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  1. The ride is due open at Warner Bros. Movie World in September.....and due to be announced in December.
  3. I'm assuming there's going to be some sliding gates either side of that fence @AlexB At least i'm hoping so. Perfect timing, as above lol haha emoji #insidejoke
  4. I've seen the VRTP adds a bit lately on TV and there's one thing that really bugs me with them. It's like they don't want people to go to Paradise Country. "visit Movie World, Sea World, Wet N Wild, ...... "and more"". While displaying the Paradise Country logo on screen. "and more". They're advertising the 4th of their 4 theme parks as "and more". Not as Paradise Country, just as "and more". So in their eyes, much like Ol' Pinky, it doesn't seem worth mentioning.
  5. Generic non themed movie world coaster confirmed.
  6. Eh, if it was on Vive I'd be interested, but not this phone VR stuff. Vive needs more decent coaster programs.
  7. Rarely, but sometimes, but I wouldn't be holding your breath on it.
  8. Yes he is! How else would we have heard about the new fountain or bridge ride at Sea World? On topic though, good to see some track finally getting installed. Maybe the can make the September deadline after all?
  9. I mean that's great. I especially like where you answered the question from the OP
  10. It does make a lot of sense and I'd be surprised if there wasn't at least one manufacturer that doesn't do this already.
  11. Do I believe they're safe? Yes Do I get that feeling that there's a (likely wrong, but) slightly higher chance of something going wrong on them over a fixed ride from a larger manufacturer at a theme park? Yes Does that stop me from riding them? No (The fact that they're mostly spin n spews stops me from riding them).
  12. Not sure how accurate these sources are. Video shows moment disabled man plummets 32ft from rollercoaster [April 14, 2017] Eyewitness video captured the shocking moment a 36-year-old victim fell from a rollercoaster car during its first vertical drop. The incident occurred during at Parque Nacional del Café (National Coffee Park) in Colombia. The man, believed to be disabled, remains fighting for his life in hospital after the approx. 32 feet fall from the "Krater" rollercoaster, built by Gerstlauer of Germany. Jhon Faber Giraldo Giraldo, Public Relations Manager at the amusement park, claimed the accident was not caused by a mechanical fault “because we are following the protocol given by the producer of the attraction”. Investigations continue.
  13. I assume this was the approx 28 second mark.
  14. In a classroom, that's usually the substitute teacher.