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  1. Here is a video from Sally Corporation, featuring the ride POV, entrance, queue and cheesy skits
  2. ^agreed @Jamberoo Fan Bro my man (or woman) stop with the nitpicking. There is no need for it. Okay what about: "best Action, best rides, the magic can be yours now" yea or nah.
  3. Thanks heaps for the video the ride looks awesome. I'm not interested in Doctor Who and my only references I know are from The Simpsons. But I will be happy for any well themed area. If done well I think it could work.
  4. What a joke. I hope the guy in purple did not get kicked out as well.
  5. ^ Wow people pay for stories like that. Maybe I should get into writing I'm pretty sh*t at writing as well, seems to easy
  6. @Prequel yea l was thinking about the same thing around Ben Cutting as well. It was a great game though very close, awesome to be there live. I think that was the first super over for the season. I'm thinking of heading to the grand final in Perth now and probably do adventure world for the first time. I can probably only go for 3 or 4 days. Is it worth it.
  7. Thanks heaps for the sneak peak @Slick. What are the chances of the Lego store having a soft opening on Friday or Thursday for park guests.
  8. I would assume so and confident it is made of Lego
  9. I'll be at the gabba as well, it will be my first going to a game this season and my first time at the Gabba. Sydney Sixers for the win.
  10. @Jamberoo Fan has some good points I feel the rides closure was coming in the near future (12-18 months) and was a unexpected closure. @SlickI don't have any core or solid evidence to prove it either, but if you can do you mind elaborating more on your claim "Because i'm reliably informed that it was anything but". (I'm aware you probably can't). Anyway I'm really enjoying this in depth discussion. You guys have some great knowledge and experience.
  11. Wipeout tops it for me. It was a rough choice between Wipeout and the claw. I'm yet to experience surf rider as it has been closed every time I have been to wet and wild (10+ times), it is the only ride I'm yet to experience on the Gold Coast. I think doomsday has the best theming but the up charge for interactive elements is not worth it.
  12. Wow @reanimated35 thats looking amazing. Thanks for your continued updates.
  13. @Ashley Yep..... It's open and apparently it's smoother hhahahahahahaha
  14. Yea there have been a few ads on TV in Sydney about extended trading, what's on this summer and the fire machine show etc.
  15. I think they may be part of the scooby doo movie. I haven't seen the movie in a while but I vaguely remember seeing it, here is a short video. Lols anyone remember if this is from the movie. *Can confirm it is in the scooby doo movie and seems to significant enough for me to remember it. Here is a better video*