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  1. Reality is my watching or not watching makes no difference to the ratinga, but I've been around too long to watch that sort of thing and I feel like the problem if I do. As a general rule, I try not to watch stuff which has an obvious bias to it, even if I agree with the bias.
  2. @TimmyG There's a really strange undercurrent here of 'They are beating up the whole industry' and 'They should have gone harder on Village' which doesn't make sense given Village were specifically mentioned and praised for their safety standards in the TRRR report. You're kidding yourself if you think the coroner didn't know about what went on with GL, yet still praised them. Demanding blood in the media just comes across as very strange, particualy when it's pretty well reported here and elsewhere that the GL train in question had just been refurbished by S&S and was properly maintained
  3. There are other themed roller coasters out there though
  4. Yeah, and that's the thing, it's different, and it's purely down to personal taste if it's 'good different', 'neutral different', or 'bad different'. I would argue it's good different, and I feel I could justify why, but if you can justify why you think otherwise, that's totally fine. I think a modern ride in that old school adventure ride style would work well. I think Justice Leauge already is that kind of ride, they just didn't add the preshow. I mean picture it, queue outside like when it was batride for a tour of the Hall of Justice, go into the first room, some explanations
  5. I'll do my response to all those points as quick as I can: I much prefer 'Ride the movies' over 'DVD extras land'. Superman is also genuinely rated as one of the world's best rides. You can argue 'I like special FX shows better' if you like and that's fine, but I would say if you closed Superman to put a special FX show in, park attendance would decline, and most people would lament the old coaster that was there was better. Road Runner also replaced nothing as the show was moved elsewhere in the park, simple as that. The location of the show was better in toons village
  6. Most of those things you've mentioned came at the expense of nothing, and Doomsday and the Villans miniland, flawed as it is, is better than that part of Western Town was. I don't think River Ride or PA made for a better park than what you lose by taking out Rivals, GL and Doomsday. For me, the park doesn't feel any more or less magic than it did then. That's not to say there haven't been missteps along the way, but if I could visit present day MW or 2006 MW I'd visit today's park. Also you're allowed to disagree without being flamed. This a purely subjective argument. You gave a t
  7. When DW install new lights I'll praise them, private events happen and they've also tried to make night trade more of a thing, so bring on permanent install lights and do it properly. Actually I drove past at night the other night and had the thought that they should put some lights on Steel Taipan Construction since you really can't see it at night.
  8. Again, what are people getting at here? You know that all the parks invest in having lighting right? MW also is open quite a lot at night compared to what they were historically, and far more than all the other parks. Why shouldn't they add lights? Thing is it isn't like all the replacements have been worse though. Sure JDS isn't as good as River Ride, and HSD isn't as good as PA, but Scooby is better than Gremlins. JDS is about on par with the second bat ride, (though not as good as OG Batride), Superman is better than special FX show. Not to mention Green Lantern, Batwing, Doo
  9. I'm so lost as to the reasoning behind why you think this is bad. We've seen increasingly that they're opening up the park later, and night time events are clearly part of the long term future plans for the park. Why would adding something permanently that lights up and also looks good during the day be a waste? Best attraction is obviously open to huge amounts of debate, but Superman, Rivals, West and Scooby to me are about the best rides the park has ever had. I think there is room for a slow dark ride to be added; of the 4 the park has had (Toons, Gremlins, Batman Justice Leauge
  10. I assume with this ride there are no tracks in the maintenance bay, and that's the last bit of track to get the coaster back onto the track smoothly. Looks pretty neat
  11. That's the second worst thing to happen to a DW water ride conveyor
  12. I mean not the worst idea at all really. Maybe I'm old school but I think IP is a bit over rated. DreamWorks is a really good one and well is worth it, but not all IP is. If you're DW and going IP less, totally redoing one of the few areas of the park that works really well from scratch would be a huge diversion from where the money needs to be spent. World's Fair would be a very cheap, almost cynical way of getting rid of DreamWorks, but they almost need a bit of that with the cash situation as it is.
  13. I mean Teen Titans is more DC stuff and what I don't think is needed is more stuff with a super narrow appeal. Just whatever you're making, make it good and it will appeal to tweenagers.
  14. Matrix, Mad Max, Animal Logic as a whole (Australian based CGI/animation company, famous for Lego, Legend of the Guardians, Happy Feet), Where the Wild things are, Narnia, San Andreas, Kong V Godzilla (dueling coaster anyone?) Aside from that you could theme to a genre, for example a horror themed area with attractions to House of Wax, The Reaping, or sci-fi movies like Interstella, Contact, Ready Player one, Gravity, or Australian movies like Crocodile Dundee, Red Dog (there's a good animal show in both of these), or do something completely left feild like Sherlock. Also if you could get
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