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  1. Original

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Considering the Gold Coast tourism industry needs both park operators, they were already investing in building new rides for their markets and this virus was out of their control, I don't have a problem with the government kicking the can a little bit for them like they have with the airlines.
  2. What about Singapore they're being heralded as handling it the best and Universal Studios has managed to stay open?
  3. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    I am being logical, the negative consequences are massive. Since when has a government package ever been enough in times of financial crisis? Again, I didn't say, not act, I just said don't go to the over the top extremes they are now. Look at the end of the day you'll never change my opinion that the world has gone mad, and the hysteria is being pushed to the extreme and that this is actually doing us more harm than good and is leading us in the end to a higher death toll than we could end up with. Obviously you'll never change your opinion that this is the right thing to do, be damed of the other consequences, even if they end up having a more negative impact on you in the future than this virus had. So, I'm just going to leave it there, and at the end of this, however long from now, one of us get to say "I was right".
  4. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Because that treatment always works so well doesn't it? Or the mental health for bushfire victims that's already been scaled back? The ASX lost $162 billion in one day. Don't think the government financial assistance can fix all that?! And I'm talking about a 2 week shutdown. I'm talking about a full blown recession that we're accelerating. The economy was on a knife's edge before, this will not end good, there are studies about the death toll from the GFC and we're seeing falls worse than that. Cars, marketing, retail, dining, entertainment just to name a few were already struggling. With all these big events cancelled what about the knock on effect it has to businesses that relied on them. The Royal Easter Show has asked for a hand out, the NRL has (and pretty much been knocked back) and before you say NRL are big and they should have planned for this better? Sure, but what about the small business around them that rely on them? The players that have mortgages... The list goes on. Not every industry or business can get a hand out and that's where the mental strain comes into effect. I didn't say we shouldn't be doing anything, we should be doing plenty, especially to help protect the elderly and those with health risks that make them more susceptible. Those people should isolate, nursing homes should lock down, if you have the cold or normal flu, stay away from people. I just think right now we've gone too far to one extreme to make people happy and feel safe, be damned with the other consequences, we'll blame them on Corona and put a band aid over it and make it look like we're doing something about that too. No it's not a virus, but the two are linked here.
  5. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    And when the death toll is higher from people committing suicide from an up the shit economy over the death toll from Corona? But hey at least you guys feel safe right now.
  6. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    And what about how the health care system could be overwhelmed by every dumb Tom, Dick and Harry who sneezes and runs off to the hospital thinking they have it because of how much they’re being scared by it. Or leading to a recession by our carry on and the deaths that result in that. And what about how officials say this isn’t going away, this virus is going to become the norm like Swine Flu, how long are we meant to shut everything down for then? Until the vaccine is available in a year? And surely everyone realised keeping things closed that long is unattainable. Lets remember Swine Flu became so common they just stopped testing for it and said if you’ve got the flu stay home unless it gets worse, then visit a hospital.
  7. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    ^^ That’s what I agree with. If health officials say most of the population will end up with this and will end up in circulation like so many viruses before it why are we crippling our economy even further. ScoMo can’t bail every industry out of this hole.
  8. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Fair, have your point, but I think you’re wrong. But I’d say everything you say is what is making people stupid with their overreacting.
  9. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    I'm sorry but you'll never convince me that this is all over the top bullshit. Most people don't get vaccinated for the flu each year and it kills more people and this is what this will become, the common flu. The hysteria from media, panic buying groceries and closing all these things IMO only puts a greater strain on the health care system because people sneeze and they show up at a hospital to get tested, only putting them at greater risk of being in contact with someone who could have it.
  10. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    Oh if I’d already booked and didn’t care about DL I’d still sure as hell be going. The hysteria is ridiculous and now with everything being cancelled and shut I think is over the top. It’s just the flu, have good hygiene and like you normally would with the flu, stay home and get better. I expect The Easter Show will now also end up being cancelled this year.
  11. Original

    Coronavirus and theme parks

    The world has gone mad. And I was planning a trip to Disneyland too with flights so cheap at the moment.
  12. Original

    Sea World Train

    Yep, however I thought throughout the ride course itself with the rocks was actually presented quite ok. Its just yeah the main part where people are being the queue and station is shit. Like how tough, or extra cost could it have been to build either an aged looking shed, or wooden beach shack with some old netting, boat motor hanging from the roof or anything left over SW Research & Rescue could have donated.
  13. Original

    Sea World Train

    That's why I said an earlier SW but bring JR forward. I think ride presentation wise is fine, but the queue house and station is presented very poorly.
  14. Original

    Sea World Train

    Mine too would have been Ferris wheel era... Just add in Jet Rescue, but not the gas line to Bermuda and to me the park had tons of kinetic energy flowing through it!