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  1. Somebody hand over the company to this man! Knows exactly what DW needs.
  2. You're probably right, but then if that was the case why bother? Why not do something completely new and get the marketing mileage out of it? Why not remove all traces of the Goldrush theme?
  3. Wow, and here I was thinking Jordan M. had just made up something completely. Sorry Jordan!! I'm just surprised, considering how much the mine ride has been dissected to death on these forums over recent years, that the old thread doesn't even seem to have been revived with this major confirmation. I am really surprised about this announcement for so many reasons. I thought, as I'm sure many others did, they'd be looking to remove all traces of Gold Rush and build an entirely new precinct in the area. And I certainly didn't think considering everything that has happened they'd take a chance in recommissioning an old ride like this one, not that I'm against it. Unless it is going to be an entirely new ride, which seems unlikely. They can't get Wipeout up and running -- how are they going to manage mine ride?
  4. They did??? I think you'd find the return of mine ride would have been heavily discussed on these forums if that was the case. Care to direct us to this particular media release?
  5. I can't understand why they are not doing absolutely everything possible to get Wipeout re-opened. This ride was alone responsible for turning DW around when the park was having financial difficulties many years back. When you've got such a large chunk of the park out of action, it makes no sense to leave your major flats languishing. They should be doing whatever it takes to get all existing rides up and running. Maybe they are, but it doesn't really look like it.
  6. And this has been VRTP's strategy for a long time, and it's darn impressive. Not only do they build the best attractions in Australia, they continually push the manufacturers to go one step further. It creates really unique quality products. They don't have to do it, but they continually over deliver.
  7. The posted article makes it sounds like Dreamworld are poised to invest heavily in new attractions, yet when it gets down to the details, they are really just talking about the new shops and 'experiences' that have mostly already opened. So nothing new announced, apart from the re-opening of log ride, which is definitely a positive. I have to admit I was totally wrong about the log ride -- I made fun of people on here for suggesting it would re-open when all signs pointed to it being shut for good. Happy to eat my words! I do hope the slight resurgence of park visitors in May is a sign of things to come. But Ardent are going to have to do much more to get numbers back to where they were before. It will definitely take significant investment, but if they commit to it I think it will be worth it. The new coaster at MW will be a big boost to the GC and will help to reignite interest in the parks, so DW will undoubtedly feel the flow-on effects. I've come to realise the parks all benefit from each other being around, so let's hope they all stay strong.
  8. That's a really good point. This coaster should be amazing at night because of the distance it covers and how far it feels like it takes you out of the park itself. Fright Nights or any night events aimed at teens+ are no doubt going to be absolutely huge with Rivals in operation.
  9. ^ Gold Rush is perhaps what Buzzsaw should have been.
  10. That was my first thought. Prove the ROI first.
  11. So until now basically every VRTP ride announcement has been accompanied with that ride's price tag. But for some reason they are remaining coy on this one. Anyone have an idea why that may be? I just watched a 7 News Melbourne video where the CEO was asked and just said he wouldn't comment on the price of the build other than to say it was the company's biggest single investment in a ride to date.
  12. There are - you can see these at the end of the main preview video. 'Solid' is an understatement; I'd go with VRTP's 'gamechanging'.
  13. I do love the Joker face at the top. Quite an original touch (as far as I'm aware). Truly adds to the menacing feel of this coaster. Both this and the backwards seats are the sort of extras that we can pretty reliably depend on from Village Theme Parks.
  14. First of all huge congrats to MW for investing in what is now clearly a world class attraction that beats anything in Australia so far. It gives all of us something we have been calling for in this country for at least 15 years now. I think it's important to keep that in perspective. But in terms of marketing, I am surprised they went from basically no teasers (apart from one email to members) to pretty much revealing everything. That seems strange to me when there is so much stuff they could have released slowly. Of course, this would have required them to start leaking out info much earlier than they did. And I can't believe they have not relaunched Movie World's ancient, outdated, ugly and mobile unfriendly website to coincide with the announcement. To me that was the only justification for keeping the old site around for so long. All they've done is add a panel to the existing site! Craziness.
  15. Tearing into Dreamworld. Claw's campaign was great. The TVC hit the mark and my guess is (being from NSW) a vast chunk of our state knew about it.