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  1. Do people think the State Government should be subsidising the construction of both company's coasters, as a way to stimulate both construction and tourism? Obviously if one of the companies were to hypothetically receive a large fine for some bad shit they did years ago they'd still have to pay that, but outside of that the State Government could kick in say $10million to each. Thoughts?
  2. joz

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Yeah cheers. It makes sense that because of how quickly they've had to rush it out that there going to be a lot of undefined terms or 1 in 10,000 cases that haven't been specifically dealt with. For example here I know someone who works for the parks but legit only works for them once every few months (if that), and as far as I know doesn't have another job.
  3. joz

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    @AlexB What does regular employment mean? That you did shifts every fortnight or that you've just been on the books for a year?
  4. I think I now know the difference between 'Precinct' and 'Themed land'. Themed land is an immersive world, precinct is non themed but with the odd decoration related to an abstract theme. I already know which one I like more, and it isn't Precinct.
  5. joz

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Omfg stop
  6. joz

    Al Mucci Resignation

    I just hope he quit because he wanted to do his own thing not fleeing a sinking ship.
  7. The problem is that I don't have enough on the sidelines right now. Webjet is rapidly approaching bargain territory, BHP and Rio are dropping like a rock. QANTAS has more than halved. These are companies that 100% will survivor, and give it 3 years they'll be back to where they were. Ardent are looking like a good speculative bet, but there's so many other sure things out there right now, and we're not even at the bottom yet!
  8. I wouldn't be in any great rush, that's not going to come online for a few years yet and I can't see anything pushing them up in the meantime. On the upside it will be right next to a brand new train station when it does open.
  9. Who said anything about rushing. I said worth looking at. 47 cents its still worth looking at. Also I don't think I've ever bought anything that didn't go down in value the second after I bought it. Investing is a longer game than that though. I own shares in Star Casino because I think their project in Brisbane will do good, but bugger me I'd love if more people went to the casino because the Chinese aren't and those share prices not looking good lol
  10. Gee I dunno at 52cents I reckon its worth a look. Assuming they get through the next 2 years there's a lot of potential upside at that price. It's a pretty decent sized 'If' though.
  11. joz

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Why would you think that? FWIW I don't really rate the all cars different colours thing going on. I get it for the theme of toy cars and it's not the absolute worst out there, but I don't really rate it. I'd be pleased if they did give the train a consistent colour scheme, but it doesn't massively matter to me.
  12. joz

    Hot Wheels Sidewinder Refurbishment

    Why would you assume that?
  13. joz

    Dreamworld painting.

    There's probably less people there when the park is open