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  1. The Tiger Island shop is brilliant. Truly evokes a jungle atmosphere and is reminiscent of the immersive style of theming of some the big overseas parks. Let it become the standard for DW.
  2. GoGoBoy

    Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

    The Flintstones river ride is really well done too. Great to see an indoor park get it so right.
  3. For god’s sake Dreamworld, make it a dark ride! Make it a dark ride! They were talking recently about making a dark ride (but in the Gold Rush area)?. When I walked through it the other week I was horrified that the Brock cars could be considered a theme park attraction, but I do remember thinking that building would make a perfect dark ride. Make it a dark ride!
  4. A capital raising is a financial market term which means that a public company goes back to shareholders and institutional investors to raise more funds. They do this by issuing more shares in the company. This tends to affect the share price as it dilutes the value of the shares for existing shareholders, hence the trading halt.
  5. Just found Parques Reunidos’ presentation on the acquisition and some key points of interest, which suggest this could be quite positive for WNW Sydney and the Aussie industry more broadly. From the document - 1st step in Australia and in the South Hemisphere Unique opportunity to build platform in Australia through M&A and development of new indoor centers Expansion opportunities through 2nd gate parks or themed areas https://www.parquesreunidos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/WetnWild-Acquisition-Announcement-.pdf
  6. My understanding is that the park cost around the $120 mil mark but the Parkz article suggests $80?
  7. I don't think that's correct. The park was beating expectations and making a profit in its first year at least. Unfortunately visitor numbers dropped significantly in following years.
  8. Journalism is something you won’t find in any of the Murdoch newspapers or on the commercial networks. Stick to the ABC and Fairfax to get closest to the truth.
  9. Meanwhile The Courier Fail splashed all over the front page that the ride attendant is a hero, before she has even taken to the stand. Jumping the gun, much?
  10. And in the quote referred to earlier the Constable was talking about placing a water level sensor at the end of the ride, not a block sensor that would have stopped the conveyor when the raft ahead hadn’t cleared the block. A feature of most flume rides. It seems those giving evidence so far have little ride or mechanical knowledge; perhaps this question will be asked further into the inquest?
  11. My question is why has no one referred to sensors that detect where a raft is, similar to a block system, as a way of preventing the accident? A water level sensor has been mentioned but nothing about block sensors to stop rafts getting too close together on or off the conveyor. It seems the ride doesn’t have them which is surprising as most water rides do. Also, I noticed the Ardent Leisure share price hasn’t dropped at all, which is odd.
  12. Sounds mostly like a beat up to me.
  13. GoGoBoy

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    Apparently the face was projection mapped, but there are issues because of having to project on to existing features. The really impressive stuff is inside the park though, which is clearly where they’ve decided to spend the money. The projection onto Coney Island is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a building, and I love that they’ve used historic Luna Park imagery, rather than just something random.
  14. GoGoBoy

    Vivid Sydney At Luna Park

    The Ferris wheel light show looks absolutely incredible, and I love that they replaced the crumbling lighthouse with a new fantasy structure.
  15. GoGoBoy

    Current Sea World Thoughts (2018)

    VRTP have always excelled at making an audience plant convincingly seem like an actual audience member. I recall back to Police Academy Stunt Show days and the amount of people who believed, pretty much right to the end, that Rodney was just a normal guest.