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  1. I was so disappointed when I last went on Scooby a year or 2 ago, and not just because it is now rough as guts. I told my buddy who had never been on it before about the cool Scooby song which blasts out in the big room, but it was so quiet it was almost inaudible. It really makes the experience when the music is pumping.
  2. New Kid on the block!

    Thanks for the pics, @themagician! The theming and presentation seems quite ok, and the lazy river is already looking far superior to WnW Sydney’s sad attempt. Calling it Victoria’s Disneyland however just makes me cringe. I know the owners wanna promote it, but come on.
  3. New Kid on the block!

    It’s a shame there aren’t really any pics of the new park on the website or on their Facebook page. I couldn’t find a park map either. Have no idea how it’s turned out.
  4. djrappa - CORRECT!!! I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with a post more.
  5. As far as I can tell Junior Driving School hasn’t done much/anything to increase attendance. Compare that to some of the kids area additions at DW that led to demonstrable attendance increases. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but IMO it is mostly a waste of space. I don’t know why they had to use so much of the show building. That space could really have been used for something superior. They could have even put a number of kids rides inside the building and made it a whole new precinct that would have been perfect for families in wet weather etc.
  6. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Wow I had no idea there were op booths throughout the ride course in Wild West Falls and Scooby. They are well concealed - I’ve never noticed anyone. Why does WWF only have one on the first lift? What’s the purpose of it?
  7. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    But you did aim it at him and got it wrong, just saying. On another note, that post seems to be quite popular on SW’s FB page. Who knew a giant splash area would be in such high demand among families?
  8. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Ahh ok, that's a bit disappointing, sounds like the volcano won't erupt. I'm guessing it was just installed to hide the 'Shark Bay' pipes from view then?
  9. I've been meaning to compliment Parkz since the earlier scoops from the DW CEO, but WELL DONE RICHARD AND TEAM! The professionalism of Parkz has no doubt led to these big bosses feeling comfortable sitting down and talking to you. The accuracy and insight of Parkz' journalism in relation to the theme park industry in this country far, far exceeds any mainstream media outlet, as we all know. And on this particular article, I am rather thrilled that Clark Kirby appears to be, from all indications so far, the CEO we were all hoping for for Village Roadshow Theme Parks. Everything he said was bang on the money. This is a guy that seems to know exactly what needs to be done. Let's hope he keeps up that momentum and sticks with the strategy!
  10. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Surely it will have a water eruption feature? Didn't we see pipes going right up the middle of the structure before it was covered up with the rockwork? Update, here were the pics showing the pipes inside the volano:
  11. Movie World November 2017 Improvements

    Amazing news. A theme park that listens to guest feedback and does everything possible to maximise the customer experience... a recipe for total success. PS Long live non-discounted theme park tickets. May it lead to much capital expenditure.
  12. Movie World's website

    Should have coincided with the opening of Australia’s biggest rollecoaster. Just dumb.
  13. Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast November Update

    Sad to see the waterfall removed from Calypso, although hoepefully it is coming back. The theming on Calypso is excellent, and one of the reasons it is so popular. Harks back to a happier time where Village thought it was worth providing plenty of atmosphere and theming at WnW.
  14. DC Rivals advertising on public transport

    If I was the boss of MW's marketing department I would have even gone as far as changing the MW logo to incorporate DC Rival's first drop into it, at least for the first few years of the coaster's operation. The coaster is so major it should be a park-wide takeover type of thing, not just treated as another small addition. Everybody needs to know about it.
  15. DC Rivals advertising on public transport

    I nodded so hard while reading Alex’s post above that I got a neck cramp. So, so true. Movie World’s marketing department needs a massive shake-up in my opinion. VRTP marketing needs to go back to the good old days. Back then, the whole country knew when a new attraction had opened.