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  1. This is what Mr Kirby had to say today at the "Future Gold Coast Lunch) Top of town gathers at Future Gold Coast lunch A hotel with more than 500 rooms and a giant convention centre will be developed at Movie World in a bid to relieve pressure on the city’s existing facilities. Village Roadshow CEO Clark Kirby confirmed the project, which has been in the plans for more than five years, was close to being realised. He said the convention centre would have room for more than 1000 people and would be part of the hotel. “There is so much to be positive about,
  2. Unlike a normal LIM system, Raptors LIM braking system looks to be high maintenance with the raising and lowering of the magnetic brakes as the train passes over.
  3. It's good everybody ran out and got AstraZeneca and didn't make the "choice" to wait for Pfizer.
  4. Is "identity politics" the word of the month? Of course your ideas are apart of who you are. People are not robots, and it isn't black & white that you can stick in one box. Many people don't believe in science. If you go to a religious school, you are taught a whole different way of the world and nothing has to do with science. Anyway you have a right of reply. This is going to keep going around in circles and it's not what people go to Parkz for, so I'm going to end my part in this now.👍
  5. So if I made a comment about you that you didn't agree with, you wouldn't feel the need to defend yourself? It's also not a discussion when it just becomes a pile on.
  6. I'll sneak you in. You can be my stepbrother but you have to call me Dragon. Most years I avoid MW & SW after boxing day because both parks do little to convince me standing in a queue for hours is worth my while. On the other hand DW summer is a must this year. I would be happy for Village to pause my pass during this period every year, rain hail or shine. Asking questions is fine in "my book" but putting somebody into a position of having to defend themselves because you don't agree with the answers they are giving you isn't really asking a question. @Dapt
  7. Maybe they are hoping some people will go the shorter option and get the Vax.
  8. I have enough problems keeping my lawn tidy to worry about looking over the neighbours fence to see how they're going.🙂
  9. Dom, I'm fully vaccinated.(before it was cool😂) I just believe I don't have the right to tell you what to put into your body.
  10. That's human nature. People still have distrust for Dreamworld because trust is a hard thing to get back. DW now claim they deliver the "world best safety standards" and people still don't trust them. That's a simple one to answer. The Governments care more about being elected then they care for the community. If the Governments wanted to do the right thing they would make the vaccine compulsory instead of the watered down version.
  11. I wish my Grandma listened to "a" Joe Rogan and didn't take the hormone replacement tablets that killed her that all the scientists, doctors, researchers, trusted GPs etc. etc told her it was safe.
  12. What is your number on how may people can die before it becomes your problem?
  13. That's great @jozthat you have all the vaccines but as I said, I'm not targeting anybody. Half the people who have had the Covid Vax haven't had the Influenza jab.
  14. Impossible, unless you have walked a lifetime in somebodies’ shoes, you will never think the same or understand why they have made a decision. Most things aren’t black & white and you’re ruling out the human factor. I’m over people who live in glass houses judging people. The vaccinated/unvaccinated debate is dumb. How many vaccinated people after getting the Covid jab get the flu jab, so they don’t pass the flu onto vulnerable people? How many vaccinated people after getting the Covid jab update the MMR, Tdap, shingles & pneumonia vaccine so they couldn’t pass si
  15. @DaptoFunlandGuyWhy are you trying so hard to change @Brad2912position?
  16. No building approvals have been lodged for Gumbuya.
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