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  1. Just curious, as I have no idea, how do you maintain a tower?
  2. Might be an unpopular opinion? but I love ToT smashing through and making a stupidly loud sound. Yeah the thrills are moderate, but GD doesn't make the sound required for such a landmark. ToT in my opinion needs to be saved and kept. The Queue entrance for ToT should also have an amazing rollercoaster across from it, both with digital queue time signs to even out the lines since ToT has a pretty bad throughput. side note im kinda drunk so if this makes no sense, sorry.
  3. They did that with the Trolls Village already
  4. Naazon

    The Off Topic Topic

    Village has been particularly quiet recently
  5. Naazon

    Movie World April Update

    I went on the first day of QLD school holidays and it was open from 10am - 2pm then also. I was surprised.
  6. Naazon

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    There is a whole Reddit thread on that. Turns out /u/doubledickdude was a fake. Sad times.
  7. Naazon

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    Ones bigger than the other normally. Says my doctor. I mean my friends doctor.
  8. Naazon

    Near Maps updates - 2019

    I never realised how large the parking lots are compared to the parks. Also this looks a little bit like a penis...
  9. Naazon

    Consentino Live at Dreamworld

    Must say I've got to agree. Also I've seen similar responses online about the Thunder Lake show but that I've not looked at a whole lot. Good on DW for a win with Consentino. Hopefully they can build on this small win.
  10. Hey @FireBall85 Just an update, nothing in the last 2 hours. Have a good day.
  11. Its likely, and I'm pretty sure already been discussed the issues are with the building its self and not the ride. Things like fire escapes, emergency lighting and whatever else is required in a building. I understand people joke at Dreamworld not having the building right, but this happens quite a lot. Suncorp Stadium had late changes made to it, as there were not the required number of toilets (not facilities, actual toilets). From memory the Northern Busway didn't have the right fire fighting equipment (unsure if hydrant points or sprinklers) so this isn't just DW being shitty, its an issue all over QLD due to tight regulations that apparently a lot of construction/design companies fail at.
  12. As much as this forum discusses the negative things Dreamworld is doing, every thread, people will also discuss ways Dreamworld could improve what they are doing, ranging from realistic to wishful thinking to "never going to happen, but imagine if". This forum isn't Anti-Dreamworld, its just against running a park into the ground.
  13. Naazon

    Wipeout Removal

    Hes just throwing some shade at Dreamworld
  14. the First Aid and the whole Sky Voyager building reminds me of Planet Coaster a little..
  15. Naazon

    The Off Topic Topic

    Why heavily promote something you haven't completed and don't have approval for?