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  1. They don’t necessarily need the top of the tower to operate, so maybe they are still waiting for it to arrive at the park. So in the mean time, the ride will operate with no top.
  2. For anyone who really wanted to know, the led light strips are still at the top of the tower
  3. At least they don’t post about rides that are closed for maintenance... unlike VRTP
  4. They must be waiting on parts from overseas for such lengthy delays in reopening
  5. Crane on site installing more track this morning And here’s a potato photo of the track installed
  6. MW entry is actually $99 online or $109 at the gate
  7. They are marketing the ride within an upcoming night event, but the website still says it’s opening soon
  8. They’ve had a policy on full face masks, but there hasn’t been a pandemic while the events been on, so they’ll probably allow the face masks used currently
  9. I’d say masks will be required (maybe not for the whole event), but definitely in mazes. And they make only make your party go through the maze rather than grouping you with others
  10. For those wondering if the steam train is still at the park or not... yes it is (to the left of the blue maintenance vehicle) And, why don’t DW open up these stairs to access the Giant Drop? Because of the construction you can access the usual stairs at the entrance to the ride. So you need to head up the spaghetti ramps, but why not keep these stairs open for access too?
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