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    Yeah there are two types of people who like animals. There are the people who are passionate about animal welfare and become vets, biologists, trainers, park rangers. There are people who spend a lifetime getting to know animals inside and out and do everything they can to protect them and raise awareness about actual environmental issues. Then, there are people like this, who make placards and protest what the other lot are doing. They only make one claim in their article, that because they do 'demeaning tricks' they are healthy enough to be released. Yeah, fit for release has to do with their survival prospects, not how fast they can swim. It has to do with life skills and natural instinct. Most of the animals at Sea World were captive born, they have no experience with the wild. Those that weren't born at Sea World are either rescues (and hot tip, if they think they'll survive in the wild they release them. That's a parks an wildlife decision too not a Sea World decision) and those that were wild born are now so old that they're past the life expectancy for wild Dolphins. It's worth noting that not all the dolphins at Sea World are used in shows, in fact the vast majority are not. Dolphins also when they get older, they do 'retire' from shows and get to live a leisurely life. Also worth noting is that they arent asked to work harder than wild dolphins who have to hunt their food. If Sea World had dolphins and didn't get them to exercise in feeding sessions THAT would be cruel. Finally, doing things for an audience isn't cruel because there is an audience. You ask your dog to sit at dinner time before you feed them? It wouldn't be cruel if people payed to watch your dog sit when you asked it now would it? There's nothing inherently wrong with getting an animal being asked to perform behaviours for a crowd. So yeah, straight up lies and ignorance what these people are spouting, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their conduct.
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    I'd like to take a moment to thank these protesters. Thank you for purchasing a ticket and thereby supporting the park you claim to hate. I'm glad your money will go towards ensuring the continued safety and well-being of these Dolphins at Sea World.
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    Lol funny. But come on guys you all know if there's gonna be a real scoop you're gonna see it on Theme Parks A Go-Go before anywhere else.
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    All these ideas about how Dr. Who could work have successfully convinced me that Dr. Who is an awful idea.
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    What do you think they should spend the $15 on instead? EDIT: If you go to the effort of finding out how much it would cost at domestic prices (which I'll give you a tip, they don't pay), I'm going to delete the hell out of it because I don't care and neither does anyone else.
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    I'll be honest, i'm a little miffed at those that are downplaying or otherwise dismissing this as not being 'good' enough. The park themselves have said 'world's best' so it has to be some kinda awesome. Our first hyper, a reliable long-term supplier to our parks is building it - I don't see any excuse to be doing anything except booking a ticket on the hype train non-stop to opening day. It's like saying the new car \ plane \ game console \ smartphone to be released in 9 months time will be a piece of shit. People like that just piss me off.
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    So putting it out there for everyone. There will be a clean up to this thread coming soon, anything not related to the actual construction or just dumb made up speculation about dates etc is going to be removed. If you want to talk rubbish about "my fridge says this date" or erections or anything else not actually relevant to the construction please take it to chit chat. That means that there might be days without posts until track arrives or an announcement is made and here at parkz we are totally ok with that.
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    For a change a very good report in todays Courier Mail.
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    Well here it is, freshly cut grass. And it now really shows the huge amount of footings there are.
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    Are Australian theme park rides safe? Reports in the news of Gold Coast theme park rides stopping are on the increase. It asks the question: are these attractions safe to ride? Click here to continue reading
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    Given this ride we can assume is going to be the most ball tearing thrilling ride the country has ever seen I feel like any concerns over 'not being innovative' will go out the window once we ride
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    Theme park enthusiasts in a nutshell: "MAINSTREAM MEDIA DON'T GET THE FACTS RIGHT! WE WISH SOMEONE WOULD SET THEM STRAIGHT FOR ONCE!" (Richard writes a great article that's intended for most folks to read and understand without getting bogged down in a level of over-bearing technicality) "IT DOESN'T EXPLAIN THE INTRICACIES OF EVERY SINGLE RIDE IN AUSTRALIA, BURN PARKZ!" Probably one of the most useful and insightful reads in terms of the theme park industry at large to happen in a very long time. We need more of this. I'm sure if you support Parkz and Richard's writing and, you know, offer positive and supportive feedback instead of tearing down one of the few institutions trying to actually support enthusiasts, maybe @Richard would be inclined to do a series of articles that give enthusiasts something a little more detailed just for them.
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    Nice find! It's also a great look ahead to what the park will look like in 2019
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    I think the loop and roll on the flash are awesome. With superman already in the park and while its an awesome coaster it has 2 airtime hills and no inversions, 3 if your in the front or back of the train going over the first hill. Don't get me wrong I'm not all for constant inversions (arkham is kinda like this), but with a coaster of this length the 2 inversions in flash are unique points of difference on the ride and compliment the airtime hills on the ride which IMO only make the hyper coaster better without being overdone.
