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  1. I was today years old when I learned the Superman shop is no longer a thing.
  2. I feel like WWW doesn’t get the airtime is deserves. It’s a pretty damn solid little park.
  3. They definitely did some form of refurb and Sally were involved… All of the projectors were replaced and the whole gaming system was upgraded. Not sure of the impact on day to day operations thought, I haven’t ridden it in quite some time and this is just forth hand knowledge.
  4. I think that's the point though now isn't it. I just saw these photos on Facebook and thought to myself "oh well guess the lighting package for Flash is revealed...I'll go see what Parkz thinks" and sure enough exactly what I expected. Instead of a happy response to the fact it has lights, it's some post saying how 'oh it's Movie World clearly this is an awful idea and they are going to make it look terrible.' But no actually, it's for a special occasion and that's cool. You want to see terrible, go look at that bloody awful lighting on the Wave Swinger up the street, truely vomit inducing and that's the permanent scheme they've chosen! The last attraction Village Built was Leviathan and I might be biassed, however worldwide knowledgable people have said it's world class level (not just Village marketing dept). So why would their next thing suddenly assumed to be awful? Because everything is automatically bad because you don't like the CEO right? If Leviathan was lit up Rainbow for a special awareness thing I would think that was awesome. From what I understand the Park are doing all the lighting for Flash themselves in house and if this is the result (along with the sign) then how great! This whole Movie World is Evil and Dreamworld is the land of the gods just has to stop, each has good and bad points when you look at them objectively. Funnily enough the first lights for Wizard of Oz arrived in the country today, I look forward to coming back in a few months and finding out why they are awful too 😛
  5. This is hardly the same as having a stage the people attending an event can't access... It's pretty simple really: Women have women only events to get away from having to deal with men behaving poorly. Men have men only events to get away with behaving poorly.
  6. Yeah what moronic sales staff member ever thought booking this event was REMOTELY a good idea. Just wow
  7. And to be fair that was really version 2.5 after Next Gen was terrible, there was a change in GM and some effort was made to make it a bit better.
  8. Parkz will publish press releases that are sent to it… but they do have to be sent by the park for that to happen
  9. Regardless of when it was installed and what it has on it, we can all probably agree its fairly ugly.
  10. Both Gold Coast companies dial up their marketing spin to 11 when advertising new attractions so I think DW get a pass here when it comes to any claims of being their largest ever investment. And to be fair, this is exactly the kind of ride we have been asking them to build and the return to nicely presented lands (remember when we had lands instead of precincts? Weren’t those wonderful times??) we have all wanted. So its hard to criticize much of anything about this new coaster. I’ll call bullshit on any kind of ‘changing the face of family entertainment’ claim or anything like that but that’s only negative thing I could say.
  11. This is definitely the same space and viewing window that is now in the Penguin Encounter exhibit. And nice souvenir video. That’s actually from my VHS tape!
  12. I think it comes down to two things. Firstly, ToT was a bit if a one of a kind OMFG kind of ride. Where as DC Rivals is a solid coaster, but internationally it’s one of many. Its good, maybe even great, but is it “OMFG WHAT WAS THAT?” good? Still why I 100% rate Superman over Rivals any day. Secondly ToT in its hey day was a time when the general masses weren’t as exposed to international attractions both via social media and also through affordable travel. Side note on merch… needs more nice polos
  13. Well it also used to take 25mins to get from Gold Coast airport to Surfers, but now it’s 50. The whole city is bursting with people, its record numbers of people and this flows into the parks. Everything is busier and takes longer on the Gold Coast than it used to. For me the LAST place I’d want to be at this time is the theme parks, but as you can clearly see, many do not feel the same. As pointed out though, having Scooby and Arkham (and Tunes River Ride for that matter) missing doesn’t help. Hopefully next year this makes things a bit better.
  14. Its pretty ridiculous to carry on about Christmas crowds at any of the parks. This has been the case for more than 20 years.
  15. That is very nice that he took time to respond directly, but more importantly agreed with you on the choice of music. These are the subtle unquantifiable items that make a huge subliminal impact on guest experience.
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