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  1. I'd read here the reason it launches slower these days is because of the stronger forces on the body to go backwards and our laws won't allow the stronger forces on the body. Whereas they're more lax in the US and can continue launching at full speed. If anyone knows for sure, It'd be great to know exactly why.
  2. Why it was removed, thanks to Joz in the other thread.
  3. What I take from this is cutting back new rides... when SW is in dire need and making excuses for WnW Sydney's poor management.
  4. How do you know it wouldn't fit under the roof?
  5. It's like saying Universal Studios is just an Amusement Oark because it has The Incredible Hulk coaster. On the subject, if ours was themed like The Hulk I'd very happy indeed.
  6. 1. The Claw - excellent forces and airtime, good theming, or at least nice area, good capacity. First flat thrill ride and I was shitting myself waiting for it to start. 2. Wipeout - Has everything The Claw has and looks even better, but for me the sensation of the ride is what makes The Claw number 1. It was my second flat, straight after Claw and so Claw probably also has some nostalgia to me for introducing me to it all. 3. Surfrider - Great ride, wish it had some sort of music back. Doomsday Destroyer - VOIDED because I haven't done it, from the photos thought looks like the best looking area. It looks like a ride that would make me feel sick, but people also say it feels too controlled. In saying all that I haven't done The Claw in about 7 years and I have this awful feeling if I did The Claw I'd come off feeling awfully sick, maybe even vomit worthy which makes me sad.
  7. I was thinking the track would be fabricated here somewhere to MACK's specifications, with the trains arriving from Germany or wherever MACK builds them. Cheaper than trying to ship the steel, but the train is something I presume they wouldn't want outsourced.
  8. ^ That's what I was thinking, or the motor burnt out?
  9. @AlexB Yes RRRC has air gates for each row. In regards to capacity I know MW has terrible loading procedures, but RRRC having 2 trains running on busy days surely has to count for something? Also am I the only who finds the EFM harnesses uncomfortable? I find it to be like other Vekoma's, rough, and having harnesses similar to the old LW ones it bashes my head around.
  10. SW looks better in that ad than it does now.
  11. Completely agree with you as the old saying goes 'if it bleeds it leads' ring true. These people aren't also theme park enthusiasts, or work in an industry with machinery that has the same protocols built in so they don't understand how it works. They are only like the GP at the moment, they see a ride stopped and immediately think along the lines of something bad has happened. Which IMO will only go away after time. In fact it seems like the media got the park on a good week in terms of not having more stoppages. But you won't hear them report on things like SDSC or JL because they're indoors and there's nothing to see. Imagine if SDSC was outside and how much footage we'd see of people walking down from the top of the ride. In fact there's an idea just enclose all their rides
  12. I always wondered why if they have the same layout RRRC hits the breaks harder, I guess it doesn't lose as much speed as EFM does during the ride. I think theming does get taken into account with the ride making it better, imagine RRRC without the the ACME TNT on the roof, or passing through the rockwork on the road, I think it definitely wouldn't make it as interesting. The extra train on RRRC to help with capacity is great as well, it'd be nice if EFM had that too with the lap bar restraints, but I don't there's space on the ride for a maintenance bay like RRRC has?
  13. I'm sure after time goes by and probably even after the holiday crowds dissipate the frequency of these events getting reported on will die down. I get the AA report, because that was one of the bigger breakdowns and the way they had to get off the ride makes for good imagery, even I liked seeing the images of how it was unfolding. However a ride stopping and then getting passengers off is ridiculous, I haven't spent a day at MW where there hasn't been a ride closed. In fact one day SDSC was down, then WWF was and this time I could see the boats stopped, then SDSC again. It happens, it means the system is working as it should. The only way we'll stop seeing these reports is time. I'm waiting for them to report on a SE rollback and speculating why DD has been closed for so long.
  14. Roadrunner. However if EFM had better restraints like the new Vekoma trains I'd say EFM.
  15. I think it's probably a combination of both. The rides loses speed almost as soon as it's off the launch, was built too high and has uncomfortable seats. That I put down to being a prototype. Roadrunner & Escape From Madagascar don't lose their speed as they hit the brakes, MDMC does, I think that's a bad design. However if DW had a bigger budget Intamin probably could have made the ride with more 'Wow', a second launch I think could have helped greatly. Still doesn't fix the uncomfortable restraints and slow loading process. Such problems seem to be ironed out by the time they got around to JR.