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  1. Thing is as ‘locals’ we enjoy that. Because for a bunch of the year we have nice buildings with amazing facilities that are pleasant and quiet with just our own little residents communities. Then we put up with the crazy of families and interstate yobbos alike when it’s busy in exchange. None of us are really going to put out though… What we need is more of things like put out pushing into the unused retail spaces down in the center (and landlords getting a grip on reality to encourage that). That creates a more desirable tourist destination whilst removing eyesore blocks like the one where Put Put is and Slingshot was.
  2. Now, with their latest coaster yet to even open yet we’ve decided not only they can’t theme a ride, buy also the 3 unannounced coasters will also be poorly themed. Let’s just cross our fingers they can spring for some Shade Sails, Stenciled Concrete and Gravel so the end result can be stunning.
  3. Well yeah I agree that almost counts. But imagine throwing a roll or something elsewhere in the layout? An opportunity for ‘my first inversion’ would be a huge hit for families. And really that’s what you want to be targeting, and if it’s fun also for adults then great. And I say this as a 38 year old with no kids.
  4. I feel like if you’re a young kid that boomerang is going to be a HELL of a lot more thrilling than Roadrunner. And if you’re not it’ll still be fun enough. As for the suspended, could it be as enjoyable as Jet Rescue? If it could then I say it’s a winner. But FWIW if there was a way to throw an actual inversion in the suspended family coaster I think that would be fantastic.
  5. And good to see their LED lighting package didn’t even make it to opening without being completed stuffed and looking just for damned awful! Funny how in all those years where they were before the old fluro tubes never let them down.
  6. I saw Artist Impressions of New Atlantis I saw Artist Impressions of Steel Taipan I saw Artist Impressions of Storm Coaster
  7. It wouldn’t be an enthusiast forum is we weren’t all debating the validity of a parks decisions with zero confirmation that they’ve actually made them 😛
  8. Just have them wear masks. Water boarding is all the rage right now!
  9. We have to pick one. Someone said that DW only move to one train op when park numbers a low, but MW do it when the whole place is jammed. So are all parks dead or not? I’m all for comparing parks, and I say 1 train op for a busy park is crap. But can’t keep having this two different rules comparisons (not that I’m accusing you personally of doing that).
  10. Well seems that investment has really paid off for the park then in terms of bringing in the crowds.
  11. Obviously for TV you run an add with a crazy amount of footage cut between the 3 coasters which will look like a massive attraction, have forwards and backwards, and likely dueling moments. I’ve got no doubt if this is the new addition then 90% of the park’s potential customers will see whatever ad they put out and think it’s awesome. As I mentioned in another thread I couldn’t care less about thread bare statistics of fastest coaster this side of Nerang of any of that crap. A solid ad that makes the ride(s) look awesome will go a long way. As will no doubt some sort of inevitable tag line of Village Parks, home of Australia’s best coasters!! (Which will make me cringe, but it’ll work)
  12. You can post anything you like. But that doesn’t mean that: a) the self commissioned enthusiast police won’t attack you to protect the sacred honor of the parks policies b) VRTP themselves won’t try and find staff responsible for violating their employment agreements and take action against them. So basically post what you wish at your own mercy/risk.
  13. Given Vekoma call their inverts Suspended Coasters it’s likely it’s the former.
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