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  1. Nope, my understanding is it was predominantly Bikash.
  2. I do think it's useful to know who's responsible for making the big decisions that essentially change the face of our parks. It gives an idea of possible future direction. Just look at the attractions we got when John Menzies was in charge - absolutely world class.
  3. It wasn't the executive claiming credit, it was me suggesting that the comment that a Village executive who is no longer with the company is responsible for the New Atlantis is not correct. I agree that there are former Village execs who deserve a lot of credit for their contributions. But my understanding is that the New Atlantis was decided on and signed off by execs who are still with the company
  4. Slight difference between a theme park enthusiast going for a joy ride and a theme park executive on a fact finding mission to purchase a new attraction.
  5. Nope. But I'm pretty sure Bikash went on a trip to China and rode the Jungle Blazer (or whatever they're called) wooden coasters by MVR in China, which convinced him to get one for SW. I also believe the decision to create a whole new 'precinct' only came about not too long before the announcement (ie. it certainly hasn't been years in the planning). I could be wrong on this, but don't think I am.
  6. I just assumed it would because the offering's so similar. On that note - any idea why they would have needed to replace Super 8? There are far older slides that still exist out there. Can't see how these slides are overly punished
  7. Agree with most above - WnW Syd ended up being far from what we all hoped and expected from early concept art, and the operations were abysmal. It should have been a success, but for Village it was a disaster. It may be a different case for Parques Reunidos as they acquired the park for only $40 million. It cost Village $120 million to build. In theory they may have got a deal, but the park still needs to be profitable
  8. The 'stage' for the Monster Truck show is just embarrassing - all of those temporary banners and paintings. Looks worse than a dodgy regional carnival!
  9. Question: Isn't Super 6 super slow and weak? Hardly a thrill slide complex. Assuming this is a freak accident rather than a design or operational flaw?
  10. Not to mention the fact that 'Fully 6' was illegible due to the font used. Plus none of the GP would know what fully 6 even means
  11. Why wouldn't they upload to YouTube? The video was shared on all their channels, including social media, and it's also on the website.
  12. I freaking love it. The graphics are great, and considering the fact it's Village Roadshow, the whole cinematic vibe makes sense. The drama!
  13. It's a 25 year old coaster, so we shouldn't be surprised if that's the case. I know everyone was excited about the repaint for some reason but it was literally just lipstick on a very painful pig.
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