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  1. rappa

    New Roller-Coaster for Dreamworld

    Well if they’ve been there for that long and you’ve seen them why are you surprised nobody has posted them if you yourself didn’t post them??
  2. rappa

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    Well yes this is true. Sadly the ‘honor’ system that was the case before appeared to be followed as much in places as the Covid one does 😛
  3. rappa

    Sea World 2020 Maintenance

    I’d say some trigger happy safety fun police has decided it needs a secondary safety and can’t just be on its shaft (which would have been engineered in the first place). This is the future of theming in Australia folks. The balance of logic in this country has gone towards extra safety to the point of even if it impacts on show. We’ll never have theme parks with the level of show immersion as overseas again as a result of this. You’ll never justify hiding an exit sign as it distrusts the theming or having an authentic prop like this again. That’s just the way it’s going to be. And the over engineering and safety analysis will add so much to the cost of doing anything less money will be available for theming. This is just the reality in Australia now, past incidents have forced the governments hand and we just have to live with that as sad as it is.
  4. Definitely agree 😉
  5. rappa

    Nostalgia at the Parks

    See this is a weird comment... John Menzies built countless amazing attractions, albeit with much less budget than would be needed to do today with all the bullshit hoops and standards that need to be dealt with. Then you had the joke that was Tim and Bob come in and just destroy everything, gut quality attractions and replace them with trash. Demote the parks from destination to regional category on purpose, and cut costs everywhere possible. Now you have Clark and Bikash, arguably the two most passionate people in management since John Menzies running the show, and building a team of people below them with the same values. They’ve got years worth of shit to undo from the mistakes of the previous management, I’m sure they would love to build quality attractions like Tunes, but there is much turnaround to do first.
  6. rappa

    What’s next for movie world

    That’s definitely not true! They are actually in Europe
  7. rappa

    What’s next for movie world

    The rotating guy, the ghoul that comes at you as you round the corner and the demon that drops out of the roof are all still there, but you're right, they could be lit better. Of course the Scooby figure to the right after you get off the ride in the tiki hut is a new addition.
  8. The biggest thing is the timing and the transitions, tidying those up would go a long way to improving the experience. They will never be earth shattering but at least they won't be 'bad'.
  9. They’re better than they started as but they could do with some more refinement to be sure.
  10. rappa

    Outback Spectacular "Heartland"

    This has changed since I last saw the meals as there used to be a sausage meal. Best to message them directly and ask as they can probably give you a proper current answer.
  11. rappa

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    There's a difference between an expectation that your food will be hot, and a sign posted on the front door that says "all food cold today." It wasn't good that the info wasn't on the app, but that's fixed now... I'm sure it was because of comments on Parkz <-- insert fountain here. Can we move on now?
  12. rappa

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    If I didn’t have the budget to I wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t say I was going to either. Also this...
  13. rappa

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    I don’t, I think is is exactly what we would have got. There would have been an initial concept where everyone went ooo aaah we’re building this (which actually would have been world class, whatever that means). But then the usual death by committee nature of their construction would kick in, money would be absorbed by endless nonsense that does nothing for the finished product and in the end the project team would have taken a step back with what they’d turned it into and patted themselves on the back for producing such amazing theming. This is what happens when you have construction people in charge of design decisions instead of artistic people. And that’s exactly why Disney and Universal are good at what they do and others aren’t.
  14. rappa

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    I build a good ride, nicely present it and say I’m doing so. I don’t build a nicely presented ride, and release it with completely false representations of immersive theming and state that this theming will be world class. It is possible to not theme something whilst also not under delivering on expectations.
  15. rappa

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    Well I have the time. The first negative article was 4 months on, and was a jibe at the advertising campaign that used fake atttactions and unrealistic experiences. A pretty fair a assessment . Then we returned to mostly positive articles cept the occasional reporting of negative items in the press etc. The articles were still positive at least a year later (which is when I stopped looking). So the bias is not with Parkz. It’s with people who have decided a narrative and are now making up evidence to support it.