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  1. Great to hear. And imagine the boost to attendance they'd get if they marketed the ride properly!
  2. Movie World New Park Map

    Wild West Falls looks nothing like Wild West Falls, LW is green, and you can't even see Superman Escape's iconic top hat. Now more than ever, with DC Rivals stretching out of the park perimeter, it would have made sense to go with a traditional interpretive park map that uses plenty of creative license and doesn't need to show rides to scale.
  3. It's bizarre - as far as I can tell Village Parks doesn't value interstate business much anymore. It's rare to see an ad down here, especially one advertising a new attraction. Years ago everyone knew when a park installed a new attraction.
  4. My concern is a lot of people won't know about the ride at all. If I wasn't a park enthusiast and member of Parkz I wouldn't know that Australia's biggest and best ever theme park ride had just opened.
  5. Haha you're absolutely right, great point. Pure joy and fear!
  6. It's called Movie World's current marketing department. Failing at life.
  7. Movie World New Park Map

    As if you'd build Australia's biggest roller coaster ever and then release a park map that only fits the first drop in.
  8. Movie World New Park Map

    It's TERRIBLE, just like all their marketing initiatives of late. So ugly and basic. I personally think a theme park's map is vital. Not to mention I could barely look at it in mobile as they are still using their old site. I had to come back here to look at the version uploaded in this thread. It just doesn't make the park look fun at all. I don't know why they didn't just use the artist who created the WnW Sydney map - that style is much more suitable for a theme park. It's also a shame they couldn't fit more of DC RIvals in. If they'd gone for a style with more artistic license, rather than trying to be 'realistic', they could have.
  9. That's interesting - don't hear much about AA VR anymore. Is it still popular? I think most of us expected Rivals would have minimal theming, with the ride itself doing most of the work. I appreciate the appropriate music in the queue though, which no doubt adds to the atmosphere.
  10. One of the things I love about this is the way it expands the park so dramatically, with the lift hill and first drop able to be seen by people in the queue, but the rest of the ride taking place so far outside the park's main perimeter. It's awesome. Looking forward to seeing the new park map.
  11. I thought I'd revive this thread as the topic has become relevant again. The opening of the incredible DC Rivals HyperCoaster is imminent and I have just one question: WHERE IS THE MARKETING AND WHY HASN'T MOVIE WORLD UPGRADED THEIR MAIN WEBSITE? I used all caps to express how horrified I am. It makes no sense to me that Parkz is marketing this ride better than the park itself. When I visit these forums I am instantly hit with a full main page graphic promo for DC Rivals, which is the way it should be, but when I visit Movie World's tired and dated website there is almost nothing. Certainly nothing that fits a ride of this magnitude. The attraction should be a whole page takeover, similar to Parkz. American theme parks make sure you know a new attraction is opening, even when it is relatively minor. I know MW invested in a separate DC Rivals website, but no one would even have known it existed if it hadn't been for the user who discovered it on these forums. I know they created a TVC for the ride, but it barely shows the magnitude of the coaster itself. And where is the TVC playing? Just to GC locals? The whole of Australia needs to be made aware this major new attraction exists, or MW won't see the justified bump in attendance. People need to know it's there! Step up, Movie World. You've built potentially the best ride this country has seen but people need to know about it.
  12. Even better than I expected. It makes the drop so much more imposing. Congrats to the manufacturer of the face - it looks identical to the renderings.
  13. Thanks for the pics. It'll be good when it gets topped off with the face. The OCD in me hates the unfinished top of the drop.
  14. DC Rivals HyperCoaster - new trailer/TVC

    Unfortunately I don't think you really get an idea of the scale of the thing in this ad. There's only a brief moment where the lift hill flashes up. I would have emphasised its height and length. Could almost be any coaster/attraction. Do appreciate the theming though
  15. I knew you guys would summarise it perfectly, well done. Richard - have you ever considered a career as a journalist? Australian media needs you