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  1. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    What was it? A green screen photo place?
  2. joz

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    I did. $21.50.
  3. joz

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    I too recently saw the show. I think the most mind blowing thing for me was finding out his name is actually Cosentino, not Constentino.
  4. Yeah this is a tree falling in a forest Zen philosophy sort of thing. It's the interactions between the 2. Normally one will say something, the other will argue because internet and theyll both back and forth until name calling. Blocking isn't a perfect solution but it would make the earlier stages harder to achieve.
  5. Push and Alex are welcome to block each other.
  6. Debate us then, have an actual argument about why you think we're wrong. Don't just say I disagree and you're too negative without backing it up. 'You say consistently quality attractions at VRTP yet they added Sky Flyer. You're giving them a pass for adding crap.' That would be an argument; an actual point to support your opinion. I've now made more points for your argument than you have. I might still disagree with you when you're done but at least you'll have made a point. If you're not going to back up your position, I guess agree to disagree is the best we can do. I think you're wrong. That doesn't mean I dislike you or think all your contributions are invalid, but I think your opinion is not supported by facts. The article says 'DW have tentatively said publically something different to what they've been saying. Here's the context as to why they might be saying that, and here's why that's a good thing.' The article doesn't say 'DW says maybe thrill rides in the future. That's dumb'
  7. joz

    New and very different attractions

    Unsurprisingly, citation is unable to be provided. Same as I'm unable to provide evidence that the same extra scrutiny on theme parks is affecting Scooby. Oh and Sea World is a mess. They should never have gotten in such a state that they needed to add a temporary attraction.
  8. joz

    New and very different attractions

    I think it would be better for you if you untangle those 2 things in your mind. I think it's clouding your judgement and making you unable to take things on their merits. Reality is; Rivals is a really good coaster and is probably one of the biggest things that has helped Movie World get out of the post accident slump. As for 2 years and still getting praise; yeah what of it? It and Superman are really friggen good. No one heaps praise on Doomsday or Batwing because they're filler. Mostly what Ardent has added is also filler. DW got praised for the better part of 2 decades for the Tot/GD combo too, and with good reason. But they never followed it up with anything else amazing, and now those rides have been surpassed, it's very 'The king has no clothes' sort of thing. Reality is; Sky Voyager will probably be pretty good when it opens but it isn't yet. DW also bet a lot on that ride giving them a boost. The ride isn't open and they haven't had that boost. If you want to pretend that the reason it isn't open yet is because they were doing something so innovative, new and ambitious that it was impossible to get it done on time then that's up to you. You could face the reality and admit the truth that the ride is delayed because they are caught in a world of regulatory hurt that they caused themselves by falsifying documents to OH&S before TRRR's accident, but again, you should not be forced to allow reality into your bubble. Finally, you brought up Rivals and Sky Voyager in the uniqueness thread, so here it is, neither of these rides are unique. Rivals is excellent, Sky Voyager will probably be very good when it opens, but neither are unique. If you think Sky Voyager is unique because of a custom film or by virtue of the fact there's no other simulator like it in Austrlia, then Rivals is also unique by virtue of custom layout and being the only coaster of its type in Australia. You can't have one without the other.
  9. joz

    New and very different attractions

    Why do you think Sky Voyager is unique or 'taking a risk'? It's actually a really high satisfaction ride no matter where they get installed. The only 'risk' is it can be hard to advertise exactly what it is. I feel like you're bringing your own baggage to this conversation
  10. Are you sad because reality is interfering with the fairy tale bubble you want to live in?
  11. joz

    New and very different attractions

    Does anyone really make one of a kind attractions these days? Feels like it's back in the days when parks had old eccentric owners who poured their creativity into parks that you'd get truly one off in house attractions. Off the top of my head there's Whirlpool at WnW, a live SCUBA diving show at SW, and paddlesteemer bushrangers show at DW. I would also suggest that Young Einstein's gravity house at MW would fit into that, even if the idea was borrowed from Freedomland USA (another CV Wood park). I think aside from the standard high-end innovative stuff that Disney and Universal do, most additions these are more clinical and less unique. Even the unique stuff is stuff that you pick out of a catalogue from a manufacturer, or the same thing as something else with a different skin. You still get occasional unique things but I think it's rarer than it used to be. Having said that, whatever that strange Movie themed park in Italy is looks pretty wild.
  12. joz

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Well that's shit.
  13. joz

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Lol what? That can't be right
  14. joz

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Does anyone know how many seats?
  15. Why does a 4 year old care if stuff is new or not?