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  1. My money is on a waterslide next to Kraken. But good to see
  2. Just seen its missing from the map any ideas why
  3. whats the difference between extreme thriller and nitro?
  4. Swear I Just heard on Nova they mentioned a new rollercoaster..anyone heard this?
  5. how does Kraken cost 17.5 million but Abyss 12 million. Hopefully a new flat ride..not sure what they can add but would be better than another water slide
  6. you know that annoying screaming kid on rides? well that was me on the Gremlins ride when I was 5 (27 years ago now). I was glad when it was over
  7. went to AW on Saturday along with the 37 degree heat. Crowds weren't too bad and lines moved quickly even for the water slides. Inferno was closed and they had people working on it at the top. Chairlift was also closed for at least half the day. Got to try out the Kraken which was great fun. Guy up the top deserves an award!! firing up the crowd and seemed to be having a really good time. The area near the Bounty (current home) has been cleared which I'm guessing is for the circus. Special mention goes to the staff at the Kahuna Cafe downstairs. Clumsy me tried to carry too much at once and dropped my chips on the ground. As I was cleaning them up a girl in red came out to say not to worry as she would clean it up and she brought me a new chips
  8. according to WAtoday The Great Escape Hillarys has closed indefinetely and they are looking to find a new tenant http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/hillarys-great-escape-water-park-closed-indefinitely-future-uncertain-20160912-grebxp.html
  9. do you think possibly one of those disc coasters? Like Dreamworld has
  10. looks like the Bounty's Revenge has been removed now. Saw a post/comment on their FB page. Used to love it as a kid but can't ride it anymore without feeling a bit sick
  11. saw in today's paper that Adventure World is sueing the fireworks company for the fire damage caused to the castle in 2013. Makes sense.
  12. It used to have more slides though. It had a speed slide which I think was called Screamin Demon and last time I went there it still had that gap in the tower where the slide went. it also used to have a 4 lane slide but it was removed. I remember it being concrete at the bottom so was pretty rough
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