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  1. I must say, that despite this may not being perfect, if that's what we get, I'll be a very happy man. Looks awesome, and I'd say that the layout is pretty spot on for what we can expect. And it also gives everyone an idea of the exact colouring of the track.
  2. MW shared this photo on Facebook today, and you can see Carnivale theming in the background. Is this an old photo, or is carnivale in fact returning to MW. Can anyone confirm?
  3. I thought we'd already decided the track was magenta and not pink or purple. And in regards to the train arriving, I doubt we will be seeing that for another couple months, and it would be well hidden under sheets, and wouldn't be in the carpark for all too see. And I wouldn't Bizzaro is the most well known villain, joker for sure is, but definitely is an important one, and seriously badass, which I'm sure this coaster will be. Will it be themed to it, hmm not sure, but no one really has any idea, or what the majority of believe it will be, so until MW announce something, this Chat will continue to go backwards and forwards
  4. I understand your thinking and do agree that it would be good if they could connect the villain areas together, if this coaster is villain themed, but I just can't see it happening. It definitely is possible, but would require quite a bit of configuration and create these dead pathways that would make it feel like you were inside a theme park, but rather walking along the fence boundary. They would need to add stuff behind the JL show stage and then behind SDSC, and I just can't see that happening
  5. It would've been nice to see a timber bench or something, but I suppose maybe just chilling on the grass in the shade isn't too bad
  6. But you could say that Scooby Doo is just a wild mouse coaster, but it's about what they add to the ride to make it special. AW could've done a WnW and just built the ride and given it a standard name, but they didn't do that with Abyss
  7. I imagine that they will be for the lift hill
  8. Don't know if it has reopened, or they may be planning to soon, but I saw the western side of GD in testing this morning. It went up at normal speed, and then dropped and being up the top for the usual time. This was before the park opened.
  9. Plenty more were taken out of the containers throughout the day
  10. But this ride will rival SE, so maybe that's what they are going for if it's a villain
  11. Bizzaro is definitely my pick now
  12. Ummm, do materials really need to climatise? And I'd say as soon as there is enough track and the majority of the supports arrive, vertical construction will begin.
  13. A new hut has been installed as part of stage 2. Hopefully this means they will make this entrance just as visually appealing as the main entrance (Image TPSN)
  14. I also think the Motorsports one is pretty good too
  15. @Luke Lex Luther definitely seems like a possibility, and agree with the points you've made. But there really isn't a theme that truly stands out right now to me. There are definite no's, but quite a few possibilities