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  1. StingRay

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    One set of apartment are around 20 years old tho that have recently suffered an issue.....
  2. StingRay

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    Good to know park management was onsite today. Can't always let the work experience kid be in charge.
  3. StingRay

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

  4. StingRay

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    @AlexB is right in what he said. Bringing in an outside franchise won't work. Dominos pizza left WnW & SW due to poor profits and VRTP taking their little slice of the pizza. I think MW is fine with its dining option and fast food options. I know I don't go to a theme park for a three-course meal. If you really struggle to find cheap food remember Mcdonalds and Hungry Jacks are on the other side of the motorway. Sure they are outside the park but its cheaper.
  5. StingRay

    Movie World Maintenance 2019

    I am completely assuming cracks have been found in the main support arms. Shouldn't have been this long unless they are either repairing it or replacing the ride maybe.
  6. StingRay

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    It is indeed a mystery. A sad one nevertheless. Having worked at the park it was one of those topics you would be quizzed about on a regular basis when the park reopened in 2004. It is just sad that an answer can't be given. Only theories.
  7. StingRay

    Cheap Flights to Theme Parks

    I must admit its a little like winning the lottery when it comes to cheap flights now. You cannot predict the market at all.
  8. I know people get upset about attractions going. I was upset then the go-karts got taken away. Heck, when the speed boats went that was bad. But they did replace those attractions with better attractions. So we all have fond memories. But the park pulls its weight when it comes to making its own money. Yes, some things have been state and local government funded but it does bring tourism to the region and generates jobs within the Albion park / Kiama region. Youll find the park complies with environmental regulations so I wouldn't be terribly worried about the chlorine etc. The one thing this park do is they don't try to change the topography of the land and that's a massive plus. I suppose they can't help it because it is built on the side of two mountains and stuck in a gully.
  9. This is great. Jamberoo really does pull off the theming aspect really well for a water park. This just sends it to the next level. Those that have ridden the perfect storm will understand. It will be sad to see the outdated original body slides leave but they actually do cause injuries in their old age. Surf hill. Oh, how I won't miss you. I am slightly heavy meaning I haul ass along this slide and by the time I get to the second "drop" I am flying through the air and usually crashing back into the lane feeling pretty winded even tho I am laughing uncontrollably. I will say tho with this slide being removed it also means a tunnel aspect to the lazy river will be lost. So I see them shutting down surf hill after this season if that's the case. An alpine coaster would suit Jamberoo perfectly. Those that haven't ever had the chance to visit just don't understand how steep this mountain is. The toboggans are great, but they are in need of some TLC and well after crashing many many times over the years one does not like to try his luck on these anymore. The alpine coaster would be a great addition and a real "feather in the cap" for Jamberoo. I really hope they keep the rock. This is one of those old school water park attractions that you just don't find anywhere else in Aus.
  10. StingRay

    Luna Park Sydney's expansion

    Visited the park today with my son. Took some pictures. The park was reasonably busy with waits for the Ferris wheel being around 15 minutes. Same went for the wild mouse. The ice skating is a big hit with the guest for the winter festivities. No other rides were bought into the park to boost the line up like they normally do. Hungry Horse (main food outlet) has also had some carousel horses added into it finally. The ice skating is free for pass holders & those who purchase an unlimited rides pass (for that day only).
  11. StingRay

    The Off Topic Topic

    All good @Jobe. Thanks for bringing it to peoples attention. I must admit I don't think about even in its defunct state. But it will be interesting to see what occurs.
  12. indeed that statement is very true. But obviously, that and some rules changes haven't really helped SV. Sure SX360 has suffered from the rule changes but I can handle that as much as the park would be. Time will tell when this attraction along with the new coaster will open.
  13. StingRay

    DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains 2019 know unexpected operational issues occur correct. Sure it may have caused you to be annoyed or chuck a Bikash and be like "My night is ruined" but hey safety over accidents right. These things happen.