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  1. Replacement attraction apparently will be announced this year
  2. I love how LPS has taken an idea from the GC parks and added greenery to there construction fencing
  3. It still amazes me that WWW isn’t open until after the Easter holidays. It can still be quite warm in April and generally the parks get busy during those holidays
  4. They’ve put some effort into the GD But Buzzsaw is still a yellow line apparently (along with many of the other attractions I don’t see the point of them investing time and money into this. Their in park map does the job. They should just stick with that
  5. @Whombex they’ve just screenshot that photo from Snapchat. But a great public service announcement
  6. The arms are back in place on Pandamonium but the reopening date has been pushed back a few days
  7. I no longer have a VRTP pass, so here is my best contribution for a construction update
  8. According to MWs Insta story, GL has reopened. Can anyone confirm?
  9. Didnt they have the 3 different Batman’s at the 2019 event? They had a more comic book style suit, Dark Knight suit and the new daily one
  10. They should’ve definitely installed some temporary shading. Why they didn’t surprises me. And for WWW, was it because of social distancing reasons. Maybe they’ve been told they need to manage the queues spacing and that was the solution because people aren’t capable of doing it on the stairs. But they should be setting one some gazebos of some sort to help with shading
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