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  1. There's a bit of a clue in the title though 'remembering the 90s'. It's not claiming to represent one exact moment in time, so maybe you don't have to talk down to the person who made it for not visiting the park enough.
  2. Wow I've never seen someone drink so much cool aid before. A hotel near dreamworld will hurt their numbers because people will go down the road to Movie World instead? How do people come up with this shit?
  3. If you do buy the plunge, red hot tip make the pool at the bottom longer
  4. "Still the tallest, still the fastest, first to go backwards" would be an amazing ad to run. So long as they don't draw the direct comparison and don't mention what's going on down the road at all I think it's totally fine.
  5. I started watching and didn't get through it. Everytime they mentioned Disney I had a little cringe and they just wouldn't stop going on about it. Reckon the fact that the development is 2 thirds residential is probably worth a mention to. Despite that the development does seem like it's based on Dreamworld actually being there so as long as that's the case I'm cool with it.
  6. Notice the lack of exit stairs which were added for Bermuda allowing for the preshow room. Seconded how great that post was Glubbo
  7. I can't blame them for knee jerk reactions at this point tbh. If there is a design flaw I wonder who designed the modifications, as I can't imagine DW would be in the mood to take on the liability that comes with modifying restraints, and again if it's a design flaw I wonder if Zamperla might be working on a fix. As for the longer dispatch times, yeah it's shit but honestly can't see that making a huge impact on guests given where attendance is at.
  8. Calm down people it's a gimmick. Why must everyone get their knickers in a twist over everything?
  9. I think the trick is to go the Aussie World approach, open a pub on a major highway which backs onto a bunch of acres and let the pokie money fund the whole thing. Also FWIW I wouldn't let the average internet forum poster anywhere near a decision making position in a park I ran. Given that somewhat ruins the game, I'm out
  10. 5000 x $5000 is $25million. As for crowd funding a theme park (or fun park let's be real), not impossible, but it's not going to happen, not to those numbers anyway.
  11. If people buy it, they'll sell it. You can't blame the parks for the unhealthy habits of society. Also people don't go to the parks every day, its a treat, that's how the food should be viewed
  12. How do you know they're not doing all they can? I agree though, the amount of closed rides isn't good. We may know the rides are under more scruitiny than ever, but all joe public sees are closed rides. Getting the log ride open will help quite a lot there, but for now 4 (or 6 dependong on how you're counting) of the rides down isn't best foot forward type stuff.
  13. Not with a toddler? Because famously toddlers like to sleep in yeah? Here's the thing if you make an entrie train backwards that reduces capacity for the much more popular forwards facing seats, and you've got the issue of having a train down for maintainence which hasn't been addressed. The backwards train would also require a dickton of modification to have a full train of backwards seats. Having one of each is just not a well thought out idea. Realistically, there'll be challenges in managing it, but I think the length of the queue will sort out the demand issue for the back seat. "I kinda wanted to sit in the back but it's a 45min wait v a 10 min wait for a forward seat, don't think I'll bother" is a scenario that will play out a lot I reckon. I'm the sort of person who would have made the whole train forwards and would've bought a 3rd train so there's always 2 trains available, but you have to admit that the backwards gimmick has really captured the public's imagination, but I'd wait to see what acfually happens before making changes.
  14. Dreamworld have gone the high end night events route before with their Tiger Island events. I wonder if $100 includes a basic drinks package and festive foods? It might be that rather than trying to compete with Movie World's model of ram the park with 6,000 or so people who paid piss all and don't get to spend in the park because of the crowds and leave cranky and annoyed, Dreamworld have gone the 'We'd rather have 1,500 who we know we've got $110 out of and know they'll leave happy. Put in perspective Outback Spectacular is $100 for the 'basic' dinner, a couple drinks and the show package. $110 for dinner drinks and a theme park with added entertainment, yeah maybe that might work as a value propisition to some. If it doesn't include anything extra then you'd be wanting a pretty amazing couple of headline acts. I hope it works, but it's probably a little out of my price range, and that's despite the fact I normally spend $40odd everytime I visit the place.
  15. Lots of queue jumping upcharges have tiers, still think it'd be a bad idea. I think most people will queue for a bit, then realize that the short queue of 40 people ahead of them will take nearly an hour, get jack of it and just ride forwards, while only the most rusted on types will see out the wait.