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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    I've answered the swearing question. Move on.
  2. The Off Topic Topic

    RE swearing; generally speaking, the world at large is OK with swearing, and if you find a collection of letters and their associated sound offensive, then really that's a matter for you. We do make a distinction between general swearing and swearing at someone. If someone swears at you then report it and we'll moderate it, and if we notice it we delete it. Have a nice day!
  3. They've raised the price $4 because they're often selling out. What exactly is the problem?
  4. I swear that @Theme Park is some sort of experimental AI.
  5. On the other hand though if they did do that you wouldn't be able to see the coaster and train as well and the queue would be more boring #cantwin
  6. It won't close as punishment if that's what you mean. If the recovery takes longer than expected and they begin to doubt a recovery is possible than sure it could close. It is a business after all, Village Roadshow could decide tomorrow that they want out of the theme park business too and sell up. This isn't news to anyone who follows this sort of thing, and won't come as a surprise to anyone at Dreamworld/Ardent.
  7. Movie World New Park Map

    I just noticed where the Batwing Spaceshot label is too. Yeah I've said before I really like the cartoon style maps they've had in the past. I think this one could be improved rather a lot by turning off the shadows and looking a bit more top down (which might be possible if it was made in a computer). Make the paths prominent and less 'real' and you might get a useable map.
  8. Cementing Movie World

    Do you really like to call it that though? Seems like an incredibly long winded way to say something so inane.
  9. Movie World New Park Map

    Really? Easier to follow. It doesn't have paths on it. It's utterly useless. If the point is to be a representation online thats fine, but you couldn't get around the park with it
  10. Movie World New Park Map

    It looks like it was made in Parkitect
  11. The monorail was well and truely open by 1994.
  12. Cementing Movie World

    I think it would make massive sense to join Arkham and the Villans area with a short villans themed path, but I wouldn't do it till there were plans for the land behind Scooby, by which time Arkham might be due to come down anyway.
  13. Cementing Movie World

    I think SW needs to be where the next couple of big investements are made. As it currently stands, I think MW has a pretty kick ass line up. Superman Rivals and Scooby (when it's not shit) might well be one of the great 3 punch combos in the world. Green Lantarn Arkham and Wild West, while not much on the international stage are also really good rides (and WWF is brilliant). They've also got Doomsday and Batwing and Justice Leauge acting as filler. Not a bad line up. Where it falls down for me is a lackluster kiddie ride lineup (Road Runner aside) and shows which are frankly an embarrassment. So that's where I'd be improving the park between now and their next big attraction. Start with a new Stunt Show that isn't a 20min preshow for the fireball. Ideally something with a non DC IP, Mad Max could fit the bill if done right. I think they do need to bite the bullet and come to terms with spending money on IPs too. The parade could also do with being rebuilt from the ground up rather than the endless reshuffling of the same deck of cards it is now. Outside of that I feel like they need to put in the amount of effort into day trade as they do into night events. If I said the street entertainment was lackluster I feel like I'd be talking it up, yet come Carnival or Fright Nights then all of a sudden its worth putting in some effort into making the entertainment good. It doesn't even have to be the most amazing thing ever, even some live music would bring an extra element to the park. Tell me MW wouldn't be a next level park if aside from having a kickass stunt show you also replaced the time share fuckers with some cowboys playing the banjo or fiddle in western town, or some random bands playing in Gotham courtyard or a wandering Jazz band on main street. That wouldn't even be hard but would be so much more real than the current Movie World street show, which is mostly pre recorded dialouge and like 2 or 3 tracks and actors miming to that. Improving the entertainment is an ongoing process that never really finishes, so somewhere in there I'd like the west side of WB Kids demolished from Speedy's to the service road (and the designated parents rest area moved to between the Carousel and Road Runner) with either one really good outdoor kids ride taking that space or a new kids ride package. Either way could work well, particularly with Speedy's gone opening up the area. Combine that with fixing Scooby and turning Stars into a really nice movie memorabilia museum and I think you've got enough little projects to keep you going till you add a big family adventure ride into the show stage in a bunch of years.
  14. Since the ride is no longer under construction, this topic has now finished. It's been a pleasure spending the last 215 pages (including deleted posts) with you!