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  1. Ourwords posted an image, maybe @Slick will be kind enough to share it here too.
  2. There's been a fair few accidents when they used to duel, if I remember right someone even lost an eye because of it. Pretty slim chance that the ride comes to Australia but even if it did I'm pretty sure it wouldn't ever duel here.
  3. Is superman's drop not steeper than this one?
  4. I don't think they will be - Doomsday's restraints are OTSRs and hold you around the waist, the restraints on Loke look more like they hold you by the legs. I disagree on the whole comfort thing, I'm not a big fan of Doomsday's restraints at all, perhaps that's just because the ride attendants often staple you, but they're far from comfortable in my opinion.
  5. Looks like there's only a few weeks left of coaster construction, which is great since that'll mean they have plenty of time to work on theming and getting the ride tested before opening. That drop looks even crazier than I imagined.
  6. Might as well add the maximum negative G-force of the coaster to this list of requests that MW may or may not address
  7. This would probably have stronger negative G-forces than Abyss though right? Superman pulls -1G, and I would think this would be similar. EDIT: woo 2000th post
  8. I certainly hope not, I doubt the G-forces would be unsafe, the only reason they would be added would be to tone down the ride a bit but surely Movie World would want to make the experience as extreme as they can.
  9. 5 minutes is a perfect ride time if you ask me
  10. Would love to be those guys up in the cherry picker right now
  11. My bad from this morning, they were actually lifting supports, and the track in the ride area I don't think was part of the airtime hill -it's too twisty. The new banner looks great, although a part of me is a little disappointed they didn't hang it off the coaster. The supports and track I mentioned above: If this piece doesn't get you excited about the ride you're not a true coaster enthusiast. There is more track and catwalk thingys in the crates behind. This is what they were working on today, the airtime here looks like it'll be insane.
  12. Final piece of the airtime hill is in the ride area ready to be lifted into place
  13. That's pretty normal, although I'm surprised Buzzsaw and HWSW are only 10m.
  14. Yeah, a Sea World video would really help them, maybe get a message into a few of the animal protestors' minds.
  15. Nice to see them doing videos on animal and waterpark safety on top of the typical ride safety video.