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  1. I'd be expecting it to keep getting pushed back.
  2. Even as a barn with silos, I'm not seeing it sorry. Rename: scream world - you think the rapids guests went quietly?
  3. You sir have seen some extremely odd barns.
  4. Because looking at it like that, it has a similar shape to Xcelerator. You're welcome.
  5. Calm down. It's just an announcement that there will be an upcoming announcement. No big deal.
  6. Which seem to be all Ardent really care about sadly. Happy shareholders= bigger bonus for them.
  7. Except that it's currently broken. SE recently had some love so that won't happen for a while. SW has other priorities than refurbishment of an existing ride (JR) that's still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. DW has a lot to work on, but my money is on the park being unrecognisable in 5-7 years anyway so I'm not holding my breath on it being much of a theme park going forward, so I can't see them bothering to do much with it unless ownership changes to a company who actually wants to run a theme park. So that leaves VRTP to refurb maybe something at WnW since they haven't been in the news much lately, but do they really need anything? They're still popular. MW could expand around the wild west area, but I wouldn't expect that for some years yet.
  8. The exact words were... "Based on a recent USA visit"
  9. Then I'm sure you're aware that you're not the only person on the forums who might have questions about the history of the ride and at no point was the comment directed specifically at you.
  10. Good to see Australia's first Parkz themed park under construction. Everyone gets to choose a ride to get built. 👍 Great news though, I hope it's a thoroughly successful endeavour for you Mark.
  11. With all the rumours flowing through now and early last year, do you think they're regretting not pushing harder to sell the place earlier?
  12. And for anyone who wants to know more, please search the forums. It's been discussed many times in the past.
  13. My opinion: when I finally decide to stop going on cruises and go back to the USA, I'm planning at least 4 days in Anaheim for DL/DCA and at least 2 days for SFMM, and even then I'd be concerned I wouldn't get through everything I wanted to see there and thoroughly enjoy. 100% buy the platinum fast pass thing for SFMM regardless of cost if you won't be back for a long time.