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  1. Forum upgrade

    🔽🔽🔽🔽 New font colour needed maybe? This seems broken (on profile page) New font colour here? (browse/activity/shop etc) Reactions don't seem tracked anywhere in the same way that "likes" are. Good solution to the tag issue Maybe a little more padding around these? They seem kind of small compared to the rest of the page Not that it's really an issue, but "community leader" and "admin" tags don't stand out as much anymore. Maybe it's time for an image banner of some sort instead of the 'blue sky' look? (Maybe not a VRTParkz banner though) This will give you enough to consider for now. I'll play around with it more later if I'm still awake
  2. Not a good time for 'large pendulum ride'

    Were you just pointing out things that could go wrong on a ride like this? I'm just curious why you mention the floor. Given it's below where the accident happened, I jus struggle to see how it could be involved sorry.
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Vintage cars with OTSR and speed reduced to 1.5km/h. Maximum 2 cars on track at any one time.
  4. $500 million China theme park in Australia, NSW

    Thank god that never got off the ground. And seriously...
  5. Planet Coaster

    You mean the ones playing on the ride? They're captured clips from an on ride pov I found on YouTube from when the ride opened. Each one is only a few seconds long. The video billboard has only just been added to the game and they're not overly optimised yet apparently so they hopefully will work on a fix soon.
  6. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Adding the "Rocky" to Rocky hollow
  7. Blue Lagoon at dreamworld?

    Isn't it their place for a pop up event venue or temp attraction thing?
  8. Planet Coaster

    So there's still a few things that need to be added, then a lot of work to go into the lighting system in the ride, but the general ride itself is all done and most of the theming is there. And before anyone points it out, yes there is quite a bit of stuff that isn't right or too many stars and what not, but it's close enough to get the idea.
  9. Planet Coaster

    The new DLC made this a lot easier.
  10. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Do you think they'll add a new fountain to circulate the water?
  11. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    That assumes that everyone gets balls deep in the holes.
  12. I'll see if I remember to look tomorrow. Only getting this but assume because it's closed.
  13. You can't pick a time? It just says between 11-4 or something. ....I think.
  14. 'Fix Ardent' website

    Well their plans for the site would have to be shown before the sale and it would form part of the sale contract.
  15. 'Fix Ardent' website

    Yes. If I was in a position to sell it, I'd want to ensure that the person/company who was buying it actually had intentions on continuing to build, refurbish and expand Dreamworld.