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  1. Well said. "No plans" is a politician's answer, which invariably means it's happening.
  2. Anyone else think this has a bit of a Sunway/Wonderland feel to it? While I firmly believe VRTP are genuinely committed to the Gold Coast and passionate about theme parks and tourism (well, duh!), it is pretty obvious Ardent Leisure will do whatever it takes to make the quickest buck for the smallest outlay, regardless of assurances. It might all depend on land values and rezoning opportunities (or obstacles) in the end.
  3. 😂 Yeah, it's unlikely that would be a key goal of Mack's designers. The weird thing about Goliath is that the element in question comes after a pace-destroying brake section that brings the train to a virtual standstill, yet is still not enough to limit the hideous g-force that follows. I'm far more confident this coaster will avoid any major fails such as this.
  4. I hope not. That's the part where it is reasonably common to grey out, as discussed earlier. I'm assuming most coaster manufacturers have learned from that mistake, and particularly a top quaility firm such as Mack.
  5. I totally agree about feeling pain on the last couple of Scooby drops. I ride it so rarely that I can't remember exactly which drops are the worst, but I do remember wondering the same thing about whether the ride had deteriorated or whether it was just my old age. I certainly don't remember being in pain when the ride first opened. I get off feeling nauseous and a bit headachy, and I'm pretty sure most of that is from the roughness and intensity of the last portion of the ride. I'd love it if they could address it somehow.
  6. I love that so many aquatic centres are adding state-of-the-art waterslides to their facilities. Although, it is something that seems to be missing in Sydney. I imagine it also gives the larger waterparks a run for their money, considering the fact they are council-run and therefore heavily subsidised. As a kid I used to love visiting the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, even though they only had one small waterslide (but it was a fun one!). I'd ride that thing over and over. Kids these days are absolutely spoiled with offerings like this!
  7. Thank you kindly! Everyone - are you listening??
  8. I had no idea - thanks for the clarification. Crew makes it sounds like they are either staff members, volunteers or mods. I've been around these forums forever and I still have no idea what's going on
  9. I have absolutely no idea why Theme Park Girl, whose contributions I and I'm sure many others value greatly, has been attacked in this thread, including seemingly by members of the Parkz crew. It's just bizarre. Please don't stop contributing TPG! I also find it strange that there is an attempt to bring down and fault the user that created that great mock-up video of the coaster. It certainly gave a sense of the scale, regardless of whether individual elements were 100% correct. Are people envious about this or something? Thanks to everyone who is updating the thread regularly with pics. It's nice that barely a day goes by without new photos. This is going to be one well covered coaster, as it should be! Movie World might not be interested in marketing it, but it's certainly getting plenty of attention on Parkz.
  10. Wow, I didn't realise the track was going to penetrate the hole. Double penetration in fact. Has that been done on many coasters before?
  11. Which makes it strange to me that they appear to be abandoning the '2-park' strategy. One of the key reasons WWW was created was exactly as you suggest -- to compete with VRTP's multiple park offering. By developing a waterpark area with its own brand, DW could market its tickets as 2-park passes. I agree that WWW never realised its full potential and this is a real shame. Waterslide attractions are much cheaper capex-wise than theme park rides. With the troubles DW is having, I would have thought a renewed focus on their waterpark would make even more sense.
  12. If that's what they're saying now then they have changed the story. Surely I am not the only one who remembers the original theme when it first opened? It was an (unspecified) monster rampaging through a beach camping ground. All the original marketing copy referred to it. In regards to Dreamworld's slump in attendance, it should hardly be a surprise at all. The recovery after such a major accident was always going to be extremely challenging. When two of your most popular rides have also been taken out as a result, then it's even worse. A major new family ride and a significant new roller coaster with length positioned in a new themed land are needed. But I know we all highly doubt Ardent would invest the capital; they wouldn't before, so are probably even less likely to now. Unless they feel they have no choice.
  13. Just to add to the discussion about The Claw's theming - it was meant to be a monster that was stalking a beachside camping ground (creating the link to Ocean Parade). It used to have a 'community noticeboard' out the front that helped to tell the story, but not sure if this still exists.
  14. I would suggest that some people may see a similarity, and that will just remind them how s*** Buzzsaw is compared to this coaster, how Ardent Leisure missed an amazing opportunity, and how it's reliably Village Roadshow Theme Parks that invest the big capital and bring international-standard blockbuster attractions to our shores.
  15. Great expansion on the original editorial, and definitely on the money again. I can't believe they still have the same incredibly dated websites. Movie World's online park map wasn't even updated with the Justice League facade (it's still Wayne Manor), let alone Doomsday, as someone else mentioned. Potential guests should be able to visit park websites and get all of the latest and most up-to-date info, otherwise, what's the point of a website??? I'm just hoping they have a plan to re-launch all of the sites along with the launch of the coaster. Surely. Oh, and VRTP's social media! THE WORST! Directionless and tepid were certainly good ways to describe their posts. Every day it's just 'Are you ready for Superman Escape? Epic pic shared by .............'. And you know it's the same person doing the posts for all VRL properties, even Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas, because they are all identically weak.