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    So I’m going to answer the question with a product I’d actually like to see in the park and that is proper dining... Australia has some of the best food in the world and yet our parks are terrible. All our major parks should have real dining options where you can sit at a table and eat a meal. Not the slap dash efforts that are currently on offer. People visit parks in the US just to at and for no other reason. Sea World used to have an a la carte restaurant with broadwater views. They half ran it and eventually turned it into ultimately jellyfish. A restaurant like that should be able to stand on its own, open for lunch every day and dinner in the evenings with a spectacular menu. So yeah for me a big lift in food would be top of the list. It’s also a revenue stream. Id also say another product I’d like is entertainment that’s actually good but that’s too long of a post than I have the energy for.
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    As it stands they can't move a buggy carrying tensa barriers two metres down Main Street without half a dozen attendants passive aggressively shooing anyone in a 50 metre radius. Good luck with a permanent ride. By any observable metric, Doomsday and surrounds was wasted capital. It was a very well executed concept that was... doomed... from the start because it was all wrong. It was meant to draw guests away from the front of the park but the attraction they chose was simply not strong enough to be able to do that. Then throw in the interactive elements that are aimed at a totally different audience from the ride. What we have is a ~$10 million spend on something that looks nice but doesn't achieve what they wanted it to. You only need to look at how quiet this area is even at peak times to see that this is the case.
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    The BRO has been reopened Triple Vortex has reopened and was not painted. Temple of Huey has scaffolding around it. The RIP has reopened TOT is off the map in park. The only painting that can be seen so far on The Little Rippers. Trolls is still being deconstructed. The Log Ride is going to be closed until next year. No progress has been made at the site of the new rollercoaster. Poles have gone up along the path connecting Tiger Island and Kids World. The Shaded Seating Area is underway.
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    All it takes is for a toddler to scurry off onto the concrete when mums back is turned for a second to recieve some pretty serious burns. Wnw obviously aware of the risk with sprinklers spraying on some of the paths. Definitely a liability issue. Thanks Gazza. God forbid someone has a different opinion on these forums. Ill take my 'lazy' and 'stupid' ass back to lurker mode again haha.
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    It’s amazing how bad these slides got and how amazing they look now
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    I think you are being disingenuous. Obviously a lot of people don't wear shoes because that's the default when you go swimming. On the other hand, it would be unusual to visit a dry park without shoes, and in any case you don't get let on rides barefoot. Its a pain in the arse to have to leave them by the pool and at each ride and hope they don't get stolen, and it's just something else to get forgotten. Its entirety possible to have walkways that are comfortable, eg by having plenty of shade trees, and choosing surfaces that aren't rough and don't absorb as much heat. Doing this is a better guest experience. It's probably a bit safer because you're not inducing people to run around. I think it's a reasonable expectation for irregular guests that a water park would be comfortable to walk around barefoot, like any swimming facility. Not all guests will arrive with thongs either. I personally like a nice light coloured concrete, it can get warm, but not to the point of being burny. Stuff like LifeFlor is good too since it's soft as well.
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    The next park on my hitlist was 40 min further south. Moreys Piers, a collection of three amusement piers with water parks spaced out along a 1.2k stretch of boardwalk along the Wildwoods Boardwalk in NJ (Right near the bottom of Cape May) https://www.parkz.com.au/search/photos/location/park-291-Moreys_Piers (Click through here to see about 170 pics) Various concession stands, chain fast food joints, places which sell “3 t shirts for x dollars”, gift shops, fake tattoos, game parlours and the like line the boardwalk. An ever present trackless tram trundles along, with a very irritating “watch the tramcar please” played whenever someone strolls slightly too close to its path. The park is generally pretty well presented, yes it’s a seaside type park, but its quite flashy and smart looking, doesn’t feel daggy. Perhaps the only exception is there are a few flat rides which are obviously carnival models with temp barricades around them. There are two water parks on the piers as well, Ocean Oasis and Raging Waters . The slides were all pretty 80s serpentine slides and freefall slides (None of the new Whitewater or Proslide stuff), though there was one interesting one that consisted of interconnected slides with intermediate basins. https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/US/Wildwood/Ocean_Oasis_Water_Park_Beach_Club/ https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/US/Wildwood/Raging_Waters_Water_Park/ The first pier is Adventure pier, which is the weakest of the bunch, and not really the best first impression, but you can tell they have made an effort to give it a look, so it probably was a bit worse in prior years. They seem to have gone for a urban Venice Beach style, with painted murals, shipping containers and chainlink fences. It’s fairly sparse with rides, and there are mostly upcharges in this bit, such as a skycoaster, booster, screamin swing, go karts etc, but the main thing is Great White, a wooden coaster which actually travels out over the sand. I liked this one, starts off with a tunnel under the boardwalk, then some good dipping out and back turns like Ghost Rider, and concluding with a run of airtime hills. There was an interesting looking ride where you were in boats that could shoot balls, but I didn’t get time for it. I then headed through to the far end for Surfside Pier, where several coasters are located Great Nor Easter This is an SLC, with some modifications to have the station where the maintenance bay sits on the regular model, and some modified supports that