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  1. Never say never. If 3 years ago someone told me that movieworld was building a hypercoaster I would of said no way.
  2. Fright Nights 2017

    Nope I don't remember, but cool videos
  3. DC Rivals - No Fast Track

    ^ Just Make the DC logo a little bit smaller so its the height of the Rivals writing. After that I think it will be perfect .
  4. DC Rivals - No Fast Track

    I'll be happy if DC Rivels had fastrack however limiting to only one fast track cycle per a day. I think it could work better for the ultimate fast track, rather the normal fast track.
  5. My closest is Luna Park Sydney I'm just clad flights are pretty cheap to the Gold Coast.
  6. Fright Nights 2017

    I'm definitely keen to do the UTT. I tried getting my family on board with it last year. They got shit scared just walking through main street that they didn't go in any of the mazes. Regardless If I do make the trip up to Movie World I will be doing UTT, even if it's by myself.
  7. Bring Back the Kool aid man. I know @Slick said we could not have nice things but common bring it back. Surely we can handle one nice thing? #bringbackthekoolaidman
  8. Sea World Expansion

    Please No Politics.
  9. Planet Coaster

    Wow, it's looking really good.
  10. Neither of those locations. My money is on just before or just after the stengel dive.
  11. ^ 100% agree with both @AlexB and @GoGoBoy I appreciate people posting the article here as it is easier and more convenient. I do not think that it clogs the thread but brings more conversations. I think @djrappa last post clogs threads and I think at least 10+ people agree with me (based on the amount of up votes). I'm glad Dreamworld is getting some positive attention. Even though the numbers come from a free concert, some people would of done other stuff or brought food and/or merchandise within Dreamworld. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the months are; both in revenue and attendance. I'm keen to see how creative Dreamworld can get. Blindfolds at night on rides very creative .
  12. Congratulations @Santa07. @SHOOKETH it wasn't funny the first time and stil isn't funny but I appreciate your enthusiasm, . Oh and it's spelt shocked . Just want to say a huge thank you for everyone who has been updating on the construction. Like many others I live in another state and there are only a limited amount weekends trips to the Gold Coast that I can take to see it in person.
  13. @ABYSS yea it's definitely on my list, I have been trying to con work into sending me to Perth for ages.