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  1. Jamberoo Fan

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    Here is something extra with Luna Park's participation in Vivid Sydney that wasn't officially announced. I really don't know if this is a good idea (especially the emoji part) as I don't know if the Luna Park face is well-suited for projection mapping of faces? From the Vivid Sydney website's webpage on THE NIGHT. REIMAGINED.: The competition closes in less than 3 hours. And a clear reminder: This installation is at the Sydney Opera House - not Luna Park. The Luna Park face will be lit up with emoji projections but if you want your personalised emoji on the face, you need to go to the Sydney Opera House.
  2. Jamberoo Fan

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    No whispers yet. However: According to the original Kangaroo Island expansion timetable, this year would have been the year the final part of Kangaroo Island would've opened, Emu Mountain Rapids, but due to the inclusion of a Tantrum Alley in The Perfect Storm & a newly proposed $6.5 million large major custom-designed hybrid world-first ride (which currently has no known proposed opening date), it is very unlikely to go ahead now (but with Jamberoo, who knows?). Due to the delays in the Kangaroo Island expansion, the next part of Kangaroo Island to be built according to the original timetable, Koala Creek, could be built this year. Jamberoo has added something new every 2 years since 2012. Apart from 2016's The Perfect Storm, in 2014, they introduced Dive-In Movies (due to the addition of a big screen in Outback Bay). However, to Jamberoo, that was an 'enhancement year' - not a 'development year'. 'Enhancements' could be expected this year but the current trend for 'development' might also mean a new ride will be built this year (In 2012, there was 2 'developments'. 4 years later in 2016, only 1. The 2nd? Maybe 2018 instead of 2020?). In the end, there is no firm confirmation yet on whether or not Jamberoo is building anything new this year.
  3. From SBS: The World Game: I never post international theme park news however, this is an exemption because Australia is currently 'considered' part of Asia in international football. There is a small but very unlikely chance that one of these FC Barcelona 'theme parks' (which sound more like indoor museums) will open in Australia. Clearly, FC Barcelona is capitalising on the current trend of converting declining shopping centres into 'indoor theme parks'. If the concept of converting shopping centres into 'indoor theme parks' ends up working (which I doubt as it will just mean more family entertainment centres like Timezone), shopping centres will be the most direct competitor to traditional theme parks. FC Barcelona must think it's going to work as they've made this a long-term strategy. We've seen this trend already arrive in Australia - the Legoland Discovery Centre in Melbourne being the most high-profile example. The trend is also arriving in the Illawarra region with one of the region's major shopping centres, Wollongong Central, opening a Holey Moley Golf Club soon. I'm unsure if the trend has arrived at the Gold Coast yet. Nevertheless, the trend is already occurring in Australia so what do you think are the chances of a FC Barcelona 'theme park' opening in a shopping centre or "iconic establishment" of Australia?
  4. Jamberoo Fan

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    From a Vivid Sydney media release (and image): Also, there is the Luna Park precinct page on Vivid Sydney's website & Vivid Sydney's own blog post on their Luna Park precinct.
  5. Jamberoo Fan

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Yeah, I agree @AlexB but you would just think out of courtesy they would also thank Illawarra residents via their local newspapers too. (I know they did thank them via social media and financially, it does save on marketing costs not doing an extra newspaper advertisement given it's their most loyal audience. However, that could be a sign they are starting to take their local visitors for granted)
  6. @Levithian, no. As for the Deli, what I'm trying to say is that the Main Street plaza area, to most people, would just be a 'place to eat' - not a 'place to eat food from the Deli' and due to it being 'technically 'separate'' from the Deli, visitors would be just as happy to order from other nearby food & beverage outlets that are more of their liking and just bring their meal there to eat. If they haven't already, maybe MW could attach some laminated Main Street Deli menus to the tables? With the tables & chairs behind the Deli, like I said earlier, it's visibility from Main Street is poor. It's just a matter of theme park 'design'. Similar with Arkham Asylum, I wasn't suggesting they put a food outlet there - that was just one of the locations based on the '115 metre rule'. Like you said, there's not enough foot traffic currently. They should only put a food & beverage outlet there once a new attraction is built in the vicinity of the former Lethal Weapon queue area. The former queue area could be flattened so you get a larger courtyard for tables & chairs. Perhaps call the food & beverage outlet & the courtyard Joker's Cafeteria? @AlexB, I didn't ignore that and I did say the 7 Gotham City Cafe-like outlets could open according to attendance. If there is demand for similar food outlets down the road from MW visitors, there has to be a demand for Wild West Roadhouse. MW is likely making a strategic error - whether it's price, quality (or both) or continuing to open/opening new heaps of sub-'lunch meal' outlets in exchange for closing 2 Gotham City Cafe-like outlets for varying time lengths.This makes Gotham City Cafe the only "traditional" choice and thus, forcing prices up due to the demand it receives. However, I don't have any statistics or financial statements from MW to prove that's the case (plus I don't know the pricing of MW's other food & beverage outlets). If I'm wrong, it's most likely that VRTP just simply do not know what to do with theme park food & beverage operations at all. My main suggestion was to change their food & beverage strategy from the sub-'lunch meal' outlets to Gotham City Cafe-like outlets suited to the park's attendance and obviously, with quality food that's value for money. I agree with your ideas by the way. And I never suggested outsourcing in case you thought that. Outsourcing just reduces the quality of the overall park, which is why I dislike how brands like Domino's, Ben & Jerry's & Boost Juice are appearing more frequently in the parks. It makes the parks look more like a shopping centre food court & reduces the overall quality of the park's theming. And if MW does introduce your idea of a french dip roll, I hope they also provide it with fresh bread 🙂 @Roachie, I agree - I was discussing when Gotham City Cafe has heaps of customers not when there is just 1 customer. @Brad2912, your ideas are good too however, complex meals like steak are, for "high-yield customers", more suited to theme parks that are open at night. It allows vastly more time throughout the whole day for "high-yield customers" to order & eat these meals. Otherwise, "low-yield customers" would only purchase them as they have the time to. If MW opened until 10pm, heading to Dirty Harry's Bar & Grill or Rick's Cafe Americain & Bar would be more appealing as there is more time to eat from a buffet/grill or enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Maybe MW could do, for "high-yield customers" only, a Fast Track version that includes reserved tables & price-included meals at these outlets? So all the time you save heading to the front of ride queues is compensated by a lengthy meal? But still, the extra cost you would need to pay for this Fast Track version would need to be reflected in the meal quality. I recall someone saying that Carnivale has become more about the food & beverage nowadays. Maybe that's why the quality there is good because the food & beverage is now the (and a) reason people head there?
  7. Jamberoo Fan

