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  1. joz

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    It also sounds like the account of this happening are factual
  2. joz

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    I said when this stuff inevitably happens, you payout. No where did I say or imply that the industry shuts down.
  3. joz

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Really? Do you follow all instructions? What about the ones that say that you should hold on at all times? What sort of injury do you think would be appropriate for you to suffer? Ah but you made the decision, you know you 'could' have injured yourself and you don't think you should be able to sue. That's great. Did an 8 year old going down the slide make that decision knowing the consequence? Would she have known what the potebtial consequences were? Would her parents know that's a potential hazard? Kid gets scared halfway down and opens her legs shouldn't end with vagainial lacerations. If you're relying on the actions of an 8 year old to make the thing safe, then obviously there is an element of risk. If you're operating an attraction that has that level of risk, you pay when this stuff inevitably happens.
  4. joz

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    @Gold Coast Amusement Force You can't have 'these activities are inherently risky' when your whole messaging is how incredibly safe everything is. No reasonable person would take an 8 year old to a water park thinking vaginal injuries are a possible risk, and no operator worth anything would advertise that. This is the sort of crappy thing that happens, and little girl (and little girl's family) gets paid. The idea that it can't have happened because you'd have heard about it is laughable. Sorry to break it to you but even in this day and age, lots of things happen that you never hear about.
  5. joz

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Yeah this sort of injury is not exactly common, but it happens often enough that it's a thing. Really surprised to hear of this from the fully 6 slides though, one would have thought the design of the runouts had improved. I heard the story and assumed it was going to be Wedgee which was the issue.
  6. joz

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Stop making shit up
  7. joz

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Stop making shit up
  8. joz

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    Stuffed if I know why anyone would have thought it was pounce and bounce. It's about telling the shareholders what you're spending money on. Mack 5 and Arkham aren't cheap things to pull down so it's a fair chunk of capex to do it. From a company stand point ripping out something like pounce and bounce may as well be free. Its not about closing attractions, it's about demolishing them.
  9. I'm actually going to make a trip for this coaster, which will mark the first time I've been ever been compelled to travel anywhere in Australia for a ride since Wonderland closed. I've been to Luna Park once before when I was in Sydney for other stuff, but haven't really felt a desire to go back even on subsequent trips to Sydney when I've been bored and looking for stuff to do. Huss may well make the best fairground rides, but fairground rides don't get me to go to places, so yeah good move IMHO.
  10. They've ruined the character of the place by adding non ghetto, quality, permanent install rides.
  11. joz

    DC SuperHeroes and SuperVillains 2020

    Oh well used to have then
  12. joz

    DC SuperHeroes and SuperVillains 2020

    You know as much as I hate the whole 'Shorten a feature length movie into 15min highlight reel and call it a theme park attraction' thing, playing the condensed Aquaman between 5pm and 8pm wouldn't be the absolute worst thing they could do. I mean it's on theme, was filmed next door and the park has props on display from the film. I wouldn't hate it. Don't think it's necessary, but it would go alright.
  13. joz

    DC SuperHeroes and SuperVillains 2020

    Extended trade till 8, yet people still have a piss and a moan. Far out. It's summer holidays, you know what this event needs to be? Park is open till 8. Perfect! Parade at the end is just a themed bonus. I mean 7 is too early for lasers to work in summer, but who cares? This is exactly what has been needed for a long time, and bloody good on them for doing it rather than kicking thousands of people out at the stroke of 5pm
  14. Said when it was new the 3 each way cycle was the way to go. Still stand by that. Wanna switch to 2 in summer? Go for it. Rest of the time do 3
  15. joz

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Lots of backwards coasters, not many that have backwards seats on a forward facing train. Only one I can think of is Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain. It's not as world's first as it could be, but I'm kind of willing to let them have it with an a note that says 'one one train on a modern coaster that isn't some in house cobbled together bodge job'