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  1. themagician

    Top Golf Opening 15 June 2018

    They are doing their first form of themed nights throughout August at topgolf. I love the 90s night, will be evert Thursday 5-10
  2. themagician

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    Season Passes usually go for 12 months for one price, the memberships are a monthly payment for a minimum 12 months and included benefits
  3. themagician

    Dreamworld Annual Pass Pricing

    DW are ending their memberships An email sent out to members:
  4. themagician

    The Off Topic Topic

    Another night event, or possibly an additional charge experience to ride Rivals at night????
  5. themagician

    Thunder River Rapids Incident Coronial Inquest

    This satellite image was taken in May, and you can see what the area now looks like with the station and mine ride completely removed. You can also see that parts of the ride have been filled in.
  6. themagician

    Leatherface Maze - Fright Nights 2018

    Would be very happy if that was one of the mazes. Im sure if you stand in the AA observation area, from the back right corner you'll be able to see it too.
  7. themagician

    Fright Nights 2018 - Maze Speculation

    @Brad2912 for more information visit:
  8. themagician

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Dreamworld express is transport
  9. themagician

    West coast V East coast theme parks in USA

    I haven’t been to either, but from what I’ve seen, head and know, if you have the time and extra money, definitely go to Orlando. More parks for both universal and Disney.
  10. themagician

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    I definitely think the SW Monorail is just a mode of transport. It doesn't offer any form of unique experience. People really only use it to get from one point to another. The park themselves don't even list it as an attraction, its under its own heading in Park Info. If the transport incorporates a show or new scenes or views that aren't seen on foot, then yes I would class that as an attraction (Eg. Disney's train, DW's paddlesteamer, etc). An attraction is something go to a theme park to experience, I doubt there are many people that go to SW to purely just ride the monorail, or go out of their way to ride it.
  11. themagician

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Can confirm it has closed. A friend of mine had booked to do it in a couple of weeks time, but received an email letting them no it had closed and they will be provided with a refund.
  12. themagician

    Wet & Wild buggy permanently closed?

    Well in that case, technically even rollercoasters are a form of transport. Especially SE because you set off at one location and arrive at another
  13. So it turns out it is leaving and for now will just be an events venue
  14. themagician

    The Off Topic Topic

    Topic is already made
  15. themagician

    Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster refurb in Nov/Dec 2017

    @Skeeta well obviously you are trying to find a way to push his buttons