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  1. AheadMatthewawsome

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

  2. That kind of idea would be great if there's room for something like that during the holidays, especially in a situation we're in right now!
  3. With Luna Land now being built. That’s where all the rides from Joylands go! Would it be an idea to stop having rides from Joylands at LPS? Or probably just have very small rides (at most Body Rock or Hurricane). But that might change if the Sydney Harbour Highland Line project goes ahead. They could give some land to Luna Park to have more rides where some of the sidings are now at.
  4. I can now confirm that Spider's last day of operation was on Sunday the 22nd of November. Dismantling started this morning, and the ride will be gone by tomorrow. The exciting news is that the truck that's being moved has the Joylands logo on there! It's going to now operate as a carnival ride by Joylands! Here are some photo's from this evening at Luna Park showing Maloney's Corner. Watch this space as it's already changed. And will continue to change throughout next year.
  5. I think having a bumper boat ride would be a good idea to have. And possibly if they get that heritage train line and path through the sidings could give some more room for LPS to expand further. I wonder what will happen in another 25 years or so when we consider these rides outdated and want them replaced with new rides? Maybe even Parkz will still exist! This forum has been around for 17 years now and is still quite active.
  6. It's not very common knowledge for the other 99.99% of the population who are not theme park enthusiasts.
  7. And I was gonna go and get a GoPro and film inside the ride as well!
  8. I know that it would go for this new expansion. But I didn't know it's gonna close tomorrow! When I was there just 2 weeks ago. I went on it and everything was fine!
  9. HOLD ON? SPIDER IS GOING TOMMOROW??? Do you have more info??
  10. It's that the person who I was quoting has the username, BringADecentParkToSydney.
  11. I'm trying to say that LPM needs a makeover like this! I think everyone can agree on this. And also it's a bit difficult to read them all at this time. It's very hard for me to slow down with something like this. It's just impossible to calm down, even when I'm trying to calm down! Yes. They will be redoing the fascade to Dodgem City. Instead of the current neon sign for Tumble Bug. They will be painting it to an Arabian theme. Matching with the Big Dipper entrance. And another question. Wonderland had 3 roller coasters and LPS will now have 4 roller coasters and over 20 rides. Is there now a decent park in Sydney now in your opinion?
  12. Hold on... You volunteer at the Sydney Tramway Musuem? That's amazing! Thank you for all that you, and your mates at the Tramway Museum for your hard work and all that you do for the trams! Would you happen to know David (who's another volunteer at the Tramway Museum)? If you do, tell him that I say hi and that I will forever be grateful for his help when I was extremely upset one time there. From Matthew. Now for everyone else. In the images that we've seen so far. I can already identify some rides that will come to Luna Park as part of 'Luna Land' First is the world class roller coaster that will be named 'Big Dipper'. After the other 2 Big Dipper's that have been in that area. The ride will have a maximum speed of 72kmh. 2 inversions. And 3 moments of Airtime. 7 people can get on at a time as well. It will also be breaking numerous records as well. Next, there is a shuttle coaster which they are calling an "anchor coaster" .It will have a helix, and that's it. Good enough for me, NEXT! There is also a junior coaster that seems to be in a similar alignment to Silly Serpent in LPM as well. It seems like it will be themed to an aquatic theme. And there is a mini drop tower like in LPM. I hope LPM is stage 2 for this project. They need something like this. Also there will a ride called 'Shockwave'. It will be a Gyro Swing ride which will be coloured in a blueish green. DON'T CRY ABOUT IT FOR GOODNESS SAKES! Oh, there's also gonna be a mini ferries wheel as well. I don't think it will be whirly wheel as it looks very different to the current one. It seems like it will be themed to an aquatic theme too. There's also a balloon ride, similar to the one that used to be at Wonderland. But a teeny bit smaller than last time. And there seems to be another ride below the green shelter as well. I can see some reds, yellows, and blues which could indicate that a ride could be there. And we all live in a yellow submarine could be a new ride as well? I know it's unlikely, but it's 2020. We can never know! Luna Park has said that there will be 6 children's rides at the park. The 3 new roller coasters. And the new thrill ride. That's 10.... Where's the math's gone? And I've only been able to find 3 or 4, maybe even 5 out of the 6 new rides. If anybody has more information about this. Please let us know!
  13. I can't! I'm having a literal heart attack in my sleep! SOMEONE CALL THE DREAMALANCE NOW!!! Oh..... they're in Dreamworld. They're gonna take 12 hours via the XPT and Gold Coaster as well! And the border's shut!
  14. I don't think is as visually invasive as the 1995 Big Dipper. And I don't think they're going to have flashing lights on there. But noise will be a certain problem. But it's going to go ahead anyways, no matter what the neighbors think. The NSW Government seems they really want to make sure this happens and stays here. This will certainly be the end of the Spider, at least in Luna Park. I'll be making a video about this topic and gonna try to head on over to Luna Park soon.
  15. Oh, my goodness! This is amazing! Great job guys!