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  1. Naazon

    Theme Park Reopening’s Post COVID-19

    Personally, my family were planning on visiting Falls Creek but the new Victoria ban means we can't so were holidaying on the coast and will use some of the vouchers (like Outback Spectacular). Also the $$$ savings means we can also get Dreamworld passes which is what brought this to mind. Guess we will see in the coming weeks.
  2. Naazon

    Theme Park Reopening’s Post COVID-19

    Dreamworld have ceased selling tickets (understandable). What offers do you think they will have to attract people once reopened? Village are offering $350 worth of vouchers.
  3. It would cost more to renovate most likely due to the insurance involved in an In House attraction, unless a manufacturer decides to take on the job and turn it into one of 'their' rides, which is super unlikely. That and the park has already announced the ride is permanently closed.
  4. Naazon

    Dreamworld Website updates

    @themagician it's on the opening hours site. Below pic is mobile but same on desktop.
  5. Naazon

    Dreamworld Website updates

    I don't know when this icon was updated but they really need to change it. That isn't how gears work. Whats worse is they have an illustration of a correct layout next to the text No wonder they had issues with ToT and Wipeout...
  6. My 6 year old rides Storm. its pretty mild.
  7. Naazon

    Theme Park Reopening’s Post COVID-19

    Jet Rescue was brought forward by a few weeks (23rd August to now the 9th August). Could this be the reason for that? If so, we could see similar shortening of downtime's for other rides
  8. Naazon

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Honestly at the moment there isn't much to light up.
  9. Naazon

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Not a compliment
  10. Naazon

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    Thats not even the right line? You were so close to actually making an okay meme...
  11. Naazon

    Park Memes? Park Memes.

    I don't even understand this one. The new ride is a part of dreamworld..
  12. Naazon

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    I think the thing I loved most about it was how it sounded similar to a fighter jet.
  13. Naazon

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Sea World is open and you're living up to your profile pic and drinking there again?
  14. Maybe unpopular opinion? not sure but I don't think the Castle does anything for SeaWorld and personally isn't nostalgic. Vikings was also pretty lame. Even as a kid I remembered I liked Dreamworlds better. I have no issue with them flattening the whole area and starting from scratch.
  15. Naazon

    Splash mountain retheme