it. Dealing with backwards seating: A Guide Step 1) Ignore it and go about your day. Step 2) If you're still worried about it and the fact that it may make your wait-time longer, set your alarm earlier and get to Movie World before everyone else.
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    No need to of course, but it's still that few percent extra, like adding a non standard helix at the end of your SLC, or adding a dark ride before your 0-100 launch. Both of those coasters would have been almost as good without those things, but adding extras just pushes you over the top. I think the backwards seats just add even more awe to an already awesome ride, and capture a certain group of people who want even more. Nothing wrong with going above and beyond to wow your audience.....Did you notice how they did it as a kicker at the end of the trailer. People would have been sold on the ride before they even mentioned the backwards aspect. Its like how Steve Jobs used to do that "One more thing" at the end of his Keynote addresses.
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    Oh I'm sorry Alexis. I had no idea that the coloured lighting along the track had nothing to do with the theme - considering discussion of the theming for this coaster was strongly condemned in this thread, one would assume light bulbs/coloured LED lights couldn't be discussed either as it's clearly theme related! Can you kindly explain in fine detail the difference between discussing the theme of the coaster (which is related directly to the construction as per your logic) and the difference between the coloured light bulbs along the track are? I'd love to here your reasoning for the huge differences between theme discussion and construction discussion. Or.. will you just delete my comment because you cbf being wrong and don't wanna be caught breaking your own rules?
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    Most if not all (some early electronic controls used relay logic) run off Industrial PLCs(programmable logic controllers). Roller coasters have more more in common with your standard automated assembly line in a factory than anything else when it comes to control systems. Many manufacturers use Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation as their preferred brand of gear. You'll find most coaster manufactures use a preferred sub contractor for their controls. For instance Intamin use Inautec. RMC often use Irvine Ondrey, S&S actually do their own. Disney also build all their own control systems for their rides regardless of who supplies them. They em are all programmed in simple but highly dependable Ladder Logic with each manufacturer of equipment, AB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc, having their own proprietary software to do so. Previously coasters would use multiple PLCs wired together for error checking and redundancy however recently most people have changed over to using a single Safety Rated PLC as these have become more economical and flexible. A dark ark ride will typically operate the same for vehicle control (basically anything that can kill you) and a seperate system will control the show elements. This may include more PLCs but also likely audio, video, lighting controllers as well which usually come out of the theatrical/entertainment industry.
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    I reckon if they said how much it costs, the shareholders would shit themselves.
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    Love they despite us waiting for quite a long time for all this, they just announced everything at once, spent time to do up a video showing it all off. At first I wasnt a massive fan of the name itself, but the theme/story of it I really do like, and a worthy theme for the attraction. As said, it really is a battle between joker and batman, with mentions of other characters throughout the queue/pre-lift hill. In regards to the name, it isn't exactly something that people could say as iconic, like how superman, green lantern, etc is. But if you say 'rival' to me at this stage it doesn't instantly make me think of the coaster. But I do think it suits the theme they are going for. The stats are great, and the speed this will get to will br insane through those twists and turns. And I really like how why've highlighted key moments, such as the non-inverting loop (something the GP may not be familiar too) and calling it a hypercoaster in its offical name. Very glad they delt with the colour debate. And we now know why there are four queue lanes, forward, backwards, fast track, single rider. The backwards would be insane, and definitely would only be for the real brave ones. I will try backwards out, but probably not until a few rides going forward. I don't think they need to have a full train backwards or even more seats, because some people prefer to ride normally from the back, and it may slow queue times down, especially if one of more popular than the other. The joker head at the top of the lift hill is a very cool touch, and if the mouth moves, that would be awesome. And really glad they are putting a foot bridge in. I assume you will walk between the posts which didn't have the fence installed, will be a perfect place for some photos of the coaster. Overall, very very excited for this, very glad it's been announced, and from the hype everyone and most news pages on FB have posted about it, the GP are also very excited too. MWs FB post alone has gotten 1.1 million views so far.
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    I wish we could go back to a time where we could trust guests (and to a greater extent, trust people to have common sense and not sue over anything and everything) to do the right thing and not put themselves in harm's way. Instead we get stuff like this because the park's so worried about minimising any factor of risk, no matter how small. I remember I grew up in an era where all you had to hold you in on the Chairlift at Dreamworld was a loosely fitted bar over your lap. Nowadays I feel like the cool kids would try and jump out of their chair into the river whilst doing 360 backflips and dabbing the whole way down for some YouTube fame.
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    Calm down @Santa07 It has along way to go.
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    @Slick was right... the coaster is the same height as Green Lantern! I really wish I thought of that when I was doing the actual post.
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    I'm going to build my own theme park, with Blackjack and hookers, in fact, forget the theme park
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    My apologies I meant to say non-inverting loop. Sorry I'm not as perfect as you with everything in life.
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    They weren't kidding when they said you will be able to get up close to them! more photos when I get home
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    Nope no way. Do not light the whole track. Parts will start to fail and it will be a maintenance nightmare and look like shit. Stick to ground based flood lighting.
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    TPR have posted the preview onto there their YouTube channel! I must admit, I'm lowkey enjoying the jealously of those Americans/Europeans who are wishing it was built closer to them nope! It's Australia's turn now!
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    http://themeparks.com.au/hypercoaster The site is up along with a ride preview!
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    I've been given a lot of info that I've been told not to share, but this was too good to pass up so I had to leak this info to you. Hyper Coaster station theming and name revealed:
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    I look forward to riding the inevitable B&M gigacoaster!
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