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  1. I'm impressed they bought the hypercoaster outright. I wish they announced their FY20 plans.
  2. slightly off topic and I think it might have been discussed? Would it be viable for MW to build a 3-5 story car park structure so they can expand further? visually it wouldn't be amazing and could possible dwarf existing / smaller rides + planning permission is required...
  3. Naazon

    The Off Topic Topic

    "QFES simulate a roller coaster malfunctioning and rescuing all onboard since these rides are dangerous and break down often" - some news site
  4. Naazon

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    What about a Special Effects attraction? Like Backdraft/Twister at Universal?
  5. Naazon

    <Park Name> Maintenance 2019-2035

    Apart from ToT II and Buzsaw that seem to do this also.
  6. Naazon

    Arkham Assylum Facade work

    Money being no issue, what would you put in that area?
  7. Naazon

    The Off Topic Topic

    Didn't someone from Dreamworld confirm ToT II capped out at like 120km or something on this forum?
  8. Naazon

    Wet 'n' Wild GC Park Map Updated

    The only reasoning I can think of for this is if people a building from a ride and wonder what it is they can look at the map? But at the same time... no. Just no.
  9. Naazon

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Unlikely. The winter school holidays fall right in the middle. Although not peak holiday season, holidays are holidays and Arkham is a drawcard, even after all these years.
  10. Naazon

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    Random closures are a part of Theme Park life and from memory a VRTP video said morning maintenance checks were around an hour to complete per ride? (could be wrong). If trades started at 6 or so they would have a fair chunk of time and of the larger works they could then work overnight. Not saying its ideal, but its possible.
  11. Naazon

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb

    In a pinch, show effects can be installed inside normal hours too if they delay the ride opening until 11 or 12 each day. Save on overtime rates.
  12. Naazon

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I assumed a repainting, maybe for both, and a train rebuild shouldn't take 3 months. Maybe they are getting new trains and have extended the time for possible delays and testing? Other ideas is smoothing the track a touch. It felt a bit rough last time I was on it.
  13. Naazon

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    Arkham Asylum is going to be down for quite a while, and Green lantern is 6ish weeks whereas all other coasters are 3-4?
  14. They also need to sort out the paths in the hot sun, and the black painted deck near River Rapid slides.
  15. And as heavily discussed on this forum, the reliability of those rides is questionable at the moment. Edit: Also thanks @joz appreciate the discussion.