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  1. Because it breaks the immersion and the illusion they're trying to create. It's the same reason you don't have behind the scenes footage in the middle of a normal movie. The themeing and immersion is supposed to suspend your disbelief, the behind the scenes stuff breaks the 4th wall and tells you how it was done.
  2. It's a ride, not a behind the scenes experience. Something setting up the story setting or tone of the ride would be best. The DVD extra video was at least entertaining and set up the tone of the whole thing but I think if you're going to go to the effort of spending a couple million re doing the ride, you also change the video to something that supports the story of the ride - even if the story is as simple as you're on an old Ghost Train that's actually haunted in the Scooby Doo movie universe.
  3. Nah you had me with Buzzsaw Tailspin and iRide making being an aviation mini land. GD as a control tower is a massive stretch.
  4. joz

    Movieworld Kids Area Expansion?

    They do.
  5. Good idea. Think an educational show running along side the full show is a smart move. The fact they've cut one showing of the main show rather than adding an extra show here gives you an idea of how flawed Seal Guardians is though.
  6. joz

    China's Fake Disneyland

    Think calling it a 'Knock off Disneyland' is a bit overblown for a place that just contains a few Disney character statues.
  7. joz

    Aussie World Refreshed Look

    'Fun's our precinct! Fun's our exciting new dynamic interactive experience' Fun's our corporate logo! Fun's our new ticketing offer!'
  8. joz

    Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast - August 2018

    It happens a lot more than you think, and you're a fool if you think it'll never happen to you. You've got to decide if it's worth the hassle when your stuff is stolen. If you decide that spending $10 for a locker per visit is less preferable to being without your stuff for however long it takes to be replaced and lodge insurance claims then so be it. Seriously life your life the way you want to live it. Just don't be shocked when it happens. As to the original point; I went with a group of 4 of us and we shared a locker. Per cap wise we spent $2.50 each on a locker. And a final point, every 2 bit council has a 'Water Park' these days. WnW and WWW can't just be water slide parks anymore, they have to be water theme parks. That'll take effort that so far no one has been willing to put in.
  9. joz

    Tower of Terror ongoing/indefinite closure (Dreamworld)

    If I were running DW I'd be looking long and hard at ToT and seriously considering its future. I would suggest that 1 or 2 properly good thrill rides (not flats) be built first to lessen the impact of its departure
  10. $30 to see lego statues? Put me firmly in the 'don't get it' camp.
  11. joz

    Movie World "fight shows" are gone

    Nah they're crappy little shows. Sad if anyone lost their jobs for it but I think the right call. The only context where I think it's 'OK' is the big stunt shows and only a little bit.
  12. 'We'll make it like an airport' is a great idea till you remember that airports are shiiiiiit. Airports are generic unenjoyable places to visit. It's a bit like saying 'this is a collection of shops, so we'll theme it to be like Westfield'.
  13. joz

    ParkChat Live VRTP Interview

    @Skeeta Agreed, but I guess my response is Rome wasn't built in a day. I don't think a museum would be 'mission accomplished', but rather, a step in the right direction. A small welcome diversion in a park that is too coaster heavy. Ultimately I think this, a full blown studio tour, and special effects show would be enough behind the scenes attractions for a park the size of MW, with the rest of the rides being about 'riding the movies'. Also all the shows are appalling. We're a unity ticket on that topic.
  14. joz

    ParkChat Live VRTP Interview

    I've advocated for a memorabilia museum for a while now, it's something cheap that many people would have some interest in (and even if you're not interested you'd still probably have a look) and gives the park a bit of credibility. It's strange to me that the park is 'Movie World' with the studios right next door but there are no references to the studios in the park. An attraction that literally everyone can do is also badly needed at MW so massive thumbs up from me. A studio tour in the long term would be cool now that the studios actually have an interesting history but for now pleased with that move. As for SW, what can you say that hasn't already been said? I guess one potentially new observation is Ray Reef, Paw Patrol and the new undercover Plaza for events are all attractions that you would add to SW if you were focused on the resort first and the park second. Ray Reef is the sort of thing that belongs at a resort really, Paw Patrol (license aside) is not something a decent theme park would highlight as if it's a motivator, and the Plaza, despite being a huge improvement is an events space. Don't get me wrong either, the resort is fantastic right now and the leadership there has done a great job, but SW really needs someone who cares about the park as a theme park, not as the resort's really elaborate Kids Club. Also do they still own WnW GC? Can someone check that and let them know if they do because it seems to be looking pretty forgotten about.
  15. Oh well. Hopefully the Jelly store finds a new home in the middle of the aisle at a Westfield somewhere, maybe between an EB Games and a handbag shop 👍🏻