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  1. Original

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    On the tram I would love to see it run from the GC airport all the way to Coomera train station, linking to all the major tourist precincts. The airport, Harbour Town, The Spit, Sea World, Metricon Stadium, Bond University, C Bus Stadium, Robina Town Centre, Movie World, Wet'n'Wild, Dreamworld, finishing at Coomera Town Centre/Station. That way a tourist doesn't need to ever really need to get on the bus, the tram services everything, the buses can be used for more local routes, and we hopefully take more cars (hire cars) off the road and even some busses off the main arterials since the tram is there. I'd also like to see it more affordable, compared to the tram in Sydney, it's far too much to be a good alternative for a lot of people.
  2. Original

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    I could agree Marine Park when the park only had two adult rides. But once Atlantis opens that changes again and it is definitely a theme park. Interestingly in my mind Marine Park, but has rides is worse branding wise than a theme park. I don't think rides really have a place in them. But a theme park it does. But hey its one of those that was probably researched and focused grouped to the hilt and for now is the friendliest option. But hey I'm going for the hybrid, marine theme park! 😂
  3. Original

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Yep, never started as a Marine Park, started with a ski show and evolved from there into a theme park, which in recent years was left with very few rides. When SW added Dolphins, DW added Tigers, when DW added Tunderbolt, SW added Corkscrew as they competed with each other.
  4. Original

    Leviathan Construction Updates

    Then why don't you just call DW a zoo with rides?
  5. ^ I'd even add to this, with the ride using an extra ride op to ease the burden on the operators. One loading only, one unloading only and one sitting in the control booth at all times and all they do is watch the load and unload areas and watching all the CCTV's, and since this is a continuously operating ride like how MW have permanent control booth ops on WWF, Scooby, Superman, Green Lantern, Arkham, Justice League and even old rides Looney Tunes and Batman. Hell even in their busy Summer periods have a 4th operator acting as the grouper, again same as what Scooby and WWF has in their busy periods. Or if you're so worried about your conveyor put someone on that as well, like WWF has someone on their turntable.
  6. That's giving DW a pass right there. No, theme park industry safety was far above what DW provided. This isn't something the industry learnt from because it was already practicing it. You only have to look at the evidence VRTP gave in the inquest to see how far DW were behind the 8 ball.
  7. You're right, it was sheer dumb luck considering, even though they weren't able to recreate after the accident, in the rides lifetime it had happened before. What is also sheer dumb luck is that no one was on the ride or injured when these other incidences occurred. I can't believe the ride was never upgraded the first time this happened, or that the park felt it was rare to occur again, why bother doing anything about it, it would be sheer dumb luck to happen again, with passengers on board!
  8. See I count Bermuda as iconic because of those twin volcanoes. I guess for everyone the idea of "iconic" means something different. But I think if it was/is constantly used in the parks and the Gold Coast's imaging/ads, then it is iconic.
  9. I’d agree with that, but I would say Leviathan will actually be in the next decade, opening in 2021. Hopefully it kicks the decade off with some great iconic attractions to come. We’ve also got DWs coaster on the way, which in time could also be iconic. Fingers crossed to a great decade of our parks and really showing us the creative and just plain fun attractions and shows they can give us.
  10. SW: - Corckscrew - Dolphin Show - Ski Show - Bermuda - Heck even the Monorail (the iconic promotional shot of the Corkscrew going over the monorail... And the fact it was Australia's first) - Honourable mentions to Skyway, Vikings and the helicopters. - This park also gets my vote as the Gold Coast's most iconic park. MW: - Police Academy - Superman - Scooby - Looney Tunes River Ride - Batman Adventure - I'd also say the characters themselves out in the park i.e. Marilyn Monroe singing in the gold limo - WWF for the size of that mountain - Honourable mention to Lethal Weapon (if it wasn't so rough) Gremlins (Was it there long enough to bed in as an icon? Great dark ride though) and Studio Tour and Movie Magic Special Effects show. DW: - Wipeout - Thunderbolt - Tower of Terror - Tigers - Giant Drop - Paddle Steamer - Controversially you might say, but pre 2016 tragedy I would have put the Thunder River Rapids in there - Honourable mention to the IMax theatre (being our first here in Aus and something Longhurst was so proud of), Blue Lagoon & Kenny the Koala, Model T Ford's before they were moved, Steam Train... Maybe Claw WnW: - Aquaracer - White Water Mountain (When they had Terror Canyon) - Double Screamer - Dive In Movies - Mammoth Falls - Honourable mention to Tornado Some of those rides and attractions have been replaced by other iconic attractions i.e. Scooby, others definitely not. What I'd like to ask is, most of these rides and attractions were built in the 80's & 90's, bar Scooby and Superman (which arguably are two of the best rides the Coast has produced). 80's & 90's almost seemed like the golden age for doing things real kick ass. What in the last decade (apart from Rivals in the future) have the parks produced that could be considered "iconic"?
  11. Something like say a Disney Aulani in Hawaii but in North Queensland here?
  12. And if Ardent went belly up like Virgin I don't think you'd find them getting a bailout either. But instead find a new buyer. Which, as long as DW survives would be a win.
  13. I think the point being made is Dreamworld should have a future. Ardent should not.
  14. Original

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    Just looking at how bare across the road is, I'd still love to see them lease that land, give them the needed extra space to expand, make that area through there look nice, just mandate they have to put a boardwalk along the beach boundary so people can still walk along that area.
  15. Original

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    Please elaborate on the multiple times? I'm really curious and love to hear your examples. We know of one instance, and that was an issue to do with S&S designing their cars and wheel bogies poorly. Hah I was beaten to it @rappa said exactly what I was thinking.