allow the flume ride and water slides to snake through. This would also be the first time I’ve done an SLC with Vekomas new trains with vest restraints (Ok Battlestar has them, but that was a new build) . I think they ran a bit better than the KumbaK ones, but you still get thrown around a bit in parts because of how Vekoma shapes their transitions, eg as you come into the inline twists. The ride has a no loose items policy, enforced by metal detectors, but the storage system was so easy. Free lockers and you scanned your ride wristband to lock and unlock. Simple. Zoom Phloom A nice flume ride, which got really close to Great Nor Easter! Typical formula, with a bunch of high up elevated turns, and a couple of drops, but it also had a tunnel of love type section that went under the boardwalk. Also on this pier was Runaway Tram, which didn’t open till a couple of weeks after my visit. Looked like a fun family coaster. Dantes Dungeon An average ghost train. I usually do any dark ride religiously when at a park or a fair, but these days the are beginning to feel a bit samey samey. Doo Wopper This was another Zamperla wild mouse, like the one at La Ronde, with a nifty 1950s burger drive thru theme, with Cadillac themed cars. The ending is a bit lame because it lacks the nice big drops you get on the Mack Mouse. Rollies Coaster It wasn’t cigarette themed as I expected. It was however the first Galaxi coaster I have ridden in YEARS, and it was good fun. Decent drops at the start and a helix of death…. It had OTSRs though, which was strange. Upon arrival at Mariner’s Pier I took advantage of the last remaining sunlight to get some pics from Giant Wheel, again, playing the “I’m a solo traveller from Australia” card to get around the single rider restrictions. Very high so excellent views . You can get a sense of how spaced out the piers are. Wild Whizzer Another one of those bloody Figure 8 spinning coasters, that’s what 5 for me now? Sea Serpent The last coaster to do was Sea Serpent, a very smartly presented Vekoma Boomerang, with an indoor queue with windows that looked into the equipment rooms and winch area for the ride. The coaster ran decently well. I ended up leaving then because I had to return to Newark, and at least get say 4 hrs sleep before my flight in the morning, so I passed up Ghost Ship (But hey, ive done plenty of horror walk throughs too) If I hadn’t gone to SFGAdv in the morning, I probably could have checked out Casino Pier and Steel Piee as well. If you are in this part of the country, you could easily do all the Jersey Shore parks in one long day. If you were with a family, or wanted to do lots of flat rides or water slides, you could spend a bit time at Morey’s Alone. I’ll conclude with a few more key pics.
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    Coming late to the party but I'm really excited about Leviathan. The Gravity Group delivers very decent woodies with lots of airtime (quantity-wise at least) and great pacing. Great to see Australian parks picking up the pace, and it seems Sea World will have a good 1-2 combo with Jet Rescue
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    I've shared this pic here before, but it's one of my favourites. Worthy of sharing in this thread. Taken in 2005 just as you exit the ride room of Giant Drop. Loooong time since it went that high. Additionally, This photo from @RobC needs sharing again:
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    Boundaries are only a guideline after all
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    Whirlwind has now officially opened. I found a few pics of their Facebook page. Looks like a fun slide. I’m going to try get out there later in the season and give it a ride.
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    First slide pieces are now in place
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    The latest release to the share market describes Vortex as opening first quater 2020
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    This weekend at Dreamworld with Jetpacks in the pool!
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    12pm Update. 4 slides now complete, 3 more pieces to go for the blue slide, and then the rest of the pieces for the 6th and final slide
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    Key points from the investor presentation: - sky voyager the most popular ride since opening - Coaster to start construction in the new year - Special events or entertainment to happen every holidays - waterslides to open for summer - the remaining slides to be painted early next year to be done by April Link below: https://clients3.weblink.com.au/pdf/ALG/02172235.pdf
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    ^Yup, there appeared to be one local dead set against them. Visited the park late, this afternoon. The slide tower is looking great. The grass is looking green and there appears to be pool fencing at the bottom. There are rafts on the wave slide. Apparently, the staff have had their go on the new slides and loved them. There’s a large cabana being erected nearby too. There were plenty of people enjoying splash island as today’s temperature closed in on 40 degrees C. On a side note, the cafe has gone Pepsi postmix.
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    Few pics from today. no signage at all now nothing to say opening December or summer. Only sandy shores is closed while we are building the vortex attraction
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    Nah you're supposed to keep it sparse with rides in inappropriate far flung places, and the rides should have really abstract themes.
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    Ok 2020 Just got so much better!!!
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    Here's how the lineups compare now, they are pretty neck and neck these days Type WnW WWW Body Slides Whitewater Mountain Fully 6 Tornado Tornado Green Room Raft Slides Black Hole Temple of Huey Thrill Slides Aqualoop Wedgie Waves Giant Wave Pool Cave of Waves Lazy River Calypso Beach - Twin Kamikaze Little Rippers Launched Surfrider Supertubes Multi Person Mammoth Falls RIP Gimmicky Constrictor Triple Vortex Racer Super 8 BRO Kids Play Structure/ WnW Junior Wiggle Bay / Pipeline Plunge
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    Movie World: "Ten children waving" Also Movie World: puts four kids in the video
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    Probably because you steal the imagery and reupload it with your own brand watermarked on it.
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