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  1. Premiering tonight at 9:30pm AEDT on SBS & SBS On Demand is New Gold Mountain, partially filmed at Victorian goldrush-theme park Sovereign Hill (You know your theming is good when it doubles as a backlot):
  2. From The Illawarra Mercury (An alternate headline was 'NSW government splashes out $600,000 on Jamberoo Action Park's new water slide') :
  3. Here's the article for those who can't access it... Looks like Koala Kove is now set for September 2022 while Velocity Falls is set for the 10th-21st of October 2021! From The Illawarra Mercury: By the way, can a moderator change the topic name to reflect the new name of the attraction, Velocity Falls?
  4. Just for the purposes of the poll: 'Railroads, Main Street Vehicles, Red Car Trolley & Disney Transport' also includes Disneysea Electric Railway,Venetian Gondolas, Disneysea Transit Steamer Line, Chairlift, Cross Country Creek & Castaway Creek. And, noted @DaptoFunlandGuy.
  5. First The Imagineering Story, now Behind The Attraction... I'm surprised that there isn't an episode on Pirates Of The Caribbean!
  6. '7News Spotlight - Ride Of Your Life' was watched by 571,000 viewers in the 5 major capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide) last night. That data is based on a population sample representative of 62% of Australia's population. Taking into account the 38% of regional viewers missing from that data, this should equate to 921,000 viewers of the program nationwide on Sunday night alone (Regional ratings are released on a weekly rather than daily basis so this is just a guess). In the 5 major capital cities, these were where most viewers were from: Brisbane - 114,000 (4.6% of Brisbane's population) Adelaide - 58,000 (4.3% of Adelaide's population) Melbourne - 201,000 (4.0% of Melbourne's population) Total 5 major capital cities - 571,000 (3.6% of combined population of the 5 major capital cities) Perth - 60,000 (2.9% of Perth's population) Sydney - 138,000 (2.8% of Sydney's population) Timeshifted ratings would be released over the next month which would give a better picture but at this stage, only a small percentage of the country would have seen the program so at this stage, the Australian theme park industry shouldn't be affected by the program.
  7. There were more episodes on 9Now, which have since been removed but they were all filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3rd episode was focused on their Halloween celebrations while the 4th episode was about preparing for a new season. I watched all episodes on 9Now after watching the free-to-air broadcast and yes, they did edit down the double episode, which full length should have went 2 hours with ads (1 hour & 30 minutes without ads). But that wasn't the most surprising thing. What was more surprising was they edited out 2 segments about the park's Vikings' River Splash, a river rapids ride. The first segment was about a e-stop of the ride caused by a guest going into the ride's restricted area. The second segment was about the park replacing one of the ride's rafts' inflatable tyres. I wonder why they edited these 2 segments out for the free to air broadcast but not the 9Now stream? 🤔 The answer is featured in tonight's earlier aired program '7News Spotlight: Ride Of Your Life' on Channel 7 & 7Plus.
  8. My review - Ride Of Your Life was promoted as a behind the scenes look into the theme park industry but turned out, unsurprisingly for theme park enthusiasts who know Channel 7's reputation towards theme park news, as Ride For Your Life. First 15 minutes were great with a brief summary of roller coaster & theme park history but then Action Park (the infamous US amusement park) got a mention & it was all downhill from there. Completely biased towards the negative aspects of the theme park industry. Based on the comments above, it seems Natalie Barr's statement "You sell fear" (with emphasis on each word) is probably the words the general public think summed up the narrative the show is portraying. Ironic - given Channel 7 sold advertising time for & during this show which they told a biased 'fear theme parks' narrative during.
  9. Clearly, the "Aussie coaster that's as old as the Titanic" refers to Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway and "Australia's biggest ride disasters" refer to the 1979 Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train fire and the 2016 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride incident. Looks like a very interesting program which hopefully balances the positives & negatives of the theme park industry! '7News Spotlight - Ride Of Your Life' airs Sunday the 6th of June between 7pm & 8:30pm AEST on Channel 7.
  10. Just found out that 9Now has all 4 episodes of the series. They all 45 minutes approximately in duration. Episodes 1 & 2 was the double episode screened last Tuesday night on television. I now expect again that Channel 9 will screen either two 2 hour episodes over 2 weeks or two 1-hour episodes plus the 2-hour 1st episode over 3 weeks. What week(s) these other episode(s) is/are to be screened during I don't know but I assume it will be before Lego Masters finish it's latest season. This is unless the 1st double episode on television rated poorly and Channel 9 decided to just let people watch it on 9Now if they wish instead.
  11. Whilst Jamberoo's 2020-2021 season finished last Sunday, a little bit of news from a week before that - On Jamberoo's Frequently Asked Questions page, they put: The closure on 19 April meant only on the final 2 operating days of the 2020-2021 season (24 & 25 April) the Bobsled Blue Track will not be operating. It should be assumed that the Bobsled Blue Track will be closed until Velocity Falls (and not and/or Koala Kove) opens so it could still be closed when the 2021-2022 season starts. For non-Jamberoo enthusiasts, the Blue Bobsled Track is the fast, experienced riders track. If you head to Jamberoo for the Bobsleds while the Blue Bobsled Track is closed, you risk a very slow, traffic jam-filled bobsled ride due to slow or inexperienced riders. Best to wait until the Blue Bobsled Track reopens for a fast, smooth ride with no or little traffic jams. Remember, if you don't want a slow, traffic-jam filled bobsled ride, you can also still take the Chairlift to admire the views at the top of the mountain and take a rare trip on the Chairlift back down the mountain. Also, here is the Dive-In Movies schedule for the recently finished 2020-2021 season: 26/12/2020 - E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial 02/01/2021 - Ride Like A Girl 09/01/2021 - ¡Three Amigos! 16/01/2021 - The Secret Life Of Pets 2 23/01/2021 - Back To The Future 30/01/2021 - Paddington The 2020-2021 season's Dive-In Movies started an hour earlier at 5pm but still on Saturdays and still at Outback Bay.
  12. It seems Channel 9 decided to have only the sole 2-hour episode, which was screened last Tuesday night. A little review below:
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