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  1. Jamberoo Fan

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    Ah, ok. So where is the 'excess land' that Ardent talks about lately then?
  2. From The Daily Mail: The video can be found here. The thing I'd like to point out from that article is that DW says they don't own the land the Big Brother House sits on anymore but the Queensland Investment Corporation does instead. How does this fit in with Ardent's 'excess land' talk?
  3. This is 12 days ago. Whilst I'm still not 100% convinced that Dreamworld's future lazy river is going to go past wildlife exhibits, I have since been convinced that Whitewater World is going to have wildlife exhibits added. However, if the former is actually going to happen, it seems Jamberoo's local wildlife heard about it ­čśť and thought they would demonstrate the risk of having wildlife near a water ride (like if the enclosure fails and the wildlife somehow ends up in the water). They went to The Rock first: But Jamberoo wasn't having any of it: Hope Dreamworld sees this. This 'demonstration' by the snake shows: Alert staff are needed (According to social media comments, Jamberoo's staff were very alert) Ride's popularity immediately drops Ride is immediately closed Wildlife catchers called Wildlife subsequently appears on social media Wildlife subsequently appears in local media (or if it happened on the Gold Coast, possible state/national media) Judging by social media comments, snakes regularly appear around Jamberoo Action Park so that probably explains the alertness of their staff.
  4. It seems Luna Park Sydney's Ferris Wheel won't be restricted to just the Calling Country ceremony. It seems it will play a part in all elements of Sydney New Year's Eve (such as the fireworks) today. From today's Sydney New Year's Eve media release:
  5. Ardent, DW and this topic remind me of this Fawlty Towers scene, which I've reworded below:
  6. Warner Bros. Classics & The Great Gremlins Adventure closed in mid-2001 & Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster opened on June 17 2002. So Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster's installation took no longer than about a year. This photo shows that theming and track installation were happening roughly around the same time however it's fair to say the track was installed before theming was added. This photo shows track installation took no longer than 4 months (February to June 2002) while this photo and this photo show the 'Spooky Castle' exterior theming alone took no more than a month and a half (Early April to late May 2002). All this should give an idea of how long it took to create/install the overall theming, though the duration depends on how many people were helping install the ride.´╗┐ General Comment Whilst I understand people's disappointment due to their exaggerated marketing, I'm amazed that so many theme park enthusiasts thought the ride would be completely new from start to finish when firstly, the exterior 'Spooky Castle' theming remained (that should imply the queue would be similar & the ghost train section would be fairly similar. After all, it is based on the movie - there were some parts of the ghost train they could add (such 'The Dinner Show') but most of the ghost train section from the movie was already there so there would be minimum change) and secondly, the trains were the same (they were in the new TV commercials too), which meant the ghost train section would be there, which I just detailed. Otherwise, why have 'Spooky Castle' and the same trains if they weren't going to travel through the ghost train section of the original ride? They were never going to stray from the movie's 'Spooky Castle' plot device (not to mention a fully-projection mapped ride would look unconvincing after a while) and I tried warning fellow forum members of this 2 years ago: It would be very difficult to do a Scooby Doo re-theme - it has to be based around Spooky Castle as that is the entrance to the ride and the carriages are the same as Spooky Castle's carriages. Unless MW changes the carriages (or re-themes them - I don't know how easy that is), it has to be themed to Spooky Castle´╗┐.´╗┐ So naturally, it would be the mostly-the-same 'ghost train' section with a few technical changes - mostly the touted projection mapping, which so far it is not and if it is, not applied well. Those technical changes though I'm waiting until they finish 'technical rehearsals' before making a final opinion on them. But one change that can be deemed 'finished' (in a way) is a change in narrative. The original ride's narrative was just trying to escape monsters inside the 'Spooky Castle' ghost train. You then try to find a scared Scooby-Doo who has escaped up into a disco up on ground level in the 'Spooky Island' theme park. After you escaped the 'ghost train' though and found Scooby-Doo, you 'fall' back into the 'Spooky Castle' ghost train but quickly find a safe way out to go back into the 'Spooky Island' theme park. My theory (due to technical rehearsals still ongoing) on the narrative of the new edition is below:
  7. Jamberoo Fan

