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    Fair to say that's the golden era of Sea World right there.
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    So here's the thing... when you are fat, restraints don't work. It's not a matter of making 'more accomodating' restraints, it won't help. Fat is a fluid portion of body mass, it can't be properly held in place, and prevents the restraints working properly. If the restraint is secured on fat, the fat can shift during the ride making the restraint loose, and then you fall out and die. It's simple as that and has happened. So unfortunately yes people do have a ride to be fat and proud of their body, however as long as ride manufacturers also have the right to stop being killed, we don't see coasters modified to fit the obese.
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    Dear Parks friends On 21st June I shall be sleeping rough on a thin piece of cardboard on concrete in the cold of a Melbourne winters night to help eradicate homelessness in Australia. This will be my fourth consecutive Sleepout and I hope to pass the $40k mark with your kind donation. Over the years of my involvement, I have been made acutely aware of the harsh reality of being homeless and the myriad of complex life events that can lead to people just like you and me, finding themselves in this terrible situation, a situation that once in, many people find it hard to climb back out of and lead normal lives. No one grows up wanting to find themselves homeless, moreover, it is usually as a result of circumstances out of their control such as abusive home lives that lead to homelessness. Your donation can assist Vinnies to provide shelter, food, blankets, and services to help people get back on their feet. Any size of donation is warmly appreciated and gets put to use immediately by the fantastic people at Vinnies. You can donate at https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/fundraisers/mark-shaw/perth and remember it is tax deductible! Many of you (@iwerks) have supported me before and I want to thank everyone in advance for your kind donations. My lifetime goal is to get to $200k with a hope that alongside many others, we can really make a dent in this avoidable issue. Mark
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    I attended a preview event of TopGolf today and I must say, I’m darn impressed with the facility, Just some points I took away with from today - The inside section of building when you first walk in is very modern looking and has a shop inside selling all sorts of TopGolf merchandise, I believe this is where you book the bays as well at but I didn’t really get the chance to have a full proper look as we were quickly taken up to the ‘Top Bay’ (No pictures of this) - We were playing from the Top Bay section of the facility, Each bay has function to control mist, fans and heat. You can also have the ability to change the TV channel that your bay is playing as well. - Our game lasted for approximately one hour before we were whisked away before workers could make the final touches for tomorrow’s grand opening, we were greeted by the TopGolf CEO during this event as well who thanked us for coming along. We were offered samples of the food as well and I was pleased with the food offerings they have to offer I had a ball with TopGolf, (no pun intended) I’ve never played golf till today and I’m happy to report this is something I will be definitely be going to a lot. I strongly encourage all of you guys to come and visit this spectacular venue when it opens, I’m really glad we have this venue right next door to our parks, it brings a Citywalk/DisneySprings vibe. So guys, do yourself a favour, and get to TopGolf (when it opens tomorrow of course), it’s definitely something you’ll come back to do over and over again!
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    Yeah they probably are using that photo because they want the park to actually not look like a piece of shit.
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    It's safe to say Rivals did not have a marketing plan, but rather a "oh crap our ride was called suicide and the park up the road just killed 4 people, crap, crap crap, what do we do?" plan.
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    Add a Sea World Eye and I reckon you're onto something.
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    Maybe Sw are having trouble catching the Jellyfish. What do you call a jellyfish that just got stepped on? Jam.
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    Haven't really discussed much in the way of Merch - but you're right. I'm sick of the shops within the parks that sell surf-wear brands without any tie-in (rip curl \ billabong \ roxy etc) - like at WnW I get it - if you visit and you don't already have something to swim in, that'd be nice, but not as much of an issue at the other parks. One of my favourite souvenirs to pick up at a park is a polo shirt. I live in polo shirts, so i'm always looking to add to the variety. The parks always used to have quite unique offerings in this area, but now there aren't many options - and the option they do have is the same shirt with a different logo (eg: sea world sells it with a dark shark sillouette, movie world sells the same shirt with a black and gold movie world logo). On my last visit there was maybe one other option - same shirt style, but in a different colour, with the sea world logo in white, but no other options. There's always plenty of t-shirts - and sure, t-shirts are easy to spit out mass produced vinyl printed imagery for any random event you decide to throw on - but put a little flavour into something a little classier. Make them a limited batch for each event - even if they sell out early - i guarantee there are people out there who want more than just another t-shirt (plus the collar is more sun safe too!)
