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  1. A look at the fence toppers lit up Please be aware that these photos don't truly show the exact lifting levels, and how much they light up the logos. The banner has also been taken down
  2. Driving alone the highway I didn't mind how it looked, but wasn't expecting the lighting to be around the column, instead of underneath the rakes and MW logo.
  3. Fright Nights 2017

    Don't know how the dodgems will work with there is a maze in the way: Intencity Dodgems Closed for scheduled maintenance on Thursday 17th August and will re-open Tuesday 5th September 2017.
  4. Look forward to walking through the path under the coaster leading to TG. Perfect area for some great photos
  5. Depends on what they are made of
  6. MW logo is in place from the main entrance sign all the way to the station. The VR one has returned here though
  7. The rakes never left, except for that one near the station. The rest are still in place. The MW one has returned near the station
  8. There was a water truck there wetting the ground where the dust was flying everywhere
  9. This morning update A wall and path is being constructed, linking to the bridge The land is being flattened and grass is being laid The shelters have completely gone And the station has received a coat of paint
  10. Movie World Parade Time Move

    That's a shame, that WW float looked awesome. I'm not expecting them to make the parade exactly like the DC one, but changing the parade a bit would be nice to see
  11. Movie World Parade Time Move

    @JaggedJanine Sorry, I meant the current parade that's at 3:30.
  12. Movie World Parade Time Move

    Has the parade changed back to what it was before the DC event or has it incorporated some of the elements, such as the WW float?
  13. Both shelters completely gone now and workmen are on cherry picker inspecting the top area of the lift hill
  14. TopGolf & Hotel Construction

    Just a quick update: The building is currently having its final slab installed, and work is about to begin for the installation for the targets