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  1. GoGoBoy

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Ahh, gotcha. Doesn’t come up well in photos then, might look better in person. Agreed. As long as it’s done eventually and not just left as good enough. Always my fear.
  2. GoGoBoy

    Fun Fields - New Wave Pool 2018

    Seems really strange to me that the sides are just plain concrete. And agree they need way more palms running along the sides. Maybe they are still to come? The concept art looked great.
  3. Well, luckily for you the ride is filled with physical sets too - obviously lovingly restored from the original plans (and with more details added). Regarding downtime - I struggle to think of any international park that has opened a new (or newly re-worked) attraction without intermittent closures due to technical difficulties during opening weeks.
  4. I’m honestly surprised how little love some of the new effects are getting from you guys. A few things that standout to me as good additions- The ‘reflection’ of your car with the monsters chasing after it is awesome, very Haunted Mansion-esque; I like that they’ve added more interest to the lift with the inclusion of Scrappy Doo, rather than just having the car sitting there waiting for the next car to join it; and I’m a fan of the final tropical/Spooky Island scene just before the exit platform — glad they put that back in but re-worked it.
  5. Maybe that’s because the film is from the early 2000’s and they are replicating the animation in that? I think you guys are being way too harsh. Looks pretty good to me. I like that they’ve actually tried to do something different and not just rebuild it exactly as it was, or even worse left it empty. Assuming there is more work to come to fix up some of the little details mentioned too? These rides rarely open without a few little bugs, especially with the amount of new effects installed.
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else see the awning as a giant white spider at the moment?
  7. GoGoBoy

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    ^ Funnily enough where you have located The Rotor Nimble I'm pretty sure is its original location from way back in the day. But I can't remember why you guys are trying to move the rides around? Don't forget it is an expensive process, so probably not worthwhile.
  8. GoGoBoy

    IAAPA 2018

    Ok great I’ll look out for those. I’m a big fan of In The Loop. Especially The Legend’s park tours and reviews. What’s up with TPR not doing interviews or any extended videos anymore? What’s the point of TPR anymore? Just offering a hard-to-follow forum?
  9. GoGoBoy

    IAAPA 2018

    I’m looking for the best coverage but not much has been released yet. Theme Park Review did a tiny little highlight video on IAAPA 2018 but I thought they normally spent ages going around and interviewing all the exhibitors??
  10. That’s what I’m wondering. How much money did they actually save by retaining a few bits of the original building? It looks like they might have even put in new roof slats? And if they did demolish so much of the building, why not re-build it entirely so that the capacity issue is no longer an issue?
  11. Hot Wheels is the most painful coaster I have ever ridden, well perhaps apart from the former Thunderbolt on that same site. I remember on one of the transitions actually feeling my neck crack badly and being in pain for some time afterwards. It was plain scary. I would rip that thing out if I was DW and put in something cheap (because it’s Ardent we’re talking about) but appealing and rideable.
  12. GoGoBoy

    Where do you get coaster news?

    Great thread! Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time watching various theme park Youtube channels for my park fix. I’m a big fan of Tim Tracker, Attractions Show/Attractions Magazine, Theme Park Worldwide, In The Loop. I particularly like the tour vlogs where they literally just walk around a particular park and point everything out and talk about what’s new etc.
  13. Dreamworld to replace Cyclone with one of these? Or get one of these AND replace Cyclone with something else. Doesn’t have to be too expensive, or fancy, just not so painful.