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  1. Looks like Scooby is about to get a massive overhaul. Glad to see the park investing so much money. New trains, new track sections, new control system and entrance. Magnetic braking added as well. Ride is closed until 2024 now. https://themeparks.com.au/blog/whats-new-with-scooby-doo?fbclid=IwAR3Q_hQ0e3UK3I8KYrAaI2a9LCZbVln3QkZOSd--SZdo8b9F5awet3ravb8
  2. Time to pick the fourth coaster in the list. This time there will be 3 options due to their being over 2 wild mouse coasters in Australia. Please note: this does not count the Crazy Spinning Coaster in carnivals, only permanent versions. Remember to put votes in by Wednesday.
  3. I’ve been told that SDSC now has over 60 new lights and led stripes all around the disco room and has 6 different program loops
  4. I thought we could use a specific thread to discuss the reopening of the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster, and everyone's thoughts on it post-reopening. As we all know, SDSC is scheduled to reopen on Boxing Day. The ride was testing this afternoon. Yes, this thread is a couple of days early, but I figured tomorrow being Christmas will likely be a quieter day on Parkz and this way a thread is ready to go without the talk being lost in other threads.
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