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  1. @Gold Coast Amusement Force I appreciate the effort it is better than nothing. Thanks roachie for helping bring stuff out of the shadows. Are still expecting for this to open this year?
  2. This was brutal but true. Anyway Dreamworld already use it as a shitty event space. Link:'s-garage I look forward to see this space transformed into an even more shitty 'hot new events venue.'
  3. TomiJ

    The Off Topic Topic

  4. TomiJ

    Play School Wheel announced - Dreamworld

    I'm not a fan either of mega topics, I get lost. However Ferris wheel "play school wheel" is taking forever; not surprised.
  5. I don't think our parks have the demand to be open late. Disney parks in Orlando also have a abundance of nightly entertainment, shops, restaurants, shows and resorts adjacent to the parks. Which our parks lack. Yes Movie World have Outback Spectacular and later this year Top Golf. But I don't think that is enough. I'm not ruling it out completely in the future. I think it is a good idea. If Movie Worlds hotel and entertainment precinct ever gets developed this may have a chance of working. (Just my opinions)
  6. Okay @RobMac are you a little hungry. I think you need to eat a Snickers. You'll feel better. Your not you when your hungry.
  7. Never say never. If 3 years ago someone told me that movieworld was building a hypercoaster I would of said no way.
  8. TomiJ

    Fright Nights 2017

    Nope I don't remember, but cool videos
  9. TomiJ

    DC Rivals - No Fast Track

    ^ Just Make the DC logo a little bit smaller so its the height of the Rivals writing. After that I think it will be perfect .
  10. TomiJ

    DC Rivals - No Fast Track

    I'll be happy if DC Rivels had fastrack however limiting to only one fast track cycle per a day. I think it could work better for the ultimate fast track, rather the normal fast track.
  11. My closest is Luna Park Sydney I'm just clad flights are pretty cheap to the Gold Coast.
  12. TomiJ

    Fright Nights 2017

    I'm definitely keen to do the UTT. I tried getting my family on board with it last year. They got shit scared just walking through main street that they didn't go in any of the mazes. Regardless If I do make the trip up to Movie World I will be doing UTT, even if it's by myself.
  13. Bring Back the Kool aid man. I know @Slick said we could not have nice things but common bring it back. Surely we can handle one nice thing? #bringbackthekoolaidman