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  1. Clearly, the "Aussie coaster that's as old as the Titanic" refers to Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway and "Australia's biggest ride disasters" refer to the 1979 Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train fire and the 2016 Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride incident. Looks like a very interesting program which hopefully balances the positives & negatives of the theme park industry! '7News Spotlight - Ride Of Your Life' airs Sunday the 6th of June between 7pm & 8:30pm AEST on Channel 7.
  2. Hi. I'm currently doing research on Luna Park Melbourne's history and am trying to find some old photographs of the park from the 20th century. Google Images and Facebook have some images but I am trying to find some of the attractions such as the Giggle Palace, River Caves, Big Dipper, Jack & Jill, and the Rotor. Does anyone have any pictures available that could help me or know anyone I could talk to? Thanks.
  3. I went in not expecting much from this place. I went in to find horrible operations and rides closed ( power surge and ghost train) The park is smaller than the Luna Park in Sydney and not as charming. The price is too steep and should have been under $35. The ride attendants are very generic too. Some of the rides are decent though like the Twin Dragon and Enterprise. The Scenic Railway is very rough but somehow still liked it. Anyway on to the ride reviews. Scenic Railway- Very rough but still very fun. Only 1 train so I had to wait 20 minute+ every time. The problem is that they had two trains and they just switched them around once during the day.( red to green) Also it has some nice airtime on the smaller hills and that was my favourite part of the ride. Pharoah's Curse- I was surprised that there was a bit of theming. As for the ride itself, it's painful. The restraints are so tight that when you are upside-down, you push down on the lap bar and pain is produced. Twin Dragon- My favourite ride in the park as it was smooth and even a bit forceful. Nothing bad to say about the ride apart from being a bit loud when the ride is stopping. Spider- An ok family ride with signage!!!!! The main problem about the Spider is that you barely spin at all and it becomes a bit boring. I like the way they open the carriages though. Enterprise- Another ride with bad operations. The ride is very fun though and pleasant. There isn't much force though but it's mostly smooth. Sky Rider- A ferris wheel that never stops. There are some nice views of the beaches in St Kilda though. Overall I would give Luna Park Melbourne a 4/10. It's just missing so much and awful operations set it back. They need to really improve and they should start with the operations. Photos coming in a few days.
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