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  1. Platform definitely temp scaffold addition it seems. And year no dark ride section on Scooby or turntable lights. Rest of disco room is all fully functional though.
  2. I visited the park this week and used the app. Some bits are clunky but the UX doesnt SUCK. I touch the park, I select rides or shows and I instantly see the info I desire... What is awful is the Covid checkin which you still need to do at any dining facility. It doesnt remember you, isnt setup to autofill from your contact details and is just slow and clunky as.
  3. His friend Superman is now down for a few days.
  4. Its also worth noting interestingly that whilst the big GC parks have reported downturns the GC as a whole has seen HUGE visitation in the SEP-JAN period. Somewhat higher than even normal. Many smaller attractions are reporting record numbers this year. An anomaly that has not really been seen in other destinations or states.
  5. I don’t feel a general thread like this offers much to the community. In all likelihood it will lead to grandstanding about individual views on COVID and also likely the political response to it. If there is a specific issue at a specific park to be discussed by all means create a topic (this is not an invitation to go and create 6 topics right now). If one needs say daily updates on what interval they wiped the seats on scooby today, there are other places for that.
  6. The parks are all open therefore this mega thread now is not. If they close again and re-open we can start another
  7. That always looked beyond terrible! No, definitely not
  8. So awesome that they spent the time and money to get that effect back up. The water dumb was always one of the best effects on the ride.
  9. Thing is back before apps and the like a 1 day or half day closure of a ride was standard and would just get a small sign out the front of the parks. Now the tech exists to show this more realtime on digital platforms its going to be regular that unscheduled maintenance appears. Really it would be more appropriately called ‘repairs’ but that implies something is broken so you’re not going to put that on your app.
  10. So its benches to watch cars in a dirt paddock? With no shade? In the summer?
  11. Well this is a special number from Vegas... Guess it's not only S&S who have perfected the art of having the front wheels fall off. Photo Credit - Some other theme park sites, who stole them from another theme park site.
  12. I have no issues with auto login on ios14 Safari for what its worth. Mark as read is there down the bottom.
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