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    Well here's my update, and some new things we hadn't noticed yet. Along with the completed turn around point, new supports are going up, which appear will twist under and then back of the track. Some supports further down are installed, as well as some down the narrow run (around the lift hill area) and near the brake run. Very tightly twisted track has arrived. More stair pieces have arrived. And there are also some very thick columns.
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    Here is what my updated simulation looks like. The first two screenshots show the recent status of construction. The last three screenshots show how the track will match the supports already in place.
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    I have absolutely no idea why Theme Park Girl, whose contributions I and I'm sure many others value greatly, has been attacked in this thread, including seemingly by members of the Parkz crew. It's just bizarre. Please don't stop contributing TPG! I also find it strange that there is an attempt to bring down and fault the user that created that great mock-up video of the coaster. It certainly gave a sense of the scale, regardless of whether individual elements were 100% correct. Are people envious about this or something? Thanks to everyone who is updating the thread regularly with pics. It's nice that barely a day goes by without new photos. This is going to be one well covered coaster, as it should be! Movie World might not be interested in marketing it, but it's certainly getting plenty of attention on Parkz.
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    More pieces in place. These were from earlier today during the Parkchat viewers meet, so there may be a few familiar faces (or figures lol) in them. Sorry if there's any double ups from the last lot shared by @themagician, it's hard to keep track of what's been covered and what hasn't. But yeah. Enjoy guys πŸ‘ Still waiting for a support to be installed here lol: The brake run at the station: Looking amazing from a distance ❀️
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    Airtime installed on Movie World's hypercoaster A newly installed twisting camel back hill is set to provide a stomach-churning moment of airtime beneath the towering Stengel Dive. Click here to continue reading
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    The next pieces have been installed, dropping down over the track before the Stengel Dive. Also a number of new supports are scattered around the place, as well as some ready to be installed. A close up of those tightly twisted pieces
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    Here's my contribution for today. Just dropped by πŸ˜†πŸ‘
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    Here's my weekly photo contribution. Had to include this one because, I think, this is a great photo. I'll continue doing the two shots below until there is no more construction in-frame. I can't tell if these supports are going to be for lift hill or loop; maybe one of you can hazard a guess. I think the fact that we cover these new attractions so extensively really shows how much we love new attractions, maybe the parks should invest in them more often Below you can see the loop entrance (right) and exit (left) with the helix's and cool twisty-ness all around. Another "because I thought it looked cool" photo. Okay, maybe two... And this is the turn after the airtime hill. Lookin' real twisty.
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    More supports installed, along with more track creating this banking turn. A couple of supports have been installed on parts of the coaster which has been installed yet, despite the track in place. Also noticed that even the highest point so far for the coaster is missing a support.
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    Latest piccies ☺️ They're currently working down the end near the Topgolf compound. Also got to say a brief hello to one of the Mack officials who was standing nearby, and compliment them on their handiwork haha β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
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    Dropped past MW this morning with the DSLR for some snap. Nothing new in the way of construction photos but i thought some might like to see some of my shots anyway When going past on way home there is another piece of track added to the spaghetti bowl. Too dark to get a decent shot.
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    Show your SUPPORT guys. They are everywhere. Definitely and loop or non inverting loop going in just before current installed track. Sorry for phone low light poor pics.
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    This is such a tragic accident and so soon after Dreamworld on a similar ride. My thoughts are with the family. I was at Drayton Manor last July on a return trip to the UK and their Director George Bryan showed me around. I have sent a message of support to the team this morning.
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    So yes, this is probably a bunch of photos all seen already, but eh, have some full res shots. Most of these are 5760x3840 if you open them full size. Here is the (at the time) latest piece of the puzzle. Part #18 I imagine we're going to see a substantial amount of photos of the coaster train travelling along this section of track. Some more twisty goodness (please excuse the shadow of the fence). Another shot of the connection points for the track segments And while I still prefer the look of a B&M style track, there's no denying this is one sleek looking coaster. Just look at that incomplete section there and the angle and twist it's going to take to throw you back the other way. And finally, you'll have to excuse the editing on this one. It's a GoPro shot that I was attempting to fix the fisheye distortion on as I didn't have my wide lens with me. Just gives a bit of an indication of the whole thing as it stands currently.
