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  1. Sorry that I’m late to the party. The new ride names are alright. I agree with @AlexB. If you keep particles names people would assume that ride might exist in the form people have been used too. Big Dipper we know is a coaster (always has been). So it’s not like they used Big Dipper for Hair Raiser as an example. We gotta remember a rides name it not the end of the world. While some might seem underwhelming we must remember we essentially getting a whole new section of the park. They would number the rides from 1-9 and I don’t think it would be a deal breaker. This n
  2. Going down to that cafe would have been a mercy mission to try and secure a location. Tony & co are into motoring and boats. Not prehistoric animatronics that would cost a fortune to repair. It failed due to no outline or actual thought. Buying an asset like that ain’t like buying your groceries. Cleary however thought it would be that easy was kidding themselves. Nothing but egg on the face now.
  3. Wow, that's some amazing footage gouge found here. The famous “what if” question. We still had the big dipper accident just weeks before the fire. The parks rides where starting to show age and getting neglected in some cases. I truly think it would have turned into a shopping centre with a cinema and maybe a few kids ride with the Ferris wheel. Those concepts existed in peoples minds right up until the mid-2000s. It's hard to tell what would have occurred tho. We only know what occurred and what bought the park to its current time and place. The fire, while terrible and
  4. The big top service door is open. Most likely vehicle storage as maybe a nice alternative to store coaster parts. The action will ramp up within a month. Can't wait to see the changes.
  5. Leviathan is going to be great. For this country to have another high-quality wooden coaster is about time. In looking forward to this mainly for the nostalgia. Sure, the views will be great etc but you really won't see much of the views while getting thrashed around the track. Big Dipper 3.0. This one has my attention. Not because it'll just be in my backyard, because it's a truly unique world first right here in my backyard. While in worried about capacity issues I gotta remember the oars daily attendance is nothing like the GC parks. I hope leviathan runs two trains
  6. They've been using a mix of logos in recent times. I don't mind them having that “nostalgic” feeling. It's what the park has always done. Use the feeling of old to move into the future. Smart marketing move (if it indeed was intentional) as the Park was last refurbed in a big way for it's 2004 reopening.
  7. I have not seen maloneys corner that bare since around this time back in 2004. Onwards and upwards!.
  8. Covid has been the biggest kick in the guts ever to this industry. The GFC was not anywhere near as detrimental as Covid has been. Gold Coast theme parks have played a decent trump card tho. Tell the future plans now while everyone is down and it'll hype people up to visit the parks whenever normality returns. Victoria and New South Wales have some how managed to keep heads above water. Not without challenges tho. The west coast has survived simply because no one can travel.
  9. This is a classy thing to do. Send the park out on a high. When it reopened in 2004 they tried to make it a happy and vibrant atmosphere. It will indeed be the last time to see the park in this guise. It makes me wonder apart from the rides if any other upgrades will occur.
  10. well ill never. I cant believe they finally did it. Never forget the "fan curve".
  11. So even tho the media can discuss we cant? Yet the aquatic industry is heavily governed by height/weight and clothing rules. Sure some might find it an uncomfortable topic to talk about. If you are mature enough tho you can easily look beyond the immature aspects and look at the serious nature of the event with the person. Maybe it's best to change the gender and age to a person if so many people are wigged out by it.
  12. This right here folks is the major fallout from this accident. Mum gets to be a hypochondriac and like mentioned now we will most likely pay the price. Could very well become an industry-wide requirement within the aquatic division now.
  13. So we should shut down the entire industry?. Risk occurs anywhere. They advise you to cross your arms and ankles. It's not for the fun of it. It's not a personal recommendation. It's a manufactures recommendation. She is 8 meaning she should be in year 2 and be able to follow simple instructions. I'm aware people "freakout" and then don't follow the rules. But waterslides ain't rollercoasters. you don't have a harness or lap bar holding you in. You get told to do the riding position and its pretty simple. It comes down to the conditions of entry also. Under the part that goes someth
  14. Sigh. Here we go. "Opening within the coming weeks"
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