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  1. @Skeeta, this might be a bit off-topic but you might be able to help here: Another application was "lodged" to Gold Coast City Council the same day as the Thunder Lake Stunt Show one. This application was for the Oxenford property: It has 12th of December as the "decision date", which would make sense since Aquaman - The Exhibition opened the day after but this is despite any form of 'construction' occurring roughly a month prior to opening day and the "decision date" & still why was it only "lodged" on the 28th of February? Again, as far as I am aware, these plans have not yet been approved by a private certifier (I know Aquaman - The Exhibition has been open for nearly 3 months now & some sort of decision was made on the 12th of December) but according to Gold Coast City Council, this application is still "in progress" of being assessed by the private certifier. All the applications I've ever posted since June 28 last year also have had the "Application Type" as "Private Certifier Archiving", which I assume is related to the Council receiving the application from the private certifier & archiving it. However, since everything on the Council's website is so vague, I can't be 100% sure if any of these applications I've posted have been approved - not until "In Progress" has changed to "Completed", which I assume means it finally got approved. This Aquaman - The Exhibition application might be a good one to clarify things on - not just for me but everyone - as as soon as the Coroner's Report is released into the Thunder River Rapids incident (which should be in the next few months), I probably won't be following the Gold Coast applications as much anymore - not unless something else extraordinary happens in regards to DW's future or a new major ride (like DC Rivals HyperCoaster) is built at any Gold Coast theme park.
  2. Jamberoo Fan

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    One for Mick Doohan's Motocoaster:
  3. An application was lodged to Gold Coast City Council (not a link to the application - see the paragraph below the quote) on the 28th of February: I'd add a link to the relevant Gold Coast City Council application but from previous attempts to link applications from there in recent months, I've found it will just lead to an error message for you all due to last year's information technology system upgrade the Council implemented. As far as I am aware, Sea World's plans have not yet been approved by a private certifier but according to Gold Coast City Council they are "in progress" of being assessed by the private certifier. Now does the application description mean 1 performance stage or 'Stage 1'? If it is 1 performance stage, then that might be what they are building on the island and maybe there are multiple performance stages? If it is 'Stage 1', then what is 'Stage 2' and/or how many 'stages' are there? 🤔 I'd probably say it's the latter - 'Stage 1' of a masterplan. This would fit in with some recent rumours.
  4. Jamberoo Fan

    Wipeout is closed for good (retired)

    I understand people's disappointment in this announcement but whilst I think it's unlikely Ardent would do this, it would be cool if they let WipeOut's giant wave stay, get the water features on it working again and convert the pool where the shark was into the 'chill space' but with a circular water feature surrounding it featuring fountains (similar to the ones that shot up during the ride's cycle but on a smaller scale) and small cascades coming from the bottom of the wave and going around either side of the 'chill space' before disappearing underneath the footpath to enter the 'chill space' where the water would be cycled back up to the wave. A nice tribute to WipeOut & a great place to relax and cool during summer. But I feel Ardent would wipeout WipeOut 😜completely and just put a couple of umbrellas, chairs & tables there with some artificial lawn.
  5. Jamberoo Fan

    Ardent Leisure Group HY19 Financial Results

    16 days later & SkyVoyager is still not opened. 10am is when the results are released, which is not far away. When the results are released, how many think Ardent will explain why SkyVoyager still has not opened or why they are reducing ride operating hours?
  6. Jamberoo Fan

    'Tower Of Terror II' E-Stop

    From The Daily Mail (Video which was part of the article can be found by clicking here) : I'm pretty sure the people who filmed the e-stop were ironically breaking safety rules (Quote from Tower Of Terror II's official webpage😞
  7. Jamberoo Fan

    Village Roadshow To Break Up?