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    From an Australian point of view, Top Golf is a totally new leisure activity, tying the marketing to the theme parks would just hold it back. Top Golf isn't a theme park nor should it be marketed as a something to experience with the theme parks. Also for most people, nothing on it's own is the motivator when it comes to travel, tourism is a 'critical mass' sort of thing. People don't travel to the Gold Coast for just the theme parks or the beach or the nightlife or Outback Spectacular or the shopping or any of the other attractions dotted through Surfers, they travel for all of it. Top Golf is something else to add on to the pile of 'Well I've wanted to go for ages and now I want to go more', tying it to just one thing would be foolish. The other thing is that it's much harder for people to alter their plans once they get here and its harder to get your message out. Once people get to the Gold Coast many often already know how they're spending their time so it's a tougher ask getting them to change their plans. It's also made more difficult because when you go to the brochure stand at the hotel Top Golf becomes just another thing to do in a sea of things to do. Now obviously this doesn't mean no one is flexible with their plans or it's not worth advertising on the Coast, but the point is that it's worth marketing at all points along the way, from day dreaming about places to visit to planning to 'what shall I do tonight?'. Top Golf absolutely should get it's own unique advertising everywhere, leave it to Gold Coast tourism to include Top Golf in compilations of the whole destination.
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    Hate to break it to you, but 90% of the attractions staff are Permanent Part Time. They are trained on multiple rides, which is why you see them working different rides on different days. Your post is completely false information.
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    Whoever mentioned uniforms is bang on. That Village branding should NEVER have entered the public facing aspect of the parks. Disney tried creating a "Disney Parks" brand an ditching all park specific stuff and it backfired terribly and ultimately reversed it all. Why the GC parks repeat mistakes of other operators years after they were shown to be awful and expect different is baffling... All those "Village" corporate type uniforms are management types getting off on being some of some big corporate entity and completely detrimental to placemaking and magic, just awful. I can't say enough horrid things about those rank uniforms, multi park merch, and '4 park' name badges. What I do hope is all of this left along with Tim Fisher and change is in the works, I hear so many good 'JSM Style' comments about Kirby that we can only hope.
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    I don’t know what’s more amusing, the fact they made a definite improvement to the ride theming after a half year closure or the image of 3 blokes sitting around a table in an air conditioned office for 3 months while the public sweltered through summer with no water rides, only for it to get cooler and one of them had an idea “instead of turning off the water, let’s make it stronger!” they all nodded and high-5’d each other, spend 20mins adjusting the settings and re-opened the ride proud as punch. But kudos guys on a good improvement!
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    Someone clearly got that idea all mixed up and they closed it all summer....
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    This might speak volumes about me as a person... butttt.... how much spare time would there be for things like drinking?
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    Why would you change it - the rides were so much cooler then. I'm going to go on that roller coaster, and then that volcano thing, before hitching a ride on those skyway gondolas. Afterwards, you could cool off in the afternoon on that massive water slide. Day made!
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    For fucks sake. Movie World did just that with Rivals and they were lambasted for it. Most overseas parks announce rides before ground is broken, with full 3D renderings and artists impressions and such. Fuck me enthusiasts can never be happy.
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    There's some fantastic posts in this topic! Cheers to all that have contributed. I agree with many of the posts, as I too have the same thoughts about MW and the GC parks. The GC park's themed entertainment offering has stagnated for many years. Yes we have better mechanical rides then we did 10 years ago, but the themeing, customer service, overall showmanship, merch and shows are all at the same standard (if not a worse) than 10 years ago. I think this feeling of 'our parks are mediocre' is further exacerbated by seeing the current standard of themeparks overseas; which is constantly getting better and better, and is currently at such a high standard.
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    Topgolf is currently in soft opening, as of yesterday
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    I think I might have heard that the new name will be "The brand new official Warner Bros Movie World Scooby-Doo Spooky Roller Coaster with awesome enhanced effects, by Village Roadshow Theme Parks". Pretty snazzy, don't you think?
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    Hi all, Here are a couple of pics and short videos showing how good Luna Park is looking during the Vivid festival. Please note the new look Arabian inspired Helter Skelter light house. Looks awesome and the parks lighting suite is really coming to the fore!! Well done to LPS and the Vivid organisers for a great spectacle. Luna park Vivid Vid 2.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4 Luna park Vivid.mp4
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    Six Flags Over Texas but not Fiesta Texas? Bit crazy if you ask me!
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    DW seems to be running with the attraction name as "i-ride". A bit like calling JL "Sally Dark Ride" or Green Lantern "El Loco"... It means nothing to the Lamen. I hope their marketing department is smarter than this because it is a huge investment for DW and a big change in direction for the Park. Most People have no idea what to expect when they experience this kind of attraction, but when they do they are absolutely blown away by it. It's difficult to convey on any medium just how good it is except maybe word of mouth/experiencing for yourself.
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    Seems it’s hard work getting all the members of the Justice League to work at the same time... no wonder Gotham & Metropolis have such bad crime rates...
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