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  1. This is a subject that gets talked about a lot . As many people hate not having access to phones and other items in the SE queue. I saw this on reddit the other day and wondered if a similar system could work for SE? It wouldn't have to go down hill as it's all the same height. You could cross the train to the other side of the station. Put your bags into storage. Then the boxes slide into the unloading station and when you jump off you go to the left. Grab your stuff then leave to the right again. Not sure how this works with 2 train OP's but it's definitely interesting 89886D55-4B6B-4577-A13A-1461D8B07B66.webp Not sure why the image loaded like this
  2. First time we have travelled to the Gold Coast parks since 2017. We have had a horror run of roller coaster breakdowns. We were at Seaworld yesterday in the loading gates of Leviathan when the ride broke down. The operators allowed us to us their names to get back on later in the day through the fast track queue. At movieworld this morning we went straight to Superman, which was delayed in morning testing due to the press event for the announcement of the new Flash ride. Opening was delayed and once up and going, we were next to go through to the loading gates and the ride broke down. Now we are currently at DC Rivals and there is an issue with ride while we are on the ramp to get on the ride. Not sure whether they will get people on the ride again today or not. Been a horror couple of days for us with the parks coasters. Overall, Dreamworld was quite good, mid sized queues with a max of about 30mins wait. Seaworld was pretty good, Leviathan was the only ride that had a queue of any length. All other rides were 1 or 2 cycle wait. It was a very wet day. Monday and today at Movieworld have been horrendous for wait times. Considered fast pass, but at 150 bucks for 1 ride only on each ride is far too steep. Virtual queue was full the entire day, although we did use it once for Justice League. Wild West was a 2 hour wait. Superman was an hour and a half wait when they got it operating again.
  3. Time for round two, this time it will be Superman Escape vs. Steel Taipan. Put your votes in by Saturday.
  4. Here is a superman escape parkitect replica i made
  5. WB MovieWorld Arkham Asylum Recreation moc Ok so after A did the superman escape I just moved the the AH straight after. It was probably not even 20mins when I started it, but then the hard part of it all would begin. Usually when I start to build a coaster it is always a ctr, or game coaster from the game. So when I started this coaster I just used the floorless corkscrew from the game, and.......... Yeah, it was a terrible looking thing. But after sometime finding either a custom ctr or cfr, I was blown away when I found the identical one from here: http://ridesrct.wixsite.com/ridesrct/custom-tracks And there you can also find a load more of cool custom tracks and designs. But part from that here's the video hope you enjoy it and tell me what you think? XD
  6. Hey guys I've begun the ultimate Warner Bros. Movie World recreation. The first update is below and any feedback is welcome so that this can be the best it can be. Hope you enjoy! The entry archway. Batwing Spaceshot tower. Batwing queue with Justice League building in the background. Batwing tower with Batmobile and other rides in the background. Superman Escape! From the exit of the ride. Please keep in mind that this is still very much a work in progress but again, any tips are welcome as it can always be improved. Watch this space for more updates!
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