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    Couple more pictures of the pieces installed today, as well as some of the other components, and you can begin to how this will flow through from the S Bend. It will turn sharply from here, getting close to the ground Continue underneath the taller footings And then I believe heading towards this point Couple more angles of the new section today: Some of the pieces waiting to be installed: And you'll see that this is piece 81, to give an idea of how much will happen before and after this point This taller support was installed today also First break run pieces have been installed also: Overview from near GL Part of the fencing has been damaged also: And finally, I just love how tight the turns are on these pieces of tracks. Can't wait to see them installed
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    Todays update with completed loop. and the next track piece being moved from the compound onto the coaster site.
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    When everyone on your page already knows what times the parks open, I guess the only thing left to post about is condiments...
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    Just stopped by after work to grab some pic's of the new track peace that has been installed
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    Hey guys ! My Name is Gero, I`m from Germany, living very close to Europa Park and the Mack factory. Knowing the enormous quality of the Mack Megacoasters, especially those unparalleled trains...I have to admit I`m officially jealous now I would so love to have that coaster you`re getting a little closer to me I`m following the updates closely and enjoying it very much. Hope itΒ΄s okay if I`m joining the conversation a littlebit. Greeds from Germany... Gero
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    Here's some of the pics from before I went in. As usual, I've downsized them somewhat to 2000pixels wide (or high if portrait). They're normally 4288x2848/300dpi. Some of the supports. They're not all the same length and thickness. Most of the supports in the above pics are for the loop. Hey, part of the track nobody's seen before! /s The twisted airtime, complete into it's next element. Note the dive out of it doesn't go all the way to the ground, but when the track comes back to this area it's very low to the ground. See below. The reason the turnaround isn't finished? Parts 70 and 72 haven't arrived yet. A track to the left of me, track to the right. Here I am, looking at piece 98 in the helix. Yeah, I can't sing. The supports for section/track piece 32. Surely this is for an airtime hill? Most supports so far relating to the lift hill go as far as 15. This gives me the opinion that there's only one airtime hill from the drop. From my phone pic earlier in the day, look at the supports leading into the 'loop'. Is the airtime curved like the Stengel Dive? ...for the jigsaw players. Last pic from the series before I went in. There's a curved catwalk, but it's NOT the piece out the front with the stairs. There's also some straight track behind that.
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    Today's update. Plenty to supports installed, and some on the road ready to be installed. Along with the covers on the support outside the fence have been taken off.
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    Took these this afternoon at DW after being tipped off by a member here (not sure if they want to be identified, please feel free to speak up - you know who you are πŸ˜†πŸ‘) but it appears that some early removal work may have finally begun on Eureka Mountain? Really not sure what the go is, but will be keeping a close eye on this spot over coming weeks to see if anything further eventuates...
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    Since the fencing around GL is matched with the new coaster, i'd like to see them make that the 'official' boundary - meaning the internal wall that used to be the external boundary is no longer needed - knock it out, build a big deck over the canal and create a nice new relaxing space near the front of the park. it's never going to happen but it'd be nice.
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    I was going to save this for an article, but I see an opportunity here to debunk the "why does everyone hate on MW" train that goes round so often here, so here goes: I actually went to the effort of sifting through the last decade's worth of major hyper roller-coaster announcements, comparing the time between the announcement and the open date. Want to know what I found? Since 2008, between announcement to open, there's typically a 9.4 month mean or 8 month median average, and that number has increased right up to 14-18 months (Mako & Karnan respectively) in two recent instances where social media has become important in creating hype and marketing for these kinds of attractions. That means, as we stand here right now, today, as each second passes, even if they announced the coaster right now, they would be going against every single global trend for successfully marketing a major project like this in the theme park industry for the last decade. If they open in September (and by all bets, they still will be) that'll mean that there's less than four months between announcement to open IF they announced today. That's an worryingly small amount of time to get the word out about a project this big. It's such a small amount of time, in terms of collecting the data above, it would be considered an anomaly and not counted in the overall dataset. Now, this is not me hating on Movie World, nor is this me hopping on the Movie World hate train. Most folks know I love the crapper out of the park, and there's some incredible folks working in there to whom I have much respect for. I also want to see Movie World get the amount of success it deserves for putting itself on the line and building such a behemoth of a project, and from a marketing perspective, this isn't a case of nitpicking personal taste in terms of art direction or style in a TVC, this is me identifying something that worries me in light of wanting the best for the park and its team, something that I hope they identify promptly.To simplify, no one hates Movie Worlds at all or thinks they're doing a bad job, it's just that we want to tell everyone about it, ideally, we should've known four months ago, the CEO wanted to tell us four months ago, and we still don't know, and as someone who's passionate about Movie World and wants to get the word out and support them, it's really frustrating.
