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  1. Santa07

    USA Group Tour 2019 - Putting Feelers Out

    Sounds interesting. Certainly not the best time of year to go though. Going to be a lot more expensive and busier than in September or October. Even a month earlier (June) would probably be a little quieter.
  2. Santa07

    Europa Park Fire Terrible news. Apparently two rides have already been lost, hoping that number doesn't increase. Fortunately no-one has been hurt, which is the most important thing.
  3. Justice League is certainly staying around for at least another 10 years. Same goes with WWF, it's still in decent condition (compared to other rides of its age) and even if it did start to age more rapidly I'm sure the park would do everything they could to keep it around. Arkham I can see closing to make way for the next big coaster, which is at least 5 years away. Up the road at DW, I really don't see many rides closing permanently in the near future. HWSW got its revamp fairly recently and I really don't think DW are going to close it until it's literally falling apart. I recall DW saying they're going to try to keep Wipeout around for a fair bit longer and they've shown they're prepared to do extensive maintenance on it so don't see that one going in at least the next 5 years. ToT and Rocky Hollow I don't see closing any time soon either, I think DW will try to run them both until they're on their last legs. Shockwave is still a relatively new ride and definitely isn't going anywhere. Monorail at Sea World is getting old, but I think the park will try to keep it around a while longer to appease the wrath of Pushbutton because it's one of the (if not the only one?) last standing monorails in Australia. The only ride I could see going in the next 5 or so years is River Rapids (and even then it's probably still reasonably unlikely that it will happen). It's getting old and a new family waterslide in it's place could bring a welcome change.
  4. Santa07

    The Off Topic Topic

    I'm surprised that stapling is not a well-known word around here, I see it used all the time in other enthusiast communities (even seen it a few times here). Not being mean or anything - I really don't care if people don't know a particular term - just interesting that it's not as common a word as some of us thought.
  5. Santa07

    The Off Topic Topic

    It’s technically possible (although rarely happens) for them to run 2 trains with four staff - one main op, one sorter and two checkers, but I’ve found when they’re running two trains they almost always have an extra staff member out the front as a greeter and during the busiest times another one selling backwards passes. One train operation usually has 3-4 staff members on duty - one main op, two checkers (one of these doubling as a sorter) and then usually a greeter (although I’ve seen it done without one when it’s raining or particularly hot).
  6. Santa07

    The Off Topic Topic

    School holidays, Com games are on. Yet DC Rivals is only running one train. They have 6 staff members and the queue is already sitting at 45 minutes so it seems strange that they’re running at half capacity. Unless there’s a mechanical issue with the other train?
  7. At the moment it doesn't look as wild as some other RMCs, but I think once it wears in a bit and picks up speed it's going to get a lot better.
  8. Santa07

    Topgolf Gold Coast Construction

    If it was just a plain driving range it’d definitely seem overpriced, but since it’s focused so much on the social aspect a price like that you can split pretty fairly between a few people.
  9. Santa07

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    Anyone else notice the weird angle change on the lift hill?
  10. Santa07

    Dreamworld Corroboree - "Stage 2"

    I preferred it without the weird transparent triangle things over the top, but I still think it looks way better than a boring dirty path. I recall that path always being quite narrow, I don't think this structure has made it much narrower.
  11. Santa07

    Wicker Man - New Alton Towers Coaster

    The stats are pretty average, but that wickerman structure and the special effects make up for it. For me it looks like a decent family coaster but I still think Icon will be the best UK coaster for 2018.
  12. Santa07

    Dreamworld Corroboree - "Stage 2"

    Those patterns certainly bring a lot of life to the path - simple but really effective.
  13. Is it a theme park? No, the theming isn't coherent enough. Is it an amusement park? No, I'd consider an amusement park to be made up of primarily dry rides. Is it a water park? No, too many dry rides. Wet n Wild is still a water park for me though, because it only has one dry ride (excluding the upcharge attractions). Is it an action park? Kinda, it's definitely the best term to describe it on this list but it's still not perfect. Jamberoo is an action park, but AW is still pretty different to Jamberoo. (haven't been to AW or Jamberoo though so this opinion isn't based off much)