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  1. I thought I'd start a seperate forum for Leviathan specific construction updates, so that we can easily follow the coaster in one place. This was my first time seeing the vertical construction progress, so I took my big camera lens to the park to get some close up shot of the construction Overview: Close ups: Despite the coaster not yet reaching it max height, it can already be seen for a lot of different points across the park
  2. From The Brisbane Times: Here is the Facebook Live stream they made of the protest (protest begins at around the 03:20 mark):
  3. Seems odd that the Flume ride has no reopening date for maintenance? Last week it said 20th November....
  4. Have you been on the new Vortex at SW, is this a similar reincarnation of the Wipeout?
  5. Operating Hours at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday the park will be closed. Thursday operating as it has normally during off-peak (10-3) Friday-Sunday normal operating hours. I will be surprised if they keep Wet n Wild open through Winter this year. It struggles through winter on a normal year, and during those years there's always plenty of debate on why it's open, I'm sure there's plenty more support for that debate this year. All I'll say on that debate is that you're extremely lucky if you get close to 1000 people (a day) through the gates, there are many days where 10% of that is hard to reach. Good weather days during the holidays are exceptions to the 1000 people rule, but they don't justify months of operation. --- Opening Hours - Plan your day at Sea World Gold Coast Warner Bros. Movie World Gold Coast operating hours I'm expecting that both Sea World and Movie World will reduce weekday operating hours through winter as well. Especially noting the conservative date ranges currently shown. (and once this happens, Dreamworld will obviously follow suit; if they don't announce it first) --- Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if COVID sees our parks completely adapt their operating schedules. Weekend operation of our main parks, Seasonal operation of the water parks. There are plenty of logistical issues with that, especially with contracted and salaried workforces. So it's not super likely to happen, but I can't say I don't see them moving closer to it. I know most of you are going to jump to "That doesn't make any sense, plenty of people still go to the parks during this time." As enthusiasts we have to understand that what we THINK makes sense, and what actually makes sense, are in many cases very different. Reducing hours means that you're increasing density of guests on the hours/days you're actually open, which means you're far better justifying the minimum number of staff you're required to have there anyway. Doesn't mean it'll feel any busier, especially without international tourists being here, and it goes without saying that a large majority of locals spend far less than interstate and international tourists, which is the part everyone seems to forget when talking about operating hours. this is all talking about off-peak, I'm not suggesting they'll change anything during the peak September-January season.
  6. My reason for this is that all signage for Spongebob 3D has been removed and a while back when they announced Vikings revenge would retire they said it would be removed to make way for a new attraction coming in 2019 but as you all would know that never happened and the ride has sat SBNO for 4 years or so
  7. I just thought of marking a place for us to share stories from Theme parks whether they’re insane, scary or happy share them here. Here’s one from theme parks me I remember going into hot wheels sidewinder just to look at the queue because I was too scared to go on it Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
  8. Here are some drone shots of the vortex and the new Atlantis construction the vortex looks near complete Note this is the youtube video i got it from
  9. Can someone please show me the route of the former Sea world Train. Thanks
  10. The demolishing of the water slides has finally started. The question to be answered is why have they fenced off the car park????????? Thank your TPSN for the photos.
  11. Why did the Sea World Water park get removed? Just curious
  12. Global travel giant TripAdvisor has banned ticket sales to theme parks and tourist attractions that breed or import whales, dolphins and porpoises for public viewing. The new policy, which will impact major venues including Sea World on the Gold Coast, comes after the travel company stopped ticket sales for elephant rides, selfies with tigers and other tourist entertainment deemed cruel to animals. Sea World has hit back at the announcement, saying the health and wellbeing of animals were its top priority and it has a strong reputation for caring for marine animals. TripAdvisor will stop selling tickets to Sea World by the end of the year. The review website and booking platform said it will no longer feature “or generate revenue… from any attraction that continues to contribute to the captivity of future generations and cetaceans”. Its subsidiary, Viator, will also remove the attractions from its site over the next three months through an auditing process. This year Virgin Holidays and British Airways Holidays also ceased their relationship with SeaWorld as part of new policies on animal welfare.
  13. So I am surprised nobody has mentioned this yet. But Sea World did a live stream this morning about the polar bear cub and announced a few things. The most exciting will be Castaway Reef which is the new splash pad area which will be a multi million dollar attraction opening in October this year. Along with the Sea Jellies opening next April, the new Sea Lion show and the VR replacement in 2019. So hopefully we see SW transform back into its former glory.
