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  1. He will never see it anyway, Parkz admin would delete or hide the post. Probs for the best. It's a shame the majority of his engagement in the forums has had a negative connotation. It had been well speculated that the monorail would go. As @Baconjack mentioned they said the same for previous rides and left them in lingo for many years. Have we even had an official announcement that arkarm asylum has closed or has it only been in the Facebook comments. The monorail is iconic and hope it is here to stay. It's a unique attraction that I always got to go on. I'm not as obsessed as @pushbutton but it will be tragic for it to get the chop
  2. Ok I no longer completely disagree 😂🤣😂. Thanks for being more specific about your opinions. I definitely agree the ride sucks. I've only been on it once, I mostly just walk around and use the interactive elements.
  3. I completely DISAGREE, I think Doomsdays seclusion from midway adds to the theme and experience. I feel like I'm in a mini land, although another DC land 🤣😂. I do agree the upcharges were probably a bad call. I did enjoy when they had the RF cards attached to the interactive elements. It's a shame they are no longer available.
  4. The Earth curves about 8 inches per mile. As a result, on a flat surface with your eyes 5 feet or so off the ground, the farthest edge that you can see is about 3 miles away.
  5. That is all that needs to be said.
  6. @red dragin and for those who don't have an IPhone, as the @Rivals vid does not work on Android for some reason. @New display name new vid: Screen_Recording_20220401-204007_Instagram.mp4 Screen_Recording_20220328-210756_Instagram.mp4
  7. Total cases in Australia from the start of the pandemic to December 30 2021: 362 677. Total deaths 2226 Total case numbers now (Jan 29): 2.46 million. Total deaths: 3477 @Rivals yea bro totally agree covid is not the blame 😂🤣😂.
  8. Well @Im Hungry there always has be one. Congratulations. I'm ok with having two family coasters as long as the area and theming is good.
  9. This worked for me last week at Dreamworld, Movie World & wnw. As my QLD check-in app was not working.
  10. Thanks for the updates @AheadMatthewawsome and @Baconjack
  11. The other day I burnt toast at work and it set the alarm off. The whole building was evacuated and the fire Brigade antended. Moral to the story; nobody cares and nobody cares if there was or wasn't a fire regarding superman. It does not seem to have affected the ride as it is still open.
  12. Steel Taipan official bulid timelape: Steel Taipan unofficial bulid Timelape:
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