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  1. GoGoBoy

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

    It's inspiring. One of the most impressive dark rides I've ever seen. Amazing work Disney
  2. This is what I've wondered all along -- why on earth was there not a basic block system installed with the same sensors you see on almost every water ride in the world. The conveyor would have just stopped moving once the stuck raft didn't pass the sensor in time. Surprisingly, this doesn't seem to have come up in any of the coroner's deliberations during the case? I know the water level sensor was mentioned. I guess it's more or less covered under the comments around lack of ride automation / engineering controls?
  3. GoGoBoy

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    Totally, as proven by the new Polin waterslides that have just opened at the caravan park next door. As good as, if not better (or at least a bit more interesting) than Fully 6
  4. GoGoBoy

    Rocky Hollow Log Ride officially closed

    It's all talk and little action at this stage. How many times can you talk about removing a ride to replace it with new attractions with the latest technology, without actually taking that action, before it just looks like spin? Most of us know it's spin, and judging by comments on DW's social media, the GP is starting to realise that too
  5. GoGoBoy

    Gold Coast Parks in January

    ^ Agreed. Mondays are often busier than Sundays. Consistently one of the busiest days of the week, because as Joz said everyone has the same idea that it will be quiet. It's a phenomenon.
  6. GoGoBoy

    Superman Escape’s Anniversary

    Do you know why the steam was decommissioned?
  7. Oh wow, I thought the video of the slides going down was in slow motion for a second. People are having to push themselves along to complete the layout. I remember this being a problem at a council waterpark in Sydney that installed similarly budget slides, so i was worried that might be the case again. Didn't think it would be this bad though!
  8. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Actually that's a good point. I'd be happy with the removal of the violent and unrideable (for me) HWSW and replacement with something actually rideable and on theme.
  9. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    If the ocean theme is remaining, perhaps an ocean-themed ride? With Wipeout gone, and Luna Park's old arrow coaster, HWSW, being the main feature of the area, the Ocean Parade theme is a bit stretched. Assuming with space restraints it would need to be another flat or ideally compact flat/coaster hybrid?
  10. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    Yep - style, colour scheme, overall look and feel. And just filling an empty void that was designed to have something else in it.
  11. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld December Update 2019

    It is just a sad, sad time for a theme park when so much discussion is devoted to a new 'seating' area and the map is even being updated to incorporate it. You can sit anywhere. Nobody goes to a theme park to sit. It is NOT an attraction. I was walking through a shopping centre the other day and saw a large vacant shopfront that had been filled with a temporary albeit nice looking kids play area. It looked identical to DW's seating area. This was a temporary empty shop filler in a Westfield. The other is a permanent addition in a theme park. So sad
  12. GoGoBoy

    Funfields - New 2020 Tornado Waterslide

    I love that the Victorian parks continue to expand, but the colour choice on this one is a bit too close to another new ProSlide over at Adventure Park. You'd think they'd want to differentiate as much as possible..
  13. GoGoBoy

    White Water World Slide Repaints 2019 - 2020

    I can't believe just how bad the slides had become for a water park that is not very old. They ended up looking like they were slides from the 1970s, not 2006!
  14. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    I know it's a sensitive topic, but it'd be crazy to get rid of a water ride at a Gold Coast theme park and not replace it with another water ride. Especially one that caters so well to a broad market.
  15. GoGoBoy

    Fright Nights 2019

    The Pennywise animatronics looked identical to Pennywise from the movie, they did a stellar job on them. The Georgie performers looked and acted exactly like Georgie from the movie. The costumes of Pennywise in his various other forms were also identical to the movie. Considering the budget MW would have compared to Universal, I can't see how it could have been better.