  14. The Queensland Government has released the “The Spit Master Plan” for public consultation. https://haveyoursay.dsdmip.qld.gov.au/30703/documents/91000/download. The current SW car park is marked to be turned into a Village Centre. "Which entails a low-rise boutique mixed use development facing The Broadwater and Carter’s Basin provides additional short-term accommodation linked to Sea World and a multi-level car park. Visitors can arrive by ferry or light rail and are provided with a range of connected experiences, including afterhours activities, creating a vibrant new addition to The Spit". A new Boardwalk on the western side of SW overlooking the Broadwater and connecting the southern spit to the northern spit is also on the cards.
  15. An interesting article from The Sydney Morning Herald: The article which brought this "feud" to light 5 days ago only refers to the selling of Village Roadshow Pictures, "Village Roadshow's British marketing business, its stake in the American iPic Theatres premium cinema outfit, and its Hollywood holdings" as the closest thing to John Kirby's proposed 'break up' of Village Roadshow which is referred to in the above article. Is that what is meant by "break up"? Or is it the 1st stage of the "break up"? Or would the company split in 1 go forming a new theme park-cinema-studios-only company? Or will nothing happen? Regardless, the above article is interesting enough because of it's theme park-related content.
  16. Sea World is to demolish shortly the iconic Rescue Point Lighthouse, which has been a feature of Sea World and it's lake since 1972, the year Sea World opened (or more precisely, got renamed from 'Surfers Paradise Ski Gardens'). It's one of the first things you see after entering the park, immediately across the lake, and gives an immediate sense of the park's maritime theme even though over the years, the Lighthouse has been a low-key attraction at the park featuring mainly exhibitions such as to promote Sea World's Research & Rescue Foundation and their work. It's most recent usage would've been to form part of the outdoor section of the Creatures Of The Deep attraction. In other news, a "Star Flyer" will be built at Sea World - probably the well-noted 2019 attraction publicised when the park's Viking's Revenge Flume Ride was closed shortly after the Thunder River Rapids incident at Dreamworld in late 2016. All of this is described in a recent application made to Gold Coast City Council (not a link to the application - see the paragraph after the embedded YouTube video) in late September: Whilst the application doesn't state it, this highly likely means the outdoor section of Creatures Of The Deep will be removed as well. Currently, according to Sea World's Maintenance Schedule webpage, that attraction is "closed for maintenance until further notice". If it is being removed, that's not exactly 'maintaining' it. However, they could be actually 'maintaining' it with "Star Flyer" being located elsewhere in the park. The application also doesn't specifically state that the "Star Flyer" will replace Rescue Point Lighthouse but it is highly likely. Likewise, it doesn't specifically state that this is the attraction replacing Viking's Revenge Flume Ride, which was promoted as the ride being replaced by the '2019 attraction'. For those who don't know, this is Rescue Point Lighthouse: And here it is in conjunction with the outdoor section of Creatures Of The Deep: The "Star Flyer" is highly likely referring to a StarFlyer, a ride manufactured by local company Funtime, who operate an amusement park in central Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. For those who don't know, details about this ride can be found below. These types of rides are known to be tall. Thus, the height of this ride will be interesting given Sea World has strict height restrictions. However, the simplistic look of the ride may allow them an exemption. Sea World's tallest ever ride was a temporary 60 metre high ferris wheel called the Sea World Eye which was installed in the late 2000's. All of Sea World's permanent rides have never gone higher than 30 metres though. Funtime's website's section on StarFlyer is very detailed but here are some quotes from the 'About' section of the ride for a quick summary: Here is a YouTube video of one of their tallest installations so far, reaching 122 metres high. If Sea World somehow reaches this height, Dreamworld's The Giant Drop may have some competition, even if there are 2 completely different rides, as the latter reaches a height of 119 metres. It's most likely though that the "Star Flyer" will be about 30 metres high to meet with the height restrictions. But given these types of rides are known to be tall, is 30 metres an acceptable height for it or is it too low? I'd add a link to the relevant Gold Coast City Council application but from previous attempts to link applications from there in recent months, I've found it will just lead to an error message for you all due to the recent information technology system upgrade the Council implemented. Regardless of how you feel about Sea World's plans, it's nice to see 2 Australian companies in the amusement park industry working together particularly during the effects on the industry from the Thunder River Rapids incident. As far as I am aware, Sea World's plans have not yet been approved by a private certifier but according to Gold Coast City Council they are "in progress" of being assessed by the private certifier. So let the theming guessing game begin!
