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  1. StingRay

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    This right here folks is the major fallout from this accident. Mum gets to be a hypochondriac and like mentioned now we will most likely pay the price. Could very well become an industry-wide requirement within the aquatic division now.
  2. StingRay

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    So we should shut down the entire industry?. Risk occurs anywhere. They advise you to cross your arms and ankles. It's not for the fun of it. It's not a personal recommendation. It's a manufactures recommendation. She is 8 meaning she should be in year 2 and be able to follow simple instructions. I'm aware people "freakout" and then don't follow the rules. But waterslides ain't rollercoasters. you don't have a harness or lap bar holding you in. You get told to do the riding position and its pretty simple. It comes down to the conditions of entry also. Under the part that goes something like "You will follow all staff instructions at all times while riding". Her injuries are horrific. Won't lie. Mums outrageous claims tho over blood in the water and all over the ground tho are pretty full-on. Given she is a nurse you'd think that maybe she would be able to help assist as I mentioned in a post I made above. The fact she didn't ring alarm bells to me about this scene that had been painted. Back to risk. Yes, the parks could we aware of the dangers of operating attractions. Just like WnW did when a guy came down the speed slide holding onto both sides. He got told how to ride and what to do but he apparently knew better. Split his hands open nice and wide. You get given instructions. The LG at the top would automatically access if everyone understands. Those that don't get it explained one more time (natural human instinct). For some reason, she didn't do it either due to being frightened or just couldn't figure it out.
  3. StingRay

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Sigh. Here we go. "Opening within the coming weeks"
  4. StingRay

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    What a wipeout...
  5. StingRay

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Correct here Gazza. But all Australian water parks allow for all genders to ride. When I went I got told to cross my ankles (as per the standard on any fast body slide.=) I find it easy to retain the standard riding position. I know many tho like to do "the cat". So hands along the slide trying to slow one's self-done doing the exact same with the feet. This would easily cause an injury to someone if you rode that way. The max weight for Fully 6 is 120kgs it should be noted. Naturally, the heavier the are the faster you slide into the splashdown. If you don't ride correctly you will, unfortunately, run the risk of injury. If she was indeed the size of an average 8-year-old then this is al perplexing. and I would think a pre-existing injury could also be the cause.
  6. Everyone looks at the track getting moved and thinks "it can't make it up). I bet you it can make it down tho πŸ˜‰.
  7. @Jobeis 100% right on the money. The venues at LPS have kept the park going strong. Cash flow before covid was insane. Don't forget also LPS has hosted some pretty big events like the MTV music awards and a few major Australian music concerts (Aussie bands) One reason to LPS success as a venue operator is thanks to Metro Edgley. They used to run a theatre in the Sydney CBD (Metro) and I believe at one point had an interest in the Hordern Pavillion out at Moorepark (near Fox studio). When the Big Top was being touted it straight away was sold as an entertainment venue. Initially was meant to house Cirque du Soleil for a while or other major circus-style shows. That quickly changed and became a concert venue for bands if the Hordern Pavillion was occupied. Crystal Palace got its internals changed (it is much bigger than most could think) and is aimed at corporate functions or its big-ticket seller weddings. I get its not a fully dedicated amusement park to some. At least tho its got a source of income to help keep it viable. Covid really has been unfair to LPS this year. Both aspects of its business have been greatly affected. Yet they announce $30 million dollars of improvements and new rides without government assistance. That's resilience for you. Without functions, LPS wouldn't be in the position it is now. A position where it been able to completely reinvent the park with the 2021 year approaching.
  8. StingRay

    New Lawsuit against Dreamworld

    Injuries do indeed occur on water slides. So its obviously internal but no one knows to what degree. Either one of two things occurred. Pre-existing injury has caused this or the girl started a body cycle as the article suggests. To say no staff actually where around tho is completely false. Thankfully CCTV can prove this. Staff are located at the top and bottom of every attraction. As for first aid being unattended, this might be the case. But every worker is trained in first aid. First aid even at a school can be unattended sometimes. Does not mean no one is onsite to assist or help. The first aid officer might have been assisting with another guest or could have gone to the bathroom. The way the story is told it's like she was bleeding to death. It does not sound like that at all. The sentence about the β€œI don’t care about the money … I just never want anyone else to go through this,” seems slightly odd. I understand people say that during an event but usually people want money. One puzzling thing for me is the mum she shes a nurse. Does not seem to offer immediate medical attention tho or offer to assist any workers to help her. Just my observation.
  9. StingRay

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    100%. You are not wrong here and agree with you.
  10. StingRay

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    Oof. I've forgotten many more also I realised. *cries at desk knowing mistakes have been made by himself*
  11. StingRay

    Arkham Asylum dismantling

    Meanwhile back at Arkham. It's pretty obvious nothing is happening anytime soon. Super odd. I know others have voiced this but why do VRTP love letting attraction SBNO. I understand you need to conduct cost evaluations and that but it is super odd. Vikings, Mach 5, Arkham all sitting (not Mach 5 anymore!) for ages while people try to figure out what to do. I am going to say it also. If DW did this pitchforks come out and the town gets ready to burn them to the ground. Management has known Arkhams age was catching up. It is not a great look at ANY park to leave things SBNO for ages. I really hope they have a future long term idea for this area of the park tho. I am sure they do. But they need to get a hurry on and try to figure out what that plan is.
  12. Can you give us the inside goss then?. You commented the other day you would see Trokia & Ranger. So I gather you might know the company or new owner whos purchased it up north?.
  13. Didn't offend me. Just was worried you didn't understand it was heritage listed. I do not believe pirates revenge will make an appearance at the park again. The current lineup is what they'll use.
  14. Oh my 🀯. Remodel the interior of the last remaining 1930's heritage-listed funhouse to maximise space. Takes a deep breath. Its a 1930's funhouse. Coney island is a fun park within an amusement park. To make any changes would also ruin its patina. This funhouse has survived so many things its not funny. It has been flooded, bad birds living in it for years. The roof caved in during the late 80's I think also even the floor rotted away. Resident artists Ashely has updated new murals to tie in nicely but refuses to touch the old ones. Yes its got some dust and yeah some of the original artworks are faded but seriously that's the charm of the place. To even do dusting on something like the clown head above the ropes maze usually involves a lot of paperwork and someone from the national heritage trust I'm sure. When they have to conduct a repair on a body slide or even the joy wheel it needs to be done in such a way because the building and original items inside are heritage listed. This is why the joy wheel has had an unvarnished piece of plywood on It for a while. Building codes have changed also throughout the years. If you have ever been to Coney Island you will notice "drains" on the floor throughout it. They are true drains (kind of) but also act as part of the fire suppression system. As for the "steel" look yeah I can't lie. It looks annoying but services its fire purpose. We might see a giant vinyl tarp go over this area much as they did with the backside of Coney Island. At the end of the day, it is a heritage-listed building with heritage-listed items inside.