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    Bah. The twisty piece that connects to the straighty piece is being installed this afternoon inbetween the whoosh-wow and the gullywhumper.
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    Alright folks, here's your photo update from around 4:45pm today. As per the (NL2) model, the turn under the Stengel Dive has received a few supports. I believe they were doing the turn-around supports today, as most of them are unfinished. and finally a panorama of the turnaround area The next piece to go up is Piece #66
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    Actually, if you look at the the track profile, most of the sharp turns are placed at the high points in the ride (so far), so the coaster will actually lose a lot of speed at the top of the loop, at the top of the Stengel Dive, and just before the turnaround which will reduce the lateral G forces on those twists to what you would experience on Jet Rescue at Sea World. So far, the High-Speed turns (like the S-Bend) are profiled to have heart-line offset banking. So, the G-forces look more forceful than your experience of them, because the coaster 'turns' on the z-axis at your chest height, not at the track height. The forces are more like Slalom Skiing than a chair tipping over. (That's probably a crap analogy, but it's the best I can think of). It also is hugging the ground a lot, so it will feel faster than it is. Force wise (based only on the build so far), I believe if Superman Escape and Jet Rescue had a baby, this coaster would be it.
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    Here are some of those supports I was on about. Supports for the air time hill, crazy section, the non-inverting loop (including the massive one outside he fence) and also the first lift hill footing. More track installed Plenty of supports around the area Appears to be some supports near lift hill area You can also see the support for the top Stengel dive too And just an overview of the whole area
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    Couldn't resist, had to come down for a first hand look 😁
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    Since @themagician has already covered all the close-up shots, here's a few long distance ones I took today....
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    They've had a busy afternoon, and really looking forward to this airtime hill turn (whatever it is)
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    Must be a lay day down here today. Nothing really going on at all. No cranes in use, no one working in the Coaster site at all. No movement in the holding yard either. Heres an obligatory photo taken so it was worth my while to come down here haha
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    Not sure I'd put much faith in any of the second/third/fourth hand 'facts' that keep spreading here. I don't see how anyone's determined that it'll be anything like Intimidator 305? That ride has a layout that's heavy on ground-hugging turns to emphasise speed. It represents the classic conundrum with gigacoasters in that once you reach certain speeds then the cost and space required to go up becomes astronomical because you need to go either really high or really long to manage the forces. Movie World's hypercoaster (which simply can't be 70m tall, sorry folks) doesn't have that problem. Hypercoasters generate manageable speed where it's not cost or size prohibitive to burn it off with hills. The track that's going up now is for the turnaround section of the ride so it's naturally pretty twisted. The footings however indicate a pretty clear out-and-back layout with a twisted turnaround and some interesting twists in the middle. Blacking or greying out is a result of high, sustained positive g-forces, such as experienced in banked turns or loops. Different people have different thresholds and it can vary based on hydration, alertness and other things. I don't know why we're suddenly throwing that into the mix here in a discussion about the construction despite no indications of anything resembling sustained positive g-forces.
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    Just for those who don't live locally can get even more of an idea how huge this thing is IRL, this is the new view of MW from the other side of the M1 lol... Oh, I could also see that they were lifting another track part up with the crane as we were driving into on the M1. So should be even more track progress to share for whomever gets the next lot of photos ☺️
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    good to see that hibiscus growing fast on the fenceline. They are not only beautiful but eventually, they will provide a barrier between the outside world and Adventure Wolrd. Guests should not see the road and bus stop/passing traffic while inside a theme park, it should be completely screened to help them escape the daily grind. In about 5 years from now, you won't be able to see in or out.
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    Edit - Just noticed the train is going the wrong way LOL
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    OK time out here: Thing is when you say something is practically spot on and it's not you will get called out on it. It's really good what he made, but it's not right, and doubling down on how right it is right before a massive 'it's not right' moment is a bit silly. I mean of the 4 things that have been built 2 are right, one is off the mark and one is totally wrong, another is about to be wrong. Don't take it as a personal attack when someone points that out. Finally, and this is for both of you; you're among the adults on the boards, don't make it personal and childish.