  17. Not sure if this has been discussed, But does anyone else think that Village Roadshow should sell Sea World to 'Sea World Theme Parks & Resorts'? And if so, does anyone actually know the chances of it actually happening? The park seems to have gotten worse over the years and it's honestly just sad, so I'm hoping that a decent company could make it 'good' again. Plus if they did sell it, then it could help Village pay off debt. After all, they sold Wet'n'Wild Sydney, so what harm could selling Sea World do? (By the way - if this has been discussed before then can someone please just link me to the thread?)
  18. Some interesting points from the results presentation: This was written in the 'Cost Reduction' section of the 'FY19 Outlook'. Could this mean less operational time of the rides in financial year 2018/2019? Also, TopGolf's attendance is stated as 25,000 people in the last financial year. TopGolf was only open for 19 days last financial year so it's average attendance is 1316 people per day so far. Based on the current attendance and revenue, each TopGolf visitor spends $36 per visit. TopGolf's maximum capacity is 540 (90 bays of 6 people) and since bays are booked hourly (over, assuming, a 10 hour period - 9am to 7pm), that means it's maximum daily capacity is 5400. Minimum capacities are 90 (hourly) & 900 (10 hours). People are very likely to be attending as groups as based on the capacities and attendance statistics, if everyone occupied the bays by themselves, TopGolf would be operating over capacity! The larger the groups, the more bays available. It's most likely people attend TopGolf with just 1 other person - in this situation, they are more likely to spend on food and beverage/souvenirs on weekdays, whilst extremely unlikely on Friday/weekends (This is because 1 hour of TopGolf costs more than the $36 cost of an average visit for each person). The larger the group, the more likely you are to spend on food and beverage/souvenirs. If the group is at least 3 people in size, purchasing food & beverage/souvenirs will very likely happen but decreases in likelihood on Fridays/weekends particularly after 2pm (This is, again, because TopGolf's hourly rate increases). In their results presentation, for TopGolf, they mentioned their desire to: Wet 'n' Wild Sydney made it's first loss ever - $1,000,000 - whilst attendance drops again by 21,000 people to 463,000 people per season (approximately 4000 people per day on average). People on average spend 30 cents more at Wet 'n' Wild Sydney than at TopGolf Gold Coast. Let's hope the new owners can fix that park! Gold Coast theme parks' attendance dropped by 378,000 people to 4,582,000 people per year (approximately 12,600 people per day on average). VRTP spent and earned more than last financial year on these theme parks but their profit decreased by $10.1 million. On average, people spent $59.25 per visit to the VRTPs on average. I'm expecting VRTP to be financially recovered around the same time DW also is. This graph is also interesting: However, this is concerning (especially in regards to next year's Viking's Revenge Flume Ride replacement) (from the 'Theme Parks - Outlook' section): In short, don't expect anything extravagant in the next 12 months. Australian Outback Spectacular's "New exciting low capital expenditure..." show to open this financial year: Also, in their preliminary annual report (mainly the media release section): Just my opinion but if your most important ticket category is the season pass, I'd expect the theme park's quality to decline. Another "new low cost" attraction, HyperCoast Walk, is mentioned & is hoped it will increase season pass sales. In the 'Theme Parks Performance Summary' section, TopGolf Gold Coast is mentioned again: It also mentions TopGolf had $2.2 million in one-off pre-opening expenses, which could mean it theoretically only made a profit so far of $100,000 but I wouldn't read too much into that figure yet as it only was open for 19 days last financial year. This may please regular visitors to the parks (from the 'Theme Parks - Outlook' section): Also, this, in how they choose new attractions: Page 29 mentions Village Roadshow's ownership in the Australian TopGolf sites has increased from 66.67% to 96.3% since the 13th of August 2018. The penultimate page mentions the final annual report is released on the 22nd of October 2018 with the annual meeting held on the 23rd of November 2018.
  19. Sea World Jellyfish attraction update - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVjHtpZ5BSc Construction going on everywhere, jet rescue main viewing path/out the front of vikings ride and entrance to splashdown of flume and entrance of storm blocked off. Jet rescue operating with long line. Creatures of the deep ending fenced off. Lots of maintance is all you need to know.
