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  1. Oh noooo, it's so disappointing! I was really looking forward to this as I love Splash Mountain and I felt like the bayou theme and all the critters could work well. But I agree with most of the comments from the OP. The 'story' is clearly far too weak and has too few elements to be able to stretch throughout a ride of this length. And it really does feel like it's designed for 5-year-olds with the way Tianna talks to the riders and keeps repeating the same stuff over and over. The animatronics in splash were always so well done and there were so many of them. Now it looks like all of the money has been spent on a few AAA+ animatronics, to the detriment of everything else. The critters have less movement/animation than the original splash characters. The whole overlay just feels like it doesn't suit the exisiting mountain and ride layout at all. Super disappointing from the imagineers this time. Probably a budget issue but also a big miss on the story and creative front. Damn
  2. The photos and video are awesome. Not sure why anyone is so concerned about dates. Once again, a billion times better than DW's social efforts
  3. I think the design looks great. A much needed modernisation, but still with a fun feel that suits a theme park
  4. They just spent $2 million refurbishing it didn't they? Including bringing Sally back in?
  5. Even today's social offering from Movie World is light years ahead of the horrible stuff DW is doing: a brilliant on-ride POV of Batwing Spaceshot accompanied by a perfect soundtrack, and multiple stories advertising Batman Legacy's last weekend. It's high quality and relevant... everything DW's socials are not. Update: DW's efforts actually aren't bad today, with a little montage video of various rides and a story featuring the train so far. This isn't reflective of their standard recently though!
  6. When you say that they're getting twice or triple the engagement, do you mean some of the posts have 7-10 comments on Instagram as opposed to zero? And over on Facebook one of them got 33 likes and 4 comments, the highest one got 61 likes and 4 comments, then another one got 10 likes and zero comments. Wow, incredible engagement!! 🙄
  7. Has anyone checked out DW's social media recently? I assume not because it has no engagement. But it's bad, like really, really bad. It's worth having a look at just for the cringe, especially the recent videos. They're investing in their 'most expensive ever' attraction, but is the marketing going to do it justice? I get that it's hard to get engagement with organic social media these days, but if you're at least posting quality relevant stuff it can get some reach. VRTP's social media is leagues ahead, like not even in the same universe
  8. I believe it's been mostly fixed now since the major refurb. But I just wonder why some of those issues like faulty animatronics and blown speakers couldn't have been fixed by MW's in-house maintenance team. The ride should surely be able to be kept at a certain standard, and not just have it deteriorate until the original manufacturers have to be brought in again many years later
  9. Definitely feel like there's way too much flat comic book panel theming happening in that part of the park, way, way too much. Especially when it's supposed to be a movie park. But I can understand a very limited budget for theming for the Flash as I'm assuming they have planned for a limited life expectancy, considering the ride's age and previous issues. Wouldn't want to over capitalise
  10. You certainly can't fault Greg's vision. A well themed family coaster is something we pretty much all agreed would be ideal for DW. And making it a semi dark ride is the icing on the cake. So glad he is placing such a big emphasis on theming and practical effects
  11. VRTP would have to be pretty pissed that two newer rides are performing so badly. For a park with an already fairly small inventory, that's gotta really hurt. They would have planned to get many many more years out of them
  12. I was really disappointed with how Navi River Journey turned out. The artists impressions when it was being built looked great, but as soon as I saw the small size of the show building under construction, I knew it was going to be underwhelming. Could have become another classic Disney dark boat ride, but it's quite far from that
  13. When you look at Dreamworld currently, it really feels like a mid tier park at best. More regional than mainstream. Reminds me of some of the smaller parks in the UK. Whereas previously it was considered a major theme park with blockbuster attractions. It was a park that pretty much everyone visited when they went to the Coast. I think some of the suggestions above would help it get back to this status, or at least closer. I can see attendance getting back up to previous levels in this case, and so far there has been some very decent investment, but I just wonder if the current owners will have the financial capacity and/or willingness to take it there?
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