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  1. joz

    Future Dark Ride at Dreamworld

    Thank god we've got someone to Gatekeep on whether something is interesting or not.
  2. joz

    Quick February Dreamworld video update

    It is a ghost town. What's interesting to me is how much they're trying with in park entertainment and the like. My view of rides closing early has actually significantly softened after my recent visit. There just isn't anyone there. The problem DW has isn't that the rides are closing early, the problem is no one is there to go on the rides. I'm also of the view that DW desperately needs a new kick ass coaster, both to draw in crowds and to allow 1 or 2 of the old rides to be retired gracefully. I also totally understand why there isn't one in the pipeline. Post accident the idea of adding a new scary ride just seemed unthinkable, and a new family ride 100% seemed the only way to go. Thing is with the long lead in times for a coaster they actually should have signed the contract the first Christmas after the accident. Unfortunately that's something that you can only really see with hindsight. SV when it opens will help the in park experience, and it might do something to help attendance a little, but I think bringing a new coaster to market now rather than a (by all accounts) quite good simulator would do more to change the story of the park. When SV was announced, many people had the idea for Aviation Land on what was Gold Rush. I think Aviation Land with a relocated Tail Spin, Rethemed Buzzsaw, SV, & anchored by a new coaster would do very well. In ocean parade replace Wipeout TailSpin and Trolls with a modern Shoot The Chute ride. DW as is isnt getting people through the door, you need to do something drastic to change the narrative.
  3. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    If Dreamworld added some shit to GD gondola themselves I can imagine that post accident when they reaudited their rides they decided to remove anything that wasn't put there by the manufacturer.
  4. I think there is a genuine claim for anyone who saw what happened, more so for those first responders, but this makes no sense. I'll just have to put it down to poor journalism and hope what their involvement was gets explained later. From all the photos though there's only 2 rafts involved and wasnt even one anywhere near the scene on the Conveyor. Feel like if there was a third boat or if there were people in the first I'm shocked that this is the first I'm hearing of it.
  5. joz

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    @AlexB I disagree with the assertion that the timing of the event in the same month as Halloween is an important motivating factor for why people go to Fright Nights at MW. Halloween isn't Christmas, you can do scary stuff whenever you like. Scary movies come out year round, haunt style attractions operate and tour year round. If it makes more sense for ticketing and weather reasons to do a scary event in Feb or March, then there really isn't a good reason not to. Equally if you're doing a Carnivale event it doesn't have to be at the same time of year as Rio Carnival or Mardi Gras. Hold the event when it makes sense, and it makes way more sense for Adventure World to hold this event in Feb/March.
  6. joz

    Adventure World 30/1/19

    Because it's hard to build up momentum to sell tickets at during the off season. How important is Halloween to Fright Nights at MW anyway? Never see it referenced. I bet most people who go to Fright Nights don't make the connection that Halloween is on the 31st and that's why MW is doing a scary event during October. So why not do it in Feb? When you do it literally doesn't matter so long as it's good.
  7. joz

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    If you're going to put a flat ride into MW in Lethal courtyard you're best off with something pretty small. Something like a breakdance but less of a tripping hazard to load is about right. Really though, how long does AA have left? 10 years? Maybe? In that case I'd leave that part of the park as is until AA goes and the whole area comes up for redevelopment. In the meantime a redone kids area, new Stunt Show and smaller additions would probably see the park through pretty good. Theres also the flat ride pad in the middle of Superman's heilex to consider.
  8. joz

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Clearly it's not down to change stickers, and surely hot wheel was paying Dreamworld to sponsor a ride not Dreamworld paying for the hot wheel logo. So yeah if its closed for something else, fair enough to spruce it up for when it reopens. I forgot until I saw that pic though how ugly the multi coloured train is
  9. joz

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    I must admit Parkway is probably the outlet I'd close first. Even when the park is busy the place is deserted. Think the whole place was really poorly conceived to be honest. Utterly charmless in an inconvenient location with uninspired menu. Not bad, just uninspired. Think it might've worked better as more retail space or a proper restaurant but a fast food eatery with all the charm of a particularly boring truck stop.
  10. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    I thought 135 was the current speed too.
  11. joz

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    The problem for Aussie parks is 10-5 is already lean. There isn't really any fat to cut off it for changing seasons. I honestly think they'd e better off saying 'weekdays the whole park is open 10 till 4' than pretending that 4 rides constitutes an open park. Half functioning park all day is worse than a full functioning park for one less hour. Apart from that there's no where to go so calling for flexible hours isn't going to help.
  12. joz

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    Ah see of it's about gaming the system that's fine. Does make me hate fastpass+ that little bit more though
  13. joz

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    Buzzsaw Sidewinder Wipeout the train and the pointless ferris wheel all closed right now. If you alternate rides now there really isn't going to be much left.
  14. joz

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    What ride at Disney is good if you dont count the themeing though? Pretty much all their rides are average but they're dressed up to hell. Even for a family coaster, 7DMT is laughably bad as a coaster but people queue for hours to see the themeing. ToT is a weak as piss drop ride, but totally enclose it and theme it to twilight zone and you get something special. The bit of Haunted Mansion that makes it amazing is not the physical sensation of riding the Omni Mover ride vehicle. Frozen is a standard flume ride. If thats true then ToT is a below average drop ride and Test Track is literally the same as driving to the park.
  15. joz

    Walt Disney World Holiday

    In that classic 'I agree with 99% of what you say but I'm going to talk about the 1% I disagree with' style that the internet it known for: Fastpass for Spaceship Earth? Don't go on it first thing in the morning. There saved you a fastpass. Also Frozen is an average Flume ride? Really? I like the movie fine enough but holy crap that thing looks great. The tech and execution of that ride are next level. Obviously you know if a ride based off Frozen will appeal to you or not but dismissing it as 'An average Flume ride' is a mistake.