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    @YLFATEEKS here ya go... And this is all you'll get out of me today, I have to head off now ? Hopefully it's more than enough to give you guys a good idea on whats happening atm ☺️
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    Hey everyone, @jack.c: thank you for sharing my video! This is my first posting here so i want to thank you all for the constant updates on the construction. Thanks to all these pictures (especially the aerial perspective) showing the foundations I was able to recreate the ride. I took a really close look on the position of the footers and tryed out many different variations of the layout to fit it in best. I'm quite sure that the simulation meets the actual layout at about 90% of the track very closely. There are only a very few footer positions left out after I assigned all the others in a proper manner. Anyway the video should give us a hint on what the ride may look and feel like - thats all about it. Greetings from Germany
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    Have just caught up on the last 6 pages of this thread. My god I'm desperate for an announcement now. Actually just on that where is the early marketing? If you buy a VIP pass now you get to ride it. So where's the non stop blitz to get the word out. This will be the best roller coaster in Australia, and it's the biggest single investement in Gold Coast theme park history. It needs the biggest marketing campaign since Bermuda to ensure it's a success. I know it's early but this ride is THAT big of a deal. Better be a documentary team down there to do an hour special on it.
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    Hey everyone, (very) long time lurker, first time poster! Just on the train (Cleveland line) on the way to Uni. Just saw multiple trucks with the tarp-top containers on the Port of Brisbane Motorway merging onto the Gateway heading south... We should be seeing more track arriving soon!
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    There finally has been a near map update. This was taken on Feb 24, and I've joined together multiple close up images to provide one high quality image.
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    This Movie World hypercoaster rendering is cool... but it's not real A fan video put together that uses satellite photos of the construction site to extrapolate the layout of Warner Bros. Movie World's forthcoming hypercoaster is good fun, but it's nothing more than a guess. Click here to continue reading
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    Well we have some more track. More importantly. Grey supports!
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    And I think we have a winner for one of the stupidest posts to date.
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    @Brad2912 & @MaxxTheMonster, I have a feeling that you are both onto something big here! A huge steel rollercoaster themed around lex luthor - a super intelligent, scientist/mastermind inventor - seems about right to me. Magenta and shades of purples have been used to depict Lex in all different comics. Especially when he is in his War Suit. E.g. https://goo.gl/JplcV6 Perhaps we could be seeing green supports: Lex is Superman's archenemy; his true rival. It could be said that this new rollercoaster will be the only coaster in Australia to rival Superman Escape? Thoughts?
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    Sidewiener? Not sure this is what they meant by use your imagination.
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    Yes but for Christ sake this is an article for the general public to read so in that context it makes perfect sense. Obiously the nut is at the correct torque (unless the stripe as move of course) because that's part of the assembly procedure before the stripe is applied and signed off on. I dont understand why when people have good in depth information they use it to nit pick stupid shit like this rather than contribute meaningfully to discussion.
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    So are we thinking that all the containers will be the same colour? A lot of container trucks on the road this morning yet sadly none with the tarp on the top And do we know if they came in on one truck (B double) or as 2 separate? And yet...
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    And today's news headlines... TERRIFIED passengers TRAPPED on roller coaster as it DOES NOTHING on a flat bit of track!!! "We sat there for a bit" - says victim (coverage on pages 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11)
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    Total of 2 hours... Tooling around highlighting all the supports... Then linking supports that look like they should be together... Then looking at current MACK installations and how the supports are placed on individual elements... After 3 rough setups I finally ended on something that I would be happy with and really gives all the supports meaning... Of course heavily based on Flash with elements from Blue Fire, Helix and Lost Gravity... Image speaks for itself but thought I would show my reasoning for it all... Admin can ignore this if TL:DR ? This would include a few elements we are yet to see in Australia... Since it is billed with "Southern Hemisphere" and not world... We can assume that the loop will not be the same size or larger than Flash... This would allow for it to be further from the first drop and there is not enough room or supports to place it straight after the first drop... And really what else would you put after the first drop on a hyper coaster other than a loop or a larger airtime hill? After the loop it is basically a corner into the Flash double crossover section which includes the turn around and a Zero G roll... From there I agree with most everyone else so far with a helix type spiral but believe (based on supports it would dive into the spiral underneath the loop and then raise up and through the loop... The next supports run adjacent to the road and the only way to get to them from the spiral is either a more than 90 degree sharp left turn or an inversion in the diving loop (Lost Gravity)... From there I just followed the remaining supports which snake along (chicanes)... The next element is a wish on my part (supports don't really match up) in a heartline roll followed by a pass under the lift hill to a bunny hop over the river? Trickle of water? However I also believe that the opposite order of these elements is more likely given the supports and that would mean a slower heartline roll while over the water... And then finally into the brake run... Could not account for the extra few supports near the station and therefore believe that will become the maintenance area and possible storage for a second train when not in use... This would place it between the brake run and load / unload station which would be ideal for adding the second train easily...
