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  1. That's good news, drove past this afternoon and was shocked at how empty the carpark was for such a nice day. Glad there was a reason for it.
  2. I like Scooby being themed for the movie that was filmed at the park, but changing the theme for the new Scooby Doo movie also makes sense. 3 years is too long to wait for a fix though, hope it goes back to being roughly how it was, with a few enhancements here and there to make it worth advertising. As for the rest; Jetsons would be an interesting franchise for a ride. A trip through a cartoon future could be kind of fun. Can picture a screen heavy darkride working rather well. You'd have to do it in the style of the movie though because the original Jetsons is pretty hokey by today's standards, and given how bad Warner Brothers are at making movies at the moment you'd have to be brave to back them to handle a reboot of something made for a different era. The Matrix is about the most perfect movie concept for a big outdoor coaster ever, it's one of the only themes where you literally only have to theme the queue and station and still have a ride which tells it's story perfectly (The queue is 'real world' the coaster chair plugs you into the matrix and the coaster is an advanced training program. That easy!). Providing they don't stuff up the reboot then you'd theme it to that, if they do screw it up just theme it to original, reckon it's a proven classic at this point. Short Circut I'd love to see but not as a ride, but by having a Number 5 robot roaming main street interacting with guests. It's been done before with PUSH at Disneyland, and Universal did a similar sort of thing with that fountain at IoA.
  3. That's the worst headline ever but that's a nice spin on what is a pretty grim situation for theme park fans.
  4. I think that is the least annoying instance of someone say they know something I've seen.
  5. @Flynn_Smith Charge your phone, it's making me feel uncomfortable
  6. So hang on we removed a post and you wanted to carry on the argument? If there was a silly post and it was removed, wouldn't that be a sign to drop it if your point is 'we all need to be more positive'? Not trying to pick a fight but you know? Meh bugger this I'm more than willing to put this whole thing behind us. Peace pipe dude? EDIT My god you lot respond fast!
  7. @Fultre Just added the bit you decided not to quote. If pointing out that something is good but inaccurate is part of the problem with the community, then honestly I don't know what to say. FWIW I agree that this isn't the friendliest little corner of the Internet. But if someone pointing out the world isn't all wonderful and positive is a challenging concept I suggest never leaving the house TBH. I'm with you and don't like people down voting people they don't like or disagree with. I only very rarely use the downvote option, but as part of the 'Parkz Clean up team' if there is a low quality post or something that just descends into nonsense I can hide it. Fun piece of trivia, the MW coaster thread is actually 167 pages at the moment. Also @GoGoBoy ain't new, he's as much a piece of the furniture as I am. Everyone should listen to him though, people like him are why I stay around. Finally I don't follow who doesn't get along with who off the site or in private messages. I moderate based solely on what's posted here. If someone is bullying you on here and in your life in general feel free to private message us to let us know, but generally we don't have to worry about that because our audience is mostly adults who know not to take things said about them on the internet to heart.
  8. OK time out here: Thing is when you say something is practically spot on and it's not you will get called out on it. It's really good what he made, but it's not right, and doubling down on how right it is right before a massive 'it's not right' moment is a bit silly. I mean of the 4 things that have been built 2 are right, one is off the mark and one is totally wrong, another is about to be wrong. Don't take it as a personal attack when someone points that out. Finally, and this is for both of you; you're among the adults on the boards, don't make it personal and childish.
  9. Movie World is the only park I don't have strong nostalgic feelings for, and I was at the exact right age when it opened. The only thing I think the park had going for it back in the day were more genuine family rides than today (3) and far better shows. Improve the entertainment offerings (which if they really gave any sort of shit about they could do tomorrow) and add a genuine family adventure ride and some token 'behind the scenes' element and you've got a park that would easily be a million times better than what was there before. As it is now, it's probably still better than it used to be, the ride collection is far better, and the sorts of rides they have now give the park better atmosphere than it used to have. The thing is though it used to take a good couple hours just to experience everything even without queueing because that's just how long everything went for. Whereas now you're looking at what an hour and a half tops if you include the parade and HSD? Also just saying, Lethal Weapon did not have a story, it had a pointless clip from the Movie. Arkham despite being more cheap looking definitely has more of a story than Lethal. It's 'You're in Arkham asylum, the Joker and Harley Quinn have taken over and are putting you on their own version of Shock Therapy' V 'Here's a clip from Lethal Weapon and you're a stunt driver(?)'.
  10. @Theme Park Girl I'd consider getting rid of Village Roadshow logos on the fence a massive achievement rather than a fault if that were the case, though I suspect they'll be back. If it turns out someone did read my rant and changed their mind then I'll happily buy a carton of domestic beer for whichever manager took it onboard.
  11. Despite the poll results (19-15 in favour of closing) this thread stays for now as it was a pretty slim majority. Have a nice day
  12. This is such an inane topic that I've decided to add a poll to this thread. I'll check back in 24 hours to carry out the desired action. In answer to the question, yes I have experienced an effect or audio problem, and so has everyone who has been on a ride wether they know it or not.
  13. Thing is I'm not the one who suggested an immersive themed land with an RMC then went on about how I'd have it all be about story. No matter what backstory you come up with, when you walk in the area it looks like a roller coaster, and when you're on it it's tall enough that you see thr outside world. You can't have an immersive themed land with an RMC without a Disney budget. I think words like immersion and story are enthusiast wank though, so RMC me!
  14. Thing is you can't have a fully immersive themed land which also has an RMC in it just because of how visually intrusive it is, and an RMC is absolutely what 6 Flags would do, not Disney or Universal. So your choice is either an RMC or an immersive themed land. You could make a compelling case for either and I don't care to debate the advantages of each way you could go. As far as adding a story to Rocky Hollow goes I don't know what you think that'll add to the ride. The ride has enough as is, it's one of those old logging camps where they float logs down the river and the the themeing for the most part supports that with logging train and all sorts of saws on the wall. Is it set the world on fire stuff? No but it doesn't need a story to 'fix' it either.
  15. Pointless thread is pointless.