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  1. Nah, I'm quite satisfied with people not being able to spot me in the crowd thanks
  2. Having said that though I think they NEEDED to extend passes by 6 months. No one would have renewed, they need people to go back and start feeling normal about being there before they can hope to start charging for passes. 10% of people wanted refunds, to me that's about how many people you'd expect to hear say stuff like 'I'm never going back'. The question is how much they're willing to ride it out. This year is a write off, what happens next year? They'll still be down but will it recover enough to decide to keep going with the park is a big question right now. My advice is if you want the park to be their in a few years, then get your butts down there and spend some money.
  3. What do you think they should spend the $15 on instead? EDIT: If you go to the effort of finding out how much it would cost at domestic prices (which I'll give you a tip, they don't pay), I'm going to delete the hell out of it because I don't care and neither does anyone else.
  4. All these ideas about how Dr. Who could work have successfully convinced me that Dr. Who is an awful idea.
  5. Sea World basically exists because of having Dolphin Shows. I don't think Affinity is the best incarnation, but again is see it as 'dolphin shows at Sea World', in which case it totally belongs there. Mammoth Falls I think is also deserving of its place on the list. I mean it has a very long ride time, a small height requirement, genuinely fun for all ages, is rerideable, and a has massive capacity. It was also the first of Wet "n" Wild's big modern slides and really helped the park transition from small local water park, to something quite special. I think it's a pretty good list really. All of those attractions are not only the best the Gold Coast has, but they were also what made the Gold Coast what they are. When you look through the list, (with the exception of PA which was just perfection itself) most of those rides represent some sort of coming of age for the park they're in, and resulted in a boost which propelled the park along. The only change I would have made would be to combine ToT/GD onto one spot and get Corkscrew on the list. While nothing special in terms of a coaster it was able to be the signature thrill ride for Sea World pretty much it's whole life. I'm glad that rides like Green Lantern, Claw and Buzzsaw didn't make the list, because while all fun rides, I don't view them as being anything 'special'.
  6. Nah they're their own company. Village tried to take control of the property and turn it into a water park but that never happened.
  7. I just want to know how they're affording all this. I've only been up there a handful of times but I've never been up there and thought 'wow they're really raking in the cash today!' I mean the pub has pokies but even that doesn't really explain it to me.
  8. That to me leaves a themed area that's still a bit of a mess. I'd be much more inclined to start again with the only thing in the area being Buzzsaw, and even that can be painted and rethemed.
  9. Someone made a Doctor Who ride in RCT3. You should watch it.
  10. RE: Re-use the Rapids Ride Cave for a relocated Vintage Cars No. Just no. That is a horrible idea. Re using any infrastructure from the Rapids ride is in poor taste, and would serve as a constant reminder about what happened. Also people are suggesting keeping the Gold Rush theme and moving the Vintage cars to the area; the last Goldrush was over way before Model T Fords came along. The only advantage of a rethemed area with Vintage cars is that it would be very cheap; it's just the cost of demolishing what's already there (which they have indicated they're planning to anyway) and pouring a new roadway. The cheapness is literally the only thing the idea has going for it.
  11. Must have had a really efficient crew on that day. They really should buy another 32 trains for that ride
  12. As a side point it's good to see them running 2 trains on Superman in that photo
  13. Yeah there are two types of people who like animals. There are the people who are passionate about animal welfare and become vets, biologists, trainers, park rangers. There are people who spend a lifetime getting to know animals inside and out and do everything they can to protect them and raise awareness about actual environmental issues. Then, there are people like this, who make placards and protest what the other lot are doing. They only make one claim in their article, that because they do 'demeaning tricks' they are healthy enough to be released. Yeah, fit for release has to do with their survival prospects, not how fast they can swim. It has to do with life skills and natural instinct. Most of the animals at Sea World were captive born, they have no experience with the wild. Those that weren't born at Sea World are either rescues (and hot tip, if they think they'll survive in the wild they release them. That's a parks an wildlife decision too not a Sea World decision) and those that were wild born are now so old that they're past the life expectancy for wild Dolphins. It's worth noting that not all the dolphins at Sea World are used in shows, in fact the vast majority are not. Dolphins also when they get older, they do 'retire' from shows and get to live a leisurely life. Also worth noting is that they arent asked to work harder than wild dolphins who have to hunt their food. If Sea World had dolphins and didn't get them to exercise in feeding sessions THAT would be cruel. Finally, doing things for an audience isn't cruel because there is an audience. You ask your dog to sit at dinner time before you feed them? It wouldn't be cruel if people payed to watch your dog sit when you asked it now would it? There's nothing inherently wrong with getting an animal being asked to perform behaviours for a crowd. So yeah, straight up lies and ignorance what these people are spouting, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their conduct.
  14. WTF I trusted you! @T-bone lol Big clue that it was fake, the writer appeared to have a grasp on Ardent's different products. Actually better real researched than most Bulletin articles.
  15. Bahaha get stuck in! Industry people getting stuck into Wet 'n' Wild Sydney is one of my favourite things. Anyway...12 acre theme park? Yeah that's a bit like building a helipad and calling it an airport. Hope they have some success though, Ardent haven't shown much in terms of commitment to the Australian Amusement business, so good to see them investing, and Coffs could do with something else.