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    So hubby & I observed a few signs of activity happening down at the Rocky Hollow Log Ride this afternoon. The water pumps had been evidently switched on, as the fountains in the reservoir were running for the first time in months. There was water in the station trough, (although the rest of the track was still dry). The maintenance window at the top of the drop shed was open, suggesting that maintenance has been taking place up there in the past few days (it was closed previously). Definitely some activity happening in there at the moment, and hopefully an early indication that they plan to reopen the ride soon. Fingers crossed ☺️?
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    i said my part in the other thread. I can see where this article is coming from, but i don't specifically agree with all the points made. I will concede they probably could have used a small print disclaimer across the bottom of the add disclaiming that some experiences portrayed were only imaginative and not available in park - but i think the ad achieves what it set out to do, and won't generate much negative response from people wanting to take a canoe ride with a crocodile.
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    The opening line is completely fine. It's not like they are running with a slogan of "hold your breath", it's a line from the song, and a very commonly used phrase linking to excitement and surprise.
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    With the complete placement of the roller coaster's footings now visible on satellite imagery (thanks @themagician) we have a basic idea of the coaster's approximate layout. The competition here is to use this satellite image to design what you think the coaster layout will be. Use this image to design your layout. Prize The winner will receive their choice of any t-shirts from our range in stock, subject to size and design availability. Includes free postage within Australia. Rules Entries are open from now until when vertical construction commences. Once we have confirmation that supports and track are going up no more entries will be accepted. Your layout must be drawn onto the satellite image provided in this topic. No other images will be accepted. Do not crop, rotate or otherwise alter the original image. You can resize it if needed but please submit your entry at a resolution no less than 1000x578px. You can make multiple revisions and submissions but only your most recent will be judged. In the event that two different members submit identical or substantively close entries we will only judge the first. Winners will be judged once the track layout is completed and satellite footage of the finished track is available. Entry is open to all Parkz members. If you have inside knowledge obviously be aware of your contractual obligations and remember what the prize is. Do you really want to be the person that cheated for a $30 t-shirt? We recommend you get in early as vertical construction is likely to commence in the near future! Design suggestions Sketch in MS Paint, Photoshop or whatever other tool you are comfortable with. Above all keep it simple and clear. The layout should be a top-down 2D representation of the track. Don't show any vertical elevation or 3D projections. Portray your track layout with a single, clear, bold line in a colour that stands out from the satellite photo's colours. You do not need to mark support columns, station design or other elements. If you are circling and/or labeling elements, do so in a different contrasting colour to the main track layout. Use small arrows in a different colour to aide in showing the track direction, particularly where track overlaps. Use sparingly though. Everything you wish to say about your design should be included in the image; don't design it so it requires an accompanying post to describe or explain it. Judging The entries will be judged by the team of Parkz Community Leaders based on a number of criteria: Accuracy. How closely the layout matches the line of the track. At the same time we're not necessarily looking for pinpoint accuracy but rather a design that reasonably portrays the finished layout. Elements. Correct placement and labeling of key and unique ride elements such as station, lift hill, first drop, inversions, overbanked turns, brakes or any other elements. You don't need to label each and every drop, hill or turn but rather key features. We will be judging based on the images on their own without any outside explanation or description. Theme, colour and other elements of the experience wont be judged. We're not judging graphic design skills. Simply ensure your image is clear, concise and well labelled without being overly complicated or cluttered. Entries must be uploaded/attached to a post in this topic to be considered. Judging is final and entirely at the discretion of the Parkz Community Leaders. Example Here's an example of what we're looking for. You don't have to follow this template in terms of colours or anything, but just make it similarly clear. And of course it goes without saying that this is a comically wrong layout that you'd be wise to not use for inspiration given it ignores most of the footings. And obviously it's got the station and lift hill all wrong. Good luck!
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    Gosh, wouldn't it be a laugh if the Hypercoaster didn't even end up being DC themed at all. And here we are picking our brains out trying to identify which DC character it could be related to! I know the chances of it not being DC themed are pretty rare, given its placement in the park and the obvious favouritism that MW has had of late with the franchise. But hey, who knows, maybe they will surprise us with a completely new direction? Maybe bring the ol' movie magic back to life again ???
