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  1. Too bad that's last season's line-up. Still unconfirmed if going ahead this year particularly with no season passes being issued. 1 hour & 21 minutes? (That's right!) Fixed your quote for you @themagician. Flights from Melbourne & Brisbane have been possible since 30 October 2017 (except between June & November 2018 due to the previous airline suddenly going out of business due to high debt). However, I haven't posted it on here yet as a direct Gold Coast flight has constantly been rumoured since flights restarted to/from Shellharbour & didn't want any misi
  2. Please don't brag about how your frequency of theme park trips correlates with possible theme park knowledge. Correlation does not mean causation. Also, you may notice my user name is 'Jamberoo Fan'. I've been to Jamberoo heaps of times as well and am local too. I've also been a forum member of Parkz for nearly 15 years - probably the number 1 unofficial source of Jamberoo news on this forum. I've also not learnt theme park knowledge just by going to theme parks - I've done studies in subjects that are required to operate a theme park too and have done hobby research on the iconic theme parks
  3. Well, given the pandemic, it wouldn't be surprising if they have tried to go more cost-effective. Like in the story, they need $2 million before construction can begin, bringing the cost to $9 million (though WIN News Illawarra quotes $10 million - not sure where the extra $1 million comes from). Also, on the 24th of July, they submitted a modification to the original DA. It is the same cost but hasn't been approved yet. I don't know if it has been on exhibition yet (it currently isn't) but I assume the exhibition period was months ago. My speculation is that the modification involves
  4. To add to the list in the previous post: Any other tickets that were unused in the 2019 - 20 season and re-issued/re-validated can also be used & they encourage holders of these tickets to use them at their soonest convenience. Offering a refundable booking option for e-ticket purchases this season. The refundable booking option is selected by default as part of the ticket purchase process, so it is up to the purchaser to actively un-select that if they choose not to purchase a refundable booking type ticket. It is completely your choice. If you think you might not be able to
  5. Jamberoo Action Park started it's 2020/2021 season today. Apart from their 40th anniversary season celebrations, here are the new 2020/2021 season details, which are all COVID-19 related: Delayed construction of Grand Gorge Falls & Koala Kove Splash Out area still remains operational The Jamberoo Express & communal coin-operated barbeques non-operational until further notice. However, sanitised barbeques are available for rent for customers for $50 (up to 24 hours before your visit). Contact Jamberoo Action Park on 4236 0114 to make a booking for a barbeque. C
  6. From The Illawarra Mercury: The Eddy Group Of Companies now include, apart from Jamberoo Action Park: Belmore All-Suites Hotel (Jamberoo's own Sea World Resort though it's located 20km away in Wollongong like the rest of their companies). To the best of my knowledge, they have owned this hotel since before the mid-2000's. City Beach Function Centre - wasn't original owner but did buy it in recent years. I think he wanted to add a light show to the building. Located immediately next to Wollongong's Flagstaff Hill to the south on the northern end of Wollongong's South Beach
  7. A very interesting article published today (6th of June) by The Illawarra Mercury. It included an album of 33 photos (before the Green Snow paragraph), which I'll post in a separate post in chronological order with the photos in the article below:
  8. AMUSEMENT PARK REGULATION IN QUEENSLAND CLASS 2 RIDES INSPECTION & REGISTRATION OIR INSPECTOR AUDITS OF DREAMWORLD PRIOR TO THE INCIDENT OIR TECHNICAL ADVICE ABOUT THE INCIDENT Technical Advice - Principal OIR Adviser (Mechanical), Mr. David Flatman The coroner has no power to fine anyone. They only make recommendations. The only action will be industrial, as in, business/company related if the OIR (office of industrial relations) decides there is enough evidence to prosecute. So dreamworld may cop a fine, but not individu
  9. AMUSEMENT PARK REGULATION IN QUEENSLAND That's now just about 2/3 of the Queensland Coroner's Findings Of Inquest so far. Hope it is convenient for you all. I'll post the last third over the coming days. In the meantime, you can read the full report via @webslave's post.
  11. HISTORY OF EXTERNAL SAFETY AUDITS AT DREAMWORLD DRA Safety Management Audits Dreamworld Safety Auditing Strategy FY15
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