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  1. DonjaiInLA

    2 new rides for Dreamworld in 2011

    Definately a terrible joke in response to someones question as to "what is Soundwave Revolution". Nothing to see here
  2. DonjaiInLA

    More Luna Park victims likely: police

    What are you talking about
  3. DonjaiInLA

    Halloween Fright Nights Transport

    taxi to helensvale would only be like what $12? I'm sure you aren't the only one going there, see if you can share with someone?
  4. DonjaiInLA

    Shrek Leaving...

    Muppet Vision wasn't that bad and there is a new Muppets movie coming out (in the next year or so) but it is owned by Disney as well right? It relies on the same essential experience as shrek did (i.e. animatronics intoductions at the door and character getting hit into the wall and being electricuted)
  5. DonjaiInLA

    Bid to create Coomera 'Jurassic World'

    I hope it works out, but yeah it needs to have a major drawcard, with the possibility of future expansion for it to even think about being a good move
  6. DonjaiInLA

    Shrek Leaving...

    they also work in more of the function that you are in faux rollercoaster cars, no? So the effect would be ruined by the fact you are in a room with 100 other people
  7. DonjaiInLA

    Bid to create Coomera 'Jurassic World'

    If it was more like Walking With Dinosaurs live show but with more in the style of Outback Spectacular I think it might be successfull, but the current plans sound like one day it might in fact have to be purchased by Bunnings after being vacant for years
  8. DonjaiInLA

    Dreamworld's got Diego!

    I think you put far too much emphasis on the helicopter crash- sure a brief set of pictures but at present its about 1/10th of a video about Dreamworlds history then and now... apart from that I like it
  9. DonjaiInLA

    River ride for closure ?

    It is obvious that he is still stuck in 2007 ... I don't know what gives that away tho
  10. DonjaiInLA

    Twister and Speedcoaster Relocation

    haha there is a caravan park across the road
  11. DonjaiInLA

    Ardents latest: Illuminate & The Wedgie

    What is this Winter Wonderland Dreamworld is promoting on their facebook? Steal Movie Worlds idea 6 months early? Bold move
  12. DonjaiInLA

    R.I.P Terror Canyon

    Douceinated? Really?
  13. DonjaiInLA

    [WTF] Movieworld Sued

    I hate it when scars I get on my hand ruin the rest of my life. If it is any consilation, I bet he is the joke of centenary heights right now
  14. DonjaiInLA

    Movieworld to Close Mid Week

    Well it is after midday now at least This was also a good trick;
  15. DonjaiInLA

    Universal Studios Singapore

    <h1 class="cN-headingPage prepend-5 span-11 last"> Universal Studios Singapore shuts down newly opened roller coaster </h1> March 29, 2010 - 10:11AM Visitors ride on a roller coaster on the opening day of Resorts World Sentosa Universal Studios movie theme park in Singapore. Photo: AFP Universal Studios Singapore has shut down the world's tallest dueling rollercoaster, and a major attraction, because of a technical problem, a mere week after the theme park opened. The Battlestar Galactica, where two rollercoasters shoot off at the same time and loop around each other, will "only be opened when we have determined the cause and the solution," a spokeswoman said on Friday. "The ride may be closed for several days or longer to perform a complete analysis. We understand some guests may be disappointed; however, the safety of our employees and guests remains our top priority," the park said in a statement. The glitch at the rollercoaster, the flagship attraction of the new Universal Studios park, was found during daily pre-opening testing on Thursday. The world's fourth Universal Studios welcomed its first visitors on March 18 with a lavish ceremony aimed at attracting luck, and repeat business, to the Singapore theme park. The park is part of the $US4.4 billion Resorts World at Sentosa, owned by a unit of Malaysia's Genting Group, which also has a casino and six hotels, and plans to lure 60 per cent of its visitors from Southeast Asia, China and India.