    Theme Parks vs Cruise Ships

    Maybe this topic's title is becoming literal?: From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Now, the question we all have to ask: Is this world-first rollercoaster better than MDMC? ­čśť
  8. A 'successful' park does not have to be one that solely makes a profit. For the purposes of expanding the park, a profit would be great but when did DW last expand? Probably just over a decade ago when Whitewater World was built. The only thing Ardent has been expanding in the past decade is Main Event. The problem with relying simply on the financial status to determine 'success' is that the revenue (and profit) could be coming from the same visitors/sources all the time (like annual passholders who spend on food and beverage or upcharges). Whilst you're talking about 2015/2016 finances, I discussed this problem back in August in relation to the 2017/2018 attendance figures of DW: Based on the current attendance figures, if only passholders visit DW + Skypoint, they would visit on average 6 or 7 times per year. So, do passholders actually visit 6 or 7 times per year? And if they do and the attendance figure does take into account repeat visits from passholders, then that means only 250,000 people visit DW + Skypoint per year and they likely only visit from the Gold Coast-Tweed Heads region. If all passholders are from the Gold Coast-Tweed Heads region, then that means 40% of the Gold Coast-Tweed Heads population has a DW + SkyPoint pass. The park's capacity is 10,000 and based on the attendance figures in FY16, they get around 6600 people per day on average. Now they get around 4540 people per day on average. Is that reflected with the amount of people actually seen in the park? Because if it is really 250,000 people per year currently, that is equal to 685 people per day on average (likely to be 1020 people per day on average prior to the incident). There needs to be an additional criteria than just 'making a profit' to determine a 'successful' park. For me, that additional criteria is bringing in constantly new visitors whilst keeping all previous visitors loyal. For example, visitors that leave the park happy wanting to return at the next available opportunity (loyal visitors) and visitors who haven't visited before or didn't find previous offerings interesting finding a new offering worthy of visiting now (new visitors). Consequently, if this is achieved, you're more likely to reach capacity each day and you know the park is 'successful' because profit is made, attendance is increasing, there's always something new & people are always leaving happy. The only negative I could think of for this is having to close the park's entry gates due to reaching capacity. A good case study on why profit alone isn't a determination of a theme park's success is Wet 'n' Wild Sydney. Sold last year after making it's 1st ever loss. It made a profit every year prior to then (albeit a lower profit than the previous year each year) but was the park a 'successful' park during those years of profit? No. When it opened, the park had so many problems that it made a lot of it's original visitors leave as 'not loyal'. Every year, this problem occurred even though they fixed some of the problems over the years. And no major new attraction has opened since it opened in 2013 (unless you count dinosaur statues & Nickelodeon theming as 'major new attractions') so there was no reason to bring the non-loyal visitors back to show them that the park has improved (if it has improved). Consequently, attendance continued to decline causing profit to lower which resulted in the inevitable loss and selling of the park to another theme park operator. A theme park's success is based on quality not profit.
  9. Jamberoo Fan

    'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    As pointed out earlier, they are at Dreamworld. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Click the link for a 27 second video of the Dreamworld protest, which was part of the article below):
  10. Jamberoo Fan

    Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

    Here are some more videos (even though they are mostly not from the 1980's or 1990's): Tuesday the 14th of January 1997: Sea World's Research & Rescue Foundation Rescuing & Rehabilitating A Dugong (Channel 9 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Endangered-dugong-rescued-off-beach/218b8dfcc7d41f6a1fccb23f3e446a03 Wednesday the 17th of March 1999: Wonderland Sydney's Bush Beast & Triple M's Whirl Till You Hurl (Channel 9 foo´╗┐tage) - http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/AUSTRALIA-ROLLERCOASTER-RIDE-RECORD-ATTEMPT/b36e90b2c8f00d9d5c0a0eb645e18596 Tuesday the 26th of December 2000: Sea World's Polar Bear Shores opens (ABC foo´╗┐tage´╗┐) - http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/AUSTRALIA-GOLD-COAST-POLAR-BEARS/1ec48ef3f6b7105254dcae23a8859e0c Thursday the 23rd of November 2001: More polar bears arrive at Sea World's Polar Bear Shores (ABC foo´╗┐tage´╗┐) - http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Bears/0dd8493335af574ee78247f9f655a113 Thursday the 26th of September 2002: Incident during Sea World's Ski Challenge (Channel 9 foo´╗┐tage´╗┐) - ´╗┐´╗┐http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Ski-Accident/171afe9b07b18637f665c50fec77045a And lastly, see Luna Park Melbourne during it's golden era (I don't know if it's still there but the mountain theming surrounding the rollercoaster is pretty good for it's time): Monday the 6th of March 1933: Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway (British Movietone foo´╗┐tage´╗┐) - http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Luna-Park-Provides-Fun-At-Melbourne/654d38c6fc3d48f7b34412c2535f91d0 Can someone verify that the footage above is of Luna Park Melbourne or it's Scenic Railway? The Scenic Railway has a rather simple layout and this footage shows a more complex layout.
  11. Jamberoo Fan

