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  1. Indicative designs for the cabin accommodation can be seen here. http://pdonline.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/masterview/modules/documentmaster/viewDocumentFTP.aspx?key=%2f2TBAgDJYk0TlifzENKTdZ%2b6QuIj%2bmEFouMAhw2aJgd8k0Zv4IDaI2%2bdIAOuZPnT%2fZQOMlUSLPVv5hWawlDdmg%3d%3d
  2. Good stuff Finally taking off after being announced 5 years ago. Good luck to everyone involved. Old render:
  3. The shock I had when I was driving around Greensborough and saw a tantrum alley coming out the side of a suburban swimming/fitness centre will not be surpassed for some time. I genuinely had no idea it was there, but it was a nice surprise. There seems to be a few water slides being added throughout similar venues in suburban Melbourne. Its good to see because a lot of the old slides at the outdoor swimming pools are being shut down or removed. GESAC which opened last year is another example. Beyond that, Wet n Wild will look great. I have high expectations for the landscaping around the park, and I predict the slides will fit in well. If the whole park was set up like Calypso Bay then they would be on to a winner
  4. When Lindsay puts forward a proposal for Luna Park, then you could say he was stonewalled. So far he has undertaken some much needed maintenance, added a party tram and some some temporary carnival rides, nothing drastic. Me thinks he was interested in gaining rights to developing the whole St Kilda triangle when he bought the park. Fairly sure the council hasn't received any planning documents since he has taken over, other than for the changes stated above. As Bluman posted, these works are all to do with council policy/strategy. Reopening the pier was part of this, as well as the 'super' tram stops, added bike lanes, widening of the footpath, reduction in speed limits, separation of road/light rail, improved beach front, and of course the Luna Park forecourt. Luna Parks influence would have been minimal (obviously not experts on pedestrians and usage of public space), though I'm sure there was extensive communication between the two. A giant multi storey car park would have been good in the 60's. Today it would pretty much just shit all over the efforts the council has made to improve alternative modes of transport. You could rephrase your last point to, Australia takes for ever to invest in public infrastructure. There's nothing wrong with planning for the future, so its not unusual to sit on these plans for a while. Unfortunately Abbott has stated he won't invest in public transport, so don't expect this to change across the country any time soon. Savoy is owned privately, the owner is obviously holding the land and enjoying the yearly increase in land value. This case is only important to the council because its on such a prominent piece of land. The current proposal is a joke, basically just reopening what was previously there. I'm fairly sure someone is just having a laugh.
  5. Port Phillip council has been 'pedestrianising' St.Kilda for a while. Some small improvements as shown in the link above. The area is a down and out dump though, full of nimbys and the council isn't any better. Don't expect any big changes to occur beyond a footpath upgrade. Only in Australia would the most prominent site, in one of its most recognised suburbs hold a car park.
  6. Seems like a disapointing outcome, mainly because I was hoping for a large Looney Tunes attraction. Will withhold judgement on the current proposal until I see how its implemented. There is potential within the idea, or it could just be a cheap (hopefully small) addition. Doesn't really rectify the issue about a lack of big family attractions. This seems entirely targeted towards kids, which IMO isn't the best strategy considering the site and what its replacing. Will be interesting to see where the park continues to develop/expand after this has been completed.
  7. I have respect for anybody who can spend a month with Rob Alvey. I didn't know it was possible to come across as a huge condescending ass over the Internet (to a bunch of 12 year olds), but every week he seems to outdo himself. There's a lot of value in doing overseas trips by yourself or with a small group. Personally I prefer exploring different places with friends, but I can understand wanting to go with a like minded group. Then again if I was to go to Japan I wouldn't be spending most of my time at theme parks.
  8. Pleasantly surprised how well Funfields is doing. Adding some new water slides, the pirate ship, grabbing the Sting Ray etc. Good on them, taken the title from Adventure Park in Geelong as best fun park in Victoria IMO. Think they are fairly constrained in terms of expanding though. But it's been a while since Ive seen the place.
  9. I struggle to understand themepark websites sometimes. There seems to be a need to question everybody and be as big of a smart ass as possible. This website works as a good example on occasion. Or you can just go to any TPR youtube video and see Rob deriding some 13 year old kid over asking a question or making a comment and getting 100 likes for it. Seems to spread accross the whole themepark 'community'. New Dreamworks area looks fantastic though. They have done a really great job of squeezing everything into a very tight space. Haven't see Madagascar or Kung Fu Panda (movies), but the areas both look superior to the Shrek section.
  10. Went to Luna Park tonight. The new coaster is just a generic crazy coaster. No sign of the power surge yet. Nice buzz around the place though, good to see it with a decent crowd.
  11. So it begins.... http://www.blacktownsun.com.au/news/local/news/general/work-about-to-start-on-80m-fun-park/2586801.aspx
  12. There is no chance the Palais theatre will be removed, I believe its heritage listed. If anything we will likely see the building restored to its former glory, I actually can't see any significant urban renewal going on St. Kilda with the extremely vocal community action groups. They block just about everything!Best bet for Luna Park in Melbourne is to look for some government support (unlikely) and for a significant investement from Lindsay Fox. Gut the parks existing carnival type rides and start again. Keep the Scenic Railway, the Merry-Go-Round, the Events/Fuction building, and the Ghost Train and work on the landscaping. Get some modern rides, rebrand the park and hope for the best.I wonder how profitable the park actually is?Back to Dreamworld.....
  13. Looks awesome , nice to see substantial improvements in themeing compared to Green Lanter, and (I predict) Arkham Asylum. Movie World is picking up their game!
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