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  1. Thanks for spending the time to create such a well written and comprehensive report. Your photos are beautiful - especially the nighttime shots. If you get a chance I would be more than happy to read about the other attractions you visited. Glad you and your family had a great time at such an iconic park.
  2. Micechat recently released a photo update about a new Wonder Woman ride that has just opened at one of the six flags parks. Some of the images closely resemble the track colour but it could just be the angle as I would imagine it should be red. I could also just be reaching for new information! What do you think? Credit from and more images here: http://micechat.com/162154-bay-area-parks-update/
  3. Great start to humpday! Really exciting to watch this all unfold from now.
  4. This is how I imagined the queue system working. Personally I am not sold on VR. I haven't been on a coaster with it, but been exposed to it extensively with my thesis. I don't see the harm in an additional experience for those willing, and I will make up my mind when I head up in a couple weeks.
  5. You wouldn't need two stations, just configure the one station so that two separate queues (depending on how you want to ride) bring you to either the left or right side of the station. If you want to ride normally, you load on the left half of the platform, VR loading could be on the right. They could load each side in a pattern depending on how busy one queue is. Maybe 2:1 with normal riders getting two trains in a row, then the third being for VR.
  6. Let's say VR is happening, do you think efficiency could be managed with 3 separate lines - fast track / general / VR. Has a similar queue system been implemented in other parks to anyone's knowledge?
  7. mickayel

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    I watch it. I believe it is also popular with Australian viewers because not only does channel 10 get it express from the US for free to air, they've also got it on their Tenplay streaming service. Not common a tv show to reach a free streaming app so quickly.
  8. mickayel

    Dark Ride Project

    I'm a backer and I've used my own Google Cardboard VR to view some of the content. Whether you support it or not, it's still great to collect as much material as possible while it's still available.
  9. mickayel

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    @JaggedJanine thanks for those images! I love sending my friends the link to this forum to hype them up for their first FN and UTT!
  10. mickayel

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    Reunion Special: Where are they now?
  11. mickayel

    2016 for Movie World

    @Theme Park Girl thanks for the pics! I haven't been there in a little while and can't really tell from the images because I'm on my phone, but what are some of the new theming upgrades they've introduced?
  12. mickayel

    Movie World Fright Nights 2016

    More speculation here, I watched an Aussie horror the other night called Scare Campaign. Had a few 'big' Aussie stars in it. I could easily see it being translated into a maze as the storyline is quite straightforward. I didn't have a proper look into any VR links, so if anyone gets a chance see if there is any potential.