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  1. Here’s a place to show everyone funny theme park videos you stumble on while scrolling through YouTube here is one of my favorite funny theme park videos
  2. I just thought of marking a place for us to share stories from Theme parks whether they’re insane, scary or happy share them here. Here’s one from theme parks me I remember going into hot wheels sidewinder just to look at the queue because I was too scared to go on it Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
  3. A while ago I reached out on here for any helpful info about theme parks to assist me in writing an animated comedy pilot about a run-down Aussie amusement park. I’m excited to share that the first episode has been written and we are looking for people who want to be involved through Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2SzSI6K The link shows a short preview of the comedy (There’s a roller coaster called the Red-bellied Black Snake!) and also has some pledge rewards that may interest anybody who wants to become a cartoon character in a show! Additionally, I’ve also written about my Theme Park experiences as a kid growing up in Sydney during the 80s and 90s. (Wonderland, Old Sydney Town, El Caballo Blanco, SegaWorld, Green Valley Farm, Tomteland, Fox Studios Backlot Tour and others all get a mention): http://www.pacificrock.com.au/blog/nurry-brothers-adventure-world/come-and-revisit-your-favourite-childhood-amusement-park/
  4. Hey! (I'm only imagining how many eye rolls that this title would have received... 😂) So I know this is a 'cliche' topic and has been discussed several times, but I just want to know peoples thoughts to the following; Many say that Australia can't accomodate a Universal Studios park due to the small population that Australia has, yet Singapore has only got a population of 5 million? As well as that, Universal Studios Singapore only has about 20 attractions - in comparison to Movie World that has 24 - and it's size isn't ALL that big (It literally surrounds a lagoon). I can understand why a Disney park wouldn't work in Australia, but I feel like a Universal Studios park has potential? Anyway, I'm a curious person and just want to see/hear what other people think about this.
  5. Not sure if this has been discussed, But does anyone else think that Village Roadshow should sell Sea World to 'Sea World Theme Parks & Resorts'? And if so, does anyone actually know the chances of it actually happening? The park seems to have gotten worse over the years and it's honestly just sad, so I'm hoping that a decent company could make it 'good' again. Plus if they did sell it, then it could help Village pay off debt. After all, they sold Wet'n'Wild Sydney, so what harm could selling Sea World do? (By the way - if this has been discussed before then can someone please just link me to the thread?)
  6. Was googling some things and came across this recent article; https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/merlin-entertainments-looks-to-develop-new-australian-expansion/ It seems they want to open up a 'Dungeons' somewhere here... and they want to open another Legoland Discovery Centre.
  7. There is going to be a new kid on the block, opening around Mid November. Great to be involved.
  8. Dreamworld' future remains unknown, so why don't we discuss the uncertain future of this theme park or maybe the whole industry!
  9. Dreamworld' future remains unknown, so why don't we discuss the uncertain future of this theme park or maybe the whole industry!
  10. We have been planning, and are about to build a multi Billion Dollar Global Complex, incorporating the world's most advanced Theme Park in Australia…'ElysianWorld incorporating FantasmicWorld', focused on 'Edutainment' (Education through brilliant Entertainment). Linked to the site in Australia, which we call the 'Mothership' site, being the largest of the sites and principle World Headquarters, will be additional smaller sites we call 'Satellites', in other selected location around the world. Some of these satellite locations include, New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada, the Bahamas and Western Europe/UK. There will be approximately 100 major rides and attractions in FantasmicWorld, many which have never been seen before, and it will be a 365 days of the year weather proofed environment, so no getting soaked in the rain, or burnt under the hot sun, or rides closed down do to weather! Yet it will still give the feeling of open space and outdoor environments. The overall ElysianWorld project will be built over 7 stages. FantasmicWorld will be the largest Theme Park in Australia, and when all seven stages of the project are complete, it will be the largest of it's kind in the world. We are looking at several possible locations in Australia, so, where would you like to see this project built, and where do you think the best place in Australia is to build it?Keep in mind we will be looking to attract visitors from all around the world, including our closest neighbours in Asia and New Zealand. The locations we are looking at, to build the 'Mothership', are; Melbourne Victoria, Central to Northern NSW Coast, Sydney NSW, Gold Coast Queensland, Sunshine Coast Queensland, Central Queensland Coast & Great Barrier Reef region, or Northern Queensland up around Cairns and Port Douglas and Great Barrier reef region. I realise most people would want it built in their own state or region, but we would like to get your idea of where you think it would be best for all Australians, and overseas visitors, as well as your own personal preference. What State do you live in, and would you be willing to travel interstate to visit FantasmicWorld, if it was not built in your state? Leave your comments and let us know what you think. Visit the Websites to find out about FantasmicWorld and the overall ElysianWorld vision:The Theme Park website: FantasmicWorld The Overall Project website: ElysianWorld
  11. I plan to build a video game themed amusement park in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, something that I haven't seen done before, we have movie themed parks, so why not game theme parks. Anyway, I would like some help and ideas with the park, I want to use very minimal custom scenery as I have a 'shit' PC. Aside from help for the game themed attractions, I would like some help on making realistic park entrances and main streets without custom scenery, I search online and all I get are ones with custom scenery. Last and least, I need a good name, if I can't find one, it will just end up being called Game World. I already have a few ideas, tell me if they are good: [*]Tomb Raider (White Water Rapids) [*]The Legend of Zelda (Looping Coaster) [*]Red Dead Redepmtion (Mine Train Coaster) [*]Call of Duty (unknown), due to the franchises popularity, I will have to include a CoD themed ride, it will be very tempting to making it a junior coaster [*]Angry Birds Duo (Suspended Swinging Coaster), will be a dueling coaster. [*]Need for Speed (Twister Coaster), will be a launched coaster rather than one with a chain lift. [*]Mario Kart (Go-Karts), this is one of the few rides that I will download a custom scenery set for. [*]Metal Gear Solid (3D Cinema) The rides will not just have generic names, they will have names like Need for Speed: Nitro (I may steel the names from lesser known games from franchises so I can easily slap their logo onto a billboard). Other game series that will have rides include: Resident Evil, Mass Effect, GTA, Sonic, etc. I will try to include themed areas, for example, one area may feature rides based on retro games such as Pacman and Space Invaders (this is where I will need the most help with ideas).