    From The Australian Financial Review (subscriber-only article): 3 key points: According to David Prescott, Managing Director of Sydney-based funds manager Lanyon Asset Management, Village Roadshow's overseas theme park assets are a "distraction", which should be sold to improve shareholder returns. Mittleman Brothers, Village Roadshow's 3rd largest shareholder support assets sales to focus on accelerating better theme park (and cinema) business profits. Chris Mittleman of Mittleman Brothers, Village Roadshow's 3rd largest shareholder, "would be willing to talk and consider proposals from anyone...outside of Village Roadshow who seemed to have reasonable ideas on how to improve the business and thus its returns for shareholders" Regarding the 2nd dot point, if anyone takes up his offer, remember Village Roadshow is not all about theme parks. I'm sure some of you would have "reasonable ideas on how to improve the business", theme park wise, though.
  8. As I posted on Parkz last October, Ardent has made it clear in their public documents that they have received civil claims and some have been settled: However, one is now gaining prominent media attention: Whilst the above Twitter post & video of The Front Page does not point it out, the article published in The Courier-Mail emphasises (through their online headlines) the fact that the family is suing Dreamworld. The Courier-Mail's article can be found here (subscriber-only article).
  9. Jamberoo Fan

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    I think it should be pointed out that we have found out recently that SkyVoyager was never built to "save the park" as you say @joz. A ParkChatLive interview early last month with DW's COO revealed they had planned SkyVoyager 3 months prior to the Thunder River Rapids incident occurring. Since SkyVoyager was announced after the incident (13 November 2017), we've all assumed this is what they were banking on to "save the park" but since they were planning it before the incident, that means the Whitewater World expansion is now most likely their 1st true reaction on how to "save the park" after the incident. How that & their other post-SkyVoyager plans occur should tell enough about how Ardent have been dealing with DW's future. SkyVoyager seems to have never been built to fix DW's attendance and finances. It seems to be just a coincidence that the ride's development began roughly when the incident occurred and after the incident, it seems Ardent just 'hoped' that in 2 years it would open, fix all their problems and everything will be back to normal. Also, can anyone explain to me why the COO's name tag says 'Melbourne, Australia' on it? (See 47:56 in the video)
  10. Ardent Leisure Group announced today that it will announce it's HY19 Financial Results on Friday 22nd of February 2019 at 10am (AEDT). This should be an interesting announcement on 22nd of February given how DW's state has changed since the last financial results were released - their major new ride, SkyVoyager, has still not opened & ride operating hours are reducing. All the answers to these issues should be answered during that announcement. And it should be more interesting if the Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest Findings are released prior to then or coincidentally, at the same time.
  11. An interesting article from The Sydney Morning Herald: The article which brought this "feud" to light 5 days ago only refers to the selling of Village Roadshow Pictures, "Village Roadshow's British marketing business, its stake in the American iPic Theatres premium cinema outfit, and its Hollywood holdings" as the closest thing to John Kirby's proposed 'break up' of Village Roadshow which is referred to in the above article. Is that what is meant by "break up"? Or is it the 1st stage of the "break up"? Or would the company split in 1 go forming a new theme park-cinema-studios-only company? Or will nothing happen? Regardless, the above article is interesting enough because of it's theme park-related content.
  12. Jamberoo Fan

    'Big Brother House' Vandalised

    Ah, ok. So where is the 'excess land' that Ardent talks about lately then?
  13. From The Daily Mail: The video can be found here. The thing I'd like to point out from that article is that DW says they don't own the land the Big Brother House sits on anymore but the Queensland Investment Corporation does instead. How does this fit in with Ardent's 'excess land' talk?
  14. This is 12 days ago. Whilst I'm still not 100% convinced that Dreamworld's future lazy river is going to go past wildlife exhibits, I have since been convinced that Whitewater World is going to have wildlife exhibits added. However, if the former is actually going to happen, it seems Jamberoo's local wildlife heard about it 😜 and thought they would demonstrate the risk of having wildlife near a water ride (like if the enclosure fails and the wildlife somehow ends up in the water). They went to The Rock first: But Jamberoo wasn't having any of it: Hope Dreamworld sees this. This 'demonstration' by the snake shows: Alert staff are needed (According to social media comments, Jamberoo's staff were very alert) Ride's popularity immediately drops Ride is immediately closed Wildlife catchers called Wildlife subsequently appears on social media Wildlife subsequently appears in local media (or if it happened on the Gold Coast, possible state/national media) Judging by social media comments, snakes regularly appear around Jamberoo Action Park so that probably explains the alertness of their staff.
  15. It seems Luna Park Sydney's Ferris Wheel won't be restricted to just the Calling Country ceremony. It seems it will play a part in all elements of Sydney New Year's Eve (such as the fireworks) today. From today's Sydney New Year's Eve media release: