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  1. If it's unlimited then go for it. But I'm just going by what I was told.
  2. $15 was barely tolerable for one ride. Upping it another $4 just because they can is a bit rich. I mean sure they know people are paying and will pay for it, but it's just money grabbing because they can. Why does it need to be on its own fast track? Why not make it an additional tier for the existing one? We pay for backwards, we pay for fast track, soon enough they'll charge for general entry and single rider. Plus I'm known for complaining about everything, so why not this too.
  3. Maybe with their move to Accesso next year, we'll get some tiered fast tracks?
  4. https://www.intaminworldwide.com/goliath-adventure-world-perth-australia/
  5. This has just been passed on to me, so I'm trusting it's correct, if not, I apologise. Anyway...... Plan on riding fast track soon? Better byo lube or they're going in dry on this one. Fast track for Rivals has been bumped up to $19. Let that sink in. NINETEEN DOLLARS For once, theme park food is looking cheap in comparison. Now I make a comfortable living. I get by. I don't get by paying $20 to ride a roller coaster once. Yes it's an upcharge, but $20 for a single ride??!! Better off just waiting for the backwards seats and save yourself the money. Is it a fair price? IMO not even close. Would I recommend anyone pay it? Hell no. Will some people disagree with me? Sure and more power to them if they can afford to be gouged every time they visit the park.
  6. It seems this has gone largely unnoticed, so here we are. The team that brought the QBot system to Dreamworld are now partnered with VRTP to overhaul the ticketing system at VRTP. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This section just wishful thinking Could this see the potential for a Q4U type offering for Village parks? The Prism system could integrate basically all of their existing upcharges into one small wearable device. http://accesso.com/solutions/loqueue/prism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://goo.gl/cwHhZu
  7. @joz @djrappa @Roachie one of you guys have to know the story behind this?
  8. I don't recall this happen at all. But it has been a long time since I've ridden. I'd say a wheel issue. Well not really an issue as such, but just wear/delamination of the wheel.
  9. you're getting all the sneaky peaks before they end up on socials. Feel spesh?
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