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  1. I seem to remember back in the earlier more rides and attractions being sponsored including BT.
  2. And WnW also has water heating
  3. If I was MW and all of sudden decided Suicide Squad didn't work, and the colours didn't work for any other major DC Comic characters like Flash, Aquaman or Wonder Woman then I would have opted for a generic movie theme aka Hollywood Dream at Universal Studios Japan.
  4. The photos coming through of Pandora at Animal Kingdom look amazing as well
  5. And I've spent most my life at Public Pools and the only ones that had them was Southport and they had about 20 at max. But you're right it is off topic. I think your prices are wayy too low. For the reason Joz said I don't think a park would remain profitable. I just don't see repeat visits at those prices like an annual pass promotes, it's more of a been there done that once a year at most kind of thing and annual prices being perceived as too expensive by the general public. Adult Single Day Ticket SW/WBMW: $65 Child Single Day Ticket SW/WBMW: $50 14 Days, 3 parks: $99 Village Pass: (3 parks with Block out dates for all QLD & NSW school holidays, easter and long weekends) $130 VIP Pass: (4 parks with block dates over Christmas period for 2 weeks and Easter holidays, 10% discount to Outback Spectacular, 10% discount on merch, 20% for 3 friends on the month of your birthday, 5% on F&B, pick one after hours event) $160 Magic Pass: (4 GC parks, plus WnW Sydney, no block out dates, 15% discount on Outback Spectacular, 15% discount for experiences such as MW Behind the Scenes tour, SW Helicopters, SW Boat and animal adventures, 15% discount on merch, 10% discount on F&B, 10% discount on SW Resort rooms in non-peak time, 25% discount for 3 friends on the month of your birthday, access to one night of all after hours events at the parks, so 1 x Fright Nights, 1 x White Christmas, 1 x Carnivale) $220 DW/WWW Adult Single Day Entry: (entry to both parks) $70 DW/WWW Child Single Day Entry: (entry to both parks) $55 Yearly Pass: (with block out dates) $110 Yearly Pass: (no block out dates, 15% discount on merch, 10% on F&B) $150 WWW Adult Entry: (If it still exists) $40 WWW Child Entry: $25 All day locker hire to all parks: $10 Even I'm still second guessing if I think these prices are right
  6. @pushbutton I don't think you'll find a water park in the world that offers free lockers. And public pools do not assume you need a locker, with the fact being that most don't even have any.
  7. Interesting discussion that comes up that comes up every so often. I'll wait to you post yours before I comment or write up what I think. But I disagree with locker hire being included in waterpark prices... Then you'd have to ensure you have enough lockers for everyone, which I think would be completely unfeasible to supply. Just make the price point that is reasonable and fair IMO.
  8. The ACCC is weak IMO, look at the market Coles & Woolworths have and the market their offshoots have, especially Bunnings. The issue more with the sale would be VRTP not wanting to spend the money after their last release said they were curbing their spending. But if I was an exec and the right opportunity presented itself I think I'd be mad not to.
  9. ^ Didn't say it would be good for enthusiasts or the public. Just could be positive from their perspective.
  10. Given the article states Ardent looked at purchasing VRTP. These days how likely do you think it would be VRTP would purchase DW? I know their last report said they wanted to curb spending, but with the recent valuation of DW, surely it would start to look attractive to some companies and with VRTP they would essentially control the market and not have to worry about a competitior.
  11. Because until it does come down it is still a restricted area leading to a ride envelope.
  12. Our staff uniforms on Arkham are better
  13. ^ And in adding to this, just looking it up, I'm guessing 'Rio Bravo Mining' on the ride is a nod to the 1959 movie called Rio Bravo starring John Wayne??
  14. Doesn't have anything to do with the movie at all. The only part of that area that references the movie is a poster before the ride and the film clip from Will Smith in the queue. The ride also dropped the Wild Wild West name some time ago. Now the whole ride and area just has a more generic Wild West theme. Which WB produced many a film of that genre. And someone please correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't WWF include other subtle clues to their WB Wild West films?
  15. ^ I'm guessing it was reaching the end of its life span and would be too much hassle/cost to take on... That and if it is at the end would have to be scrapped soon anyway.