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  1. I have seen a lot of people saying they would like bridges (theming) to be built for the rides of Luna Park, to emulate how the park was in the olden days. What would you like to see, theming wise?
  2. I might finally get to check out Big Dipper 3 in the coming weeks. But I was wondering since I don’t want to be at the park All day, just a few hours. Is there a pay per ride option? I remember there used to be. Or a morning option or something like that? Also I know everyone must be so sick of school holiday related questions but how are wait times at LPS during the hoildays? BD3 doesn’t exactly look to have a good throughput. if there’s any other tips or things you guys know I would love to hear about it! .
  3. Thought I would start this up for fun. Each Saturday I list two rides from two different parks, and people vote what is best. Voting will close on Thursdays, and on Fridays the results are revealed. One ride is saved and one is turned into paperclips. For example, it could be Superman Escape v Steel Taipan one week. If ST wins it would be added to the list while Superman would be removed. Clones will be counted as one choice, not two. Also you do not need to have ridden the coaster to vote, but it would be good if you have. Let's start off with... TNT (Gumbuya World) vs. Kenny's Forest Flier (Dreamworld) In my opinion I would pick TNT. It is actually really fun and intense for a family coaster and I am glad Movie World is getting a clone. Also it goes fast the whole length of the ride while KFF seems to go slow in the second half. Remember to put results in by Thursday.
  4. Hi all, Just wanna let you all know that I’m now officially employed with Luna Park Sydney! I’ll be working in Head Office helping with Disability & Inclusion within the park starting next month. As somebody who’s experienced the highs and lows of someone with a disability, you should see over the next few months changes around the park to make it as accessible as possible. If you have any ideas, please do let me know and I’ll see what I can do. But enough with the boasting, let’s talk about the actual interview! Please note that this is as of November/December 2022. This was for casual roles within the park for the summer. That was my original intent until they offered it to me instead as it’d be more productive and less stressful. The activities and qualifications required may change in the future. So always read the fine detail and check with the park what’s required before arrival. For more fine detail, please also contact the park before you arrive. And please don’t rely on some squeaky teen online for all your information, I’ll only be talking broadly about what happens. I‘ve kept it as a secret until everything was set up with my new role, which happened yesterday. To apply, Luna Park normally announces the application a few weeks before the interviews, and those are just under a month before you start. You also need to be 16, make a resume, and have some form of ID on you, like a Passport, Drivers Licence, or Photo Card. Then you can apply online with a Google Questionnaire. There were 12,000 people that came to the interviews on 22/11 and 3/12/22. So it was very busy and they had to do it in a way to process as many people through as possible. So please be patient and if you require assistance, please contact them before arrival (but don’t worry if you forget, there are staff there to help). You might be able to bring someone to support you if you ask in advance. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a staff member who’ll direct you over to the Coney Island entrance and you’ll sign in at Hungry Horse. You’ll be assigned a number in order of arrival, remember this number as it’s important for later. You’ll be given free Popcorn and Fairy Floss while you wait. Your group will then get called and you’ll get sent to Crystal Palace. You’ll start at the Sunset Room and be greeted by staff and you’ll sit in front of the TV and be shown a tape which explains what all the roles mean and what it’s like working at the park. After this, you’ll have one of many opportunities to ask questions to the staff. The group will then split to 6 corners of the room depending on what you applied for. There’s Sideshow/Merchandising, Rides (18+, not for THAT kind of reason), Guest Relations/Ticketing, Cleaning, Venues, and Food & Beverages. You’ll then get a colour sticker on your tag distinguishing you for which role you’re applying for. You’ll then proceed to the ballroom by your number. You’ll be greeted with some music played by the managers. You’ll then be put in a circle where you’ll introduce each other and get to know each other and do some more dancing! And remember you’re doing it in front of just under 100 people! Surprisingly everybody made it through that. The only comment I’ll make is that I aced it (probably)! You’ll then be put in a line behind the wall by number and be sent upstairs where you’ll wait to get interviewed. The lower the number, the sooner the interview starts. See? That’s why it’s important to be early! After the interview, you can go on free rides on Dodgem City and Big Dipper over and over again! And maybe even see a TV show being made! If you got hired, you’ll have a training day about a week or two later and then start when the School Holidays start. Hope that this helps anybody applying to the park and I wish you all the best!
  5. I've always have had this question fueling in my mind. Personally, I think that probably another incident. Maybe even worse would have happened. But, let's pretend that there was NO INCIDENTS AND THERE NEVER WAS! I think Wonderland would of never been built because it was because of the void of LPS that got Wonderland going in the first place. 7 people would still be around today. A family would not be in smithereens. Probably the owners would of either tried to knock down the park like they tried to do in the early 70s. It may of been successful. But I think that if it stayed. The Big Dipper, the Ghost Train, and the River Caves would have also became heritage listed. I don't think that Maloney's Corner, and Lavender Green would exist in this world. And lots of rides around the front of the park and where the Wild Mouse is today would move around. It would look more like Luna Park Melbourne now basically. But what do you think? And also I want you all to check out this video uploaded by Yyosh. It's about Clive James going into a empty and abandond LPS in 1991 during a storm. It's great, and I think you should watch it too!
  6. This obviously could mean anything, and I am not up to date with LPS’ current plans for the future, and I know LPS hasn’t been talked about on here for a little while now however, a few days ago on instagram LPS posted a photo and captioned that they have something “BIG” coming in may that no one will want to miss. Obviously it could be anything as they do a wide range of interactions through social media but I am hopeful we will get something new soon, very hopeful.
  7. The coney drop is a really fun ride at luna park Melbourne.It is 4 storeys high and it goes SUPER FAST. Melbourne Is my hometown and I have been on this ride 8 times in my whole life. if you one day visit luna park, I would strongly suggest this ride
  8. Hi. I'm currently doing research on Luna Park Melbourne's history and am trying to find some old photographs of the park from the 20th century. Google Images and Facebook have some images but I am trying to find some of the attractions such as the Giggle Palace, River Caves, Big Dipper, Jack & Jill, and the Rotor. Does anyone have any pictures available that could help me or know anyone I could talk to? Thanks.
  9. Luna park has had yet, another down since 1995! This one is not that bad but is going to be written down in the history books! The Milson's point ferry warf has been under repairs for over 3 months and at about 1:00 PM today (29/8/17), the 200 tone crane has snapped and sent a metal rope flying, damaging the blue part on top of the hair/spikes (whatever they are) In the above photo, you can see how the metal rope dangling from the top above the forehead Luckily, the park was closed today and nobody was harmed. Witnesses say they thought a bomb went off. "I heard the bang but didn't know what it was, so I jumped in the tender and raced out to see if one of our tenant's boats had exploded," Daniel Da Silva said The metal rope has been removed from the face and now people are trying to find out how serious the damage is.
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