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  1. joz

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Schnitzel is what you order when you can't afford a parmagania.
  2. It's only worth it of the rest of the park is too crowded. You want don't want to spread things too thin or the event will lack atmosphere
  3. Yeah that looks like shiiiiiiit. Don't think a sign and a few palm trees is fixing that.
  4. joz

    The latest Dreamworld stuff up

    Feel better now?
  5. joz

    The latest Dreamworld stuff up

    None of the moderators have commented saying this is the wrong place to post this. We don't need anyone else to do so for us.
  6. joz

    Fright Nights 2019

    What if I told you that the reason the mazes are less surprising/fun isn't because the mazes are worse, it's because you're getting older and you've seen it all before?
  7. Exactly. It should be a static light
  8. I disagree. Stop the bat signal from moving around. Looks tacky.
  9. Ah yes, because the batsignal is famous for moving?
  10. Doesn't seem necessary, but also seems respectful.
  11. joz

    Wipeout Removal

    Could be Goldie, Casey, Ronald or an early photo of the Ariadne CEO
  12. Spectacularly wrong.
  13. Well before you applaud too heavily I just had a look at their booking system and had a look at making a booking for a Wednesday morning for 2 people. It quoted $500. Based off the prices on the website ($50 per hour) that's a booking fee of $250. EDIT: I actually forgot that TG have a promotion on at the moment where it's $15 per person for 3 hours Weekday mornings, booking fee was effectively $320.
  14. joz

    Sea World to reveal $50m spend

    The quality of the documentation matters too.