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  1. Well MW don't say it's the fastest or tallest coaster, they refer to it as being the fastest, tallest, longest and only Hypercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere
  2. I'd say it is white lions again
  3. September would be a good time to reopen, with it being school holidays, so that would be a time to promote its reopening, and maybe even the mine ride, and vintage cars. And the seat belts seem like a smart choice for them to make, so maybe we will see new boats for them, or they'll attach them to the original ones
  4. I doubt they'd do that, I assume that they have removed the grass because it was fitted around the plant boxes and required completely relaying
  5. It used to have the colour strip around the top, but now it's just the red lights at the top. But I've driven at night sometimes and the red livnts aren't on at all
  6. Maybe they just don't know the final costs exactly yet. I imagine that everything would well and truly be locked in place, but unexpected expenses may pop up, so they may not comment on its price until it opens. I'd say they will push hard to get it ready for Fright Nights, with a soft opening last September. This would look really cool running at night, especially if the train features lights
  7. Love they despite us waiting for quite a long time for all this, they just announced everything at once, spent time to do up a video showing it all off. At first I wasnt a massive fan of the name itself, but the theme/story of it I really do like, and a worthy theme for the attraction. As said, it really is a battle between joker and batman, with mentions of other characters throughout the queue/pre-lift hill. In regards to the name, it isn't exactly something that people could say as iconic, like how superman, green lantern, etc is. But if you say 'rival' to me at this stage it doesn't instantly make me think of the coaster. But I do think it suits the theme they are going for. The stats are great, and the speed this will get to will br insane through those twists and turns. And I really like how why've highlighted key moments, such as the non-inverting loop (something the GP may not be familiar too) and calling it a hypercoaster in its offical name. Very glad they delt with the colour debate. And we now know why there are four queue lanes, forward, backwards, fast track, single rider. The backwards would be insane, and definitely would only be for the real brave ones. I will try backwards out, but probably not until a few rides going forward. I don't think they need to have a full train backwards or even more seats, because some people prefer to ride normally from the back, and it may slow queue times down, especially if one of more popular than the other. The joker head at the top of the lift hill is a very cool touch, and if the mouth moves, that would be awesome. And really glad they are putting a foot bridge in. I assume you will walk between the posts which didn't have the fence installed, will be a perfect place for some photos of the coaster. Overall, very very excited for this, very glad it's been announced, and from the hype everyone and most news pages on FB have posted about it, the GP are also very excited too. MWs FB post alone has gotten 1.1 million views so far.
  8. Green Lantern Coaster Closed for scheduled maintenance on Monday 29th May and will re-open Monday 12th June 2017.
  9. The question is whether there would be enough room for people to all stand at the top safely, my guess from the stair pieces we've seen so far is there won't be, therefore they never could. That's what makes the AA lift climb possible is because of the large platform at the top for people to safely all stand
  10. Pyjama Party Gather your friends and join us at Sea World for the biggest Pyjama Party ever! Friday 18 August 2017 at Sea World from 6:30pm – 10:00pm Help support children in foster care and experience Sea World at night in the comfort of your PJ ’s. Enjoy all of your favourite rides and attractions, selected animal presentations, live entertainment and so much more. Come along and help us break the world record for the biggest Pyjama Party of all time! Looks lie they are making even more use of The Plaza, and as said by VRTP, they are wanting to spread night events across the two parks now that SW has the facilities
  11. Thanks @ThemeTendo that's exactly what I was referring to. Can anyone confirm what it is?
  12. When I was there last week, some steel framing (which looked like a part of a crane) was arriving, and is now being stored on the road behind the shelters. Don't know if it is for a crane or not, just thought I'd add this.
  13. VIP Pass holders will get first access to ride the new coaster