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  1. Cementing Movie World

    Some great ideas there Joz, although I agree with those who say Sea World needs to the focus of most investment for the next few years.
  2. I was in the queue yesterday afternoon and after waiting about 30 minutes or so was at the very front. Would have been on the next ride, and the train was actually at the station. Anyway there was an announcement that there was some sort of technical issue, and the ride would be unable to operate for the remainder of the day (it was 5pm at that stage anyway). As I was leaving I saw some absolute genius ask staff how he can get compensation for the fact he'd been waiting for 90 minutes. I'd have loved to have told him to read the signs on his way out (which he obviously failed to read as he approached the queue ), and to never enter Movie World again! Can't stand that sort of attitude, especially when there are such clear warning signs stating that operating hours were not guaranteed.
  3. Or even a ride of Bermuda Triangle standard (can be a completely new theme of course, but definitely movie themed, and PLEASE not DC or Looney Tunes themed! There are many other Warner Bros movies to choose from!
  4. You have reminded me of another positive point I intended to include in my earlier post, which is the smoothness of the ride. Very noticeably smoother than any other coaster I've been on! I totally get that it's a hypercoaster, and it most definitely has its place in the park, as proven by how many people were waiting for it. Just saying it's not really one of my favourite kinds of ride. Still good though.
  5. Well, I was in the queue yesterday as they were preparing to open, but unfortunately the person I was with felt ill so we had to leave without going on! Anyway I was back again this morning by myself and did go on (forwards). Below are my first thoughts: - DC Rivals certainly adds a major new visual element, extremely obvious at the front of the park before going in (and even from the motorway), and visible from most parts of Movie World. - I found the ride certainly provided moderate thrills, with a good length of ride time, and enough capacity to absorb large numbers of guests fairly quickly (assuming both trains running, which they were this morning). - Personally (although I know I'll get downvoted or whatever as usual by people who assume their opinion is the only one that is right) I regard it as just a roller coaster, with hardly any relevance to Movies beyond the characters visible in the queue as flat images, and the Joker Head which is mainly visible from outside the park (the right way around). To me the ride is not a patch on Arkham Asylum with VR, which I still say is the best ride on the Gold Coast. I await the usual criticisms from the sort of people noted above, but rest assured I really couldn't care less about them!
  6. So what day do we all think it will open? My guess is Monday. Fewer people (compared to weekend) for a slightly easier soft opening. Also gives them till then to finish up the last few bits of landscaping, site clean-up etc.
  7. Dreamworld have posted this on Facebook today. Mine Ride Update: Thursday 14 September 2017 If you’re visiting us over the next couple of months you may notice we’ve started work to remove the mountain covering the Mine Ride. The removal of the Mine Ride mountain will not impact the Park’s day-to-day operations. When we remove the mountain we’ll be able to make firmer plans for the site, which could include new attractions, so watch this space.
  8. Debit failure might be a better name for that business. Seriously. They don't even need to do anything. Computers can simply do it for them!
  9. At least 5 times since I first got my unlimited membership I have been told when I tried to use it at one of the parks that it has expired. Each time I was given a slip of paper with a phone number and asked to call them to sort it out. The fact they keep these slips of paper at the entrance to the Village parks shows it is a problem which is far more common than it should be! Each time I have had to phone the number, they ask for my membership number, then ask if I am the account holder (obviously I am), then say they have unblocked it. This seems ridiculous to me. Surely as long as they are receiving the monthly payments (which they are as they always unblock it on my request and there's more than enough money in the account linked to it), my membership should just continue without any problems. Sounds very simple to me! One mistake I could have understood, but as I said, at least 5 times. Very annoying! Anyone else here experienced this annoying issue?
  10. Is it possible that that actually HAVE thought of this, and there WILL be audio as described above?
  11. DC Rivals - No Fast Track

    Good. I am very much opposed to the concept of Fast Track.
  12. A very very very loose connection surely? Yes. That could work. We'll see!
  13. I'm just trying to work out the connection between a shark and DC Rivals.
  14. Quite a cool little construction scene. Taken just now from the fountain.
  15. Large crane completed and in position And extended