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  1. Batman also appears on the roof of the building. I never thought of that ever when going on tower of terror. Suicide squad and tower of terror are not bad themes based on both reasons mentioned above.
  2. @YLFATEEKS as stated I have no idea. I based it of the perfect storm at jamberoo which had 45 shipping containers. It was just a simple guess that I was hoping someone with more knowledge would know or take a well educated guess @Ryande16 thanks for an indication what about track supports.
  3. Does anyone want to have a guess on how many shipping containers would be needed. My guess would be around 200. Is that even close, I really have no idea. Though I am curious. Any suggestions??
  4. ^ I could be wrong but I think it was designed like that.
  5. All good bro, I was just a little confused.
  6. @GC Theme Parks I never heard of unions having to agree dumping Sunday penty rates for a higher pay is this legislation or where in law does it say. I looked for about 20mins and found nothing. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong stuff; do you mind quoting the legislation or law.
  7. Yea this was a little confusing reading them in both this thread and the off topic thread. Did anyone go that day to have a free sausage provided by the protesters.
  8. @Rollercoaster_Lover I was there on the same day and waited 15mins Max and the least I waited was 5mins unless it had broken down (which I doubt they let you sit in it for 80mins) than I smell bullshit. Oh and I would consider that day to still be in there peak as it was last weekend for school holidays for nsw. Not being mean but please read over what you post before you post it.
  9. That's a cool experience thanks for sharing, I have always wanted a rollback. I have only had a e-stop on the tip of the wild mouse at Luna Park Sydney, awesome views of the harbour. I was up there for about 20mins
  10. ^I have a similar view as well. Lols they want to have it ready just in time for the commonwealth games. Haa they don't even have a site or any land purchased
  11. Thanks heaps for the photos @themagician the area looks really good and I do agree with you on leaving components of cub kindly rather than concrete. I first predicted the pool would become a fountain all well can't guess them all right.
  12. ^ @djrappa yea I always wondered what panavision was, so one day I googled it. Apparently it's a Camera equipment rental John Barry sales: all film crew consumables shop onsite at village roadshow studios. This is their website
  13. @Theme Park Girl yea I saw that in the website as well. I'm pretty sure they have stuff inside and are related to the coaster some way or another. (not track or support pieces). Or could it even be shipping containers from village roadshow studios. Lols, like everyone I just want to know what's in those containers. I think I'll have a chat to my mate Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, they are great at solving mysteries. Or even better one of us should pitch a tent just outside the containers and wait for someone to open them; I would but it's a nine hour drive. @themagician @pushbutton @themagician any takers?
  14. Thanks for the photos everyone. Could the shipping containers just be for the shelter and not have any coaster pieces or have something related to the coaster.