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    Yeah, with the Jamberoo/Wet 'n' Wild Sydney 'thank you' marketing, maybe @AlexB. It just seemed significant to me that Jamberoo would publish a half-page 'thank you' advertisement in Sydney newspapers & not the Illawarra newspapers.
  8. According to Pacific Fair's website, The Patio is a "casual dining precinct" that includes Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, which MW already has. Based on that, it seems MW already has looked that way for inspiration & as a result, got Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to open in the park. So how much worse can MW do? 😜 Everytime I've been to MW, I've visited Gotham City Cafe for lunch (Like @Brad2912 said it's the only "traditional" food outlet at MW. Also, there is a lot of undercover seating there around Gotham City Hall). Also, with the amount of rides, attractions & shows to visit at MW for, as @Roachie called, 'a high-yield customer', fast food is the best lunch option - it allows them to free up more time to visit more attractions in the limited time they have there. Whilst I agree with what @Roachie said in the quote above, is it possible that food is more expensive at Gotham City Cafe despite it's quality simply due to the laws of supply & demand? That is, because it's the only "traditional" food outlet at MW, there are too many potential customers for the amount of meals they can prepare so they increase the price to encourage the potential customers who don't want to pay that amount to head to the other food & beverage outlets? (Mind you, I don't know what the pricing is like at MW's other food & beverage outlets) This results in Gotham City Cafe's customers paying prices that are higher than the value of the food/beverages the Cafe offers. If that's the case, why not open more Gotham City Cafe-like outlets? As the problem with the tactic mentioned above is that the other food & beverage outlets are either perceived as too time-consuming (bar, grill, buffet) or the food/beverages on offer are too small to be considered a 'lunch meal' (coffee, drinks, desserts, ice-cream, meat, vegetables, dips, breads & fruit) so they head to Gotham City Cafe anyway or less likely, just skip lunch, the latter losing MW valuable revenue in the process if they don't eat until after they've left the park but it's most probably replaced by revenue from regular smaller food & beverage purchases throughout the afternoon from those sub-'lunch meal' outlets. Maybe that's why they are there? Either way, I'd prefer more Gotham City Cafe-like outlets than heaps of sub-'lunch meal' outlets. Wild West Roadhouse & the former Yosemite Sam's Diner area are perfect places to open these types of outlets (Both of those outlets are already similar to Gotham City Cafe). I've noticed these outlets are spaced about 115 metres apart at MW and based on that, other locations for these types of outlets to open include: Eastern end of Main Street DC Rivals HyperCoaster entrance Arkham Asylum area Wild West Falls observation area So you get 7 Gotham City Cafe-like outlets operating year-round (or according to attendance). Gotham City Cafe's seating capacity seems to be no more than 100 people at any one time so you'd get a total capacity of about 700 people at any one time if those 7 Gotham City Cafe-like outlets all opened. If still needed after more Gotham City Cafe-like outlets open, turn the other current outlets into 'seasonal' outlets - this would mean total food & beverage operating costs would only increase during the peak periods, when they are more likely to get the revenue they need in return. If those other current outlets are not needed at all anymore, just give them a new use. Hopefully, that would mean food & beverage prices could be reduced throughout MW so the price meets the value of the food/beverages. In a park like MW, where visitors don't have a central meeting place, finding somewhere to sit & eat is important. The Deli's location doesn't have any large areas full of tables. There are some behind the outlet (but they are 'hidden' in the park & disconnected from the actual outlet) & some inside the outlet (but not many people want to sit & eat next to a queue). MW did add recently a lot of tables & seats in the Main Street plaza area recently but they are technically 'separate' from the Deli so you're just as (or even more) likely to find people eating meals from Gotham City Cafe. Excluding it's obvious appearance in the park map, looking at Google Street View, the Deli doesn't seem to be a highly visible store - faint signs on the windows & 2 really small signs on each shopfront saying Main Street Deli. The Drinks & Churros carts next to the store are way more obvious and the Ben & Jerry's sign further down the street is more noticeable too (The 'Taxidermy' sign above the store is even more noticeable too). Maybe MW should consider putting 2 large bright signs halfway up each shopfront saying 'DELI'? That should tell visitors there is a deli there. I don't think VRTP's healthier options are that neglected. MW's park map mentions out of their 11 food & beverage outlets, 5 have 'healthy food options', 9 have 'vegetarian food' & 6 are 'gluten friendly'. They even let you bring in fruit & bottled water to, at least, MW:
  9. From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
  10. Jamberoo Fan

