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  1. This must be testing for the half spin version of the ride. When they do the full spin. I don't know if that many people in the local area would be pleased... I still can't believe they haven't done that yet!
  2. It's due to the unemployment crisis at LPS. They were planning on opening every day during the school holidays (which is what they normally do). But will now go back to what they normally do during the School Term (not opening Tuesdays and Wednesday.
  3. Hello everyone and this is another update to the construction! There is exactly 1 month to the opening of LPS! Things are slowing down construction wise. While operations wise it's springing to life! Safety fencing is being put around Sledgehammer. The first pieces of track for the Big Dipper, including the first launch track is now assembled! The construction of the coaster will continue till December as apart of Stage 2. I've heard about the employment crisis at LPS. I'd love to sign up to give more of a helping hand✋! Even though that I'm an honuary Team Member. That doe
  4. @Gazza is gonna be really cross about this! I'm not a crackpot... *ding*
  5. (one more photo for above) (apparently Parkz doesn't like me to edit stuff 30 minutes after posting) (I'm doing this in real time!) (AND AGAIN!)
  6. Hi everyone! Here is another update to the construction at LPS! The first bits of Big Dipper have been assembled. And the first section of rail has arrived! Holes and foundations have been dug in the Backstage! Shh! Enjoy some trees. Backstage is a myth! Cloud 9 has also started testing, with the ride now completed. There was a work zone put in place next to the office of LPS at Glen Street for just May 18th. If anybody was there on that day know what it was for. Please PM me! A chain fence has been added around Boomerang for devesive architecture purposes. All th
  7. Hi everyone! This is another update to the construction. Testing has begun for Boomerang! They're using these water jug dummy's as passengers. They made this undercover area where the ride operator shall be.T The top of Loopy Lighthouse has been removed. With the seats put in. SS 01 has been put with the rest of Silly Sub. It works basically as a mini Body Rock. Sledgehammer has had it's seats put in. Same with the Gyro Swing. Big Dippers support beams are now being delivered to begin construction on the ride. The top part of Cloud 9 is being put in. And mor
  8. You really deserve more than 0 reputation. Would you like some more?
  9. Hi there all! Here's another update to the construction! Loopy Lighthouse is being assembled, and will be done soon! It reminds me a lot of the old Lighthouse that was where the Helter Skelter is now. The last ride, Silly Sub has arrived! And will start assembling soon. Be prepared to go on S.S 01 (Or S.S OI)! A new ramp is being assembled for the disabled into Luna Land. We'll see some miclilanious items coming in now (aka Scenery). The ride vehicles for Boomerang have been unrapped. The colours are really bright. And very appropriate for the Gadigal People who used to liv
  10. Good Morning everyone. And welcome to another exciting update of the construction. On Tuesday, I was looking from the Harbour Bridge on the train home, and I went. Oh goodie! A ride that will make me throw up! And that's the Sledgehammer... When I came back today, the poles that were there last week are now assembled. All that's left is the seats, and the loading platform. They've been replacing the boardwalk from Coney Island to Luna Land. This is in preparation for the new gate and sign. Which also looks a bit cartoony. That seems to be the coherent theme of this area. Because
  11. They installed the logo a few weeks ago. So I was expecting for it to look like a Barbie Logo. Nothing too bad about that. I agree. The words looks a bit underwhelming. But when you sound it. It's too overwhelming! It's something that someone probably will change in the future. Everyone will probably call it "the Bug".
  12. I had a check. And it's defiantly not them testing. The vehicles were still wrapped up this morning. I think it's the shadows of the catwalk. But that was very hard to determine because I got to the limit of the pixels. But, the support poles for Sledgehammer arrived. And assembling of Sledgehammer will start this week! There will also be a half spin mode to allow people in the Green Category to go on with an Adult.
  13. The max speed of the Big Dipper III is 72 km/h. Big Dipper II went up to 84 km/h. And Big Dipper I went up to 93km/h. Big Dipper I was 16m high. Big Dipper II was 41m high. All that I know about the height of Big Dipper III is that it's all within the strict height, noise, and light restrictions. And will probably be around the height your saying. Around the 28m height. While I'm here: Rockin Tug is definately staying. It was given from Joylands in return for the HUSS rides. I can confirm all the Height Restrictions for the new rides. The Yellow Catargory now starts at 132cm. An
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