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  1. No, @reanimated35 did.
  2. What do they actually want to achieve with this? It's not doing nothin to convince me, if that's what they're trying. Just convincing me that they're all lunatics who have their heads screwed on backwards.
  3. Having these two quotes side-by-side makes it very hard to believe that first one. Let mistakes be mistakes, please don't pull them apart every time one is made, no-one likes a nitpicker.
  4. This sounds like the most logical explanation, however Batwing's queue entrance is pretty much across the path from GL's. If they're going to the effort to have room for people to get to GL, why wouldn't they also put in a little bit more to have Batwing open too?
  5. Typhoon 360? Looks like a great ride, interesting to see how it rates against the claw. Crazy Mouse? Standard Zamperla spinning coaster, nothing too exciting but hey it's a coaster. Does it stand up to the classic it's replacing? Maybe not... Air Race? You'll find me at Dreamworld. Windstarz? These things have always looked interesting to me... Drop Tower? Will fit the park well, even if it is 'just another' drop tower - you can never have too many drop towers and small-ish size isn't always a problem. Aerobat? Gerstlauer ripoff...? Looks like an okay ride but again you'll find me at DW - Tail Spin looks better IMO. Star Flyer? 😍
  6. inb4 moved to new thread Free star tour... sounds like a good idea
  7. yes it does Rides these days are made to last ages, so should the theming. Just a pain for the park to retheme it, and for the guests as well - imagine if they had to go to the same level as Scooby again.
  8. That's actually a fair point - I can't think of many other franchises that changes as regularly as Doctor Who.
  9. Welcome to Parkz! inb4 these inb4s get out of hand
  10. I guess by theming an area to an IP you could attract demographics that you usually wouldn't attract. Say they were building a sci-fi themed land. General theme-park goers would be excited because it's a new land. If they were theming it to an IP you could potentially attract fans of that franchise who wouldn't usually consider visiting a theme park (and have the general theme-park goers excited as well). It's not as if someone would refuse to ride a rollercoaster because they don't understand the theme (we all ride ToT don't we? ), I didn't know anything about Lethal Weapon when I was younger and still rode it, and I don't know a whole lot about Scooby Doo and still find it a great, well-themed ride.
  11. Do conveyor belts count as credits?
  12. Licensing would be near-impossible to get. When Disney or Universal holds the licensing to something, they like to hold onto it very tightly.
  13. I don't see why the park would want to go to the effort and relocate Buzzsaw - it's not as if it takes up a lot of space. If it feels out of place, just whack a different coat of paint on. Doctor Who, although being my favourite TV show and the best theme a park could possibly use, is probably very hard to get licensing for. I think it's been discussed before (?).
  14. If it was a cobra roll or the like I'd expect the footings to be mirror images of one another, which they're not. Interesting spot though.
  15. Tourism International tourists come here to see Australia, theme it to that and they're happy.