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  1. The Off Topic Topic

    Now if only the cars weren't so boring and actually had some movement to them
  2. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    Yes & no for MW's fault. Number one rule for theming is keep it out of reach of guests, to try and prevent vandalism. That corridor used to be wide with poles to stop guests getting near the walls. Fast Track means 2 queues now in the one corridor, which means guests are right next to the walls. Perfect for etching their names into it.
  3. Or the fact that in this photo it looks like the lift hill supports are going up?
  4. Unfortunately, these days the PC police get involved too often. Google Gold Rush and racism in Australia and the fact that the Victorian Government have apologised to the Chinese for racist policies during this period. I'm envisioning it something similiar to Silver Dollar City, Dollywood or parts of Knotts Berry Farm. Adding some unique elements as well like glass blowing, blacksmith, driving the Model T Fords. Imagine a horse drawn Cobb & Co. carriage people could ride down the main thoroughfare, the gold rush was just one small part of Australia's early history, I love the idea of the old Bushranger show coming back in some way. Yes, I'm aware of the initial problems of the Windseeker's and that Knotts had there's relocated. However, they were essentially first of their kind prototypes and Mondial seem to have ironed out the bugs now, I haven't read anything bad on them in a while, granted I'm not frequenting American forums all that often. I wouldn't think they're breaking down anymore than say Storm does. Fact is though, if DW sit around and do nothing in the next 12-18 months then VRTP I feel will have a jump so big on them it will very difficult to come back from. People will just think 'since that accident, there's nothing new there. I don't want to visit a place like that. Not with these new shiny thing the opposition has'
  5. I think going down the path of targeting families is the right one... For the time being. But I totally get the argument for the other way around and find myself switching sides of the argument. I think their way back is wiping out the TRR & Mine Ride, move the vintage cars up to that area, convert the whole area to one consistent theme, I like the idea of early colonial Australia. But do it ASAP. Plus add a Windseeker, it would be impressive and get something in quick. Add a big family attraction like Fire Chaser Express at Dollywood **As an aside I'd love some of those effects in their fire room to pop up in WWF Then finally compete with MW for the BIG coaster, I like an RMC woodie. But I like the idea of Dive or Wing coaster. I know there's the argument for gimmicky, but if you had something like Shreika you still get some airtime and a loop... And just think, you might not rate it as good as the Hyper, but all the gp will see is a HUGE coaster that has heaps of people sitting in the front row dangling off the edge... And at the end of the day that's all that matters in this do the GP love it and buy tickets.
  6. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    I get that point, but as has well been discussed on here before, with the cheap passes these days the parks essentially don't have "off-peaks" anymore so to speak. Added to that we know each year, each train has to go through a complete a rebuild. That would ensure at all times the coaster runs 2 trains, meaning when lines are big and one train needs work, capacity isn't severely impacted and we see big lines like we currently do on SE. In fact I'd love to see SE get the same treatment, but I don't see that ever happening.
  7. New Night Parade for Movie World.

    Best use of the seats too IMO, they get a good work out during the show.
  8. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Has SE ever had its cable replaced?
  9. I will just add I always thought it was mainly Joker with his villains mates around. What does it for me particularly is the courtyard of the "jail" with Joker spray painted everywhere.
  10. Do you have the link to these? I'd love to see the drive motors in action.
  11. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    I seem to remember back in the earlier more rides and attractions being sponsored including BT.
  12. New Dreamworld Patisserie & Grill "coming soon"

    And WnW also has water heating
  13. If I was MW and all of sudden decided Suicide Squad didn't work, and the colours didn't work for any other major DC Comic characters like Flash, Aquaman or Wonder Woman then I would have opted for a generic movie theme aka Hollywood Dream at Universal Studios Japan.
  14. The Off Topic Topic

    The photos coming through of Pandora at Animal Kingdom look amazing as well
  15. What are reasonable prices for theme parks?

    And I've spent most my life at Public Pools and the only ones that had them was Southport and they had about 20 at max. But you're right it is off topic. I think your prices are wayy too low. For the reason Joz said I don't think a park would remain profitable. I just don't see repeat visits at those prices like an annual pass promotes, it's more of a been there done that once a year at most kind of thing and annual prices being perceived as too expensive by the general public. Adult Single Day Ticket SW/WBMW: $65 Child Single Day Ticket SW/WBMW: $50 14 Days, 3 parks: $99 Village Pass: (3 parks with Block out dates for all QLD & NSW school holidays, easter and long weekends) $130 VIP Pass: (4 parks with block dates over Christmas period for 2 weeks and Easter holidays, 10% discount to Outback Spectacular, 10% discount on merch, 20% for 3 friends on the month of your birthday, 5% on F&B, pick one after hours event) $160 Magic Pass: (4 GC parks, plus WnW Sydney, no block out dates, 15% discount on Outback Spectacular, 15% discount for experiences such as MW Behind the Scenes tour, SW Helicopters, SW Boat and animal adventures, 15% discount on merch, 10% discount on F&B, 10% discount on SW Resort rooms in non-peak time, 25% discount for 3 friends on the month of your birthday, access to one night of all after hours events at the parks, so 1 x Fright Nights, 1 x White Christmas, 1 x Carnivale) $220 DW/WWW Adult Single Day Entry: (entry to both parks) $70 DW/WWW Child Single Day Entry: (entry to both parks) $55 Yearly Pass: (with block out dates) $110 Yearly Pass: (no block out dates, 15% discount on merch, 10% on F&B) $150 WWW Adult Entry: (If it still exists) $40 WWW Child Entry: $25 All day locker hire to all parks: $10 Even I'm still second guessing if I think these prices are right