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  1. @DaptoFunlandGuy I don't want Arkhams replacement to top Rivals as such, but I think keeping some form of 'gimmick' coaster would be a good idea. Be it a suspended, wing, dive, standing, 4D or something along those lines.
  2. As much as I love this ride, I don't think its a good Arkham replacement
  3. my exact thoughts. Hopefully can finally line up my visits..
  4. Do Mack do pull throughs? I don't rememeber Rivals having a pull through
  5. Yes, should clarify I meant not able to be used on VTRP One Pass.
  6. Just FYI it looks like the GC Dollars voucher can be used on DW passes, but not on VRTP Passes.
  7. absestos? / large amounts of absestos? its still somewhat out of the way and generally can't see it.
  8. Luckily Trident will be right next to it, so many guest will soon be able to see Also thanks yeah.
  9. Thanks @DaptoFunlandGuy, always appreciated. Sorry to be that guy but is it possible to get a higher res / zoomed in image of the Atlantis area? Not the abilities of Near Map
  10. This $100 pass is also coming out just when the QLD government is handing out $100 gold coast vouchers...
  11. White Water incident, regardless of how it happened literally injured someone and was reported (hyped up) in the news. The GL incident, although way more severe caused 0 injuries and was reported more or less like a normal ride stoppage. The closest you get is this quote: In the media, there is nothing to report on since "nothing" happened.
  12. Just to ruin the hate parade on the program, the GL incident, as bad and horrible as it could have been, it didn't kill or dismember anyone. It's nowhere near as headline and news grabby as actual deaths and permanent injury. VRTP in no way paid to come out as the good guys. A LOT of the general public aren't aware that GL had a major incident, and the regular downtime of the ride kinda helps with that since that time period was just "another downtime".
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