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  1. I wasn't going to find out how much it would cost at domestic prices. I know that the '$15' you mentioned is just a random figure you've typed to represent the small size of the lights' electricity costs but to answer your question - really anything to improve MW's guest experience. After all, investing in the smallest things can sometimes make the biggest difference for guests.
  2. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    From MW's attraction maintenance webpage: Doomsday Destroyer - 23/02/2017 to 24/02/2017 It's a short maintenance period but hopefully it re-opens as originally planned this time. The other scheduled maintenance period for Doomsday Destroyer (17/07/2017 to 28/08/2017) is still scheduled as originally posted on Monday.
  3. Big Banana new attraction

    From The Coffs Coast Advocate: If you click the link at the top of this post, you can also watch a video of The Racer in testing. The Big Banana said on Facebook that The Racer will be open by the 14th of April (Good Friday).
  4. Dreamworld's Corroboree Stage 2

    It's not about Stage 2 but it is very relevant to Dreamworld Corroboree. This article is about DW's Head Of Life Sciences & Dreamworld Corroboree, Al Mucci. The article is shortened to feature only the parts that talk about the period of time since he was 1st employed by DW (so 2005 to the present). If you're interested in reading the full article, just click the link below. From The Courier-Mail:
  5. No but it looks unnecessary to light up a construction site in decorative lighting for months (until at least most of the hypercoaster is built anyway). If it's unnecessary for now, MW should save the money or invest it in something more urgent.
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    The above has been removed from SW's attraction maintenance webpage but these have been added: Shark Bay Touch Pools - 20/02/17 to 26/02/17 Sky Fortress - 20/03/17 to 02/04/17 Interesting that - I didn't notice until now that Dronkey Flyers' maintenance got extended to the 19th of February. That date has now past & it is still closed according to DW's maintenance webpage (though it is now no longer listed as in maintenance). They've clearly found a problem with the ride. Hopefully they can fix it or they might need a new addition to the Dreamworks Experience...
  7. Is that the car that was outside the queue or was there more props? If the lights were completed, wouldn't that give away the theme? Hopefully the hypercoaster theme is announced before the lights are completed if so. I'd think they would leave the lights off though to save electrical costs as it is months before it opens but they might turn them on closer to the opening date (maybe July/August) to assist in promoting the hypercoaster. I'd also say the lights will match the hypercoaster but who knows what the colour of the lights would be (though I'd think green would be unlikely as GL is next to the hypercoaster).
  8. @wileecoyote, are you allowed to say (if you know) if filming on Aquaman would be completed by September to allow the sets to be moved to MW if that is the hypercoaster's theme? Otherwise, that would rule out the Aquaman sets being used as part of the hypercoaster's theming.
  9. New Dreamworld Patisserie & Grill "coming soon"

    The Patisserie & Grill is definitely called 'The Park'. I meant the entire area as the former Market Place had several shops in it. For example, apart from the food & beverage shops, Market Place also had Showbag Alley & the Last Stop Shop. I don't think the whole area would be called 'The Park' as the area does not look like a park. If the whole area is given a name, aside from 'LEGO precinct' etc., maybe Main Street Mall could be a possibility? Though there is also the possibility no name will be given at all.
  10. New Dreamworld Patisserie & Grill "coming soon"

    @Theme Park Girl & @themagician, I read 2 official sources both published when the LEGO Store opened on the 28th of January saying the new Jelly Belly store & The Park Patisserie & Grill will open in February (which looking at the latter photo, is very unlikely) & by April: Given the shop fitouts are well from being completed, I'd say the 'by April' timeframe is what DW is aiming for so sometime in March seems to be the probable opening date if DW desires them to be open by the 1st of April. I also just noticed that DW has removed Market Place completely from their food & beverage outlets webpage so I gather the overall new retail precinct (excluding the LEGO Store) won't be called Market Place. I wonder if they will give it a new name or just leave it without a name or just call it the 'LEGO precinct' given the LEGO Store is next to it all?
  11. 'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    Wow...: That was flown over & during the 11:15am Affinity show & around the Gold Coast for approximately 90 minutes after the show. 7 News Gold Coast also did a story on their aerial promotion today. 'Justice For Captives' also tagged SeaWorld instead of Sea World in one of their Facebook posts today so it read 'SeaWorld Gold Coast'.
  12. VRL - First Half Results (2017) Discussion

    I know that is what 'wording' means but, to me, there was nothing wrong with the wording in that presentation quote you posted about so I pointed out the other mistakes I saw in that quote in case that was what you were referring to as "terrible wording". And I don't. I do most of the time. I don't pull a mistake apart every time one is made. I only posted the 2nd quote because I thought there was nothing wrong with the wording & just thought I'd mention that misquote just in case that was what @Brad2912 was complaining about. But like what @Theme Park Girl said, can we move on?
  13. Given you reacted to my last post, I'd just say this: The only confirmed delay is the delay to the announcement as VRTP made it clear they were planning an announcement for last August. I never said there was another delay - all I said was that the 'idea' of a delay in manufacturing or transportation has occurred to me. When I said "I can think of a few other possible but less likely reasons for delays", I was also referring to extra announcement delays. Yes, it does occur to me that everything (apart from the announcement) could be happening to their actual schedule. I know you're referring to my 'guess timetable' and that's all it is - a guess. A very researched guess at that too. It was never written as fact & I pointed that out when I first posted it.
  14. VRL - First Half Results (2017) Discussion

    Well you were complaining (and asking) about the 'wording' so given the only 'word' incorrect in the sentence you posted was 'VTP' - a 'misquote' of yours - I thought you were pointing out a mistake that did not exist. The only real error in the real sentence I could see was a lack of commas - a grammar mistake. It relates in that you can participate in both (rides & magic). In relation to the 2nd quote, I see what you mean now but no, they're not 'admitting' to having crap rides (though, if they were, it would not be the first time VRTP have done something similar ). To be fair though, I don't really see how this marketing campaign is suppose to help with public confidence. Similar to what you just said, to me, it gives the impression 'Where was the magic before?'. I don't nitpick - I knew he possibly meant 'Village Theme Parks' but in the quote, it was the only word that was incorrect & he was complaining (and asking) about the 'wording' so what else could I do but point it out?
  15. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Yes, according to the latter sentence in the below quote from today's ASX release on Village Roadshow Limited's half-year report: