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  1. If it was a patch test for paint I would be surprised. Most likely a repair job on the fibreglass at the highest loading point to be honest.
  2. This ride has visited the major and minor shows in Sydney. I've seen it get tested with harnesses up, no joke. If I can be bothered I'll try to dig up footage from about 5 years ago of this ride. RAS put out the simplistic reply. It covers what it needs to covers. However, it's come out a massive training shortcoming is well known. So, that falls on the owner. I'm pretty sure this ride won't be making much money in the future. I am wondering however if it will be removed from the show before the end.
  3. If the sale was to occur it would be indeed bittersweet to see Ardent depart. Merlin is already in Australia through several locations. They've also got cold feet when it's come to business talks about expansions within their Australian portfolio. It would be nice to see them join the industry more prominently, but, I didn't see them buying a park that requires a lot of capital to be bring it up to the “Merlin standard”. Then again, I could be wrong and uneducated. Ardent has dropped the ball, there is no doubt about that. They are however trying to do what they can currently. The park's long term future is indeed very interesting. This will just be a wait and see kinda deal now.
  4. While a standard fence like this ain't super pretty or look great for the semi-professional photographer, it's great for one category. The small kids, they can now see the train through the fence. It will be some form of requirement for the fence also based on the safety and speed of the train. So, even tho this ain't pretty. I hope the kids enjoy it.
  5. Shoot me for a different view on this, could the colour of the shed have been dictated by a DA?
  6. They very well, could have 🤷🏼‍♂️. The aboriginal meaning is very similar anyway.
  7. The Native Eagle Symbol is known as “The master of skies” and is a symbol of great significance. He is believed to be the creature with the closest relationship with the creator. Soaring to great heights, he can travel between the physical and the spiritual world. He is said to be a messenger to the creator. Source, Google search.
  8. Good on the park for sticking to its word for this garden and finally opening it. The non-smoking signs would be a good thing to add, maybe a small sign saying what the dedication is for also. I don't want to be the Debbie downer here, I'm not a massive fan of the style of seats tho. I feel like some sandstone or wooden carved special seats may have been a better choice.
  9. I know this ain't directly park related news. So I understand if it's removed. But, oh boy. What it must be like to be rich and lose money, yet still, be rich. https://www.realestate.com.au/news/luna-parks-new-rides-blamed-for-milsons-point-unit-trading-for-200k-less-than-two-years-ago/
  10. Here is my theory, the old sheds are gone. I know that a set of points got installed near the main station (behind the toilets for ABC world) and assume this would be a siding with maybe a small shed. In the long run, it's easy to install more tracks and make a maintenance facility somewhere else. However, I don't see the return of steam occurring without proper facilities for general servicing and maintenance.
  11. Sorry for the delay in my reply. The flume looked lower in some parts and around the top it was flooding. Needless to keep in mind it had been just under 2 years since I had stepped foot into the park. I understand the level of the lagoon will change throughout the day because essentially this is the main storage/retention pond for the water. However, that also looks to below here. I never took any pictures of this area unfortunately.
  12. Interesting to see the water level looks lower than when I visited in January.
  13. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, that was covid times. NYE bringing in 21, from memory.
  14. The park's (estimated) capacity is somewhere around 3,000. It usually gets that busy for the Halloween event. All good, happy to help when and where I can.
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