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  1. Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Some of the friends getting in free will probably decide to buy a pass when they otherwise weren't going to. Sounds like a good marketing idea.
  2. Gold Rush demolition at Dreamworld

    Very optimistic of you, but they'vealready said they have no plans for the area so far. To me that's a very clear sign that they aren't really committed. They've had ample time since the TRR incident and any fully committed theme park company would at the very least have a masterplan for the future development of not only Gold Rush, but the whole park. You don't just wait and see what happens 😨!
  3. Despite the signs at the park entry saying it was still closed today, and the maintenance website saying likewise, the ride was open ("technical rehearsals" sign up) late this afternoon, so I had several goes. The only obvious sign of work having been done over the past year was parts of the trough you go through after you leave the station had apparently been replaced by new concrete. It had been painted, but no effort was made to match the colour of the surrounding, pre-existing parts. New parts are grey, older parts brown. As was the case prior to the extensive closure, many of the effects were not working, or working poorly. Long story short, very disappointed. Hard to see why it was closed for so long!
  4. Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    I doubt it was Dreamworlds choice, but yes it's unfortunate timing.
  5. Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    On the face of the information in the above posts, it sounds like the incident could have been prevented if the failure of the water pump had triggered an emergency stop of all moving parts of the ride. If so, I think that's something that should be implemented on all similar rides worldwide without delay.
  6. Sea World Jelly Fish 2017 Attractiion

    Anyone know the opening date yet?
  7. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Absolutely fantastic! I can see many parallels with Butlin's history too. The way things got done in the early days, the steadfast determination of the founder, and the interesting and at times funny interactions with early competitors!
  8. The LEGO Movie - 4D Experience

    The pre-show is quite engaging (example below), although I really wish they'd bring back other interactive elements around the room like I remember seeing the first time I ever went to Roxy Theatre!
  9. The LEGO Movie - 4D Experience

    It would be very appropriate. They tell you you're in a theme park next to Legoland, called Brickworld!
  10. The LEGO Movie - 4D Experience

    Wow. So much more enjoyable (for me at least) than the Looney Tunes movie! It's set in a theme park (sort of, but more like Dismaland than Disneyland!) and there's some fun audience participation that will seem real to kids between about 5 and 9. Just a fun experience for all! I don't know but looks like a combination of both.
  11. The LEGO Movie - 4D Experience

    Great news, and not before time. I'm watching it right now!
  12. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    and there I was thinking maybe we had a piece of a Butlin funfair here until recently! Oh well!
  13. John Longhurst's Dreamworld Stories

    Thank you so much Roachie. That is without a doubt the best post I've ever read in this forum, and I can't wait to see more of it! Sounds like your passionate interest in the history of Dreamworld is similar to mine in Butlin's holiday resorts (UK). I can certainly relate to the thrill of talking with someone very close to that history. While I have never met Sir Billy Butlin himself (he died when I was only 6) I have chatted with several of his family and I also have links with several current and former senior Butlin's managers. Whilst I don't get paid for this (other than in occasional free holidays), I have been fortunate enough to become an informal, and largely unacknowledged contributor to Butlin's. It is immensely rewarding just to know these people, and to play a small part in the current development of a company which played a huge part in making me who I am today! Great work!
  14. The Off Topic Topic

    To be fair, it's only the same as how Coles and Woolworths generally copy each others ideas. Often, you have to copy your competitors in order to remain competitive!
  15. Roughly yes, although normal cinemas do vary. It's a full size cinema though.