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  1. Nope, you are correct. @New display namemay not of known. But it was mentioned on Facebook Jan 2021 I vaguely remember Village formally announcing something a couple of months ago but could be wrong.
  2. The real Skeeta is back Hey @New display name any chance i can use your old name 'Skeeta' and pic 😊
  3. That is what I meant thanks. I'll check out the sky Voyager briefing video.
  4. Thanks for sharing @TimmyG I enjoyed it for what it is. Lols just for argument sake can someone please share a video of better production from Dreamworld.
  5. Nope and even if someone knew they would not post it on the forums broadly. However often when people know they leave subtle clues.
  6. @DaptoFunlandGuy thanks baby, I fuck with Nearmap
  7. @DaptoFunlandGuy be careful with this thread it has a poll created on it.
  8. I prefer it overgrown but poison ivy would be a better fit
  9. Below is a video from the YouTube channel destination dad and daughter https://youtu.be/8x1k42GyLR0
  10. Pretty ironic seeing this ad on Facebook:
  11. Hey @Brad2912 don't watch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 20210528_130258_1.mp4
  12. heigh /heΙͺ/ exclamation ARCHAIC expressing encouragement or inquiry. "heigh my hearts, cheerely, cheerely my harts"
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