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    I've never been to Las Vegas before, but a family visit in Late February and early march gave me a chance to finally check this destination off the list. It's better city than I thought it would be, but carries a similar feel to many other touristy places in the US I felt. I did all the main rides in Vegas itself. I wouldn't have minded riding Desperado either, but that is only open Friday/Saturday/Sunday, which didn't work with my dates. First off Adventuredome https://www.parkz.com.au/parks/US/Las_Vegas/Adventuredome It is located a the back of Circus Circus, which is pretty seedy feeling (But hey, I won $175 there so not gonna be too harsh on the place). The park itself is clean and tidy, the building looks a bit 80s (But was completed in 1993), it was fairly quiet (Many rides I was the only person onboard) and arcade machines take up all the spare floor space. It has a few standard flat rides, such as a Chaos, pirate ship, dodgems, frog hopper, carousel etc etc. There was also a drop tower called Sling Shot, which reminded me a bit of the one at Adventure World, with a fast launch up, and a controlled descent that wasn't that intense. Canyon Blaster is a large model loopscrew (The next size up from Sea Viper) so for that you get an extra loop plus a helix at the end. It ran the same trains that Cyclone had, but it wasn't that rough at all really. The thing really got moving, despite the first drop looking quite small. It was kinda cool how the whole floor of the theme park vibrated a bit every time the thing ran. Did about 3 rides. The only other thing I rode was El Loco, which is, you guessed it, an S&S el loco. Compared to green lantern, it felt a bit quicker, but definitely did bang around a bit more at a couple of points. The trains had speakers, but no onboard audio was working. The first part of the ride was similar enough ) to Green Lantern up until the 2nd block brake. (Same elements, but the first drop crosses diagonally under the main structure, and the first curved incline is banked a bit better. All felt very familiar, but I literally do not know what they were thinking when they did the dive loop on this one. Surely it could have been more flowing: The last bit of the ride is completely different, and sort of runs off away from the compact first part. Theres a bit of an outward banked turn, and another little banked section, and then another dive loop, but the bottom of the dive loop has brakes, so as soon as it finishes you are back at the station. Overall, It was a really good little coaster! I did 4 laps.
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    Here's a nice close up shot for y'all ☺️
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    The opening line is simply part of THAT song. A song that conjours wonderful childhood memories for largely it's target Audience - Adults with Children and their families of which DW has played a big role in happy memories for decades. I really don't have a problem with it at all. DW have gone above and beyond in dealing with the horrors of last year and the fact that as Theme Park Enthusiasts maybe some of us are reading a little too much into this one by criticising a line in a song that was written a decade before DW arrived. Personally I think this is the best TV Commercial for an Australian Theme Park ever produced. It is highly reminiscent of the great old jingle days: 'One Day Holiday', 'Oceans of Fun', 'I've been to Movieworld' etc.. Cudos to DW for bringing back the jingle, allowing music and imagery take Centre stage. I cannot say the same VTP's Ads that have never looked more tackie with all the price tags and deals. Are VTP'S in the business of selling Cars or selling Happiness?
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    Dreamworld's new advert for their ' Pure Imagination' campaign is out. And I must say, personally I think this is a great advert and campaign and really allows them to show off all aspects of the park in a really nice way. "Welcome home to Dreamworld; A world created to inspire wonder, where learning has no finish line and where anything is possible when powered by dreams and imagination."
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    Inb4 someone starts complaining that dreamworld named a roller coaster after a deadly weather event: Cyclone
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    Ok this is the problem. Before the track started to turn up we all said "can't wait until the track turns up because the colour will tell us the theme" Problem: We can't even agree on what colour it is.
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    Already done my trip down, and it definitely is pink and not just the lighting. The second photo really shows how bright it is. And these are pieces 55 and 56, based off the numbering at the end of the track. Work happening everywhere today, not just in the carpark (Roof is continuing its installation). Bobcats doing some digging towards TopGolf part of site, and near lift hill.
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    Barbie does have quite ... large... airtime hills...
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    If we're talking about this kind of stand-up gondolas My balls disagree And by the looks of things, so does the guy second from the right
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    @MickeyD thank you! You're welcome ☺️ I try to be thorough with my coverage. I personally believe that the little things count just as much in the bigger picture! ??
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    I know I said I wouldn't but I couldn't help myself.
