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  1. I genuinely thought this was a typo or you didn't see a "2 for" in front of the price
  2. I get it mate, but, what if... Parkz added Turnstiles? that way we wouldn't need moderators and the system can let a specific number of people post every day. If you disagree with me you're just wrong. Overseas does it the best way. I've been overseas to overseas parks to use turnstiles.
  3. Is that due to the hydraulics needing time to reset/fluids cool down?
  4. Once again, agree with @DaptoFunlandGuy. This one is great as the staff who hand out the wrist bands are literally just causing a waste of time and slow down other services they (could) provide. The fallback is obviously going back to wristbands. If you tie it into the ride systems to get number of cycles/hour (or 30min) they could also have the wait times on the machine for those specific seats (lets be honest, normally max 5min) and auto lockout if the already purchased riders extends past the parks opening hours.
  5. Thanks @DaptoFunlandGuy. Appreciate the insight. As for paint over time, I honestly can't see it taking 6 years, but if they do maintain doing sections every period, ideally it would never 'fade'.
  6. Not disputing either as I have no idea, but I wonder if the additional heights of the NI Loop, Camel Back and lift hill would cause unwanted additional time? This is the first coaster to reach these heights in Aus and likely MW would try and save money by using local painters than import specialists.
  7. No, because they use a human grouper who can let in the whole group
  8. Out of curiosity, how long does the hydraulic system need to reset after a launch?
  9. Your (rough) numbers are slightly off. 364 day trade assumes its open 364 days. Factor in the 3-5 weeks of annual maintenance, assume a perfect year no downtime, and add in the # of testing cycles it performs every morning also. Otherwise, interesting call out. Also in the ride stats it does call out 480 Riders / hour with 2 train ops.
  10. Yeah sorry, I've practically seen all his videos, hes shown other Alpine coasters before with him on them, and also if I remember correctly, one of those bike like ones where you pedal yourself? As he said in the originally linked video, its not the height, speed or movements, as hes been in fighter jets and done other 'extreme' stuff, its just the initial drop.
  11. So if a group has Fastpass, good luck, guess how many the next train will let on, have a great day.
  12. See if you addictively watch them as soon as they are released, the problem is spread out over a much more manageable time frame.
  13. While we're here, his new video on the regular channel very briefly features an Alpine Coaster.
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