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  1. I was talking more about their $99/$119 offering. But yes, those offers would definitely contribute too
  2. There seems to be a correlation between rising complaints and DW's flogging off of cheap annual passes. They're getting the customers they're asking for. But I guess DW's current ride line-up can't really justify a high price
  3. I take back my ideas - I prefer Joz's! Overseas parks are doing amazing things with their queues and station buildings (and as Joz suggested, sometimes carrying over to the very start of the ride) to really build up the atmosphere. These days the best we seem to get at the major parks are basically jazzed up open-air tents
  4. Which seems strange because they are a hugely popular ride model and I haven't heard of any other parks having trouble with them. Happy to be corrected on that
  5. What about a small and cheap-ish dark ride section at the start, similar to Blue Fire? That's what I'd really like to see. And way more rock work and near misses. Honestly though, I'm not too bothered. I'd like DW to direct their focus and put as much effort and money as possible into desperately needed new rides to beef up the line up, particularly a new water ride.
  6. Interested to hear what makes it better than Spooky Nights. I thought the two events would be similar?
  7. Thanks for the great article - an excellent summary of this multi year saga. I do think April will be a challenge for them. But perhaps an even bigger challenge will be convincing the Australian public that wooden coasters can be just as worthy as steel coasters
  8. I wonder if they made any modifications to Fully Six to rectify the 'risk of internal trauma' or whether they've decided it was a one off?
  9. Ride looks fun but it's clear they've spent as little as possible on the rock theming elements. 'The cave' definitely didn't deserve its own media release. The fact that they didn't build the mountain facade that was in the original render to cover the Sky Voyager building is a real shame. You spend a good chunk of the ride staring into the AC units.
  10. Love the description of the oil refinery towers! That's exactly what it looks like. As I mentioned previously, Wet'n'Wild was doing some cool stuff in terms of theming and presentation with White Water Mountain and Calypso Beach, but that period unfortunately came to an end, I'm guessing with new management. I like the transparent slide pieces on Kaboom!, but I notice the colour doesn't match the logo or concept(?) at all.
  11. The best additions at WnW in my opinion were Whitewater Mountain and Calypso Beach. It was the first time they brought strong thematic elements and a real sense of international standard excitement to the park. It has been disappointing that since then they went back to generic additions with no theming and a distinct lack of imagination
  12. The new Road Runner sign uses some relief though? Not as much as the old WWF sign, but it's still there
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