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  1. Supply and demand… A lettuce is $427 right now
  2. Isnt this a case of ‘don’t like the price, don’t do it and move on with life’? I’d love to have a $1,500 dinner at Vue De Monde once a month, but I can’t afford that so I don’t. Doesn’t mean they cut the price if not fully booked though.
  3. Step 1 to working out if something is false: If it’s posted on TTPSN then its almost surely garbage.
  4. Saw the post and had a look and thought it was pretty cool idea. 12 year old nerd me would love that! …instantly came to parkz to see it get picked apart. Didn’t disappoint
  5. They’re just flood lights for construction site lighting. Nothing permanent
  6. Ridiculous false story!!! we all know enthusiasts don’t get dates 😂😂
  7. WTAF when has that even remotely happened?? I know of former staff being burnt by members of this forum and current management but I’m sorry no DW management have been ‘burnt’ by parkz. Back on Topic. FWIW my family always thought it was cheap poor form of Wonderland to open Goldrush late given you could walk there in about 5mins from the entrance. Likewise we felt the same about DW opening rapids late so no bias. Whenever you run a ‘unlimited bla bla bla for one entry price’ attraction and then have parts of it closed during the posted opening hours guests will be upset. Just as with Wet n Wild cycling sides. Its stupid that a much overdue GD refurb happened so close to ST opening but current management can hardly be faulted for that. They inherited the problem. They really have a no win situation on this one. Waiting until a major new area/attraction opens to remove a monorail however… 🤔
  8. Oh ok, that makes a lot more sense!
  9. Gold Coin donation is interesting move in a cashless society… or an I understanding this wrong?
  10. Im amazed the park is open in this weather.
  11. The idea that they would only run it in holidays as some kind of cost saving ia a bit ridiculous. When have they ever done anything like that?
  12. Ive been to every ‘good’ buffet ever been mentioned around the world to me. From $20 a head to $150 a head. They all suck compared to a real restaurant. But again, in my opinion only
  13. Agree. Pity about the POS pulling them.
  14. So for me I hate buffet’s. There are only bad buffets and mediocre buffets, and they’re just not for me. So I’d love for them to open as an A la carte restaurant (FWIW I’ve said for years SW should have a broadwater facing Seafood restaurant also open for non park guests and make a fortune). However I agree it should have it’s own unique quality menu, much like they did with Dirty Harry Grill. And I think the courtyard bar should be open with a more snack style menu.
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