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  1. themagician

    Beware of the Bawd Brothers

    The show has now been moved to outside Central station
  2. But I would imagine they would need to close it to be able to finish the queue area off. Unless they haven’t yet got it all remade, then it may remain empty until later in the year. Projection mappers might not be installed yet either, which need an extensive time period to install, test and perfected, just like the rest of the ride needs doing
  3. themagician

    Aquaman – The Exhibition at Movie World

    MW have confirmed on their FB that the exhibit will only be in the park until mid year, but an exact date has not yet been decided. I would suspect after the Winter school holidays
  4. MW are yet to upload their maintenance schedule for the year, so I would imagine the closure for SD would be included in that
  5. themagician

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    I didn’t, I’m just adding another option to the list of reasons
  6. When they say ‘finished’ that means the queue theming is reinstalled, project mapping is actually used, the graphics are up to a good standard, all the timing is right and the disco room actually has lighting effects
  7. themagician

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Unless they are rerouting it, then the track isn’t fine
  8. themagician

    Dreamworld Ride Promo Images

    @Gold Coast Amusement Force And here’s another promotion image If you scroll through the archives of DWs FB photos, you’ll find a heap
  9. themagician

    Dreamworld Maintenance 2019

    Maybe they are modifying the tracks route...
  10. themagician

    Dreamworld / WWW Update

    The new showtime listing has also been uploaded to their website. Definitely think they've nailed the style now. I thought what they had was good, but this just cleans it up and makes it easier to read.
  11. DW have begun adding dates for this years maintenance schedule. At this stage WWW doesn't have anything scheduled, but worth while pointing out that BuzzSaw will be closing again for maintenance next month, HWSW opening date has been pushed back again, the Dreamworld Express is closed for the next couple months and the Claw is will be closed for almost 2 months as well.
  12. WnW have released their full maintenance listing for the year. Nothing unusual, with most slides closing during their usual periods, and Calypso Beach and Surfrider closing for the Winter
  13. themagician

    Sea World Maintenance 2019

    SW have uploaded the parks full maintenance listing for the year
  14. This tiptoeing is the number one thing I dislike about our parks, especially VRTP. Rather than just saying the same thing to everyone. Maybe expand on generic statements and give actual reasons or some idea what is happening. Would make things a lot easier and more understandable for everyone
  15. themagician

    The Off Topic Topic

    WNW and MW also currently have extended trading hours. From Dec 27, WNW is open 9-7 (slides 9:30-6:30) and MW 9-6 (rides 9:30-5:30). This goes until the 6th for MW and 9th for WnW I personally think it’s a pretty piss poor extended hours. Opening at 9 is good, but surely they could stay open until 8 or 9. WNW used to open until that late when they did Dive n Movies, so there’s probably no real reason why they can’t.