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  1. Yes and it still has plenty of quiet spots you can still sit for a drink, get away from crazy crowds and has a bit of a rural feel. Its homely I guess. I’d hate to see it go the way of Sydney’s showground.
  2. After attending the Sydney Easter Show yesterday in the ‘new’ Showground. Please never move the Ekka. God what a soulless crap hole of no shade and no atmosphere the Sydney event is. I had forgotten.
  3. So Dreamworlds is $99 and MW $199... is one cheap or the other too expensive?
  4. This is the stupidest thread I’ve ever read. Countless enlightened people have answered why it cost so much. You came to a forum to ask a question and then state that no one who could know the answer would post it on a forum. Anyone who has any involvement in any kind of themed entertainment knows how quickly things get expensive. If you thing Universal Singapore has the same level of theming detail as Hong Kong Disney then you are wrong. Its not subjective, its fact. And that’s why it costs so much more. The fact that for you that detail means little is irrelevant, you a
  5. OMG yay for a billboard that doesn’t put a keyword in cursive font in a non contrasting colour to the background! 👏🏻 Good job
  6. I mean let’s not question or knock them for doing what they should do. Probably they approved the budget for this project to do it properly and get rid of an unsightly closed ride. Getting money approved to remove other crap that should have been removed by previous bad decision makers years ago is likely harder to do.
  7. Given the Gold Coast light rail can run on a 7 minute ‘timetable’ rather than scheduled runs I think a theme park train can manage. If you’re at a theme park you probably aren’t fussed about waiting for 10 mins or so for a train. Its not like there’s a lot of scheduled entertainment to be in a hurry for 😛
  8. It’ll work for a few weeks and then they’ll just shine some flashing lights at it.
  9. Cept the 'yank' attitude was to reinvest In the ride and give it upgrades to keep running at it's peak for years to come where as DW cheaped out and ultimately had to kill the ride... I hate a little bit that I'm shoving the knife in on DW here because I really doh't want to be the 'shit on DW guy' all the time but in a pissing contest of who is better between DW and SFMM it's hard to see this coming out in DWs favour.
  10. Facebook to launch a dispute portal on the 25th... Their algorithm is all over the shop. Most of our supplier pages got axed because they post product news.
  11. Anymore... WnW did start doing this for a while. And same for Blue Lagoon
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