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  1. A clarification on the track's colour would please the enthusiasts more
  2. Wow, Storm Chaser's wacky element names are starting to become canon.
  3. I agree with @Gazza on this one, the barrel roll on Flying Aces sorta feels out-of-place, almost as if it was thrown in last-minute because they ran out of other elements to put in. I'd much prefer to have no inversions, because it means it leaves more room for airtime.
  4. I also think it's nice to have a bit of variations between the four Disney tower rides now. DCA's and Walt Disney Studios Paris basically had identical rides, except one was in English and the other is in French. Hollywood Studios has the "bigger" version of the ride, but is still the same theme and storyline. Tokyo's is a completely different theme and storyline. Now that this one's been changed to GotG, all four of the towers are all pretty different, so now if I've been to DLP, I can go to DCA and get a completely different experience, or vice versa. I don't think Disneyland will change any more of there towers for this reason.
  5. I'm interested to see how Mack's NI loop turns out - the Maurer NI loop looks like it provides a decent amount of airtime at the top, but the Intamin one flattens out more.
  6. I thought this was a terrible idea when I first read about it, but after seeing it in action I actually take that back and don't agree with those who still sit in that boat. Sure, it doesn't have the nostalgia ToT did, or the same atmosphere that ride gave, but Disney certainly hasn't dropped the ball with theming, in fact I would dare say that they have upped their game with this ride. Okay, the Twilight Zone was popular, but it's getting quite old now and the youth of today are definitely going to jump for a GotG-themed ride over a Twilight Zone-themed ride. As @MickeyD said, it feels fun, and I think that's what Disneyland is all about. I do think I would've preferred to ride it as ToT, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with this ride, except for the whole "don't fix what's not broken" thing - but Disney has done it now, so I see no reason to complain because it still looks like a great ride.
  7. Well there's literally no other way if you want to do it in a day... (as far as I know)
  8. Sort of barn I had in mind: I also wonder why they renamed their nighttime event?
  9. It's only half-relevant, but I really like that art they've done, although wipeout looks like an animal barn (I'm assuming that's wipeout?)
  10. Looks to be a bit of greenery inside, the tables look a little less boring than the standard tables you get in a shopping centre food court, and the brick looks real enough (take note Movie World). The lighting could be improved, although I might just be having trouble distinguishing between the lighting in The Parkway and reflections from the Lego Store. I wonder though how many people will actually utilise this place from outside the park?
  11. I was thinking of ToT, but yeah. It won't stop people from riding, just perhaps increase the number of GP conversations that go along the lines of "Hey dude, did you hear Movie World is building the tallest ever rollercoaster?" "Yeah man, I heard it was going to be over a kilometre tall!"
  12. I've heard enough* stories of people losing their lunch on ToT to convince me that this is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. * Enough = one or two, which is more than enough to convince me
  13. Atmosphere inside looks great, hopefully the food will be the same!
  14. It's about time... I'm really happy they're finally giving us a proper teaser, but I'm still disappointed that it's taken this long just to give one to us, it should've come months ago. Also - tallest & fastest? I mean, I've heard worse before, but have they not had a look up the road and wondered what that big tower was? Even adding "full circuit" would've been nice, I know it's pretty minor but I don't like it when official things like this get facts wrong because the GP immediately believe it.
  15. I agree, without audio for me it's "just" an El Loco. With audio it's more of an immersive experience.