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  1. By Australian standards it is. By international standards it's one of the better SLC's with a pretty amazing VR upcharge. Yeah in this context a SLC is 100% quality.
  2. @djrappa I don't have the strength to hold a knife after reading 6 pages of it. Also there's a post about 5 pages back that I agree is one of the worst posts, on any website, on any subject in the history of the internet.
  3. Have just caught up on the last 6 pages of this thread. My god I'm desperate for an announcement now. Actually just on that where is the early marketing? If you buy a VIP pass now you get to ride it. So where's the non stop blitz to get the word out. This will be the best roller coaster in Australia, and it's the biggest single investement in Gold Coast theme park history. It needs the biggest marketing campaign since Bermuda to ensure it's a success. I know it's early but this ride is THAT big of a deal. Better be a documentary team down there to do an hour special on it.
  5. On what grounds? Because kids in daycare like looking at rabbits sometimes? Anyone who stands in the way of a free car park deserves a solid kick to the nuts.
  6. @YLFATEEKS I was really hoping the arrival of the track would put an end to that debate.
  7. The irony is that there is plenty of stuff that Village Roadshow do that is worthy of a protest. Replacing staff with School based trainees, the creation of 'ppt 30' (which is basically casual employment without casual loading), offering pay increases which are the same as CPI but having the negotiation stretch out long enough past the end of an agreement that there is months where CPI isn't being met, and having an agreement that disadvantages new staff but is advantageous to current staff to reduce future wage bills. All this stuff and what the union chooses to do is go after penalty rates decades after they've been negotiated away decades ago, and in a culture where penalty rates are dying out. The theme parks aren't a heavily unionised workplace, it's maybe 10 or 20% of workers are members. The result is you get a low quality union with no teeth, and the people who run it are the sort of people who would be sacked for dangerous working practices themselves if it wasn't for union involvement. For what it's worth the Sea World Resort do pay penalty rates because their union didn't negotiate those conditions away years ago. TLDR: Village aren't perfect employers by any stretch but the Union is basically the worst.
  8. Sounds like a Scooby Doo villain. For what it's worth the ip search on the post doesn't match anyone else, it's a generic gmail email address and it doesn't look like they're coming back so it's unlikely we'll ever know.
  9. Yeah that looks awful, I wonder what the need to install them was? Even being cheap that's an odd thing to spend money on right now.
  10. @iwerks I'm going to take all that as a joke. This sort of pandering to everyone's feelings and representation and whatnot makes me rage.
  11. I reckon I do remember the yeti thing, it was in the roof on the South East side of the ride. Don't remember the glowing red eyes though
  12. What about commander Rachel? She got to use her imagination AND have a soy cap and 2 flat whites.
  13. I think the trick to Disneyland in Summer is to go while the annual passes are still blocked out for locals ,here's a handy link to help you: I've only been able to go in peak season and found it actually pretty tolerable, no one deals with a crowd like Disney and they do it best in peak Summer season (parks are open later, pretty much everything is open and running as many cars as possible). Go in with a game plan and get there early and you can get a remarkable amount of stuff done. I've done WDW in the middle of winter and while obviously the crowds are lighter, honestly peak season at Disneyland isn't as bad as you may think. One thing I would watch out for this year, is to make sure you're not going JUST after the Rivers of America stuff re-opens and you should be sweet as.
  14. Depends how you look at it. "Why do the girls get to eat Ice Cream and the boys don't? Typical of how girls get treated better than boys!" (For the second time in this thread, that's just me demonstrating how you could spin something, not me actually calling something offensive)