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  1. Is this an actual new attraction or are we just rebranding Brisbane? After all, Brisbane features life size versions of many of the locations in Bluey.
  2. See it feels like you're deliberately missing the point now to be antagonistic. Maybe have a coffee, and reflect on the conversation and see if you can spot a difference between this and Gadget's/Barnstormer, that might affect the way these rides are perceived. Spoiler: it involves themeing, and how the level of themeing changes expectations.
  3. OK I'm curious; do you think you've made a point here or are you trying to be funny? I'm not sure how to respond to that. I mean did you watch a video of it on YT? Because most of the comments are talking about how short it is so maybe that's a start. I'm saying the problem the ride has is it's over dressed for what it is. Not a controversial take I would have thought but apparently it's worth really arguing about and drilling into.
  4. Rocking cars adds almost nothing (almost. Like on a swinging suspended coaster, swinging doesn't do much) and 'headlining character theme' would be true if we were in the 40s. Now granted I haven't done extensive market research, but I bet more kids would be into with/familiar with frozen than Snow White, timeless or no. I don't have opinions on modern Disney 'Lightning Lane' and whatnot, but again looking at it in isolation I think it's over dressed. How it fits in the park's attraction mix might be different, so you do have a point with that, but I think at the very least the online perception of this ride is that something is off, and I think the issue is its a C ticket in E tickets clothes.
  5. I mean the difference between 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and Oaken's is ride time and a very short dark ride section, and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train is considered top tier, so not sure really what you want. If you want to split hairs and say 'Umm well actually 7DMT is considered a 'D' ticket' then you're skipping the actual point that is being made in favour of pedantry. And not everything at Disney is top tier, you can tell they are by how they're dressed up. Slinky Dog at HK is not top tier, maybe at Dreamworld. Oaken's looks top tier af, and is done up to that standard, you would expect it to offer way more than it does.
  6. Apart from the ride time, yes. Which is very much what I'm getting at.
  7. The problem with Wandering Oaken is they've taken a Roller Skater and dressed it up to the point that it's almost a must ride. You see a ride like at Disney and you'd figure there's way more hidden. Then you go on it and it's a min long kiddie coaster. Doesn't mean there's no place for a kiddie coaster, but making an E-Ticket out of one is a risky move. I don't know what any of this has to do with Jungle Rush.
  8. It doesn't create any extra capacity and makes the queues longer, so what is the benefit?
  9. Here's the thing about Vortex's downtime; very little of it is mechanical. The factors that contribute to it being closed are less likely to be a factor at MW. Mechanically, its quite sound. The Demand at SW for a ride like that isn't there. It should be removed and be replaced with a wheel even if you threw it in the bin. Since the hardware is fine though, It should go to MW to replace Doomsday.
  10. So the stats say it has reliability pretty much on par with other coasters, with a fair chunk of its downtime being late openings. This is my take too. Question about those stats, are maintenance periods removed or no?
  11. Oh I didn't realise we had access to a time machine here as part of my own hypothetical. Cheers man 🍻 Lol incorrect. Also if you have access to a time machine in your hypothetical. Would you not get something other than a twin hammer for Movie World from the start? Like it's a time machine, you can do anything.
  12. Funny enough I have had a few drinks. Can't you see how active I am tonight 😄🍻
  13. Probably sounds similar to watching a TV show on DVD where they randomly restate the plot as if you've missed the prior third/ two thirds of the show. Like you notice, but it doesn't ruin your day
  14. Again, the metric for me is charm. No where near enough info yet to know if there is, but at the least it seems like there will be effort, which is no guarantee of charm but it's a good start.
  15. Unless there were 2 trains and it did? What about 'Oh I didn't see that... quick I'll scan it. Oh sorry gotta get the key out... sorry I'm with Belong... yeah I know it's the telstra network but it's not as quick clearly... nearly got it. Ok, scanned. Oh everyone is waiting? Shiiit'
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