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  1. I finally managed to get out and head to LPS for its first official day of trading plus attend Halloscream for the first time. The park was at its covid safe capacity and it was great to see many people enjoying the new offerings along with the classics also. It's hard to judge everything based on it being the first operational day running of the park. Naturally, some things could be better but I put some of this down to new staff finding their feet. Once I picked up my Annual Pass and checked in I headed into the park to meet my friends. The check-in was slightly odd, from talking to th
  2. I visited the park today (Luna Land) and took some pictures before tonights first Halloscream event.
  3. Volaré fits into the boardwalk-style of rides you'd typically see, so does Hair Raiser (loading area at least). This is a missed opportunity to continue the traditional boardwalk theme for sure. I also see them trying to be slightly different as they have been tho. You can't block an office building, and I'm sure a colour pallet had to be used to some degree to keep residents happy. The main pathway big enough for North Sydney’s largest fire truck has most likely also been a reason the back has some space and in other areas, it does not. The overall feel of the park will still be g
  4. Thanks for the photos @MrLukeCarroll. Looks like the Sydney lockdown has not caused any major delays, possibly minor, but thats about it. While the Maloney's Corner (Behind Coney Island) does look congested it will all work out. They have managed to use such a small place to great effectiveness. The Maloney's Corner section of the park is not much bigger than the entire Doomsday area (Shop, interactive games included). I cannot wait to sample these new rides, For families this while rival what the GC parks have had for many years when it comes to families. I am most looking forwa
  5. This is true, The park re-opens next week anyway so we don't have long to wait.
  6. I think people will want to venture overseas mainly. The local market will have some positive growth but I see it being a slow growth. Even with cheaper passes on sale via a 3rd party fr Dreamworld, I don't think it's enough to sway people. However, they might get good numbers over Christmas but have a slump during that Easter period when we know international travel is all good again. I don't think VRTP are intentionally holding out for easter as I've already mentioned. They've said easter as it gives them a good amount of time to ensure the project is finally delivered. It
  7. Um... holding back on a project without a reason to the GP is a reason to be asking questions. So much hype to be let down. A return on the investment... well if the QLD boarder re-opens to NSW/VIC I know many people who want to travel to QLD. Missed opportunity big time here. Sure some new waterslides at another VRTP park are alright but this coaster has had so much hype along with Trident, yet we got a opening date pushed back again. Dreamworld have got their finger on the pulse, While Steel Taipan isn't a whole precinct like SeaWorld has promised it sure as hell looks a lot better.
  8. Oh what a world we live in. Ironic to think Dreamworld and Luna Park Sydney will lead the charge this year for the industry when it comes to ride openings. I suppose now I can wait until Easter and see if Leviathan even opens then.
  9. Those “bolts” or up stop bolts were commonly referred to as “mushroom bolts” thanks to their shape. The wheels only help during the corners to keep the speed up and also to balance the carriage. The Mushroom bolts do all the hard work.
  10. River caves would be nice, Only way it would be feasible is if the Big Top got renovated and changed. That'll never happen though.
  11. Please, The NSW government don't understand logic. Great idea though, But honestly more houses exist down that end of Lavender Bay so I don't ever really see that happening. Most of the noise complaints actually occur from the other side of Lavender bay.
  12. Would be nice but it wont happen. The land the park have not is all they will get unfortunately. Its interesting to note though (you'll need to google it) a siding used to sit right up against the cliff wall pretty much up until just behind Big Dippers station many many moons ago.
  13. For your Buzzsaw fix you can always count on YouTube
  14. They definitely should, I mean you don't wanna be disappointed.
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