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    I almost spat out my drink. Yes, and Superman is just a launch, over a hill, around a corner, over another hill, around another corner, over another hill, around another corner and into the brake run. Hills and turns are what roller coasters do. Trust me, hypers and their 'numerous hills' are absolutely incredible and you seriously can't knock it until you ride one. Not every new ride has to be innovative or different, especially when you have such a tried and true formula in the hypercoaster. I can't believe we're even having this debate on a forum about theme parks, this is some GP level shit.
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    So, LEGO store sneak peak time. It's an impressively massive space that's quality as hell. So much to look at and when the park surrounds it with its new Food & Bev offerings (still in construction) it should be a great little addition to the park. Honestly no complaints here. Looks nice, presents well, good stuff. If you want to see more photos, there's a few more here, but the key ones are below.
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    A trench has be dug along the fencline around nearly the whole site for the electrical piping for the power to the lights on top of the posts. More fencing materials arrived More piles of soil around the site And in this shot I think it is pretty clear where the break run, station, maintenance bay, track to lift hill and the lift hill its self will be.
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    'Theme Parks a Go-Go of the Dolphin presentation' would've been better
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    You mean? https://qimagery.information.qld.gov.au/ Whoops? Was that supposed to be a secret or something? It's lucky, normally images should credit the original source anyways. He'res a few I've found on there: Logan Wild Waters, which is where Hyperdome is now: The Weigand toboggan run that was at Samford grass ski park Olympia Water park at Alex headland. The old terror canyon and river rapids slides, before they were replaced with terror canyon 1 & 2 Some small park in Oxley behind Harvey Norman, where the slide tower was standing as recently as 2008. Has a minature railway, slides, go karts, and some sort of animal exhibit?
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    Honestly I should close this topic. But it's such a train wreck that I can't bring myself to do it. And yes, obviously Theme Parks a Go-Go will be your go to source for theme park news, unless it's sold to one of the other pages first.
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    Geez, the site is looking very green atm following all the recent rain lol. More work going on with the fencing today, other than that there is not a huge amount of activity happening. Appears to me that they are awaiting the next stage of development (or maybe an official announcement first?) 😜 Hard to believe that this ride is only 7 months away from opening to the public! Super keen to see what happens next 😆😆😆
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    Some forum threads really are a load of sh**...
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    Sea World are currrently not in the business of additions, they are a subtraction only business..
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    Giant Drop now open! Wipeout to go
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    My conclusion is it was a waste of an hour I will never get back.
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    Someone made a Doctor Who ride in RCT3. You should watch it.
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    RE: Re-use the Rapids Ride Cave for a relocated Vintage Cars No. Just no. That is a horrible idea. Re using any infrastructure from the Rapids ride is in poor taste, and would serve as a constant reminder about what happened. Also people are suggesting keeping the Gold Rush theme and moving the Vintage cars to the area; the last Goldrush was over way before Model T Fords came along. The only advantage of a rethemed area with Vintage cars is that it would be very cheap; it's just the cost of demolishing what's already there (which they have indicated they're planning to anyway) and pouring a new roadway. The cheapness is literally the only thing the idea has going for it.
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    DC World - Superheroes on the Gold Coast.
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    Should jump in the shark tank and protest their captivity too...
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    I don't want to make any sort of personal commentary on this however I do need to say the like "if they are well enough to be in shows they can be released into the wild" is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. It shows these people who claim to have the best interests of these animals as their concern really know little to nothing about them.
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    The team work here is amazing.. at this rate we'll be have the layout mapped, theme sorted and be able to call the Bulletin and make the announcement ourselves before MW does..
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    Maybe the coaster track has been here the whole time! Invisible track for Wonder Woman coaster confirmed!
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    Dates have been announced for this years Stormtroopers weekend. Great to see it return once again
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    Thanks for the well researched reply @Jamberoo Fan. I should have known whatever I wrote would be scientifically analysed for accuracy and a field study completed as to why I'm wrong.. i provided you an opinion, in the moment. That's the way I post here, in the moment. I don't have enough time in my life to research statistics on the Disney Shop (nor do I think that's relevant). Does that mean I am sometimes wrong, hell yes and I'll own it when I am. You have stats for everything, and apparently 80% of stats are made up, so I guess at least you're right 20% of the time...
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    Don't cross contaminate topics! This one is about toilets! ... you'll create a big shit storm...
