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  1. Lols don't you understand the internet, once it's posted it is there FOREVER!!😀 Even if it is deleted. @Andrewh The best thing you can do is just ignore it whenever it is mentioned. But thank you for the laughs!!!😂
  2. TomiJ

    Someone is coming to Dreamworld

    Face-palm 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @ejpdtd it's not BB, it has nothing to do with space or the authoring of books, as stated in brad2912 post. Lols it would be funny if it was BB. Try again... @ejpdtd, @Jackson13Walasek,
  3. Me Impatiently waiting for Sky Voyager:
  4. TomiJ

    Dreamworld reduces operating hours

    School is back and skeet is back. This is a good week.
  5. ^ same I've blocked him or her. The last person I blocked was @dylan_oregan but they are the same person. Hoesntly everyone should block him, but then who would I give my fountain ⛲ ⛲ ⛲ reaction to.
  6. TomiJ

    Defunctland: The Demise of Wonderland Sydney

    @Aw hype, what's interesting about the video is that Nova was advertising it on Facebook and instagram. This was the article Nova published: Footage of an abandoned Wonderland has been released as nightmare fuel RIP The Beastie. It feels like forever but it's actually been 14-odd years since Sydney's Wonderland was a thing. Yup! The theme park (billed colloquially as Movie World's povo cousin) closed in 2004 - to the dismay of everyone not currently living on the Goldie - with owners citing everything from the bird flu to September 11 for its closure. Which is a damn shame 'cause Wonderland was Good Bloody Stuff and worth a trip when your cousins were in town or as a reward for being on your best behaviour - Hanna-Barbera Land in particular really hit the spot. While most of us have forgotten Wonderland - and were too young to ever really know its location/cost/adult pain point #3, so it kind of faded away - it seems a few people, including YouTube Channel Abandoned Oz, still have the site on their radar. And honestly? Nightmare fodder: Link to page:
  7. TomiJ

    Sea World Maintenance 2019

    The reef is also closed in the summer (4th-18th Feb). It does not make any sense. The reef is one of their highest capacity attractions that requires no staff and it's a water based attraction.
  8. TomiJ

    Sky Voyager added to Dreamworld map

    ^ Hoesntly it's easy to miss though. Theres over 27 pages in the sky voyager thread. The last construction thread (dc rivals) was over a 100 pages. If you don't follow this page daily it is easy to get a bit lost.
  9. TomiJ

    Outback Spectacular "Heartland"

    For someone who has never been before is it worth going at the current price? Do they still have feature the helicopter?
  10. Are you mad bro? Have you ever been to a Universal Studios park? This what Universal Studios looks like, just in case you got mixed up with a different park. Honestly it's not even close.
  11. I've messaged @dylan_oreganprivately @Slick
  12. I still thought this tooic was a funny read and I found movie worlds responses interesting. @Jdude95 as random this topic is. I'd rather people post something if THEY think it might be interesting for others than not posting anything.
  13. TomiJ

    Theme Park Maintenance 2018

    They were running 2 trains on supermn at the start of the night. So I asmume they were running two trains all night. Even today when most rides were a walk on they were running two trains.