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  1. I’m sure everyone has already seen this but in case you haven’t, here it is (I can confirm this also applies to dreamworld and whitewater world too) : stay safe, everyone.
  2. New banners are up on the grand archway and the fountain is now green. Three new experiences have also been announced including: The Ultimate Experience, The Joker Laughing Gas and Exclusive Batman Meet and Greet.
  3. I doubt we’ll be hearing of a replacement for Arkham anytime soon.
  4. Social distancing from other guests is still required. I just meant it’s no longer a requirement that you stand exactly 1.5 meters away from the character when getting a photo op.
  5. It seems that VRTP have slightly changed the 1.5 meter social distancing rule regarding character meet and greets.
  6. How can you compare the Giant Drop to Soarin’? They’re two completely different attractions. It’d make sense if you compared the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to the Giant Drop. I could ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and it’d be a different experience each time whereas you know what to expect on the Giant Drop.
  7. @Jdude95 he suffered severe injuries on his back due to the lack of water on the slide.
  8. This reminds me of something that happened at a water park in Philadelphia a few years ago. A guy snuck onto a water slide that was closed for maintenance. He used a 600ml bottle of water to wet the slide. That idea didn’t pan out well for him.
  9. I thought all of the Aquaman props were removed from the Warner Bros. Showcase?
  10. The only DC themed 4D experiences Iwerks has on offer is: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel and Green Lantern. These 4D experiences are all shortened versions of the original feature films.
  11. Polar Express 4D experience was created by Iwerks Entertainment and Friday the 13th was just a montage of kill scenes from the films. The only 4D experience Movie World created was Adventures in the Fourth Dimension (1991).
  12. Whilst these would be great, I can’t see it happening. A stunt show would take too much planning and rehearsal time for a two week event. Also, VRTP don’t create their 4D films so they wouldn’t be able to show a film specific to the event. Most of their 4D films have been shorter versions of feature films such as Journey, Rio, Yogi Bear The closest thing they could show is Man of Steel the 4D experience but it might a little too frightening for younger audiences.
  13. What exactly were you expecting? An Arkham Asylum maze? (which has already happened). A Dark Knight Stunt Show? Technically speaking, DC Superheroes and Supervillains isn’t really a special event (compared to WC & FN). They’re offering extended hours and you don’t need to purchase a seperate ticket to attend. It just sounds like you’re not really appreciating the work that goes into these events.
  14. I can’t really speak for WC because I only really go to ride the attractions. I don’t partake in any of the festive activities. But as for Heroes and Villains, the first year had great feedback. It seemed to have a Batman Returns theme (kinda), the second year they focused more on the New 52 universe. They brought out a new design to the new Batman, Robin and Joker characters. They also had the costume competition and an amazing parade. Third year, they introduced a new design to the Harley Quinn character, a new parade followed by the Jokers funhouse party with themed food outlets. T
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