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  1. Jamberoo Fan

    Superman Escape gift shop removed

    Notice the sign referring to 'Planet Square'? Does this mean the area of the rollercoaster's outdoor portion is now called 'Planet Square'? I do agree the exit looks like a "waste of space" but like @AlexB said credit to them for at least theming the exit. They just need to justify the lack of earthquake damage but like @themagician suggested, that is an easy solution to make. Maybe to liven up the exit and reinforce the theme in the exit just a little bit more they could add TV screens showing a loop of TV coverage of Superman's rescue of the MRT train, timed so the critical part is shown when guests hop off the ride?: As the train leaves the station, the TV is covered with static. This lasts 60 seconds, at which point the train should launch. The static is then replaced with a 'breaking news' bulletin. It shows the hosts explaining the situation to the audience whilst showing 'live' footage of damage from the earthquake such as a burst water main near the entry of a subway and a collapsed road with 2 police cars in it (referring to events seen on the ride's indoor portion). This lasts 30 seconds. The news bulletin concludes with 'live' footage of Superman bringing an MRT train into another (presumably safe) MRT station. This last 20 seconds and imitates the rollercoaster's brake run and exit station arrival. Superman then does a quick interview for the TV channel before flying away. The TV channel also quickly interviews a passenger of the MRT train. This is all shown as guests leave the ride. The hosts then return the channel back to 'live' coverage of a baseball game held in another far-away city. The baseball game footage lasts however long it needs to. The TV loop then restarts when the ride leaves the main station causing a reference to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.
  2. Jamberoo Fan

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    You may be correct meaning it was a sensationalised article. As it was a subscriber-only article, I only read the limited information I could see without subscribing. Given Ardent Leisure already delivered documents late once, I thought it was worthy of posting on the Parkz forums. I do recall the Coroner requested proof of certification of all of DW's rides in the October hearings but I thought they wouldn't have been part of those 500 documents. Update: Just read @Jdude95's information about it in the middle of one of their posts above - there was a delay but at least it wasn't a 2 year delay. Still, hopefully it doesn't add an extra month (or any time) to the coronial inquest though.
  3. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    I'm sure the general public has high interests in enjoying theme park visits. Your ghost train example isn't exactly the same situation. Scooby-Doo is a very well known intellectual property. The general public would notice the difference. SkyFlyer & SkyVoyager are two very unknown intellectual properties hence why the general public could get easily confused particularly since they are very similar products. The problem is the brand names. Imagine a conversation between 2 members of the general public: Person 1 clearly mistook SkyVoyager for SkyFlyer. I didn't mind SW getting a travelling version of a StarFlyer but after the revealing of the name SkyFlyer, it just sounds too much like VRTP are now taking ideas completely off Dreamworld and not just ideas for ride names but ideas for rides & their theming altogether.
  4. Jamberoo Fan

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    According to the Gold Coast Bulletin (subscriber-only article), Dreamworld's lawyers have submitted about 500 more documents towards the Thunder River Rapids coronial inquest. This could potentially drag the inquest into next year, something the Coroner was trying to avoid by scheduling the 5 extra days of hearings between the 17th & 21st of December, which only happened because Ardent Leisure submitted 1000 extra documents exactly 1 month ago. All this despite all documents being requested 2 years ago, shortly after the Thunder River Rapids incident occurred. It is also rumoured Ardent Leisure's & Dreamworld's former safety manager, Angus Hutchings, will be one of the first to take the stand tomorrow morning.
  5. Jamberoo Fan

    Projection mapping. What's next?

    Technology timeline: Before 1000's - Cinema (Began as Chinese 'trotting horse lamps' and over time, evolved to the cinema we know today) 1910's - 3D 1940's - Hologram (Began in usage of electron microscopes) 1960's - Virtual reality & projection mapping 1970's - IMAX 1980's - 4D (This includes 7D) Most 'new' theme park technology has been around for a while - they've just improved over time or gone through different periods of popularity. The ones between 1960 & 1990 were all introduced to the world in a theme park or it's predecessors. The ones prior to 1960 weren't originally created for theme parks or their predecessors but were later introduced in theme parks. Based on what I wrote above, it seems likely that most future theme park technology will be introduced in a theme park-like environment first anyway. But in terms of what could change theme parks next, this article released this month in IAAPA's Funworld Magazine, details future technological changes in theme parks (such as projection mapping, which is gaining attention with Australian theme park enthusiasts due to it's introduction in Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster: Next Generation). The article focuses on 3 technologies: Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) - 1840's (Began as incendiary balloons but over time, evolved to the 'drones' we know today) Projection mapping - 1960's Fireworks - 800's (Also very likely had it's debut in a predecessor of theme parks) Probably the most 'new' implementation of technology in the article is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Puy du Fou's Cinéscénie: Unmanned aerial vehicles have already been used for entertainment in Australia but not in theme parks (yet) except for marketing purposes: You can imagine a show similar to the one above at night time theme park experiences such as Park After Dark or Carnivale but using the Cinéscénie example, imagine the possibilities of unmanned aerial vehicles at night-time theme park events such as Fright Nights & White Christmas! It would utilize the theme park's airspace for more than just fireworks and flying foxes. For a DC Comics/MW example, imagine the night the Bat-signal appears seemingly above Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy for the 1st time.
  6. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    So what ride is everyone looking forward to this summer? SkyFlyer or SkyVoyager? 😜 I wonder how many people will forget which ride name relates to which Gold Coast theme park and/or what ride type. It makes me wonder if VRTP just tried to make SW's new ride as similar to DW's new ride as possible without actually being the same ride. Maybe also Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast will get an expansion with a revamped Calypso Beach and/or Whirlpool and/or Giant Wave Pool and MW a new dark ride?😉 Strange how the joke I made a fortnight ago nearly became true:
  7. Jamberoo Fan

