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  1. They have a high end premium section that's super awesome service, full proper drinks service, extra food offerings, meet and greet with the cast and a backstage tour. and costs like $250 a head. It's up the back but it's also it's own lounge. Top rail is a cheaper premium, you're sat directly in the middle downstage (so not on the sides) plus there's an extra drinks service or two and they throw in a program I think? Personally at Outback, from my experience I wouldn't be in the front row unless I was with people who couldn't climb stairs. There are 6 rows, I think the middle 4 rows, as close to downstage as you can get is where you want to be. The front row isn't bad as such, and being close is nice, but I think up a little higher is better, particularly since this show has the floor projection
  2. I totally agree with that. I think reviving the Flume would be a good way to spend a few million, but I don't see it as something that should still be there in another 42 years. Ideally in 10-15 You'd want to have a proper vision for how the middle of the park works. Reopening Flume just buys you time and helps fix the immediate problems the park will face in the medium term till it can be fixed properly.
  3. The only thing that's surprising about that is the arcade, as there are arcades that are open, and what's the difference between that and something like dodgems or tailspin? Otherwise not surprising really. Think it'll be a few rounds of eased restrictions to get everything back on track. Also controversial, I'd totally give them a pass for waiting till September to reopen WWW. I'm still totally of the opinion that the water parks should be open year round, but this year I'd be OK with it. There are no tourists from Victoria or NZ to give the full Gold Coast experience to, the only people up at the moment are locals and we ain't swimming. WnW opens soon enough and by the time WWW is ready to reopen WnW will have most of its stuff opened too.
  4. joz

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Yeah hadn't looked at the vouchers before, but agree that it's a good idea to encourage some extra spending on extras that pass holders wouldn't normally buy. Pass holders don't traditionally don't do things like stay at the resort or do a helicopter flight, so giving them a deal to keep those things ticking over is a winner to me in an environment where there are fewer tourists which is the normal market for those things. Locals get a deal to do things they don't normally do, the parks get to use that excess capacity that's currently being wasted and generate some revenue, win win I reckon.
  5. Yeah look as much crap as I hang on Atlantis I think the way they've done the concrete looks really good.
  6. 4th light from the left is the wrong colour
  7. joz

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    I dunno that looks pretty clearly just on or above the 'O' in 'OF'. Was no where near that high by the end.
  8. joz

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    No ones making you post these.
  9. Yeah it's really not a good look.
  10. Fine opinion to have. I disagree, but I will say the ride 100% wasn't made better when they rerouted it for storm - to put it very gently. It's not a world beater, and in its current form is a bit sad. But I think if you were to spend money to bring it back, it would be better bang for buck than demolishing everything and starting again. I don't think SW should be built around it though and it's not a sacred cow, but for now it's there and the whole park is so sad that it should be opened till a cohesive plan exists to use the land properly.
  11. It doesn't look 'Bad' by any stretch. It just looks bland and lacks any real imagination. I mean what is there? A metal frame that will presumably have plants on it one day, a single statue, some fences and a sign. It doesn't invoke anything really, it's certainly not themed, at best you could say it's 'styled'. Nothing wrong with styling a ride though, hell most things at SW in its history haven't been themed and it's worked out fine. I think themeing wise the worst thing about it is it's trying to be Atlantis themed. I think remove the statute, plant a heap of trees, build a few wooden huts with thatched roofs and make the presntation be 'Vaugely nice and tropical' rather than 'Vaugely nice and Atlantis' would be much more successful. That's all you can really say about Vortex. It's all neat, and clearly much more effort went into it than went into Sky Flyer, but thats not really saying anything. Will the rest of the area compete it out and make it fit more? Maybe. I still think it's the wrong ride for that plot of land and a top spin really should be closer to the coaster or somewhere else entirely, but it is what it is. A thrill ride should be nowhere near dolphin pools. Given how soon after Wipeout's closure the announcement of Vortex was and how far away it is from the other 2 planned rides, I strongly suspect that it was a pretty late addition to the project, so presumably if there is any kind of vision and imagination being put into Atlantis, you won't see it till stage 2. Fingers crossed but don't go holding your breath. So yeah, this post is all over the place and doesn't really go anywhere but just a few random thoughts
  12. ... or they could put in some actual effort for once?
  13. That chart is visitors to the Gold Coast, not visitors to theme parks. For that reason it fails to take locals into account.
  14. Is the land set to Atlantis before, after or during the sinking?