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  1. I get the name after reading the above posts but seeing I didn't get it initially I am going to guess that's going to be the case for others too... Not a big fan
  2. Jim meme Anderson never ceases to amaze me with these videos
  3. A blue fire clone would work really well at DW! Of course a non-clone would be more exciting but judging from the mostly positive reviews I've heard of the ride this seems to be a decent choice. Spinning trains would be an interesting addition - time traveller was well-received and I reckon they could work on this ride too.
  4. 5 mazes sounds great, but it’s certainly more important that they’re quality mazes - something that hasn’t really been the case with recent mazes such as leatherface.
  5. Well I wasn’t expecting anything of this scale. My thoughts - Very hyped for the wooden coaster. Obviously not the greatest stats by the looks of it but we have seen amazing “family” wooden coasters from GG and GCI in recent years so I hope SW goes with one of these guys - Nice to see a permanent addition of the sky flyer. With fountains too??!!?? - Hoping they won’t just place a fairground-y top spin and be done with it. There’s so much opportunity to theme these rides - Also concerned about the placement of the top spin near animals. Those things aren’t quiet rides. - This is an original theme and not aquaman-based right?
  6. I agree with your other points, but I don’t think a theme park necessarily needs to be focused on a single overall theme. Main example I can think of is Phantasialand - doesn’t really have that much of a consistent theme overall, but the individual sections of the park are well themed and each tell a unique story. And anyone who wants to argue that Phantasialand is not a theme park might as well try to argue that Disneyland isn’t one either.
  7. I agree with Alex Movie world is certainly a theme park, it’s theme is literally in its name Dreamworld, although not a cohesive theme throughout the entire park, is definitely still a theme park. There are themed areas to the park and a theme park doesn’t necessarily have to stick to one theme (but I’d say it would need to have some level of cohesion, which in some sections DW still does). A theme park doesn’t even have to have “lands” if there is still some sort of cohesive theme in parts of the park. Sea world is definitely both a marine park and a theme park themed to the ocean. WnW I’d say is just a water park. There is some theming but not enough to warrant it being a theme park IMO. There are of course water parks that are also theme parks, such as the Disney water parks or volcano bay. To me, amusement parks are your typical six flags or cedar fair parks where some rides may have a loose theme but nothing ties into anything else that much. Adventure world (although not having been there myself) appears to sit on the boundary between amusement and theme park. I’d say our parks are above average in terms of theming. Clearly not nearly as themed as Disney or some of the German theme parks, but there are parks out there that have far worse theming.
  8. There have been plenty of rides that have opened a lot further behind schedule than SV... for example, Galeforce is a recent example of a coaster that opened a year after it was scheduled to open.
  9. Gee thanks DW, a shaded space is exactly what I’ve been asking for for years. Don’t worry about replacing wipeout, I’m sure every guest would prefer a shaded space over a new ride. (sad to see it go, especially since it was not long ago when it got that spiffy makeover)
  10. I don’t see MW buying used rides (even though a pendulum ride like the claw would work great there), but down the road SW did just add a travelling ride (and did very little to dress it up). If they continue that way and DW does bite the dust, tail spin and shockwave could fit well at sea world - they wouldn’t require much, if any retheme and their lower capacity (for tail spin mainly) isn’t much of an issue for the park.
  11. You are right - I spoke out of turn and I apologise for the baseless statement I made. I have been bashing DW a lot lately, and it may be time to pull back. With that said, I still think the ride is old and retiring it wouldn’t hurt the park much. Unlike some of the other old and decaying rides at the park, I personally don’t think this brings much to the park any more.
  12. Surely this is enough to make the park realise it needs to go. The only rides that this happens to are Chinese knock offs. If a ride needs a certain weight to run it’s probably too old to still be operating. Do DW even get the attendance these days to find 6 people to ride at a time?
  13. Even in the falling apart state it’s in, it’s still possible to bring Dreamworld fully back to how it used to be with the right owner. I’m sure there are still people out there who would buy it if Ardent gained some competency and put the park on the market.
  14. Ardent is well over due to get out of the theme park industry. I’m embarrassed to see the way they run dreamworld. Ardent, please piss off away from our theme parks.
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