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  1. Given Doomsday is still closed and assuming annual literally means 12 monthly surely it's good for the rest of the year. Things aren't quite that simple though so who knows.
  2. Yikes that's a big one for WWF. Hard to know for sure, but looks like with what else is going on over winter it's closure has had to be delayed a bit this year. Also interesting that Scooby's regular end of year downtime isn't on there yet, so perhaps more to come later in the year.
  3. Ah that's right! I had it my head that it was moved to some second world country and then that park shut down. Got my wires well and truly crossed
  4. Assume that's the Batman from Six Flags New Orleans?
  5. Yeah must admit, I'm not normally a fan of that sort of thing (lighting a closed ride), but I think you're right on this. I've been getting photos from non theme park people who are like 'Woah' and getting all excited for when it does open, so light it up pretty all you like! Wooden coasters do look kind of magic at night too.
  6. Far out DW fanboys, a lot of people have involvement in a project. But someone says Kudos to whoever at VRTP signed off on it, and say well direct your kudos to DW then. Then it's a case of 'No, he didn't sign off on it' and it's like 'Well he was probably involved, and who cares anyway'. Well no one does except for some reason people wanted to attribute the popular thing to their man for what ever reason, and then act like others are being pety for saying 'Nah that's not how it is'. Maybe he put wooden coasters on the radar. Maybe he said 'You should ride this'. Maybe. I've no dou
  7. But even then most of those parks are closed for the majority of that. If you're seasonal you announce before haunt to drive pass renewals for next year, like there's a purpose to it. These days the trend is to announce stuff long before the passes are even on sale, so you get no sales boost, and carry no momentum. By the time it's built it's already yesterday's news. In Australia, I think the sweet spot is about 6 months prior to opening for something big; you can tie pass sales to it, and get people who don't buy passes starting to plan a visit. For something like Vortex or any D
  8. Controversial thought: this current trend of announcing rides 18+ months out can piss off.
  9. I wonder if they have to pay a fee to show it, where as they would own the Australia film? The change is good, but I think they should really run that Australia film as much as they can, and only bust out the others when it makes sense and you see a boost. If you constantly change the film then you stop getting any kind of boost when you do it, it just becomes expected.
  10. Has anyone who has seen both the Showtime FMX show at WnW and moster trucks at DW have any thoughts comparing them?
  11. It used to be a footbridge before the Giant Drop mess went in.
  12. Native wildlife? Oooh sounds exciting!
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