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  1. I also missed it. Any chance you can dumb down your point so a simpleton like me can understand?
  2. I mean, the concrete is glowing white in the second photo
  3. Because there is a spot of land where a ride used to be. Duh.
  4. Pretty sure that's because they are rescued, rehabilitated and released. Of recent the only animals SW has kept are unable to be released or captive breeding programs where they are still utilised for breeding or where born in captivity don't survive in the wild.
  5. Aren't there less dugong exhibitions because they dont do well in captivity?
  6. Otter would fit in well over near the outdoor penguin area.
  7. I think Sea World is pretty good on the animal front honestly. Penguins, Penguins, Seals, Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Stingrays, Other... rays, Big fish, some smaller fish, star fish, other reef animals, some birds (wild), jellyfish. Am I missing anything? I think that's a pretty good wrap up of animals. another aquarium wouldn't help pad out the day.
  8. I disagree. The comment on the FB post should also be in the video. Give their most charismatic/pretty engineer or ride op a tiny bit of media/presentation training to present that info. It's pretty critical to the video and a large percentage of the population are scrolling through feeds to watch not read (sad state of society, I'm old ect ect blah blah but point stands) Edit: pretty being camera friendly and used here as gender neutral
  9. I hope the staff are being rewarded/recognised also.
  10. Yes. I too like to have my whole wall open up in my granny flat.
  11. I think its amazing theming. Assuming they are going for "Ghost Town"
  12. What do you expect from a company when this is one of its portfolios That wording to me is honestly scary.
  13. I hope its something else. I feel that would take away from the new WoO area.
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