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    The coronial inquest into the Thunder River Rapids incident resumes in Southport on Monday the 12th of November. It will be held everyday (presumably excluding weekends), starting at 10am, until Friday the 23rd of November where it will presumably adjourn again until the 17th of December, when an extra, originally unscheduled 5 days of coronial inquest hearings will be held due to Ardent Leisure delivering requested documents late earlier in the coronial inquest.
  8. To add to @themagician's post, Dreamworld had also released another sneak peek to the media earlier today, 48 seconds in duration. It can only be accessed through the link above. It's very similar to the previous 2 videos posted.
  9. The contradiction in these 2 statements...
  10. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    I'm hoping it will be like Thrillseeker/Wild Wave Rollercoaster - a transportable ride in a 'permanent' mode. It sounds too odd for SW otherwise. A transportable model would cost less to 'build' than a permanent model after all but if the "Star Flyer" is going to be removed in, say, March, the demolition of Rescue Point Lighthouse hopefully would have had a better reason (like the brick structure was no longer sound etc.). If they demolished it just for a temporary ride, that's a silly reason as they could have just placed the temporary ride on the former Sea Viper site. Reading Funtime's Mobile StarFlyer webpage, there are 3 possible heights: 38 metres 54 metres 80 metres (in production at the time of the webpage's publication, which might have been 2015) The 38 & 54 metre versions can be set up within 8 hours so maybe expect a Mobile StarFlyer, if that is the "Star Flyer", to appear suddenly particularly if the 80 metre version can also be set up within a day if production of it has finished. I'm guessing it will be set-up in mid-December for operation from Boxing Day if approved from Gold Coast City Council. Maybe they plan to still have a lighthouse - just not where it is currently? Maybe it will be utilised as part of the "Star Flyer"'s theming? Like I said before, maybe also the brick structure of the Lighthouse is unsound hence the need to demolish it and they've kept the non-brick top for future use.
  11. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Yes & none. Australia technically has 2 wooden coasters still. One is Luna Park Sydney's Wild Mouse though that isn't a 'traditional' wooden coaster as most people know them due to it's track layout. The other is the Scenic Railway of Luna Park Melbourne. However, that also isn't like the 'traditional' wooden coasters as most people know them as it requires a brakeman. After all, it is the oldest continually operating rollercoaster in the world but it is still a very good contender to be considered as Australia's only remaining 'true' wooden coaster. However, there is nothing stopping Sea World from building the biggest wooden coaster in Australia since Wonderland Sydney's Bush Beast, which closed in 2004 - only 14 years ago. In any case, if they did build a wooden coaster, it would be the first to be built in Australia since 1985.
  12. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Well I'd doubt the Gold Coast would be lucky enough to get a full-circuit coaster higher than DC Rivals HyperCoaster so soon after it opened but one can hope. It might just be possible to get a full-circuit coaster of equal height though if they have the funds. I'm pretty sure that the definition of a 'wooden coaster' is that it just has to have a mostly wooden track at a minimum. I'm pretty sure that any attendance drop at the Gold Coast theme parks that occurred after the Thunder River Rapids incident is from the local Gold Coast-Tweed Heads market only as other theme parks in Australia are maintaining/increasing their attendance trends as they were prior to 2016: The local Gold Coast-Tweed Heads market is the dominant market at the Gold Coast theme parks too. Given the Gold Coast-Tweed Heads market might be interested in theme parks in general due to the prominence of them in the city's culture, most of that market might already know what a wooden coaster is.
  13. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    I'm thinking higher - Storm Coaster is a similar height (28 metres) to Mystic Timbers (30 metres) and already 'intimidates' a lot of guests with it's perceived height. A higher coaster would allow Storm Coaster to be seen as less 'intimidating' as it should have been when it first opened in 2013. @Brad2912 referred to a "very large investment" in SW's next coaster so I'd doubt something of similar size to Wooden Warrior (14 metres high) will be built which, regardless of Wooden Warrior's quality, is the last thing SW needs coaster-wise: SW has 3 full-circuit rollercoasters currently - all below 30 metres in height. 2 of which are lower than 5 metres in height. SW ideally needs a coaster noticeably higher than 30 metres in height to bring SW, as a 'theme park', back to people's attention. If they can't do that, then a coaster 30 metres in height would be best but it needs to be designed to make Storm Coaster look less 'intimidating' (maybe by adding several airtime hills, inversions etc. just like with a 30+ metre high coaster). In any case, SW shouldn't install something "worse than a Wooden Warrior clone". And lastly, like I initially said, there is no guarantee the coaster type, if any coaster is being built, will be wooden. It may have just been the personal preference of the 'manager'. At this stage, SW is more likely to get a steel coaster. I do think though that if a 40+ metre coaster is being built at SW, that will be that "...1 new thrill ride..." that "...can fit in at SW..." that I referred to earlier this year. After all, a very tall (40+ metre) full-circuit rollercoaster is a drawcard in itself to a theme park. Well that's great to hear! Maybe the attraction does live up to it's name after all!
  14. Jamberoo Fan

