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  1. Because these are the only wooden coasters in Australia (Wild Mouse is also but it has been in a poll) we will be comparing Leviathan to Scenic Railway. Please have votes in by Monday.
  2. Todays the today! The New Atlantis officially opens. This is the place to share your thoughts, comments, feedback and photos of the new precinct at Sea World.
  3. First time we have travelled to the Gold Coast parks since 2017. We have had a horror run of roller coaster breakdowns. We were at Seaworld yesterday in the loading gates of Leviathan when the ride broke down. The operators allowed us to us their names to get back on later in the day through the fast track queue. At movieworld this morning we went straight to Superman, which was delayed in morning testing due to the press event for the announcement of the new Flash ride. Opening was delayed and once up and going, we were next to go through to the loading gates and the ride broke down. Now we are currently at DC Rivals and there is an issue with ride while we are on the ramp to get on the ride. Not sure whether they will get people on the ride again today or not. Been a horror couple of days for us with the parks coasters. Overall, Dreamworld was quite good, mid sized queues with a max of about 30mins wait. Seaworld was pretty good, Leviathan was the only ride that had a queue of any length. All other rides were 1 or 2 cycle wait. It was a very wet day. Monday and today at Movieworld have been horrendous for wait times. Considered fast pass, but at 150 bucks for 1 ride only on each ride is far too steep. Virtual queue was full the entire day, although we did use it once for Justice League. Wild West was a 2 hour wait. Superman was an hour and a half wait when they got it operating again.
  4. Thought this would be interesting. 7NEWS did a report tonight how Sea World does their safety checks on Leviathan. https://www.facebook.com/7NEWSBrisbane/videos/161828793507319 Some information to unpack there: Leviathan is the most high tech ride at the park Daily track inspections take around 5 hours and start from dawn Processes “are similar to what you would see in the aviation industry” 3 cycles are done to check speed etc. The data from the tests are sent to the engineers to determine if the ride is safe
  5. I am not sure that the existing Atlantis review thread is an appropriate place to discuss Leviathans troubled launch anymore. 7news Gold Coast is reporting that passengers got stuck on the lift hill today for Leviathan. This is quite a common occurrence but it is quite clear that Leviathan is struggling with reliability issues. It seems every day this month Leviathan has opened late, or not at all, or opened late and then stopped working throughout the day. I think new coasters will always have some form of teething issues, but it feels like Leviathans are a bit more frequent than most coasters. is it worth Seaworld taking the ride back into maintenance in Feb to fix these issues? What are some of the possible reasons for the awkward issues.
  6. I know there's a test seat (Thank you Sea World. I think all coasters should have one) but how have bigger riders found Leviathan so far? I'm right on the limit for Storm Coaster but can fit on there, does anyone think I'll have an issue for Leviathan? How forgiving are the restraints and which other rides are they similar to?
  7. An app called ‘Ride Forces’. Also, Levi’s thrown a fault and is currently completely down, after already intermittent operation yesterday (wasn’t under operation for a large portion of the day, and around 30+% of trains sent were empty from what I saw. Supposedly was only due to wind yesterday, but with the actual faults today I don’t buy it), and further intermittent one-train operation today. I was on the last train of yesterday, the ride threw a fault then and we were gonna get evac’d, but they eventually got the second train to dispatch and we were able to slowly roll into the station and unload. Something’s definitely wrong. I’ll wait in the queue and update when there is one ig.
  8. Hey all! I saw the video released by Sea World's official Facebook page of the Leviathan completing its first test run and heard that testing commences later at night, and went to have a look to see if I could witness it in action! There was nothing from the Leviathan in terms of test runs, unfortunately; but here are some things I saw! The operators were testing the lighting that was projected onto the timber structure. The lighting has quite a few options, with colour, transitions, and some pretty interesting modes. Of course, all of this was being manually changed by the operators. One notable mode was where the lighting follows the track around, almost as though the train is lighting up the track as it traverses. Very interesting to watch! Thankfully, there was some testing going on, I wasn't expecting it but I noticed these flickering white lights behind the Leviathan. This turned out to be the Trident completing some test runs! You can see the chains connecting from what looks to be a three-personed carriage on each section of the chain. They tested the Trident once every 5 minutes, adjusting the height and the bank at which the chains are swung. Even though there was no sighting of the Leviathan completing some test runs, I witnessed something quite bizarre. I noticed that one of the two 12-car trains was resting on the chain lift. You can see the 'tail' as well as the backwards positioned seats as well. Unfortunately, there were no signs of movement when I was watching as quite a few contractors were scouting the track and presumably inspecting the structure and rails. I was determined to watch the train go around and assumed they wouldn't leave the train sitting on the chain lift overnight, but I never saw any movement. So I returned today to see if the train had been moved; to my surprise, it was gone! I will return another day and grab an update once I see it going around. Maybe even this night! Cheers! Liam
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