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  1. Its because its just such a non event. A huge show building that just doesn’t deliver. They really got the whole ride backwards and totally wasted the spectacular splashdown. Add to that it’s them is intentionally to look crap and it really didn’t live up to a worthy replacement. A largely unthemed but well presented version of this ride at the front of the park like originally intended would have been great. But Storm is just a kind of expensive ‘meh’
  2. WHY WHY WHY! God just saw the cardboard and tape WWW effort before this. Like honestly, the CEO of Dreamworld has visited a lot of first rate parks in the world and knows what decent standards are. Why is soulless garbage like this going INTO the park instead of coming out. So damn sad!
  3. Jesus christ get it together. Its not hard to not be this crap.
  4. I feel this is just an extension of the back and forth pissing contest between a couple of park executives. “Oh you built a blue wipeout looking ride? Well now I’ll do textured pathways too”
  5. Hot Tip, it's only $50 off the Transaction. So be sure to buy multiple passes individually rather than together to get each pass for only $50 https://dgc.experienceoz.com.au/en/gold-coast/dreamworld-locals-annual-pass-play-money-rewards?fbclid=IwAR3qgpcw5wcEzv8DcSY35es5IIr1yiZSfCs_iAsWiefFGm0p93eBHUIY18I you'll need a few email accounts
  6. Exactly, if nothing Sea World is having swags of money thrown at it. I mean is Dreamworld in decline because it closed a bunch of stuff and has no, or terrible replacements? When do we base comparisons from? Dreamworld sucks ass compared to its Golden Years right now, but we’d have to say its no longer in decline. Hell even that Golden Years page changed their name to kind of reflect that. Sea World is the same, does it suck compared to 2005? Hell yeah it does, but its been steadily improving for good while now. Same as Wet n Wild. It was stagnant but is now seeing i
  7. We sure did! And it was! Thankfully those dark days are well behind us know... back to America you go 😛
  8. What, as opposed to every other theme park related page that watermarks their logo on any content, half the time through the middle of the damn thing?
  9. Perhaps a new one for that purpose? ...but in regards to that photo above; wow that's a disgrace.
  10. I think you've got two seperate things colliding here to make things appear worse than they are... Firstly Dreamworld knows they are in the crap, they weren't doing well before Covid and public perception was at an all time low. So they HAVE to plow ahead with everything they had planned to try and get a bumper summer and turn the place around. Then you have Village who were doing extremely well prior to covid, a very sound company. And one that has just been bought by a company with financials first and foremost at the front of their mind. Now we have the biggest downturn in trading
  11. But this has the benefit (for us) that it has to get over the first hill so they can only slow the first half down a little or it wont make it.
  12. And this is why I said “I would have waiting” because that other awful video is out running around now and this one so much better! I hate that it’s barreling around a construction site but can’t have hype and a finished ride at the same time. Glad they put this out there.
  13. I don’t care who did or didn’t make it, I think the video makes the ride and the park look bad. I have no doubt this will be a good ride presented well. But what I see in this video (if I ignore the weird glitches) is a ride that seems awkwardly paced, not that thrilling, and a whole heap of unfinished construction, back of house views, and ugly plant like all the Sky Voyager A/C units. I don’t know why you’d want that release instead of waiting till you can have something a bit more polished to present. It’s one of their biggest additions ever and I don’t think that par
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