    Sea World lighthouse - Star Flyer replacement

    Pretty much everyone can confirm that. It is public knowledge. Quote from VRTP CEO Clark Kirby: Whilst, apart from the "Star Flyer" & the Sea Jellies Illuminated opening delay, I'll treat what @Brad2912 said as 'unconfirmed', I think it's all very likely true though it's hard to tell if the wooden coaster direction was just the preference of the 'manager' rather than an actual strategic business opinion. I'm sure if a lot of people on here 'had their way' B&Ms would be built even if they might not be a viable choice right now for Australian theme parks. Given SW already has Storm Coaster, I could only imagine a wooden coaster being part of SW if it was themed as part of a new 'seaside resort boardwalk pier'-themed area (maybe the "Star Flyer" is the 1st stage in such an area?). The boardwalk would have to run from the former Sea World Train Station site to Dockside Tavern, around the "Star Flyer" (if built on Rescue Point) to the reclaimed land edging the ski show lake near Sea World Drive. That way everything between there & the former Sea Viper site can be included as part of the 'seaside resort boardwalk pier'. However, the other boundary of such an area (Ray Reef to Jet Rescue) would have to be appropriately themed to keep the 'seaside resort boardwalk pier' effect. Regardless if it is a steel or wooden coaster, the highest portions of the coaster would also likely be restricted to the former Sea Viper/Pirate Ship site and/or the reclaimed land as it will block all views of Storm Coaster otherwise. However, a coaster could wander though the former Viking's Revenge Flume Ride station, splash zone & castle if SW wanted that. If there is a new coaster coming in 2020 to Sea World, with no height restrictions for theme park rides at SW anymore, how high would this full-circuit rollercoaster go? Will it be in that 50-60 metre height range that all but 1 rollercoaster haven't ever achieved in Australian history? Would it be as high as (or higher than) DC Rivals HyperCoaster? The thought of 2 hypercoasters on the Gold Coast sounds seemingly possible. With DW's tallest full-circuit rollercoaster being an Arrow Dynamics coaster of 40 metres height from 1995, in 2020, the park would be really lagging behind and with the difficulties the park already faces, it would a massive hurdle to overcome. Lastly, if the lighting issue at Sea Jellies Illuminated that @Brad2912 referred to is true, the ironic thing about Sea Jellies Illuminated now is that currently it is neither 'Illuminated' nor full of many 'Sea Jellies', the two essential criteria to meet in naming an animal attraction Sea Jellies Illuminated.
  15. It seems based on the options that SW's entry buildings will get a facelift as you suggested but it doesn't specifically say that it will be SW's main entry anymore. It seems the new buildings will mainly contain accommodation in the 1st set of options: "provides additional short-term accommodation linked to Sea World" whilst "low-rise mixed use development" will be the new buildings in the 2nd set of options, which would indicate just a refurbished entry building. Given a 3.7 kilometre boardwalk running the length of SW is proposed in the 1st set of options, I'd say SW would operate like Luna Park Sydney under that option set (as Luna Park Sydney also has a boardwalk running the length of the park) with other entries near Seal Detectives, between Polar Bear Shores and Shark Bay, at Castaway Bay & at the Resort as I'd doubt many people would walk down a boardwalk of that length with not much to do at the other end, which is also a dead end, or along it. The boardwalk's only useful purpose would be as a good jogging route. The view is mostly the same the whole length of the boardwalk after all. This would allow paid parking in the multi-level car park like you said as well as a 'pay per ride'-model to be implemented at SW, meaning their whole future ticketing model may already be under review. Also, the boardwalk between Seal Detectives & Polar Bear Shores may allow SW's Research & Rescue Foundation to have it's own building front onto the boardwalk, further emphasizing VRTP's plans to bring SW's marine research & rescue work to the public's attention. Under the 2nd set of options, I'd say SW would operate as it does now with 1 main entry in the south (but now with an upgraded entry building) and another (insignificant) entry in the north at the Resort unless the Monorail is still operating, which would make it a more significant entry way as it is now.