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  1. Dreamworld is the best option for taking a toddler to. If you don't intend to have any fun yourself though give Sea World a try.
  2. joz

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    VRTP did the same thing about linking non related charity acts to the bushfires as well as something they specifically did for the fires. I'd say it's a pretty common practice.
  3. joz

    Walt Disney World for Newbies

    I'd love to help but I don't really understand the question. The parks are all much bigger, and going back to your hotel at WDW is similar to traveling from Sea World to the southern end of Surfers or Broadbeach on average (haven't stayed at POP but apparently it's in a pretty good location though so you might be a bit easier than where I stayed on property, one of the All Star Resorts. Open late though so potentially worth the effort if you've got kids with you. Per park is tricky, but for my tastes I'd say 6 days overall with the option to park hop, though again haven't done that since they brought in Magic Bands. Disneyland most hotels on Harbour Blvd are within a 20min walk of the park, I'd plan a stay of 4 days for the 2 parks. You'll still miss stuff but you hopefully shouldn't feel too 'rushed' and you should be able to more than easily do the things you wanna go on, and lots of re-rides on the kids favs.
  4. joz

    Snags at Dreamworld this Sunday - Fundraiser

    Raises more money?
  5. joz

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    It was either that or someone was bound to say 'In the coming weeks'
  6. joz

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Can't help but notice Storm's downtime has been taken off the maintenance page. Wonder if that's due to Sky Flyer closing, Jet Rescue's current closure maybe blowing right the hell out, Vortex running late or straight up being called Morons on this forum? Good to see they aren't going to redeploy Star Flyer to a new concrete slab next to JR in the interim to keep the pitiful attraction count up. They never said they were going to, and that was never a rumour, but good to know no extra effort is being put in. The Monorail being closed is embarrassing enough. If Green Lantern can stay open nearly the whole time Rivals was going up, there really isn't much excuse to close what is the park's last genuine ride for the whole family. Wow sorry apparently I just really needed to unload
  7. Now now if I wanted to see @Jdude95 say something mildly witty and have another person come in and be less witty I'd watch old PCL reruns.
  8. joz

    Aussie World New Ride ‘Rat’

    Alright who wants to be the tedious person who correctly calls this out as being wrong?
  9. VRTP apologies that due to circumstances beyond their control, SW is still open.
  10. joz

    New bins in Wild West Falls queue

    The rubbish looks like it's in the overflow queue which normally doesn't get used though?
  11. joz

    Dreamworld’s biggest prize pack

    If open in the first year is an amazing condition given you also get a 5 year pass. But otherwise, yeah it's a gimmick, I don't care for gimmicks or competitions, many do though. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. joz

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Standard 'Storm is closed during summer, they are morons' rant.
  13. joz

    Sea World Carnivale 2020

    Wait so does this look like shit from the grass hill?
  14. joz

    New VRTP App

    Got the new logo standing by.