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  1. @xRazzBerryx something like this, so what is in the bottom hand corner is what was installed today:
  2. They've had a busy afternoon, and really looking forward to this airtime hill turn (whatever it is)
  3. You can also see if as you are coming along the M1 from about oxenford exit. And once the lift hill is constructed, you'll see it from even further away
  4. There is also a crane still in the carpark lifting out pieces from shipping containers
  5. I agree with everything that was said in that article. A couple of yours ago they changed the passes to VIP 'Magic' Passes, but since they originally started back in 2009, nothing else has changed when it comes to their marketing campaign. I know DWs imagination campaign did have some down falls, but they focused on their individual attractions/experiences they had to offer, while this campaign doesn't do that, except for the mention of the dolphins, stunt driver and AA. But really, what they should've have done, rather than mentioning magic, is really show what they have to offer. Have one ad showing all their coasters across the parks. Show the close up encounters with animals and characters, show off the water slides. Or just focused on what we all care about this year, the new coaster. If they stuck with what they've done, but at the end said, 'And coming this September, the greatest attraction in the southern hemisphere', that would've been so much better. That would've at least got the word really out there, rather than just that poster they had for a few weeks in December.
  6. Well it is scheduled for maintenance from 28th August to 18th September 2017, so it will probably (hopefully) happen then.
  7. Just checked and it says when you go to purchase it that it does not include entry to SkyPoint Observation Deck or SkyPoint Climb.
  8. Well they have done for the last two coasters, GL and Storm, so there is a chance:
  9. This area is under neath where the lift hill is and based off my theory of it being constructed once GL is closed, then construction of it won't start until the end of May, and would be finished by the end of June. So if that was the case, during this time, I imagine safety laws wouldn't let a crowd of people who haven't done a site safety lecture, wont be allowed under a lift hill during construction. So based off that and Skeets theory, there will be an announcement between now and May 26.
  10. @Skeeta that is a very good Skeet theory, and definitely make sense.
  11. I imagine the light will shine from underneath, as that is where we saw pipes coming out of the concrete, and a workmen was working on them a couple of weeks back when I was there.
  12. 35 days for $35 is back. Sale ends this Monday, 1 May and gives unlimited entry to Dreamworld until 5 June 2017. Tickets available here:
  13. @Reanimated35 that sounds about right. And that's why it was originally named to Wild Wild West, until the licensing issues. But as mentioned, I do believe there are a number of hints to varying western films.
  14. The old western town area wasn't used, and the only time it was, was during FN for the maze queue. Yes the villains area is seperate from the rest of the DC area? But I thinking out it with all the other major attractions would've have helped spread the crowd out. In this location it makes use of what was a wasted space, and allows crowds to spread out more.