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    Wipeout maintenance is underway Fencing for BW and JL has been moved further out, and now has a sign to show that GL is still open The MW department store is already looking much better, and good to see they are doing the whole facade Back of Nickelodeon Store still getting some work done And the Dora show seating is nearly completed
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    It's a reasonable assumption that the removal was sudden and unplanned given that it happened during the peak season. If they could wait a month and do it in February then surely they would have. With that in mind: Village Roadshow have announced increased scrutiny on capital expenditure. The roller coaster is huge CapEx that is already locked in and certainly unavoidable at this point. VRTP recorded a pretty sizeable drop in attendance for the half year and VRL were pretty cautious (even pessimistic) about where the division will be come end of financial year. I'm not entirely sure where all this talk of new theming already being fabricated started, but I wouldn't be so sure. With additional CapEx unlikely and operating budgets stretched thin because of a likely revenue drop, unless there were unavoidable contracts for the re-theme signed prior to the Thunder River Rapids incident, I wouldn't expect anything this financial year and I wouldn't hold my breath for anything this calendar year given there will be huge uncertainty surrounding theme park performance until at least the end of next summer.
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    It is a great commercial, behind the scenes is worth a watch too. Really love what Dreamworld are doing right now, especially the new imagery.
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    You do know he is a Marvel hero right? So... Not going to happen...
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    Someone told me about this competition. So here is my layout (it's the same as in my video, you might have watched):
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    Well that settles it the joker when it's cloudy and suicide squad when it's sunny
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    PMSL I just pictured @djrappa falling of his chair in laughter now dark grey has been confirmed for the supports. "I know, we will all know the theme once the train arrives". This is super funny and I'm loving it.
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    Fiiine. I'll do the homework and settle this debate lol... This is the coaster colour: http://www.color-hex.com/color/ce3da2 A-hah!!!! I knew it!!! Fucshia Pink
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    I would like to introduce myself. My name is Skeeta and I have a coaster fetish. It all started when I rode my first woody.
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    @MickeyD True... but if they were gonna go with another DC ride (which we kinda knew they were going to due to the coasters placement, and their obvious preference in DC theming over recent years) at least they have decided to play a major card here - no pun intended lol. The Joker is arguably the most infamous, well known and recognisable villian out of their entire DC Universe. If they were gonna go DC, then in my opinion they have made an excellent choice! Although I still did have my heart set on this.... (Still haven't given up hope yet. Would be the ultimate troll) ??
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    Pic of the shelter being erected... A section of fencing to the coaster area has been removed, with temporary fencing in its place. My bet is that this is where they will be lugging in coaster parts ? Some concrete cutting is taking place around the right kerb inside the entry arch as well.
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    I feel like hiring a crane and parking it there, just for something new to talk about.
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    Imagine if you saw an ad for a Hotel that showed Pools outside and a spa bath. You then book that hotel because of how good the hotel looks in that ad. When you arrive, you discover the pool does not exist yet and none of the rooms in the hotel have spa baths. I think you would rightly complain and request compensation because the advertising was misleading and you purchased the stay based on invalid information. How is Dreamworld advertising experiences it does not offer differ from this situation?
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    Why don't they just put out an ad for a new hypercoaster coming to Dreamworld then? They have roller coasters so it's kinda realistic. Surely that'll sell tickets... As noted throughout the article, it's a good concept for a campaign. Many of the spots they've produced achieve it well. Several of them get it really wrong, and there's no two ways around it: it's deceptive. Obviously not intentionally deceptive, but rather a product of creative decisions and execution that just doesn't work. I think the canoe billboard is simply misleading; where in that does it give any indication that this is about imagination? There's no cues visually or in the text to suggest anything of the sort. You know why that bothers me personally? I know there's no such attraction at Dreamworld, yet the first time I saw that billboard my immediate reaction was, "I really want to do that!"
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    I don't go to Disney & pay a hundred bucks to use my own imagination. The article has a lot of merit. Overall I don't mind the campaign, but i'm pretty opposed to showing hot air balloon rides & canoes down lovely rivers when 1) the park does neither 2) other parks (like Disney's own) offer these kinds of attractions which complicates consumer mindsets 3) the park has dozens of other incredible experiences (like sunset safaris) that Dreamworld are the only folks in the country to do (because let's face it, every two-bit tourism operator has a canoe experience up in the NT) that the ad agency has simply ignored 4) the ad agency is putting canoes inside a river that was originally made for a boat ride that was a park staple that previous management ripped out. Also, i'm a diehard nostalgic fan of Tower of Terror, but using a twenty year old ride as your hero thrill attraction wouldn't be my move. It's 2017 and i'm still explaining to folks how awesome Tailspin is, the focus should be on the undiscovered gems that aren't solidified in the market yet, not the ones everyone knows and has been on a dozen times. I think involving the Yugambeh Youth Choir is amazing, I think the idea as a whole is great (I pitched something not far off this a while ago) but if it were me, I would've been pulling a Disney and inviting people into a "Dreamworld" of imagination, not inviting people into Dreamworld and asking them to use their imagination instead, because if we're being honest, if you've waited for Tower of Terror or Giant Drop recently, you're doing just that.
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