  12. I'm heading up to the Gold Coast in November, and I want to visit some theme parks while i'm there. The only parks I have been too before are Dreamworld (I was only tall enough for the small rides back then), Movie World (back when the Superman Escape was only new) and Wet n Wild (before the AquaLoops, and I dind't go on the Jetsteams as the lines was too long). Now I'm going when it won't be holidays so there are no long lines. What is the best choice for a thrill seeker, Dreamworld and White Water World or Movie World, Wet n Wild and Seaworld. Note that the Cyclone will be closed a Dreamworld when I'm at the gold coast
  13. Hello, first I would like to apologize for my bad Inglês. I'm using Google translator, I hope you understand. So folks, I'm from Brazil and I will show this topic some of my favorite Brazilian park. Hope you enjoy. Beto Carrero was a character from TV and radio in Brazil, once after a visit to Disneyland artist and entrepreneur in Brazil decided to create something similar to what was seen in the USA as well, with the help of friends in 1991 inaugurated the Beto Carrero World, today the best park of Brazil according to a journal and the largest in Latin Amarica. Amid a land without utilities aparetes he was born his dream. Located in Penha - Santa Catarina - Brazil, less than 100 meters from the beach and with land of 140 million square meters, whose park occupies only 4 million. We are proud to show you the best theme park in Brazil. At the entrance there is a statue of the creator of the park, the artist João Batista Sergio Murad or Beto Carrero. A cowboy who had a horse chado Faisca also very famous. The gateway to the park is a huge castle and all colorful. In this castle are the box office, shops and suites for guests invited. When going through the castle you are definitely inside the magical world of Beto Carrero!! The park is divided into seven thematic areas. 1 - Avenue of Nations 2 - World Animal (Zoo) 3 - German Village 4 - Old West 5 - Pirate Island 6 - Extreme Adventure 7 - Fantasyland ____________________________________________//_________________________________________________ 1 - Avenue of Nations. In this area there is a food court with dozens of restaurants, and a sub area called Triplikland. In this area there are some classic rides from parks, like Giant wheel and carousel. The rides are themed with characters from the park. Cinema 4D Character Betinho Carrero. Acqua Show. Show where a shipwreck is simulated and many artists make an amazing presentation on the seabed, alternating their skills in acrobatics, juggling and dancing, framed by a fascinating play of light and musical score. A wonderful show. 2 - Mundo Animal. Área do parque onde ficam concentradas atividades como Zoológico, com centenas de animais, distribuídos em várias espécies. Monga Show. A woman becomes a gorilla! 3 - German Village. Thematic area in honor of so many immigrants in the state of Santa Catarina. Excalibur Show. Rollercoaster - Tigor Mountain. Car bumper cars. 4 - Old West. A small village, with buildings typical of the old west, so famous in movies such as chapel and its saloons. Thematic souvenir shop. Beto Carrero Memory Show. A musical that tells the story. 5 - Isle of Pirates. An island connected to the center of the park by a bridge pencil, with absolutely all thematized beside her Work paddle the boat Viking, in a small lake that separates it from the rest of the complex. Cave of Pirates. Pirate Ship. 6 - Radical Adventure. It is the part of the enterprise responsible for adrenaline, where the toys are more "radical". So, is the most visited area of the park. Fire Whip - Inverted roller coaster. Star Mountain - One of the first roller coasters the park Elevator - An elevator that rises and then falls very fast and ends with the cab lying on a running track. Big Tower - The tallest attraction in the park, with 100 meters of free fall that reaches a speed of 120 km / h. It is pure adrenaline! Tchibum - A water channel where the boats-wandering trunks 15 meters high to plummet to 80 km / h in a water tank. There are two climbs and descents, flowing water and leave you quite wet. Empire Of Water - The greatest work ever done at Beto Carrero World. More than a thousand tons of rocks and about 16 million liters of water per minute simulate an incredible rafting, which takes visitors through a river nearly a mile long and five feet wide. It is considered the best of this type of attraction in Brazil. Portal Of Darkness - This is a maze of horror where there are seven scenarios of famous horror movies like "The Exorcist" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", also counting cemetery, mortuary and other gruesome scenarios. Attraction pays part. Extreme Show: One of the new shows from Beto Carrero World, and one of the most sought after. The Extreme Show has the largest looping cars in the world and was inspired by the "Light, Motors, Action" at Disney's Hollywood Studios, where they performed various stunts and riders. 7 - Fantasyland. It is a distinct area of the park where all attractions are viewed by a train ride, the railroad DinoMagic, whose tour of the station João Alves de Queiroz, one of the most beautiful buildings in the park. On the way, the orientation of the entire journey is performed by the driver of the train. Hope Village - A village in homage to the inhabitants of the rock attraction is a second rail route with a smaller than the main. DinoMagic. This year (2012), the park has partnered with DreamWorks and Universal Studios coma. New areas subject to Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar class. The partnership of Universal Studios transformed the Extreme Show in a single show in the world, the Show of Fast & Furious. Some characters are already presenting the streets di park, the construction of new thematic areas should begin shortly. By the end of the year also comes the character Megamind. So long just for guys, hope you enjoyed.
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