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  1. So if it's in excellent condition and has plenty of spare parts, why on earth are they getting rid of yet another ride? Even if it had some issues and wasn't incredibly popular, it just doesn't make sense to get rid of it considering how poor/small DW's line-up is now.
  2. Most definitely a commercial building, and yes was granted to -- and built by -- Multiplex, as I understand it, as part of the deal to 'help fund the amusement park' initially
  3. The design of the track certainly looks quite different to existing single rail coasters (it's just been RMC so far right?). Obviously it's a more rounded and less boxy design. Looks like there's a bit more detail in terms of the grooves and flanges too. Does anyone who knows what they're talking about (ie. not me) want to discuss the differences?
  4. Yet one of the issues with Justice League is that the show building is actually too small for anything with a bit more ambition?
  5. I loved that they talked about ride procurement and what goes into deciding what ride to build next. It's a fascinating process - I would have loved more detail. It was a great video, and only the first of 5
  6. What are the chances the gremlins on the back of the float are old animatronics from the ride? I'm assuming slim?
  7. They managed to do it in the old days with elaborate facades, artwork and decorative buildings.
  8. Good to see some of the details being finalised - shading, permanent queue ramps and rails, operator booths for each attraction, painting and backdrops. Its certainly not immersive but it's a substantial improvement and what was there before.
  9. What a brilliant attraction and absolutely perfect for a movie park! There are so many details and they are all spot on. This was built in the old Looney Tunes River / Ice Age show building. Waaay better use of the space than a kids driving school and storage shed!
  10. Must be a mad scramble to get everything done by opening! Looked like there was still a lot of ground work and finishing touches. It may open not fully complete, but hopefully any details will be filled in soon after and not just left as good enough.
  11. Sega World was awesome. I remember visiting one night not long after it first opened (it used to be open really late) and me and my friend had the best time. Huge amounts of immersive theming with dedicated zones - truly an indoor theme park. I mean it even had a nicely themed indoor roller coaster that packed a punch. Plus an interactive ghost train. It was definitely something special.
  12. Totally agree! Looks out of place at the moment, but as others have said hoping extensive landscaping and theming may help with that.
  13. As much as I'm not a fan of the names or logos, I do appreciate that LPS are announcing each attraction as they are completed, giving each ride some good attention. I also think the Maloney's Corner area is going to be great - so much going on in one area. It should have some great energy. Only thing I would hope for is a few pieces of decent theming and signage to complete the atmosphere.
  14. Wow, that article was actually really well written and researched.
  15. Based on the logos so far, I doubt there's any intention behind it. Looks like the work experience kid's attempt. All the other recent new rides at LPS payed homage to the 1930's heritage of the park, and did it really well. This is a definite departure.
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