    Old video footage of our Aussie theme parks in 80's/90's

    Early last year, I posted links to videos of Dreamworld & Wonderland Sydney. However, those links don't work anymore. Don't worry - here are new links (with some new videos!). The previous videos were from ITN Source. These new videos and links are from AP Archive: Monday the 24th of July 1995: Sea World (near the former Adventure Island) & an Australian-Austrian Choir (Channel 9 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Austrian-Choir-Perform-With-Dolphins/3839915ec459dea2da9bb207b632d3b8 Thursday the 23rd of January 1997: Dreamworld's Tower Of Terror opening (Channel 9 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Fun-park-Dreamworld-/fa806bcbb651f4438688232e7e547f5c Thursday the 23rd of January 1997: Dreamworld's Tower Of Terror opening (Channel 7 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/AUSTRALIA-WORLD-S-FASTEST-AND-TALLEST-ROLLER-COASTER-OPENS/c065ed6e142c0dea8faad5e0d81967e4 Wednesday the 29th of January 1997: Sea World's Rescue & Rehabilitation Foundation Rescuing & Rehabilitating A Dolphin (Channel 9 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/Australia-Dolphin-rescued/b4a1bbf366d11414d3ee84377caa400e Wednesday the 11th of November 1998: Dreamworld's Tiger Island (Channel 7 footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/AUSTRALIA-RARE-WHITE-BENGAL-TIGER-CUB-SHOWN-TO-PUBLIC-V-/af952d2cbf4eaeb1b66bf8b75620d497 Friday the 26th of February 1999: Wonderland Sydney's Bush Beast & Triple M's Whirl Till You Hurl (APTN footage): http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/AUSTRALIA-ROLLERCOASTER-ENDURANCE-RECORD-ATTEMPT/c9905e995dbda8174eae2b19a699af34
  12. Sydney New Year's Eve revealed on the 6th of December that Luna Park Sydney's Ferris Wheel will feature as part of the event for the 1st time. Like with Vivid Sydney, they are making the most of the lighting upgrade to The Ferris Wheel. From the Sydney New Year's Eve media release:
  13. Jamberoo Fan

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    I'm sure a lot of Parkz forum members will be surprised to hear the coronial inquest resumed in Southport yesterday at 9:30am and finished completely earlier today. So here are the most interesting quotes I could find about the final 2 days: From the Australian Associated Press via the Brisbane Times: From the Australian Associated Press via Cowra Guardian: From 9 News: From Australian Leisure Management: From the Australian Associated Press via the Brisbane Times: From 9 News: From The New Daily: Now we wait for the coroner's report and just as importantly, his recommendations...
  14. Jamberoo Fan

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    If you didn't know @Skeeta & @Slick, Ardent Leisure Group got relisted on the ASX last Friday. Ardent Leisure's ASX page is now here (ASX: ALG). It was all part of their transition to their "alternative structure".
  15. Dreamworld made an application to Go´╗┐ld Coast City Council (not a link to the application - see the paragraph at the end of the post) on December the 1st: Oddly, the application isn't for DW's main lot. It's for the lot between the main roundabout outside DW and Oakey Creek. However, unless it's for the "special structure", this is highly likely a mistake on Gold Coast City Council's part as a recent application for a shop in Westfield Coomera was listed as for DW's excess land instead. That was later found to be a clear error. ´╗┐´╗┐As far as I am aware, Dreamworld's plans have not yet been approved by a private certifier but, according to Gold Coast City Council, they are "in progress" of being assessed by the private certifier. I'd add a link to the relevant Gold Coast City Council application but from previous attempts to link applications from there in recent months, I've found it will just lead to an error message for you all due to the recent information technology system upgrade the Council implemented.