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  1. 75kg 🤨 Due to my height, I’m almost classified as under weight and I’m still over that max weight requirement. That’s a crazy restriction. Either only kids can ride or a majorly reduced weight capacity.
  2. The rip operating procedure doesn’t make sense? Have they had an issue where two rafts have accidentally been in the bowl at once? And GR/Wedgie situation, I’d imagine because both attractions queues are alongside each other, they can’t do social distancing. And I don’t remember the wedgie being that popular anyways.
  3. Looking closely at the photos I took earlier today and a few things to point out There’s still a couple more snake spine pieces to be installed. The seating is in the place. Looks like there will be grass laid to the back right to that seating. Hopefully they install some sheltering because it’s going to be very hot in the summer. Water fountain to the left? Lighting and speakers around the queue in place. Interested to hear what sounds they play in this area Theyve opted for rock through this path, so unfortunately no plants/trees. That’s disappointing.
  4. They also had just printed posters on A4 pieces of paper, laminated and zip tied them to fences to advertise the farm yard animals
  5. It’s great to see they’ve done it professionally and used cardboard and tape 👌🏻 I also noticed today that they were using a box of lemons to hold open the doors for the eatery area
  6. This photo proves how desperate this area of the park needs a refurb
  7. The new meerkats exhibit has been really well done. And is split across three levels. The new cafe is a nice setup too
  8. Fence has now been installed. But I wish they just removed the yellow structure
  9. Anyone know why this is? And should someone remind management that the rides closed and they need to remove this sign
  10. Such a sad sight to see this new sign Are these Cactus new?
  11. It had been about 3 weeks since I went to the park and checked out the progress. It’s looking fantastic. I’m going to say I think this is one of the most nicely presented coaster on the GC. Not necessarily best themed, but best looking. It’s really well done. They’ve finished the structure that hides the first aid doors. They’ve finished the fencing behind the entry sign (which looks great) and removes the orange on orange issue. And they haven’t installed any boring fencing around the entry/exit paths.
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