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  1. Ah, it’s not that bad! I get to cuddle and squeeze them while they make a cold, dead stare saying “Mother, you’re giving me flashbacks.” I love them soooooo much!
  2. This was from a few weeks ago. But you all wanted improved scenery in the park. And here’s the start! These cute little dolls based on Arthur Barton’s drawings who will enjoy Big Dipper I (hopefully) forever! The plan is to fill up all the seats on the carriage with other dolls as well! Once things improve a bit more, Luna Land and Big Dipper III will get better!
  3. Is an understatement. It's been very tough on the staff with the endless complaints from customers. I know I'm gonna sound like Amy's Baking Company. But, just look at their social media and review sites! They're acting like pieces of s**t in there, which is what the staff are having to deal with every day! Come on guys, people don't need to be this rude! Look at these examples! There was even one person who had the audacity to spam his review over and over again on Trip Advisor! Well I never! Leave our staff alone! Everyone from HTM, to MD have put their heart and soul into making the park run! And this is what we get in return? If people are gonna act like this to our staff and other customers, then nobody will be at the park at all!
  4. Hi all, I’ve been reading the Just for Fun book I bought almost 6 years ago on one of my first trips to LPS. And I normally read the pictures instead of the words, the words in the book strain my eyes and put my brain in a frizzle. I remember the video that I made which I remade the coaster in Planet Coaster (you can see it above), and remember another Big Dipper proposal which didn’t pass. This coaster can be seen at Page 124. The book says: “In June 1994, as another reopening was planned for a traditional-style amusement park, there were ominous signs that the Big Dipper could be a stumbling block.” It would be more than a “stumbling block” with a coaster even taller than the one that was actually built! It also shows an old Ferris Wheel, Flying Saucer, and a Helter Skelter with a weird roller coaster going into it! I’m assuming that’s the Wild Mouse. And fireworks and weird black circles on the wall. Another reason to shut down the park! Artist’s Impressions are extraordinarily insane! They also talked about on the same page for an expansion as a “stage 3”. It never happened, but what would have happened is “remove the railway storage and spur line for parkland, an amphitheatre, gallery and museum”. That might not have been so bad… “OI HIGHLINE, ANY CHANCE?” Now we get to the juicy bit: “Plans for a massive Arrow Huss roller coaster running the full length of the Park were made public in August 1984. The only catchwas that to fit the ride on the site, Coney Island would have to be demolished. Harbourside approached the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences to determine whether they would take the building. A report commissioned by the Department of Public Works on the importance of Coney Island recommended its retention. The dominoes were beginning to fall.” That’s available on page 118, it also includes a very funny cartoon about a young kid complaining to the government about the park! It also includes about relationships between Harbourside Amusements and Abe Saffron, don’t get me started! I said, don’t get me started! *drum beat* Although there are a few discrepancies between the artist impression and what’s said in the book (because some artist impressions are dumb), it makes a connection…
  5. Hi all, I just want to let you all know that there’s been a few people, including staff spreading rumours about the Big Dipper. They’ve said that the seats have been ripped out and replaced. And that they removed a “loop” (inversion) on the ride. They did not say what, but I would assume it’s the Flat Spin. The staff member came up to me in a worried state with it apparently being taken apart. Somebody else also said I was wearing a red and white stripe half glove tie in a half Windsor knot. Oh I am, am I? Is that what you think? Well if that’s what you think, I have something to tell you. Something that may shock and discredit you! I’m not wearing a tie at all! Whoops… It’s just not true, it’s just not true! I got all the proof here! SEE?! I checked around the whole perimeter of the ride today, which was apparently when they were taking the ride down. And nothings changed! Although there’s been quite significant teething issues with the Big Dipper, and the ride has quite a habit of going on strike. Maintenance will be doing just a few little tweaks to make it singa, with the moona and the tuba! I’ve already reported the person making the false rumours on the Luna Park Instagram Page to, well, Instagram. While that staff member has already been reported by myself, and any concerns have been swiftly crushed by management. Fact Checkers, activate! And even if it was true, it would be extremely expensive, and would take months for the ride to reopen, permanently reducing LPS and Intamin’s reputation. So please keep an eye out for any of these kinds of rumours. If you don’t think my first hand, or second hand knowledge from management, please contact Guest Relations by phone, email, or live chat though here: https://www.lunaparksydney.com/contact Thanks Matthew
