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  1. Who wins that race? BuzzSaw or Green Lantern?
  2. From my very quick google search, price of scrap metal has increased quite a lot due to COVID so I wonder if they will rush the demo to get a good price on it (and more or less may for the demo its self). Edit: Further thoughts, I wonder if COVID has reduced the cost of the demo crew also since they may be doing less work? Anyone in this area of work able to confirm?
  3. Why not meet halfway? If you have a valid ticket loaded on the app, unblock the ride wait times. In other words, if Village has your $$ then they don't care if you see the wait times and bail.
  4. While you might be right in every aspect you're forgetting 1 thing. @cthulhus_lawyer put out his position on village initially and clearly nothing is going to change his mind so you're wrong. Also it would be interesting to see the % of park apps that let you see the ride queue times vs that don't (and specifically Knott's app). I would do it myself but I also don't care enough. Village app does all I want it to do and functions well on my (admittedly new and powerful) phone (Note20 Ultra).
  5. I really have to disagree. You can tell from the car park, the majority of people going to the parks plan this day and get the before, on or just after opening. Opening the ride times up to people to plan a family day just doesn't work since if you're leaving from Brisbane, you're leaving before the park is even open. Yes I concede that for GC locals and possibly Logan it would work but if you're a park regular, you can make some pretty safe assumptions on ride wait times. If you're not a park regular more than likely your trip to the parks will be a full day outing and you plan to get th
  6. I love your insights and little stories
  7. Fee is probably likely. I'm assuming they will show a different film for the Summer and Winter holidays each year.
  8. Us Greater Brisbane people can re-attend from 6pm tonight though.
  9. I actually think with some negotiation with the Studio, there could be even more space if required. Even if just for the quieter elements like Sub station, maintenance shed or even the station (can be easily sound blocked), or possibly a 'tunnel' built into the ride.
  10. If people don't know London like me, the red star is Heathrow Airport, London in the center and The London Resort will be somewhere near the marker in Swanscombe. Heathrow is roughly 30km from London, and Swanscombe is another 30km from London. Google says from Heathrow its a 1 hour drive or 3 hours by public transport. From London its a 45min drive or 50min by public transport. Obviously times may vary with the exact location and possible future public transport infrastructure.
  11. My kid LOVED the FMX show. It was short enough to keep his attention, there was shade around, you're super close, and the host was entertaining. No real preshow apart from music but with 4 shows a day and enough space to view, we kinda just walked up when we wanted to watch and didn't need to wait it out.
  12. The ride is designed to fall so if it breaks from lack of maintenance it still operates as intended.
  13. Throwing ideal, but not likely random dates out cause I can, and assuming they follow the 2021 announcement and no delays (haha)... Q2 2021 Announcement Q3-4 2021 Deconstruction (scrap) Q1 2022 Build commence Q4 2022 Completion
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