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  1. joz

    Obesity and theme park rides....

    There was a spambot, but the reply about height restrictions was interesting so left it, hence you got the massive bump.
  2. joz

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I said I'll moderate when I get time. That doesn't mean keep the pissy fight going in the meantime.
  3. joz

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    *sigh* I'll moderate when I get time later
  4. joz

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    The post above is exactly what I'm talking about; people bashed MW when it opened, and defended DW when they did exactly the same thing by bashing MW some more.
  5. joz

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I don't get it. When MW reopened it had a heap of stuff closed, so it got bashed. Now DW months later has also opened with a heap of stuff closed, so people are bashing MW. Reality is DW has changed, I'm willing to give 'new' DW the benefit of the doubt for now to see how the new vision takes shape. The plan seems to be to shrink the park, reality is that's probably all they can do with the hole they're in. You cant argue against that walk to the mostly closed Corroboree past closed shit is depressing. Same as anyone walking past the plaza at MW when Scooby was down for those couple of days was depressing. But if for some reason you think what MW did was wrong while saying DW won't do the same thing, and when months later they did do the same thing so you rip into MW again for some reason you need to think about your attitude. Personally, I don't have a problem with either TBH. Reality is what it is right now.
  6. That's a totally valid way of looking at it. I work to my definition but that doesn't make others wrong.
  7. Interestingly Tim Fisher is now at Cedar Fair and the they've introduced cheap passes which caused havoc at Cedar Point at the end of last season with over crowding. They're at the Q150 pass stage of the Tim Fisher cycle. You know what I think the biggest cost of the passes has been; it's made the parks not special. They used to be places you went once a year and it would be a huge event. Now it's a pop in for a couple hours on the way back from Brisbane. Thanks to the cheap prices, people treat the parks like their local trampoline center. I hope they stand by their word and keep the prices as high as possible for a bit. I wouldn't begrudge DW taking the discounted space in the market. One they need the advantage, and you could probably sustain 1 park on $99 passes, as opposed to sustaining 4 on $75 passes which Village were doing with the buy 3 get 1 free shit. Once they get their new coaster open, and if they get something else open the year after which should be on their list of things to do if they can afford it, up the price. It's all fairly simple really.
  8. Iconic and good aren't really the same to me. Like I don't think of Wild West as being iconic, where as DW's log ride certainty is to me. To me it's something like if you were to ask someone from out of town, what would they know about? Same with Bermuda. Ripper of a ride, but not in the first 4 things I think of when I think of SW. With Wonderland it's Bounty's & Bush Beast. I reckon for a certain generation Space Probe and Demon too. Space Probe dropping on '3', intentional or not was inspired. Before I knew anything else about the ride I knew it did that, it was everyone's favorite story about it
  9. Yeah SW know more than you about caring for dolphins. I mean even if you go with the perspective that SW are evil, and that it's all about money, then dolphins passing away early or being too stressed for interactive programs is bad for business. I agree the optics are bad, but it's just optics. SW simply aren't going to do something to jeopardize the health of its dolphins.
  10. Our parks don't have international recognition. If you're thinking 'What rides do overseas enthusiasts know about?' It's ToT, and maybe Superman, Rivals or Scooby, or just the concept of a third 'Warner Brothers Park' If you're thinking what do international tourists know about It's probably lorrikeet feeding. Nothing about our parks is special on an international level to normal people. Same as most normal people in Australia haven't heard of Six Flags. Personally, I couldn't think of a group I care about less than international enthusiasts. If they happen to enjoy our stuff then great, but I don't think what's popular in enthusiast circles matters in any meaningful way.
  11. You know it's funny but there is a point to this. Like I listed Lethal Weapon deliberately, not Arkham, Corkscrew not Sea Viper. Rivals really doesn't have that same thing about it. I think it will be an icon given time (just the scale and impact off the highway), but it doesn't really hit the way it should. I'm sure people are constantly saying let's ride the Hyper Coaster (Which goes against marketing calling it HyperCoaster). Suicide Squad would not have been better, nor would Batman V Joker. Jist Joker might've worked though.
  12. Iconic means so many things. For me it's which rides feature in Gold Coast ads/which ones inspire the public's imagination. For my taste that would be SW Corkscrew Ski Show Dolhpin Show, maybe Polar Bears but probs not. MW Superman, Lethal Weapon, PA. Rivals will be just by pure scale but I think its still too new to be 'Iconic' DW TIgers, ToT, Wipeout Thunderbolt, Log Ride, MAYBE Claw. WnW Just the concept of water slides, Dive in Movies. Overall, probably ToT or Corkscrew. These days Superman and Dolphins.
  13. Well you said it wasn't viable to get rid of them because they make money. Have a think and let me know if you think it's not viable to get rid of something that makes a little bit of money, or you just understand the logic of keeping something that does 🙂
  14. I passionately disagree with the idea that 'does it make money' be the only factor in deciding if something is worth it or that 'It makes the place shit' is not a valid reason. Not only do I disagree with you, but the people who built the parks disagree with you (I've seen it first hand), and the management teams who actually give a shit disagree with you. Good news is the people who mismanaged Village Ardent and Wonderland all agree with you 100% EDIT: I'm not saying remote control boats are bad, and I know you're not advocating for them in the dumb places they were, but honestly the bin is a fine place for them and they don't need to be shoehorned in for a fairly inconsequential amount of loose change just because you have them.
  15. What did DW do with theirs and how is Wonderland doing these days?