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  1. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    Wow heaven forbid they ruin an ATM location.
  2. joz

    Rides that need a refurbishment / refresh

    I was going through all.the rides at Village and aside from a few needing a paint, most of them are decent enough. Then you look at DW and really the only ride that couldn't use some effort thrown at it is Claw and DreamWorks stuff. Log Ride would be my first pick, new logs which can allow the removal of the cages, re-introduction of a cave (a 'Rocky Hollow' as it were). For low hanging fruit, the train. Bring back the steam train, close Billabong station, and dont needlessly stop the train at the top of the hill for 10mins every lap.
  3. joz

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    The problem with a well themed superman queue is that train stations aren't pleasant places to be, so you can have the best themeing in the world, it'll still feel like you're somewhere you don't want to be. "Let's make the Superman queue more realistic, let's add the deep urine smell that train stations have!' Buzzsaw's original queue was car parts in an old hot crampt shed. Actually juat thinking about it, the queues at DW are all pretty ordinary. Rocky Hollow's queue has a bit of charm to it is really all that can be said. The best queue in DW is probably Pandamonium, based purely off the fact that despite having little to no themeing, it does provide good views of the ride you're about to go on and it's not as slow as something like tailspin. With MW I think most of the rides except Superman have decent enough queues. Even Green Lantern, as phoned in and in the sun as it is has the good views of the ride thing that Pandamonium has.
  4. joz

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Who honestly thinks Superman's queue is well themed though? It's a square room with a couple signs. Wild West's queue is probably the Gold Standard in Australia. The attraction was called 'Movie Classics & Gremlins' (or something like that, doesn't really matter). Given the preshow was part of the name of the ride I would argue it's part of it.
  5. joz

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Pre-shows for the sake of pre-shows are awful. I don't know why anyone would think what they've done on SV is good. It doesn't set up a scene or a story. It's just stuff on a screen. How about this, instead of queuing outside in switchbacks, you queue inside in a climate controlled room and watch content that's vaugely distracting and leave the switchbacks as an overflow option. The front of the queue could just be at the bottom of the stairs. There, I've just fixed 70% of what's wrong with SV's preshow set up in one go.
  6. For some reason, in both versions of the artwork, Vortex looks like it's a ride that lives at a resort rather than a theme park. 🤔 Other than that, the location is still horrible, Vortex is still an abstract name rather something that adds to an actual Atlantian theme, and the ride seems like it was selected purely as an 'F you' to DW rather than based off being a good fit for the park. Is there anything else to really say?
  7. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    None because they'll be asleep by the time that part of the ad comes on.
  8. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    It looks like a video they play to new staff on their first day rather than something that makes me want to go spend a day at a theme park.
  9. joz

    The Off Topic Topic

    What's good about it?
  10. joz

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    TBH I'd take complaining over shaded seating area jokes.
  11. There's a poll option missing: Do you care? Answer is a firm no.
  12. Just on that the bloke from MACK needs to stop saying 'Free spinning'. We're also assuming that this ride gets them back to an attendance level where queues and capacity are a problem. I don't think it will. I think attendance will be noticeably up, but it alone won't get them to preaccident levels. Between that and the fact the spinning car has 4 seats, it should end up being a lot cheaper than backwards Rivals.
  13. Parkz is really going out on a limb with this stuff isn't it? Fair point you know, no one has really said anything about the spinning car. I'll be keen to give it a go, no idea what it'll be like so curious about it. At the rate I'm going I'll probably end up doing spinning car before I do backwards Rivals.
  14. joz

    WWW - New slide tower

    Thing is what are you going to get from Proslide? Another funnel/whirlpool thing or one of those crappy slides where the turns are a disk? WWW sort of feels like visiting a Proslide catalogue from the early 2010s. I think some generic body slides that aren't big headliners will actually do really good things in terms of balancing the park out. Everything in WWW feels like it's meant to be a headline, even Temple of Huey is on the high end of small water slides. I think having smaller slides that are just solid fun is a good move. The other thing is normally a body slide isn't that interesting but given there are 6 of them you kind of get that critical mass for it to be something that works as a drawcard, you know more than the sum of their parts. It's the same thing as how adding a new kiddie Ferris wheel isn't going to increase attendance, but adding 6 new kiddie rides all together will. I've said in other threads that WWW needs 'Literally any new slide'. This is surprisingly spot on, and while the reasons for buying what they have might turn out to be price or lead times rather than whats the best slide for the park, I actually think what they've gone with might work out better than something like a Proslide wave thing. It's fun and basic with the critical mass to make it a thing.