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  1. I went on Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster for the second time since the refurb yesterday, hoping it would be better than the first. Our car was the second in the lift (behind another one), which meant we couldn't see most of the animation in the lift. In the so-called disco room there was one single additional strip of light that sweeps across one line on the floor. Still no projection mapping whatsoever. All in all, it was definitely better as it used to be until they ripped all the themeing out!
  2. pushbutton

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Sounds iike they run away and hide every time they're due for maintenance. Cheeky things!
  3. Yes I can see how those issues could have arisen, and been to some extent hard or impossible for Dreamworld to control. However I'm pretty sure they could have at least not put signs all around the park indicating it's open. They could have left the cover over the sign on the building itself, and they could probably have arranged for the billboards to have a temporary sticker partially covering the "Now you can fly", and reading "Opening Soon". They could also have used their website and social media channels to publicise that it's opening soon (preferably with an approximate date), and as has been said they could even have maybe informed sites like Parkz of what the delay is and when the new opening date is likely to be.
  4. I simply meant what I said! Once Dreamworld management became aware that the ride wasn't going to open on Boxing Day (which it's reasonable to assume was well before Christmas Eve), all SkyVoyager marketing should have been delayed. Absolutely!
  5. I'm going to assume you're intelligent enough to know what I meant, so I won't answer that.
  6. Of course, but as soon as it became apparent that it would be delayed, the relevant person (presumably the marketing manager) should have contacted all the companies and contractors responsible for supplying signs etc and told them not to reveal details of SkyVoyager until further notice.
  7. The trouble is that SkyVoyager is EVERYWHERE to be seen! Not only is the building looking complete externally, but they've removed the wraps from the sign, and added it to the park maps. There's banners at the park entrance saying "Now you can fly", and much bigger ones for kilometers around on the M1, all of which strongly imply the ride is open! I don't mind that it's not open yet. I'd much rather they take longer and it opens fully operational and meets or exceeds guest expectations right from the beginning (unlike Scooby-Doo), and of course most importantly, it's SAFE! What's wrong is all the premature marketing as described above. Surely someone at Dreamworld could have ensured this was delayed until the ride was actually ready to open.
  8. As is electricity to run large rides. Also the wages for all the ride operators and other employees is very expensive. On top of that there's lots of expensive council and utilities bills to be paid. Sorry, what was your point?
  9. Both lasers and fog are surely pretty simple to get up and running, and to keep up and running with very close to 100% reliability!
  10. Why not just wait till you really can ride it, and then post your thoughts on the experience? Surely that's a lot more worthwhile than making stuff up isn't it?
  11. pushbutton

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    That's what I think too.
  12. pushbutton

    'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    And from everything I've seen and heard that's the exact same attitude all our theme parks have too! All very fair and reasonable.
  13. pushbutton

    'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    Ok. I wasn't having a go at you. That's something I never do without good justification, and I always assume people are good decent people unless they give me good reason to believe otherwise! However, I did think maybe YOU hadn't seen the part of the video where it was explained that Justice for Captives declined to be interviewed! Not a problem though. Just a misunderstanding.
  14. pushbutton

    'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    I sometimes find it hard to detect sarcasm when all I see is text (it's much more apparent when you can hear someones tone of voice, or see facial expressions or mannerisms which indicate sarcasm). Therefore I completely missed your sarcasm in the post as well!