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  1. pushbutton

    New Helicopter Centre Coming to Sea World

    Makes sense I suppose. I still don't think they can really afford to lose carpark spaces. I rarely go to Sea World these days, so it won't affect me.
  2. pushbutton

    New Helicopter Centre Coming to Sea World

    The carpark gets pretty full a lot of the time. Not sure reducing it is a good idea. Also, why do they need more space for helicopters?
  3. pushbutton

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Only if you don't live in Queensland. If you do then it's $89 for more than a year!
  4. pushbutton

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    It'll cost me nothing to go ice skating at Dreamworld. Why would you pay $85?
  5. pushbutton

    Dreamworld passes - Cheaper at the park.

    I didn't know that. Thanks.
  6. pushbutton

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    I have just seen the show for the first time while the train has been out of action. What an embarrassment! To give the actors their fair credit, they've really done their best to recreate the show as best they can at Central Station and without the train, but seriously! Apart from the very obvious fact that there was no train to rob, the show was interrupted 5 times by the horrible noise of the Tower of Terror (which it's right next to). A great show when the train is running but they'd be much better off just not doing the show when it's not!
  7. In light of all the recent disappointments at Dreamworld, I was seriously considering NOT renewing my pass this year. Even the current promotion of adults at kids prices and 13 months rather than 12 wasn't quite convincing me. I thought I'd drop into Dreamworld today for what might be my last visit for a while. While here I asked how much to renew my pass, and it's $89. That's a fair bit cheaperthan the $109 I would have paid online (for adults at kids prices), and it still includes the extra month and the photo pass. So that's myDreamworld pass sorted for the next 13 months. Who knows, maybe by the time this one expires they might have even opened SkyVoyager. One can dream! 😊
  8. pushbutton

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    I really doubt he's had ANY influence on anything really in 2 weeks! That's just enough time to introduce himself to the team and get to know a little bit about how the business is. Nowhere near enough to introduce a new night event or anything like that! Give him a fair chance though.
  9. pushbutton

    Dreamworld Winterfest

    Such as opening SkyVoyager when they said they would. That'd be a start!
  10. pushbutton

    The Off Topic Topic

    The price was $120 until a few weeks ago.
  11. pushbutton

    The Off Topic Topic

    Part of the reason for the reduced price can be found, by those who take the trouble to check the FAQ on the Australian Outback Spectacular site! Are Robert Coleby, Cate Feldmann and Mark Mitchell still starring in the show? No, they were starring in Australian Outback Spectacular’s Heartland until 16th February 2019.
  12. pushbutton

    The Off Topic Topic

    Outback Spectacular adult tickets now $80 at Movie World.
  13. pushbutton

    What makes a theme park?

    Fair points. I'm not familar with Efteling or Busch Gardens Tampa, but I've been to Alton Towers many times, and to me personally it's the best theme park I've ever been to. You're right that Alton Towers is named after the historic castle in the grounds (as indeed it should be). There are a couple of attractions (such as Hex) that are at least somewhat themed to the history of the place, but many aren't I suppose. The overall style and feel of the whole place (including all the landscaping, buildings and entertainment) does seem to 'fit together' though. A great park, but perhaps it doesn't have (or need) one central theme.
  14. pushbutton

    Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    Very interesting and very different to the Movie World parks in Australia, Madrid and previously Germany.
  15. pushbutton

    What makes a theme park?

    For me, a theme park is a magical place where visitors of all ages feel completely immersed in a whole different world from the moment they enter. Many theme parks have multiple "lands" (Disneyland being the most obvious example), but whilst each area of the park might have its own distinct specialisation, they should all tie into the parks overall theme. For example, each land within a Disney theme park is themed to a particular Disney character or movie, but they're all Disney! Within a good theme park, there should be a wide selection of different experiences. These should include various different sorts of rides, shows, and walk-through attractions. The experience should be enhanced with various roaming characters, restaurants, shops, music (both live and recorded), and the careful design of the parks facilities, shops, accommodation (if there is any), restaurants, landscaping etc. Importantly, just about any type of person visiting a theme park (from a toddler to a grandparent) should be easily able to enjoy the experience and use enough of the attractions to keep them occupied happily. Finally, a great theme park both changes enough to keep regular guests wanting to come back, and also knows what features of the park guests have strong attachment to and makes reasonable efforts to keep these preserved and available as much and as long as possible (while safe, of course).