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  1. Much appreciated update!!!! Thanks heaps @Richard. This cleared up a few questions & concerns I had with Leviathan. Is it fair to still be cautious regarding the level of theming. I'm trying not to set expectations. I was at opening day for Scooby Doo Next Generation and was left with disappointment from the overall experience. It was completely underwhelming as it had so much hype and we (the general public) were promised "world's best" Tight-arse 🤣😂🍑
  2. A YouTuber posted a sneaky preview.
  3. @DaptoFunlandGuy awesome, thanks heaps.
  4. @skeeta thanks for the update it was much appreciated. Oh what movie or TV show is the GIF from??
  5. I had look at the link listed previously for the sale of BS on UsedRides Europe. It states "we can't find what you're looking for" does this mean it has been sold. https://www.usedrideseurope.com/ridesforsale/sky-loop-coaster/
  6. I was aware of this. That title belongs to DaptoFunland. And yes it was strange and unnecessary.
  7. Ooops I agree with Brad. I mostly use the mobile page, I forgot how it works on the desktop. @Brad2912 Please let me know if you have any issues with my profile moving forward. My sincere apologies, @TomiJ
  8. Shhhhh we don't talk about dreamworld 2016.
  9. It destroyed the business in the process though.
  10. DECLINE!!! Jokes never been to Aussie world so wouldn't know.
  11. @Coasterlife the comments on your vid. Brutal. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJwEGNLU/
  12. It's the main reason why I prefer WhiteWater World over wet n wild. Can't stand to carrying rafts
  13. Is there any reason why the old sign was removed from rr roller coaster?.
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