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  1. DC Rivals HyperCoaster Website

    They said "Hell"!!!!
  2. Sea World - Castaway Reef 2017

    Another day, another new fountain.
  3. Planet Coaster

    I've bought all the others so I'll buy this as well when it comes out. In saying that, I've used 1 item from the existing DLC so far, but it's nice to have
  4. @Gazza was what I meant not clear? Or you just think it's a stupid idea? I mean have them both play at the same time showing forwards and backwards in the same video.
  5. Can someone not as lazy as me please sync these together as one video.
  6. Movie World New Park Map

    I kind of find it funny that with the size of MW, do we even need a map? I know we do, but it almost seems pointless. DW yes, because it's so spread out, but anyone should be able to see their way around MW pretty easily. Pretty much everything is on the same path.
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    Why? The mazes can go up in a very short amount of time if needed.
  8. Movie World New Park Map

    I actually like it and found it quite easy to follow. *Shrug*
  9. I was reading through some of the comments on Facebook after MW announced the opening of the ride. There's the ones that ask about the intensity, ones tagging their friends, there's ones just doing the standard "I can't wait" type comments. You know, all the normal Facebook stuff. Then there's one I couldn't help but laugh at. I mean it's clearly a troll that hasn't had any of the reaction it's looking for. Well at least I assume it's a troll. Surely no one is that stupid and out of touch with the world of theme parks, or just the world in general, that they are really trying to compare literally the greatest rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere with an old, outdated, deteriorated ride like BT which isn't even in the same class of rides?! At least with their comment on AA they can recognise what a roller coaster actually is, so that's something. But even then AA can't hold a bar to Rivals at all.
  10. This is a request to everyone. Can we not do this please. There's absolutely no point to letting anyone know that someone is going to the park today. Literally no one cares unless you're at the park and providing a useful update. So many other threads have been shitted up with posts like this in the past. This isn't Facebook.
  11. Cementing Movie World

    Once again, you're not the only person who attends the park. You're not their only target audience. They don't have to cater solely to you. It's like flogging a dead horse. Telling them to do something they're already in the process of doing isn't going to make them do it any faster. I'm looking. And of the latest 10 reviews, your "all people" is 1 out of 10. But why add to an already popular ride? Clearly people are still flocking to it. Adding more would be great, but at the right time. IMO that time is not now. Wait til everyone loses interest then make the ride "new/refreshed" again. But my point is why draw a crowd to a dead zone in the park? Why not wait til a ride is added in the area (if it is) then add elements around it? Assuming there's any room left then. Because you needed help there....
  12. Honestly was so excited to ride that I didn't even notice it. Will have to check it out next time.
  13. Cementing Movie World

    That's already happening isn't it? Look at the Parkz update. You mean a store like the existing one directly across from it? And why create an additional empty area? The hall of justice looks good with the forecourt. You do realise you're not their only target market, right? It's been known for a very long time that HWSD2 is under review and likely to be gone by the end of 2018. Just be patient. Maybe one of your only, if not your only semi valid point. Got statistics to back this up? And why close an extremely popular ride until they have to? People still go on it and get enjoyment from it even if you don't. Hey look you made a valid point. Good for you! But then they wouldn't be able to use them for "special" events as everyone would be used to seeing them all the time anyway. There's a balance. Maybe they haven't reached it yet, but they still need to keep something up their sleeves. And yet it's still very popular. Might be nice but why spend money on refreshing an already very popular ride until you need to draw the queue back? Better off maintaining it in its current form then adding stuff like that to it later when the popularity dies off. I assume you mean interactive elements in the AA area. Maybe they need the area for upcoming development? Also why draw a crowd to the exit of a ride just because you can?
  14. This review and experience is purely based on the soft opening on 16 September 2017. (No photos as there's plenty of time for those later) Front Row: While the back row is great, and more on that later, nothing IMO will beat the experience of riding this hypercoaster in the front row. Not only do you get the unobstructed views of everything, but you get the full eye watering force of the wind in your face and a good look at the track and theming on the train. Rating: 10/10 - Would definitely do again given the chance. Backwards: 100% worth the money. The forces seem a decent amount stronger when riding backwards. It's $10 for a backwards seat. I spent $30 on day one. Would have been a lot more if there were more hours in the day. Going up the lift hill, and throughout a lot of the ride, the only thing holding you down is the OTSR. That's an incredible feeling I haven't experienced on anything other than a flying coaster before. Rating: 10/10 - Time to start saving. Theming: There's not much, which is as expected, but what's there is good. Much like the coaster itself, it's big and it's bold and bright. In saying that, it would have been nicer to see something similar to what's in the DC Villains area. For me, there was also a couple of things with the theming I didn't like. Firstly, and this is very little so doesn't detract from my overall opinion of the ride, the DC Rivals sign just to the left of the queue. The sign itself is nice and will make great photos, but whatever cleaning product they used on day one left it all covered in white streaks. They're going to need stainless steel cleaner or something less streaky. The other things I would have liked (which I have docked a couple of points for) would have been something on the ceiling of the station. Ideally that would be themed hero/villain mannequins hanging in fighting poses. If not that, even just a nice coloured ceiling. Just something other than a plain ceiling really. Finally, the positioning of the test seat. Why put it part way through the queue when you can almost guarantee for the next several months the queue will snake out long past the test seat and back towards the GL queue if not further. There's plenty of space back in the entry area/courtyard. Rating: 8/10 - It's almost there, but just missing that last little kick which would make it great, and the test chair is in a stupid spot. Load/Unload: Maybe it was because it was day 1 and everyone was really keen to be involved, but the loading and unloading procedures were some of the best I've seen at an Australian park. The next bunch of guests would be staged at the gates before the train made it back to the station, even when they were running two trains. Everyone was in and out very quickly and there was no waiting for the last ride to clear the station before opening the air gates. The item drop is well positioned and works well. I have high hopes of this procedure and speed staying for quite some time given that the ride will be popular for years and they'll want to push through as many people as they can so the lines don't get too long. I really hope we don't hit off season and see them drop back to 3 ride ops (1x Control, 2x platform). Rating: 10/10 - Let's hope it stays that way. Staff: Huge credit to the opening day crew. They were super friendly, happy and genuinely looked to be enjoying their jobs and excited to be working on the ride. They were always smiling and chatting with guests and they really helped add to the excitement and atmosphere of the opening. Rating: 10/10 - Excellent staff. Ride Experience: The ride just does not let up from start to finish. There's constant speed, thrills, airtime and excitement. You do get thrown around a decent amount, but the seats are comfy and there doesn't really seem to be any violent head banging or anything. The ride is incredibly smooth and silent. I've never been on a coaster this close to construction before so I don't know if this is fairly standard for coasters or if this is really something special. Will be interesting to see how it ages over the next few years. Rating: 10/10 - Would ride again. Overall: There is nothing in Australia that's going to beat this for a very long time, if ever. I can't personally see Dreamworld investing in anything that comes even close to this and it doesn't make sense for VRTP to invest in something this large to compete with themselves for a good decade or more. This is truly hands down the best coaster in Australia and in my opinion would rank very highly among the worlds' top coasters. Rating: 9.6/10 - I don't care if the math doesn't work. It's not a perfect score because of the theming and the test seat position. The ride itself though would get a 10/10. Personal Top 3: Tatsu (SFMM), Rivals (WBMW), Ghostrider (KBF). While Rivals is an excellent coaster, for me there's just something unique about flying coasters that can't be beaten.
  15. Green Lantern would have been a much better example, just saying...