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  1. Which makes me think the ride was in a worse condition then they’d ever realised and after being smashed during the Summer 22/23 season, it was no longer safe to operate, hence its sudden and very immediate closure
  2. The building contractor for the project posted them on their socials
  3. Awesome to see them add this. Small thing, but helps improve your day. Im really hoping they plan on reopening the Billabong (Rivertown) Station when the land opens. Even though it’s not a massive walk, I think it will (again) help improve a guest day just by reducing some of the walking
  4. I’m assuming this entrance is at the red line and the rainbow will be between the red and blue line. Which means that this land begins at where the Superman Escape ‘land’ ends. And therefore I guess they are seeing it as there isn’t a clash. Comparing it to how Arkham Asylum entry was placed and how the theme blended, there definitely was a clash. No matter how they (Village) are looking at it, I still think the smarter and better entry point should’ve been off Main Street using the former Lethal Weapon entrance.
  5. I think the best spot for one of them would be in the H2O Zone, I would say on the former Buggy’s site, but is that too similar of an attraction to Kamikaze? But I think they should have a more family oriented attraction replace Aqualoop so that you have a kids/family side of the park and then the more thrills side
  6. In every concept artwork they’ve released, the track has been a different colour, so there’s knowing exactly what it will be at this point. But it’s more likely to be a colour from the more recent images compared to the original images released
  7. Why be quiet about it? If they decide to not proceed with reopening it, just openly say that ‘due to extensive damage the attraction won’t be reopening, but don’t worry, we have an exciting new version of the ride opening in Rivertown later this year.’ The park have been pretty transparent about what’s happening at the park and works across the past 18 months, so I’m sure they would make a statement like this if they decide not to reopen it.
  8. With the reopening date already pushed back a couple times and considering there doesn’t appear to be any on site progress towards getting the attraction reopened, it makes me think we won’t see it return
  9. And they’ve now updated the logo on their website
  10. This isn’t me supporting this decision, but is there an argument that they’re copying what’s on the other side when walking towards Superman?
  11. It’s a shame they don’t spend those extra few minutes hanging them up properly though so it doesn’t look half assed
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