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    Opinions can be wrong. Even if you're a dark family ride fan you should appreciate that this promises to be amazing, the same way that coaster fans would still be excited if there was an amazing dark ride going in. Honestly I'm shocked that people aren't a little bit more 'OMFG a hyper!!!' Even shit hypers are amazing, I've been on a Morgan hyper, and it'd easy be the second best coaster in the country behind Superman. Mack are building this one, and Mack are doing amazing things right now. I know I've been negative lately but if you're not excited for this ride then get a new hobby!
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    Did anybody else have to re-read this, scratch their head, get up and grab a beer and re-read it again? I gave you a positive rep @pushbutton for making me decide I needed another beer.
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    I wouldn't call it a disappointment. Having taken a ride on it today i had a couple of observations to make - but first in regards to the above video - i'm not against them using UV lighting and UV active paint to accent certain parts of the ghost train (or even the disco room I guess) - Disney use a lot of UV effects in their rides and I think it does well. Sure, the 'original' in the movie doesn't use that, and the ride was themed to be representative of the ride in the movie. I think the movie is still relevant, albeit getting on in years, and i'd love to see a 'similar' experience return, but with 'added' effects utilising UV. Now onto today's experience: Scooby was the first coaster I got my wife to go on (I lied - it worked), and it has always been one of our favourites. Today, scooby was rough. as. guts. jolting, bumping, hitting every brake hard. I'll attribute some of that to having 4 grown adults in the car, and I think 3 teenage girls in the one in front. Nice queue - only JUST spilling into the big 'cinema' room - however the modifications to the queue rails to accommodate fast track are terrible. I'd rather they loaded fast track through the exit (which probably isn't possible with the harness controls i suppose) but the split line up that narrow hallway has resulted in them defeating the purpose of the design of that room - the queue rails were designed down the centre of the hallway to keep bored fingers from damaging the walls. I don't know how long it's been with fast track like this (it doesn't matter really) but it has resulted in waiting guests queueing against the wall - and thats when boredom sets in and assholes take to scratching their names, drawings, rude words and anything else they can think of into the paint of the walls - completely ruining the look. The 'columns' too have suffered, as repeated leaning, bumps, rubbing as you walk past has taken all the paint off the front side of the columns and exposing bare fibreglass (or whatever). I sincerely hope when they take this ride down to reinstall the ride theming that they give some attention to the queue, and try something that is a bit more vandal proof. Ride experience was ok. I was quite happy to see the exposed sections of the ride - it was interesting to see the actual layout spread out in front of you. Shame they hid the exit section. I liked the sneak peak into the disco room as you approached the lift instead of the mirror. I understand why they needed to pull the themeing out, and I understand why the opened it as it is during peak - but since they were just coming out of Fright Nights at the time, i'm wondering whether they could have repurposed some halloween props - spider webs, skeletons, whatever - and just had a few things to look at that they could shine a light on. Sure it was a little extra effort, but 'a little extra effort' is their reputation - and it's sad to see them not live up to it. Its been a while since I rode, so i'm not sure how long that particular laser has been there (it changes so often! jk) but i like it - i'd only have liked it to be brighter, faster moving, and covering more area (or maybe just have 2?). Fantastic amount of smoke coverage in the room made for some excellent beams throughout which really helped - But I still would like to see those fast moving, bright green beams we had striking the mirror panels originally. All up, i'm not upset with it's current state, I know it's only temporary, and I relished the opportunity to see it 'differently'. I look forward to seeing them bring it back all refreshed, and hopefully with a little extra somethin' too.
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    Too bad it wasn't a product when Buzzsaw was installed...
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    People are free to talk about the theme, pull your head in. Re mack doing a Floorless coaster...nope. I'd consider a floorless one where there is nothing between your feet and the track, so you see the track structure and crossties whizzing below your feet at high speed.
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    Also a term for when celiacs eat gluten.
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    A few quick piece of housekeeping for everyone: Posts to do with the fake track have been moved over to that thread. That's not an open invitation to post bogus photos/news/etc. but rather a single place that we can deal with it if/when we have to. There's a reason all the 'erection' posts have disappeared. They're really not as funny as you think they are. Likewise talking post after post about how many pages this topic has existed for really isn't interesting. Not everything you post has to be serious or on-topic but almost everything posted here lately has just been filler. If there's nothing new to talk about then just don't post.
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    Wait... People still take the ramp up and down? 😜
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    A really impressive and we'll thought read. I am sure it will get a lot of shares! Shame such an articulate article has to come from a fan site supporting the Parks, rather than the Parks themselves.. then again this way it comes across as an independent and unbiased view. Seriously though hats Off Team Parkz and to all you involved with this 😃
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