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  1. I haven't seen this before. More information here: https://earthstory.com.au/portfolio-dreamworld-jungle-rush.html
  2. That sounds about right. They had a lot of operational problems whilst we were there from rides randomly going down to a park wide fire alarm that halted everything for like 30 minutes.
  3. Genting SkyWorlds is an excellent park and it looks like you visited on a beautiful day! When we went it alternated between rain and cloud every 20 minutes which seemed fairly normal talking to the staff. That's a shame. Considering the height, theming, and a little surprise before the launch, the Spaceshot is one of the best I've ever experienced.
  4. That's a great idea. Something similar to 'Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular' but with WB IPs? It could make for a really engaging and dynamic show. Some smaller live experiences around the park would really help for capacity as well. The horror make up show at Universal Studios Orlando is a great example of a smaller scale show that can eat crowds and only needs a few performers.
  5. If you've gone so far to go to Orlando my recommendation would be to at least try to get to all the parks even if only for a little while. If you plan it well you can do a majority of the attractions and night time spectaculars across WDW over three days. Disney and Universal just do things differently and it's something worth experiencing at least once.
  6. If it was anymore complicated then its opening would be delayed for a year.
  7. The guest feedback wins again with Australia replacing yet another attraction with shaded seating.
  8. Not sure when it was changed but the website has been updated to simply say 'Coming Soon' instead of 'April, 2024'. Village projects are cursed.
  9. Dreamworld showcasing the fountains on their socials. They go HIGH.
  10. No. But I'm hoping the fountains look nice.
  11. It's a giant rotating parasol with seats suspended from it. It's not just shaded seating; it's THE shaded seating.
  12. Friends only limit your coaster count potential.
  13. To gather opinions. Whilst we know what is best for every theme park everywhere, unfortunately they'll likely gather additional feedback from the filthy general public to make an informed decision about the sequence.
  14. That's what I love. It's something that is so bizarre to market that is also just flat out wrong. I wouldn't mind it as much either, but that crown would still go to Luna Park Melbourne's Speedy Beetle is inside Scenic Railroad. I reckon at this point just go all in and call it the World's First Roller Coaster. I'm not an engineer and could be talking out my ass but hear me out. Flash is at the center of a sea of hollow tubular steel that would vibrate with some significant force when Superman goes around the track. Now factor in that Flash is essentially one giant tuning fork. If those vibrations propagated over to the similarly hollow steel structure of Flash via resonance could it cause some problems outside of the original manufacturing standards?
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