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  1. I wouldn't call catwoman a hero. She's closer to a villain - or more specifically - an antihero.
  2. I think a big thing that makes this system questionable is that people have different reasons why they find a ride good. Plenty of people would base the ride purely off the enjoyment category, and not care about the others. There are people out there who automatically hate on any ride that's not B&M smooth. Some people find theming to be an important component of theme park rides, while others don't care about it at all. Take a look at DD - intensity hasn't been super-high, which a lot of people want a lot of - but since theming is top-quality and being a new ride upkeep is sitting at a solid 100%, it's automatically getting good reviews. On the other hand, GD is getting near-top marks for enjoyment, effectiveness, and intensity, but has fallen down a bit because of its theming, upkeep and efficiency. A lot of people would rate the GD over DD because it is overall a more thrilling ride, but the categories that this system uses puts DD in-front. I don't think it's something that can really be fixed - any system like this is going to have flaws along these lines. If I was creating my own system, I'd probably weight enjoyment, intensity, and possibly even pacing a little bit more than the other categories, because they're what I find makes a ride high-quality. Someone else might prefer to weight comfort, theming, and efficiency over the other categories, so really it's a problem without a fix.
  3. I disagree with this. If you're thinking movie-wise, then you have a point, but the range of villains that have been used in movies is so limited it's hard to really make a big statement here. In fact, when looking at comics, Bizarro comes in at number 25 in IGN's top 100 comic villains, which is not a bad place to be at all. Of course, the big villains that have been almost overused in movies do sit at high spots such as Magneto (Marvel) at #1, the Joker at #2, and Lex Luthor at #4. Between that and Bizarro you have some other big villains like Ra's Al Ghul, Darkseid, Loki (Marvel), Two-Face, and Sinestro. Ultron (Marvel) comes in at #23, just two spots below Bizarro. Then you have a bunch of popular villains that come after Bizarro - Captain Cold, Deathstroke (who is probably my #1 choice to have a future coaster or ride named after), Professor Zoom. In fact - General Zod only comes in at #30. Getting further up into the 30s and 40s you have Bane, Grodd, and Deadshot. Harley Quinn only comes in at #45, and Doomsday #46, who have been seen as "big" characters in movies recently. Scarecrow, the Riddler, Mr Freeze, and other villains that have been used in movies you won't even find until the mid 50s and 60s. So I would never call Bizarro a "supporting act" villain. He is a pretty big deal in Superman comics.
  4. You're quite behind... Station plans have no room for being a dueling coaster.
  5. You'd think that would be most certainly for the drop.
  6. Haha, pretty sure we won't be seeing the trains for a while...
  7. For me, that wouldn't be a good surprise. The theming around the park has become disjointed enough with the super villains area, I don't want it becoming any more like DW
  8. Make the trains purple and they have something that could work.
  9. Honestly Bizarro is probably my top pick now.