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  1. You got a direct link or quote for this new ride? Cause if its general info I have not seen a thing about it.
  2. I'm not too sure honestly. The health orders in Sydney are changing constantly due to the serious nature of the situation. It would also come down to the contracted parties doing the construction, the location of workers and even if they want to put them at risk. I am sure however within the time we will see something official from the Park. Not just one of those fans going for a stroll and taking pictures while doing essential exercise.
  3. Hopefully, someone gear some photos soon. This construction can be really fast and would be a shame if it wasn't documented.
  4. You'd be amazed. Some people in the community used to take it into their own hands a long long time ago. #represent If you know, you know.
  5. If only we had someone tell us this on the Official Movieworld Facebook page...
  6. I cant find it on my computer but I know a bunch of rules where in place for the park that includes such things like height, colours etc when it came to rides the park could operate. I am sure they haver complied to all this. Its simply a fact on paper things look like one thing and the second they are built they visually look different thanks to the real scale size.
  7. This surprises me a lot for this park. I thought the numbers would have been fairly decent but I could also be wrong and clearly I very well could be. Cutting back on cost is important during this current world climate but I do wonder how they will go when it comes to hiring extra operations staff. They must really be placing all bets on the table for when the coaster opens up then.
  8. BINGO! Going downhill would require more breaking capacity under the Rail regulators conditions but I am 100% sure this train is now classified as an amusement device. Driving in the rain down hill would result in compression locking (skidding) meaning the trail would speed up and become out of control. It will still go the way it always had all be it a new set of carriages that the tractor can actually pull, more likely reduced capacity equalling in reduced weight meaning it might drive more than 4KPH.
  9. Would be nice to see some influence from the original Big Dipper or even from the Arrow version. I just feel those generic car trains are really tacky and tasteless. Trains based on a car don't really have much of a meaning to such a ride for me personally.
  10. The Colour of the track and supports for BD 3.0 have changed since the concept art. Along with the location for the storage track possibly also. I hope we don't get those car trains, I hope we get two custom trains paying homage to the last two coasters if somehow possible.
  11. Seems like they are going to get light weight carriages. Narrow gauge locomotives & rolling stock are able to take super tight radius curves. Most of the weight in the current carriages would be within the bogies (wheel frame) and within the chassis. I bet we will see shorter carriages resulting in less capacity. Essentially go away from conventional passenger cars and use a more amusement style set. Sounds odd but differences do occur.
  12. Fun fact: depending on height and length from slide towers, supports cost more than the actual fibreglass itself.
  13. If you go hunting for photos of Boomerang during construction you will see it had the same ground based support work. They have since covered that up. One can assume the same will occur for BD 3.0 But they might choose not to however, it is up to them. For instance wild mouse does not have much of its ground based support work covered up.
  14. Just went up, nice to see a good POV of this construction.
  15. Some people will naturally live in the Lavender Bay / Milson's point area and that's fine. What's causing the Sydney lockdown to blow out is the fact people are using this 10K rule as an excuse to get out. So many people are travelling up to 8K away from home this community transmission. Three of Sydney's largest LGA’s are shut down anyway. I don't have the issue of locals taking pictures at LPS at all, I assumed they would because the skyline has changed forever and they would be worried about property value as all rich people would be. The comment about the protestors in Sy
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