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  1. I don't think any of those details have yet been confirmed by the park and there aren't any satellite images recent enough to be able to accurately measure the coasters length. I can't remember the source, but I believe the source is around 600-700 metres long (comparable to Motocoaster and Jet Rescue, but not those kind of speeds) and I'd suspect the ride time could be a couple of minutes because of the show scenes and the train using the inclined turntable a couple times.
  2. Intamin’s second ever Hot Racer (single rail coaster) has just opened at Walibi Rhone-Alpes in France. As we know, Intamin’s first attempt at this coaster model was the Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney. For comparison, I don’t believe the Big Dippers height or length have ever been revealed, but Mahuka reaches a height of 18m, track length of 600m, has 3 inversions and reaches a speed of 67km/h. While Big Dipper has 2 inversions and reaches a speed of 72km/h. For those who have ridden Big Dipper, watching this POV of Mahuka, how does it compare in terms of its layout and what it has to offer?
  3. @New display name where would you propose for this wheel to go if it were to be used during and outside park hours?
  4. Not surprised at all, even if they did have the intention of repairing and reopening it. Sad to see these cars go as well, but not sad this layout and location aren’t being used anymore. Ever since MDMC opened, I’ve never liked what they did with the vintage cars. While I’m happy that they didn’t just retire them all together, I wished they’d done something better. But now I’m looking forward to seeing how Murrissippi Motors turns out.
  5. Are we forgetting that Sea World did have a Ferris wheel, but was removed due to the locals complaints. They tried that too (not operated by SW) and that went terribly too.
  6. Maybe it's a measure twice, cut once technique. They are lifting everything into place, securing in into position temporarily and then once they have confirmed it's all correct they will adjust as needed to make it all fit perfectly. This is probably wrong, but just trying to think of reasons why they would have it like this. Looking at this picture, you can see between the coaster supports that the panels are designed to fit perfectly together. I'm sure there is a reason for it, but it isn't obvious to me why.
  7. I doubt they will be using these themed panels as the means to enclose the building to make it water tight. They will need to have layers of insulation, fibre cement/colorbond fitted to the external side of the steel frame before they construct/install the outside of the temple.
  8. They do, but I’m sure there argument would be that Storm Coaster and Battle Boats ticks the water based ride box for their line up. What the park needs to do right now is make Trident and Vortex reliable because right now to amount of down time these rides have, they may as well not be there
  9. I’d say they’ll most likely be filled in once the external sheeting is up. You might not even notice during the ride because it’ll be reasonably dark during this show moment.
  10. @rappa Zooming in on site plan the red line is the entrance/yellow brick road and it looks like the blue (former AA entrance) is the entry to this room mentioned in the video. Unless it’s an emergency exit?
  11. Exactly. Which is why the main entrance to the land being by Superman is ridiculous. If they used the alley way you’d get to follow the full yellow brick road, get the wow factor and then head to the left and into the ride entrances
  12. The park has officially released some of the concept artworks we’ve seen before They also confirmed in this video that you’ll enter a room and decide with coaster you want to head to. Then you follow a path (that’ll be themed to set up the story for the coaster you’ve chosen). When you exit the coasters that will take you to the main plaza where the Emerald Castle will be. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/rggNR5vh6jwzmtho/?
  13. Serpent Slayer was meant to reopen today, but this morning it’s reopening date has been pushed back another month
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