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  1. But the markets are only open at night @Rivals
  2. I would love to go but I think Drag Queen Bingo is on that weekend at the Miami Markets. Generous would be to give the people a roof.
  3. I'm sure the hotdog vender wants to sell more than 20 hotdogs a night.
  4. Nightquater worked fine with roadbase for a floor and no concrete slab @joz
  5. @DaptoFunlandGuywould you drive from Brisbane to DW for 10 food stalls when you can go to Eats Street with 70 stalls. If DW is looking to be as big as Eats Street how shit would 70 stalls look?
  6. Did not go so I can only go by what I read.
  7. @DaptoFunlandGuyNote I didn't say, "DaptoFunlandGuy it's good weather to be painting in." I was taking about about the painting of the tower.
  8. Maybe not identical with MW claiming it will be there biggest parade ever.
  9. FIXED DW's holiday event must have been more successfully than I thought it was, for DW to continue with the idea.
  10. The kids these days don't want It's a Knockout. That want to release the tigers and turn your game into the Squid Games.
  11. Nothing a bucket of plaster won't fix @DaptoFunlandGuy
  12. I can't see why you can't tow the strollers and wheelchairs behind the carriages.💁‍♂️
  13. @Levithianthe person from management will only appear if you say something negative about that person.
  14. So you want MW to man the post, with a hose in case a tradie drops some render on a plant.👍 What's wrong with acid washing plants.💁‍♂️ Hang on, are they plants or weeds? In any case maybe the weeds/plants are also being replaced.
  15. So you're saying it didn't close straight away after MW spent some money on it?
  16. Not just before it closed. I believe 2016. Also what ever happened to the VR on MDMC?
  17. Aren't the garden beds about to get rendered too? If the garden beds are to remain a brick face, I think the tradesman would have covered them up.(you would think) I don't know how people think you can hose off dry cement & sand in 5 mins? You would need to wash it with acid wash to get it off.
  18. 7 years isn't just before it closed.😂 I don't think the plan was to only last 1 season. Or SW’s insurance company wouldn’t insure it anymore or jacked up the prices for it. Straight after the Grenfell Tower fire no insurance company would insure you if you built with a similar product in Australia. The insurance companies didn’t wait for the Governments to changes the laws.
  19. It's ok @Rivals, I'm done talking about it.
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