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  1. Towe of Terror. Tower of Ter or. Tower of Te ror. Tower of Terro .
  2. OMFG why are we trying to reverse engineer this? Just go to the park and see what they do; tends to be a bit more than 4 mins per train if there are two running.
  3. I like Tom Scott, and I enjoyed his roller coaster video. I'm not watching another of his videos though as his videos are a rabbit hole I don't have time to go down, and if I watch one more the YT algorithm will just drown me in Tom Scott videos. All of which will be good and interesting but dammit let me live my life!
  4. I think this is the most telling thing. Personally I don't really care that the ride doesn't open till midday. I mean shit, I'm sure both guests at the park are very dissapointed but a massive 'meh' from me. But the same people slamming MW a few months ago jump to DW's defence by slamming MW some more. It's really quite pathetic. I'm not entirely sure what the point of those people is to the health of the community.
  5. Even as a proponent of 'ST shouldn't be a dead end', making it a loop with the market seems like a non starter to me. I'd also be very curious to know what state everything in Blue Lagoon is in. For my taste I think the old amphitheatre site is superior because of how close it is to the carpark, and the crowd that goes to these sorts of things is perfectly happy with demountable toilet blocks. Probably like it more than toilet blocks that are getting on for 40 years old. The path towards there from in park exists too, not that it would get much use but it is there.
  6. I did think that, thought I'd be super generous lol
  7. [quote]If this ends up being a success I don't think it would be a totally silly idea to look in to doing a 'permanent' trendy food market on the old amphitheatre site and uncouple it from DW. Night Quarter proved there's an appetite for it on the Northern GC, and best case that land won't be doing anything for a few years anyway.[/quote] That was my original comment on this back a month ago, and it is still my opinion. That way you could do it more legit than bumping the thing in and out every weekend. I get wanting to use park infrastructure, but really the most expensive bit of infrastructure you need is power which would surely already be run to there, and a concrete slab. Everything else is pretty minor. I do hope that's the vision for the medium term.
  8. Nah, if you're going to open any ride, make it Claw. It's right in the middle of the action, and screw letting people ride ST for $2. It's not something that gets me excited, but its one of those 'makes sense' kind of things.. I'm fascinated by the extent to which they're pretending it's not Dreamworld running it, or even at Dreamworld. The FAQ has a Q. 'Where are you and it lists the Address, then almost begrudgingly in brackets says 'yes at the Dreamworld theme park'. I get not saying DW because no rides, but it's very peculiar to me. To Moonlight means to have a second job, typically at night and typically secret. I wonder if calling it 'Moonlight Markets' is deliberate.
  9. Yeah sweet. Are the carriages not as wide or is that an illusion?
  10. That used to be the way the place worked back in the day. Be interesting to see the results
  11. I'd already given you the information you asked for. You just flat out refused to let it in. I can't be bothered wasting my time with you when the first sentence in your former post confirms you were never really engaged in a discussion. The irony is my first post wasn't even in response to you, but you've come in and done exactly what I was saying other people are doing. Thank you for making my point for me far better than I ever could. Have a wonderful day!
  12. Stopped reading right there.
  13. I don't know what you want? Are you complaining that management is unresponsive (they arent perfect, but they are clearly and demonstrably responsive), that it's in an usually poor state (there is broken stuff, but there has always been broken stuff), or just that the place is just too popular? (if that's the argument then you really have no argument). You'd expect to see post covid demand settle soon and the problem will largely take care of itself. Hopefully that will also mean fewer issues around supply chains/ sourcing parts and labour but we'll see. Yes they need some additional capacity because despite being a near perfect storm, Easter was an extreme example of something that has been an issue for years. Yes they need to get a bunch of stuff working but I'm genuinely not aware of any point in the last 20 years when that hasn't been the case - the only thing that ever changes is the specific thing that needs fixing. I don't think they think the holidays went well. In some areas things conspired against them, in some they weren't as ready as you would reasonably expect them to be, and the attendance was way higher than what you could reasonably expect them to be ready for. It seems like there has been some recognition of that in things that have happened since. Really, the 'Decline of MW' and 'Holiday attendance was too Damn high' are conversations that should be split into different threads rather than the usual mob combining unrelated issues into an anti MW narrative. Can't wait for people to jump down my throats for pointing that out though.
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