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  1. I just hope it's a success so we see more of this sort of thing. I can't see it having much repeat value for locals, but it is an air conditioned attraction that literally anyone can check out. A small amount of behind the scenes and attractions for everyone are exactly what MW could do with. Ultimately what I'd love to see is a more classic brightly lit pristine museum with lots of different items from lots of movies, with a flex space off to the side with revolving exhibitions on what just finished at the studios. Ideally at the front of the park for all those grandparents looking for something to do while the kids are off queuing for Hyper coaster and Superman. As it is, I'm pretty pleased with this as an attraction though. I don't think it'll do much to move the needle on attendance and I don't think it has massive staying power, but I think having something that people can have a breather like this with is important, and does give MW that behind the scenes element it's been missing for a while, AND ties in the park with the studios next door. Good move!
  2. joz

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Yeah there's your problem. Here's my 2 step plan to improving the DW train; 1. Close Billabong station. It's very close and down hill from Central Station. Close it so the train can spend more time moving and less time stopped. 2. Always leave as soon the train is ready to depart. There is no good reason to only run the train every half hour. The train also adds an element of kinetic energy to the park and ups the capacity. Done, fixed your train.
  3. joz

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    Are they still parking at Central Station forever for no good reason?
  4. joz

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    Judging from the boats in the course that look like they've been evacuated I'd say broken down.
  5. Why what's wrong with Czech rides? (Not arguing I just don't know my traveling rides)
  6. I think it's sustainable. The newness factor has well and truly worn off and it's running off it's own sustainability at this point. I think the newness of the technology might see a boost of some kind, but ultimately it's sustainable if people enjoy the show regardless of the tech. If people see the new show and think it's good and tell their friends then it's sustainable, as it has been for the past 8 or so years since the newness wore off.
  7. The boom lift is for higher too. 👍🏻
  8. joz

    Sea World Carnivale 2019

    Sigh. Only 6 dates all of which miss peak the peak of peak season. Was also hoping they were going to do a night show with a bit more substance to it than just LAZERS AND FOUNTAINS but the public ate it up last year so can't blame them. Seems very phoned in. How about this though; Just as an experiment, why not try doing one Aquacolour show at 7.30 with rides till 7.00 for the 2 weeks after boxing day included in admission? All the crap is there for the show anyway and running all the rides for an extra 2 hours costs all of $1000 so not exactly going to break the bank. If you manage to sell <100 burger meals to the 2,000 odd people in the top terrace who might stick around you'll make that back. So go on, do something just a tiny bit above the bare minimum, just to mix things up a bit. EDIT: Also no Monorail. Can you try even just a little bit?
  9. Wait are they just burying it?
  10. I thought the water park expansion and new wildlife experience were the same thing 🤔
  11. Get back there, the coverage has been awful It's actually kind of interesting in itself; so much awful stuff has come out that DW seem to have maxed out the amount of bad press they can get. It's kind of like winning a fight by beating yourself to a pulp and making the enemy take pity on what a pathetic bloody mess you are.
  12. joz

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    It's also priced high as a way of stifling demand so the average guest who has paid admission doesn't get the shits with it. If you put a cap on it and price it low you're upsetting all the peeps who have piss all money who want to skip. Price it high and the whole issue takes care of itself.
  13. joz

    Artificial ski park planned for Gold Coast

    Well colour me shocked
  14. joz

    MW Fast Track price dropped to $99

    It's about supply and demand. The 2 parks are completely different in terms of economics. Average wage in America for theme park guests is also way lower, you can just convert into Aussie $ and get any kind of idea.