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  1. Again... I ran out of space. So I had one from earlier last week. If you have a look, the little pool is empty. While there was a hose to suck up all the water. If you want me to right now leave what I'm doing right now and take some photos to prove my point. I would be glad!
  2. That was from last week. And you can also see the splash pool pretty much empty. There's more than just LPS photos on there. There's also some other which would be considered historical sometime soon. But I can transfer them onto my PC.
  3. Hi there all! Wanna give you all a update (with no photos because I ran out of space). 1st: All the track has been assembled for Little Nippers. All that's left to do is put in the back wall, and the station building. 2nd: As you can see in the only photo before I ran out of space. All the water at the Olympic Pool has disappeared, except for a few splashs left. 3rd: I noticed on the plans if you look very closely, you can see the name for Loopy Lighthouse. It seems like that most of the names were planned back in September-October ish. Or even earlier! Sorry for the lack o
  4. Hi there all! Wanna give a small update to what's happening! More work is being done to assemble Little Nippers today. With works expected to be completed sometime next week. There is no signs of any other rides being assembled. Probably the next ride will be assembled when Little Nippers is done. In other news, the neighbour to LPS. The North Sydney Olympic Pool closed on Sunday (28/02/21) until late 2022. Construction has already started to rip most of the old infrastructure, while keeping the heritage. I'll also be doing updates on them too if you like! 😉 And maintenance
  5. One last thing! Here is a better view of the construction update mentioned above me in "God's Eye View". Took this just before going home.
  6. Hi there all! I've got some exciting news! The tracks for Little Nippers is now out and is about to be assembled! We should see more items for the ride added next week! There have also been numerous other items for millicianous purposes. Including 2 tall dirillers. They are about how high Boomerang and Big Dipper should be. Next update will be whenever I get there!
  7. OMG! I LOVE PEOPLE DYING ON THE GHOST TRAIN 👻 😍 🔥! Do you think that people love the Ghost Train Fire? I know that I'm over reacting.. But seriously, do people act like that? If so, I'll reveal that I'm a reptilian! Oh....... s..... *reptlian noises* t.....
  8. What's been happening a few times before is that ride operators have been testing the rides and doing basic checks to make sure everything's going fine with the rides. This time it's been that Maintenance are doing more in depth inspections and maintenance. I have some more photos of this happening that I decided to leave out until now.
  9. Hi there all! Wanna give you an update to the construction! Sorry that it's been a little while since my last post. I've needed to have a break because of some mental health issues that I've been having. Anyways.... The Fence to enter Maloney's Corner is now being removed as I speak! For the new Luna Land entrance. The Foundations and Shed are now confirmed to have been removed from Tumble Bug. No other construction has started on Big Dipper. You can see a Cement Truck leaving LPS after starting the foundations for rides like Little Nippers. And you can also see the
  10. No, it's not a no. I just wanted to know which part of the information that you wanted to use in a slightly comedic way.
  11. 🤔🤔🤔 Which kind??? 🤔🤔🤔 These are my thinking guards. DON'T TOUCH THEM!
  12. Hi there all! Just wanna give you another update on the construction! Billy and Andrew were up there to greet me. Not even planned! Demolition of the foundations of Tumble Bug, and of the shed has now begun. The foundations and electrical is now being built as we speak! Lipman have also added DANGER, UNAUTHORISED PERSONS PROHIBITED signs. And more of the same Lipman logo signs near Coney Island. It makes the photos blur basically. And the first ride should be in about 2 weeks time. LPS and Lipman have had a chat with each other to make sure that what happened last
  13. I've always have had this question fueling in my mind. Personally, I think that probably another incident. Maybe even worse would have happened. But, let's pretend that there was NO INCIDENTS AND THERE NEVER WAS! I think Wonderland would of never been built because it was because of the void of LPS that got Wonderland going in the first place. 7 people would still be around today. A family would not be in smithereens. Probably the owners would of either tried to knock down the park like they tried to do in the early 70s. It may of been successful. But I think that if it stayed. The Big D
  15. Hi there all! I want to give you all a... interesting update to the construction. First, lots of signs for Lipman have been created around the park. Second, some trees that have been cut down and rubble from the digging have been piled up into a skip bin at Maloney's Corner. Third, a digital closed and countdown sign have been added to the Face. Fourth, parts of the platform outside of Coney Island have been torn down. And Fifth and most interesting. You can see a man in a cherry picker in one of the photos. Just after I took it, he said. "OI, OI, OI! DON'T TAKE PHOTOS
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