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  1. GoGoBoy

    IAAPA 2018

    Ok great I’ll look out for those. I’m a big fan of In The Loop. Especially The Legend’s park tours and reviews. What’s up with TPR not doing interviews or any extended videos anymore? What’s the point of TPR anymore? Just offering a hard-to-follow forum?
  2. GoGoBoy

    IAAPA 2018

    I’m looking for the best coverage but not much has been released yet. Theme Park Review did a tiny little highlight video on IAAPA 2018 but I thought they normally spent ages going around and interviewing all the exhibitors??
  3. That’s what I’m wondering. How much money did they actually save by retaining a few bits of the original building? It looks like they might have even put in new roof slats? And if they did demolish so much of the building, why not re-build it entirely so that the capacity issue is no longer an issue?
  4. Hot Wheels is the most painful coaster I have ever ridden, well perhaps apart from the former Thunderbolt on that same site. I remember on one of the transitions actually feeling my neck crack badly and being in pain for some time afterwards. It was plain scary. I would rip that thing out if I was DW and put in something cheap (because it’s Ardent we’re talking about) but appealing and rideable.
  5. GoGoBoy

    Where do you get coaster news?

    Great thread! Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time watching various theme park Youtube channels for my park fix. I’m a big fan of Tim Tracker, Attractions Show/Attractions Magazine, Theme Park Worldwide, In The Loop. I particularly like the tour vlogs where they literally just walk around a particular park and point everything out and talk about what’s new etc.
  6. Dreamworld to replace Cyclone with one of these? Or get one of these AND replace Cyclone with something else. Doesn’t have to be too expensive, or fancy, just not so painful.
  7. The Shell needs to go. Taking up valuable expansion space.
  8. The adventure river sounds like what Ardent originally had planned for WWW phase 2 all those years ago, but never went ahead with. It was an adventure lazy river. Makes sense as the park always needed a lazy river. The original phase 2 plans included a new slide tower too in the gravel area, so hopefully they go ahead with that aspect. I’m really concerned about the modern facade for the I-ride. It just feels like once again Ardent might be forgetting DW is a THEME park.
  9. GoGoBoy

    2019 International Coaster Announcments

    Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure La Ronde already has a Superloop too. Now they are getting a bigger one??
  10. GoGoBoy

    Dreamworld FY-2018 Update

    No they are talking about Ardent’s share structure, nothing to do with the assets they own. Ardent’s shares are structured in a form known as stapled securities. It’s just a financial thing.
  11. The Tiger Island shop is brilliant. Truly evokes a jungle atmosphere and is reminiscent of the immersive style of theming of some the big overseas parks. Let it become the standard for DW.
  12. GoGoBoy

    Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    The Flintstones river ride is really well done too. Great to see an indoor park get it so right.
  13. For god’s sake Dreamworld, make it a dark ride! Make it a dark ride! They were talking recently about making a dark ride (but in the Gold Rush area)?. When I walked through it the other week I was horrified that the Brock cars could be considered a theme park attraction, but I do remember thinking that building would make a perfect dark ride. Make it a dark ride!
  14. A capital raising is a financial market term which means that a public company goes back to shareholders and institutional investors to raise more funds. They do this by issuing more shares in the company. This tends to affect the share price as it dilutes the value of the shares for existing shareholders, hence the trading halt.
  15. Just found Parques Reunidos’ presentation on the acquisition and some key points of interest, which suggest this could be quite positive for WNW Sydney and the Aussie industry more broadly. From the document - 1st step in Australia and in the South Hemisphere Unique opportunity to build platform in Australia through M&A and development of new indoor centers Expansion opportunities through 2nd gate parks or themed areas https://www.parquesreunidos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WetnWild-Acquisition-Announcement-.pdf