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  2. The below article is very interesting & inspiring for all in the theme park community. Jamberoo is a 'quiet achiever' in the Australian theme park industry as the above comments show, particularly in the water park market. Whilst telling some interesting & sad stories about Jamberoo's history (some I didn't know about until the article's publication), the article clearly reveals why Jamberoo is a 'quiet achiever'. I won't give the whole story away but the article below should be essential reading for all theme park industry professionals particularly after the relatively recent Thunder River Rapids tragedy at Dreamworld. The article gives hope for the future of the Australian theme park industry and whilst I know Dreamworld has made significant & impressive announcements recently about their future, Dreamworld & Coast Entertainment Holdings management should use the below story as inspiration to motivate themselves even more to return as one of Australia's great & trusted theme parks (though I'm already very confident in Greg Yong's theme park managerial skills compared to the skills of pre-tragedy Dreamworld management under the recently renamed Macquarie/Ardent Leisure). Whilst this interesting article focuses on Jim Eddy, Jamberoo's owner, it is somewhat overshadowed by what I described earlier as... Whilst it's not the most ridiculous idea in the world as it has been done in many countries on a larger scale, it is bizarre for 2 reasons - as far as I am aware, no other theme park in the world has contemplated such a proposal & secondly, it is controversial. Apart from time & technical reasons, the latter reason (controversial) is another reason for the deliberate delay in publication of the full article into this topic since I mentioned it on Thursday. It was to make a clear gap in the forum discussion as moderators may have to justify the proposal having its own separate topic if it generates lots of discussion due to its controversial nature. Surprisingly though, the proposal hasn't made any more news since July 28, 2023, particularly since Kiama, Jamberoo's local government area, is a very environmentally conscious locality & because the whole Illawarra (mainly between Wombarra & Kiama) is currently in the middle of a controversial debate on whether to have a wind farm off the coast. Heck, I'm even surprised not a single person on Parkz found out about the "bizarre" proposal at the time of its July 2023 publication as well. Anyway, enjoy!... (The "most bizarre theme park proposal I've ever seen" is in bold text (if you can't be bothered reading the whole article. However, the article builds to it though through its theme of 'risk')) From The Illawarra Mercury:
  3. Because I was busy and didn't have the time to post the article. As it is behind a paywall, it isn't as simple as copy and paste (and no, it does not involve hacking). At least, I mentioned about the 3 wave machines. I got time now so standby.
  4. Yes, I just realised shortly before you posted. Completely forgot about that new artist impression, having seen it before so didn't pick up on it. I don't think it's a surfable wave though - there is not enough room for such a powerful wave. Having been away from Parkz for a while, the article that started this topic is actually a very interesting one. I'll post the article in full soon when the current burst of activity dies down as I'm sure it will generate more discussion but to confirm, the article says Platypus River will have 3 wave machines. The most interesting thing in the article hasn't even made a mention in this topic and it is the most bizarre theme park proposal I've ever seen (so bizarre that I remember it more than the mention of 2 more wave machines to Platypus River)
  5. Don't forget the wave machine/chamber in Platypus River! It will be the park's 4th wave machine (after Rapid River's, Outback Bay's & the newly announced mini wave pool) & 2nd wave chamber (Rapid River's being the 1st). This has been the plan since Kangaroo Island was first unveiled back in 2006 and is still referenced on their website as a "wave chamber". You can see the future location of the wave machine/chamber in satellite images of the park (It acts in a similar way to Rapid River's wave chamber): For comparison, here is the 2012 master plan (You can see the wave machine/chamber hidden under a large block of rock theming):
  6. Just to clarify, a DA was never submitted by Jamberoo for an alpine coaster. The alpine coaster's plans that I found just happened to be included in the original DA the park submitted for Velocity Falls & Koala Kove. It was randomly in a section about bushfires that I found it in. You probably also forgot the e-mail Jamberoo sent you confirming it was not in a DA. In the end, there seems to be a growing interest in Australia for alpine coasters. I think Australia will get one. It is not a matter of if but when and most importantly, who? (Odds are Big Banana first by the end of 2023)
  7. The below article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation includes an ABC News story of the opening of the Sea World Monorail System in August 1986. It is brilliant historical footage featuring clear imagery of Wild Waves Rollercoaster/Thrillseeker, Adventure Island, the construction of Lassiter's Lost Mine/Bermuda Triangle show building as well as general aerial imagery of Sea World: This photo also appeared on the ABC News Just In webpage (but not in the article above) but I have no clue if it is a new photo or not. If someone can confirm how old the photo is, that would be great:
  8. And the run of bad news for the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2022 continues:
  9. Premiering tonight at 9:30pm AEDT on SBS & SBS On Demand is New Gold Mountain, partially filmed at Victorian goldrush-theme park Sovereign Hill (You know your theming is good when it doubles as a backlot):
  10. From The Illawarra Mercury (An alternate headline was 'NSW government splashes out $600,000 on Jamberoo Action Park's new water slide') :
  11. Here's the article for those who can't access it... Looks like Koala Kove is now set for September 2022 while Velocity Falls is set for the 10th-21st of October 2021! From The Illawarra Mercury: By the way, can a moderator change the topic name to reflect the new name of the attraction, Velocity Falls?
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