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    Heaps of construction must have occurred yesterday, the part that cuts under the Stengel Dive with the airtime twist now has a full left diving inclined loop or helix underneath the area of the expected non-inverting loop. Both the entry and exit of the non-inverting loop are in place. Pics from my fruit phone, taking more on my DSLR. It looks like the helix will complete two wrap-around of the N-I loop's base the first one as seen in the pic is high to low diving, the second one low to high, if that makes sense. Lots of supports being unloaded ATM, with the occasional piece of track being moved into the ride footprint. I got a few close up pics of the track pieces inside the holding yard, including piece 105. I haven't been here since before track was going in, but there seems to be quite a cracking pace here. Maybe trying to get as much done as possible before the next 2 days of predicted heavy rain.
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    Because it's almost impossible to get the concrete perfectly level and also the support might not be 'perfect' so the base might not sit perfectly level anyway. The nuts 'under' the support can be adjusted to level the support correctly. Once it's all said and done the space in the middle will be grouted so the support does effectively 'connect' with the concerted. Does that make sense?
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    Big post here. Sorry (not sorry). I feel like this week's construction (and forums posts) have been coming thick and fast, so I wanted to respond to various posts in the one thread. Monday: This image by @themagician (who visited the park almost daily and uploaded many pics - thanks!) of piece 66 is part of the diving turn, for those playing jigsaw. Remember, @rummyplaced piece 53 at the top of the Stengel Dive. Tuesday: @themagician posted this comment about @docoaster marrying installed and projected track (into the s-bend track), which prompted me to revisit their entry in the Design the Coaster comp. I noticed they used the foundations to suggest the next element in the forward direction of the coaster was a zero-g roll. I was not expecting assembly to progress that far this week so I was prepared to wait and see next week if @docoaster was going to be right. I was busy with work & family over the next few days, and didn't check the forums much. Wednesday: This image by @Theme Park Girl - was the first time I longed to see the train in motion of the track (turns out to be one of many pic updates from you this week, thanks!). The curve had me feeling like this. Thursday: @themagician posted the above pic, very similar to @Theme Park Girl's, but with progress showing the track now joined to the top of the turnaround. A perfect photo. GIF made below with pink - sorry the generator didn't have a 'magenta' option. Another from @themagician was this: I measured the middle piece of track to about a 135 degree rotation - meaning either an overbanked turn or part of the zero-g roll. The mounting point might help explain - honestly I'm not sure myself. [edit - turns out it's neither!] Friday: @Skeeta posted a pic by TPSN, and @themagician posted something similar: This is an angle I really want to photo/video the train moving towards camera. themagician also posted piece 81, but with 61 being part of the turnaround's dive, this must be going in well after the s-bend, maybe the last piece of the left-hander under the top of the Stengel Dive. themagician also posted this image - it looks to be the rest of twisty the element they posted on Thursday. I am in agreement with @xRazzBerryx - @docoaster's zero-g prediction looks about right. @Ryande16 then goes on to post what I was thinking, albeit calling it a corkscrew. Today, Saturday: @Theme Park Girl posts more awesome pics - the crowd shot especially. I want to stand right there on its' first day and watch for an hour. Then @themagician posts this angle: I must again respond with my matrix gif. Such a good piece of track - and it's not one even of the main elements! The train will most likely have completed only one (two at the most) airtime hill by the time it reaches this area, will it be carrying too much speed to execute a non-inverting loop? Seeing as though Soaring with Dragons in China does it straight after a LSM launch, perhaps not..? 42 is part of a non-inverted loop...?!?!??!??
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    Loving the new turfed area at DW Perfect for picnics
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    Dreamworld 1 Day Adult Pass - $79 2 Day Adult Pass - $99 Annual Pass (With blackouts) - $179 Annual Pass (365 Days) - $219 Village 1 Day Adult Pass - $79 (Less a bit for Wet 'n' Wild) 2 Day Adult Pass - $99 (Less a bit for Wet 'n' Wild) 4 Day Passport (1x day to each park plus a day of Paradise Country & AOS) - $199 4 Park Annual Pass (With blackouts & slight discount or perk for AOS) - $199 4 Park Annual Pass (365 Days + moderate AOS discount) - $269 4 Park Annual Pass (365 Days, plus cool shit, food, photos, solid AOS discounts, etc. etc.) - $329 Here's my take on it: This is relative to global market prices for the size of the parks they are, adding into a consideration that our HR costs are some of the highest in the world. Just like anything I buy these days, i'm generally adding 20% as a base on top of the global cost as an Australia tax. The day passes are not cheap, but they're also not expensive. For casual once a year guests or interstate travellers (who make up the bulk of visitors) they're right in the sweet spot of affordability while pushing ahead with a sense of newfound "premium" ideology, which is where the parks need to be going anyway to survive in the future. Annual passes are too damn cheap. I remember my first "Max Action Pass" at Dreamworld was $143.50. That was 2003. It's 2017, and most annual park passes are cheaper then that. If that's not an indicator of the state of pricing and how woefully out of touch the price is relative to the product, then I don't know what is. Annual passes are based off roughly 2.5 visits, at which point you break even. Prior to the price crash, the break even point used to be around 3-4 visits, so it's a nice middle ground. AOS AOS AOS - @Richard's article should've highlighted just how much of an underrated gem Australian Outback Spectacular is, and marketing should be finding every opportunity they can to cross-sell tickets. I'm not saying give them away, i'm saying do exactly what Dreamworld do with F&B for season pass holders - here's 10%, or $20 off this experience, or get this photo (that costs VRTP nothing) for half price. Part of getting this pricing to work is all about not making people feeling screwed elsewhere. For VRTP, that means no more charging $30 for a season pass replacement (especially when Dreamworld charges $5), likewise for tomato sauce (charging for tomato sauce is downright un-Australian anyway). Initiatives like the new Dirty Harry Bar is where it's at, parks need to be finding ways to jazz up F&B offerings with as little money spent as possible all the while justifying premium pricing. I think Movie World & Dreamworld are certainly clueing in to this, given their J&B and Jelly Belly stores, just give me more cool shit to eat and i'm there, baby. (PS: this is why people loved Carnivale, btw). Bloody grog, mate - I swear Dreamworld, if you ever take away my premium lagers & ales, i'm going to be one cranky guest. Grog should be everywhere and served appropriately. I don't care if you have to hire more cleaners to handle with the ensuing spillages, you'll be making so much money from alcohol sales it'll be a blip in the radar by comparison. TLDR, go to the Gold Coast every once in a while, take in some of the amazing bars and restaurants, and keep creating premium experiences for guests to splurge on. There's something about having a beer and watching Pat the tigers that's pretty damn awesome. Blackout periods will spark locals to choose the days they go more wisely, which means the throughput of the park will be a lot more consistent, which then means thinks like operations can be more consistent, which in turn means that bigger and higher capacity rides can be justifiable purchases down the line (no more Buzzsaws.) DO NOT DISCOUNT THE DAMN PRICES - If you want to market the tickets for a promotional period, only ever value add in-park products that cost little to nothing, and value add totally different things throughout the year. Why? Because Timmy will buy his VRTP pass with Fast Foto in January, and then Sally will by her VRTP pass with unlimited food in July. They'll go hang out, and both of them will see the other in-park upsells, and then two things will happen: 1) Their friends will organically market the products to each other during the course of the day and 2) if the products appeal to them, they'll be more inclined to watch out for deals, meaning they'll be a more proactive participant in your overall marketing & advertising strategy in the future. #nothingbeatsthefeeling
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    A few more track pieces were installed after @Theme Park Girl update (great photos by the way), and is now starting to head up towards, but I imagine (by the placement of the footings) will be the corkscrew element of the coaster, as seen on The Flash. And along with this, I also noticed that a few supports hadn't already been installed before the track. Something I also want to have, and this is just a thought, based off the remaining footings in this area, and I now do believe there will be a massive loop (like Flash), and will be in this part: My reasoning is because of the footings surrounding the installed track, the distance between some, and for me, nothing else makes sense yet. And this piece is outside of the fence, meaning the support coming from it would be tall, so this would go to one of the higher points of the loop
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    Dreamworld haven't added a new ride for a year but honestly I've enjoyed myself more at Dreamworld in the past 18months than I have at any Australian park for many years. It's so nice to walk into a theme park and actually feel like the staff want you there. I'll be renewing and I would hope that members on this site would do the same.
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