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  1. It was the greatest piece of shit disguises as journalism I’ve ever seen… but at the same time that could just be the tagline of Spotlight as a whole.
  2. Well you did say you longed for “how we make movies” attractions in the park 😂
  3. Bit late to the party but the power outages were caused by Load Shed. Which basically means the power grid turned you off on purpose to reduce the load, so bit of a crapshoot as to if you lost power or not. They did this because the frequency of the grid started to drop and to prevent further power station trips (disconnection from the grid) they had to shed load to get the frequency back up. It’s my understanding the initial trip at Callide also led to a trip at Gladstone which obviously made things worse.
  4. For me AA replacement still should be a wing coaster or flyer themes to Matrix with a cool pre show/lift hill and then ‘flying’ around the city as you enter the matrix. Loading the train is perfectly suited story wise to getting plugged in. I have the entire ride, show and story design in my head.
  5. Thats a big call! I look forward to seeing in action.
  6. I think on Saturdays they service the fire sensors in the front of the cars.
  7. I actually agree completely. That comment was on another page and someone posted it here. It's not like Bikash came to Parkz and said "guys just wait till friday, you'll be blown away" And in all fairness last week Dreamworld basically called a press conference to announce a tunnel and some rocks, and no one came on here criticising them for a fairly lacklustre reveal. Gotta be fair to both companies.
  8. I think really it depends if the message is for enthusiasts or the media. Because both have very different perceptions. In this one case I think it counts as a big announcement, and the “can’t compete” certainly is reference to the offering as a whole and not one single item. Its also quite boastful yes, but that is his style.
  9. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. They may not have announced an earth shattering attraction, but can’t really blame them when that going to happen was only created in ones own mind.
  10. I dunno, 3 new rides at Sea World, new slide complex at WnW, new exhibit at PC, big new event and parade probably with the most ‘movieness’ we’ve seen at Movie World in ages... Oh and potentially two hotels To me the ‘can’t compete with us’ is fairly valid. Like you can’t compete with the sheer offering vrtp has. Bikash never said “you can’t compete with one ride I’m going to announce”
  11. There is a hell of a lot of corner cutting on interiors and furnishings, menu offerings, service standards, etc masquerading as ‘modern, chic and cool’ these days and I’m not about it at all.
  12. Please actually give credit where it’s due and sight the actual instagram account. Whoops CITE, rather 🤦‍♂️
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