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  1. Hows a car going to keep out rabbits?
  2. Was the the one keeping the Rabbits out?
  3. Other Fun Runs and Bike events get around this by if you donate $xxx amount you get free registration next year
  4. If the load station is in a visible area too there is heaps of hype when the seats flip.
  5. If only there was somewhere VRTP could update the people who are super interested on the various stages of construction but not flood their socials with the less interesting updates. Just throwing ideas around, like maybe a construction blog. Maybe even host it on a VRTP owned website like https://themeparks.com.au/blog In fact I would specifically use this exact URL for no apparent reason. https://themeparks.com.au/blog/leviathan-construction?_ga=2.228424925.1978216344.1632288136-402189983.1632288136&_gac=1.245491248.1632288136.EAIaIQobChMI4fiwkOuR8wIVaJlmAh1DbgdKEAAYA
  6. Also agree. Otherwise a 4D like Eejanaika would be cool and has that obvious "different" look to other coasters. The only way a Strata or Giga would put us on the map is if it was more than just a Up down and back coaster and has additional elements, but that would cost way too much for our parks.
  7. If you turn it into a vertical garden, it will still be a Sky Voyager plant area
  8. Investment Firms don't care as long as they come out in the black
  9. Doesn't that boost truck normally have residence at Sea World?
  10. Don't we know how the ride feels? They didn't change the main layout from Blue Fire.
  11. I thought Rivals was initially "Leased" then the park paid for it fully a year or 2 later and the pay out figure was in a Financial release? if so that figure would purely be the coaster and not ground works
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