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  1. joz

    Movie World - The Next Few Years

    If try it with a trackless bus or something first before you put rails down. My suspicion is that Main Street at MW is too narrow to run a ride up it most of the time.
  2. joz

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    Seeing that has made me really excited for the track to be taken out. I forgot how much I hated the placement of ToT
  3. Nah you're supposed to keep it sparse with rides in inappropriate far flung places, and the rides should have really abstract themes.
  4. The latest release to the share market describes Vortex as opening first quater 2020
  5. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    Temple of Huey painting?
  6. joz

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    Yeah I like how there's a few 'grown up' ones in there as well as family movies. Really eclectic mix, like they're throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. I'm just stoaked to see them doing something so positive TBH.
  7. joz

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    Yep, that's all about perfect.
  8. joz

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    I've heard rumbling to this effect. Bringing Dive in Movies back included in admission, with rides open after dark for the run of the school holidays (Not one week, not 2 weeks, but from boxing day till the weekend before school goes back. It's not a new slide, but if it happens, to me it would be a massive sign that the Tim & Bob short sighted decision making era is behind us and things are looking up.
  9. @Skeeta $3.00 won't get me to Disney, but I reckon it would get me a deluxe caravan at the Grafton Holiday Park.
  10. I've got about 1000 Ardent Shares at about what it's trading for now, figured that the new ride late next year will do a lot in bringing the place back. While I'm glad to be back on level pegging I was a bee's dick away from buying more at 90cents but it shot up before got down that far. Explains the mystery gains of the last week because no doubt word got out. Bugger, missed making a lazy $300 by a week and 1 or 2 cents. Don't think I'll be buying any more at $1.20, although I'm sure who ever bought in intends to make money at that price. Last I saw, Gary is in at $1.24 so that's 2 rich people who think they can make money here. It's also possible that someone has worked out that buying all of Ardent is cheaper than buying DW. As you can tell I have nothing insightful or interesting to add but am interested in the topic.
  11. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    Your theme parks. The fuck does that even mean? Why is having the same nothing slogan on each parks website a good thing? Why is there such a crappy cheap ugle fence around the chopper? Also why not a branded helicopter? And in the current climate of OH&S overreach, why is the fire hydrant now in a fenced off area?
  12. joz

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    Wtf those lights?
  13. joz

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    Yeah interesting. Sounds like there's a lot of swings with mostly misses but a couple hits. At least there actually are some swings because they spent a long time not even trying. Hopefully next year we can forgo the stuff that didn't work like the gross fountain and the 'good on you for trying' pumpkin globe and build on the stuff that does. Also Murrisppi River surely?
  14. joz

    Dreamworld October Update 2019

    Wait when you say 2 carriages, do you mean 2 full passenger carriage and the last car?
  15. joz

    Dreamworld October Update 2019

    Not to sound like a negative Nancy, but isn't a large part of the Carpark housing slide pieces at the moment?