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  1. StingRay

    A much-needed position at all theme parks

    Some very passionate people indeed exist within the industry who hold really good positions. I don't think however we can duplicate exactly how things are done overseas for example. While a great model to go off we are a little more laid back here. The smaller parks always seem to be a lot better purply because they are either family run or don't answer to as many investors. The industry is currently in a growth period here in Australia. But it will take a while to get a decent talent pool of passionate people onboard.
  2. StingRay

    The Off Topic Topic

    The ladder from the peak is usually for maintenance personal only. If someone is freaking out inside imagine them freaking outside. So if you valley on these slides (either proslide or Whitewater version) you normally go back towards the low point if you are just over the minimum weight (around a 5kg mark). If you stop at the peak normally the lifeguard at the bottom yell into the slide and tell the guest to move forwards. Backwards just means its a little harder work to reset the slide. Top hatches are just for maintenance to check sensors and water outlet jets.
  3. StingRay

    A much-needed position at all theme parks

    I know some work, I also know most don't. Even tho they go daily. @Skeeta, Meet @pushbutton.
  4. StingRay

    A much-needed position at all theme parks

    You have got to be joking. This is exactly why most enthusiasts could never work in this industry. It is indeed run like a normal business. You reckon the GC parks have no idea what they are doing?. Would not understand how to improve the guest experience or even manage onsite venues?. No data collection even, third parties to help identify issues (mystery shoppers). Different companies do things in different ways. These roles exist with any company that you have mentioned @pushbutton. I am completely god smacked that you even made this post.
  5. StingRay

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    If these changes have occurred for Vortex I wonder what changes will occur for Leviathan & Trident.
  6. StingRay

    New Luna Park Sydney 1972 Footage

    That is definitely the best on-ride footage of the big dipper I have ever seen. It is amazing to think of all the changes the park has gone through during its time. I wish the park had the charm of these years still. While the concert hall (Big Top) serves a great purpose it's a shame its size takes rides away. At least a lot of the signs etc are still done the same way as they used to be by the resident artist Ashley. That man absolutely loves the art stylings of the park. Great find @Jobe.
  7. StingRay

    The Off Topic Topic

    Nice marketing campaign, But I thought more than MW could have been used in footage. I know they used other parks but at least spread the love. They want to treat every single one of their guest like family. A dysfunctional family?.
  8. StingRay

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    New rides will suffer technical dramas. Simple. You cannot test a new ride and simulate all the operational issues that might exist. As frustrating as it is you need to just need to chill out. Imagine how the ride crews would feel.
  9. StingRay

    The Off Topic Topic

    Now thats using your noodle!
  10. StingRay

    Luna Park Melbourne update

    As much as keeping the old rides is great for nostalgia reasons at the same time parts become harder to get. Given the fact some rides have modifications over time also starts to change how they can be viewed during inspections etc. I've seen this with LPS. Enterprise rides are great but the central arm does undergo a massive amount of stress that can cause cracks. especially when near the ocean where corrosion can be worse. Seen that occur once.
  11. StingRay

    WWW - New slide tower

    More people through the gate means more money spent. Cabanas are what you'll see the families and groups of friends use. I don't know if the park would be a whole day park yet. Add a lazy river and then you got yourself an all-day water park I reckon. Flow riders are self-contained units. Upgrade to a bigger model that allows more people on safely (the barrel model is perfect). Won't lie that WnW kinda just has it over WWW, but then all you have to do it remember how easy it is to get from WWW to DW and you got yourself a winner. Then you can finally fix up the gate issues at the old Thunderbolt station.
  12. StingRay

    WWW - New slide tower

    which WWW had drawn criticism for being previously.) 100% it will soak up the crowds, plus hose occasional single riders. This is a welcomes addition. Swimplex has been going good. From local aquatic centres to caravan parks and now its first big theme park. Might be the start of a new relationship. Given Swimplex are also the Australian distributors for Murtha pools, who make wave pools and lazy rivers.
  13. StingRay

    WWW - New slide tower

    Manufacturers are recommending scales be used these days for two reasons. One stops valleying and secondly, it ensures the raft can stop in a safe manner in the run-out or splashdown pool. While it is not compulsory for water parks to do such a thing it is becoming much more common. Mainly due to insurance reasons
  14. StingRay

    Ardent to shrink Dreamworld footprint

    Although the title of the article sounds bad it is really not bad. If they sell or lease or whatever some of that land the theme park won't be affected today. Yes, some future expansion could be. But if it also helps make some money then it should be done. I think a hotel with a conference centre would work perfectly. At least I can see that happening here long before the other mob can do it.
  15. StingRay

    WWW - New slide tower

    I was merely meaning they won't notice about the difference between manufacturers and what they offer. If I didn't think Joe & family wouldn't notice then I need to leave the industry asap after being in it over a decade.