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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    1. No, they employ people and cast the rest aside. There is no 'waiting list' 2. Depends on a few things, but generally no. You've got courses on during the day, the parks are open during the day. They want flexible employees, not people who can only work 4 set days a week. However seasonal jobs do exist that might work for you. 3. Constantly. Keep an eye out for the sort of position you're looking for but theres almost always something going. 4. There are many reasons why you might want to learn Mandarin. To improve your chances of getting a job at the parks is not one of them. I would expect that it would be regarded favorably, however being a warm outgoing person will probably count for more than a second language.
  2. Theres a strange dissconnect witg driving and car crashes. Normally the headline with a fatal car crash on the M1 is how big the traffic jam is.
  3. Thanks for the help members! Lol The links to buy tickets that we put up are indeed legit.
  4. I like theme parks. I like activites which involve drinking. I am delighted to finally be part of the target audience for a thing.
  5. Really? Because I kind of got the opposite impression. While I'm pleased that there might bot be a design flaw, here's the thing I think you're not getting: There's no way to tell who the dodgey operators are. What also appears to be true, is that ride safety on the traveling circuit appears to be a voluntary thing, if you want to go above and beyond and make your rides safe, you can, if you want to take chances with safety, apparently you can do that too. So long as the conditions that allow dodgey operators to exist are present, stuff like this will keep happening, and people will continue to not trust traveling rides.
  6. Village idiot would be a great name for those people who for some reason think everything Village do is amazing.
  7. Which is almost more than the speed limit on the M1
  8. Sea World Expansion

    Well I have but I expect I'm an extreme case. I agree that south of the park makes sense for development, theres only a couple of small plots available and they're currently overgrown and inaccessible to the piblic anyway, not the sort of thing people would miss. Also wonder if you could build a cruise ship terminal west of SW's carpark and have a dining entertainment area shared by the CST and Sea World? Just throwing ideas out there that would get a CST built while avoiding most of the controversy. Another thing that struck me from the announcement yesterday was when Anna goes 'we have a vision for the Spit; to let the community decide what to do with it' which to me kind of sounds like no vision at all.
  9. Sea World Expansion

    What a shame we'll never learn asf's plan for dealing with parking. I can kinda support the idea that the development is a bit big for the space, I can kind of buy the traffic would be too big an issue, but I cant get behind this horseshit about how important the land is. North of SW is the area which I can support should be upgraded into a big piss off parkland. Question on that, instead of the cruise ship terminal being built at the end of the spit or on the ocean side, why couldnt it be built south of SW?
  10. No more than has already been confirmed. Don't think their plans to add more stuff around MW is a secret.
  11. Glad it's not just me who thinks this. The ride will be awesome and no one goes on a coaster for the supports, but my god that first drop in it's incomplete state looks ugly.
  12. Forum upgrade

    Yeah here's how the Kool-Aid goes: if someone heaps unnecessary praise on anything that doesn't warrant it, be it on a park, an attraction, a fellow member or even a website. For example, if someone posts a review about SW Carnivale saying how great and immersive an experience it is despite it being unanimously average at best, one may appropriately react with the Kool Aid button. Would just remind everyone not to use it to mock anyone who says something positive.
  13. I was wondering the same. Could it be the first broken car hit and damaged the second one?
  14. Does the floor lower and stay lowered? Did it in this instance? Like everyone I don't know what happened, there was speculation that's what it was floating around, all I was getting at is that regardless of what it ends up being it'll be interesting. I don't intend for my post to be stand up in court ay.
  15. Unlike IKEA furniture, these rides are designed to be pulled apart and put back together, so not a great example. Having said that one of the more horrific things you'll see. I'll be very interested to find out what's happened here, be it not assembled properly, faulty floor, poor upkeep, improper set up or improper operating standards.