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  1. AheadMatthewawsome

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    I have to be the 3rd side to this riot in the forums. Even though that yes, we should support both parks. They are technically both in competition, because they are both 2 motorway exits between them. And for the past 5 years or so, Dreamworld has become depressed and is in an ego state. And what we have to worry is right now, even though that their getting a new coaster next year. The reopening of Dreamworld is far worse then Movieworld. With only 1 roller coaster available, when they used to offer 6! And with numerous flat rides and whole lands either temporarily or permanently closed. Unless if there is big sucess with their new roller coaster and get back on their feet, which seems unlikely. Well then the one day holiday will end, Kenny and Belinda will be hitchhiking 142 km to Aussie World (if they can get an job there), Movieworld and Sea World will have an monopoly on the Gold Coast, And Dreamworld will just be like Wonderland, either an industrial park, or more suburban housing. So let’s stop the fussing and the hudeing for just 5 minutes before saying that I’m not an local?
  2. AheadMatthewawsome

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    You can see how much Dreamworld has shrunk in just the past 5 years!
  3. AheadMatthewawsome

    Tops Myer Centre Brisbane Dragon Coaster

    The web page for the sale only brings up an error page. I would assume that it's been taken down because it's now sold. I'm really sorry if you wanted that rope bridge 😥!
  4. AheadMatthewawsome

    Theme Parks Reopening Post COVID-19

    It's the exact same situation at LPS. Costs 50 dollars to get in, book in advance, once the Annual/Seasonal Passes expire you can't renew them. Still gonna take 40 minutes to get on Typhoon though! This must of been an recent decision as it was not mentioned on their website until today. Manly Surf N Slide haven't updated their website since March, so there is no opening plan yet. Aquatopia announced last month that they will open on September 26th. I will be booking tickets for the next available date. And I shall review to you all what it was like.
  5. AheadMatthewawsome

    Current State of Sea World

    Yeah, you’re right. Dad keeps Sky News, Fox News, and almost every news network on all day, and most of the night. I have to learn that every Jew is an Ancestor of King David, and that we don’t need 5 meter Crocodile’s! I also have to learn that even if OAN is wrong, their right. And that Racism is officially over in America. These are all true statements. And since I’ve been pulled out of School because of COVID-19, this is my new curriculum! Never actually have had Economics Class at School! And it doesn’t seem like it’s changing anytime soon. They just don’t provide it where I’m at. But hopefully we can all agree, that the golden age of the theme park industry in the Gold Coast, is over. It’s been finishing for the past few years, but now it’s truly over.
  6. AheadMatthewawsome

    Current State of Sea World

    I am saying that it would be the same outcome as the Car Industry. Either on life support (which is more likely), or extinct.
  7. AheadMatthewawsome

    Current State of Sea World

    Oh boy, first was Wonderland, then Dreamworld, and now Sea World. What’s next, Movie World? I don’t know! Something needs to be done soon to fix this. Or the theme park industry will go in the way of the car industry.
  8. AheadMatthewawsome

    Disney fans petition for Disneyland in Australia

    It would of been an amazing idea before Covid to start cruise to Oceania! But I’m not quite sure about an private island before this started. Unless if I was saying that the Wild Cat would return to Luna Park, and that Luna Park would take over Lavender Bay and there would be areas for adults, kids, and elderly only. All in 10 years! Yeah, I did that. That’s why I’m on Parkz! Anyways, before I went to Age Land. Now that COVID has struck, the Cruise Industry is almost dead, and when it gets resurrected, it won’t become the Prophet. It’ll most likely be holding it’s last breath and be like what it used to be in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. It may come back, but it’ll be an long time until we hear the words “EXTRA, EXTRA! DISNEY CRUISE LINES GONE DOWN UNDER!”. They will say it either that it’s coming to Oceania, or broke.
  9. AheadMatthewawsome

    Disney fans petition for Disneyland in Australia

    You make an good point. But I still think it’ll take until at least the mid to late 2020’s for construction to start. Because first you need to get attention to an development company to build some apartments. And for an bigger project, you need to get the state government’s attention. And if you want to do something like an World Expo, you need to get attention from the World Expo Committee (whoever they are called), and get nominated. I might be able to get some attention in the State Government as I do know some people there, but it’s still very tricky. And then you need all of the planning approvals which take an long time to approve.
  10. AheadMatthewawsome

    Which former attraction do you miss the most?

    I haven’t been on any former rides. Not even the original Tango Train! Because 9 year old me thought I would of puked, and I may of... But if I was around, I would of definitely had gone on River Caves. And also on Topsey Turvey, Pirate Ship, Chairswing (80s), Noah’s Ark, Original Tumble Bug (NO SPINNING!), Goofy House, Davey Jones Locker, U Drive, Palace Dodgems, and the boat equivalent of Palace Dodgems (I don’t know the name, all of Luna Park’s Carousels, that looping ferris wheel where you go upside down (don’t know the name) that kids ride in the 80’s (don’t know the name), and also the little electric coaster in the 80’s (don’t know the name at Luna Park. I would of also had a go of pretty much all the rides at Hanna Barbara Land, almost all rides in Medievil Fair, almost all of The Beach, also Zodiac, Snowy River Rampage, Beastie, Antique Autos, Magilla Gorilla’s Flotillas, and Tasmanian Devil. I did not add any rides from outside Sydney’s Wonderland or Luna Park. Because I won’t know an clue about it! And those rides from those parks that weren’t mentioned I would cover the park 9ft deep in vomit.
  11. AheadMatthewawsome

    Disney fans petition for Disneyland in Australia

    We just can’t have it costing billions of dollars this time round. And even if it’s not an Disney project. Something should be done about White Bay. It’s currently an flat concrete parking lot that’s barely used. It would be an fantastic opportunity for some sort of development to take place. Maybe an World Expo? Besides, nothing is gonna happen for an little while because of COVID-19. So if we are getting anything, it won’t be until at least the mid to late 2020’s to start construction.
  12. AheadMatthewawsome

    Disney fans petition for Disneyland in Australia

    It almost happened. In the 1990's, everything had all been planned, the state and federal governments had funding for it. And it fell at the last hurdle when Michael said "No, I want to go to China". And that was it. If you want to find out more, ReviewTyme made an great interesting video about Disneyland Down Under.
  13. AheadMatthewawsome

    Proposed Big Dipper Luna Park Sydney Circa 1984

    After finding out about this rediscoverd coaster. I recreated the coaster on Planet Coaster and is now available on the Steam Workshop. I also made an video which is inspired by the POV of the 1995 Big Dipper. If you want to see the video, this is the link: There is also an link to the workshop item in the pinned comment. I am sorry if it looks and sounds a bit of rough editing. I have only just started doing Da Vinci Resolve. And I might recreate it one day when I get better at it.
  14. AheadMatthewawsome

    Ardent Victim still waiting...

    Oh, I did not know that she was still an minor as they never mentioned it in the ABC News report. I thought that you meant that an grown woman is having an temper tantrum about money. I do apologize, it was just an misunderstanding.
  15. AheadMatthewawsome

    Ardent Victim still waiting...

    You need to respect her decision to not talk about it, and not go and tell her that she's an baby that wants money! What in the world is wrong with you?! I have an Disability and Mental Heath problems. And I personally decide to speak out about it. Even though I think it's not the best way to deal with this situation, and I think speaking out is there best way to your family, or doctors to start. I completely understand why she wants to do it. To get away from this horrible tragedy and put it in the past. But if I decide otherwise, you are going to call me an baby that wants money? I find it quite offensive and mean spirited what you have just said.