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  1. Original

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Just looking at how bare across the road is, I'd still love to see them lease that land, give them the needed extra space to expand, make that area through there look nice, just mandate they have to put a boardwalk along the beach boundary so people can still walk along that area.
  2. Original

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Please elaborate on the multiple times? I'm really curious and love to hear your examples. We know of one instance, and that was an issue to do with S&S designing their cars and wheel bogies poorly. Hah I was beaten to it @rappa said exactly what I was thinking.
  3. Original

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Considering the Gold Coast tourism industry needs both park operators, they were already investing in building new rides for their markets and this virus was out of their control, I don't have a problem with the government kicking the can a little bit for them like they have with the airlines.
  4. What about Singapore they're being heralded as handling it the best and Universal Studios has managed to stay open?
  5. Original

    Sea World Train

    Yep, however I thought throughout the ride course itself with the rocks was actually presented quite ok. Its just yeah the main part where people are being the queue and station is shit. Like how tough, or extra cost could it have been to build either an aged looking shed, or wooden beach shack with some old netting, boat motor hanging from the roof or anything left over SW Research & Rescue could have donated.
  6. Original

    Sea World Train

    That's why I said an earlier SW but bring JR forward. I think ride presentation wise is fine, but the queue house and station is presented very poorly.
  7. Original

    Sea World Train

    Mine too would have been Ferris wheel era... Just add in Jet Rescue, but not the gas line to Bermuda and to me the park had tons of kinetic energy flowing through it!
  8. Someone's sole job to watch the ride, especially the conveyor since a lot of emphasis was put on doing this, could have helped, they could have seen the raft stuck and started a shutdown of the conveyor until it could be moved. Not like how it was previously run, do your job of loading or unloading, plus watch over the main control panel or conveyor at the same time. Might as well tell MW they can cut back on their staff on West because its control system was completely upgraded recently. Really, no matter how modern and automated it might be, IMO someone should always have the sole job of watching the main control panel and CCTV of the ride. That would be my guess why MW has one person always stationed on the main controls of every major ride at their park and at SW too, especially if the ride is in constant operation like TRR was. I'd actually love to hear from previous VRTP employees who might have an idea exactly why their parks don't have their operators doing two high priority tasks at the same time. It would also follow the practice of most major parks I have seen. But then again its clear DW didn't like following the practices of every other major theme park operator in the world.
  9. What struck me with this ride, with as complicated as it was to run why did DW only run it with 2 ops. We obviously know cost cutting. But it should have always at least had 3. One on the control panel watching CCTV and keeping an eye on the conveyor, one on load and one on unload. In the same way West has three people working in the stationary and four in peak periods, with the fourth person working as a grouper. And let's not forget West has someone in the turntable room. I always think if the ride had also had three people working along with more modern automated systems running would have gone a long way to prevent this.
  10. Original

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    The problem I have is for the rides or shows that were replaced just aren't as good as the originals, and that's not nostalgia talking. I wish most of these rides could have stayed and instead they had of just been as Disney put it "plussed" to bring them into the modern world. There was nothing really wrong with BT until the gas line was cut and never fixed. Only Scooby was a great replacement. JL comes close but the ride feels too slow with an underwhelming end. If the ride vehicles had of done something more than just move slowly along you'd have a great replacement. Our rides now miss that great build up and anticipation of getting to the actual ride that BT, LT and Batman had and that Disney continues to use to tell the story.
  11. Original

    Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

    You also forgot Looney Tunes River Ride, Gremlins Adventure, Police Academy, the ski show, and the train at Sea World.
  12. Original

    Dreamworld‘s new coaster timeline

    ^ But does it replace the TRR, Wipeout or ToT?
  13. Original

    The Off Topic Topic

    I don't know if it would fit, but I always thought a Mad House would be great in the old cinema, use the old LW queue for it and it would be the perfect theme for that ride being in Arkham Asylum.
  14. Original

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    True, but rides that are massive in size, in terms of people eaters usually have groupers or a greeter, someone at the entrance to check heights... The staff member on the preshow can take this job on having a dual role rather than just standing at the entrance. At its busiest, Scooby has a greater and grouper. And isn't this how Batman was run? Take a group through where you can check heights, play the preshow and then they would group them into their simulators before they would go into the Batcave. So staffing levels never actually increased?
  15. Original

    Ideas to fix WB Kids at Movie World

    But LTRR was for little ones and for families, and for kids and for families with little ones and kids, for a group of adults visiting the park. Hell the ride was simply for everyone. Which is what you need mixed in with flats, some for little ones and some for kids a little bigger.