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  1. I won’t disagree about feeling tucked away, not to mention dead end, but as Spotty did point out who worked on the ride, the GP still flocked to it as one of the parks busiest rides. It would be nice with the new ride to begin to open this part of the park up, creating a loop and connecting it with DC arrivals, Doomsday and West. But from a business standpoint doesn’t make sense because then the public miss going past all the stores. It only works if you’re creating a new land out the back and opening park land with new food and merch stores there.
  2. Exactly, you need an IP that can be generic, or you have to ask other movie companies for licenses and again they can become dated too, hence keeping the ride strong enough that once the IP fades the GP just see it as a great ride e.g. that Police Academy was. Yep, that’s why I suggested it, the movie has always been a fan favourite, even today and now we have a new one coming and Paramount aren’t really in the park game these days so there’s money to be made from the theme parks licensing. Warner Bros. did the second Willy Wonka and that’s a fan favourite that has lasted,
  3. The movie IP doesn't always need to stand up in however many years time, as long as the ride and theme is strong. I still don't think PA dated, sure the movie was old and forgotten by many, but the show was strong and had those movie/theme/story elements that made it a fantastic show. Anyone coming through the gates today to see PA would see it for a great show... Not the fact its name is tied to an old movie, its just a show about bumbling Police cadets. Plus Rodney was brilliant as the warm up act. Wild West is the same, that isn't even tied to the movie, it was just great timing
  4. I'm well aware a launch coaster costs more to operate than a chain lift. I was asking what costs more to build, launch or chain. One requires more steel, but the other requires more components to get the train going at speed. Building such a long track, launch, spire for the train to go backwards (which is an extra for this ride), all the earthworks happening on that land since TRR used to sit there, queue and station house and rerouting of the train have all come to together to explain why this is not a cheap ride to build and not DW being ripped off.
  5. The track is over 1km long, it ain't going to be a cheap coaster. DC might be tall, but this ride is building a launch. Actually I'd be interested to know in terms of cost, is height, or building a launch system more expensive?! Also look at all those Earthworks DW has done on the ride so far to get it ready to start building on, can't imagine that is cheap, plus the moving of the train line. The coaster isn't $32 mill, its everything included needed to get it going.
  6. The fact that they had research done that suggested people wanted the border open and was done by the same group doing her election research and then opened the border to everyone bar Sydney. You look like you're keeping people safe, yet giving them what they want and opening. It being hard for people to get compassionate leave for people cross the border, yet movie stars and AFL players and families easily coming through. They claim the only thing they look after for their state is the health of their people. Yet when people quizzed why were some getting special treatment they claimed i
  7. And anyone who thinks QLD did this for health and safety of its residents can check their Labor and ABC cards at the door. Politics is all about power and ego and doing what it takes to ensure you stay in at the next election, the decision on the border was based purely on this. The QLD government has come unstuck with their contradictions and we all know the QLD & NSW premiers hate each other and play off each other.
  8. On the tram I would love to see it run from the GC airport all the way to Coomera train station, linking to all the major tourist precincts. The airport, Harbour Town, The Spit, Sea World, Metricon Stadium, Bond University, C Bus Stadium, Robina Town Centre, Movie World, Wet'n'Wild, Dreamworld, finishing at Coomera Town Centre/Station. That way a tourist doesn't need to ever really need to get on the bus, the tram services everything, the buses can be used for more local routes, and we hopefully take more cars (hire cars) off the road and even some busses off the main arterials since the
  9. I could agree Marine Park when the park only had two adult rides. But once Atlantis opens that changes again and it is definitely a theme park. Interestingly in my mind Marine Park, but has rides is worse branding wise than a theme park. I don't think rides really have a place in them. But a theme park it does. But hey its one of those that was probably researched and focused grouped to the hilt and for now is the friendliest option. But hey I'm going for the hybrid, marine theme park! 😂
  10. Yep, never started as a Marine Park, started with a ski show and evolved from there into a theme park, which in recent years was left with very few rides. When SW added Dolphins, DW added Tigers, when DW added Tunderbolt, SW added Corkscrew as they competed with each other.
  11. Then why don't you just call DW a zoo with rides?
  12. ^ I'd even add to this, with the ride using an extra ride op to ease the burden on the operators. One loading only, one unloading only and one sitting in the control booth at all times and all they do is watch the load and unload areas and watching all the CCTV's, and since this is a continuously operating ride like how MW have permanent control booth ops on WWF, Scooby, Superman, Green Lantern, Arkham, Justice League and even old rides Looney Tunes and Batman. Hell even in their busy Summer periods have a 4th operator acting as the grouper, again same as what Scooby and WWF has in
  13. That's giving DW a pass right there. No, theme park industry safety was far above what DW provided. This isn't something the industry learnt from because it was already practicing it. You only have to look at the evidence VRTP gave in the inquest to see how far DW were behind the 8 ball.
  14. You're right, it was sheer dumb luck considering, even though they weren't able to recreate after the accident, in the rides lifetime it had happened before. What is also sheer dumb luck is that no one was on the ride or injured when these other incidences occurred. I can't believe the ride was never upgraded the first time this happened, or that the park felt it was rare to occur again, why bother doing anything about it, it would be sheer dumb luck to happen again, with passengers on board!
  15. See I count Bermuda as iconic because of those twin volcanoes. I guess for everyone the idea of "iconic" means something different. But I think if it was/is constantly used in the parks and the Gold Coast's imaging/ads, then it is iconic.
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