  6. I make some odd choices to eat when I’m at the park. Usually, I’m not hungry. So I normally get popcorn a ice cream, and a slushie/milkshake from the Ice Cream Parlour. They got a special extra large ice cream at the moment called the “Big Dipper”. They get a huge scoop of whatever flavour available and squirt chocolate syrup and sprinkles all over! They used to have these yummy mini doughnuts that you used to be able to see outside with a special window them making it! It used to draw tons of people waiting for a squeaky voice with his pants dropping because he just couldn’t use a belt with a funny badge! They got rid of it about 3 to 4 years ago, what a shame. Otherwise, I’ll get a proper meal from either the Helter Skelter Café, or the Hungry Horse. It’s very boring what I get there because of an evil enemy called MSG. MSG converts you to a member of the Kardashians in an instant! No thank you! At least LPS do a better job at it than others! *cough* KFC *cough*
  7. Hi all, due to a combination of storms and staff shortages. Luna Park Sydney will be CLOSED on January 5th and 6th! Anybody who was going to the park on that day will be issued Flexi Passes to book for another date within 180 days, which you can change at any time. I was lucky to be able to peek in there just before they closed, although having 0 ideas what was happening! There is also another COVID alert for those who visited the park on December 30th 2021. Anybody who was there on that day should monitor for symptoms, and get tested if unwell. I'll be doing a RAT test tonight, to make sure that I'm right. If you have any concerns about your ticket, please contact tickets@lunaparksydney.com More information is available at https://www.lunaparksydney.com/
  8. Hi all, I just want to let you all know that if anybody was at LPS on Boxing Day, there has been COVID. I've gotten the standard COVID text. I've done a RAT today with it negative. I would also recommend anybody who was there to do the same thing! This has been a very common occurrence. Every time from what I remember I've bought home the Service NSW text! Thanks, Matthew
  9. BTW… Please be careful when filming on the bridge, especially when you don’t intend on riding! It’s causing lots of problems for the staff with crowd control, as people are blocking the way for people wishing to ride!
  10. Hi all, I'm sorry there hasn't been that much posting for the past few months. The lockdown came and screwed everything up, and it was pretty much done by the end of the lockdown! But now we got something exciting! I don't like to boast, but I just have to spread the word. I was very lucky to be the *first* rider on Big Dipper III (although that there was a press event earlier, and human tests. But at least the first guest...)! I throw up on Teacups, so there were high standards to prevent raining vomit. I never felt nauseous, even on my 3rd go (just because)! Your back gets pushed in as you launched, which forces a smile, even on the most upset of people, the photos will give you proof! Then at the second launch, you know truly a thrill ride. The most intense part for me was the Luna Land section of the coaster, it's like a strict parent pinning you to bed and yelling at you: "GO TO SLEEP! FOR GOODNESS SAKES, G O T O S L E E P!!!". At the last section of the coaster, you go very low to all the customers in the queue, and gives chills to those waiting to ride. They had a GoPro facing me to see my reaction, I'll try to grab that recording, and a few others that I have that should be available on my social media soon! There was a Red Train, and a Blue Train. The first one to go was the red train, but broke down around twelve hours and thirty minutes post meridian & was put into a siding. I went on the Blue Train the other 2 times. They had GoPro holders on both right now, they'll be using the Blue Train for more recording tomorrow. But they will probably take them off soon... I think that's a shame as it can cause trouble and violence against staff from people not using a chest strap for their GoPros, and this would be an easier way to do it in theory. There was also trouble with people using the bridge to cross the track to the queue for people filming the ride, blocking way for people wishing to ride. A good spot for a vantage point in the future they might want to add is either expanding the bridge slightly (unlikely), or use the area where the Big Dipper 1 queue painting is right now, and a few other places around the Foyer 2 area (more likely (at least) ). There were also new mascots at the park who arrived today! Meet Loop & Zag, and there were 4 people in full body suits in 4 different colours, I couldn't get their name because they can't talk, but they're interested in getting a 5th member, but I believe that's already been taken. Thanks so much to the builders, architects, managers, team members, media, guests, enthusiasts, and video bombers for making this day possible! Every single person has made this 20 year dream into a reality! Matthew
  11. This must be testing for the half spin version of the ride. When they do the full spin. I don't know if that many people in the local area would be pleased... I still can't believe they haven't done that yet!
  12. It's due to the unemployment crisis at LPS. They were planning on opening every day during the school holidays (which is what they normally do). But will now go back to what they normally do during the School Term (not opening Tuesdays and Wednesday.
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