    Jamberoo's Online Park Map Upgraded

    I believe the 'live chat' feature has been removed from Jamberoo's website at least sometime in the last month. The 'live chat' feature wasn't staffed all the time. I can't remember exactly when it wasn't staffed but evenings (which is understandable) & weekends (which is odd as that is Jamberoo's peak operational period during the season) is what comes to mind. I assume it was staffed the rest of the time (during weekday business hours at least). If it's removal wasn't because they couldn't staff it all the time, either not enough website visitors were using it or it was a website feature that was inadvertently added. That or it's temporarily off the website due to the off-season. However, here is some neat marketing from Jamberoo showing how much they value their customers. I believe DW did something similar in the months after the Thunder River Rapids incident but clearly the context is different. As most of you can gather, Jamberoo's season recently finished so they posted this on social media (Here is their Facebook post) : This wasn't just posted on their social media, it was also published on their website's home page as well as in Sydney newspapers with a half-page advertisement. As far as I know, it hasn't appeared (yet) in Illawarra newspapers so it seems Jamberoo has targeted this 'thank you' notice particularly to Sydneysiders. And with a particular competitor located in that market known as Wet 'n' Wild Sydney, whose attendance & revenues are ever decreasing, the last thing that park needs is more people visiting Jamberoo because they appreciate their customers more. Wet 'n' Wild Sydney did do something similar though (Here is their Facebook post) : However, whilst their post does say 'thank you', the image itself doesn't & thus, doesn't look like it was intended to appear in any newspapers. It looks mainly designed for marketing on the Internet. Also, Jamberoo thanked their customers for 'visiting' whilst Wet 'n' Wild Sydney thanked them for 'making this season so awesome'. If according to Wet 'n' Wild Sydney, it's the customers that are making the park 'awesome', maybe they should listen to them more often? It seems their customers know better than they do on how to run the park.
  11. I agree but if there are long lines, wouldn't that point to a need for either: Faster checkout/cooking operations (without decreasing food/service quality)? A redistribution of visitors' purchasing times (so pre-ordering, afternoon take-away sales, discounts/offers in daily off-peak periods etc.) Larger existing food & beverage outlets (so larger kitchen & more staff and checkouts)? More new seasonal or mobile food and beverage outlets? The points above are just for reducing queue lengths. It would only really improve their food & beverage revenues if the extra revenue resulting from the increase in food & beverage demand (due to the shorter queues) boosts the total food & beverage revenue higher than the total food & beverage operation costs (which would be higher than before if some of the points above were implemented). If they make a higher profit than when the queues were long, even better. Assuming any of the points I made above aren't needed, more all-day reasonable prices would increase demand and lead to longer lines (similar to what @djrappa said) which would result in visitors not joining the queues due to their length, thus leading to less sales & possibly the food and beverage outlets losing money? If they don't lose money then it's a great idea.
  12. Back in November 2017, the South Australian Government released a future vision for Cleland Wildlife Park developed in consultation with LKF Attractions: You might notice the above vision plan includes a 'soaring simulator'. It seems they are aiming for the exact same type of flying theatre that DW is currently building. It seems the South Australian Government are currently consulting stakeholders whilst they develop the business case for the vision. If the business case gives it the go-ahead, they will commence a procurement process. Clearly, even if the 'soaring simulator' is one of their first investments, it won't be built until after DW's has opened.That is, if the South Australian Government decides to continue with the vision's implementation when they review the business case. Here is their plan for the cable car:
  13. The land for the Australian Reptile Park & the former Old Sydney Town was on sale in late February/early March this year. The sale has not been finalised as of 23rd April:
  14. Do they still have a 2 day pass? There isn't a mention of it on their websites.
  15. Jamberoo Fan

    Article: VRTP lowers profit forecast

    Thanks. For some reason, I kept thinking the 3rd quarter was January to April and couldn't figure out how @RossL was claiming the Commonwealth Games didn't impact the 3rd quarter. Either way, the trading update wasn't just about the 3rd quarter. According to the trading update, it was about the entire July 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018 period, which still excludes the Commonwealth Games: Taking the rest of the trading update out of that context though makes it sound like it was really a trading update for the same period but up to the 17th of April 2018, which includes the Commonwealth Games.