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  1. Looks like we're in the middle of an old fashioned 'Pedantic off' boys! No
  2. Not normally much of anything attendance wise. A tick above average, but not crazy one way or the other. I don't know I'd do an event for it, but I wouldn't not do one either if that makes sense. Even accounting for the higher wages for the public holiday that's a strange one for my taste. I think WWW is stuck in the shadow of it's bigger, less successful brother which stops it from actually achieving anything meaningful on its own.
  3. It's a nice theory, but it seems more like wishful thinking than anything that will actually happen. I'll still probably visit early in the year to have a go at BD so I guess they got their money. I guess I'll figure out when I'm there if I'll be back again without another major ride.
  4. That's another part of it though. Why is there a bush ranger show at Dreamworld now though? Dreamworld used to have River Town, Rocky Hollow, and Gold Rush, all themed lands which while not expressly about bushrangers, fit hand in glove with them. What do bushrangers have to do with Dreamworld now? 'It used to fit with the theme of the park' isn't a good answer.
  5. I would not like to see it return. The Dreamworld it made sense in died many years ago. I would like to see a boat ride on the river, even using the same track if possible, but more on the scale of Jungle Cruise or Cedar Point's western river expedition.
  6. You know how I said that John didn't just do what Disney did, he understood why? Adding a statue is literally just doing something Disney do without really understanding why. Given John's public statements of what he thinks of the park nowadays, I don't think them adding a statue is quite the grand gesture you think it is.
  7. That really sucks. I know he's had his health worries for a while now but doesn't make it suck any less. I've been thinking a lot about DW's history lately, and one thing that has occurred to me is how rough calling his DW a 'Disney knock off' is. I'm sure I've even been guilty of making that point somewhere in the past. It's true that the influence is there to see, from building designs to the Paddle Steamer to the Matterhorn with a ride in it, to the animatronic animal show to so much else. It's there and it's not a secret. He wasn't alone in it; there are a lot Disney knock offs out there The thing about John though, is he studied it understood why it worked, and took that understanding to make his own totally different and unique thing. Look at all those Disney knock offs that have sprung up in Asia (or even the entire Chinese amusement industry as a whole) and tell me the people behind them understand what makes a park good. John not only understood why Disney worked, but was able to craft it into something else entirely, an Australiana version, that was really charming and amazingly good. That's an effort, I don't think there's any one else that could have done it. There are a million other things he did, but that will always be the one that made the most impact on my life, RIP mate, see if you can book a chat with Walt while you're up there.
  8. I've done part days by myself and enjoyed them. I'm also not a solo traveller as a rule so if you are, if say go for it!
  9. How many staff does Scooby and WWF take to run though. They are popular, but are they as popular as 3 other rides
  10. Yeah, I think staff shortages would be a big part of it. Don't know if anyone has been out and about recently but there are a lot of closed places out there
  11. TBH, 2022 has been awesome for me! Doesn't mean I'm going to piss my pants with excitement at a bus stop though.
  12. Look it's fine. It's a little bit better than other bus stops.
  13. Some people are just drama queens I guess. They'll be planning for the absoloute worse case of everything and probably want others to be ready too. Again, I don't think you are dishonest or anything stupid like that, but again that seems crazy high. If it is right (which it could be I guess) the follow up comment about not extrapolating the data is my response if it is right.
  14. Ok I'm seeing a pretty boring backdrop with a small logo and some pretend coaster seats. What am I missing that makes this really good?
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