  20. Storm and JR also now have 1 hour free locker hire
  21. After saying "the Gold Coast theme parks should take note of" Jamberoo's online park map upgrade, it seems it was the other way around but just for one aspect of it - the virtual tour. VRTP since September 2017 have allowed Google to add Street View of their parks. However, integration of this into their online park maps hasn't happened...yet (nor a live chat feature to their websites ). A list of links to access all the main attractions are below, which can be convenient for future reference. Note: If you can't move in a certain direction, refer to Google's map as they do not have Street View everywhere. However, the map's detailed routes can be conflicting with where you actually can go in Street View. Paradise Country Production Drive Parking Farmstay* Entrance Former Warner Brothers. Movie World Studio Tour Trams Homestead Clancy's Opal Mine Lorikeets Dingoes** Wildlife Photo Centre/Walk Koalas Animal Nursery & Walkthrough Stockman & Sheep Dog Arena*** Billy Tea Campfire, Stockhorse Arena & Wagon Rides**** Gold & Gemstone Panning Shearing Shed Farmhouse Restaurant *This is the entrance to Farmstay. Follow the road/signs to reach the actual Farmstay reception/accommodation. If you turn right at the 1st intersection of sealed road (which you can't in Google Street View), it takes you to the Native American Camp scene in Wild West Falls, which is around 100 metres away. **The Dingoes exhibit can be seen in the distance behind some trees. ***This view is from the road between the entrance & the Homestead. The entrance to the Stockman & Sheep Dog Arena is behind the bins on the left, which is located next to Wagon Rides. ****Billy Tea Campfire is the undercover area to the left behind the water tank while Wagon Rides is the undercover area to the right. Stockhorse Arena is in the centre. Australian Outback Spectacular Parking Building Entrance Ticket Gates Shop Bar Waiting Area Unfortunately, there is no Street View of the show arena. Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast Parking Entrance Entry Plaza & Wet 'n' Wild Junior Super 8 Aqua Racer & AquaLoop River Rapids & Constrictor Calypso Beach Whirlpool Springs SurfRider & Extreme H20 Zone Giant Wave Pool, FlowRider & SkyCoaster Mammoth Falls Sea World Theme Park/Cruises/Helicopters Parking Cruises & Helicopters (Out Of Theme Park) Theme Park Entrance Guest Services & Animal Adventures Check-In Centre Jet Stunt Extreme Penguin Encounter (External) Penguin Encounter (Internal) Monorail System Main Station & Creatures Of The Deep: Deep Discoveries Helicopters (In Theme Park) Creatures Of The Deep (Outdoor Section) Our World Of The Dolphin Dolphin Nursery Fish Detectives Nickelodeon Land The Plaza Jet Rescue Polar Bear Shores Ray Reef Shark Bay Storm Coaster Spongebob Squarepants 3D: The Great Jelly Rescue Monorail System Mid-Station Penguin Point Seal Harbour Affinity & Dolphin Beach Castaway Bay Resort Entrance (Theme Park) & Monorail System Resort Station Resort Entrance (Parking) Resort Parking It's a pretty sad sight seeing Sea World resort to cheap ways to make revenue such as Long Shot. Throwing a basketball at a hoop? It's something people can do at home. It's also in such an open space, making it look tacky. And the advertising is odd - "$5 for 3 balls. Everyone wins a prize". "Everyone"? So essentially it is 'Prize for $5'? Having not visited the Gold Coast theme parks in over 5 years, using Street View really shows how much the parks have changed with the now-targeting towards locals & an over-reliance on carnival games etc. to make revenue in most parks through repeat-visit locals. Warner Brothers. Movie World Parking Entrance Grand Archway Fountain Of Fame Green Lantern Coaster Batwing Spaceshot Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D DC Rivals HyperCoaster Superman Escape Arkham Asylum: Shock Thearpy Guest Services Looney Tunes 4D Starring Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster DC Super Villians Unleashed Wild West Falls County Fair Fun 'n' Games, Bumper Cars & Intencity Hollywood Stunt Driver Kids' WB! Fun Zone
  22. As has been occurring with Movie World, there have been a number of improvements happening around Sea World lately too. Fast Track is no longer available at the park, with signs being replaced by Fast Photo The Frozen Coke stand in The Plaza has received an upgrade The Dolphin Aqua Adventure has been refurbished The decking around the Nickelodeon Store has been replaced And the Seal Guardians set is now complete and staff were meeting and discussing the new show Really bright and vibrant now There is a cave in the far left corner There is a pontoon bridge through the middle, quite a few props on the left stage and two cables with balls attached to them hanging across the water A few other things to note or I believe should be done: - There is still no 1 hour free locker hire for Storm or Jet Rescue (Hopefully this is implemented for these rides too) - More shading should be added around JR as its quite an open area of concrete - As posted yesterday all food stores and outlets were open when the park was closing, and can confirm all stores were open when the park opened.
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