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  1. When I was there I asked one of the ride operators and they said they were ‘new trains’, but when you’ve questioned it, I looked closely at photos of these ‘new’ trains in comparison to the ‘old’ trains and I’m not so sure. The shape of them is the exact same, but maybe they just got repainted and new stickers because the colour order is definitely different. And when the operator said it was faster, I think that might just be because the trains had a full refurb and they now reach the speed they originally did
  2. I’d say there is a delivery delay and because of all the rain we’ve had causing delays too, we will see it open for the Easter holidays. But surely you’d want to get the works done now, so when the train/carriages arrive they can just get it open. For all we know, maybe the contractors who are doing the work had another job to complete first, hence the lack of work.
  3. There was also a seat half way between this one and the stairs to the GD and that was in complete direct sun. Most people who were waiting for those riding GD were standing at the top of the stairs and around the entry area
  4. Doesn’t seem to be anyone more progress since the last update
  5. Directional signage has been added under the digital screens
  6. This didn’t take long. A couple of bench seats have been placed along the path under ST
  7. Not sure if anyone has posted photos of the new MDMC trains, but here you all go
  8. Interestingly WWW is closed on Australia Day. I would have thought this would be a day they’d want to be open for. Make it an Australia Day party, stay open late, fireworks, DJs, etc.
  9. I think that’s part of why they closed a lot of attractions in such a short period of time. The rides closed weren’t running well and needed a lot of work done that they didn’t see worthwhile. Potentially better investment to close those old rides and build new ones (which unfortunately takes a long time) The river has been looking pretty good for the last few months, so I think they’ve finally done something to tidy it up. Hopefully the train will return in time for Easter and that will bring some more energy around the back of the park. When they have the farm animals it certainly helps, but between the kids world and Giant drop (travelling around the back of the park) it’s usually pretty quiet. The lack of log ride doesn’t help that either.
  10. Im sure this rumour isn’t true, but would everyone be happy to see it return? Would it be worth it? I personally would like to see it return, I remember it being such a nice gentle journey to see the park from a new perspective and I always enjoyed the show
  11. That’s great they’ve got new trains which has helped comfort and speed.
  12. This is something that has been discussed countless times, but unfortunately doesn’t seem like it’s an option as the station roof is so low the monorail won’t be able to pass through
  13. I did think about those, but the turntable and lift staff aren’t there any more on WWF, they have cameras and lights instead now. But Scooby I did forget about.
  14. You’re not legally allowed to get any closer with a drone, so you’ll have to zoom in on these photos
  15. I don’t know the actual answer, but I’d say 4-5 each. So that is a good point. While Doomsday and Batwing are only a couple, so it would be easier to keep them open all day. I was getting at even though more staff are needed, they are more popular rides and they’d have to close the queue early (depending on how busy is it) so they don’t make people wait, then ask them to leave because the staff have to move to another ride. So if a ride was open 10-1 before the staff moved to another ride, and it’s a busy day, they might have to close the queue at 11-11:30 to clear it out in time.
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